"Sailor S"
"Bay Phone Home"
Episode 31

Bay [alone at home, for once... She was feeling more depressed than usual. She wanted to call her parents, but thought they'd never understand... she still hardly understood or believed it herself...]
{"Grandpa...Mom.... God, I miss you guys..."} [Aphrodite and Robyn are yelling again] Serena and Robyn must be back from the mall... [she can't make out what they're saying, not that she cared... She went down to eat dinner that Robyn brought back. (Like she promised!) She hardly ate any of the food, which was unusual for Bay]

Robyn [concernedly]
What's the matter? You've been pretty out of it all week.

Bay [sighed and pushed her food around on the plate]
I'm ok, Rob. [she gets up and excuses herself] {"I've gotta get some sleep..."} [she headed for her bedroom] Good night, Rob... [She called over her shoulder, as she headed up the last few stairs]

[As she got dressed for bed, wearing PJ's she got from her last shopping trip with Robyn, instead of the nightgown Serena gave her, she laid on the bed and pulled the covers up tight against her chin and drifted off... as she did every night. She started to have her dream...again, like she did every night. It started out with her in the house, near Christmas. The others were trying to cheer her up, knowing she'd be depressed, so they had a special surprise for Bay. This time her dream changed... usually it was something from Canada, or a statue that was handmade or something of the sort... in her dream this time... it was...]

Bay [surprised]
Mom? Grandpa? [happily] What are you doing here?

Linda [huffily]
You're not my Brad!

Serena [confused]
Brad?! [turns to Bay] Bay? Why do you have Brad's mom's number in your phone book?

Bay [totally shocked]
My phonebook?! What are you doing looking through-

George [a bit confused]
Where's Brad? [looks Bay up and down] Are you his girlfriend?

Bay [upset, and starting to cry]
Grandpa? Mom? It's me! Brad... I'm serious... I love you! [They turn their heads, then turn the rest of themselves and walk out of the Temple, heads hung in sadness]

Linda [sadly]
Our Brad doesn't care about us anymore... he never wrote, or called... Then we visit him for Christmas, and his friend tries to pull this! [sobbing and being comforted by George] What did we do?! [sobs]

Bay [sits up suddenly in bed and realizes she's sweating. Loudly at first until she realizes she's been asleep for a while]
No! I love you... I do care... [whispering] Mom... Grandpa... [She gets up and gets dressed quickly]

* * *
Bay [walking around the city, thinking... She sees a phone booth and remembers that recent 'present' Serena bought her... A 2hr. phone card]
{"Maybe..."} [She took it out and dialed the numbers on the card, as she started to dial her old phone number, she stopped and felt tears welling up in her eyes. She hung up quick and jogged to the park... Where she seemed to be a lot...]{"What would I say? 'Hi, I'm your son, I was transformed into a girl by that locket you guys gave me. It gave me powers. I'm a Sailor Scout! But I don't know how to change back... And how are you'?"} [She grumbles...]

* * *
[The next day, she went through her day the same way, classes at school, homework with Amy, Serena, and Robyn, some odd chores, Sailor Stuff... Weekly shopping trip with Robyn... dinner and her dreams... again, it was different, but ever so slightly]

[Each night, the dreams got progressively worse until she could hardly sleep... meaning it affected everything else... No one seemed to be able to cheer her up or get her mind off of whatever she wasn't sharing...]

[Finally, one night, she tossed and turned, but couldn't get to sleep, so she went for her walk, and this time, she continued to dial her mom and grandpa's number, determined to get through. Her stomach went crazy. It felt like it was flying into her throat with every ring of the other end. Finally a familiar voice picks up and her heart flies to her throat making it hard to speak.]

Bay [nervously]
Mrs. Linda Smith?

Mrs. Smith

Hi, my name is [thinks quick] Angie. {"Why'd that name pop up?"} Brad's been really busy working on some things at school, and he wanted to let you know he's doing good and that he misses you and loves you very much. He's made some great friends. [She hears slight crying in the background] What's the matter, Mrs. Smith?

