"Sailor S"
"A Brady New Year"
Episode 34

Bay [sitting on Robyn's dad's couch]
You think he bought that story about us flying here in a plane just to be here for New Year's?

Robyn [hushes her]
Shut up, Bay, he'll hear you... Anyway, of course he did... now drop it... remember what the others asked when-

Bay [grumbles]
Yeah, yeah, we'll contact them if I... I know.. [grabs a remote] You guys have cable?

Bay! Don't you think you should rest or something?

Bay [meanly]
Look, I traveled halfway around the world with this belly! [points to her stomach] I'm going to watch some kind of sci-fi while I have the chance. [pause] Ooof...[Rubs her belly] It kicked again. [looks to her belly] Why does it seem your replacing them slapping me in the head?

Robyn [snicker]
Wait til she's born!

Aphrodite [on the back of the couch]
You never told anyone how you're so sure it's a girl... [looks curiously]

Robyn [blushes]
The same way Rei just knows there's danger nearby... I guess I just finally trust my feelings... [sweatdrops, and mumbles] Besides the fact that I believe Honey's story. [quickly continuing, in a normal] ANYWAY! I'm hungry... who's up for food... [looks to Aph, then Bay who both smile in answer...] Ok, so nothing's different than before, so what should we have?

Bay [shrugging]
Don't care... as long as there's two trips worth of it.

You know, sometimes I think you use her as an excuse to eat more!

Robyn [nods and snickers]
No, she's just more comfortable about eating like Serena now...

Bay [looking at Aphrodite]
Now your starting with that her bit.

Just learn to trust stupid stuff like that... though, I'd think that being her mother, you'd know somehow inside... I knew that I was going to have three kittens, two boys and one girl... and I did!

Robyn [smirks]
No, Rei and Luna told you that!

Look, It doesn't matter to me if it's Boy or a Girl! And I prefer not to think about it.

Robyn [giggle]
Ok, ok... just watch your TV and quit being so negative!

That's right! Your daughter can sense-

Robyn [grabs her, covering her mouth]
Oh, hush! [leaves the room, for the kitchen and disappears out of Bay's sight... mumbling something about Aph's kittens]

Bay [rubbing her belly]
Sorry rug-rat. But as soon as your out, it's adoption. [Bay felt another kick] I'll take that as a slap on the head.

Robyn [pouting, holding two plates of food, sounding disappointed]
I thought you wanted to keep her! [walks over and hands a plate of food to Bay] Dad had already made dinner...

Aphrodite [leaps onto Robyn's shoulders]
Yeah! And can I have some of that chicken?

Robyn [whispers, concerned]
What if she's got powers, Bay... You can't expect her to grow up thinking she's a freak, never understanding how to use them... what if she causes trouble to her parents because you gave her away?

Aphrodite [smirks and gets onto the couch]
I'll take that as a yes... [goes to bite the chicken leg and Robyn moves the plate]

Robyn [smirking]
No, Brat.

Bay [watching Robyn put down the plates of food]
Yeah, right! None of the scouts ever got powers till they got there hand on there power tool. Serena her locket, the others and there pens, you and your pendant, and me and this thing. [holds her locket]

Aphrodite [chomping on the chicken leg]
She's right Robyn, I don't think any of you would have your powers without your tools.

I can't afford, spend the time, and care for a rug-rat. And neither can you. It's better for IT, and for us! [quietly] and like I want a reminder of that Berry for the rest of my days?

But Bay...

You have any ketchup?

Sure, I'll get it. [she heads to the kicthen]

Aphrodite [following]
Maybe there's more chicken too!

Bay [standing up]
This remote is useless. [Bay walked to the TV set] I wonder what the local Sci-Fi channel is?

* * *
[In the kitchen]

Is it just me or is Bay getting a shorter and shorter temper?

Robyn [sighs, hearing her dad walking around upstairs]
I think she'd like to keep her, but she's afraid... it's not that we can't afford it or that we can't handle it... I mean look how many people we've got that would be happy to help us out... Serena, Mina, Amy...

Aphrodite [nods]
Luna, Artemis-

Robyn [smirks]
No offense, but I meant human friends, Aph...

Bay [looking in to the kitchen]
Is there a mop here? Some how there's a big puddle of watery stuff...

* * *
Honey [rocking back and forth at Lita's]
I'm bored! Why do I have to stay here?

Because you don't know your way around yet. And I don't think Bay wanted you to be left alone at her place. [whispers] I don't think she trusts you yet.

Serena [holding a small orange kitten]
I wonder if any of these three is going to be a guardian like Aph and Luna said...?

Honey [answering]
Oh, Ams is...[points at an orange kitten]

Serena [not paying attention]
Who's what? [looks around at the lighter orange kitten, then the purplish/gray kitten.]

Luna [points at Serena]
Serena! Your locket!

Amy [surprised]
It's glowing?

[the locket opened and the crystal glowed brightly.]

Honey [gets up and walks over, confused]
What's going on, Aunt Amy?

[the crystal's glow bathed each kitten, but on the one that Serena held, a small crescent moon appeared]

Honey [starting to cry]
So that's Ameterasu as a kitten..... he's adorable... I thought it was the other orange kitten, though...


Honey [wipes her eyes and looks to Luna]
Ameterasu... Japanese Goddess of the Sun.

I though Robyn was calling him Teri?

Why did Serena's locket just do that?

Honey [looking at the calendar]
Well, I'm supposed to be born...

Be born?

Yeah... today/tomorrow is my birthday, and I was....

But Bay has almost another month before...

She's Bay's future kid. I think she'd know what her birthday was...

Serena [giggles]
Wow! A New Year's Baby! [their communicators all beep]

Mina [excitedly]
That must be Bay!

Then that means-

[both Mina and Serena clasp hands and giggle]

She's having her baby!

Honey [smiles]
Really? [looks down] But it's too early in the day... I was born at midnight! Tonight! Not 2 in the afternoon the day before!

Amy [seriously, ignoring the bit of confusion in that sentence]
Well... she could be in in labor for hours, or maybe in this timeline, you're meant to be born at a different time...?

I know, but...

Maybe it's the time zone.

[Both Honey and Amy looked dumbfounded]

Lita [shrugging]
Well, one of us had to eventually beat you brains to the punch.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to actually ANSWER the communicator?

What communicator?

Lita [answering]
What's up?

Is it Mom?

Robyn's voice
You said to let you know... well, Bay's in the hospital, is that good enough?

Lita [smirks]
It's fine, we'll get there, soon... [looks to Amy] right?

Amy [messing on her computer]
If the tracking device in her communicator is working right, yes.

So we get to go to America?

[The others look at her strangely]

Honey [confused]

You've never been there?

Honey [blushes]
I never returned.

What do you mean?

* * *
Bay [being rolled into a room on a bed]
I tell you I'm fine. I have another month. this is just some mistake.

Robyn [after closing the communicator and running after her]
Bay! Your water broke! You're technically starting labor, Bay...

Bay [looking strangle at Robyn]
Your nuts, Rob. I have another month, and anyway, I can't be starting- [Bay suddenly felt a contraction] ARRRGGG! [she panted and was red] WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?

I believe that was a contraction...

Robyn [smirks]
A contraction, Bay... You're stuck... you can get others to back off from fights and such, but I'd like to see you tell this baby girl to stop and wait... She wants to come out now!

Nurse [smiles]
So you've seen ultrasounds already... Have you decided what you want to call her?

Bay [yelling, ticked and in pain (not a good combination for Bay...)]

Nurse [surprised]
You haven't had an ultrasound? [looking at her chart] I better tell the doctor.

Bay [glares at Robyn]
Thanks, big mouth...

Robyn [smirks]
You're the one who was yelling... and technically, YOU yelled it, not me... [whispers as the other nurse is on the other side of the little room] The others are on their way, Bay... they'll be here soon...

Bay [yelling]

Robyn [giggles]
Maybe the Limbo... I dunno... I'll go wait for the others in the waiting room... [she smiles and leaves Bay]

Nurse [turns to Bay]
Do you want us to contact the father?

Bay [growling]
I don't know who the father is! {"I wish I did so I could kill him..."}

How's she doing, Pumpkin?

Robyn [smirks]
Well... she's ready to kill the next nurse or doctor that touches her, she snaps at every sentence... um... she also wants to destroy all men... [looks over to her dad] She's normal... 'cept for the killing men part... but that's temporary, I believe...

