"Sailor S"
"...Without There First Being an Ending." Chapter 27

[Bay is eating her lunch, wondering where everyone else is... Lunch began about 10 minutes ago... She was beginning to worry, when she hears Robyn and Serena's unmistakable giggling...]

Bay [puts her sandwich down and looks up]
Rob? Serena?

Robyn [hearing Bay]
Bay! [happily, she runs over] How are you two doing? [smiling]

Bay [glares]
I should hit you...

Robyn [smirks]
Chill... [pats Bay's belly] Don't worry about that, Bay... But you'd lose that little belly faster if you wouldn't hog out so much... [she smiles and sees Serena walking up]

Serena [smiling]
How's Momma Bay? [giggles]

Bay [glares]
Oh, shut up! I don't need reminded about what I went through! [starts to pack up her lunch]

Robyn [grabs Bay's arm]
Quit... we're just picking on you! [she smiles] Bay? How would you like to leave Japan for a week?

Bay [looks at Robyn strangely]
You're joking, right?

Robyn [shakes her head and opens her backpack]
Nope. I can get us to Ca-

Bay [hopeful, interrupts]

Robyn [sighs]
Sorry, Bay... I was going to say California...

Bay [sadly]

Robyn [pulls out two plane tickets]
Well? Will you come with me?

Bay [takes the tickets and looks them over]
Are they real? How did you get them?

Robyn [smiles]
They were sent with an invitation... [she pulls out an envelope and from it a white card with gold lettering] My friend's getting married...

Bay [looks at her]
M-m-married? How old is she?!

Robyn [smirks]
Twenty-two... Look, she helped me through a lot, and I guess this is her way of thanking me for helping her too... [she smiles and holds out the invitation] I'm a bridesmaid.

Bay [smirks]
Not the Maid Of Honor huh?

Robyn [taps Bay]
Hey! I'm happy she even thought of me! [yanks the tickets from Bay's hands] Sorry, but these go in a safe place until next week... [puts them back in the envelope with the invitation and then into her bag] Oh... you WILL come... right? I mean, if you don't want to, I'll ask like Amy or-

Bay [excited]
No! I'll come! [she smiles and gets up, and grabs her belly] I do wish these stupid cramps weren't so bad...

Robyn [smiles]
You won't get airsick... will you?

Bay [puts her hands on her hips and glares]
I'll have you know I'm just fine! The sickness is gone... Dr. Chi said I'll be fine if I keep up my workout and eating healthily!

Robyn [amazed]
You went back to her? I thought you detested doctors...?

Bay [shrugs]
Well... I know I have to see one... If I ever want to get back into my jeans!

Robyn [turns and smiles]
I'm telling you that you would lose faster-

Bay [smacks her forehead]
-if I didn't eat so much! come on! All the working out I get as both me and the Fruit Loop... I get HUNGRY!

Serena [getting into this now...]
Hey! I have an idea! you could join me and Robyn on our hundred-yard dash to school every morning! And we'll go swimming... and play games...

Bay and Robyn
God help us...

Serena [stares at them]
Hey! What's wrong with games?

Robyn [giggles and keeps walking, ignoring the question]
Come on, lunch is almost over... Sorry, Serena...

Bay [smirks, hands her brown bag to Serena]
Go ahead, I'm full... there's enough to scarf before lunch is over... I gotta go... [she walks off]

Serena [opens the bag to find an apple, a half a tuna fish sandwich... and]
A carrot?! BAAAAYYYY!

Bay [hearing the yell]
She must have found the carrot... [smirks and gets a giggle from Robyn]

* * *
[After school, the girls are walking towards the Temple]

Serena [pouting]
You KNOW I hate carrots... you purposely left that in there!

Bay [smirking]
I purposely PACKED it for you...

Robyn [giggles]
Bay... That was cruel... [snicker] but funny... [giggle] I stopped that after one wound up... ah...I forget where...but it was enough of a hint to quit... now you're doing it... she can't win! [giggle]

Lita [smirking]
Come on, Serena... You gotta admit, when your pigtails are in the wind right, you DO look a LITTLE like a rabbit... [giggle]

Serena [arms crossed]
I do not!

Amy [nodding]
You do, Serena... [giggles]

Bay [feeling fur on her leg]
Who's here? [she stops and looks down] Aph?!

Robyn [kneels down, seriously]
I thought you were at home with your kittens?

Aphrodite [sadly]
I was, Robyn... but Luna said I should meet you today... I don't feel right leaving them alone... But... [sighs] Luna said I need to start getting out again...

Bay [holds her locket, almost as a reflex]
Um... how exactly did she mean that?

Aphrodite [seeing Bay]
Not like that, Bay... [smirks] But... if you're offering...

Bay [tucks the necklace under her shirt]
Forget it, furrball!

Aphrodite [pouts]

Robyn [picks Aph up]
Come on, Aph, I'll carry you to the Temple... [smiles] I've got some news!

* * *
[At the Temple, Robyn tells the others that she and Bay are going to California next week...]

Rei [surprised]
But it's only Mid-January! There's not a vacation next week!

Amy [surprised]
Why didn't you tell us at school?

Robyn [seriously]
I wouldn't have told Serena if she hadn't been so nosy! [she's holding the invitation] This is a big deal for me... [blushes] I have a confession, Bay...

Bay [almost afraid]
Ah... what's that? [before Robyn could speak] Just nothing REALLY freaky... ok?

Robyn [shakes her head]
Nothing freaky... just... Sarah's not my friend...

Bay [afraid, but curious...] (*Writer's Note: [sarcastically] "Oh, THAT's a great mix!"*)
Aaahhhh... okaaaaaaaay..... then what IS she?

Robyn [blushing]
She's my first cousin... I knew her since I was little. She moved to California about a year after we did... She helped me in school and stuff... We... we were close... like sisters... [looks up at Bay, and almost as if in defense, states] but not closer than you and me, Bay... [she smiles]

Bay [nodding]
Alright, so, you get out of school for family things... What about MY excuse?

Robyn [looks at Bay's belly, then back at her face]
"You need a rest..." Come on, you do great in school... You and I can catch up... Well... [sighs] You will anyhow... [sits on the Temple steps and sighs]

Bay [sits beside her]
What's wrong? You do pretty well in school... and you catch up... So, what's wrong?

Robyn [looks at Bay, seriously]
There were these boys in school back home... the constantly picked on me and made fun of everything I did... [looks away] Or DIDN'T do... [sits her elbows on her knees, and her face on her hands...] They called me "Teacher's Pet" and "Detention Robyn"...

Bay [puts her arm on Robyn's shoulder]
You are NOT a Teacher's Pet! And you've only gotten a few detentions here...

Amy [smiles and sits beside Robyn on the other side]
You certainly don't get shown favoritism here... But you ARE a good student...

Serena [trying to help]
There's NO ONE that could beat me in detentions! [giggles, then realizes what she just said] Hey, wait...

Robyn [giggles]
Yeah, I guess you're right, guys... Ok, forget what those guys said! I'm a good student! And according to you guys, a good friend! [she hugs Amy, then Bay] Thanks, guys... [she gets up and turns back to the group] Ok, so, why were we meeting today?

Amy [gets serious]
A new threat?

Serena [shakes her head]
No, they can't be bad!

Rei [seriously]
I don't like the vibes I get from them...

Bay [curiously]

Robyn [sighs]
Two shadows we saw... I caught a glimpse of a Sailor Suit, but it could have been the way I saw it... [shakes her head] Either way, just because they didn't walk up and say hello does NOT mean they're enemies!

Serena [pouts]
Yeah, but we don't know if they're Scouts or not... and even if they are, who's to say they're not bad guys?

Bay [smacks her forehead]
{"Ok, NOW you guys start thinking rationally.... and in THIS timeline, I was never working for the Negaverse! SHEESH!"} Come oooon... Rob's right, we don't know who they are, but maybe there's a good reason... maybe they're like the Sailor Guardians? Or maybe they aren't ready to show themselves yet... They've gotta be on our side if they're really Scouts, I think a new bad guy would have surfaced by now if they weren't.... right?

[The others are silent, thinking]

Amy [nods]
Ok, we give them ONE chance... we'll see who's the enemy... agreed?

[Everyone nods]

Bay [smiles]
Is the meeting over yet? I'm hungry...

Serena [giggling]
Yeah, me too! Can we go yet?!

[Bay smirks... sometimes Serena's bugging helps end these meetings sooner...]

Robyn [seriously]
No. Rei has been having a dream... The only one of us... I think we should discuss it...

Bay [sighs]
{"Oh man!"}

Robyn [turns her head]
If you want to leave, I won't stop you... None of us will, Bay... [looks to Serena] Serena? You can go too... [they start to get up] But... [they freeze] Don't expect us to fill you in... [she smiles as they sit back down]

Amy [surprised]
That's the first time Serena's stayed of her own will!

Rei [smirks]
Yeah, the promise of food is strong, but being out of the loop is worse! [giggles]

Lita [giggles]
Oh well... [gets serious] Ok, tell us the dream, Rei... from your face, it really bothers you...

Rei [her face drops]
Yeah... [looks away] You guys... I mean... Well, we're all there, except Bay and Robyn... They weren't where we were... and-

[she continues to tell the dream, boring as it was to Serena and Bay... Robyn's confused, and the others don't know what to make of it... as she finishes, Rei is crying and Serena and Bay are into it... Rei said the word 'dies' and they started to pay closer attention]

Robyn [beside Rei on the Temple steps]
Wow... so, this is why you're not doing so hot in classes? You said it's hard to pay attention... You keep seeing this, don't you...?

Rei [nods]
Yeah... [sniffs] I don't want it to come true! [sniffs again] I hope this is so we can stop it!

Aphrodite [who laid on Robyn's lap a little bit ago]
I think it is, Rei... we can ask Artemis and Luna then?

Rei [nods]
I think we could do that... Let's go... where are they?

Robyn [picking up Aph]
Our place, kitten-sitting... [she smiles at Aph and they all head to Robyn and Bay's house...]

* * *
Luna [by three sleeping kittens]
Well, Artemis, they're finally asleep... You want to eat?

Artemis [on Robyn's bed]
Humph... Where's Aphrodite? She shouldn't take so long!

Luna [seriously]
Artemis! You know there's a meeting today! She's probably with the Scouts!

Artemis [pouting, jumps off the bed and heads to door, then stops]
Well? You coming?

Luna [carefully covers the little basket they were in and walks over to the door]
I think the gray one favors you, Artemis... [smirks and walks out]

Artemis [curiously]
What's THAT supposed to mean?!

Luna [smiling, heading down]
She likes you... Grandpa... [she goes a few steps quicker, and the front door opens. Aphrodite runs in, followed by everyone else]

Artemis [stopped]
Aphrodite! Where have you been?!

Mina [smiling]
Oh, calm down, Artemis!

Luna [turns back and smiles]
I told you she was with them!

[They all head to the kitchen, Bay and Serena dive into the fridge]

Robyn [smirking]
See? We can eat AND have the meeting! [she sits at the table] Where's Honey?

I don't know... but I'm willing to bet she's got the rugrat with her.

Bay! She's really excited about this whole "helping to raise myself" bit... it'll die down... right now, she tells everyone it's her sister. [smiles]

Wonderful. What about those three furrballs? Teri... and what were the other two called?

Did we name them?

I don't know, did we?

I thought you guys did! You mean they're just kitten one and kitten two?! Come on...

Perhaps we can talk about this after finishing discussing Rei's dream?!

It's ok, I want to know what to call them too... we can get back to that in a moment...

I don't even know if we're keeping the other two yet... You said they didn't show any signs of being guardians...?

Serena [pouting, holding a sandwich from Bay and Robyn's fridge]
I still think it'd be fun to name them at least.

Well, I haven't heard them talk. We may end up selling them. And I'm sure the new owners will want to name them.

