"Sailor S"
"Snow Problem"
Episode 29

[Robyn's laying on the couch, not really as wet as before, a little damp, but just under a comforter, Bay sitting beside her, with a warm washcloth on Robyn's forehead]

Bay [feeling strange]
{"I hate not knowing what happened... or for that matter, why..."} [she sighs, and keeps staring at Robyn. She notices a small cut on Robyn's neck, which leads Bay to notice that Robyn is missing her pendant...] Her pendant's gone!

Serena [looks up from her hot chocolate Bay made...]

Aphrodite [limps over and hops onto the couch]
WHAT?! [looks and sees the cut] That must have come from that thing yanking it off her... [looks back at Amy] Would Robyn's chain coming off fast and suddenly do this, Amy?

Amy [walks over]
Yes, I think so. How long were you gone, Aphrodite?

Aphrodite [looks down]
Only a minute or so... Robyn told me to call you guys... The monster thought she was just some kid... Well, the way it talked while I was THERE.... [looks down, steps off the couch and limps into the kitchen]

Serena [seriously]
Poor Aphrodite... [she sets her mug down and goes into the kitchen]

Amy [sits on the arm of the couch]
That doesn't explain why she passed out, though...

Bay [getting angry]
I don't think she did, Amy... I know that creep had to have knocked her out... She's not that cold!

Amy [nods]
I know, but we still need a reason, Bay...

Mina [a little angry]
I say we find the creature, retrieve Robyn's pendant-

Lita [interrupting]
Then toast that creep!

Mina [nods]

Rei [sighs]

Bay [looks over]
What's up, Rei?

Rei [glares at Bay]
I think you set this up... just to get our sympathy, and make us believe the Negaverse is behind the snow... this is low... even for you, Bay.

Bay [drops the washcloth onto the floor and stands up, shocked]
You really think I'd intentionally hurt Robyn?! How DARE you! I can't believe you think I'd purposely hurt my best friend... who's put her OWN life on the line for ME before! {"Oops... Ok, think of a way to cover that one..."}

Rei [stands up, still holding her mug, but getting angrier (if that's possible for Rei...)]
I think you just want us to feel sorry for you and Robyn, Bay Smith...

Bay [growls and steps towards Rei, very angry... her voice is a low growl]
How dare you... I'll show you sorry...

Amy [stands up]
Someone stop them!

Lita [looks at Amy, strangely]
Why? They always fight?

Robyn [opens her eyes and looks over, seeing Bay growling at Rei, and Rei's face red... She gets up, Bay and Rei ignore Amy yelling]
Bay... [she runs over beside them, but continues getting ignored...]

Bay [her fist curling up tighter, she's starting to smoke......]
You really want it, don't you, Rei?!

Rei [smirking]
Careful, Pyro... You'll set your clothes on fire... [goes to hit Bay in the stomach and Robyn steps in front Bay, recieving the hard punch meant for Bay's stomach...]

Robyn [grabs her stomach]
Oooowwww.... [she falls to her knees]

[Bay and Rei realize what just occurred...]

Bay [kneels down]
Robyn! Why....?

Robyn [coughing]
Because of... [cough] your... [cough] You... know... [hunched over, still coughing]

Bay [glares up at Rei]
You knocked the wind out of her!

Robyn [breathes raggedly]
It's ok...[cough] Bay... [she starts to stand up] I'd rather get hit by her than you... [smirks, still holding her stomach]

Rei [ticked]
HEY! You want pelted again?!

Robyn [turns]
If it'll make you shut up, yeah, go ahead...

Rei [readies her arm, and Lita grabs it]
HEY! Lita! Let me go! [wriggles, Amy and Mina leading Robyn and Bay away]

Mina [concerned]
Robyn, she hit you awful hard... And it was meant for Bay! Are you alright?

Robyn [walking normally]
I'm fine, just surprised by the suddenness, Mina... [she smiles and sits down beside Bay, who seems as if she was hit by something too...] Bay? What's wrong?

Bay [in shock]
I just realized what you meant, Robyn... [she looks at her] I know why you did it...

[Everyone's really confused]

Amy [curious]

Bay [remembers the others are there]
Aahhh.... Nevermind... Maybe later... Can we dunk Rei in a tub of ice water or something? Maybe toss her outside for a minute?

Amy [remembers Rei]
Oh! [gets up and walks over...]

[No one heard what anyone but Rei said]

I don't care! She's GOT to be lying to us about SOMETHING!
No, I will not calm down, Lita! How do you expect her-?!
AMY! Stop that! Would you guys realize that she and Robyn-

Serena [pouting and angry]

[All is silent... in surprise]

Rei [glaring at Serena]
Listen, Meatball Head... If you-

Serena [out of nowhere, slaps Rei]
Cool off, Pyro...

Robyn [walks over and grabs Rei]
Listen to me, Rei. I want to know why you hate us so much?!

