"Sailor S"
"Blind Faith"
Episode 32

Robyn [yawned, stretched and opened her eyes to a dark room]
Hunh? I thought it was morning? [she looked for her clock's red digits, and found none. Then she searched for some light in the hallway, but even after opening her door, she saw nothing...] Bay? Aph? [she felt along the wall] Why is it so darned dark?!

Aphrodite [seeing Robyn feeling along the wall]
Robyn? Why are you holding the wall? Are you feeling ok?

Robyn [hearing Aph's voice near her]
Aph, cats can see in the dark, get Bay... What happened... why is it so dark?

Aphrodite [looks around, it was 9AM, and bright as ever...]
Robyn, are you sure you're ok?

Robyn [nods]
Yeah, I've been feeling strange since that fight yesterday, but other than that, I think I'm ok, why?

Bay [rubbing her eyes, walks out of her room]
Robyn? Aph, what's wrong?

Robyn [turns her head towards Bay's voice]
Why is everyone asking me what's wrong? No one else thinks it's strange that it's pitch black?

Bay [suddenly wide awake]
Pitch... black? Robyn, it's 9AM! The suns up and it's bright... [grumbles] as usual...

Robyn [shocked]
You mean... it's... not black... and my clock's still on? [falls to her knees] Then why can't I see?

Bay [remembers the monster they fought last night]
That creature was pretty powerful... what was that stuff it threw at you and Serena?

Robyn [thinks]
Some kind of powder, it reminded me of the stuff Adrian uses... [realizes something] Serena! If she can't see either, she'll be freaking worse than me! [doesn't move] But how am I gonna see to get there?

Bay [thinks]
Aph could be your guide cat...

[Aph glares and Robyn shakes her head]

[smirks] Ok, I'm kidding... I'll help you get to Serena's... How are we gonna explain THIS day off?!

Robyn [sighs]
I don't know... but at least I wouldn't be lying when I say I can't see the blackboard...

Bay [nods]

* * *
[They got to Serena's with a few stares and points. Bay comforted a scared Robyn. Robyn tried to keep calm, but waking up without eyesight's not something you can get over easily...]

Serena [also blinded... and freaking out]
I can't see... Luna won't talk to me! She thinks I'm making it up! Tell her it's the truth, Bay! Robyn!?

Aphrodite [whispering]
What about your parents? Do they believe you?

Serena [nods]
Yeah, they asked me questions like what am I seeing, what are they holding... [starts crying] What am I eating?! [when she starts bawling, she stops yelling and starts whimpering] Oowww.... That hurts!

Bay [curious]
What hurts?

Serena [rubbing her eyes]
The tears hurt my eyes!

Luna [sighs and walks into Serena's room]
Are you telling your story again, Serena?! You've come up with some whoppers, but this one takes the cake!

Robyn [doesn't move her head]
It's not a story, Luna... [drops her head] I can't see either... I think it's from that powder the creature threw at us...

Bay [nods]
I'm beginning to agree... you and Serena were the two closest to that thing... [thinks] Wait... there was one other....

Aphrodite [remembers]

Luna [surprised]
What does he have to do with this?

Aphrodite [turns to Luna]
If he can't see either, then we know it's the creature. If he can see... then we've got to figure out why these two can't...

Luna [sighs]
Oh, alright, I'll go see him, Aphrodite, come on...

[The cats leave, via Serena's window]

Bay [sighs]
I don't know whether to hope he can see, or hope he's blind too....

* * *
Mina [sitting in her classroom, not paying attention to the teacher]
{"Poor Artemis... he was acting so weird this morning... I hope he's not sick!"}

* * *
[At Mina's, Luna fidgets with the window and opens it, entering a darkened room]

Aphrodite [a little spooked]
Luna? Why would this room be so dark if it's light outside?

Luna [points to the curtains with her paw]
Those curtains are thicker than usual... they're blocking most of the light... [looks around] Artemis?

Artemis [from under Mina's bed]
Go away! I don't need anyone on my case!

Aphrodite [concerned]
Artemis? Can you see?

Luna [taps Aph with her paw]

Artemis [grumpily]
Why do you care?!

Luna [whispers, angrily]
Because we need a confirmation, Artemis! Can you see or not?!

Aphrodite [crawls under the bed]
Come on... Robyn and Serena are blinded too... if you can't see, then we know why... if you can... we have to wait and ask Amy...

Artemis [sighs and leaves his hiding place under Mina's bed]
Alright, fine... test me...

Luna [runs over and pulls back one of the curtains, hitting Artemis in the face with sunlight... he doesn't flich]
Oh, Artemis! Your eyes!

Artemis [waiting for something]
What? Why don't you turn the lights on?

Aphrodite [looks ready to cry]
Artemis.... Luna's shining bright sunlight in your face... [looks to Luna, seriously] Come on... we should get back to Serena's... [looks to Artemis] Would you come too?

Artemis [crawls back under the bed]
How would I see to get there?

Luna [thinks]
Well, hold my tail... I could lead you...?

Artemis [muffled from under a blanket]
No... I'm not a stupid dog!

Aphrodite [pouts]
Come on..... [pokes her head under the bed and whispers] Daddy.... [she smiles, even though he can't see her]

Artemis [grumbles]
Stop that! Alright... I'll come... but someone has to meet Mina at her bus stop and bring her to Serena's... [he knows Mina's room, so he walks over and stands by the window. He paws for the distance, then leaps onto the windowsill] Well?

Aphrodite [impressed]
Wow... [she walks over and leaps up]

Luna [last up]
You could do it too if it was Robyn's room, Aphrodite... [she leaps down and calls to Artemis, who judges the distance by Luna's voice. Aph follows, and they head to Serena's, helping Artemis]

* * *
Robyn [sighs]
I wonder what I'm missing in the Language Lab... [pouts and leans on Serena's bed... Serena asleep on it]

Bay [sighs]
Why do you like Foreign Languages?

Robyn [shrugs]
I don't know, I just always liked to learn to say stuff in other languages... I almost had to learn Japanese when my dad started living here... He's been here five years longer than I have... I learned a lot of Japanese from him, and from books and tapes in the libraries...

Bay [grumpily]
I knew I should have looked at your schedule when I copied it... You've got me stuck in Language Lab with you... I hate German...

Robyn [giggles]
Then why'd you pick it?

Bay [looks at Robyn]
Well, I thought you knew it?

Robyn [nods, still staring in one direction]
I know a little, more than you did... but my main strong points were Spanish and Japanese... French was even better than German! You know why I was better in Japanese now...

Bay [nods]
Yeah... [There's a light scratching on the window glass, Bay turns and sees Luna] Luna? [opens the window]

Luna [nods, seriously]
We HAVE to look at Robyn and Serena's eyes... if they're like Artemis's, there may be a chance to fix them!