So what...we just call them kitten 1 and 2?! Come on, Bay! Orange and purple!

I thought it was gray?

It depends on how you look at her.

I don't really care what we call them! As far as I'm concerned, fuzzball one and two is good enough for me.

Why don't we look for homes for them as soon as possible... then they can name them...

Are you sure, Aph?

They need good homes anyway, Robyn... and as long as Luna and I can be there, we'll help you make the decisions... Bay? You going to help?

To get less mouths to feed out of the house, sure.

You're no fun...

* * *
[after a little, Rei is told to go ahead and tell her dream to Luna and Artemis so that they could put their opinions on it...]

Rei [tells her dream to Luna and Artemis, then asks their opinion]
So? What do you think, Luna? [looks to Artemis] Artemis?

Luna [seriously]
Hmmm... well, you say that Bay and Robyn aren't there? Could this be when they go to California next week?

Robyn [gets serious]
Hey, if you think it'd be better, we'll stay... I'd rather help my friends here than go to my cousin's wedding...

Bay [stops eating and looks at Robyn]
Speak for yourself! I mean, I don't want them hurt, but this is a dream, Rob!

Robyn [looks away]
I just don't want to return to funerals...

Bay [smirking]
Four funerals and a wedding... Humph...

Robyn [turns her head]
This is serious! If there is legitimate reasoning, I'm staying... You can leave if you want, Bay... [she pulls out the tickets and holds them out to Bay]

Bay [pushes Robyn's hands]
No, I won't go alone...

Robyn [glaring]
Why don't you trade them in for a round trip ticket to Can-

Bay [puts her hand over Robyn's mouth]
Alright, alright... quit that!

Robyn [smirking, removes Bay's hand]
Deal. If there's reason to, we'll stay. If not-

Bay [smiling]
It's USA all the way!

Serena [sighs]
Remember what happened LAST time you two went there...

Robyn [gets a twinge in her arm]
Yeah... [shakes her head] but that was New York, I lived in California... my friends are th-[she stops] Well, I think they're still there... Besides, it hasn't been that long since I visited my dad there... I just don't like that he's moved back into my old house... it's just an odd feeling when I stay there...

Bay [smiles]
Cheer up! We can go and see everyone then, ok?

Robyn [smiles]
Ok. Now, let's drop this thing... I want to know... [watches everyone's face] Who wants what on a pizza? [smiling]

[Everyone shouts out different things and all three cats leave...]

* * *
[Well, it's time for Robyn and Bay to leave, and no one's given any reasons to stay... Aph even suggested that she should stay behind, but Luna pushed her to go.]

Aphrodite [begging]
But the kittens?

Luna [seriously]
They're not nursing, so, go!

Artemis [actually cheerful]
Go on! I know I'd want to visit here if I'd lived over there... [he actually smiles at Aph]

Robyn [picks Aph up and goes to put her in the carrier]
You know the rules, Aph...

Aphrodite [wriggling]
No! No carrier! I want to be carry on!

Bay [sighs]
Last time you pulled that, I freaked out when you talked to me!

Aphrodite [smirking]
Because you didn't KNOW I was up there! [looks at Robyn, pleading] PLEASE?!

Robyn [smirking]
Ok, ok... You're just lucky Dad's not here anymore...

Bay [remembering]
Yeah... I forgot, is he doing good back there?

Robyn [closes the carrier, after tricking Aph...]
There. [looks at Bay] He said we could stay with him... [walks on ahead, after waving to the others] I just wish it wasn't where it is...[sighs and puts the carrier and her luggage on the belt]

Bay [doing the same, they walk through the metal detector]
What's so bad about your old house?

Robyn [picks up her stuff as they come through]
Well... it's just odd knowing Mom'll never come back in the door there... I lived there so long with her...[she smiles at the others, and they board their flight, after waving at the others again...] Everything's gonna be ok... Right, Bay?

Bay [smiles and pushes her forward]
Right, let's go!

* * *
[Halfway through their flight, both WERE asleep, but Aph gets antsy and pokes her paw through the carrier gate and taps Robyn's leg]

Robyn [shifts in her seat, bumping Bay's arm, both still asleep]

Aphrodite [whispers]
WAKE UP! [she pokes again] {"I'll use claws if I have to!"}

Bay [shifts, and mumbles in her sleep]
Go away...

Aphrodite [pouts]

Robyn [yawns and stretches, then feels Aph, pawing at her leg]
Aph? [she sits up and grumbles at the carrier] What?!

Aphrodite whispers]
I gotta go!

Robyn [pouts]
I knew I should have bought the one with a litter box... [she picks up the carrier and goes into the restroom]

Bay [wakes up and sees both the carrier and Robyn gone]
Hunh? [she stands up and looks in the overhead compartment] Good, they didn't put me on another flight back to Japan... [smirking, she sits back down, and she starts feeling nauseous] Oh, great... I was hoping to go a whole week without getting sick... [holds her stomach and sees Robyn come out of the rest room, she gets up and hurries to the little room, rushing past Robyn and the carrier]

Robyn [watches, amazed]
I never knew she could move that fast... [shrugs and goes back to their seats]

Aphrodite [whispers]
I'm hungry...

Robyn [smiles and stands up, sitting the carrier on Bay's seat]
Ok, ok... [she gets out her other carry-on bag] Ok, what do you want, Aph? [she opens the bag and Aph looks in...]

Bay [closes the door and is wiping her mouth with a wet paper towel]
Ugh... [she walks back to her seat and sees Aph on it] Hey! Get the furrball off my seat!

Robyn [smirks]
I thought you didn't get airsick?

Bay [glares]
Funny... I think it was lunch...

Robyn [picks up the carrier and stands up, letting Bay back to her seat]
Uh-hunh... anyway, I have to get some water for Aph, I forgot it... would you watch her? And feed her, maybe?

Bay [holds the bag and sees Aph on Robyn's seat]
Feed the furrball... [she sees what Aph wanted...] Baby food? She's feeding you baby food? [shrugs] Hey, it's cheaper than cat food, I guess... [she lets Aph pick what she wants and takes the jar out] You know you're a spoiled cat, Aph... [puts the bag back and gets out a little bowl]

Aphrodite [giggles]
Hush! [whispered] It's easier to eat baby food on a trip than open cat food and have to force me to eat a whole can...... besides, this way you guys can eat too!

Bay [makes a 'yuck' face and opens the jar and the carrier gate]
Alright, alright... but if you two think I'm going to eat baby food, you're nuts...

Robyn [carrying a water bottle, full]
Why not? It's just mushed up stuff that we already eat... [she picks up the carrier and sits down] Hey, where'd you put the bag?

Bay [sighs]
Ok, I'll get it back out...

Robyn [giggles]
That's alright... Leave it up there... I'll eat some when we put hers away, Bay...

Another Passenger [in front of them, speaks Japanese, as Bay and Robyn have been, out of habit...]
I couldn't help but overhear... I feed my cat baby food once a day. It actually helps her coat shine. I still feed her cat food, she likes tuna. What does yours like?

Robyn [surprised someone actually talked to them... and it wasn't to tell them to shut up!]
Well, Aph likes tuna, but her favorite seems to be salmon... [she smiles and they continue to talk, Bay falls asleep, bored, and Aph eats the entire little jar of applesauce!]

* * *
[The two are still talking as they deboard, then, they part ways, and Robyn smiles at Bay]

Robyn [taps Bay's arm]
Hey! I'm sorry, Bay. It's just, usually, the only time anyone ever talks to us on a plane or bus is to tell us to shut up! [she giggles]

Bay [smirks]
It would help people here if you and I started talking... [switches to English] in English, Rob...

Robyn [smirks, and in English, replies]
I know, I know... hey... [looks around] Where's Dad?

Bay [sees a large Great Dane running at Robyn]
Hey! Loose dog! Look out!

Robyn [looks forward and gets pounced on by the dog. She giggles and pets it]
That's a good boy! Get off me now, Barkley!

Bay [surprised]
You know this big thing?! [she smiles]

Barkley [panting]
BARK! [stands up and puts his front paws onto Bay's shoulders] BARK! [licks Bay's face]

Bay [pats Barkley]
Yeah, good boy, get down! [smiling] Nice doggie! Down, boy!

Robyn [gets up and picks up the carrier]
Down, Barkley! [giggles and realizes] Hey! If he's here, then Julie must be too! [she runs through the metal detector after placing everything on the conveyor] Come on! [the stuff comes through and she takes off out of the security area]

Bay [walking, has Barkley beside her]
Ok, and why do you follow ME?

[The dog keeps panting and just barks]

Julie [runs to Robyn]
Rob! It's us! Susan's here too!

Robyn [happily]
Julie! [she drops everything but Aph and runs over, then hugs her friend]

Susan [grinning]
Where's that friend you wrote to us so much about?

Robyn [smiles and hugs her]
Susan! [she looks over her shoulder and sees Bay walking with Barkley] She's with Barkley... [giggles and lets go] Or, Barkley's with her... whichever...

Bay [grumbling]
First I'm surrounded by furrballs, then I get to dance with a dog... Rob? You're lucky I like dogs! [she smirks and pets Barkley]

Susan [sees Bay]
Are you the infamous Bay? The Champion Gymnast...etcetera, etcetera...?

Bay [smirking]
What is that supposed to mean?

Robyn [blushes]
I wrote them about your acrobatics and...stuff...

Oh! How's your baby?

Bay [glares]
I'm going to kill you, Robyn...

Robyn [giggles nervously]
Ah...yeah... Ok, Aph, let's go... I promised I'd let you out, but you promised not to run off... [kneels down] Since you keep breaking your collars... [she smirks and pets Aph]

You're purposely ignoring me!

Julie [smiling]
So... where are you guys staying?

Robyn and Bay
At my (Robyn's) Dad's... [they look at each other]

[Barkley takes off behind the group and they hear]

Male voice [happily]
Hey, Barkley!

Robyn [her face lights up]
Dad?! [she sees Cyrus and drops her bag, then runs to him]

Bay [smiles]

Aphrodite [smiling]
{"Cool! Now we can leave!"} MROW!

Julie [bends down]
You know, Aphrodite, you don't look as much like you used to as Robyn said you do... I don't know why she changed your name anyhow...

Bay [grins, nervously]
Yeah, well... I know it's her! I saw her grow up. {"Buy that! PLEASE?!"}

Susan [taps Julie]
Come on... I think Rob knows her own cat, Jules...

Julie [stands up]
Yeah, I guess, Sue...

[They all leave, Aph running up to Robyn and her dad]

* * *
Robyn [blindfolded, in the front seat, VERY curious]
Daaaaad... Why can't I see the house? I know where we live!

Cyrus [smiling]
Because I have a surprise, Pumpkin!

Bay [anxious]
I just want to take a nap... I'm a bit jet lagged...

Aphrodite [on the seat beside Bay, yawns]
Mrow? [looks out the window] {"What could he possibly have done...?"}

Cyrus [after another couple of blocks, pulls into the driveway and helps Robyn out of the car]
Now, a few more feet, Pumpkin...

Aphrodite [sits on the lawn, in shock]
{"He did THIS?! How the-?!"}

Bay [curious as to why everyone's acting so strangely]
Aph? Come on! [she carries her bag over her shoulder and stands by Robyn, who's looking a little odd] What's wrong, Rob?

Robyn [anxious]
Well, I'm getting a weird feeling... Something's... odd... Dad, take this thing off!

Cyrus [happily, after opening the front door and leading her in a few steps]
I wouldn't know why... But you sound like your mother... [he unblindfolds Robyn and she looks shocked] What's the matter?

Robyn [backs up a step or two into Bay]
Dad... What...What did you do to the house!?

Aphrodite [runs in and leaps onto Robyn's shoulder, whispering]
Calm down... it's not that different! [louder] Meow...?