Rei [her eyes looking glassy]
I... hate... both... of... you!

Robyn [puts her hands on her hips]
Rei. Listen to me. I only want to know why. You only ever seemed to dislike Bay... Now you hate me too. I just want a REAL reason, Rei. [looks sincerely at her]

Rei [still glaring]
Because, Bay is hiding secrets. And you're helping her!

Robyn [shakes her head]
Not a good reason, Rei. I don't care what you think about us, we're Scouts and we're on your side. I'm sure there are things each of you don't tell the others... I've made a promise to keep secrets. I keep my promises. I can keep secrets too... [crosses her arms and looks at Rei, matter-of factly] Remember... Princess?

Rei [looks as if she was hit with a bolt of lighting]

Robyn [smirks]

Serena [totally lost]

Aphrodite [trying to help a little]
I know secrets too... Princess Serena's and Princess Amy's.

[The two girls blushed and dropped the subject]

[Lita and Mina stared at each other, trying to remember if they ever told anyone anything...]

Robyn [giggles]
I'm sure you guys are safe... You both always hung out a lot together, no one really saw you talk to anyone else... Look, the point of this is, that just because someone has a secret, that's not a reason to hate them. Rei...?

Rei [sighs]
Alright... but if this secret hurts the Scouts in any way...

Robyn [shakes her head]
It won't. Come on... Let's all sit down around the kitchen table and- [she grabs her head] Whoa...

Bay [runs over]

Robyn [closes her eyes and shakes her head]
I feel kind of dizzy...

Rei [suddenly gets concerned]
Robyn? Why just now?

Amy [thinks]
Well, perhaps the adrenaline rush is going away... The fact that she's seperate from her pendant may have something to do with this. We don't know where it is or what's happening to it.

Robyn [feels her neck]
That creep took it! [looks at Bay] It said something about being sent after it... [still holds her head] But who would-

Bay [stops her]
Forget it... I think your idea's a good one. Let's sit at the table.

[They all agreed and walked to the table, Amy stands near Bay]

Ok, so, who would have sent a creature after her pendant? What good is it to anyone but a Scout?

Serena [shrugs]
The same reason Beryl wanted my Crystal?

Amy [shakes her head]
No, The Silver Crystal's more powerful than any of our items... That I can understand, but the pendant never worked for anyone but Robyn. So... why take it?

Bay [stating]
One less Scout.

[Everyone looks at her]

Bay [seeing the confused looks]
Think about it. The bad guys want to beat us, right? Well, take away the source of one Scout's powers, and they can't fight...that's probably their logic anyway...

Robyn [confused]
You really think that's why?

Bay [nodding]
Why not? It would make sense. And Phoenix is still a threat. She may not be after your powers, Rob, but she knows who you are in everyday life. So, why not get to you before you transform?

Robyn [grumbling]
Because she's not that smart...

Bay [shrugs]
Maybe not... But Nuku is...

Rei [trying to ignore the anger she feels at Bay]
Look, the thing is, we should retrieve the pendant... right?

Mina [nodding]
Right! Phoenix isn't as powerful as Beryl-

Lita [finishes]
And she DEFINITELY not as smart!

Bay [tries to make them listen]
No, she's not. Nuku has to be the real brains here... She's sneaky, and powerful.

Serena [curious]
How do you know?

Bay [looks at Serena]
{"Crap, I keep forgetting they never met her before that animal thing..."} Trust me, Robyn and I have dealt with these two before.

Robyn [nods]
She tried to kill Aph! Look, just believe us, ok? We should ignore Phoenix and take out Nuku first! [she grabs her head again]

Bay [concerned]
Are you alright?

Robyn [not looking at Bay, but the table]
I'm fine. We have to get my pendant back... [she looks up at Bay, seriously] I know why they want it...

Bay [realizing]
Oh no... But how would they-?

Robyn [shakes her head]
I don't know. Look, it's the only reason, Bay. We can't allow her to be realeased again! I've fought her this long, I don't need them doing some hocus pocus job on the pendant and ruining it!

Bay [puts her hand up]
I know, I know... Look, we'll go after it, you stay here. DON'T follow us, Robyn! [hears her future self's warning all of a sudden] "Don't let her follow you... She'll end up this way..." [shakes her head] No...

Robyn [pouting]
I won't let you guys do this alone. Powers or no, I've got to help!

Bay [stands up]
NO! I don't want you ending up- [stops] I want you safe, Robyn. Stay here with the cats. We'll get your pendant back and be back... ok?

Robyn [glares at Bay]
I'm coming with you!

Bay [stands up, slowly]
Robyn... Just listen to me for once and stay put. I have a bad feeling about all this, ok?

Robyn and Rei
YOU have a bad feeling?! [they look at each other]

Bay [sighs]
Yes, now can we go?