Bay's voice [echoing down the hall]

By the sounds of it, I would agree with you.

Robyn [snickers]

Serena's voice [from the hallway, in Japanese]

Robyn [sweatdrops]
Hang on, Dad. (Japanese) Serena! We're over here! Hurry!

Cyrus [smirks and yells as well, in Japanese]
Bay's been waiting for you guys...

Robyn [sweatdrops again]
(English) Gee, Dad, I don't know about that...

Cyrus [smiles]
(English) You know, their plane was early for a holiday...

Robyn [blushes]
Yeah, well... maybe they were just lucky... anyway, they're here!

Honey [joyful]
Where's mom? Is she ok? Can we see her?

Robyn [sweatdrops as Cyrus looked confused]
Bay's fine-

Bay's voice
Next one that touches me gets thrown through the (expletive deleted) wall!

[all are silent, group sweatdrop...]

Lita [completely sarcastic, faking relief]
Ok, looks like nothing happened yet. [looks to Robyn jokingly] So when's she going to start contractions?

Robyn [smirks]

Is she going to be ok?

She always said that she didn't feel anything when....

Bay's voice

... she ...nevermind.

Rei [smirks]
She's got a bigger mouth than you, Meatball Head...


Honey [giggles]
I knew she could yell, but this is louder than I thought...

* * *
[A little later]

Serena, you know what I just realized?


After this, Bay's going to be nursing.

Yeah, so.

With her size now, imagine how much she's going to have grown.

I always said she didn't look her size. I guess now she'll look it...

Lita [blinks, and looks at Serena, then to Mina]
Are you two even talking about the same thing...?

Nurse [coming out, and up to Robyn, stopping the conversation]
Ma'am, Miss Smith has requested that her coach talk to her.

Robyn [standing up, and looking at the other scouts]
I guess she wants to tell me something.

* * *
[Bay in her room, as Robyn walks in]

Bay [seeing Robyn]
Rob, come here.

[Robyn walks closer to Bay]

Bay [red in the face and huffing and puffing]
Rob, you know how we're buds, right? How we'll do anything for each other, right?

Robyn [not sure where this was going...]
Yes... {"She's up to something... she's not like this..."}

Good... then go to Japan, get the Thought Orb and... SWITCH PLACES WITH ME!

Bay! I can't do that...


Robyn [flatly, while smirking just a little]
No you wouldn't.

* * *
[A little bit afterwards, from down the hall, after a few minutes, an ear piercing scream shattered the silence]

Honey [stands up, and loudly yells]

Serena [blinks in confusion]
She sounded like a girl...

Lita [smirks, but confused]
I thought she was one...?

Serena [sweatdrops]
Yeah, well, I always thought as tomboyish as she was, and as boyish as she yelled, that her scream would be like that too...

Honey [looking down the hallway, through the doors]
Aunt Robyn!?


Cyrus [confused]
What happened?

Honey [looking]
I can't tell, but she looks kind of faint and is holding her right hand...

Could that have been her scream?

Nurse [nervously]
We want Miss Smith to have a coach... would anyone like to take Miss Markius's place?

Honey [scared because the Nurse came from around the door when she wasn't looking, so she was holding her chest, but then looks worried]
What happened to her?

Nurse [looks at a chart]
Well, they wrote that she has a broken hand... that's all I can say for now...

Broken hand?

Amy [confused]

Well... from what I heard near the door, she was telling Bay to just push and then I heard the scream...

Honey [giggles]
Sounds like Mom squeezed a little too hard...

Nurse [looking to Honey]
Are you a relative?

Honey [unsure]
Well, I'm kind of her...

She's her cousin.

A family member would be best for coaching her.

But I never...

Go ahead Honey.

Honey [unsurely]
Well, ok... [She follows the nurse]

* * *
[In the room]

Bay [glares]
I don't need a freakin' coach!

Honey [confused]

Bay [looks over]
No... not Honey... [falls back and yells] You people are out to kill me!

Honey [looks to nurse]
Why do you want a coach for her?

Nurse [looks scared]
Because none of us want to do it!

Bay [breathing quick deep breaths]

Nurse [whispering to Honey]
Don't take anything she says too personally. She's under a lot of stress and drugs.

What do I do?

Just help her, she has to push during the contractions. Other then that, your mostly moral support.

Honey [nodding nervously]
Ok. [She approaches Bay's side]

Bay [deeper than normal voice to Honey]
Get the hell away from me, Blondie...

Honey [smirks]
You're kind of funny on pain drugs.

Bay [yells]
I've been poked, prodded, scanned and inspected, I feel like I'm either a grade A Chicken, or a Science experiment!

Honey [giggles]
At least you'd have an "A" in something...

Bay [glares and growls]
You wanna go see Robyn, in under a second?! [holds up her fist, then turns to the doc] OOOW! Can't you make it quit!?

Honey [looks hurt, slightly]

One more push...

Honey [holding Bay's hand, excited]
It's almost over Mom!

Bay [doubtful]
I don't know if I can......AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

[The doctor holds up a small crying baby]

Doctor [to Honey]
It's a girl...Miss, would you like to cut the cord?

Can I?

If you would like to?

[Honey under the directions of the doctor cut the cord leading to the baby.]

WWWWHHHHAAA.....[the baby turned silent] Gaa...Gaa goo?

Doctor [amazed]
This is the soonest I've ever seen a baby stop crying.

Doctor [handing the Baby to Honey]

Honey [turning around to Bay]
Mom! Look... [she sees Bay laying still on the bed] Doctor?

Doctor [quickly checking Bay]
She's ok. I guess that last push was just one push to much, she fainted.

Robyn [at the door, her hand in a cast, in a sling]
That's Bay for you... Since she's out, I'll tell you her name then-

Honey [hurriedly]

Robyn [confused]

Honey [nodded]
Brady Honey Smith is my- er, her name. [looked to Robyn]

Robyn [nodded]
Yeah, I knew she'd picked Honey, but I forgot the Brady part, sorry... [sweatdrops] {"I hope they bought that..."}

Nurse [writing it out]
Brady... Honey... Smith...

We'll have to get the salts to wake her up, but I'll send it in with the rest of her friends.

Honey [holding the baby]
I don't believe I was this cute.

Robyn [sadly]
Unfortunately, Bay is going to put her up for....

[While Honey was holding Brady, a golden sun energy symbol appeared on her forehead, as well the same symbol appeared on Brady's forehead. A similar fashion to when the Scouts' symbols were revealed to Luna.]

Robyn [excitedly, not noticing Honey's symbol, just Brady's]
I knew it! I knew it! This gives us another reason to convince Bay to keep her!

Honey [looking up]
Keep her? What do you mean Aunt Robyn. Of course she kept me!

Robyn [blushes and sweatdrops]
Ah... Honey.... Bay was planning on giving the baby up for adoption... [sees Honey's crestfallen face... and adds hurridly] But we all wanted to keep her!

Honey [shocked]
Mom wanted to get rid of me? [looks sad] Why? I mean, what did I ever do? [looks at Brady] I mean, she's so cute! Why would Mom not like us?

Robyn [sighs and grumbles]
Why do I put myself into these situations...?

Honey [starting to cry]
NO! Mom wouldn't ever do that! [looks meanly at Robyn] You're lying! [She puts Brady on Bay's bed, and runs out of the room, passing the others who were about to walk in]

Rei [to Robyn]
Robyn? What's wrong with Honey?

Robyn [takes Brady off and holds her, then turns around]
I opened my big mouth... like Bay...

[Rei snickers]

Serena [not getting the cut on Bay...]
About what?

Robyn [sighs and looks to Brady]
About how Bay wanted to give her up for adoption... [everyone's silent]

Lita [seriously]
She did? You never told us that...

Robyn [sighs again and looks up to them]
I know... I kept hoping that I could change her mind, but now... now I have to force her to keep her... there's something very important I'll have to tell you guys then... ok?

Amy [holding up a bottle of smelling salts]
Should we wake up Bay for this Robyn?

It may be a good idea... but she'll never believe me... she'll probably accuse me of tricking her so she'll keep Brady.

Serena [confused]
Brady? I thought it was Honey?

Robyn [flatly]
Brady Honey Smith.

Wow, Bay already decided on her name?

Amy [holding the smelling salts up to Bay's nose]
Unless Honey already told Robyn what her full name was.

Bay [suddenly waking]
AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG! SOMEONE GET THIS... [looks around at the others, huffing and puffing red in the face] Oh... God, guys. I had a horrible dream.

Robyn [turned around, holding Brady]

Bay [still telling about her dream]
I had that kid and... [sees the kid in Robyn's arms] I...I... [faints again]

Robyn [wide eyed, blinking]
Last time she fainted that much was when she found out she was pregnant... doctor said she'd never seen anyone faint that much...

Amy [using the salts again]
Maybe less of a shock would help her...

Bay [waking]
I.. I.. [looks at Amy] Amy, tell me I was dreaming when I saw Robyn holding a baby.

Robyn [begging]
Please stop passing out... you're starting to break my record...

Bay [looking at Robyn]
Please tell me that that's not mine.

[Robyn remains silent]

Bay [looking around]
Anyone? [everyone was silent] Ok. [Lying down] Well, I guess my life can go back to normal. [leaning up] Robyn, did you call the adoption agency while I was out of it?

[Again, Robyn remains silent, looking to Brady, who's amazingly calm and silent...]

Bay [looking around the room]
Will someone say something?

Lita [seriously]
You weren't kidding, Robyn... she really did want to get rid of her!?

Robyn [sighed and nodded, then looked at Bay]
Do you want to hold Brady, Bay?

Bay [shaking her head]
No thanks. It's not mine. And why are you calling it Brady?

Robyn [shifting the baby to one arm, she slapped Bay, hard... everyone just looked at her as her face looked like stone, glaring at Bay in repressed anger]
Stop it, Bay. She's your daughter... She's a human being and she's the same as you. [looks over her shoulder and lowers her voice, but still keeps the demanding tone] She's a Sailor Scout too, Bay. She showed a power symbol... [she stopped and looked at Bay who was holding her face where Robyn slapped her]

Ow... Symbol? That's impossible.

Robyn [shakes her head]
No, it's not. She knows you don't want her... and now... so does Honey... who's probably off crying somewhere thinking her mother hates her for existing. She can't understand why you don't want her... But it explains... at least to me... why a newborn baby would show a symbol... To show that she wants to be with her mother... and prove to you that I was right earlier... When I was talking to you on the couch at home... Remember?

First of all, what symbol? There's no Sailor Sun symbol. According to Luna and Artemis, Sailor Sun was chosen, not born into the role. Anyway, it's nothing personal. She'd have a better life with real parents. And I don't know what Honey's thinking. If she was my daughter, she'd have known her adoptive parents, not me.

Robyn [sounding almost older somehow]
You're right, the first Sailor Sun WAS chosen... but her family wasn't... I figured out that you're a descendant of Phobie. The powers in that locket wouldn't have been activated if you didn't already have it inside you. The same way that my mother's pendant activated my powers... though my origin is a bit different than yours, since Phobie was given the powers, they were passed down through her family line. Ending with you and now, the current addition to the Solar Line... Brady Honey Smith. YOUR daughter...

Serena [blinked, confused]
How would you know all that? Phobie was killed... I thought... When she switched sides?

Robyn [turned her head and looked at Serena sadly]
She left the Moon Kingdom, Serena. She left pregnant... to start over on Earth.. I'd sworn to keep that secret, and I had... until this time... but there's nothing that can be done about the past now... What happened has happened... now our duties and missions are different... [turns back to Bay, who looks extremely confused] At present? Convince the mother to keep her daughter to teach her and train her like I told her she'd have to.

Bay [looking to the others]
Did any of you see this alleged "symbol"?

[everyone shakes their heads no]

Robyn [her voice returning to normal]
Honey did... it appeared when she held Brady... [sounding more like Serena now] I guess something about meeting your other self.... I don't know... I haven't watched Back to the Future lately... [kind of trailed off, sounding a little confused]

So, your the only one here that saw it. [squints] You sure you didn't imagine it, Rob?

* * *
[In a waiting room, Honey was curled up in the corner crying]

Honey [to herself]
Robyn's lying. Mom wouldn't have given me away. Robyn was always the mean one. She acts nice now, but she will be mean. and she'll always be mean.

Serena [leaving the doors, being pushed by Rei, who stays behind]
REI! I said I'm sorry! I didn't mean to knock over the nurse's tray! [pouts and turns around] Humph... Rei's always so mean... [sees Honey] Honey? Why are you out here? [walks over] And what's wrong?

Aunt Robyn's SO mean!

Serena [confused, blinks]
Robyn? Mean!? No way! It's Rei and Bay that are always so nasty! But Robyn? Never! Matter of fact she's in there right now telling some silly story about Brady showing a symbol of Sailor Sun or something just so Bay will keep her... er... you....the baby... [sighs, sweatdropping] Well... you know what I mean! [blush]

You mean my Sailor Sun symbol. Doesn't Mom have one too?

Serena [confused]
You mean it's not just a story? Robyn told the truth about that?!

Honey [nodding]
Mom always said I was special. That I was the true Sailor Sun. But I thought it was just one of those things Mothers say.

Serena [still amazed]
Nope....You're one of a kind alright... Sailor Sun never had a symbol... But if you... I mean she.... If the baby... [growled] What can I call her!?

Well, Brady is my first name. I used that till I was about six.

Serena [interested]
Why 'til you were six, Honey?

Honey [blushing]
Because... no one liked me.

Serena [not getting it]
Of course we like you, Honey! Why would you think we don't...[getting it] Oh... You mean in the future... [turns bright red and sweatdrops]

But Aunt Robyn lied to me. She said that Mom was going to put me up for adoption! Mom would never do that!

Serena [continuing to sweatdrop]
Ah... well... actually... I just found out as did the others that she DID want to give you up... she asked Robyn if she called the Adoption Agency while she was out and-

Honey [points a finger]
See?! Aunt Robyn wanted to get rid of me! Not Mom! Mom would never want to put me up for adoption! Robyn's always been the mean one!

[Serena blinks]

Robyn [coming out of the doors with Lita]
But Lita... we can't just let her put Brady up for adoption! We've gotta do SOMETHING to stop her... Any ideas?

Honey [angrily]
How dare you trick the others into thinking it was mom that wanted to get rid of me! I know it was YOU!

[Lita and Robyn stop and look at Honey, confused]

Honey, calm down.

Honey [still mad]
NO! it was Aunt Robyn!

[The other come out of Bay's room, leaving Bay and Brady in there]

What's the all the noise?

Robyn [really confused]
I have NO idea...

It's all your fault!

* * *
[Bay leaning up from her bed]

What are they yelling about?

Baby [on Bay's bed]
Gee...Goo Goo.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

[A nurse enters Bay's room]

What's all the noise about?

Nurse [locking the door]

Yeah, the noise!

Nurse [turning to Bay]
Screw the noise! Where's the energy?

The what?

Nurse [turning into a monster]
Energy! It's in here somewhere! WHERE?


Bay [stares, blinking]
Did you just do what I think you just did? Cause if you did... you know... I'm gonna have to hurt you...?

Your too weak to stop me! Now where is it?

Me? Weak? [Bay starts to get up, then flops back down on her bed.] Ah, this could be bad...

There's only one thing left... and that's the baby... If you'll excuse me, I'll take this crying brat off your hands! [she reaches for the baby, and before Bay could reach over to stop her, she was blinded by a flash of gold light. When the light cleared, the nurse's uniform lay with a pile of ashes and a puff of smoke poofed from the uniform. Bay looked to the baby who was giggling and saw the symbol Robyn had described]

Bay [flatly]
So that's what it looks like... I suppose this means I owe her an apology for calling her a liar then... but I'm still not keeping you...

Brady [looked pathetic]
Gah goo? [looked ready to cry] Goo... Wah... Gee....wah...

Bay [stares]
Uh oh...

* * *
Robyn [touches Honey's shoulder]
Calm down!

[the baby, from down the hall]

[everyone shuts up and turns their head]

I think that beats you, Meatball Head...

Honey [with the symbol glowing on her head]
Something happened. [She gets up and rushes to Bay's door, which was still locked]

Robyn [looks to Lita and in a 'matter-of-fact, smart-aleck' tone]
NOW tell me I was making it up! I know you guys saw that! [looks to Serena, then follows Honey]

Honey [pulling on the door knob]
It's stuck! Mom must be in trouble! SUN STAR POWER! [Honey transforms, luckily with no one watching her]

* * *

Shhh...shhh... crap, I'm no good at this mother thing!

[Suddenly a door was burned off it's hinges]

Sailor Chibi Sun
Mom! Are you ok?

Lita [looking at the door]
Can we say "overkill"?

Bay [quite surprised]

Sailor Chibi Sun [looking around]
Ah... did I do a bad thing?

Serena [darts up the hallway]
What did you do?! [looks amazed]

Bay [matter-of-factly, as if it happened all the time]
She burnt the door off the hinges... what's it look like?


Doctor [rushing to the room]
What happened here?

Robyn [looks at Chibi-Sun and whispers]
Next time... just knock....

Doctor [seeing Honey]
Wait, your one of those Sailor Scout people, from Japan, right?

Robyn [confused]

Sailor Chibi-Sun [nervous]
Ah... yeah?

Was there some kind of trouble here?

Bay [points to the pile of ashes on the floor]
Yeah, there was, but she took care of it! {"Please just go away..."}

Doctor [unsure]
Ah, alright... Will have to move you and your baby to another room then Miss Smith.

Yeah, yeah. Sure, whatever.

[The doctor leaves]

Sailor Chibi-Sun [smiles, and runs over, hugging Bay]
Thanks Mom! I knew you'd stick up for me! [looks to Robyn and sticks her tongue out quickly]


Bay [rolling her eyes]
No fighting guys...

* * *
[A few days afterwards]

Bay [walking out of the hospital with Brady in her arm, and a bag in the other, Robyn beside her. In front of her the others waited]
I'm glad to finally be out of there!

Gaa! Goo goo Gaa!

Robyn [giggled]
I suppose she is too!

Serena [runs towards them, from the group]
Hieeeeee! Congratulations on leaving, Bay! I'm glad you decided to keep Brady! [giggled as the others met up with her and surrounded her]

Lita [smiles]
Hey, we took care of that whole 'It was Robyn that wanted to get rid of me' thing that Honey was stuck on... [looks down] However... [sighs] that brought up it's own problems...

Honey [looking sad]
You really were going to get rid of me... weren't you mom...? Why aren't you the same as what I remember?

Bay [nervously]
Honey... I just wanted what was in your best interest! That would be to grow up with two parents who can care for a baby... not a teenager like-

Honey [upset, interrupting]
But my best interest is to grow up with my mom!?

Aphrodite [snickers]
Who cares if we aren't allowed in there....? We've gotten into hospitals in Japan... remember?

Mina [paying attention to Aphrodite]
And you're bringing this up now because?

If Bay gets hurt by Honey in this argument... we can visit her... that...and I saw Honey burn that door off!

Mina [smiles and sweatdrops]
Ah... yeah. [blinks] Wait...you did?! Where were you?

Aphrodite [thinks]
At that time? By the Nurse's Station...

Artemis and Luna do that too... How do you three pull that off?!

Aphrodite [shrugs and smirks]
"Kitty Magic"?

Robyn [looks to Bay, continuing]
Bay... I think you did a pretty good job taking care of me as a baby... If it hadn't been for you... I might still be a little kid... [smirks] I know, you thought I forgot about that... No... [the others looked at her like she was crazy] I told you guys about that... quit looking at me like that! [turns back to Bay] I still say they're not buying the whole different timeline bit... even if it IS true.... humph... [pouts]

Well, in any case, raising Brady here isn't going to be a walk in the park...

I'll help as much as I can Mom!

Robyn [giggles]
How often do you get the chance to help raise yourself?

About as often as someone gets to watch their own birth.

Speaking of a walk in the park, let's go to one!?

Robyn [glares]
Serena... it's January 7th... we should be getting home... It's a little chilly...

Bay [looks around]
It is?

Robyn [rolls her eyes, gets behind Bay and gently, but firmly pushes her forward]
Don't start that again, Bay... just go!

I don't think it's cold.

Robyn [grumbles]
Like mother like daughter....

[Both Bay and Honey look at each other]

I'm glad your keeping us Mom.

You better not be a problem child.