What? It's not all THAT different from a few weeks ago, Rob... different paint job, some furniture's different... nothing I can tell that bad, though.

Robyn [to Aph]
It is so! [to Bay] You just wouldn't understand... [she picks up her bag that she'd dropped and carries it into the kitchen] Aph? This is too strange... Why would Dad do this... I can't feel Mom's presence anymore...it's like nothing is the same as it was... yet... [she takes the couple of jars of baby food out and goes to put them in the cupboard where they used to keep the pet food] ...it's like nothing- [opens the cupboard and sees it full of cat... AND dog food...] changed...?

Bay [sees the cans]
So he stocked up...? And from what I would guess... You can't feel your mom because ...How would Rei put that... "She's moved on"?

Robyn [puts the jars in and closes the cupboard door]
It's not that, Bay... I always felt at home because it was like Mom hadn't really left... now it's like walking into a stranger's house... I don't like it. [she folded the bag up, looking confused, she turned to Bay before putting it on the counter by the wall] And "he stocked up"?! Cat food I'd understand, but why dog food?

[Just as she asks, both Barkley and a small Dalmatian puppy run into the kitchen, followed by Cyrus]

Well, the house was getting lonely, so I got a puppy. Julie wanted me to watch Barkley this week... and I got some cat food for Butterscotch's stay... [he smiles]

Robyn [breathes, relieved]
{"Thank god..."} Oh... That's ok, Dad. I just freaked a little... [she smiled and sat the bag on the counter]

Cyrus [smiles]
You can use your old room. It's a little different too, but nothing major, Pumpkin...

Robyn [almost afraid to get another shock, walks up, smiling at her Dad.]
Thanks... [they're out of earshot and in front of Robyn's old room.] Ok, Aph? You remember the room, right?

Aphrodite [nodding]
Yeah... Bay? You WILL fit in the room... I mean, it's big, so you won't feel cramped... If he didn't change anything that way... [she smirks]

Bay [smiles at the cat]
Yeah... thanks...

Robyn [opens the door]
Well, here we- [stops and sees her room's hardly any different] are... [shakes her head] I'm ready to hit the local hotel... [looks down] Aph?!

Aphrodite [backs up]

Bay [curious]
Why? You don't want to sleep in a familiar bed? [sees Power Rangers blankets] Um... Tell me these are just... here...?

Robyn [shakes her head]
Uh-uh... I had just made my bed with clean sheets the day of Mom's- [stops] Bay? Can we just maybe put our stuff in and go eat or something? I forgot I hadn't had a chance to sleep last time we were here... I never bothered to look in either...

Bay [tosses her bag on the bed]
Ok... [she shrugs] Though, I want to know why you're acting so funny...

Robyn [tosses her bag in the room]
Well, ok... If you went home and NOTHING was really different... Tell me you wouldn't wonder just a LITTLE bit?

Bay [looks down]
If I went home, I'd have never left, Rob...

Robyn [shakes her head, slightly confused]
I know, just reverse our situations... If-

Bay [stops her]
Look, I don't want to think about going home, ok? [she hurries past Robyn and down the stairs]

Robyn [realizes she may have been acting a little strangely...]
Maybe I should just be glad I get a chance to stay here again, Aph... instead of trying to find everything weird... I really should just be happy I'm with my Dad again... [she smiles] What do you want for supper?

Aphrodite [smiling]
REAL food!

Robyn [picks up Aph]
Heh, I know, American cat food, right? [giggles and heads down]

Aphrodite [whispers]

* * *
[Later that evening, They're sitting at the table, eating and Cyrus brings up a suggestion]

Pumpkin? How'd you like to finish the school year here?

Robyn [drops her fork onto the plate, and coughs, almost choking her her veggies...]
What?! [cough]

Bay [in shock]
You mean, she doesn't go back to Japan until after this school year?

Cyrus [nervously]
Well, yeah, if she wants... but if she wants to, she can stay here and... well, graduate from High School, with her old classmates...

Robyn [not moving]
But... Dad? I just started 9th grade at Crossroads... How could I go back to Redondo?

Bay [thinks]
Well, you do good back there... maybe-

Robyn [shocked]
Bay! How could you suggest I actually switch schools?! We both have to go back, Bay...

Bay [shrugs]
Well... I wouldn't mind staying here... I mean-

Robyn [throws her fork onto the table]
No! I won't stay! I want to go back! With my friends... OUR friends, Bay... Or do you forget... we promised to come back?!

Aphrodite [covering her face with her paws]
{"Why is it every time we visit here, someone wants to stay? Can't we ever just visit and then go home?!"}

Cyrus [seriously]
I think it'd be best if you stayed here with me, Pumpkin...

Robyn [shocked]
Dad! I can't just up and leave! Bay and I have a place. We're fine! And I'm 17 years old, Dad! I don't have all that much longer until I'm legally able to make my OWN decisions... even if you force me to stay here, when I turn 18, I'm going back to Japan! [she slams her chair into the table and runs out the front door]

Aphrodite [walks over to the hallway, hoping Robyn will come back in...]
{"Please... Sailor Shadow..."}

Bay [sighs and puts down her fork]
Dinner was great, Mr. Markius... Why don't I try to calm her down? [she gets up]

Cyrus [nods]
Alright... Perhaps you can talk to her better than I could right now... Bay... [he smiles and carries their plates into the kitchen]

Bay [pouting]
{"I'll kill her..."} [she opens the door and catches a glimpse of Robyn turning the corner across the street] Come on, Aph... [she lets the cat out and shuts the door]

* * *
Robyn [storming towards the park near her old middle school]
Maybe if I sit down and think... I haven't sat on swings for a long time! [she starts to smile and runs toward the park. It was getting dark, but she knew it was still a decent neighborhood...]

Bay [a bit behind Robyn]
Aph? Where's she running to?

Aphrodite [panting]
The park? She used to love to swing when she got mad or upset... it got her mind off things...

Bay [smiles]
Great... [thought for a minute] Um, that's not too far... right?

Aphrodite [takes the lead]
Come on, it's a little ways yet. It's near Redondo Middle School.

Bay [smirks]
Heh... I see...

* * *
Aphrodite [smirking]
No, she got detention for not doing her math homework mostly... occasionally it was her other subjects...

Bay [sees Robyn on the swings in the distance, barely swinging, just sort of pushing herself back and forth...]
There she is! [she runs, after grabbing Aph... She sees three shadows near the 'merry-go-round'] Who's that? [she stops and stares]

Aphrodite [looks]
It's those boys! The one's who picked on her so much! When she took me out with Barkley sometimes, she pointed them out...

Bay [gets mad]
Then let's hurry...

Aphrodite [nods]

[They speed up and cross the street to the park entrance, They watch the boys surround Robyn as she stands up, they can hear her now...]

Robyn [angrily]
Leave me alone, Doug! I'm not in the mood today!

Doug [making fun of her]
Oh, you're not in the mood... Well, we're sorry... aren't we, Josh?

Josh [in the same tone]
Oh, really sorry... [laughs] How's 'Detention Robyn'? [laughs again] Japanese Teacher's Pet? Still in with the now Japanese detention people?

Robyn [angrily]
Quit it! I don't get detention! And I never WAS a Teacher's Pet! {"They don't have to know I get detentions for being late with Serena everyday!"}

Bay [is in a little picnic-type area, by a table, in shadow]
{"Ok, Josh, Doug, and..."} [looks to the third boy] {"Who are you, buddy?"} [she smirks]

Robyn [tries to get out of the little circle they made, but they moved with her]
{"This is weird... one of the boys that picked on me is named Brad... but yet, BAY is Brad... this feels strange..."} Look, just go away, I'm a little different now than I was back when you three knew me... {"Yeah, I can get away... if Bay- [sees Bay in the shadows near the picnic tables] Good, she's here..."}

Aphrodite [leaps onto the third boy's shoulder and whispers]
I'm a demon cat... I'd leave this girl alone if I were you, Brad...

Brad [turns and sees the cat]
What the-? Who really said that?!

Bay [snickers]
{"Way to go, Aph... Wait...what did she call him?"}

Brad [looking around, a little afraid]
Who's there?!

Aphrodite [whispers]
What's the matter... don't want to pick on Robyn because she's not alone anymore? [she laughs, slightly evilly]

Brad [knocks Aph off his shoulder]
Whoever's doing that, cut it out!

Robyn [smirking]
What's wrong, Brad? Can't handle pressure?

Bay [surprised]
{"BRAD?! She didn't! Did she?"}

Aphrodite [on the ground, shaking off the dirt]
HEY! [everyone looks at the cat] I've had enough of you three! [she dives into the shadows and a minute later, after hearing sounds of a struggle and loud "PLEASE!?"... Out comes a purple haired girl wearing what Bay was when they left... (And Bay/cat is on a picnic table, growling!)] Now who wants to play?! I told you... I'm a demon... [she smiles, evilly and takes a few steps forward]

Brad [stands his ground, the other two back up, but grab Robyn's arms]
Oh, come on... you expect us to believe you're that little cat?

Aphrodite [smirking]
Well, I don't care whether you believe me or not... I'm still going to get you to leave Robyn alone!

Robyn [realizing that Aph was going to fight, whether she wins or not...]
Aph! Wait!

Aphrodite [glares]
You can't stop me, Rob...

Bay/cat [shakes her head]

Aphrodite [turns her head for a second and glares at Bay]
Oh, shut up!

Robyn [yells]
Aph! Watch out!

[Brad dives at Aph, who turns just in time to duck, leaving Brad slamming into the picnic tables, painfully, Bay/cat runs off, hoping to stay out of this one... Being a cat... but she would use her claws if she had to!]

Doug [angrily]
Hey! You guys teamed up! No fair!

Robyn [wriggling her arms]
So?! You guys always did this to me! Afraid you can't win when you play fair, hunh?

[Doug punches Robyn in the face and takes off]

Robyn [grabs her nose]
Aawww, Man! The same thing! [angrily runs after Doug] Hey! You still have that hair tie! [she dives at him and tackles him, rolling for a moment, then pins him to the grass] Give it back, Doug... [a drop of blood hits him on the cheek]

Doug [shocked]
You... You can fight back!?

Robyn [holding his arms]
Yup, and I will... where is it?

Doug [still amazed]
Josh has it! JOOOOOSH!

Josh [turns]
Hey! Get offa him! [he runs over and leaves Brad and Aphrodite alone...]

Brad [smirks]
So, just you and me... You're gonna lose, girl...

Bay/cat [growls]
I wish Aph would quit assuming I need to rest up! I wouldn't lose these arguments... 'sides...it'd be great exercise!!

Robyn [sees Josh dive at her, rolls onto her back and puts Doug between her and Josh]

[The two boys hit each other and roll to the side, letting Robyn up...]

Robyn [smirking, feels in each of their pockets and finds her purple hair tie...]
Finally... [she walks away, leaving two stunned boys on the ground, amazed that she fought back this time...]

Aphrodite [only dodging, still getting hit more than she hits back...]
Looks like it's you and us, Bradley...

Brad [sees his two friends are laying there, in shock, and Robyn's carrying her hair tie walking towards him]
WHAT!? You- You beat THEM?!

Robyn [nods]
Yup... Thanks to my friends in Japan... [smiles] Now, you going to leave? Or at least tell us why you REALLY came?

Brad [glares]
Hey... We saw you running and just thought it'd be fun to pick on you again... We weren't going to hurt you... you started it!

Robyn [shocked]
WE started it?! Excuse me, Brad, but, if I remember right, YOU three came up on ME... I came here to calm down... You don't mess with me when I'm angry or upset... [she smirks and puts the hair tie on her wrist]

Aphrodite [runs into the shadowy picnic area]
Pardon me... [we hear some more rustling and some whispering]

Robyn [able to see, giggles]
So, Brad, you want to meet my friend, Bay?