Amy [seriously]
You don't go either, Bay. You stay here.

Bay [shakes her head]
Uh-uh. I go. One of you can stay with her. Please, I know Phoenix and Nuku, you guys only know a little bit...

Lita [raises her heand and stands up]
I'll stay with Rob. You guys go on.

Robyn [stands up and slams her hand on the table]
I'm going, Bay. NOTHING can stop me.

Bay [glares at her]
You stay here, Robyn. I WON'T let you go!

Robyn [in a low voice]
Make me stay, Pyro.

Bay [growls]
You want hit again?

Robyn [walks toward Bay, around the table]
Go ahead...

Bay [heads towards her]
Robyn, you're asking-

Rei stands between them]
Didn't we just do this?!

Serena [nods]
Right! come on, you two are worse than Rei and me!

Rei [takes offense]

Robyn [her attention off Bay now]

Bay [realizes she snapped at Robyn]
Uh... Rob?

Robyn [turns her head]

Bay [walks over to her]
I didn't mean to snap... it's just... you know... that and I had a dream about my future self... I probably shouldn't tell you this, but she said not to let you follow me. She didn't say where, but that if you followed me, you'd end up without love... hateful towards everyone but Aphrodite... I saw you in that dream, Robyn. I don't want to ever see that one again. So, just stay here, ok?

Robyn [sees Bay's concerned]
Alright... I didn't konw you cared so much, though... I'm sorry... [she hugs Bay and all noise stops]

Serena [giggles]
They made up!

Rei [smacks Serena]
Come on, Meatball Head!

Serena [turns]
Why'd you hit me?!

Rei [shrugs]
Nevermind, let's just go, ok? [she smirks and heads to leave]

Robyn [still hugging Bay, she whispers]
Be careful, Brad... Don't fight unless you have to... promise me...

Bay [shocked]
Um... Robyn?

Robyn [pulls back and looks at her]
Sorry... Just promise, ok?

Bay [smiles]
Alright, I promise... Lita will stay here. You'd better stay here too, ok?

Robyn [blushes]

Bay [nods]
Alright. [turns] Come on, guys!

[They all leave, Lita and Robyn stand in the kitchen, staring]

* * *
Bay [walking with the others]
So, any way to find out where Rob's necklace is at?

Amy [tapping away]
Well, I'm trying to locate its energy on my computer, but I can only get faint readings... and they're very sporadic... [looks to Bay] Whoever has it, has it well hidden...

Rei [grumping]
Yeah, well... Let's just try to follow what you've got, Amy... Then this whole thing will be done with! [she stomps ahead]

Bay [sighs]
I give up on her... [follows]

[Amy, Mina and Serena look at each other and shrug, then follow the other two...]

* * *
Robyn [sitting at the table, looking at Lita]
So... what do we do for fun?

Aphrodite [jumps onto the table]
Hey, come on... cheer up! We can go to the arcade? Just for some fun.... ok?

Lita [nods]
Yeah! I can see Andrew... [gets a lovy dovy look]

Robyn [smirks]
Yeah, and I get the Sailor V game all to myself! [snickers]

Aphrodite [smiles]
I can walk around watching everyone and just as their about to win, I bump them! I love annoying people that way!

Luna [seriously]
Aphrodite! You have something ELSE you need to take care of, young lady...

Aphrodite [lowers her head and leaves, grumbling]
Yes, Mother....

Artemis [following her]
Hey! Come on, cheer up!

Robyn [sighs]
Well, she's going to have kittens... The Vet said so... I didn't tell her yet... I want to wait...

Lita [spits out her hot chocolate]

Robyn [turns to Lita]
He said so when I took her in today... looks like we're going to have small problems... [smirks] I just hope Aph is ready...

Lita [in shock]
Who else knows?

Robyn [shakes her head]
Just you... I should tell her I guess, but... I'm a little afraid, Lita...

Lita [seriously]
Well tell her now! come on... how far is she?

Robyn [stares at her chocolate]
Only a few weeks...

Lita [gets up and pulls Robyn with her]
Let's share the news! [happily, she pulls Robyn all the way upstairs]

Luna [hearing the commotion]
What's going on out here?!

Lita [jumps up and down]
Robyn's got to talk to Aphrodite!

Robyn [sighs]
I should have kept my mouth shut...

Artemis [walks out]
What's going on out here!?

Robyn [seriously]
We... Aph and I need to talk... Artemis? Luna? [glares] Lita...?

Lita [nods]
Right! Come on you two!

Robyn [walks into her room and sees Aph on her bed]
Aph? [she sits down] Can... Can I talk to you?

Aphrosite [looks depressed]
About what? How I'm no good? That I can't do anything right?! [buries her head in her paws and starts crying]

Robyn [suprised]
Aph?! Why would I say that? I love you... and you're the best guardian I could ask for... [she smiles and pets Aph]

Aphrodite [sniffs and looks up, hopeful]

Robyn [nods]
Yes, now, can I tell you something the Vet told me?