[Mrs. Smith sobs and Bay hears the phone change hands]

Another familiar Voice [sternly]
Who is this?!

Bay [trying to contain her happiness]
Mr. George McGribbon? My name is Angie. I called to let you know Brad loves you all... {"And I wanted to hear your voices again..."}

George [seriously]
That's not possible. Brad's been here in Canada... but he's missing for over a month. We were told he hasn't been to school since about two weeks ago... [She hears sadness in his voice] We assume he was killed...

Bay [freaking]
NO! He's alive! I'm sure! Please, I speak with him occasionally... Please! I know he's still around!

I appreciate the call, Miss. Thank you.

Bay [hears that his/her grandfather doesn't really believe him, but appreciates the effort and thought that one of their grand/son's friends cared enough to call them]
You're welcome, Sir...

Thank you for calling, Angie. Good-bye. [He hangs up]

Bay [holds the receiver and listens as there is silence becomes tones and a Japanese automated operator telling her to hang up, she assumed...She wasn't really paying attention. She started to cry with joy and sorrow. She was happy that she heard the voices of "his" mother and grandfather, but because they didn't believe her, Bay felt worse than before. She slowly went to hang up the receiver, but it missed the hook and fell to hang above her head as she dropped to her knees, crying...]
{"There's so much I wish I could have told you guys... So much I want you to know..."}

* * *
[Robyn found Bay the next day, huddled by the off the hook phone in the phone booth]

Robyn [holding Bay's leather bomber jacket]
Bay? [she shakes Bay and when Bay opens her eyes and looks at her, Robyn sees she was crying] Bay... Are you ok?

Bay [sees her jacket and that it was daylight now]
Yeah... What time is it?

Robyn [shrugs]
I dunno. I left this morning and all of us have been out looking for you... [reaches her hand down to Bay] Come on... Please tell me you weren't in this phone booth all night...

Bay [tries to move, but feels extremely stiff]
Ow! [rubs her back] I hate to say it, but I think I was...

Robyn [kneels down]
Bay... what's wrong? You know you can talk to me... who did you call? [she points to the phone, still dangling]

Bay [looks over]
No one, Rob... [stands up slowly and hangs up the phone. She straightens out and Robyn hears Bay's back crack]

Robyn [winces]
Ow... that had to hurt, Bay...

Bay [grabbing her back]
Yeah... it did... I can't handle this pregnant thing... It's been two months since I've started... four months along... I think it's getting to be time I left, Rob...

Robyn [putting Bay's jacket on her shoulders]
Bay... you don't have to leave us... I'll just tell everyone that you're sick... [smirks] It's not a total lie, you know...

Bay [putting the jacket on]
Yeah, I know... but I'm starting to look... well, you know... fat...

Robyn [seriously]
No... not yet you don't...

Aphrodite [running towards them, chased by three small dogs, still bigger than her]
HELP! ROBYN! [panicky, she leaps into Robyn's arms and huddles]

Robyn [steps back, seeing the angry dogs]
Aph... did you... Uh... tick these guys off?

[The dogs snarl and even foam, Robyn backs up, Bay, stands her ground]

Robyn [concerned]
Baayyy... Come on! [serious] What are you... Loony?!

Bay [looks at Robyn, then back to the dogs]
They're not interested in us, Robyn... just Aph... see? [she points to the dogs, who indeed ignore Bay, and keep creeping towards Robyn, who refuses to let Aph go]

Robyn [seriously, but frightened]
Well, they're not getting her! I don't care why they want her...

Bay [now behind the dogs]
Robyn... I think you should run... I'll call the others...

Robyn [still backing away]
You ARE crazy... if I take off... they're sure to get me!

Bay [nods]
Alright, keep going slow, I'm STILL calling at least Animal Control!

Robyn [nods, slightly]
Good idea... DO IT! [she's about 15 feet from Bay when the dogs decide to move quicker. Robyn makes a break for it]

Bay [on the phone]
-Yes sir, heading north from the corner of 5th and Windmill... with the large office building on- [she looks back and sees Robyn running] Hurry! I gotta go help my friend! [she hangs up and starts to run after the group and feels a sharp cramp-like pain in her stomach. She falls to her knees] Oow!

Robyn [hears Bay's cry and stops, forgetting about the dogs]
BAY! [sees the dogs again] {"Crap!"} [she ducks to the ground, hoping it's quick and feels Aph wriggle around, then stop... a few minutes pass when she no longer hears dogs and looks up from the sidewalk] Aph? [she looks around, then becomes concerned] Aphrodite?! [she gets worried and stands up] APH! [She remembers Bay] Bay... [she runs towards where Bay was and sees her talking to an Animal Control man and his partner, while holding her stomach tightly] BAY! Aph's gone!

Bay [stops and looks at Robyn]

Robyn [telling a little lie, but seriously]
I tripped and waited for the three dogs to pounce. When they didn't, I saw Aphrodite was missing!

Bay [walks over, still clutching her belly]
Where would she go?

Robyn [starting to cry]
Those dogs were after her... who knows what they could have done to her! [Bay lets go of her stomach and grabs Robyn... who starts bawling]

Bay [patting Robyn's back]
I'm sure Aph's fine, Robyn... she's a smart cat... [she sees Aphrodite, limping, looking like she got into a cat fight... and lost...] APH!

Robyn [turns her head and body]
Oh god... [she runs to Aph and picks her up] APH! [she hugs her and Aph lets out a yowl] Aph... I'm sorry...

Animal Control Guy 1 [seriously]
We should have her looked at.

Robyn [looks up at him]
Only by Dr. Keno! He knows her...

Animal Control Guy 2
What did those dogs look like...?

Robyn [sniffs and hugs Aph]
They were three little Dobermans... snarling and foaming...

Guy 2 [serious]
Miss, I'm afraid they were three escapees... if they attacked your cat, she may have rabies...

Robyn [holds Aph tighter, causing another yowl]
NO! She doesn't! Tell them!

Aphrodite [shakes her head]
{"I can't talk in front of these people!"} MROW!

Robyn [remembering]
{"Oh that was just stupid, Robyn..."}

Bay [walks over]

Robyn [looks at Bay]
No! Only Dr. Keno... and no one else! [she gets up and takes off, clutching the cat]

Bay [watching her run]
{"You are one stubborn girl..."}

* * *
Robyn [stopping to catch her breath in an alleyway, hopefully asks]
Aph? Please tell me it wasn't those dogs...

Aphrodite [in pain]
No, it wasn't... I was attacked by three cats... then they had some fun beating up the dogs... I got it before those dogs did... [half smiles] Seriously... I know it wasn't the dogs, Robyn...

Robyn [sits Aph on her lap]
Good! But how do we convince everyone else?! You can't very well tell everyone... [sighs and looks away] I'm sorry I said to tell them, though... I wasn't thinking...

Aphrodite [curls up, trying not to move too much]
I understand... I just want to sleep... Would you sit here for a little?

Robyn [pulls out her communicator]
Yeah. I'll call the others and stay here...

Aphrodite [yawns]
Ooowwww.... [she falls asleep]

[Robyn calls the others and when they agree to come, she then closes it and sets the communicator down beside her. Petting Aph, gently, she feels the cuts] {"Hmmm... No apparent bite marks... I guess that's good..."}

* * *
Bay [sees Robyn, looking asleep, down the alleyway, walks up to her, holding her stomach]
Geez... I feel like I just got whacked in a fight... I'm wiped already...

[She walks over and slides down the wall, ending up beside Robyn and Aph, both asleep]

Bay [sighs]
Robyn? [no response... well, soft snoring...] Geez, I don't know who sleeps more... Serena, you, or that orange furrball on your lap... [she smirks and looks to the alley entrance, hoping to catch the others...]

[In her sleep, Robyn shifts and ends up leaning on Bay... surprising Bay...]

Robyn [in her sleep]
Brad..... this is all my fault, I'm sorry...... No, You can't! I won't let you.....

Bay [a little freaked]
Hunh?! [feeling Robyn shifting around, as though uncomfortable] Come on, wake up... Stop dreaming about me... [she shakes Robyn]

Robyn [waking up, grumpily]
Whuh-? Who? [she sees she's leaning on Bay] Oh! Sorry, Bay... I... I didn't know you were here...

Bay [smiles]
{"Sounded like it..."} That's ok... Do the others know we're-

Amy [running into the alley]
Robyn! Are you all ok?

Bay [finishes]
-here....? [smirks at Robyn] That answered that...

Serena [follows Amy]
Hey! Where's the little patient?! [she pulls out a little black bag... (Who knows where she got it at...) and hands the bag to Amy]

Mina [runs up, with Artemis]
Everyone ok? I heard those rabid dogs were loose... They announced that they just caught them on the News...

Robyn [breathes out]

Rei [walks up after Lita, looking mad...]
Well, we found Bay, can we go home?!

Serena [pouts]
Would you stop that?!

Rei [glares]
Why, Meatball Head? Don't you have a date with Darien today?

Serena [giggles and blushes]
Yeah... later... [giggle]

Robyn [looks down and away, sadly]
[quietly] Yeah... date...

Bay [sees Robyn's upset]
What's wrong, Rob?

Robyn [handing Aph to Bay]
Nothing, I'm fine... [she gets up and stretches] Who's up for food?

Serena and Bay

Robyn [giggles]
I figured!

Amy [smiles and gets up]
She'll be ok, a Momma cat should be more careful!

Robyn [giggles]
Momma on Mo-

Bay [having stood up at the suggestion of leaving and after giving Aph to Amy, clamps her hand over Robyn's mouth]
Can we just GO?!

Robyn [remembers]
{"Oh yeah... 'Don't tell them!' Right... That's easy..."}

Serena [looks at them curiously]
What's wrong?

Bay [smiles]
NOTHING! [laughs nervously] Can we just go eat? [removes her hand from Robyn]

Robyn [nods]
Right, come on!

* * *
[They head home while everyone else goes on for pizza. Aphrodite disappears with Luna and Artemis, they assume she went for a walk...]

Robyn [She's still upset about what had happened a little while ago. It made her remember that it'd been a month since Aph ran away. Luna and Artemis seemed to know why she took off. Artemis always looked nervous and would change the subject... Luna would simply state that she was fine...]
I still hate the fact Aph didn't want to tell me she was having some problems... Why'd she have to try and run away?!

Bay [remembering that she was sort of running away for the same reason]
Well... maybe so no one would bother her while she had her kittens? Or maybe so she would-

[Bay's thought is interrupted by tiny squeaks from somewhere]

Robyn [looks up at Bay]
What the-? [looks around and listens]

Bay [unsure]

Robyn [takes a few tissues and begins to walk around]
Eeew... [listens and puts the tissues in her pocket] No... wait... Too strange... [follows the squeaking to her room] What would be squeaking in- [hears it coming from her closet and sees it's open about 6 or 7 inches] What?! [walks over and opens the door, revealing Aphrodite and three newborn kittens, suckling] Aph... [happily kneels down] You- you're finally a Momma! [pets Aph, gently]

Aphrodite [smiles]
Luna helped... [looks up and sees a proud Luna smiling at Aph]

Luna [nods]
It's your first litter, Aphrodite... [walks over to her and licks her face a few times, then lays by her] How do you feel?

Aphrodite [smiles]
Tired... [yawns] but happy, Momma...

Robyn [hearing Bay coming upstairs]
You're now a grandma, Luna... [stands up, leaves the room and stops Bay before she entered the room] Bay? I have wonderful news! [smiling and looking ready to cry... tears of joy this time]

Bay [curious]

Robyn [nods]
I found Aph... She's HERE...

Bay [shrugs]
So? She lives here...

Robyn [happily, continues]
And three little newborn kittens! Aph's a mommy! [runs in and shows Bay]

Bay [staring at Aph, the kittens and Luna... in TOTAL shock]
But-?! I-?! How-?! She-?! I thought- [she passes out]

Aphrodite and Robyn [surprised]

Luna [walks out of the closet and looks at Bay]
She's just in shock... put her on the bed, she'll be fine...

Robyn [drags Bay]
Easy for you to say, Luna... [after a few attempts, Robyn finally gets Bay onto the bed] What did she eat?! Weights?!

Bay [coming around]
I heard that... [grabs her head] I had the strangest dream... I dreamt Aph had three kittens... [sits up, laughing nervously and sees Aph in the closet and the three kittens] BUT?! HOW DID-?!

Robyn [puts her hand on Bay's mouth]
Hush! You knew she was pregnant! Besides, all that really matters she's alright, right... "Aunt" Bay? [smiles]

Aphrodite [looks at Luna]
Momma? They're asleep... can I go eat something now?

Luna [walks over]
Of course, Hon...

Robyn [smiling at the cats]
I've never seen you two so family like...

Luna [smiling, lays by the newborns and looks at Robyn]
My daughter just had a family of her own! Of course I'm going to be family oriented... I'm a grandmother! [lays her head down]

Aphrodite [stops in front of Robyn]
Would you carry me? I'm tired... [smiles] but I'm hungry too...

Robyn [carefully picks her up]
Of course, Aph... [looks back to Bay] Bay? You coming down too?

Bay [still in shock]
In a minute...

Robyn [nods]
Alright... [leaves]

Bay [crawls over to Luna and the kittens]

Luna [looks up]
Yes, Bay?

Bay [beginning to look calmer]
How did it happen?

Luna [surprised]
What do you mean?! You don't know-

Bay [stops her]
I know that way... I mean who?! I never knew that part...

Luna [nervously]
Uh... I, Bay... I can't tell you that...

Bay [curious]
Maybe I'll find Artemis then...

Luna [jumps up]
NO! He- uh- he doesn't like- uh- he wasn't thrilled about becoming a... GRANDfather, Bay... he won't talk about it...

Bay [concerned]
What's wrong, Luna? This is a happy thing right?

Luna [nodding]
Yes, but he's not exactly thrilled about Aphrodite becoming a Mother... [smirks] You should have seen his face when I told him he was a daddy in the Moon Kingdom... When I had Aphrodite... {"Well, that I was keeping Minaca's daughter... He acted about the same... no one needs to know that Aphrodite's not mine..."}

Bay [snickers]
I bet... Ok, I'll drop this for now... You tend to your grandkids, Luna... [stares at them] Are all babies so small?

Luna [smirks]
No. Human babies are larger, and you should see the cubs of larger cats!

I'm sure... [stands up, smiles and walks out]

Luna [relieved]
That was too close... [she lays back down near the kittens, to keep them warm for Aph, and falls asleep]

* * *
[Aphrodite is eating tuna... Bay walks in and sits down at the table]

Bay [to Robyn, quietly]
Something's weird about this, Rob...

Robyn [looks away from Aph to Bay]
Like what?

Bay [whispered]
I think Artemis knows the father, Robyn... I don't think it was a cat that did it...

Robyn [shocked]
Bay! How dare you accuse-

Bay [shushes her]
I'm not accusing anyone... I just think that's why these furrballs are acting so strangely about these kittens!

Aphrodite [looks up, not finishing her food]
What?! What do you mean we're acting weird? Luna told me to relax while I had them... She watched over me... she said-

Robyn [turns and looks at Aph, then back to Bay]
Bay... you don't think Artemis...

Bay [shakes her head]
No... Why would he?

Aphrodite [concerned]
Why is it so important who the father of my kittens is?

Robyn [looks at her]
I could care less... I mean, I'm a little curious so I know what colors they might be, but nothing more, Aph... Bay's the one that thinks there's more to it...

Aphrodite [walking over and sitting down in front of Bay]
Who do you think it is, Bay?

Bay [nervously]
I was thinking it was that Keiko guy you liked so much... you know... um... you took my locket... went out-

Aphrodite [insulted]
Bay! Do you think that little of me?! Keiko was a jerk! Just because he was cute doesn't mean I'd want kittens or a baby from him! That's no way to keep a guy!

Bay [shrugs]
{"That's the truth, but I never thought she'd understand it..."} I know... but I thought perhaps you got drunk again or something... you know, got yourself in trouble?