Brad [glares back at Robyn]
I thought that was Aphrodite?

Robyn [trying to spook him]
Aph IS a magical cat... she tried to tell you...

Bay [carries Aph out, grumbling]
I feel like a moron, Rob...

Brad [goes to step back and trips over his own feet, falling onto his butt]
But... That's the cat that talked to me!

Aphrodite [trying to keep the spook in him... smiles]
You ever hear of the Cheshire Cat?

Brad [gets up and runs off, his two friends follow, leaving Robyn and Bay laughing]

[Robyn and Bay keep laughing and head home]

* * *
Cyrus [waiting for the girls...]
What's wrong? Why wouldn't she want to stay here?

[the front door opens, he hears Bay and Robyn talking and laughing]

Robyn [giggles]
You saw Brad's face? HA! He didn't think I could defend myself!

Bay [snickers]
Did you see his face when I walked up?!

Robyn [closes the door. Smirks, and snickers]
Yeah, but did you- [sees her dad running over] Dad!

Cyrus [sees the blood on her face from her nose]
Robyn! You got into a fight?!

Robyn [shakes her head]
No! Some boys that used to pick on me showed up, and I hit my face on the swing set when I tried to run... [blushes] I tripped...

Cyrus [not believing her]
That's a likely story, Young Lady... March! Up to your room!

Robyn [shocked]
But, Dad!

Cyrus [angrily]

Bay [following Robyn]
She didn't do anything...

Cyrus [grabs Bay]
YOU stay here...

Bay [looks at Robyn, then Cyrus]

Cyrus [upset]
I sent you out to calm down my little girl and she ends up in a fight! I want to speak with you!

Robyn [stopped a few steps ahead of Bay]
Dad... no... She wasn't there when they showed up... She arrived near the end! [pulls out her hair tie] And... I got this back from them... They took it years ago!

Cyrus [grabs the tie and tosses it into the room]

Robyn [glares at her father. In a hushed, growling voice]
You'll never be like Mom! [she runs up and slams her door]

Bay [Cyrus lets her go]

Cyrus [turns and walks away from the stairs]
I'm sorry, Bay. I just wanted to have her back again... I just get lonely here, and Spot's not enough company...

Bay [almost afraid...]
Spot? [the Dalmatian pup runs up and barks] Oh... you... [sarcastically] {"Oh, gee...That's original..."}

Aphrodite ['humphs' and storms upstairs laying down outside Robyn's door...]
{"He's changed... I don't like the feelings I get from him NOW..."}

Bay [watches Aph, then looks at the puppy, then to Cyrus. Then... she sits down!]
Oh boy... [she sighs and thinks about what all just happened, trying to straighten it out...]

* * *
Serena [pouting]
But I hate homework, Amy! I know we've got tests coming, but PLEEEEEEEEEASE! I don't wanna study MATH!

Amy [shakes her head]
No, Serena... we go with worst subject first!

Rei [staring out the window, not hearing a WORD anyone else says]
{"They're getting more and more vivid... like the time's approaching..."}

Mina [sighs and tosses he notebook over her shoulder]
I hate make-up tests!

Lita [snickers]
I hate make-up WORK!

Serena [sighs and adds]
Bay would say she hates make-up...

[Everyone sits silent, as if in mourning or something...]

Amy [nods]
Yeah, I miss them too... [sees Rei still staring] Rei?

Rei [shakes herself out of her daydream state]
Hunh? Oh, right, make-up work... [she looks at her books and the pages are like a blur...] Nothing makes sense...

Lita [smirks]
Well, if you keep dazing out, you won't learn anything! [she giggles]

Rei [realizing she'd commented out loud...]
Oh... Yeah... right... [she puts her pencil down and gets up, walking out onto the porch...]

Luna [walks in, carrying an orange kitten, by the scruff of its neck, in her mouth]

Artemis [grumbles, Honey is carrying the other two little kittens, another orangish one, and one that looked purplish... maybe pink... the light looked weird shining off the fur...]
Humph... Why are WE stuck with the brats?

Luna [continues over to the little study group and plops the kitten she was carrying in front of Serena]
Because... we want Aphrodite to enjoy being young... she did HER part, now, WE raise them a little...

Serena [picks up the kitten in front of her]
Oh! She's so cute!

Luna [smirks]

Serena [giggles and tickles the kitten's belly]

Luna [jumps onto the tables and looks at her, smirking]
She's a he...

Serena [pouts]
Oh yeah... I keep forgetting about... What's his name again?

Artemis [after Honey put the other two kittens up onto the table as well... he grouchily comments]
Two orange and a purplish/pink one... where is THIS one from?!

Honey [giggles]
Ameterasu... or "Teri" as a kitten... He prefers Ams when he gets older... I wish he was here... [looks sad and sits by Serena]

In away, he is, Honey. Just younger than you know him. [she smiles to Honey, who seems to cheer up a little]

Mina [sees Artemis and grabs him]
So... you two named these little ones yet? [smiles]

I guess so... now I can help him grow up too! [smiles]

Mina [smiling]
There's no WAY I can study NOW!

Honey [giggles]
Wonder why mom doesn't have a cat?

* * *
Aphrodite [scratching at Robyn's door]
Robyn! Come on! Bay and I want in!

Robyn [yells]
No! I want to be alone! [sniffs]

Bay [seriously]
Come on... Look, your dad just went a little far, he does love you, you know...

Robyn [near the door]
Yeah, right... Go away! [they hear the door click]

Bay [looks at Aph]
You mean it hasn't been locked?! And we've been standing out here!?

Aphrodite [shakes her head]
No, she just UNlocked it...

Bay [opens the door, and sees Robyn on the bed, face down, crying]
Come on, Rob... Why don't we go for a walk or something? Get out of this house?

Robyn [her head still in the pillows]
Why? I'll just have to come back... [The phone rings, and Robyn dives to get it] Hello?!

[A male voice]
Hey... is... Robyn there?

Robyn [curiously]
Yeah, who are you?!

Guy [curious]
Is THIS Robyn?

Robyn [cautiously]
Maybe... depends on you...

Guy [sighs]
I really want to talk to her... is she there?

Bay [looks at her strangely]
Who is it?

Robyn [shrugs]
I dunno... He won't tell me!

Guy [sighs]
My name is Mike. I'm looking for her to tell her that her cousin's wedding is off... I'm her nephew... Well... sort of...I would have been...

Robyn [unsure]
Why isn't Laura getting married?

Mike [happily]
Hey, Rob!

Robyn [glares at the wall]

Mike [happily]
Well, I finally get to talk to you! Actually, I wanted to tell you you're now the Maid of Honor... I had to make sure this was you...

Robyn [angrily]
So why couldn't you just come out and tell me?! This isn't a good night to play games...

Bay [walks over]
What's going on?

Mike [laughs]
Well, I wanted to tell you something in person... This has nothing to do with any wedding... actually, Nothing's different... Look, can you meet me? On Redondo Beach?

Robyn [mad]
Alright, alright. How soon? {"Anything to get out of this house!"}

Mike [sounds as if he's smirking]
An hour. Bye. [the phone clicks and she soon hears a dial tone...]

Robyn [slams the phone down and grabs her pendant from the nightstand]
Humph... [she storms out of her room and runs down the stairs]

Bay [looks at the phone, then the nightstand, then Aph, then they follow her, quickly]
Aaaahhhh... okaaaaaaay....

* * *
Robyn [sitting on the rocks, watching the ocean meet the sand...]
How come this stays so peaceful?

[A voice]
Because it can't see what's going to happen tonight...

Robyn [turns and sees a guy in black, surrounded by shadows]
Who in blazes are you?! {"And why is it I can't see through those shadows?"}

Guy [steps forward, only enough so his face is still covered]
I'm Mike...

Robyn [pouts]
Ok. So...? Why'd you want to see me? And what do you mean the ocean can't see what's going to happen?

Bay [walks up, but no one sees her, so, she stays out of site, holding an anxious cat...she whispers to Aph]
Shut up, Aph... I want to see what's going on!

Aphrodite [angrily whispers]
I don't like the air... it's full of trouble!

Bay [glares at her]
You are NOT getting the locket again... If there's a fight, I'M the one who's gonna help this time! The doctor said I needed exercise!

Aphrodite [smirks]
But not to overexert yourself!

Bay [pouts, but surprised]
How would you know?!

I have my ways! Now listen!

Robyn [senses Bay and Aph, but hopes they stay out of the way...]
If you have nothing more to say, then I'm going... [she turns to leave]

Mike [leaves the shadows and grabs her arm]
Don't go... [evil smirk] Sailor Shadow...

Robyn [freezes]
What? You're nuts... {"Here we go again..."}

Bay [smacks her forehead]
You'd think we could leave these whackos back in Japan... [pouts and drops Aph]

Aphrodite [looks up at Bay]
They follow us... We had a whacko in New York... remember?

Bay [glares]
Yeah, a psych hospital wacko... this one's worse... and they always pick on HER... [points to Robyn and her other hand grabs her locket] I'm ready... [watches, waiting for some kind of cue...]

Robyn [turns and kicks the guy, causing him to let her go. She backs up, out of reach]
Look, my friend followed me, she'll see what's going on and call the cops... Mike...

Mike [shakes his head]
Nothing like that... But you won't survive the night... Then, I take care of your friend, Sailor Sun... After you two are gone, it's off to Japan to eliminate the rest of the Scouts!

Robyn [sighs]
Look, I'm not a Scout! How many of you whackos are out there, thinking I am! I couldn't be a Scout!

Mike [grins, his eyes shine red for a moment]
Come now... you pulled this once before... it didn't work then, either... I just want your pendant...

Robyn [her eyes grow wide and she realizes why 'Mike' looked and sounded familiar]
Can't you just give up! She's not even part of this anymore! She's not with me anymore!

Mike [sighs]
Well, then, I'll just have to show you she IS!

Bay [hearing how that went, realizing what may happen]
That's my cue! Solar Locket Power!

Mike [hearing a call]
Ah... good, your friend is transforming... it's your turn!

Robyn [touches her pendant, but refuses to take it off...]
No way... I stand my ground... Sailor Scout or no... [curiously] Why would you follow me here anyway?

Mike [smiling]
I thought perhaps you'd like to die where your mother did... I can put you on the exact spot where her accident occurred, little one...

Robyn [backs up, in shock, and trips over a rock... hitting her butt on the sand]

Sailor Sun [standing to the side of the two]
Leave her alone... Why is it we never get a break?!

Mike [looks at Sun]
You Fruit Loops are so annoying! [grins, knowing she hated that name]

Sailor Sun [glares]
Shut up! Solar Comet Strike!

[The comet misses him, as he dives for Robyn, who rolls away...]

Aphrodite [watching. Sarcastically, she comments to herself]
Oh yeah... this is fun... [grumbles]

Sailor Sun [runs toward Mike, who transforms to that creepo, Masaaki...]
This is ridiculous!

Robyn [seeing Sun running at the bad guy]
{"She doesn't give up very easily, does she...?"} Shadow Pendant Power!

Aphrodite [puts her paw on her face]
There goes the evening...

Masaaki [contented]
Excellent, you've activated the pendant for me, now it's but a matter of time before your doom, Shadow...

Sailor Shadow [stands defensively]
You can kiss my Shadow BUTT! Shadow Celestial Fire Surround!

Sailor Sun [hears that call and dives out of the way, allowing it to surround him...]
Would you let ME know?! I don't feel like ending up Burnt Sun...

Sailor Shadow [smirks]
Oh, what's a matter, can't handle a little 'SUN' burn...

Sailor Sun [smacks her forehead]
Maybe I should go before I die of bad puns like that...