Aphrodite [pouts]
I'm sick... I know... You cough up one little hairball and-

Robyn [smiles and shakes her head]
No... [looks at the cat] Aph? [the cat looks up, curious] You're going to have kittens...

Aphrodite [in shock]

Robyn [looks confused]
I... I know you're young, but... it's a happy thing... right?

Aphrodite [still in shock]
Yeah... but... How long ago did he tell you?!

Robyn [still smiling]
Today, when I took you in... He said he felt "something in the oven"... [smiles and gently pick Aph up. Whispered, she tells Aph] Now we'll have TWO Mommies...

Aphrodite [groans]
Ooohh, Robyn... That was horrible...

Robyn [giggles]
Should we call in your parents? [looks up] That sounded way too strange...

Aphrodite [yells]

[The two cats run in, confused]

Luna [curious]
What's wrong?

Artemis [really confused]
Yeah, why'd you yell?

Aphrodite [leaps from Robyn's lap]
I'm gonna be a mommy! I'm having kittens!

[Luna hugs her, Artemis stands there like he's a deer caught in headlights...]

Robyn [walks over and kneels by Artemis]
What's wrong... [smiles] Grandpa?

Artemis [gruffly, shakes himself away from Robyn]
D-d-don't call me that! [runs out]

Robyn [confused]
What's his problem?

Luna [backs away and looks at Robyn]
Don't worry about him... He'll settle soon... [she smiles and chases after him]

Robyn [curious]
I wonder what got him so upset?

* * *
Bay [stops and shivers]
That was weird...

Mina [seeing Bay shiver]
What? You cold now?

Bay [shakes her head]
No... I just got this odd feeling... I hope it's just a chill... [she continues walking forward]

Mina [shrugs]
Oh well... [looks over her shoulder] Artemis?

[Everyone stops and slowly turns]

Bay [looking]
I- I don't see him, Mina...

Mina [looks strangely at Bay]
But I could have sworn I heard him...

Bay [shrugs]
Come on... the sooner we get that pendant back, the sooner we can go home to hot chocolate and heat... [grins] {"Even though I'm not cold..."}

Amy [looks up]
Hey, guys! I'm getting strong power radiation...

Bay [turns]

Amy [runs ahead]
This way!

[The others follow, Bay trailing, slightly]

* * *
[A few blocks later, the girls see a blackish vortex]

Bay [shakes her head]
No way... I don't like vortexes!

Amy [looks at her strangely]
What? What are you talking about?

Bay [looks at Amy]
You don't- {"Duh..."} Nevermind... Look, lets' just-

Amy [seriously]
But this is where the energy's coming from, Bay!

Bay [sighs]
Look, I never know where I'll end up... I hate that feeling...

Mina [smirks]
What could happen with your friends around you?!

Bay [nervously, being pushed by Mina and Rei]
Look, guys... I'd- I'd just rather not find that out... ok?

Amy [seriously]
Serena? You've been pretty quiet... You ok?

Serena [seriously]
I just remember Darien... and the Negaverse... this looks like one of their thingies....

Bay [looks at Serena]
Serena... It's alright... This can't be the same... {"Can it?!"}

Amy [takes out her pen]
I'd rather be safe than sorry, guys... Mercury Star Power!

Serena [holds her brooch, unsure]
Amy... I don't know....

Mars Star Power!

Venus Star Power!

Bay [sighs]
Alright, alright... [takes off her locket] Solar Locket Power!

Sailor Mercury [seeing Serena just standing there clutching her brooch]
Come on, Serena... Hurry and transform!

Sailor Mars [nods]
Yeah, Meatball Head! I hate to admit it, but we'll need Sailor Moon... 

Serena [pouting]
Alright, I'm coming... Moon Crystal Power!

[The Scouts dive into the vortex, hoping to end up somewhere warmer!]

* * *
Robyn [looking everywhere]
Artemis?! Come out from wherever you're hiding! I'll give you some tuna...!?

Aphrodite [licks her lips]
Me too?

Robyn [nods]
Yeah, you too... [she walks out to the kitchen and grabs a can of tuna cat food] I guess you get one all to yourselves, Luna and Aph... [she smiles, seeing a white tail, flick under the door]

Lita [looks and sees it too]
Oh, poor Artemis... he'll probably starve... But... If he won't come out, that's-

Artemis [dives out]
ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I'll come out! Just stop that!

[The girls giggle and Robyn gets another can out]

Robyn [smiling]
I hope you like Tuna and cheese...

[All the cats look at her, happily]

* * *
[We're in the Negaverse, we see everyone on the floor, sitting or laying, some on top of each other]

Sailor Sun [with Sailor Venus on her lap]
Hey! