"Sailor S"
Episode 30

[Robyn, having the same bad dream she's had for many nights now, is tossing and turning mumbling in her sleep. She sits up screaming]

NO! [breathes heavily, looks down onto the floor where Bay is sound asleep in the sleeping bag] We've got to get your floor fixed, Bay... [feels fur on her arm and hears a purr]

Aphrodite [whispering]
What wrong, Robyn?

Robyn [picks up her cat and hugs her]
Oh, Aph... it's that dream again... that boy in that room... [looks at Bay] I keep hearing them refer to him as Sailor Sun... I'm confused... [looks at her wall clock] Three in the morning... I gotta stop this...

Aphrodite [concerned]
Maybe we should wake her up? [points to Bay with her paw]

Robyn [nods]
Ok... [plops Aph on her] BAY! WAKE UP!

Bay [grumbles]
Get off me, creep...

Robyn [giggles, and grabs Aph before she takes off]
Let's try this again... [clears her throat] KILLER CAT! [Aph freaks and her claws come out as she hits Bay] MREEEOOOOOW! [giggles]

Bay [diving from the bag, bangs her head on Robyn's night table]
OW! [grabs her head] QUICK! GET THE KITTY CARRIER, JACKET! [sees Robyn staring at her as seriously as she could] What? [rubs her head]

Robyn [holding in her giggling]
You must have been dreaming, Bay... [clears her throat and sees Aph glare at her] But, since you're awake... can I talk to you?

Bay [yawns]
Can it wait? Till say... after school tomorrow? [crawls over to the bag and looks in it, then climbs back in] I'm still tired you know... and now, I have a headache...

Robyn [sighs]
Alright... good night, Bay... [lays back down and faces her clock] {"Now, how to get myself calmed down and back to sleep..."} [she sees a shadowy figure on the wall] [whispers] Bay?

Bay [mumbles]
Whuh? [rolls over to face Robyn] What?

Robyn [scared whisper]
Are you standing up?

Bay [confused, yawning]
Yeah, right, why?

Robyn [totally freaked now]
Please tell me that's you...

Bay [concerned]
What? [sits up and sees the figure] No... [turns to the window and sees nothing] There's nothing I can see making that... [looks around and sees Aph cowering in a corner] Aph? What's the matter?

Aphrodite [hisses and arches her back]
Evil... [hisses again]

Bay [concerned]
Evil? [looks back over and Robyn is sitting against her headboard, her covers untucked and around herself] Rob?

Robyn [shaking]
Bay... I'm scared of that thing... [she looks to Bay, then back to the wall] It's gone?!

Bay [sees it disappeared]
It was probably just a shadow from a tree or something, Rob... go back to sleep... [calms down and lays down, falling asleep almost immediately]

Robyn [sighs and tries to relax]
Yeah... a shadow... I shouldn't be scared of them, hunh? [lays down staring at the wall and eventually falls asleep]

* * *
Bay [rolls over and sees the sunlight]
What time is it? What am I doing on the floor? [looks at the bed] Bay! did you- [feels her hair against her neck] Wait a minute... I don't- [gets up on her knees and sees Robyn in bed, sound asleep] AAHHH! That's me!? Wait, I'm dreaming... yeah, that's it... I'm [turns and bangs her foot on the nightstand] OW! [Freaks] Oh no! I'm not dreaming! [turns back around] BAY! BAY, Wake up, please! [shakes Robyn]

Robyn [rolls over]
What's the matter, Robyn? [opens her eyes and sees Bay] AH! You- You- and I-

Bay/Robyn [nodding]
I don't know what happened... It had to be that figure we saw... [sees Aph curled up on the bed] Aph! Wake up! Wake up!

Aphrodite [yawns and opens her eyes seeing Bay with a freaked face and Robyn lost and confused]
What am I doing at your house?

Bay/Robyn [confused]
You live here, Aph...

Aphrodite [looks down and sees orange fur on herself]
Aaaaaahhhh! I'm Aphrodite! Then she- she's me... I'm her... oh, goody... [looking like a cat that just got out of a drier... fluffed and freaked out]

Robyn/Bay [worried]
Are we the only ones switched?

Bay/Robyn [scared]
Oh god, I never thought of that... [looks to Aph] Who are you?


phrodite [stutters]
Lu- Luna...

B=>R [gasps]
Serena! [looks at her clock] We're gonna be late! [runs over and gets dressed] Hurry up Bay- ah... Robyn... [shakes her head]

R=>B [shakes her head]
I don't think I can get used to this, Ro- Bay... [gets up and realizes she's in a nightgown] I hate you...

B=>R [smirks]
Like I knew...

R=>B [frowns]
Yeah, I guess... still... [grabs Robyn's uniform, seeing as Robyn had put Bay's on...] This is too strange, R- [sighs] BAY... it feels too weird to look at yourself, you know? [walks into the hall bathroom and changes]

B=>R [seriously]
Yeah... it is...

* * *
[Serena is walking out of her house looking a little afraid]

B=>R [sees Serena]
Robyn... I think she's been switched too... look at her face...

R=>B [shrugs]
Could've just had a bad dream... [calls her] Hey! Serena!

Serena [slowly turns her head]
Hi, Robyn... Bay... [stops and watches Luna follow her] Get away from me... you must have fell out of bed last night!

Luna [angrily]
No, you kicked me out!

A=>L [giggles]
That's nothing unusual...

Luna [sees A=>L]
Luna! [leaps onto the cat] You're me! Good, I'm not Artemis! [breathes a sigh of relief]

Serena [freaked face]
See?! She's nuts! She thinks Aph is her and she's Aph! I'm going ahead to school... before I go nuts too! [she takes off]

B=>R [kneels down and hugs L=A]
It looks like Serena's not switched... just us four...

L=>A [realizing]

B=>R [nods]
I think it has something to do with that shadow...

You saw a shadow too?

R=>B [rolls her eyes]
How many more of us have seen it?

B=>R [glances at her watch]
AH! We're late! Come on! [yanks R=>B and they run to school]

* * *
[In front of the school, no one's inside yet]

B=>R [confused]
What's going on, B-Rob?

R=>B [shrugs]
Looks like either we're all late or- [sees the clock in a classroom] WE'RE AN HOUR EARLY?!

B=>R [looks at her watch, then in at the clock]
[whispers]Your watch is an hour ahead, Bay...

R=>B [frowns]
It is not! [looks around and sees Serena... studying?] Serena? Study? Ah, are we sure she's not switched? Like with Amy?

L=>A [glares]
Funny... You think she'd be so calm if she was? [looks at Serena, eating an apple, studying a spelling book] Besides, Amy knows Spelling...

Mina [skips in and over to Serena]
Hiya, Rena! Whatcha studying now?

B=>R [confused]
Rena? [looks at R=>B] I think we should go over there... I mean, it's bad enough everyone's crazy, but now, Mina goes to this school?

R=>B [nods]
I guess so, let's head- [sees Rei walk up in Lita's uniform] Rei?

B=>R [looks over]
That's it, let's go. [she walks over to them] Hi, guys! [smiles]

Rei [smiles back]
Hi, Bay!

So, what's up? {"I gotta remember they don't know... this is gonna be tougher then I thought..."}

Serena [looks up and swallows her bite of apple]
Hey! Whatcha doin', Bay?

B=>R [shrugs]
Ah, I set my watch ahead and forgot... I thought I was late... other than that, today's pretty uneventful... {"Well, except that I'm not Bay, and Luna's not nuts... "Stop that, Robyn!" Geez..."}

Mina [giggles]
That can change... you know what today is?

B=>R [freaking]
{"Oh god, now what?"} No, what?

Rei [smirking]
She's happy because today they get to cook and can take home what they make...

Mina [waving her hand]
No... that's tomorrow... today's the Science class field trip to the museum! I get out of a whole day of school! [giggles more]

R=>B [smirks and whispers to R=>B]
Heh, looks like she's acting more like Serena!

R=>B [nods and looks at Serena]
So, is there the usual Scout Meeting this afternoon?

Serena [looks at R=>B strangely]
The WHAT meeting?

R=>B [freaking in her mind]
{"CRAP!"} Nevermind, I must be thinking of a strange dream I had, sorry, Serena... [smiles nervously]

B=>R [tugs R=>B's shirt]
Can I talk to you for a sec, Bay?

R=>B [still a little nervous and in shock]
Yeah... Robyn... [follows]

Ok, no Scouts, Serena acts like Amy, Mina acts like Serena, and Rei acts and dresses like Lita... Then there's us... You're me, I'm you, and Luna and Aph are switched... does the word "Nega-trick" pop into YOUR head as well?

R=>B [nods]
Yeah, but how do we reverse this trick?! Especially if there's no Scouts...?

There HAS to be Sailor Scouts! Apparently just not Serena.... I don't know, look, let's just go to school and think about this, Ok?

R=>B [nods and hears a bell]
I still can't believe Serena, you and I were early for school... [smirks and they head for their classes]

* * *
[At lunch, Rei and Serena are with Robyn and Bay]

Serena [eating and studying]
So, you think I'll do good on the Spelling test? I'm really nervous...

Rei [smiles]
You'll be fine, Meatball Head... With as much studying as you do, you should ace it!

[B=>R coughs as she half chokes on her hot dog...]

R=>B [looks at her]
{"I'm gonna hurl when I get my body back..."} B-[catches herself] Robyn? I thought you didn't eat pork?! [glares]

B=>R [realizing, makes an excuse]
Well, they're... beef, R-Bay...

R=>B [glares]
{"They'd BETTER BE!"} Um... whatever... so, what's everyone doing after school today? [she smiles and looks around, hopeful]

Well I'm going to study for that test tomorow...

Rei [pouts]
You study too much!

R=>B [shakes her head and whispers]
Bay? This is too weird...

Tell me about it.

Rei [looks at them]
What's that?

R=>B [nervously]

* * *
[After school]

{"Bay's going to kill me when she finds out the mark I got on that computer test"}

B=>R [running up]
Hey, how'd you do on the computer test?

R=>B [turns her head]
BAY! [blush] Ah... ok... it's a...different mark than you usually get... [smiles nervously]

I'm not surprised you'd get a lower mark then me. As long as you pasted...

{"I'm dead."}

B=>R [sees R=>B's face...]
You flunked out, didn't you?

R=>B [surprised, then sighs]
Big time... [she hands B=>R the score.....]

B=>R [seeing the mark]
Eep! [shakes her head] Well, one thing that bugs me... if Serena's not Sailor Moon who is?

Rei [Running up]
Hey, guys!

Hey, Rei!

Rei [looking at Robyn]
Hey, did you forget we had that Sailor Meeting?

I guess I forgot.

Rei [whispering to Robyn]
Robyn! You never miss a meeting. Sailor Moon's the leader, remember!

Yeah... Sailor Moon... [sees Rei's stare] ME?!

What about Shadow?

What shadow?

R=>B [confused]
There's no...

B=>R [puts her hand on R=>B's shoulder]
Hush... it's ok...

A=>L [running up]

Bay? What's wrong...looks like your best friend died.

A=>L [confused as to what's going on]
What's wrong?

R=>B [starting to cry]
Everything! Nothing's right! [she runs off, crying]

B=>R [sighs]
{"Sure, make me look like a crybaby!"}

Rei [sadly]
She's always crying... but she's always made sense... what does she mean "nothing's right"?

B=>R [bluffing]
You got me..

Robyn, meeting! At your place!

Yeah... I'll be right behind you... I got to talk to Aph...Luna.

K... [she walks ahead]

Aph? What's going on?

I found out, you're Sailor Moon!

Little late. Why not Serena?

Luna thought she was Sailor Moon... but determined she wasn't and when Robyn arrived, she was given Sailor Moon's powers. Serena know Luna can talk, but doesn't have a clue that she's with the Sailor Scouts... She thinks Luna goes out to see some boyfriend.

B=>R [concerned]
So... that whole Moon Princess thing wasn't Serena? But.. if I'm Robyn, and she's Sailor Moon...

A=>L [nods]
Then you're the princess...

B=>R [sweatdops]
AAHH! Um... [breathes deeply] Ok, then who's which Scout?

Rei's Jupiter, Lita's Venus, Mina's Mars... I don't know about Mercury or Sun.

B=>R [confused]
There's a Sailor Sun?! [shakes her head] Ok, that's confusing... You expect me to remember this?!

Hey, I'm doing the best I can. Those were the only Scouts I saw in records. Mercury's mentioned, but no pictures.

Well, we're probably the same... How'd you find out about Serena anyway?

Serena has a dairy... that, and common sense.

B=>R [smirks]
You? Common sense?

A=>L [glares]
Very funny... You should get going... Sailor Moon... [she smirks and runs ahead]

Rei [yelling form down the street]
Robyn! Hurry up!

B=>R [grumbles]
I don't know if I prefer her this way, or hating me.... [she runs up to her and they head to Bay and Robyn's house...]

* * *
[The two approach the house, and Mina wearing Rei's school uniform, while Lita's whereing mina ussual uniform]

This is going to get confusing...

Where's Bay?

She ran away again!

She never shows any back bone.

B=>R [sniffing, walks up]
I'm right here... I'm sorry... I failed the computer test... I'm a little on edge...

Mina [shocked]
You?! Failed a computer test?!

Rei [turns her head]
Sailor Mercury? Fail?!

Sailor Mercury?

B=>R [calmly whispers]
Don't bother Robyn.

So, what's the business today, Robyn?


What are we going to talk about? You always have some dumb Scout topic.

B=>R [hoping to get someone else to do it...]
If you think they're so dumb, I want one of your ideas!

Mina [leaning back]
If it was up to me, I wouldn't be here. If we see another bank robbery or something, we stop it....

What about the Negaverse?

I'm surprised you were awake enough to even notice it.

Rei [trying to calm everyone down]
Guys, do we really have to start another fight?

Bay, you are dense. The Negaverse was destroyed a while ago... remember? We all went...

Lita [talking to Mina]
Yeah, but then, she decided to hide in a nice warm hut in Antarctica, instead of helping us stop the bad guys.

R=>B [getting angry]
I can fight as good as the rest of you!

Lita [nods]
I didn't say you couldn't fight, Mercury... You just avoid them a lot!

B=>R [holds her hands up]
Enough! Look, there's bound to be more bad guys on the way, we have to stay prepared and alert! {"Especially since a lot hasn't happened here yet... This is too weird... I don't know how this happened... or how to reverse it..."}

Lita [getting up]
This is pointless. [sarcastically] Where are the big bad guys going to come from? Space? I think were doing more of a policing-type service then we should!

R=>B [turns around and sees Darien walking up, quietly]
{"I wonder what or who HE is..."}

Darien [grabs B=>R and hugs her]
Hey, Robyn... [he kisses her head]

B=>R [instantly pulling away from Darien, and taking up a defensive position]
Who....What the hell are you doing?

Mina [surprised]
Did Robyn just swear?!

I heard it.

Rei [putting her hand on B=>R's shoulder]
Robyn. Are you ok?

What I do?

R=>B [whispers to B=>R]
Darien loves Sailor Moon... [accentuates to her] Sailor Moon....

(*Note: Ok, this is getting annoying... from here on out, it's Bay and Robyn...)

Robyn [realizing her mistake]
Ah... sorry, Darien...I'm... not myself today...

Darein [confused]
Ah... alright... should you lay down?

No.. I'm good.

Where's Artemis anyway?

Lita [standing up, upset]
That does it... I'm not working with anyone who doesn't keep up with events.... [Storms by Bay]

What I say?

Mina [loudly]
Artemis was hit by that truck two months ago. Remember?! Of course Lita's taking it hard?

And you?

I miss him... but he was Lita's guardian.

That's it! This is all too confusing! I- [they hear a growl and Lita's scream. She turns her head] What the-?!

Let's check it out.

Mina [surprised]
You want to go?

That sounded like Lita!

Mina [nods]
Yeah, but-

Robyn [angrily]
Let's GO!

[They run out and see a large monster, that caught Lita off guard...]

Where's Makoto? We need her?

Makoto? {"She's here too."}

Of course. She knows all about these monsters.

* * *
[Off in the bushes]

Makoto [looking at a tied up and gagged version of herself]
Sorry, you're just way too nice.

[The other Makoto struggles]

I don't know how you lived all this time... Now watch. If this works, we can both be human again!

Bay [seeing movement in the bushes]
What's that? [points]

Robyn [shrugs]

Bay [smirks]
Yeah, right...

Monster [picks up Lita and tosses her at the group]
Take this!

Mina [wants to dive, but wants to catch her friend....]

Robyn [Watching the others fight]
Don't they even bother training anymore?

Bay [seriously]
I guess not... I think we should transform....

Right... Sun.... oh, Shadow.... What's her transformation call anyway?

Bay [smirks]
Take the brooch and yell Moon Crystal Power...

I hope this works... [She takes the brooch] 'Moon Crystal Power'

Mercury Star Power!

Robyn [quickly looking at herself]
{"Fruit loop through and through!"}

Sailor Mercury [ready to help, but looks at 'Moon']
Hey, where's Amy? Isn't she a Scout?

Sailor Moon
Never mind that... Lets help them...

Sailor Mercury [nods]

[The two leap at the monster... releasing two very astonished girls...

Mina [on the ground beside Rei]
Bay's fighting?!

Rei [a little nervous]
I... I think we should help them.

Lita [unsure]

Sailor Moon [looks to Mercury, who for some reason, is having a bit of trouble fighting back...]
What's wrong?

Sailor Mercury [glares]
I told you once, I couldn't fight my way out of a-

Sailor Moon [sighs]
Paper bag, I know, look, just do what you know, Ro- ah, Bay...

Sailor Venus [using her attacks against the monster]
We can't stop it.

Sailor Mercury
I think she's right.

Sailor Moon
Like we have a choice....

[Suddenly a rose lands between the monster and the Scouts...]

Sailor Moon [grumps]
{"Oh boy... Butthead..."} Tuxedo Mask? [turns her head and sees him] {"Ok, that's everyone... we have the full can of nuts..."}

Tuxedo Mask
You have interrupted this.... [he's hit from behind with a large ball of fire] Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......[He falls to the ground]

Sailor Sun
I don't think your going to get any help from him!...

Sailor Venus
Oh no, Sailor Sun!

Sailor Moon [squinting]

Sailor Mercury [shocked]
But- but she's on OUR side! [looks at Moon, and whispers] I know you were.... [shakes her head] Where the hell are we?!

[A small orange cat jumped up along side Sun]

Sailor Moon [unsure]
Aph too?

Sailor Sun
Just give up Scouts...

Sailor Mercury
Ok, what's going on?

Makoto [watching, still unknoticed]
A Sailor Sun here too. And she's a bad guy... oh I love this...

Sailor Mercury [hearing a low voice in the bush dives in and grabs the UNtied Makoto....]

Sailor Venus [glaring]
Hiding again?! Why is she so afraid of Sailor Sun?

Sailor Jupiter [running up to Makoto]
Makoto, what should we do?

Makoto [struggling]
These aren't the real Moon and Mercury... stop them...

Sailor Jupiter [grabbing Mercury]
I knew she wasn't herself!

Sailor Moon [strugging from Sailor Venus holding her down]
Let go!

Sailor Mars
This is all too weird.

Sailor Moon [grabs Makoto and prevents Mars and Venus from grabbing her]
Makoto! You put us here, DIDN'T you?! Did you think this would be FUNNY?! Did you think I'd like to be Sailor Moon?! And Robyn would want to be ME?! WHAT KIND OF BERSERKO NUT ARE YOU?!

Sailor Jupiter [having a good grip on Mercury]
What are you talking about?! She's a guardian! She's not the nut! YOU are! And why did you refer to Bay as YOU?!

Makoto [ingoring Sailor Moon]
Scouts... get the sailor Orbs... it's the only way.

Minaca [beside Sun]
I think they forgot about us.

Sailor Sun
What should we do?

Sailor Moon [still holding Makoto]
You think about using those things on us, I'll de-fur you myself, you two-timing, two faced, little HAIRBALL!

Sailor Jupiter [throws Mercury into the other two's arms and dives at Moon, who dodges and lands in the bushes, seeing Makoto... the real one... tied up and gagged...]

Sailor Moon
Switch us back, and turn everything back to normal!

Makoto [whispering to Moon]
You don't understand. This isn't your place... it's an entirely different world. And with those Orbs, I can finally get my revenge. I'll be human, and you'll have to live out the rest of your life having someone else's powers... and someone else's looks.

Sailor Mercury [growls and struggles]
Let me go! You don't understand! This isn't right! I'm Robyn! That's Bay! I'm Sailor Shadow! Not Mercury! Everything's screwed up! [sees Makoto trying to get loose] And it's all that little hairball's fault!

Luna [running up with Aphrodite]
Scouts! [sees Makoto] YOU! You did this to us! You hairball!

Aphrodite [looks strangely at Luna]

Luna [glares]
She switched us, Luna! And she's screwed up EVERYONE! We've got to reverse whatever she did and get back to the way it was! Serena's being Sailor Moon may not really be the BEST choice... but it's reality!

Aphrodite [sighs]
I know... I know... We have to get everything back...

Sailor Mercury [smiles and happily yells]

Sailor Jupiter [picking up the other Makoto]

Makoto [yelling back]
Don't untie her... she's the bad guy....she did something to Robyn, Bay, Aphrodite and Luna.

Sailor Jupiter [trusting Makoto]

Sailor Sun
Ok, this is starting to bug me....

They're all in one spot... fry them!

Sailor Sun
Your right...

Sailor Mercury [hears 'fry them' and struggles harder]
LET ME GO! [stops struggling] Ok, don't... then WE ALL GET TOASTED!

Sailor Venus [confused]
What?! How...

Sailor Moon [still holding Makoto, turns her head and sees Sun powering up... well, she WAS Sun... she knows what it looks like!']
CRAP! She's powering up! [turns to Venus] Let her go! She can stop-

Sailor Sun
Solar Comet Strike!

Sailor Mercury [breaks free]
Shine Aqua Illusion!

Scouts.. Orbs! It's the only way..

Sailor Moon
Of what??

[Sailor Mars putting her hands out and a large wooden case appears before her.]

Sailor Moon
No... not the Orbs!

Sailor Mercury
I don't know how much longer I can hold her off!

Sailor Moon [dropping Makoto and jumping on the case]
Guys... don't let her use them!

Sailor Jupiter
Why should we trust you?

Jupiter, your power pen...

Sailor Jupiter [dropping the pen in front of Makoto]
What do you want it for?

Makoto [looking at Moon]
Oh, I learned something while I was here. With two of me here... we're both unstable. Meaning your trick should work for me....Jupiter Power!

[Quickly a flash of light and Jupiter disappeared turning into a small cat just like Makoto. At the same time, Makoto changes into a tall teenager, wearing Jupiter's costume.]

Sailor Jupiter [she looks at Lita]
I thought it would look better if I had my planet's Sailor Power... Sorry, princess.... [She kicks Sailor Moon off the case, and picks it up] And with a Scout's powers and the Orbs I can control everything...time, space, even thought.

Sailor Venus
You're not our Makoto!

Sailor Mercury [still holding back Sun's attack]
GUYS! Little help!

Sailor Moon [gets up]
Then if you lose one, your plan's no good! [she remembers Moon's Scepter attack] {"This had better work..."} Moon Scepter Elimination! [the Scepter appears and the moons and stars shoot out to Makoto. She turns her back to the attack...]

Real Makoto [the two cats had untied her...]
MREEEEOOOOOOOOW! [she leaps at Makoto] TIE ME UP WILL YOU?! DROP THE ORBS! [she pounces on her, throwing her off balance...]

Sailor Sun
Why won't they all die?

They're up to something...

Sailor Mercury [her attack beginning to fade back]
GUYS! PLEASE! [it dies out and the comet hits her, knocking her onto Makoto, and into Moon's attack]

Sailor Sun [happily]
Got one! Finally....

Good now get the rest of them...

Sailor Sun
That took a lot out of me.

Minaca [angrily]

Sailor Sun [glares at Minaca]
Minaca! You want to be a toasted cat?!

Minaca [glares back]

Sailor Sun [yelling back]
I don't have the energy for it...

Do it... I want my little Aphrodite back!

Sailor Sun [picking up Minaca]
We'll get your kitten back later. [jumps away from the others]

Sailor Moon [walks over to the two unconscious girls, 'Sailor' Makoto and Sailor Mercury...]
Rob? {"If that fake Sun hurt you...}

Sailor Venus
Hey, What's going on here?

Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon [glares]
You won't believe me if I told you...

Sailor Mercury [coming to]
What do we do, Bay...? I mean, I don't want to spend the rest of my life dodging Amy.

Sailor Venus

Sailor Mercury sits up, holding her head]
The one who just tried to fry us! Oooowwwww....

Sailor Venus
Give me one reason why I shouldn't eliminate you now.

Real Makoto
Because, they're not the bad guys.

That's right!

Sailor Moon [powers down]
Robyn? Are you ok?

Sailor Mercury [opens one eye and looks at her]
Bay? How did we get here? I mean who thought this would be funny?!

Makoto [looks to 'Sailor' Makoto]
She would... She wants to be human again.

Sailor Mercury [turns her head to 'Sailor' Makoto]
Makoto! You little furrball! Wait... she IS human... [turns to Makoto] Why are you-

Sailor Venus [seriously]
Because she's a good guy...

Real Makoto
She approached me this morning. I thought it was a guy at first, but she said she changed reality in order to use the Sailor Orbs. She wanted to turn us both human again.

And you didn't?

I like being a cat!

Bay [after powering down]
This is too much... Ok, in our reality, Makoto's been after the Scouts for a while now... Serena, Rei, Mina, Lita, Amy, Bay and me. Poor Aphrodite was mistaken for Minaca... who's not even around there... Luna and Artemis-

Lita/cat [glares]
Stop it! This is enough! I've had it with these lies! Artemis is dead, and Serena's not a Scout! Besides, you have one too many there...

Bay [shakes her head]
No... I can tell you who we all are there... If you want...?

Sailor Mars
In our world, Serena never was a scout. Me, Lita, Mina and you and Bay- ah, I mean Robyn, all became Scouts. Makoto's been around since she first gave me my powers. Then Lita and Mina.

Sailor Venus
We've got no idea who this Amy is...

Ok, Lita. Do me a favor and power down. I'm starting to get a headache seeing you in Venus's costume.

Sailor Venus

Bay [thinks]
Ok, let me get this all straight... Rei's Jupiter, Lita's Venus, Mina's Mars... I'm Mercury, and Amy's Sun... [looks to Robyn] and Bay? You're Sailor Moon...? [shakes her head] Now I'VE got a headache...

[The girls power down]

Ok... How'd we get you guys out of our reality?

Bay [sadly]
I wish I had a clue...

Robyn [nodding]
Yeah, I mean, we don't know how Makoto got us here... And the Sailor Orbs were used AND destroyed back home...

Bay [looks at Robyn]
Wait... that's it... the Orbs? What are they called? I know Animal, and you told me Thought... but is there any that could get us home? And out everything back here?!

First you'll have to know... How you actually got here. And where it sends you...

Robyn [getting an idea]
The Thought Orb... we can use it on Makoto... [looks at the cat] the BAD one... [smiles and looks back to Bay] and find out how she did this...

Bay [nods]
Yeah, considering she'd probably never tell us...

Lita [seriously]
Well, what if we convinced her you were back in your own reality... force her to tell you how she did it, or trick her?

Bay [sadly]
I wish... but Rei is Mars and Lita? You're Jupiter... Right now- [remembers her and Aphrodite. How they switch back...] Take the Jupiter Pen from her... take it back, it should reverse what she did to you, Rei...

Robyn [nods]
Yeah, it works for you and Aph...

Luna [pouts]

What do you mean?

Bay [turns her head and stands up]
Well, There was a little... [looks to Robyn] What would you call it when the Luna Pen turned you into a real cat and Aphrodite used your locket?

Luna [leaps onto Bay's shoulders, glaring]
You're hilarious, Robyn...

Screw up!

Bay [glares]
Hey! It's not like she knew calling "Sun Power" would transform- [she stopped and a yellow light flashed around her]

Robyn [freaks]

Bay [light disappears]
What was- [sees she's a Scout again... a weird one... It looked like a combination of Mercury and Sun's costume...] Um.... who was playing with the color scheme!?

Robyn [almost in a pouting state]
Like I said. BIG screw up!

Luna [surprised]
Maybe you should have called Shadow-

Bay [clamps her hand over Luna's mouth]
Shut up... I don't know if it will do anything to you, Aph... [looks to Robyn] Of course we could see what happens if she takes you locket...?

Robyn [smirks]
Go ahead... You're me, remember?

Makoto [who's a cat again, is coming to...]
Where-? What happened?

Robyn [turns]
Get her!

Rei [grabs Makoto]
Turn me into a cat, will you!

Hey... I'm a cat, again...

Lita [smirks]
So much for plan B...

Bay (*Since I have no clue what to call her as this Scout!*)
Makoto! Tell us what you did to screw us up! How did we get here?!

You'll never know.. and if you ever do get back, you won't remember a thing. And I'll still be underfoot like I have been.

Robyn [sighs]
Then we have no choice...

Rei [keeps hold of Makoto]
I hate to admit, but I agree with you.

Mina [nods and picks up the box]
Right. [opens the box, but looks scared and drops it, pieces fall onto the grass] They- they've all been shattered!

Robyn, Bay, Luna and Aphrodite

It's in pieces.....

Bay [trying to figure out how to power down, since she never touched anything to transform...]
But- then Makoto wouldn't have any way to use them anyway... so she's stuck here as well... [runs over and kneels down. She sees all but two of the Orbs were shattered, but realized what Mina was doing... She picks up a few pieces] There's no way home, Makoto... You're trapped as a cat and here... with us...

Makoto [rushing to the case]
No... they can't be... [Sees the broken Orbs] No...

Bay [nods]
So how did you get us here?! [she had the unshattered two behind her back. She refused to let Makoto see them, and know there were still two left... [she felt funny, having two in her hand at once]

Makoto [sulks away, sadly and lays on the grass]
I'm stuck as this wretched furrball! AND IT'S ALL PHOBIE'S FAULT!

Bay [looks at Robyn]
Bay? Come here, please?

What is it, Rob?

Bay [pulls out the two Orbs from behind her back and puts her finger to her lips]
Shh... [she holds them out to Robyn, and whispers] Take one Bay, I'm starting to feel ill holding them both...

Ah... ok... but...

Bay! Don't say a thing.

Mina [nods and points to the crying Makoto. Their Makoto was on Lita's shoulders. Mina whispers to Robyn]

Robyn [nods]
Right... I want to go home...

Real Makoto [to Makoto]
Oh, at least act your age...

I'm over a thousand years old! How am I supposed to act?

Real Makoto [grumpily]

Aphrodite [seriously]
If you tell us how you got us here, maybe we can reverse it and send us all home... [looks to Luna on Bay's shoulders] Aphrodite?

Luna [nods]
Right... Think, Makoto... if we don't remember this, then you can scheme and plot all over again... knowing this one won't work again...

{"They're trying to encourage her.... is everyone nuts?"}

Makoto [sniff]
I used.... [sniff] dreaming powder from the Great Book...

Dreaming powder? So we're dreaming this?

No, the powder makes a dream world real.

Mina [seriously]
Are you saying that this is a dream world, and none of US exist?

Robyn [stops everyone]
Wait, wait, wait... what Great Book? And can't you make another batch to send us home?

This was a dream world. Now it's real. And I don't have the book anymore. It disappeared when the real world switched.

Real Makoto
I know where it is...

Robyn [smiles]
Great! Lead us there... Please...?

Rei [keeps ahold of Makoto]
You're coming, but only because I don't want something like YOU loose!

Bay [sadly]
I just want to wake up!

Why do you have it?

I hid it a while back.. in case Sailor Sun ever found it...

Sailor Sun [standing in path of the others]
So, Minaca was right! There is a book!

Minaca [standing beside her]
LUNA! I want my baby back!


Tuxedo Mask [finally gets up and comes up behind the others]
What's going on? [holding his head, he stands by Robyn]

{"If he kisses me again, I'm going to hurl chunks."}

Bay [blushes and turns from Robyn and Darien]
{"Why did I hear that? That's embarrassing!"}

Robyn [stops and looks at Bay]
What is?

Bay [looks at Robyn, confused and surprised]

Tuxedo Mask [looks at the two]
What's going on?

Sailor Sun
Don't ignore me!

Your Baby?

Aphrodite, don't concern yourself with it...

Aph's my kitten, you know that!


Aphrodite [glares at Minaca]
You left her to me and Artemis, if anything ever happened to you.

Minaca [confused]
You and Artemis?! I-... You're Aphrodite! That's LUNA!

Aphrodite [seriously]
No... because of Makoto, I'm Luna, and she's me... Bay and Robyn are switched as well... None of this should exist...

Sailor Sun
What are you talking about?

Luna [confused, looks at Aphrodite]
Momma, is that true?

Yes, Aphrodite, I'm not your real mother, Minaca is...

Explains the color scheme.

I never loved you any less.

Luna [looks ready to cry]
But- you- you lied to me all this time... Why didn't you ever tell me?! Is Dad my real DAD?!

I don't know...

Luna [running to Minaca]
Who's my dad? Who?

Minaca [stepping back]
What's going on?!

Aphrodite [smirks]
You started this...

Bay [pulls Luna back]
Aph! Wait! Stop this! Don't you think that maybe because of this being a dream world, that maybe, just MAYBE that's part of the dream?

Luna [stops]
But- [she looks at Aphrodite, sadly] Momma? Are you telling me the truth? Or- or are you part of this dream world?

It's the truth.

Bay [glares]
Thanks a lot, Luna... [Luna starts crying and lets Bay comfort her]

Aphrodite [sighs]
She'd have found out one day anyway...

Sailor Sun [shaking her head]
WOULD YOU PEOPLE STOP THIS!? I'm here to destroy you, and instead we have a family reunion!!! [glares at the cat] MINACA!

Robyn [walks up to Sun]
Look, you... Amy... that's right, I know who you are. Look, in MY world, I'm Sailor Sun. You can be a good guy if you wanted to... The Scouts can always use a little extra help... And this world may not last much longer after we leave, so... go out on the right side...

Sailor Sun [growls]
Pretty speech, I don't care how you know who I am, but you're going to leave this world one way or another, so, say good bye!

This is confusing me...

Real Makoto
Sun, we don't have time for you to ...

Sailor Sun
Cut it out! I don't want to hear any more excuses...

Robyn [standing beside Sun]

[Sun looks at Robyn, Robyn quickly throws punch, hitting Sailor Sun across the face and knocking her out.]

Robyn [cradling her hand]
Ooowww... That hurt.



Robyn [looking at Bay]
I was starting to hate her anyway.

Bay [in shock]
But that's as odd as hitting yourself... wait... [holds her chin and thinks...]

Robyn [curious]

Bay [smirks and shakes her head]
Nevermind... you did... [snicker]

Minaca [scratching Robyn's leg]
Witch! [She runs off into the bushes]


Bay, look at what your doing to me!

It's not me!

Real Makoto
Girls. Lets get you back to normal.

What about her? [points to Sun]

Bay [shrugs]
What ABOUT her?! She's out, we'll have enough time to get the book, switch things back, and go on...

Robyn [rubbing the leg]
I'm getting tired of getting scratched... Aph does it... Artemis hates me and nearly did it... Now this Minaca cat and Makoto swiped... but missed...

Bay [walks over]
Poor Bay... [she whispers] Hey, wait, in this reality, are you pregnant...?

Robyn [smirks]
If this is a dream, I hope not, it would become a nightmare...

Bay [grins]

How do you feel?

Like you!

What are you two talking about?

Bay [looks over]
Nothing important... let's go...

Robyn [glares]
Nothing?! If you... [pauses] Let's just get back to normal. I'm getting tired of being short.

Hey, I'm not that much smaller then you!

Robyn [pulls Bay]
Come on, Rob!

[The group follows the Real Makoto and carries "the bad one"... Makoto leads them around...]

* * *
[Robyn, looking in a large book]

How'd you hide this all these years?

Real Makoto
Not easily.

Just find the page with the powder.

Robyn [stopping on a page]
Oh, my...


Robyn [reading the page]
It's here.

Bay [looking open the page]
Bay. You don't want to...

Makoto [jumping by the book]
A Metamorph Spell? What do you want to use that for?

I can....

Bay! You have a baby on the way! You can't!

But I... If we...


I'm getting confused...

You're not the only one...

Bay [snapping her fingers in front of Robyn]
Hey, snap out of it... We have to get things back to normal...

Robyn [shaking her head]
Yeah... right.... [She continued to look through the book]


Robyn [stopping again]
Here it is...

A little preparation, I read the spell, and we're all back to normal...

Robyn [looking at the page]
Where's the powder recipe?

There is none... it's just the title.

What do we have to do?

Real Makoto [looking at the page too]
According to this, you should all be together, in the place this all started.

My room.

Real Makoto

Robyn [picking up the real Makoto]
Give me a sec. [She walks over to a empty area away from the others] Look, is there any way to make me remember that spell?

The Metamorph? No... You'll forget everything. It'll be like nothing physically changed...

Physically... Is there a spell to make to erase memory?

I think so.

Ok, I want you to erase any memory Robyn... has about my past... before we met...

I don't think we should...

Makoto, it's important. I don't want her hurt!

What about you? You seem to know something that you don't-.

If I erase my memory, I won't be me... trust me. {"I'll end up just like Angie"}

Bay [looking over the spells nearby in the book]
{"Memory? Here. as a side note... to remember the trip, you must... crap, I can't read this note... it's hand written... and smudged!"} [looks to Robyn, who's returning] Bay? Can you help me read this? [she points to the smudge]

Robyn [shaking her head]
I can't read that... [looks to the real Makoto] You?

Real Makoto [squints and stares]
Yes, it's in the language of the Moon Kingdom... most have forgotten how to read or write it...

Bay [surprised]
{"But I made it out?!"} Can you read what this part says? after 'you must'?

Real Makoto [surprised]
You read that?!

Bay [nods]
I remember it... barely... Then, that explains why I was so good with Languages though...

Robyn [rolls her eyes and grabs her head]
Oh brother... Whatever. Look, I just want to get home!

You two, Luna, and Aphrodite should go and just try to sleep. Hopefully when you wake up, everything will be normal.

Who's going to watch you?

I will. I don't like this. But it's the right thing to do.

Bay [sadly]
But the memories?

Real Makoto [seriously]
I'll take care of everything. I'm sorry my counterpart has caused so much trouble... I know of a way to stop it. Just sleep.

Robyn [curious]
You do?

Real Makoto [impatiently]
Just go!

[The four leave]

Makoto [glaring]
Look, you little goody-goody! You can't stop me! In over a 1000 years, I've learned a LOT more than you have!

Real Makoto [transforms to a human.]
Oh really?

Makoto [gasps]
You! You learned-?!

Human Makoto [nods and holds the cat]
Yes. If you had been a good kitty, you'd have learned this little trick too... but for now, I will banish you from this dimension... The Sailor Guardians know how to ship you off. I send you to the Guardian's Gate. Good-bye, Makoto...

Makoto [freaking]
You can't do this! Think what it'll do to YOU!

Human Makoto [softly]
I'm over a thousand years old, Makoto... I'm no longer worried about that... I protect and help the Scouts... you could learn from that...

Makoto [disappearing]
You haven't heard the LAST of me!

Human Makoto [turns to the book]
Now, to set things straight... She lied to those girls... This is a real world... it is another dimension to them, but home to us... We must reverse them back... I think this spell... [she reads] Yes, here. I can alter it, so only two hours have passed there. If I could make this out, I'd help them retain their memories, but it's illegible... Go, Scouts... Leave this building. I'll be ok...

Lita [worried]

Human Makoto [seriously and ordering]
Now, Sailor Scouts... leave before you are hurt! [The girls run out and Makoto turns back to the book and reads the spell a few times to herself, then with out looking up, straight faced says] Hello, Sun...

Sailor Sun
Did it work?

Human Makoto
Yes. We got rid of Minaca, Bay, Robyn, and those other Scouts. If I finish this spell, all of them will be gone from this dimension. And no one will care, because everyone now thinks that this world is nothing but a dream.

Sailor Sun
Where will the Scouts from our world be sent... and Minaca?

Human Makoto
Who cares?! With not one left to oppose us, we'll rule!

Sailor Sun
Good plan. Get rid of anyone knowing about the Moon Kingdom. Only those in this cave will remain. But, why are you doing this?

Human Makoto
I'm old. And sick of living in this world as it is. I was bitter about being a cat. And I wanted the Sun powers. But I found something better.

Sailor Sun
Queen of the Earth?

Human Makoto
Both of us.

* * *
[Bay, sitting on her (Robyn's) bed]

Bay [to Robyn]
I don't think I'm going to be able to get to sleep.

Robyn [getting into the sleeping bag]
I'll be glad to get to normal.

Bay [laying down]

Guys... go to sleep.


Looks like the old lady isn't having any trouble. Robyn?




Robyn [lays down]
The sooner the better.

* * *
[Robyn's clock started to buzz]

Bay [in Robyn's bed, swinging at the clock, while her face is still planted into her pillow]
Er...turn it off....

Robyn [waking up, from in Bay's sleeping bag]
What the... [She bangs her leg on the bed leg] OWW!

Bay [finally shutting off the clock]

Robyn [slowly crawls up and looks at Bay, sleeping in her bed]
Bay! What are you doing in my bed?

Bay [looking at Robyn]
What are you doing wearing my shirt?

Robyn [giggling as Bay sat up]
Look at yourself!

Bay [looking to see she's wearing a night gown]

Robyn [snickers and taps Aph]
Hey, BC?

Bay [looks at Robyn]

Robyn [looks at Bay strangely]
BC! Butterscotch? [shakes her cat] Come on, brat, wake up...

Bay [thinks]
{"HOW FAR BACK DID THAT OTHER MAKOTO ERASE?!"} [her mind falters after its first thought... she forgot what she'd just asked herself...]

Aphrodite [yawns, stretches and looks at Robyn]

Robyn [picks up the cat]
BC, come on... You're always sleeping...

Aphrodite [stares at Robyn, a little shaken]
{"Why is she calling me BC?! I'm not Butterscotch anymore!"}

Bay [puts her hand on Robyn's shoulder]
Robyn? What's the last thing you remember?

Robyn [smirking]
Bay... I went to sleep in MY bed last night after a shopping trip with Serena... You bought that ugly bomber jacket to replace the one BC tore up...

Bay [surprised]
Hunh?! You... ever hear of the Sailor Scouts?

Robyn [looks at Bay strangely]

Bay [smacks her forehead]
Oh boy...

Luna [walking in]
What am I doing here?

Luna, How'd you get in?

Robyn [looks at Luna, surprised and sweatdropping]
Luna talks?!

Ah... well, Robyn... Ah...

What's going on?!

Yeah, what's going on?

Robyn [dropping Aphrodite]

I haven't a clue.

Robyn [freaking, dives from the bag and stands near the window]
Where am I?! Is this some kind of alien joke, or trick or something?! It's NOT FUNNY! [looks ready to bawl...]

Bay [jumping out of bed, and tripping over the edge of the nightgown, falls flat on her face]
Ow.... OW [gets up, holding her nose] Ow...

Robyn [seriously]
I don't know what's weirder... You in a nightgown, or the fact that so far, two cats are talking to me...

Bay [letting go of her nose]
Robyn, it's ok. Just sit down for a minute.

Robyn [watching Bay's nose bleed]
You're bleeding.

It's nothing.

Robyn [yelling]
It's getting on MY nightgown!

Bay [yells]
You're worse than Serena! Listen to me! SIT!

Robyn [whimpers and plops onto the floor against the wall]
Yes, Bay...

Aphrodite [angry]
Don't yell at her, Bay!

Bay [kneeling down in front of Robyn]

I don't understand what's going on...

You have a little memory loss... Bay... Well, you know who I am... What about Serena, Amy, Lita, Mina, And Rei?

Robyn [sniffs, starting to cry]
I just went shopping with Serena yesterday... Mina went too... Rei, Lita and Amy had to go somewhere... You too... You never told us where... you just disappeared... [wipes her face] Where'd you go yesterday, Bay?

Yesterday.... I forgot about a test I wanted to study for, naturally, Amy wanted to help, Lita wanted to cook something for us, but had to buy stuff to cook, so, she went to the store... Rei? I dunno, she just left... maybe so she wouldn't fight with Serena again... [she shrugs]


Anyway, have you ever heard of Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Sun or Shadow?

Robyn [thinks]
Not really, you always take the paper from me... I never get to read the comics...

Aphrodite [puts her paws over her face]
They're not comic strip characters, Robyn...

What are they then?

Bay [lowers her head]
I'm getting a headache. Tell me everything since we met.

Robyn [confused]

Bay [gently]
I just want to see how much you remember.

Robyn [starts to tell her...]
Well, The first thing I remember that I met you was...

[It amounted to Robyn remembered meeting Bay in school, where she, Serena, Lita and Amy also went. She became friends and when Bay got kicked out of her apartment, (Well, that's what Bay told her anyway...) she moved in with Robyn and her dad, which didn't last too long, so they got this place, Bay never told her how they were going to pay for it, but she accepted and then, Bay got pregnant, but never told Robyn how or who... Then, she wakes up in the sleeping bag that Bay was in because of some water damage to Bay's floor, until they got it repaired.]

And you never heard Aph, Luna, Artemis or Makoto talk before.

No. Butterscotch didn't get into another fight with Makoto?

It's Aphrodite now...

Robyn [poutily]
Your name is Butterscotch! I'm your owner, BC...

Bay [putting her hand back on Robyn's shoulder]
Stop, I don't want my headache getting worse... Look, there's quite a lot we need to fill you in on... Let's go to Rei's... ok? Or, would you prefer pizza first?

Robyn [nods and smiles]
I said I'd meet Serena for pizza this afternoon, let's meet her there! [gets up and grabs some clothes, and dashes into the bathroom, locking the door]

Bay [smirks]
Well, her stomach's a bit different...

What do you mean?

Bay [still smirking]
Well, she eats like Serena as well as acts like her now...

Aphrodite [pouts]
That's not funny! [she walks out of the room]

Bay [sighs]
I think I'm gonna quit trying to make everyone smile once in a while...

Luna [seriously]
I think you should tell the others about your pregnancy, Bay...

{"CRAP!"} No, please, Luna, I don't want Serena bugging me... you KNOW that's what she'll do!

I think Luna might be right.

What brought this up all the sudden?

Luna [seriously]
Robyn said you were pregnant when she told you what she remembered...

Bay [smacks her forehead]
I knew I should have done that in private.....

And it's only going to get harder.

Listen. Shouldn't we worry about Robyn, first.

Robyn [drying her short hair with a towel]
What about me? And has anyone seen Makoto? She usually opens the bathroom door and meows for food...

Bay [looking around the room]
I don't know. I saw her last night. Makoto? [Bay walks out of the room] Makoto?

Well, I for one am glad she's out of the way.

Aphrodite [curious]

She gives me the creeps.

Luna [smiles]
And two talking cats don't?

Robyn [shrugs]
I'm actually starting to get used to it... I remember always saying I wonder what BC would say if she could talk... I guess if you say something enough, it happens... [turns and walks out of the room, as she nears the stairs, Bay flies out of her room and knocks Robyn down the stairs, hard...]

Bay [stops and sees her]

Aphrodite [runs out]
Bay?! [sits and smirks] I thought you fell down the- [looks off the landing] stairs?! ROBYN!

Robyn [sitting up, grabs her head]
BAY! Are you trying to kill me?! [looks around] Where's Makoto? [gets up and reaches for her neck] And my pendant? If that little furrball took it, I'll-

Aphrodite [stops her]
Stop that! Robyn? Are you ok?

Robyn [glares]
You didn't trip me, did you, Aph?


Robyn [dusts herself off]
Did anyone PUSH me?! [glares at Bay]

Why you looking at me?

Robyn [sighs]
Why is everyone looking at ME?! You act like I'm dying or something... do you know something I don't?!



Robyn [looking at Luna]

Luna [looks at Bay]

Bay [looks to Aph]

Aphrodite [looks back to Luna, hopefully]

Robyn [yells]
STOP IT! Someone talk to ME! Look, I asked... Where's Makoto, where's my Shadow Pendant, and WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Bay [surprised]
Shadow Pendant... You said Shadow!

Robyn [turns, throwing her towel onto the couch and grabs her jacket]
That's it, you guys are weirding me out... I'm going to see Serena and the others... I hope they're not as whacko! [she slams the front door]

Well, maybe... [realizes what she said] SERENA! She'll tell Robyn for sure!

But someone has to tell her eventually.

Aph, she's always saying how she feels useless as a Scout. You want her to go through that again?

Luna [a little confused]
Tell her what? That she's Sailor Shadow? And go through what?

She's always saying that she feels...[looks down] I guess she'll feel even more useless, if her friends keep running away whenever a Scout Emergency comes up...

Luna [seriously]
But without her pendant, she can't fight... she'd lose for sure! The monsters that you fight as Scouts require a Transformation!

I know... but where is it?

Well, where did you put it when you got it back from Nuku and Phoenix? Robyn didn't have it...

What are you talking about?

Aphrodite [surprised]

I don't even remember having it.

Aphrodite [growls]
Then find it! You're the one who retrieved it!

* * *
Robyn [reading a sign on the strange neighborhood's largest school]
Momoyana Gikuin Academy... Hmmm... [walks toward the school, cautiously] {"This is a neat looking school... so classy and proper..."}

Girl [in a uniform]
{"She'd BETTER not be a new student here... I've got enough problems without HER..."}

* * *
[Inside the school, Robyn looked around]

Robyn [feeling the walls and looking into full glass trophy cases]
Wow, this is DEFINITELY a good school... [smiles and sees the reflection of a purple-haired, tall girl behind her] Hello? [she turns, and sees no one's there] That's odd... [reaches into her pocket] What's poking me? [pulls out a purple crystal pendant] What's this? [looks at it and watches as the light seems to get lost in it...] My pendant! [smiles and puts it on, placing it under her shirt]

Woman [in a suit]
May I help you, young lady?

Robyn [spins to the right]
Oh! I'm sorry, I got lost in the neighborhood and... I just felt I had to see your school... I'm truly sorry, Miss... [fades off and bows, politely]

Miss Arashi
Arashi... And you are...?

Robyn [stands up]
Robyn Leann Markius, Arashi-Sensei... [she smiles and bows in respect]

Miss Arashi [smiles back]
Well, I see you do have respect for your elders, Miss Markius... [gets serious] but not any for property... I must request that you either state your business, or leave immediately... I'm sorry.

Robyn [stands up and puts her hands behind her back, thinking up an excuse]
To be honest, I was wondering about coming here as a student... perhaps with my roommate as well...?

Miss Arashi [smiles]
I'd be glad to show you info on our School... [she leads a relieved Robyn to her office nearby, and the girl that had saw her earlier follows to the door]

Girl [angrily]
She is NOT going to come here... and if she DOES... She WON'T be STAYING.... [grins evilly]

* * *
Bay [sighs and plops onto the couch]
I give UP! It's not in this house or on this PROPERTY... Maybe Rob has it on her... We should find her... [the phone rings, scaring Bay] Geez! [picks up] Hello?..... Yes, this is..... Why?..... Momoyana Gikuin Academy?? No, I've never heard of it..... WHERE?! But that's in-..... Who?!..... ROBYN!? I'm on my way, Miss Arashi... Thank you... Good-bye. [she hangs up and looks at Aphrodite]

Aphrodite [looks at her]
Well? Where's Momoyana Gikuin Academy? WHAT is Momoyana Gikuin Academy.....?

Bay [shrugs]
I dunno... some school a good distance away... I wonder what Rob's doing there?

Luna [leaps off the couch, with Aph on her tail...]
Let's go!

Bay [gets up]
Alright already... [follows the hyper cats out the front door, locking behind her]

* * *
[In the same neighborhood... Bay realizes how fancy and expensive everything looks... Aphrodite comments and Luna agrees...]

Bay [points]
Over there... "Momoyana Gikuin Academy" Ok, you two stay outside... I'll be right out. [smiles and heads in the front doors...]

Luna [looking around, whispers]
I don't like the vibes I get from this place...

Aphrodite [nods and whispers back]
I agree, Momma... [hears a click from behind her] What was that?

Luna [turns her head and sees two little boys... One has a bb gun aimed at Aph]
MROW! [as the boy pulls the trigger, she knocks Aph away and gets hit with a few bb's]

Aphrodite [rolls over and sees her. She yells]
Momma! [runs toward the boys and leaps at them] You CREEPS!

* * *
Bay [in the principal's office]
You know, if I didn't know otherwise, I'd say you were in trouble, Rob... [smirks]

Robyn [glares]
Oh, hush.... I had you in mind when I talked to Arashi-Sensei... Here... [she hands Bay a small pamphlet] This would be your Uniform choices... [smirks at Bay]

Bay [takes it and starts to open it, when it hits her what Robyn just said]

Robyn [sighs and opens it for her]
This would probably be what you choose, Bay... [smiles and points to a shirt and pants Uniform, the same color as the shirt and skirt... both having a string tie around the collar]

Bay [nods, half out of it]
Uniforms... Yeah... that one...

Robyn [smiles]
Bay... Come on... it's a private school, they'll help us on tuition and my dad will surely help us out anyway... plus, no more uncomfortable skirts... [smiles and points to the uniforms again] It's an all girl's school... so there'll be no boys to bother you...and-

Bay [shakes her head]
I'd have to think about it, Rob... [looks up] Miss Arashi...Sensei... Come on, Robyn... Let's go-

Aphrodite [runs in and leaps onto Robyn's lap, hurt and bleeding]
MEEEOW! [pleads] MEOW! {"Please hurry, Robyn!"}

Robyn [grabs her cat]
Aphrodite! What happened to you!? [looks at Bay] You left her alone?!

Bay [shakes her head]
No, Luna was there too...

Miss Arashi
I am sorry, there are no animals allowed unless given special permission... As of right now, you have none... I'll talk to you two on Monday, right? [smiles, letting them know she's only doing her job]

Robyn [holding her cat, nods and heads out]
Thank you, Arashi-Sensei!

Bay [sighs]
Oh, Robyn... [looks back] Thank you for calling me, Mi- Ah... Arashi-Sensei... [smiles]

Miss Arashi
You can call me Miss Arashi... [smiles back and shoos her out] Now go on and help her... [winks]

Bay [smirks]
Right... [she runs after Robyn] Come back here!

Miss Arashi [sighs at her desk]
I do hope they decide to come here... They seem like such nice girls...

* * *

Robyn [kneeling down]
LUNA! [puts Aph down and picks up Luna] Who did this to her, Aph?

Aphrodite [glares]
Two kids... One had a bb gun...

Bay [frowns]
That's not right... attacking animals with bb guns... {"Too bad they didn't get Makoto, though!"}

Robyn [picks up Luna]
I think we'd better tell Serena... After all, Luna's her guardian... [a purple glow shows from under Robyn's shirt]

Bay [surprised, doesn't notice the faint glow yet...]
How-... You called Luna... Serena's Guardian...?!

Robyn [stands up and looks surprised]
Yes, Bay... She is, isn't she? Just like Aphrodite is mine? And Artemis is Mina's... [the glow gets brighter with every name she says]

Aphrodite [noticing the glow]
What about Rei?

Robyn [confused]
Rei? What about her... she has those blackbirds... I think... Then there's Amy and Lita... they don't have guardians, What's your point, Aph? I care about my friends, ok... Scouts or not, I care about what happens to other people! [the glow flashes and the area around them is hit with a ripple]

[All is silent and bright for a moment... the next thing we see is Bay and Robyn standing in their usual school uniforms in front of the school with Serena, Lita and Amy. Serena holds Luna and Bay has Aph.]

Robyn [smiling]
I STILL say that was THE best Home Ec class, Serena! I never knew you could make MUFFINS explode! [laughs and continues out]

Bay [smirking]
I thinks that's why Miss Haruna let her go without detention... She didn't want anything to explode! [laughs]

Serena [angrily]
Quit making fun of me! I know I'm a lousy cook, but you DON'T have to rub it IN! [pouts]

Robyn [settles down and thinks for a minute]
Hey, Bay... What did the principal call you in for?

Bay [blushes and looks away]
He... Ah.... Well, he thinks... He thinks that I....

Robyn [stops and waves the others away... She whispers]
He knows your pregnant? Did he yell at you?

Bay [shakes her head]
No! He knows, but no, that's not it... He thinks I'm a troublemaker... He told me to straighten up or face getting kicked out... [looks away]

Lita [hearing her, she angrily yells]
What?! They can't do that! That's the SAME crap I heard from all my other schools!

Amy [holds Lita's shoulder]
Calm down, Lita... getting angry won't solve anything...

Serena [nods]
Yeah, and besides.. No one's getting kicked out of any place! Where would they send you?! [giggles]

Robyn [out of the blue]
Well.... We could always go to-

Momoyana Gikuin Academy...? [they look at each other strangely and each opens their bookbag and sees a pamphlet for the school.]

Robyn [confused]
Where is THIS? [looks at the address on the back] Oh...

Bay [stares at the one uniform]
Well, at least I could wear pants....

Serena [sees the front of Robyn's pamphlet]
Eeeww... it's a prep school... "Momoyana Gikuin 'All Girls' Academy"... YEECCH... Sounds too expensive and SNOBBY for me...

Lita [turns her head to Serena]
Serena? EVERYthing sounds too snobby and expensive for you... [smirks]

[Serena glares and sticks her tongue out at Lita]

Bay [shakes her head]
No, they'd help us with tuition and-

Robyn [finishing as if this were rehearsed]
- surely my dad would help... [looks to Bay] Didn't we already do this? [confused]

Bay [thinks]
Feels like it... but I don't remember doing it... [looks at Robyn again] But then... [holds her pamphlet up] Where did these come from....?

Robyn [staring at the inside... where they show the uniform choices]
I dunno know, Bay... I don't know...