Sailor Shadow [snickers]
Dive in the ocean Sun... [she powers up for another attack] Dark Matter-

Sailor Sun [after smacking her forehead again]

[Masaaki readies for a counter attack to Shadow]

Sailor Shadow [yelling, VERY loudly...]
SURROUND! [for some reason, it fizzles out, only a little cloud appears and *poof* disappears... {"I'm surprised no one ELSE in on the beach at 8:30 at night! Someone would have gotten a kick out of a Sailor Scout's attack not working!"}

Sailor Sun [realizes she's gotta do something now, stands up, but feels a sharp pain in her side]
What the hell? [she looks to see she cut herself on a rock] Perfect! Now if I would step on a rusty nail my night would be complete! [growls]

Aphrodite [runs over to Sun]

Masaaki [laughing at his luck]
Well, It seems I can destroy ALL of you in one shot!

[a young girl appears in the shadows, Sun and Shadow see her, but she's behind Masaaki.]

Sailor Shadow [walks a few steps towards Sun and kneels down, writing off the girl as a hallucination...]
You ok, Bay?

Sailor Sun [grumbling]
Oh, fine... Except this little girl wants to play too... [grumps]

Masaaki [turns and stares at the two]
Cower while you can, soon Robyn will be by my side as my love Sukia, and we will destroy your futures!

Sailor Shadow [glares]
Dream on, Buster! [As she turns her head back to Sun, she thinks she sees the outline of a Sailor costume on the little girl's outline...] {"That's it... I'm dreaming... I'm losing it, actually..."}

Masaaki [readies himself to attack his two weakened opponents...]
Prepare for your end...

Little Girl [still hidden in shadow, finally speaking up...]
Hold it! I see you need my help after all! [giggles]

Sailor Shadow [her face turns to surprise and she stares at the silhouette]
That... that voice... There's no way...

Sailor Sun [sits up straight, and squints]
I can't see who...

Masaaki [turns]
Who's that? You want to die as well?!

Little Girl [a very small lump in the sand is seen beside her foot]
None of the good guys will be doing anything of the sort tonight, Buddy!

Sailor Shadow [shakes her head... in utter surprise]

Sailor Sun [looks at Robyn]

[The two look back to the little girl and see her step forward]

A Little Sailor Scout [that's what she looks like...]
In the name of the future and all small ones... I will defeat you with my friends, Sailor Shadow and Sailor Sun! I am Sailor Chibi-Shadow!

Sailor Sun and Sailor Shadow [in a disgusted/shocked voice]

Masaaki [laughing]
And what are YOU doing, little girl... You know you shouldn't play Sailor Scout...

[She picks up the little lump and they see her little doll...]

Sailor Chibi-Shadow
Shadow Illusion Power! [the doll becomes a little purple stick in a poof of purple smoke] Shadow Ball Blast! [the stick throws out lots of little purple-colored pebble-sized balls, pelting Masaaki]

Masaaki [trying to dodge...]
Ow! Ooo! Eech! Ouch! Ah! Ow!

Sailor Shadow [giggles]
Hehehe... [she helps Sun up] You're the only one with strong enough powers to get him... Do it!

Sailor Sun [holding her side]
Yeah, right... [she readies herself to attack] Wait... what am I-?

Sailor Shadow [taps her]
Look, Moon's not here, get him!

Sailor Sun [pulls out a small key from her locket under her uniform]
{"I thought that was a dream...? Wonder if it'd work...?"} Solar Eclipse?

Sailor Shadow [seeing Chibi-Shadow's attack ending, not thinking the same way as Sun... remembering that it helped Zephyr]
No choice... this guys too strong...

[They ready for Eclipse...]

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [happy, her stick becomes her doll again]
Cool! I can finally see it!

Sailor Shadow [touches the key with Sun]
Let's do it... [looks at Masaaki, seriously, and yells] Sailor Key! Activate! SHADOW STAR POWER!

Sailor Sun [does the same]
Sailor Key! Activate! SUN STAR POWER!

Sailor Shadow
By the power of the Dark Shadows-

Sailor Sun
By the power of the Bright Sun-

Both [holding the Key toward Masaaki]
Solar Eclipse!

[A bright light shoots from the Key. Then a dark light follows. The lights combine into a large circle. It continues forward and when the light hits Masaaki, they all vanish. For some reason, Sailor Shadow detransforms and the Key leaves their hands... beginning to spin. When it looks like a blurry ball, it becomes a shiny lilac ball and hits Robyn in the chest. The key bounces off and lands in the sand as Robyn falls, unconscious, to the ground.]

Sailor Sun [shocked, picking up the key]
What's going on?!

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [runs over]

[Robyn's pendant detaches itself and Masaaki reappears, but he's in no form to fight... He floats by the pendant and Sukia reappears, wearing Robyn's pendant...]

Sailor Sun [stands up]
Hey! I thought that thing was supposed to HELP us! Not give us another bad guy?!

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [crying, holds Robyn's hand]
I shouldn't have listened to Mommy! I should have stayed with Daddy!

Sailor Sun [pats Chibi-Shadow on her head]
No, you did good against this guy... We'll beat him! {"Even if we did end up with his girlfriend in the end..."}

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [gets an idea]
Call the others! Get them to teleport here!

Sailor Sun [looks at her strangely]
What?! I- You know, that may actually work... [she takes Robyn's communicator from her pocket and opens it] Well... it'd BETTER reach...

* * *
Serena [pouting, hears the communicator beeping funny]
Hey... Anyone else's going whacko?

Amy [reaches into her bag and as she pulls it out, it sounds the same]
Yeah... Everyone open your communicator!

[They all do so, but see no one, just a static screen, but they HEAR-]

Bay [sounding desperate]
Guys?! You there?!

Serena [confused]
You miss us that badly?

Bay [angrily]
No, Serena! We need the Sailor Scouts! Teleport to this location! HURRY! Chibi-Shadow and I won't be able to take these two out if and when they come to!

Rei [confused]
Did she say Chibi-Shadow? Or Sailor Shadow?

Serena [happy for a reason to quit homework]
Who cares! Let's go!

Luna [sensing danger]
Be careful, Sailors!

Serena [giggles]
Right... Moon Crystal Power!

Lita [stands up]
Jupiter Star Power!

Mina [stands up with Rei]
Venus Star Power!

Mars Star Power!

Amy [taps on the communicator and locks into the signal...]
Don't close the communicator! Mercury Star Power!

Bay [concerned]
I won't... Hurry!

[The Scouts hold their communicators and stand in a circle]

Sailor Moon [seriously]
Let's go!

Sailor Mercury [nods]
Leaving mine open, we can safely use Sailor Teleport...

Sailor Jupiter [nods]
Let's go then!

[They all hold hands, Mercury places her communicator in the center, on top of the little pile of the others...]

Mercury Star Power!
Mars Star Power!
Jupiter Star Power!
Venus Star Power!
Moon Crystal Power!


[They flash in their respective colors and the communicators disappear as well...]

Luna [looking where they just were]
I have a bad feeling, Artemis...

Artemis [nods]
I know... They'll be alright...

Honey [coming in from the kitchen with some snacks for them, not hearing them call and teleport]
Where did they I go?

They'll be ok, Honey, you should go check on Brady like you promised!

She was sleeping a moment ago...

Just go, Honey! It's only upstairs!

Why do I get the feeling you're not telling me something? [she heads up]

* * *
[The Scouts appear on the beach, Sailor Sun still has the Key in her hand... The two baddies, floating mysteriously still...]

Sailor Moon [opens her eyes]
Where are we?

Sailor Mercury [sees Sun by Robyn]
We're there... [she runs over] Robyn!?

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [(nowhere to be found...) with Aph in the bushes...crying]
Mommy... I shouldn't have interfered... I have no powers... Only little annoyances and distractions...

Aphrodite [also crying, but trying to be brave for Kage...]
It's alright... The others are here now... They'll help get Robyn's pendant back and get rid of Sukia without anyone dying... {"This time... I hope..."}

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [sniffs]
Should I help them, Cous- I mean, Aphrodite?

Aphrodite [not catching the'cous-' bit]
If they need you... Only if they need you...

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [nods]

Sailor Moon [looks at Robyn, then sees the two bad guys]
Why does that woman have Robyn's pendant?

Sailor Sun [angrily]
THAT's Sukia... I know you guys remember her... right?

[Everyone sits silent... They remembered the Moon Kingdom... only Robyn, Bay and Aph would remember the more... RECENT battle... They STILL don't like her...]

Sailor Moon [stands up]
I'll get rid of her! She hurt my mother and killed my friend!

Sailor Sun [seriously]
But I thought the only way to defeat her was-

Sailor Jupiter [seriously]
Well she's not an option right now... is she... and we're NOT going to let her sacrifice herself again!

Sailor Sun
{"And again, and again, and again.... Boy, now that I think about it... kinda repetitive, isn't it...?"}

Sailor Mars [seeing Sun just staring past the baddies]
What's the matter, Bay?

Sailor Sun [shakes her head]
Hunh? Nothing... Hey... don't you think this sacrifice stuff is a LITTLE repetitive?!

Sailor Mars [shakes her head, without hesitation]
No. I'm willing to give my life for the Princess. Aren't you?

Sailor Sun
Well, yeah... I mean, she's got a future... we're just lowly Scouts...

Sailor Mars [amazed]
LOWLY?! You think being a Scout is stupid?! What are you?! NUTS?!

Sailor Sun [looks at her outfit, then back to Mars, with a 'What do you think?" face...]

Sailor Mars [groans]
I give up on you! [she joins the others, in front or Robyn and Sun]

Sailor Sun [sighs]
Sorry, Robyn... I don't want you tossing your life away because you're the one who saved the Moon Kingdom from her before... {"And if you think I'm going back to Pluto again, you're crazy... three Council visits is three too MANY!"}

Robyn [opens her eyes]

Sailor Sun [looks down at Robyn]
Hunh? {"I didn't say that out loud... did I?"}

Robyn [looks at Sun]
No, I don't think so... your lips didn't move... Ouch, my back... What am I laying on? [she shifts and grabs Sun's arm. Pulling herself up]

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [looks out sees what Robyn was on]
My doll! [she darts out and ends up slamming into Robyn, tripping over a hidden rock in the sand...] Ow! Mommy...?

Robyn [turns and grabs Chibi-Shadow]
Kage! [she hugs the little Scout and picks up the doll for her] Get out of here! I don't want you in on this!

Sailor Moon [turns to see the little Scout...]
Another Scout?!

[The others turn and see her as well...]

Robyn [turns her head and sees everyone looking at her. They block her view of Sukia and Masaaki...]
What? She's on our side, guys... [she goes for her pendant and realizes it's not there] My pendant!? [looks around for it and finds nothing but sand... and a few pebbles...]

Sailor Sun [looks away]
Robyn... You... you don't want to know what happened after Solar Eclipse...

Robyn [on her hands and knees, stops and turns to Sun]
Yes I do! Where's my pendant?!

[Sun points past the Scouts and they move aside. Sukia is smiling and staring at Robyn... she sees what Sukia's wearing...]

Robyn [angrily]
MY PENDANT! [she stands up]

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [grabs Robyn's jacket]
No! Mommy... don't!

Sailor Moon [confused]

Robyn [seriously]
I'll explain later, Sailor Moon...

Sukia [floats down to the sand]
There won't BE a later! Sailor Shadow is powerless... her daughter can do nothing more than parlor tricks, and even the Moon Princess cannot stop me! [she laughs, and holds the pendant] I now have the power of the Shadows!

Robyn [smirks]
But your precious Masaaki is gone! Sailor Sun and I beat him!

Sukia [laughs]
Him?! HA! I never liked him anyway... You Sailor Brats did me a favor by getting rid of him! Now no one will fight me for control!

Robyn [still smirking]
Then... You... OWE us a favor... don't you...?

Sukia [glares]
I owe you nothing! Except perhaps to give you two a swift, painless death in thanks... [she leaps at the Scouts, who scatter]

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [looking determined, whispers to Robyn]
I can do more than parlor tricks! I'll show her...

Robyn [grabs Chibi-Shadow's arm and whispers]
No. Listen to me... you can't outGUN her... we have to outSMART her...

Sailor Sun [hears that]
But how?! We can't destroy the pendant-

Robyn [seriously]
Forget the pendant... just get rid of HER... got it?

Sailor Sun [glares]
I just had an argument with Rei about how redundant sacrifice seems to be with the Scouts!

Robyn [glares back]
Stop it, Bay... just tell the others... we have to find a way to outTHINK Sukia...

Sailor Sun [smirks]
Maybe Amy can challenge her to a Math test...

Robyn [glaring]
Oh shut up... GO!

[Sailor Chibi-Shadow giggles]

* * *
Sailor Sun [after eventually getting around to everyone, is talking to Robyn as they're all dodging attacks...]
Robyn, even Amy can't think of anything to do... She can't figure a way to outthink her...

Robyn [holding Chibi-Shadow]
Oh... Well... [looks up at Sukia] We HAVE to stop her now... We can't let her get loose in California... I mean, we can't let her get back to Japan either... but-

Sailor Sun [nods]
I know, I know... Look, just promise you won't go and do anything REALLY stupid, ok?

Robyn [looks at Bay, curiously]
Like what?!

Sailor Sun [shrugs, sorry she brought it up...]
Just... stay out of the fight...

Robyn [mad]
No! I won't let my friends fight alone... Pendant or no, I'm helping you... [looks at Chibi-Shadow, seriously, but warmly] Kage? You have to get out there and help them... You're a Scout in training... But you'll never learn if you sit by and watch others... [she helps Chibi-Shadow up] As someone once told me... 'Do what you know...' [she smiles]

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [nods]
I'll listen, Mommy. I'll do what you say! [she proudly runs off to the others]

Sailor Sun [smirks]
Now, if her mother would listen...?

Robyn [looks at Sun, holding her hands out and shrugging as if she didn't know what Bay was talking about]
Whaaat?! [smirks]

Sailor Sun [putting her hand on Robyn's shoulder]
I'm telling you to stay out of the fight... without a transformation, you don't stand a chance against Sukia... and I will not have my best friend killed, when I could have prevented it... Got it?

Robyn [sighs and nods]
I understand... Brad...

Sailor Sun [glares at her]
I thought I told you-

Robyn [nods and holds her hands up]
I know, I know... One last thing... do you remember how that came back to me? Because I don't...

Sailor Sun [shrugs]
Not a clue, Rob... Wish I did... {"So I could kill whoever stared it!"}

Robyn [remembers]
Oh... [gets up] Ok, I'll stay out of the way as best I can, ok? You be careful too, Br- [smiles] Bay...

Sailor Sun [smiles and heads toward the group]
{"I hope so... I've got a bad feeling about all this..."} I will, Rob...

* * *
[The Scouts manage to get together again and wonder what to do]

Sailor Jupiter
Ok, Sun.... Any idea on how to stop them?

Sailor Sun [glares at Sukia]
OutSMART her... But HOW?!

Sailor Mars
You tell us!

Sailor Sun [angrily]
I just asked you all how, and no one knows! Would someone PLEASE THINK!

Don't worry, I'll defeat you all. Oh, and don't worry about your little girl Sun, I'll bring her up.... just like me.

Sailor Sun [angry]

Robyn [from the bushes with Aph]

Aphrodite [seeing Robyn]
Don't even think about it....

Robyn [glares]

Sailor Sun [yelling at Sukia]
No way..... No way are you ever going to touch her!

Sailor Moon [concerned]
Your daughter?! How would she-?

Sukia [teasing]
Oh, I always wanted a little one of my own. I could teach her so much. How to destroy cities... Bring kingdoms to their knees...

Robyn [getting very angry]
She's not touching her! I'll kill her myself!

Aphrodite [seriously]
Robyn! You know without a transformation, you're helpless against that witch!

Robyn [glaring at Aph]
I owe her. Powers or no powers!

Aphrodite [still serious]
Not with your LIFE!

Robyn [still glaring]
Yes... I do... [she takes off and stands in front of Sun] You'll never touch her as long as I'm still here!

You're still here?

Robyn [seriously]
You think I'd leave my friends? Even if you DO have my pendant....

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [yelling]
Go! Run, now, Mommy! You can't fight her like that!

Sailor Sun [nods and puts her hand on Robyn's shoulder]
Kage is right, get out of here...

Robyn [turns her head, seriously]
No... I owe you... Big... remember?

Sailor Sun [yelling at Robyn]
Rob, this isn't what I had in mind!

Robyn [turns, now completely facing Sun]
I don't care! What DID you think? I'd pay you back with PIZZA?! Come on! You-

Aphrodite [running out]
Bay... You KNOW her... She's not going to let you win this fight...

Sukia [thinking to herself]
You know.... I can be more of a mother if I had a real body.... Maybe her mother's body!

Sailor Sun [pushing Robyn to the side, yelling at the comment, ignoring Robyn]
Try it... I already got enough people in my head, what's one more?!

Robyn [on the ground]
Enough... people?

[Sukia, laughing, heads straight for Bay, who doesn't move... She says a few lines of some ancient chant.....]

[Robyn, seeing this all going on, gets it in her head she must protect Brady no matter the cost...]

Sailor Moon [powering up to stop Sukia]
Moon Scepter-

Sailor Venus
Venus Love Chain-

[Sukia's almost in front of Sun and Robyn stands up, turns her back on Sukia, and hugs Bay... tightly]

[Sukia, laughing, enters Robyn, and nothing is heard... Robyn screams and then, passes out in Sun's arms...]

Sailor Sun [looking at Robyn face as her soul loses control of her body]
Robyn? [quietly] Oh, no... not again...

Sailor Moon [stopped in mid attack]

Sailor Mars [curious]

Sailor Mercury [scanning with her computer]
She's changing on the inside... her appearance isn't... She's... [looks at Sun] Merging...?

Sailor Sun [detransforms]
NO! Robyn! I told you to stay out of the fight! Why wouldn't you LISTEN!?

Robyn [looking up at Bay, smirking evilly]
Not what I intended... [She looks to Bay] I'll care for your daughter as if it were my own... and I WILL find her now that I know she is in Japan!

Bay [looking at Robyn]

Aphrodite [angrily]
NOOO! [she pounces toward Robyn]

Robyn [sits up]
Oh, please... [she smacks Aph away as she approaches]

Sailor Moon [seriously]
You possess our friend... We cannot allow that... We are the Sailor Scouts! And we WILL defeat you this time!

Robyn [stands up, still smirking]
Well, I see the Moon Princess finally has a little guts... Too bad guts don't amount to much, little princess... [she raises her arm] Shadow...

Bay [knocks Robyn over]
No! Not this time, Sukia...

Robyn [glaring at Bay, who's holding her down in the sand of the beach...]
Get off me you fool! I'll kill you all one way or another...

Over my dead body!

Robyn [cruelly looking at Bay]
That can be arranged... just be thankful, you get to live for a little while longer! I want you to watch your friends die because of what your little friend pulled... She thought she could stop me... She was wrong, Sun! [she laughed and pushed Bay off into the sand nearby and stands up. Her jeans and t-shirt become a long black dress with purple lining...] Your friends will soon be gone, Sailor Sun... [looks to the others] Now, are you ready to die, Scouts? [she prepares for an attack] Dark Matter-

Bay [grabs Robyn's ankle that's showing from the slit in the dress]
No way, Witch...

Robyn [looks down]
Eh? Do you have a death wish?! Just because I want you to watch them die, doesn't mean you won't get hurt, Sailor Sun... I'll kill you first if I have to!

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [finally yells]
Get out of my Mommy!

Robyn [turns her head, confused]
Kage? [sounding like Robyn...] Kage?!

Sailor Moon [pulling off her brooch]
Maybe I can heal her.

Sailor Jupiter
Go for it Sailor Moon!

Robyn [disappearing]
I don't think so, Moon Brat!

Bay [holding air where Robyn's ankle was]
NO! NOT AGAIN! [she lays in the sand, actually crying...] Not again...[she passes out...]

Aphrodite [puts her paw on Bay's head]
Too much excitement for her... Come on... we should... [sniffs] Get off the beach...

Sailor Mars
What do mean 'again' Bay?

Sailor Mercury [walks over to Bay]
You expect her to answer?

Sailor Mars [angrily]
She's just laying in the sand... Why shouldn't she?

Sailor Mercury [taps Bay, and looks at her, seriously]
Because she passed out... Aphrodite's right, we need to get off the beach...

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [detransforms]
Mommy.... [sniff] I lost my mommy!

Sailor Moon [kneels down, and detransforms]
No, little one... We'll, save Robyn! [smiles] Who are you?

Kage [wiping her face]
I'm Chibi-Shadow... Chibi-Kagemusha... But everyone just calls me Kage...

Serena [smiles]
Then Kage it is...

Kage [hugs Serena]
I know you'll save my mommy, Serena!

Rei [helping Lita carry Bay]
We'll get her back without anyone dying, Kage... We won't lose her again...

* * *
[In the Negaverse, Nuku and Phoenix are arguing again and a shadow appears behind Beryl's old throne... behind Nuku]

Nuku [yells]
You screwed up every plan I had to get the Scouts! You're worthless, Susan!

Phoenix [angrily]
Quit that, Barbie!

Nuku [glares]
I know that's not my name! You even admitted I'm adopted... Who's to say our parents didn't rename me?! I will find out who my real parents are! WITHOUT YOU!

And with my help, you can defeat those Sailor Scouts, Nuku...

[The two look behind the throne and see and outline]

Nuku [angrily]
Who the hell are you?!

Sukia [floats out and sits on air]
I am Sukia. Ancient Sorceress, sworn to get even with those Scouts for imprisoning me back in the Moon Kingdom...

Phoenix [seeing she looks like Robyn]
No! You're that pathetic human! Sailor Shadow!

Sukia [smirking]
Am I?

[Phoenix and Nuku agree and run towards her. Sukia doesn't move. The two hit a force field around her and fly backwards]

Sukia [laughing]
Ok.... Now are you two weaklings convinced? I can show you more...

Phoenix [still not believing Robyn's possessed...]
I think you're trying to trick us... Robyn!

Sukia [floats to the floor and stares at Phoenix]
Oh? Well... let's just see... [she walks to the throne and sits on it. Nuku has been convinced... A small, black crystal appears in front of Sukia]

Phoenix [smirking]
What're you going to do with that? Pelt me with it repeatedly?! [laughs]

Nuku [glares]
Shut up... I know she's telling the truth! Don't push your luck, idiot!

Sukia [nods]
Thank you, Nuku... [she holds the crystal in one hand and waves her other one. A large white crystal appears. Large enough to hold a person or something... Nuku and Phoenix stare at it...]

Nuku [amazed]
Wow... is this a power stone?

Sukia [stands up and holds the black crystal in front of the pendant. It merges and Sukia holds the pendant, while chanting under her breath. She finishes and looks up, her eyes now red.]
No... it is Your permanent prison, Phoenix... You will die encased in this forever...

Phoenix [shocked]

Sukia [smirking]
You will be taking his place... [a man appears inside it, looking either asleep, or dead... We recognize Jedite, but they don't...]

Phoenix [falls on her butt]
No! I'm sorry! I believe you now! I'm sorry!

Sukia [her eyes glow red]
Too late! [a purple glow surrounds the crystal and Phoenix. After a few moments, the man is standing where Phoenix was, looking shocked, and Phoenix appears dead, encased in the crystal... Which shatters, preventing anyone from reversing what had been done...]

Jedite [feels his body]
I'm... alive?

Sukia [smirking]
Yes. You are. To help me defeat the Sailor Scouts! Your Queen Beryl is long dead. I released you from your prison using Phoenix's life force. You will serve me, or I shall end your life once again...

Nuku [still in shock, staring where the crystal once was... all that's left are some drops of blood and shredded pieces of cloth with crystal shards]
You- You shattered Phoenix?!

Sukia [angrily]
Yes, Nuku, and I will eliminate you if you continue to act this way!

Jedite [not wanting to upset her, even though he knows not who she is, realizes she DID set him free again...]
I do not wish to question you, but, I wish to know how Queen Beryl died... [he bows]

Sukia [nods]
Very well, Jedite, I will show you... [she placed her hand on the pendant again and in her outstretched hand an cloudy ball appeared... it showed Beryl's demise...]

[Jedite is in shock, and forcing himself to believe it was real, he kneeled and accepted Sukia, hoping she wouldn't be as cruel as Beryl... Perhaps giving him more of a chance to defeat the Scouts...]

Sukia [smirking]
My name is Sukia and I will tell you the identities of every Scout... I have taken care of Sailor Shadow...

Jedite [confused]

Sukia [nods]
Yes, the Sailor Scouts are more in number than when you were first after them, I know... There are two reasons I know who you are... I was around before you attacked the Moon Kingdom... and I could read it in the transfer, Jedite... that is how I know who you are, who your Queen was, and how you were imprisoned... she didn't give you the chance to tell her, did she... If she had been more patient, she'd have defeated those retched Scouts!

Jedite [hating being reminded]
Yes, Sukia...

Sukia [again reaches her hand and as each girl appears in the cloud, she reveals their Scout name...]
(Serena)Sailor Moon, (Amy)Sailor Mercury, (Rei)Sailor Mars, (Lita)Sailor Jupiter, (Mina)Sailor Venus, (Bay) Sailor Sun, (Kage) Sailor Chibi-Shadow, (Honey) Sailor Chibi-Sun... There is a man as well... (Darien) He is Tuxedo Mask. The cats they hang around with could be used as bait in numerous traps, Jedite... [she continued to reveal the cats... only knowing of the three... Luna, Artemis, and Aphrodite... Use this knowledge and defeat them, Jedite... I am more patient than Queen Beryl, but I still will not tolerate failure!

Jedite [smiling]
Yes, Sukia... [he bows and teleports out]

* * *
Serena [On the park's swingset]
I'm still getting sand out of my shoes! [pouts and bangs the shoe, still, indeed, getting more sand out into the grass]

Bay [sadly]
Now what? Sukia's free, we don't know where she is, and I lost Robyn... her dad's gonna kill me...

Rei [jerks up]
Anyone think she might be in the Negaverse?

Bay [stares at Rei]
No... why? And why did you jerk?

Rei [glares]
I sense an old evil... but not Sukia... this is familiar... yet... different...

Lita [shakes her hand]
Don't be silly... she just disappeared! What could possibly happen so soon?!

[A Male voice]
You kids shouldn't be outside so late... it's dangerous... We just had reports of some activities on a closed beach...

Bay [turns to see an officer, wearing a hat and....]
{"Sunglasses?! At NIGHT?!"} Excuse me, but who are you?

I'm Officer Jade... and if you don't get up off of the playground equipment... I'm placing you all under arrest!

Serena [freaking]
Let's go! [she runs by, and Mina grabs her] Knock it off, you whacko!

Officer Jade [sighs]
I guess I'll have to show you I'm serious! [A female cop appears from some bushes]

Are they giving you trouble, Jade?

Officer Jade [smirks]
No, they'll be gone... soon...

Bay [stands up]
I don't like this...

Officer Jade [sighs]
I guess the Scouts are smarter than we thought... they didn't show up...

Bay [growls]
What's that supposed to mean?!

[the two officers take off their sunglasses and costumes. Nuku and Jedite stand there]

Come now, Scouts... I was hoping you'd be more trusting, or at least leave quietly!

Serena, Amy and Rei [in total shock]

[the others look at the three, confused]

Jedite [bows to the three]
I'm glad you remember me, girls... Now, to defeat you for my new Queen, Sukia!

Bay [realizing what he just said...]
NO! [holds up her locket] Solar Locket- [Jedite fires a blast, stopping her from transforming by knocking the locket out of her hand and knocking her over. But she wasn't unconscious]

Aphrodite [leaps up, puts her head in the chain as it flies toward her and becomes human]
Take a rest, Bay!

Bay/cat [glares]
I didn't need your help!

Aphrodite [picks her up]
Relax! [she ran over and placed Bay/cat on the picnic table with Luna and Artemis as the Scouts transform, one at a time, so they can prevent Jedite and Nuku from going after Aph and the other Scouts...] You got hit dead on, Bay. Chill out! [yells] Solar Locket Power!

Bay/cat [laying on the table, angrily]
I just had to stand up, Aph!

Luna [puts a paw on Bay's head]
You're lucky to have Aphrodite as a relief... the others don't... you should rest though... it's not a good idea to have so much activity after having-

Bay/cat [growls]
Say it and you're going to learn how to fly real quick, Luna! I didn't need a relief!


Sailor Aphrodite [joining the others]
Ok, Jedite... The Sailor Scouts will defeat you!

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [happily]
Wow! Hi, Aphrodite!

Sailor Aphrodite [smiles at Chibi-Shadow, then returns her glare to Jedite, Nuku is nowhere to be seen]
Where's Nuku, Jedite?!

Jedite [keeping their gazes forward]
Oh... around...

Artemis [grabbed from behind by Nuku]
Hey! Lemme go!

[In a very quick moment, Jedite knocked Aph over, and the bow and jewel off with his elbow, causing the chain on the locket to snap and come off. Bay became human again and Jedite disappeared with Aphrodite... Nuku had Artemis...]

Sailor Venus [having turned around at the 'Lemme go!' of Artemis]
What just happened?

Sailor Moon [still a little freaked, standing there repeating the same thing mumbled]
Jedite's back... Jedite's back... Jedite's back... Jedite's back...............

Bay [walks over and smacks her on the head]
Cut that out!

Sailor Moon [holding her head]
OW! [starts to whine] That HUUUURT, Bay! Maaarrrrsssss! Saaaaayyyy somethiiiiiing!

Sailor Mars [smirks]
Thank you, Bay. [Moon didn't look like that's what she wanted Mars to say...]

* * *
Aphrodite [wriggling around in Jedite's arms]
Drop me, you creep!

Sukia [smirks]
Oh, come now, Aph...

Aphrodite [glares]
Don't call me that! You're no longer Robyn!

Sukia [walks over]
Come now... Soon, you won't care... You'll be on our side, little one...

Aphrodite [struggles harder]
I'll never be on your side, Sukia! As long as you possess Robyn, I'll hate you!

Artemis [in Nuku's arms]
Aphrodite! Sukia! Stop this!

Aphrodite [looks over]

[Sukia grabbed Aphrodite and held her close, almost hugging her... the pendant reacted to Aph, and her symbol changed to the chinese character from a crescent moon... She opened her eyes and they were bright red for a moment]

Artemis [angrily]

Aphrodite [smiles at him]

Sukia [smiles]

Jedite [confused]
Why do you wish her, Queen Sukia... [he bows, so she knows he means no disrespect]

Sukia [returns to the throne and sits down, allowing Aph onto her lap]
Do not question my motives, just do as you are told... or would you prefer eternal sleep again, Jedite?

Jedite [his eyes open wide]
No, Sukia, I will not question you again...

Sukia [petting Aph]
Good... [looks to Artemis] Now, you... You were the first one I saw with that other cat... I tried to have my followers attack quietly, but you warned the Sailor Scouts and Queen Serenity! I do NOT forgive stunts like that, Artemis!

Artemis [smirks]
What are you going to do? Make me your other pet?

Sukia [smiles]
Much, much worse... [looks to Jedite] You know what to do now...

Jedite [smirks]
Yes, my Queen... [he teleports out, still smirking]

Artemis [curious]
{"Uh oh... What did I get myself into!?"}

* * *
Bay [shaking her head]
It all happened so fast... Aph and Artemis are gone, Robyn is Sukia, and- [hears the menacing laughter of Jedite again] It's back... [glares at no one...]

Sailor Mars [nods]
Yes, perhaps you should transform, Bay...

Bay [not caring why Rei seemed so nice to her right now]
Right... Solar Locket Power! [nothing happened] Hunh?

Sailor Moon [looks over]
What's wrong?

Sailor Mercury
I'll look... [she puts on her visor and taps on her computer]

Bay [in shock]
It didn't work?!

Sailor Mercury [seriously, taking off her visor]
Bay... It's damaged... the chain's not the only thing broken...

Bay [looks at Mercury]

Sailor Mercury [walks over and shows Bay the screen]

Bay [sees the diagrams and the readings, but she didn't really need to see it, she knew something was wrong when it wouldn't work!]
But- But that can't be... It HAS to work, it HAS to still be ok...

Sukia [tired of waiting (seems she's not so patient after all!) appears in front of them, petting Aph]
So, Sailor Sun is no more! Good, that makes this easier! [looks behind Bay to Nuku who's got Artemis] I told you what would do to YOU would be much WORSE than merely becoming my pet...

Aphrodite [smirks]
What's the one thing in this world you would hate enough to kill yourself, Artemis...?

Luna [sees Aphrodite]
No... Aphrodite...

Sailor Moon [holding Luna]
That's... Aphrodite?!

Artemis [in shock]
No! You wouldn't!

Aphrodite [grinning]
We would...

Bay [having moved by now]

Artemis [not wanting it done anyhow]

Bay [freaks]

[A fight occurs, people grabbing other people. People shoving and being shoved... Sukia stands and watches... she and Aphrodite getting amused watching them all...]

Aphrodite [smirking]
Pathetic, isn't it...?

Sukia [sighs]
Yes, such energy wasted... When it could be put to such better uses like destroying cities and killing people...

Aphrodite [nods]
Yes, indeed...

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [having gotten away from the group, comes up behind Sukia and leaps onto her back, yanking on the pendant]

Sukia [trying to get the little girl from her back]

[Chibi-Shadow snaps the chain, and Sukia grabs for it, the pendant is between them, a tug-of-war ensues]

Bay [gets loose from the group and sees it...]
Hey! [she runs over, trying to help Kage] Let it go, Sukia...

Aphrodite [growls and leaps onto Bay]
Stay out of it, Bay!

Bay [sees the symbol on Aph's forehead]
What did she do to you?!

Sailor Moon [knocked out of the group... (Gee, everyone's leaving this little party, aren't they...?) sees the fights]
{"I've had enough of all this..."} [she holds her hand up and her Moon Scepter appears] Moon Scepter Elimination!

[Everything stops]

Sailor Mars [sees the beam heading for Sukia]
{"I said no one gets killed!"} [she aims for them, but concentrates, so her flames hurt no one...] Mars Celestial Fire-

[the others do as well]

Sailor Venus
Venus Love Chain-

Sailor Mercury
Shine Aqua-

Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter Thunderclap-

Bay [shakes her head, thinking of what happened last time]
Not again... NO!

[the beam of Moon's Scepter is joined by the others]

All [together]
Surround! Encircle! Illusion! Zap!

[the attacks combine, Chibi-Shadow drops the chain and dives, Sukia releases the pendant, but holds the chain. The dark purple crystal hangs within the path of the attacks...]

Bay [stares, as if time was still]
Please... Not Robyn...

[In a second, the attacks shatter the pendant and Sukia stares at them, nothing happens for a moment, but then, She screams and is surrounded by a purplish-black glow. We hear two distinct screams]

Bay [starting to cry]
{"What did I just say?!"}

[The light clears and Robyn falls to the ground, wearing her t-shirt and jeans. Sukia floats above her and black crystal she had held once appeared, then shattered... Aphrodite's moon reappeared and she passed out on Bay.]

Sukia [angrily]
You've taken my body! How dare you!

Robyn [rolls her head to the side and sees everyone staring above her]

Bay [seeing Robyn move]
{"They separated them! She's not dead!"} [she runs over, rolls under Sukia and rolls, then away; with Robyn]

Robyn [ending up under Bay, pinned]
Hey! [she smirked, as if this happened all the time]

Bay [smiles]
Hey, yourself! Don't EVER do that again!

Robyn [looks over to Sukia]
She knows we're separated, Bay... She's not happy... we have to get her now...

Bay [shakes her head]
No thank you... Thanks to her, Jedite's free again, and he destroyed my locket! [seriously] So, I can't become Sailor Sun...

Robyn [thinks]
Jedite? [looks over and sees the blond-haired guy staring at Sukia] No... I'm sorry, Bay, I didn't-

Bay [shakes her head]
No, YOU didn't... She did...

Robyn [wriggles around and knocks Bay off her. She remembered what happened in Loki's dreamscape. She suddenly got an image of two keys, but one faded. she looked to Bay as if hit with lightning or something]
Where's the Sailor Key?

The what? [She thinks for a moment and also recalls their adventure. She takes it out of the broken locket] It's not going to do us any good... If we're not Scouts, we-

Robyn [takes it]
Stand up, Bay...

Bay [confused]
Rob... it won't work!

Robyn [glares as Bay stands]
You tried it?

Bay [smirks]
Funny... No. But it's a SAILOR Key...

Robyn [shakes her head]
I don't care... it's the SUNSHADOW Key... meaning, it's ours!

[the two bicker a little longer, and Sukia stops it... she turns around and hits the tree near them with a blast...]

Bay [nods, blinking at the tree]
Ok, I'll give it a shot...

Robyn [runs out]
Good, follow me!

Bay [glares]

[they end up near Moon]

Sailor Moon [looks at them]
What on EARTH were you two doing that caused her to flip?!

Bay and Robyn
Arguing... [they look at each other and nod]

Robyn [breathes in and out]
It worked on Masaaki, Bay...

Bay [looks at her and puts her hand out, holding the key she'd taken from her pocket (apparently)]
So, start already!

Sailor Moon [confused]
Start what?

Robyn [touches the key with Bay, and yells]
Sailor Key! Activate! SHADOW STAR POWER!

Bay [does the same]
Sailor Key! Activate! SUN STAR POWER!

By the power of the Dark Shadows-

By the power of the Bright Sun-

Both [holding the Key toward Sukia]
Solar Eclipse!

[A bright light shoots from the Key. Then a dark light follows. Instead of going anywhere, the lights stay separate... Then, the Key leaves their hands... beginning to spin. When it looks like a blurry ball, it splits and becomes a shiny lilac ball and a shiny gold ball.]

Sailor Moon [confused]

What's happening!?

I don't know... I'm amazed ANYTHING'S happening...

[The two lights become two distinct shapes... two Star Pens. ]

Sailor Mercury [amazed]
The Sailor Key's given you two back a way to transform! It's given you Star Pens!

[The pens float into Bay and Robyn's hands, they then morph into more familiar shapes... Robyn's pendant and Bay's locket. The Key is gone...]

Sailor Mercury [shakes her head]
What happened?

Sailor Moon [sees the two with their items back]
Hurry up and transform!

[Bay and Robyn look at each other, no one remembers the Sailor Key...]

Robyn [nods, holding up her new pendant]
Right. Shadow Star Power!

Bay [shrugs, holding up her locket]
Sun Star Power!

[The items remorph into Star Pens and their transformations continue normally]

Sailor Moon [looks forward]
Now you're gonna get it, Sukia!

Sailor Shadow [whispers to Moon]
The only way to defeat a shadow is with a shadow... You have to let me-

Sailor Moon [looks at her, angry]

Luna [seriously]
There's a move that's dangerous, but should work... It's called Lunar Eclipse... We all know that's when the Earth blocks the Sun and throws a shadow over the Moon... Similarly, Lunar Eclipse will work, but will drain you all as you must ALL power this...

Sailor Sun [nods]
I'm in...

Sailor Mars [nods]
Whatever it takes!

[The others look to Sailor Moon, in agreement]

Sailor Shadow [sighs]
I always seem to get the raw end of the deal, Luna...

Sailor Sun [smirks]
So? Mine's always overcooked...

Sailor Shadow [glares back]
Ok, Luna, What does Moon have to do?

Sailor Moon [nods]
Yeah, I wanna beat her!

[Naturally, this conversation only lasts about a minute or two, so, Sukia's not standing there, patiently waiting! Jedite, Nuku and Sukia are closing in on the Scouts...]

[Luna whispered to both Shadow and Moon. Shadow looked surprised, but nodded and held Moon's hand, as instructed. The others formed a circle, facing inward, and closed their eyes.]

Sailor Moon [breathes in, then out]
We're ready, everyone...

Sailor Mercury
Mercury Star Power!

Sailor Mars
Mars Star Power!

Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter Star Power!

Sailor Venus
Venus Star Power!

Sailor Sun
Sun Star Power!

Sailor Chibi-Shadow
Shadow Star Power!

Sailor Shadow
Shadow Star Power!

Sailor Moon
Moon Crystal Power!

Sailors Moon and Shadow [closing their eyes]
Lunar Eclipse!

[Each Scout glows their aura color. Their lights shoot inward, combining to join the two in the center. A bright white light surrounds them all... It's silent, and the cats see nothing but light... and no bad guys... They must have been engulfed as well...]

Aphrodite [worriedly]
Momma? Are they alright?

Luna [nods]
They're fine, Aphrodite... {"I hope... This was a dangerous move... I shouldn't have-"} [the light fades] Scouts?

[Sailor Moon smiles and faints. Sailor Shadow falls to the ground immediately. The other Scouts just collapse onto their knees, but they remain conscious...]

Aphrodite [runs to Shadow]

Luna [to Moon]

[Artemis sits there looking for any signs that it didn't work...]

Sailor Sun [shakes her head and crawls to the center, as does everyone else]
Are they... ok?

Aphrodite [laying on Shadow's chest]
She's breathing raggedly...

Luna [listening to Serena]
She is too... [the two cats look at each other] I knew I shouldn't have told you all of this move... it had a possibility of-

Aphrodite [stops her]
Don't say it, Momma... I don't think anyone blames you...

Sailor Sun [looks away]
I don't blame you, I blame myself... [closes her eyes and whispers] For reasons I can never say...

Sailor Mars [seeing Sun upset]
It's alright, Bay... I'm- [grits her teeth] I'm sorry for all those bad things I've said to you... I know you care about your friends... [looks away]

Sailor Sun [unsure]

Sailor Jupiter [whispers]
Best thing is to accept it and go on... if you question her, she'll flip on you... Ask Serena!

Sailor Sun [looks to Jupiter, then Moon]
I think I will... WHEN they come to... [she feels like she's going to puke] Oh man... Last time I eat Robyn's cooking...

Sailor Mercury [looks to Sun]
You ok, Bay?

Sailor Sun [shakes her head]
I think I ate too much before this fun stuff... Robyn's cooking never agrees with me!

Sailor Moon [coming to, with Venus beside her]
Shadow? Did- did we get Sukia?

Sailor Sun [crawls over to Shadow]
Yeah, you guys beat her... the Shadow part of the Eclipse got rid of her, but she wouldn't have had enough power and strength with out you, Serena... {"I feel funny... Almost emotionless, yet, full of feelings... I think I'm gonna pass out..."}

Sailor Shadow [her eyes flutter open as Sun lifts her head up]
Hunh? [sees Bay] Bay? Where-? Did we do it? Is- is she-?

Sailor Sun [nods]
Yeah, you guys did it... Now shush... you always get drained worse... ok?

Sailor Chibi-Shadow [gets up and walks to Shadow]

Sailor Shadow [slowly sits up]
Kage? [they hug and Robyn begins to cry] You're alright! I couldn't have helped Serena if you guys hadn't helped us!

Sailor Sun [rolls her eyes]
Ah geez... Again with the hugs...

Sailor Shadow [smirks and grabs Bay]
Shut up! [she giggles and hugs Bay tight. She whispers] Thanks...Brad... [she squeezes her and lets go]

Sailor Sun [glares at her]
Cut that out!

[The girls laugh, everyone feeling relieved, not knowing if Jedite had disappeared before the light reached him, or if he'd been included in it. Nuku is nowhere to be found either, but no one cares where she went... They KNOW Sukia's gone... They ALL sensed it... After resting for a bit, the girls decide they'd better Teleport back to Japan, back to Honey and Darien, and leave Robyn and Bay... before someone starts worrying!]

* * *
Serena [smiles]
I'm sorry we can't stay, Bay. But it'd be too odd... I have a hard time speaking English, and besides-

Mina [in English]
No one knows how we would have gotten here... [she winks at Bay and steps back with the rest]

Amy [nods. In Japanese]
Right. So, we should go ahead and get home...

[They all take out their transformation items and transform. Then, they hold hands and concentrate on home.]

Luna [looks to Aphrodite]
See you when you get home, Aphrodite...

Luna and Artemis
Sailor... Teleport!

[They all disappear]

Aphrodite [on Robyn's shoulder]
Bye, Mom and Dad...

Robyn [tickles Aph's chin]
Don't be upset, Aph... I'm anxious to go back to Japan to see Kage before she leaves... and I'm sure Honey misses HER Mom too. [she smiles and looks to Bay, winking] Come on... Sun Momma... [she giggles and heads back to the house]

Bay [grumbles]
I'd whack you if you were closer...

Robyn [opens the back door]
Just be ready for dad to-

Cyrus [hugs Robyn, knocking Aph off]
PUMPKIN! I'm so sorry for yelling at you... I realize that you're doing great in Tokyo. I was just lonely and thought of only myself... [he smiled and hugged her tighter]

Robyn [hugging him back]
That's alright dad... I know it's tough to be alone... But you'll find someone else... [she looks up at him] Daddy... [she smiles and Bay sighs]

Cyrus [nods]
I'm sorry... If you want to stay in Japan, that's fine, but if you want to come back, just call... promise? [he smiled, his eyes full of hope]

Bay [smiles for Robyn, but inside, feels worse than she ever had before]
I'll be upstairs... [she goes to pass Cyrus, but he holds her arm, smiling at her] What-? [turns and sees his face]

Cyrus [smiling]
You're welcome as well, Bay. You're her friend, and I've seen over and over how much you care about her. If you want to come with her, EVER, just let me know, I'll pay for your tickets... that's a promise to both of you... [he looks back and lets go of Bay, patting Robyn on the back, letting her know she can go by]

Robyn [smiling, picks up Aphrodite]
Thanks... Dad...

* * *
Robyn [half asleep, she stares at Bay, sleeping on the bed. She'd given Bay the bed for the night and took her cot... She sighed, and seriously commented]
I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to you, Brad... If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't still be a girl, you would never have been pregnant, and you would never know what it's like to die... [starting to cry] And if it weren't for me... [sniff] You guys would never have had to deal with Sukia, or- [sniff] or have to keep saving my butt, getting yourselves hurt trying to get this stupid piece of glass back from anyone who wanted it! [she started crying into the pillow, eventually, crying herself to sleep]

Bay [not being able to sleep, heard her talk, and stayed silent, hoping that Robyn just needed to talk to someone... but Bay hoped she didn't want a response... Hearing how sad Robyn was, she got sad herself]
Oh, Robyn.... [she sighs and snuggles herself into the comfortable bed, thinking... before drifting off, she whispered] It's not your fault, Rob... I'm the one who made the wrong choices... you just stuck to your guns... Like Serena does... It's a good thing... [she sighs again and trails off] No one can push you around.....


-End Sailor S-