Aphrodite [upset]
Bay! I learned my lesson! I haven't touched your locket in over two months! [blushes] Well... except once... [looks up] But I needed to buy something and you wouldn't wake up! I was about halfway along in my pregnancy... I'm sorry if you got sick or anything the next day...

Bay [thinks]
When was this... I understand why, but when?

Robyn [shocked at the conversation]
Guys! You're sitting here discussing this?! I'm amazed, and confused at the same time...

Bay and Aph [both look at Robyn]

Robyn [shakes her head]
Nevermind... please, finish up... [gets up and goes to the cupboard, fiddling around doing something Bay and Aph couldn't see...]

Bay [shrugs]
I did get sick, but when was this, Aph?

Aphrodite [thinks]
Well, it only takes a cat a little over two months, I'd say about a month ago...

Bay [nods]
Yeah, I got sick... I wrote it off as a stomach flu or... [looks down] Well... [shakes her head] I understand though, Aph... I'm sorry I didn't wake up...

Robyn [drops a coffee mug, shattering it on the floor and starts bawling]

Bay [runs over]
Robyn! What's wrong?

Robyn [turns and cries into Bay's shirt]
She ran away a month ago... It just hit me again that's all... [sobbing] I'm happy for her, but upset that she couldn't talk to me! [buries her head in Bay's shirt]

Bay [feeling the shirt getting wet...]
Uh, Rob? It's ok, you know... she said she thought you knew she'd be ok... that's why she didn't come right home... [smiles and pushes Robyn back] Hey, she had her kittens in YOUR room... right?

Robyn [sniffs]
Yeah... [turns away and goes back to the counter. Bay sees she was making coffee]

Bay [curious]
Why are you making coffee?

Robyn [sniffs]
I need it, Bay... Today's just going too fast... I need something to relax me... [turns the pot on and walks to the table, beside Aph] Or a stiff drink... [plops her head on the table] You take a guess which one I prefer...

Aphrodite [puts her paws on Robyn's leg]
I'm sorry for getting you so upset, Robyn... [sadly] I really didn't choose this destiny, you know...

Robyn [looks down, wiping her face with a tissue from the box on the table]
What? How did you NOT choose...? Were you-

Aphrodite [shakes her head]
No! I mean that I had promised Luna and Artemis back in the days of the Silver Millennium that when you came of age, I would continue the line in the Luna Family...

Robyn [lost]
Continue... came of age? [shakes her head] But I'm not 18 yet...?

Aphrodite [shakes her head]
No... in the Moon Kingdom, a princess or young lady came of age at 16... I would have been 4 years old then...

Robyn [confused]
But... you're only two...

Aphrodite [sighs]
I know... but I still promised... you passed the coming of age last year... Luna and Artemis reminded me of my promise not that long ago...

Robyn [seriously]
Tell me, Aph... please...?

[Aphrodite starts to explain to Robyn and we flash back to the discussion]

* * *
Luna [walking over and stopping beside Artemis]
Aphrodite, you may go first.

Artemis [surprised]
Her? But I thought-

Luna [glares]
Hush, Artemis, she wanted to talk to us...

Aphrodite [looks down]
Well, technically, I wanted to talk to you alone, Luna... but... I guess I can talk to Artemis too... [looks up, slowly] I have to tell someone, this is so strange, but I like doing it... [waits a minute, to see their reactions...]

Luna [curious]
What's that?

Artemis [grumbles]
I hate it when I hear that... [raises his voice so they can hear him] Go on...

Aphrodite [not knowing if Artemis knew she could hear him, continues]
I can still become human... [sees the surprised looks] Now, wait! It turns Bay back into a cat, and the longer I stay human, the more tired I get... like Cinderella... if I stay too long, I'll eventually return to being a cat... but I had to tell someone, and I couldn't very well tell Bay! [looks hopefully] Would you promise me you won't say anything to anyone?

Luna [shakes her head]
No! We have to tell-

Aphrodite [pleading]
PLEASE! If they [points to the window] find out, it's the kitty carrier every night! Please, Mom?! [clamps her paws over her mouth, realizing it finally came out... uncovers her mouth and quickly tries to cover] I mean Luna...

Luna [sighs and looks at Artemis]
She remembers as well... [looks to her] Since you do, then you know what you were to do if-

Aphrodite [backing up, shaking her head]
I won't... I can't... that's just asking to much, Mom! Please! No...

Luna [sternly]
You promised us, Young Lady... [walks a few steps forward] Aphrodite!

Aphrodite [against the wall]
I can't do that! It- it'd be-

Artemis [walking towards her as well, the two adults eventually trapping her against the wall]
It'd be keeping a promise to your parents, Aphrodite...

Aphrodite [crying]
Daaaad! Pleeeease... don't make me-

Luna [sits down]
Then you are not worthy of being a guardian, Aphrodite... [stares at her angrily]

Aphrodite [sniffs]
Mom? No... I AM a guardian! I- [looks at Artemis] What you made me promise then is impossible now! I-

Artemis [stares at her]
Aphrodite... It's the only way... you-

Aphrodite [angrily crying]
But Robyn's not of age yet! And I'm still a kitten!

Luna [seriously]
Aphrodite... "of age" was 16... she is 17 now... [looks to Artemis] The promise was your 4th birthday or Robyn's coming of age, whichever occurred first...[sighs] I agree, it will be more difficult now then it would have been in the Moon Kingdom, but we must-

Aphrodite [bawling loudly]
But I can't! Please, Mom and Dad! I can't do this yet... I know I promised, but things are different now! [sobs into the grass, covering her face with her paws] Please....

Artemis [puts his paw on her back]
We'll talk about it more later, Aphrodite... We love you, you know...

Aphrodite [looks up, confused]
You- you've never shown this side of you before- [stops] Artemis...

Luna [smiles]
Well, we want you to know we're not doing this because we hate you... we love you and we have to, Aphrodite... we didn't have a choice, but you do... [looks up, then back at Aph] We'll discuss this later... good-bye, Aphrodite...

* * *
Robyn [seriously]
Wow... Aph, I'm sorry... that's why you were crying... I- I didn't know... From that explanation... what was your choice?

Aphrodite [shakes her head]
Don't worry about it... I made my choice, I have to go back to the kittens now, Robyn... my life has changed. I promise, I will no longer become human unless deemed necessary. [looks up] Ok?

Robyn [confused]
Ah... ok... Aph... But... why are you so serious?

Aphrodite [turns]
I'll see you later, Robyn... [walks upstairs and leaves Bay and Robyn alone]

Robyn [looks back at Bay]
Bay? After hearing what was said, you really don't think...

Bay [shakes her head]
No... it's just disgusting...

Robyn [confused]
But she's a cat! What's so disgusting...

Bay ['yuck' face]
Think about it!

Bay I- What I mean is, cats can do that... I mean, it's the only way I know... [sighs and holds her head in her hands] I give up!

Bay [smirks]

Robyn [glares, gets up, and walks over to the coffeepot]

Bay [shrugs]
Ah well... You want to know the bad part I see?!

Robyn [looks over her shoulder]
I don't know... do I?

Bay [smirks again]
Hehehe... Yeah, now we've got three more talking fuzzballs!

Robyn [pouts]
Hey! You'd better watch what you say, Bay... Who's to say they'll all talk?!

Bay [nods]

Serena [running in, a little scared]
Robyn?! BAY!?

Bay [turns her head to see]

Robyn [drops the mug] (There goes another one...)
Serena! [grabs some paper towels and kneels down] Don't scare me like that!

Serena [obviously upset]
Sorry, Robyn... has anyone seen Luna? She wasn't home when I get there...

Bay [sighs]
Come on, Serena... Luna's a big cat... [smirk]

Robyn [looks at Bay]
Yeah, but, Bay... She's-

Luna [runs in]
Serena! What's the matter!?

Serena [happy to see her cat]
LUNA! [she picks her up and hugs her]

Luna [starting to choke]

Bay [snickers]
You wanted to find her... Don't kill her now!

Serena [pouting, takes her cat and leaves]

Robyn [follows her out]
Serena! Wait!

Bay [sighs and follows]
Oh well...

* * *

Serena [angrily]
Why do you always take off! You never tell me where you're going!

Luna [wriggling around]
I can't leave! Let me go!

Serena [stops walking]
Why can't you leave? There something I should know? [seriously glares at Luna]

Luna [sighs]
Follow me, Serena...

* * *
Robyn [pouting]
There goes our kitten-sitter... [leans on her arm]

Bay [shrugs]
How hard can it be to take care of three newborn kittens?

Robyn [smirks]
Wait 'til they start walking around...

Serena [walks into the kitchen]
Luna won't tell me why she can't leave...

I said to follow me, Serena!

Robyn [smirks]
Go ahead up, Serena...

Serena [confused]

Luna [walks towards the stairs]
Serena, you goofball!

[everyone goes up and the minute Serena sees kittens she runs over]

Serena [giggling]
They're so cute! When-

Robyn [smiling]
Today, Serena... In order for Aph to go and eat, Luna needs to watch them... so, she can't leave... Artemis refuses to do it...

Serena [smiling, touching the naked little kittens]
They have no fur! [looks back] Where IS Artemis?

(*Note: Don't do this in reality, if you see newborn kittens, leave them alone, their mother may have just gone for food... Check back on the family later in the day, if there's still no mother, take them in and call the vet and SPCA... they'll tell you what to do with the abandoned kittens... If your own cat has kittens, the same applies, do NOT touch the kittens, the mother may not care for them with your scent on them... even though she knows you... I had kittens, both ways... Please, do what you can, but don't interfere with nature unless there's no choice! ~Shadow~*)

[everyone's silent]

Luna [nervously]
He went for a walk, Serena... can Aphrodite get some sleep?

Serena [nods]
Ok... [they leave Robyn's room] So, how long until you can come home, Luna?

Luna [looks at her, strangely]

Serena [pouts]
Because it's not the same at home without you yelling at me...

Luna [smirks]
You've got Sammy and your mother doing the same thing...

Serena [sighs]
Yeah, but you add the Scout stuff....

Bay [grabs Robyn, and stops her from following Serena and Luna]
Robyn... I have to talk to you.... [serious stare]

Robyn [looking curiously]

Bay [leads her into her room and closes the door]
Ok, this is my room, there's no one in here... I have to tell you I made a decision...

Robyn [slightly afraid]
Wh-what's that? {"I'd like it to be that she wants ME to take the little one for her... but I know that's a SMALL chance if any... Bay won't let me do that... She-"}

Bay [sees Robyn dazing]
Rob? [waves her hand in front of her face]

Robyn [shakes her head, shaking off her train of thought...]
Hunh? I'm sorry, Bay... continue...

Bay [breathes deeply]
I'm leaving...

[The two stand in silence.... Robyn steps back a few steps and plops onto Bay's bed...]

Robyn [in shock]
I knew you were thinking about it, but, you mean... [looks up at Bay] You mean NOW?

Bay [shakes her head]
No! I mean after I talk to Adrian... I want to stay with her... I only want you knowing where I am... You know, in case of an emergency... ok?

Robyn [nods]
Yeah, emergency... [she gets up and leaves Bay alone]

Bay [stares at the open door]
What's wrong with her? I thought she'd be ok, knowing where I'm going...

Aphrodite [looking half asleep, standing by the door]
She's still not 100% okay with everything, Brad... You're her best friend, but you're the guy she really loves. You're pregnant, something she does want someday... [looks up] Something you never wanted... She's been sick lately, you know that... she's had a lot of doctor appointments with all her doctors... You don't get it, do you, Brad?!

Bay [angrily]
I'm a GUY, Aphrodite! I'm not SUPPOSED to get it!!!!

Aphrodite [yawns]
Well, you're a GIRL now... [glares and hisses] TRY!

Bay [desperate]
I don't wanna try! [Aph shakes her head and walks out, heading back to Robyn's room] What?! What I say?! [goes after Aph, out of her room]