Robyn [turns her head towards Luna's voice]
Luna? Is Aph with you?

Luna [nodding]
Yes, and so is Artemis... [she turns] Artemis! Up here!

Artemis [jumps up to the windowsill, missing by an inch. He catches on with his claws and dangles from Serena's sill.]

Bay [sees Artemis]
Hang on... {"That was stupid..."} [she grabs Artemis and helps him up]

Artemis [realizing who helped him]
How come SHE'S not like this....? [grumbles and jumps off the sill into Serena's room]

Bay [sighs]
Why does he hate me so much?

Luna [follows Artemis and ignores Bay]
Artemis? Come on, you can sleep here until the others are out of school... Bay, Aphrodite, and I will meet them...

Robyn [hears the suggestion]
I can go, Luna... I'll be ok...

Luna [shakes her head]
No... you three [sees Serena asleep...] Well, you two should perhaps go back to sleep and rest your eyes... I see Serena wasted no time in doing that...

Robyn [shakes her head]
No... I'm not tired, and I don't want anyone thinking I'm helpless! [she gets up, and feels her way to Bay] Tell them, Bay... I'm fine... I just can't see... [she whispers] You feel scared, too, I'm sure... Only... yours is a different reason... Bay? Please...

Bay [seriously]
Alright... but there's a few hours of school yet, Robyn. Why don't you get some sleep...?

Robyn [sighs, and shakes her head]
No... I should get used to walking around with out seeing things...

Bay [nods]
Ok, but I'll help you... we can go out to Serena's front yard... Ok?

Robyn [smiles]
Thank you, Bay...

* * *
[Everyone divided up and waited for the others... Aph went to the Temple, for Rei. Luna waited for Mina, and Robyn and Bay went to catch Lita and Amy. Bay never quite caught a glimpse of Robyn's eyes... until they were walking back with Amy and Lita...]

Bay [stops and yells]
Hey, Robyn!

Robyn [turns her head, curious]

Bay [stared and saw her eyes...]

Robyn [confused]

Amy [turned and saw Bay staring at Robyn]
What's the matter, Bay?

Bay [holds Robyn's arm]
Wait... [stares intently, as if trying to look through Robyn's head...] It's... it's some kind of film or something... I think that's what's preventing her from seeing... I'll be that's what Luna saw in Artemis's eyes, and I think Serena's going to have it too... whatever that monster used, I hope we can reverse what it's done... {"I wonder if Adrian could help us...?"}

Amy [confused]
What aren't you telling us?

Bay [realized she'd forgotten to tell the two...]
Oops... I forgot to tell you why we have to go to Serena's... Artemis, Serena and Robyn were blinded by the powder they were hit with last night...

Lita [angrily]
I'll kill it! That Negaverse can't mess with us!

Bay [nods]
I agree, but we should really figure this out, first... Then... I'll help you fry that thing!

Lita [nods]
Right... help our friends, then toast the bad guy!

Bay [smirks]
As usual...

Amy [looking at Robyn]
How long have you been like this?

Since I woke up... Why?

Amy [nods]
Alright... Let's hurry to Serena's... We should figure this out quickly... This may end up permanent if we don't fix it...

Bay [shoos them away]
You guys go on... I've got an idea... [she runs in the opposite direction and out of sight]

Amy [holding Robyn's arm]

Robyn [concerned]
Where's SHE going?

Lita [shrugs]
Who cares, she can find us, let's go...

Robyn [follows Amy's lead]

* * *
[We see Bay running up and down side street and through back alleys. She finally spies an old warehouse and darts inside, REALLY out of breath...]

Bay [yells]
Adrian?! [pants and wheezes] Not to self, when you're pregnant... running is not a good hobby... [she walks forward and looks around] Adrian? Can- Can you hear me? {"Please?!"}

A Shadow [hidden]
Go away, Bay... It is best you do not see me right now...

Bay [recognizing the voice]
Adrian? Come on... I told you my secret... Why shouldn't I see you?

Adrian [still hiding in the shadows]
No... I cannot allow you to see me, Friend Bay...

Bay [sighs]
Then I come in... I need your help with something...

I cannot help you in an area I am unfamiliar with...

Bay [shakes her head]
No... not that... Something with my friends...

Adrian [shifting around]
What of them?

Bay [takes a few steps forward, still unable to see Adrian]
Three of them were blinded by some kind of powder... this creature threw it at them in a fight last night...

[Adrian tosses a brown bag at Bay]

Bay [confused]
What's this?

Adrian [monotoned, and serious]
It is a cure. I know what they were hit with, just put some on each of the affected... in their faces... the film covering the eye will go away and their eyesight will be normal by tomorrow morning... You must trust me, keep that bag... do not return it to me, Friend Bay...

Bay [confused, but grateful]
Adrian... I'm going to need a place to stay for a while... but I don't want to be alone... may I ask a favor of you?

Please, leave, I must be alone. I will speak with you later. I want you to have no part in what is happening, Friend Bay... Please let me be...

Bay [seriously]
No. Scouts help Scouts... no matter where they come from! And you're my friend... I'm tired of losing friends! [steps forward and reaches for Adrian] Let me- [grabs a cold, scaly object] Adrian? [scared, clutches the bag against her, and for some reason, her hand refuses to let go of whatever she's touching]

Yes.... It is part of my race... I will not hurt you...

Bay [still touching Adrian]
But... but the Council said you were human now...

Adrian [sadly]
For the most part, I am... But I was to LIVE AS a human, and repent... That was the punishment...

Bay [in shock]
How-... but you're.... I thought... [she passes out]

Adrian [comes out from the shadows...]
I am sorry, Bay... I did not mean to scare you... [she spreads her feathery wings and reveals herself... she is covered in dark, green scales and when she opens her eyes, they look like a cat's eyes, in bright light... yellow, with black slits in the middle] I am truly sorry, Friend Bay...

* * *
Amy [sighs, as Lita and Rei try for the fifth time to get Serena back out of bed...]
Give up, she's holding onto that mattress tighter than a vice grip... You'll never get her out...

Rei [yanking on Serena]
Come ON, Meatball Head! Open your eyes and let Amy see them...

Lita [stops tugging and smirks]
Oh well, if she doesn't get up, we leave her here alone while WE go out for pizza...

Serena [opens her eyes and sits up]

Amy [quickly runs over and looks at Serena]
Yes, they're all the same... The only difference I've noticed between them all, is the color... [taps on the Mercury Computer she's been entering stuff into since they got there] The film is merely blocking the pupil from receiving light... It's taken the eye color and now, the entire retina is all the same color...

Mina [holding and petting Artemis]
Poor Artemis...

Robyn [sitting beside where Amy was]
Can you reverse it?

Amy [sadly shakes her head]
No. I can't find a way to safely do it... I hope Bay's doing better than we are with whatever she's doing...

* * *
[Meanwhile, Bay's coming to, still in the warehouse with Adrian...]

Bay [grabs her head]
Ooww... What happened?

Adrian [hiding again]
You passed out... please leave before it happens again... You must hurry and reverse your friends' blindness, Bay...

Bay [sits up and looks toward Adrian's voice]
Adrian... I WILL come back here, you know... please stay... I need to talk with you... alright?

No. I will find you and explain it all. Please, hurry!

Bay [grabs the bag and nods]
Adrian? Thanks... [smiles] Friend... [she quickly walks out of the warehouse]

Adrian [sadly whispered]
You're welcome... Friend...

* * *
Bay [jogging towards Serena's and gets a pain in her stomach]
Aw, crap... not now... [she stops and kneels down] This bites! [she pulls out her communicator and calls the others]

* * *
Robyn [hearing Bay's voice on Mina's communicator]
Bay? Where is she?

Mina [nods]
Yeah, she's ok, where are you?

Bay [looking in pain]
Could you guys just meet me? I'm near the park... I'll see you there...

Robyn [stands up]
We'll be there soon, Bay! [calls] Amy?

Amy [walks over]
Maybe you should stay here, with Serena and Artemis?

Artemis [seriously]
No way! I'm going too!

Mina [holding the cat]
Artemis... [looks at her watch] Oh, man... I've got to go somewhere with my mom today... I can't come... I'll be back later, though... Take care of Artemis. guys... ok?

Luna [nodding]
We will, Mina... be safe! [Mina leaves] Artemis... I agree with you. I think they should come...

Serena [whinily]
But I don't wanna go anywhere!

Rei [crosses her arms]
Well, after we meet Bay, we can get pizza, but if you don't want to go, we can go on ahead...

Serena [stands up and reaches for Rei, but falls forward]

Rei [turns to Serena]
Klutz! [sighs, and helps her up] Come on... I'm only being nice, because you didn't do it yourself, this time...

Robyn [pouting]
Hey! What do you mean "this time", Rei?

Rei [looks over]
She can't help but klutz out like this... I'll help her to the park, alright? [looks like she was going to kill anyone who said no...]

Lita [sighs]
Fine... can we just go?

Amy [takes Robyn's arm]
Come on...

Robyn [carries Artemis]
I'll carry you, if that's alright, [sarcastically] "Your Highness"? [smirks]

Artemis [grumping]
Oh, shut up....

* * *
Bay [sat inside the park against a tree... it was as far as she could crawl... her knees hurt]
Oooowwww.... remind me never to crawl on gravel again! [looks around] Where is everyone?

Aphrodite [running in]
Bay! I'm glad I got here first! Luna took off after me... We got Serena to come with the promise of pizza later... what was your idea? [looks hopefully at Bay]

Bay [smiles]
I found Adrian... she gave me this and said it would work with in 24 hours... [holds the bag up for Aph to see... Should I tell them?

Aphrodite [smirks]
Tell which? You've got so much they don't know...

Bay [smirks, sarcastically]
You're a funny furrball, Aph... [sees the group (and Luna) coming up the main walk] Hey guys! [looks to Aph] I'll tell them Adrian gave it to me... they know who she is... [smiles and slowly gets up] Ow...

Aphrodite [before the others are close enough to hear]
Is it that bad for you?

Bay [nods and looks up, smiling at them]
Hey. I got an antidote... Adrian gave it to me... When Robyn said the powder reminded her of what Adrian used, I thought perhaps she could help.

Robyn [smiles and heads for Bay's voice]
Did she?

Bay [nods]
Yup. I got a bag from her. She said to use it on everyone's eyes, and they'd return to normal by tomorrow... [Robyn touches Bay's outstretched hand]

Serena [whining]
But I want to see now!

Robyn [sighs, and lets go of Bay]
Serena! Be happy this isn't permanent like Amy said it could be... if this stuff Adrian gave Bay works, then I can deal with 24 more hours... can't you?

Artemis [nodding]
I could... That scaly thing is gonna get it good from you Scouts... right?!

Bay [remembers something, looks shocked]

Robyn [shakes her head]
Let's just get this done, shall we?

Bay [nods to Amy and the others]
Come on... we should get out of public view...

Amy [nods]
Right, let's go...

[They head into the bushes and trees, finding their secret spot... Where they usually trained...]

* * *
[An hour passes, and this powder is still burning in the three's eyes...]

Robyn [trying not to rub her eyes to hard]
Bay... is this stuff supposed to burn?

Bay [shrugs]
I honestly couldn't tell you, Rob... I didn't really have a lot of talking time with Adrian... [blushes]

Amy [looks at Bay, strangely]
But you were gone for a good while, Bay...?

Bay [still blushing]
Yeah, well... I... you know, wasn't exactly... um...

Robyn [stops rubbing her eyes and blinks]
Bay? [turns her head in a few directions] Everything's really blurry, like it's in shadows everywhere I look... and I can't really make anything out... [smiles at what she assumed to be Bay] But that stuff works!

Bay [seeing Robyn looking at Lita.....]
I'm over here, Rob... [smirks and snickers] Though, I'm glad it's-

[A scream shatters the peaceful moment...]

Robyn [sighs]
I knew we couldn't go through a whole day with out something happening...

Bay [turns to see Robyn wobbily getting up]
No way... you're in NO condition to fight, Robyn... Not yet, anyway...

Robyn [angrily pouts]
Oh, come off it... My attacks are mostly defensive anyhow...

Bay [seriously]
Yes, but you use energy when you attack... if you can't see to attack, you'll waste energy...

Robyn [glares towards Bay's voice]
You're not exactly in the best fighting condition either...

Bay [glares back]
Stop that!

Aphrodite [yells]

Robyn [grabs her pendant]
Fine! Shadow Pendant Power!

Bay [growls and grumbles]
Solar Locket Power!

[The other Scouts sweatdrop and then transform]
Mars Star Power!
Mercury Star Power!
Jupiter Star Power!
Venus Star Power!

[Serena stood there, clutching her locket]

Sailor Mars [looks over]
Come on, Meatball Head! Don't worry, we'll prevent you from klutzing out...

Serena [pouts]
Humph! Funny, Mars! I'll show you a who's a klutz! Moon Crystal Power!

Sailor Shadow [giggles]
Was that a defense? Or a warning... [snickers]

Sailor Sun [snickers]
Heh heh... Come on...

[They all head towards the scream's origin....]

Sailor Shadow [still seeing dark, fuzzy things...]
What's that giant blob? [points ahead of her] Um, I think it's green... what is that?

Sailor Sun [sees it]
It's that creature again! Only now it can fly... sheesh... Sorry, pal, feathers and scales don't match...

Sailor Moon [being led... well, DRAGGED by Mars]
You know, maybe I should just stay behind you guys... you know? [nervously giggles] I'll be back here! [yanks on Mars's arm] Please, Rei! Lemme go!

Sailor Mars [angrily]
If I have to thrown you over my shoulder, I will... Come ON!

Sailor Sun [leading Shadow]
Come on... We should attack from opposite sides... Let's split up, guys...

[The Scouts split, Sun, Shadow, and Mercury to the left, and Moon, Mars, and Jupiter to the right]

Sailor Mercury
Something seems familiar about this thing... and I don't mean because we fought it before...

Sailor Shadow [nods]
Something does seem strange.... She does feel familiar...

Sailor Sun [shakes her head]
You two have got ME thinking like that... this is a BAD guy... come on! [starts to get up and go forward]

Sailor Mercury [looks matter-of-factly at Sun]
That's what we once said about you, Bay...

Sailor Sun [stops in her tracks, looks over her shoulder, and flatly asks]
What? [stares at Mercury]

Sailor Shadow [turns toward Mercury]
Amy! What do you mean?

Sailor Mercury
When we first saw you two, we thought you were an enemy... This creature doesn't seem all that evil...

Sailor Shadow [nods]
Right... she... she's not evil... [stands up and reaches for Sun] Bay, we can't attack!

Sailor Sun [turns completely around and looks shocked]
WHAT?! I think more than your eyesight is blurry here, Rob...

Sailor Mercury [points behind Sun]
Then why aren't the others attacking?

Sailor Sun [turns and sees Mars and Moon holding Lita back]
Because you're all stupid!

Sailor Shadow [gets up and pushes Sun over]
That does it! Out of my way!

Sailor Sun [shocked, rolls over onto her stomach and gets up on her knees]
Sailor Shadow! Wait!

Sailor Shadow [stared at the green blur in front of her and headed towards it]
Hey! You!

[the creature turned toward Shadow, curious]

Sailor Sun [got up and ran to Shadow]
If you're gonna be moronic about this, I'm sticking nearby to bail you out!

Sailor Shadow [turned her head and glared at Sun]
You're not helping matters, Sun!

Creature [in a scratchy voice]
Sun.....? Shadow.....?

[Both stop arguing and look ahead]

Sailor Jupiter [breaks loose from the other two surprised Scouts]
Hey, Creepo! You hurt my friends and on behalf of the planet Jupiter, I will make you pay! "Jupiter-

Sailor Shadow [shakes her head]
No, Jupiter! Stop!

Sailor Sun
Hey, Ugly! You- [grabs the creature's arm and gets a 'shock' of deja vu] you....?

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Shadow [hears Sun falter, but stays beside the creature]
Jupiter! [steps closer to the creature and touches the same arm as Sun. She gasps and turns to the creature] Adrian...........?

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Sun and Sailor Shadow [stepping in front of Adrian]

[Adrian sees her friends trying to help. She shrieks and picks them up, flying up in time to avoid Jupiter's attack]

Sailor Jupiter [still thinking the creature is against them, thinks it's kidnapping them instead of preventing her attack from frying them...]
Come back here!

* * *
[Adrian flies them to the warehouse and drops them a little too far from the ground. They hit the floor and get knocked out cold]

Adrian [raspily]
Why were they willing to take Friend Lita's attack? And... how did they know it was me?

* * *
Sailor Moon [being dragged again.... she's whining]
But Maaaaaaarrrrrrs! That thing took theeeeeem! How can she not be baaaaad?!

Sailor Mars [stops and Sailor Moon slams into Mars]
Because, Meatball Head... I got confused vibes... She's not evil... just mislead, perhaps... she's not doing this on her own will... come on... we've got to find them!

* * *
Sailor Sun [comes to first, and sees the warehouse]
Deja vu... [looks at herself] Ok, this time I'm a Fruit Loop... [sees Shadow] Robyn? [shakes her] Robyn?! [picks her up and feels a large lump on the back of Shadow's head] Oh, Man... she must have hit harder than I did... {"Maybe I DO have a hard head...."} [smirks] Nah... [she lays Shadow back down and looks around]

Adrian [from the shadows, her voice still raspy]
Friend.... Bay?

Sailor Sun [stands up]
{"Adrian?"} [unsure] Who's there?

Adrian [puts a foot into the light, but all Bay sees is the foot of Sailor Astid's boot]
Thou art mine friend... correct?

Sailor Sun [gets in a defensive position]
Not if you're gonna try to kill me again...

Sailor Astid
No, I wish to reveal mine body... Art thou mine friend?

Sailor Sun
Yeah... {"But this friend wishes you'd 'cut-eth' the corny Shakespeare talk..."}

Sailor Astid [steps out of the shadows, surrounded by her wings and her long ponytail is showing... Sun can't see anything but the wings and her boots]
Prepare thine eyes, Friend Bay... Do not pass out... I beseech thee...

Sailor Sun [a little unsure]
Um... alright... I'll try very VERY hard not to pass out... no matter what you look like... ok?

[Sailor Astid reveals her scaly body as she unfolds her large, white, feathery wings from around her. Her Sailor Costume is slightly different, but only because she has a matching choker around her neck, a small dragon-shaped amulet hanging from a golden chain around her neck, and maroon ribbon at the base her back...]

Sailor Sun [stands there staring, surprised]
Is- is this a... permanent thing, Astid?

Sailor Astid [shakes her head, and now speaks normally... somehow...]
No, this is but a phase... We as a people go through seasons... It will last for a few days... This is my final phase before death, Friend Bay...

Sailor Sun [REALLY confused]
You- you're speaking normally, Adr- Astid... What happened?

Sailor Astid [smiles at Sun, her reptilian eyes shine with happiness]
You are not scared of my appearance?

Sailor Sun [seriously, but slightly joking]
Well, once I got over the initial shock, I was fine... Now I'm just curious...

Sailor Astid [walks forward, folding her wings behind her, against her back]
Speech changes as well as physical appearance... many of my people go visit and protect different races, cultures, planets and planes... if they go through their final phase there, their speech morphs to to fit with the Scouts there...

Sailor Sun [turns to Shadow]
Scout! Robyn... She's still out...

Sailor Astid [walks over to Shadow with Sun]
She must have hit first... I apologize for my grip on you two... I cannot control it...

Sailor Sun [looks up]
So, this thing's like... puberty? Or what?

Sailor Astid [thinks]
I honestly do not know what to compare it to in you... What was it like to become a girl, Bradley?

Sailor Sun [looks sad and turns away]
Don't remind me.... There's nothing left of him anymore! I'm stuck as Bay... [starts crying, and sniffs, trying to stop it] and- and a Sailor Fruit Loop! [turns away from Astid]

Sailor Astid [hears Sun crying, softly, as if trying to hide it]
Bay....? I apologize. I did not know it upset you so much...

Sailor Sun [looks over her shoulder, sniffs, and points to Shadow]
J-Just make sure she [sniffs] she doesn't have a concussion or- or something...

Sailor Shadow [hearing Sun crying]
Who has a concussion?

Sailor Sun [turns all the way around]
I thought maybe you did... [she smiles, glad to be off of the Brad subject...]

Sailor Shadow [sitting up, she grabs her head]
I see why... I have a lump the size of your ego... [smirks at the blur of yellow in front of her]

Sailor Sun [smirks]
I see you're feeling better... Come on, we should find the others and let Adrian in peace... [she smiles at Astid]

Sailor Astid
I will find you in a few days, my friends...

Sailor Shadow [turns her head and sees a blurry green figure with large, white wings... then she saw the white blurs on the legs...]
Sailor Astid? She's speaking normally... [turns to Sun] How?!

Sailor Sun
I see your vision's better?

Sailor Shadow [shakes her head]
Not really... I have a headache now... but I saw the white blurs on her legs... I assume they were boots...

Sailor Astid [hearing the other Scouts outside]
Farewell, my friends... I must hide from the others... they will not understand as you have... [she disappeared into the shadows again]

Sailor Sun [pouts]
Humph... That was quick....

Sailor Jupiter [bursts in]
Where is she?! That Nega-Creep!

Sailor Shadow and Sailor Sun
She is not! [they look at each other strangely]

Sailor Mars [looks around]
Then... where is she? And why are you holding Shadow like that?

Sailor Sun [protectively]
Because she's still dizzy from hitting her head... Come on, let's just leave...

Sailor Mars
Mars Fire-

Sailor Shadow [detransforms]

Sailor Sun [follows suit and stands by Robyn]
Stop, Rei...

Sailor Mars [looks up]
Why? She's still here, isn't she...?

Robyn [nods]
Yes... but you would never believe us, Rei...

Bay [nods]
Let's leave, ok?

Sailor Moon [steps forward]
Maybe Moon Healing can help her?

Bay [glares at Moon]
{"That thing only got rid of my headache... how powerful can it be... Humph..."}

Sailor Astid [from behind them, still hidden]
Let her try, Friend Bay... Friend Robyn...

[The two turns and see Astid wrapped in her wings again... covering her body, while staying back just enough to keep her head in the shadows]

Sailor Moon [surprised]
Wow... [shakes her head] You- You're willing?

Sailor Astid
Yes, Friend Serena... This is painful for me. More so than it should be... and I cannot control my evil that is fighting for control... The part that wished you all destroyed.... [looks down, her black ponytail falls forward]

Sailor Moon [nods]
Right, then I can try...

Robyn [turns to Moon]
But, Serena... what if it doesn't work... and how will you be able to see where you're aiming?!

Sailor Moon [thinks]
Hey... she's right...

Sailor Mars [smacks Moon on the back of the head]
You never aim right, Meatball Head... Just go...

Sailor Moon [rubbing her head, looking towards Mars]
Rei! I've had JUST about ENOUGH of you!

Sailor Mars [turns to her]
Good! Than you have a little more room yet!

Robyn [walks toward the yelling and touches Moon]
Serena! Rei! SHUT UP!

Bay [walks over]
Hey... everyone... I thought we were gonna help Astid?

Sailor Moon [pouting]
I will... but Mars here had to argue!

Sailor Mars [stomps her foot and growls at Moon]

Sailor Moon [ignoring Mars, she holds up her brooch]
Ok, everyone move! {"Here goes nothing.... PLEASE WORK!"} Moon Crystal Healing!

[The pink light from her brooch indeed finds it's target, and surrounds Astid. Everyone hears a shriek, like that of a giant falcon or something as if it was being ripped apart.... feathers were falling to the ground and the shrieking stopped, Bay and Robyn moved forward]

Bay [worried]

Robyn [seriously, but concerned]
Adrian...? [she realized that Moon's Silver Crystal must have sped up Astid's powder's effects... she could see again...]

[Sailor Moon pulls down her brooch and clutches it against her chest. The light disappears from around Astid and a creature stands there... looking worse than before... It looked and (to Mars and Robyn...) sensed purely evil...]

Robyn [steps forward]

Bay [looks to Sailor Moon, then Robyn. Moon was blinking her eyes and looking surprised]
Sailor Moon? What's the matter?

Sailor Moon [looks at Bay, shocked]
After using my crystal, I can see again... that's weird...

Bay [assuming Robyn could see as well, wondered why she didn't transform. But wasn't going to rush into this...]

Robyn [slowly walks forward]
Come on, Bay...

Bay [follows, slowly]
You think I'm letting you go into this alone? {"Though, I'd like to... But, I won't do that..."}

[Robyn approached the creature. She could now see everything clearly... After Moon used her healing powers, apparently, Astid transformed into some sort of Dragon-like creature... She was afraid, but felt her new friend, Adrian was still here, somehow...]

Bay [to Robyn]
You DO know what you're doing... right, Rob?

Robyn [looks at Bay]
Not a clue, Bay... just follow me...

Bay [stops for a second, then walks forward again, mumbling]
Why does the phrase "the blind leading the blind" suddenly pop into my head....?

[Robyn stopped a few feet in front of the curious dragon. Bay stood behind her]

[The dragon sniffs the two, and shrieks]

Robyn [stands there, staring at the dragon... who seemed bigger than it was back by the entrance...]
{"Maybe I hit my head a LITTLE harder than I thought..."} Adrian? Can you still understand me?

Bay [surprised, then realized what Robyn had in mind]
Yeah, Adrian... it's us... your friends... Bay and Robyn... Do you hear us?

[The dragon stood there, looking at the two, then back at the Scouts.]

Robyn [looks up at the dragon]
ADRIAN! Is- is that you?!

Dragon [slowly and faintly nodding, opens it's mouth, as if to speak]
Raaaaaaa.... [sounding like a shriek]

Bay [smiles]
Adrian...? You remember me... don't you?

Dragon [does the same]
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.............. [a different pitch, but still, a shriek...]

Robyn [ignoring the Scouts' looks of "What the heck are you doing?! Are you NUTS?!", she pulls Bay forward]
Adrian... What happened?

Bay [touches the Dragon's arm]
Tell us you're ok... somehow... tell us...

[The dragon suddenly changes from friendly and curious, to mean and vicious... It picks up and tosses Robyn one way, and hits Bay, knocking her the other...]

Sailor Moon
I wonder if my Healing Power would work again?

Sailor Jupiter [steps forward]
We tried it the friendly way... Now, MY TURN! Jupiter Thunder Clap ZAP! [She throws the ball towards the dragon, and it just hits her... no damage, nothing...]

Sailor Mars
Mars Celestial Fire Surround!

Sailor Moon [backing up a little]
Maybe I should get out of the way...

Bay [sitting up, holding her stomach]
This kid's gonna be brain damaged if this keeps up! [gets off the floor]

Robyn [crawls a little way, then stands up... quietly, she hopes]
Adrian... come on... [she sees Bay and walks towards her]

Bay [seeing Robyn, heads towards her...]

[The dragon turns, and sees the two girls... Most of Mars's fire is gone... Mercury sees the dragon no longer interested in the Scouts, and looks to see why...]

Sailor Mars [sees Mercury step forward]

Sailor Mercury [sees what the dragon is so interested in]
Bay! Robyn! [with that determined look...] Shine Aqua Illusion!

Sailor Moon
{"I wish Mina was here!"}

Bay [stops and sees the dragon turning towards her and Robyn]
{"Ah, crap..."}

Robyn [runs forward and grabs Bay]
Come on!

Bay [jerked backwards]

[The two take off, leading the dragon away from the Scouts]

Bay [running behind Robyn]
I don't think I can run very far, Rob! Every time I do, I get cramps and severe pain!

Robyn [looks back and sees the dragon's no longer chasing them]
We can stop then...

Bay [looks back]
What the-?

[The two stop and Bay starts panting, and bends over]

Robyn [walks over and puts her hand on Bay's back]
Are you ok? [Bay darts to a nearby alley, covering her mouth] Oh, Bay... [she follows her and waits for Bay to stop]

* * *
[The Scouts detransformed, and began searching the city for the dragon and Robyn and Bay... splitting up in four directions]

Serena [pouting]
I'm beginning to hate being a Scout again... Humph!

* * *
Bay [wipes her mouth and stands up looking at Robyn]
I'm sorry, Robyn... I've run so much today... I guess the being thrown across a room bit topped it off... [half smiles]

Robyn [hugs Bay]
I'm sorry, Bay... I shouldn't have made you run...

Bay [stands there, unsure what to do...]
Aahhh... Well... that's um, ok... I- May I ask why you're hugging me? [she hears Robyn crying] Nevermind... [she pats Robyn's back] Hey, you didn't know I'd get sick... Heh... It's ok...

Robyn [sniffs]
It's not that, Bay... I'm just still scared... What was I thinking going up to that dragon like that?! [sniffs] Why didn't I listen to you guys? I was so bullheaded and stubborn... I could have gotten us all killed! [bawls harder into Bay's shoulder]

Bay [trying to calm Robyn down]
Oh, come on... you went with your instinct... and it was right, Robyn... {"I thought I was the one that was supposed to get emotional!?"}

Robyn [sniffs, and wipes her face]
I'm sorry, Bay... Thanks for letting me use your shoulder... [sees where her tears wet Bay's shoulder] Um... literally... [wipes her face again and looks around] Where could a dragon the size of one of the Negaverse's monster go?

Bay [wiping her shoulder]
Anywhere she wants?

Robyn [looks back to Bay]
True... but where would ADRIAN want to go?

Bay [seriously]

* * *
Rei [grumping]
Hey! Bay! Come out, come out wherever you are! {"I'll wring her neck for taking off like that!"} Grrrr....

* * *
Amy [using her communicator and Mercury Computer, finds the dragon, and hopes the others found Bay and Robyn...]
Well, I'll keep track of it with my Computer... hopefully, they've found everyone by now... [she stays after the dragon]

* * *
Lita [kicking things out of her way as she walked down the sidewalks and mumbled under her breath]
Stupid dragon... Had to be Adrian... couldn't be a bad guy... I want to hit something...

* * *
Serena [sees Robyn and Bay]
Hey! Bay! Robyn! [she runs toward them, not looking before running across the street]

Robyn [looks to see a truck careening through the street, Serena was halfway across the street when the horn blew]
Serena! [she runs out and hopes]

Bay [wanting to rewind and play it again, to make sure...]
ROBYN! {"Did she just run out into the path of an oncoming truck?! She's insane! She's STUPID!"} She's going to make it... I hope...

Robyn [dove at Serena, who had frozen at the sound of the horn, staring at the truck like a deer at oncoming headlights]

[For Bay, watching, she felt as if everything moved in slow-motion... she felt as if the 15 seconds it took to be over was forever... When Bay finally saw what happened, as the truck passed the spot, she saw Serena and Robyn laying very still between two parked cars...]

Bay [looks both directions, then runs over to Serena and Robyn]
{"Please don't be-"} [Robyn moves] Robyn?

Robyn [looks up at Bay]
Remind me not to dive like that again... I think my shoulder's now out of joint... [sits up and reveals a freaked out, shaking Serena....] Oh, yeah, she's ok... just shaken up... [starts to get up]

Bay [amazed]
You're awfully calm for someone who just narrowly escaped being street-pizza, Rob...

Robyn [looks at Bay]
I what?

Bay [smacks her forehead]
{"Smooth move, Ex-lax... grrr..."} Nevermind, the shock hasn't hit yet, and the later on, the better... let's just get outta here...

Serena [shaking as she's standing there... freaking out...]
I was this close... [she holds her thumb and pointer finger about an inch apart in front of her] THIS close... Robyn dove... She came at me... I was this close...

Robyn [looks at Serena, then to the street, where an old hat is now flatter than a pancake where the truck had run it over]
I- dove...? [looks at Bay, apparently, the realization was just hitting her....] That hat... that could have- I mean... I could have been...[points to Serena, then herself] us?

Bay [smacks her forehead again]
{[sarcastically] "Thanks, Serena... I needed the ice breaker on how to explain it all to Robyn..."} Oh, brother... [nods] Yes, if you hadn't just run out and dove, if you had waited... or stopped to think... yeah... You probably would be that hat....

[Robyn passes out]

Serena [stares at Robyn and starts to wobble herself]

Bay [grabs Serena]
Gee, I expected you to go down first! [pulls Serena towards her] But you're not going now... Come on... Let's get her onto the sidewalk, out of the street.... Then you call the others... or you want me to call?

Serena [still in shock]
Buh... Ah... He... Tuck....

Bay [rolls her eyes]
I guess that translates to "You do it, Bay!"... [picks up Robyn and drags her to the sidewalk]

* * *
Amy [still following the dragon, hears her communicator go off]
{"Oh! I'd forgotten about that thing..."} [opens communicator] Amy here.

* * *
Lita [stops and opens hers]

* * *
Rei [sighs and opens hers]

* * *
Mina [surprised]
Hunh? [opens it] Mina here...

* * *
Ok, now that I have your attention... I'm with Serena and Robyn. Could someone maybe suggest what to do now?

Amy [speaks up]
Well, the dragon stopped... maybe we could see if she's ok?

Bay [nods]
Alright, as soon and Robyn comes to, and Serena gets over her speech problem, we'll meet up with you, ok?

Rei [angrily]
Robyn's out and Serena has a speech problem? Oh, come off it, Bay!

Yes, Rei! [turns the communicator around and the others see Serena pointing and still babbling about pizza and other nonsense... Then they see Robyn coming to] See?

Robyn [holding her head, looks at Bay]
What happened? I remember a truck, and Serena... that's about it at this moment...

Bay [smirks]
I'll fill you in then, guys. We're on our way. [she closes the communicator] Come on, Guys...

* * *
[We're at a local park, NOT the usual one, this one's more a forestry project... lots of trees, bushes, flowers, and a large lake. The dragon, Adrian, sits by the water, having scared the few groups away, she cries...]

Amy [in the bushes behind the lake]
Poor Adrian... I hope the others get here soon...

[Behind Amy, the others are coming, but dragging a freaked out Serena, who's got her speech back]

Serena [bawling]
But I don't wanna go down there and see that dragon again! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Bay [covers her ears]
Aw, man! Can't you shut up, Serena?!

Robyn [puts her hand over Serena's mouth]
Yes, she can...

[Serena sniffs and looks at Robyn]

Rei [with Lita helping to pull]
Come on, Meatball Head, whatever your crystal did, maybe it can reverse! But YOU have to do it!

Bay [feels a pang of hurt]
{"Yeah... right..."}

Robyn [looks back and sees Bay's face fall]
{"Poor Bay..."} Serena, come on... you can do your thing and then, we'll all go home... ok? We can order pizza?

Serena [flips]

Robyn [smacks her forehead]

Bay [sighs]
Oh well, Adrian knows we're coming by now... [looks ahead] Hey! There's Amy!

Amy [curious]
Why's she screaming?

Rei [shakes her head]
No reason... Look, is Adrian still there?

Amy [looks over her shoulder]
Yes, though I don't see why Serena's shrieking didn't scare her off...

Robyn [states]
Maybe she wants us to help her...?

Bay [shrugs]
Maybe, but what can we do?

Robyn [walking forward]
Have faith... [walks past the bushes and Bay quickly follows]

Bay [a little freaked]
Robyn....Look, just because you're not street pizza, doesn't mean your invincible, or the luckiest girl in the world, come on!

Robyn [stops]
I know, Bay... But she should know her friends are with her... Wouldn't you want that?

Bay [thinks]
Well... yeah... but, Robyn-

Robyn [grabs Bay's arm]
Come on!

[The two approach Adrian/dragon....]

Adrian [turns and is now able to talk, but her voice is warmer... more adult...]
My friends?

Robyn [smiles]
That's right, Adrian... We're here for you, you know... What's going on?

Bay [seriously]
I don't want you tearing up Tokyo because of a bad mood or a misunderstanding!

Adrian [looking like she's half smiling]
Friend Bay, I have been mulling over a difficult decision... this is the point of my race's life where they become good or evil, we see both as equal, neither is really good or really bad... we must make that decision on our own, hoping what we decide is right.

Robyn [smiles]
But you KNOW which is right... Good!

Adrian [seriously]
Is it?

Bay [not believing what she's hearing]
Yes! It is! Adrian... I told you what happened to me... I told you that I wished it never happened, but it did, and I know that good is right, and to trust your heart. Adrian, you're on our side, keep it that way... ok?

Robyn [a little amazed at the way Bay was talking...]
Ah... Bay?

Bay [ignores Robyn, and smiles]
Look, Adrian, I know that this is tough, I'm sure you see some good things from evil, but I like having you on my side... we ALL do...

Adrian [seriously]
But I can't tell which is good and which is evil anymore...

Amy [surprised, leaving the hiding place in the bushes]
You mean, you don't know the difference between right and wrong?

Serena [a little scared, is pushed by Rei]
You- you mean you could k-kill us and not th-think that w-was wrong?

Adrian [nods]
Yes, but I couldn't do that. I force myself to remember that you are all my friends... That killing is wrong... but I'm unsure when I tell myself that... It's why I've cried...

Rei [gets a shocked look on her face, flatly says]
In the light of the Red Dawn, a Dragon's tears shall save us all...

[Everyone looks at Rei, all but Robyn is in shock]

Robyn [curious]
When was this, Rei?

Bay [turns to Robyn]
What are you talking about?

Rei [shakes her head]

Robyn [realizing Rei just spaced like she used to]
Rei, you just had a waking vision. Like the ones you stopped in me...

Rei [shocked]
A waking....? Robyn, you're nuts, I never have those!

Bay [seriously]
You just did...

Rei [fearful]
What did I say?

Robyn [takes a few steps forward and in a low, serious voice, repeats]
"In the light of the Red Dawn, a Dragon's tears shall save us all." What does it mean?

[Rei clasps her hand over her mouth and Serena suddenly looks pale]

Robyn [confused]
WHAT?! I just repeated what she said...

Serena [flushed and pale]
Our dream... Oh god... The... Red...

Rei [stops her]
Hush! No, it was just a dream... it wasn't real! It won't-

Robyn [shakes her head]
Stop it! What dream?!

Bay [her hand on Adrian's shoulder]
Look, it was a dream, and a sentence... nothing's going to happen, ok?!

Adrian [serious]
I too have seen a dream of a Red Morning, my friends... Friend Rei was there at the front, with all of you as Sailor Scouts...

Amy [serious]
Look, this thing freaks me out, can we go?

Lita [nods]
Yeah, I hate talking about it...

Robyn and Bay
ABOUT WHAT?! [they look at each other]

Serena [seriously]
I'll tell you over pizza... let's leave this whacked out park...

Robyn [pulls back from Serena's hands]
No. I'm staying here... with Adrian.

Bay [nods]
Me too. I won't leave her alone right now!

Serena [shrugs]
Suit yourselves... I gotta get outta here... [she runs off, knocking Rei down]

Rei [gets up and takes off after her, yelling]

Amy [sighs]
Come on... we better stop them from killing each other... [she walks after the two, Lita and Mina follow]

Adrian [seeing her friends leave]
I think perhaps you should go as well...

Robyn [shakes her head]
No... Bay? You want to talk to Adrian? I'll leave...?

Adrian [curious]
Friend Bay? You wish to speak with me?

Bay [nervously]
Yeah, well...

Robyn [smiles]
I'll be over near the flowers... finding some lilacs... Call me if you need me... [she smiles at Bay and leaves]

Bay [sighs]
This is just... weird...

Adrian [curiously]
What is?

Bay [sighs]
This... [she points to her stomach] I'm a GUY! I'm not supposed to even be ABLE to end up this way!

Adrian [looks Bay over]
You look female to me, Friend Bay...

Bay [glares]
Ok, ok... [pouts] The thing is, I don't want the others to know... I'll never hear the end of it from Serena... and Artemis would have a field day with all the stuff he could make fun of...

Adrian [seriously]
I suppose this is weird to you as well...

Bay [looks at her]
Well, yeah, I never thought I'd talk to a giant lizard about my problems... [she smiles] But I know you're my friend...

Adrian [sits (well, we assume...) beside Bay and offers her a seat on the grass]
Sit, Friend Bay... I know you are male, and this child causes you great distress...

Bay [sigh]
Distress?! It's freaking me out... I remember when Robyn and I first went to The Council... The Nexus caused her to age rapidly... She ended up pregnant... You know, from getting to the age where she'd be a mother? Well, in order to set her right, Pluto put the baby in me and then, when Robyn was returned to her true age, the child left and went back to the future...

Adrian [seriously]
So, you think that caused this?

Bay [shakes her head]
No... but ever since, I've sworn I'd never want to experience being pregnant again... now... well, I can't get rid of it like that... but I refuse to tell the others... [she looks down] I want to stay with you for the next few months...

[There is silence between the two and we go look at Robyn, she's in the nearby bushes, listening... Now crying to herself]

Robyn [wiping her face]
{"I gotta stop... The doctor never said it was completely impossible... When I went to Sailor Pluto... before the Council... I was. That should be something. So why do I feel like that was simply a dream?"} [she sniffs and looks through the bushes. She sees the two are heading toward the flower garden looking for her... She got up and took the path back that she'd taken here... Hoping to get there first...]

* * *
Serena [seriously staring at the empty pizza pan]
Where are they? I had to eat their slices... [looks to Lita] They'd have gotten cold!

Rei [smirks]
Yeah, right, Serena... You didn't even give them TIME!

Bay [enters the pizza parlor first, Robyn follows her, holding a few lilacs and a rose in her hand]
Come on... why won't you talk to me?!

Robyn [sniffs and wipes her face]
It's not your problem... Just stop it...

Serena [runs over]
Hey! What happened?!

Robyn [hands the rose to Serena]
I thought you'd like this... it was the biggest one I found... [she half smiles and looks to Bay] I'm sorry... Here, Bay... I know they don't mean as much to you, but take these... [she looks at Bay, her eyes watering again]

Bay [hoping it will prevent her from crying, takes the flowers]
It's ok, Robyn... [smiles] I- I think they're pretty... {"Please don't cry again... it's all she's done since we left the park..."}

Rei [walks over]
What's wrong? You act like someone died?!

[Robyn starts bawling, turns, and runs out...]

Bay [staring after her]
Ah... maybe someone did...? [she looks at the lilacs in her hand] They're wet... I think she's upset about something... I've never seen her cry so much... [hands Rei the flowers and runs after her]

Serena [sighs]
Maybe I should have saved her pizza?

Rei [smacks Serena on the head and sighs]
Cut it out...

* * *
Robyn [sitting on a porch]
{"Nothing's going right..."} [she wipes her eyes and hears Bay's voice] Bay?

Bay [stops]
Finally... [breathes deep] You know how hard it is to try and keep up with you in my condition?!

Robyn [glares, angrily]
No, I don't! [holds back the tears this time]

Bay [sees the glare]
Whoa... what's up?

Robyn [wipes her face again and looks at Bay seriously]
You promise to keep a secret?

Bay [looks at her as if to say "duh"...]
Think about that, Rob...

Robyn [turns to face Bay]
I saw Dr. Chi today... [sniffs]

Bay [stops her]
You're not pregnant are you?!

Robyn [seriously]
If that were the news, I'd be happy... [she looks away] I'm so confused... I overheard your conversation with Adrian... about The Nexus? I never knew about that... even with regaining my memories...

Bay [puts her hand on Robyn's shoulder]
Never knew what?

Robyn [looking back to Bay's face]
Dr. Chi told me from everything she's seen in my tests and such, she knows why I've been getting sick... I know there was no way for me to be, but I'm definitely not pregnant. However... she says that it'll be near impossible for me to ever do so... [sits and waits for Bay's reaction]

Serena [from down the street, running]
Robyn! Bay!

Bay [pats Robyn's shoulder]
We'll talk more at home... in private... have you told your dad?

Robyn [shakes her head]
No, but I'll tell everyone that reason...

Bay [looks at her confused]

Rei [beside Robyn]
So, why'd you run out crying? [looks at her, comfortingly]

Amy [smiling]
Yeah, we're your friends... You can talk to us...

Mina [smiles at her as well]

Robyn [pulls out an envelope and hands it to Mina]

[Serena looks over Mina's shoulder at it and sees English on the front, so she stops being nosy...]

Mina [reads the letter, as she's good at English. She translates it for the others.]

Hey Pumpkin,

I'm sorry to tell you this way, but it was a last minute
decision by my job. I am back in California and know you
wouldn't want to up and leave all your friends. I know
that your friend Bay is trustworthy enough. Please
forgive me for not telling you in person. I am now back
in the USA and I miss you a lot, Pumpkin. You are quite
welcome to visit me if you ever wish to, I'll even pay
the ticket fare. Please write me back and let me know if
you are mad at me. 1 (555) 255-0690.

Your Dad

[Everyone sits silent]

Robyn [her hands clasped and looking down]
Yeah... It's hard to accept just- [looks to Bay] Wll, I mean, I didn't know he moved until I got that yesterday...

Bay [knowing the other part of her problems]
I'm sorry, Rob... [she hoped to make her feel better, so, she hugged her and whispered] I'm really sorry... two shots of bad news all at once...

Robyn [hugs Bay tightly]
Bay... [she starts bawling] What am I gonna do... they say bad things come in threes... What's next?! [she cries harder]

Bay [still being hugged, though she'd let up on her hug]
Nothing's gonna happen, Robyn... your friends are here... it's not bad news!

Serena [seriously, pushes Rei away and sits beside Robyn]
Yes it is, Bay! Her dad didn't tell her he left! [looks at Robyn] But Bay's right on one thing... [Bay glares at her] Your friends will always be around you!

Robyn [sniffs and pulls away from Bay's shoulder]
You guys promise? [half smiles]

Rei [hands Robyn the lilacs]
Yup. Bay asked me to hold these while she came to talk to you. [smiles] So she wouldn't lose them...

Robyn [smiles and hands them back to Bay]
That was so thoughtful, Bay... [she smiles] I guess I was right to have faith...[looks around] In all my friends...

Bay [smirks]
Sometimes that's what gets you through... Blind Faith...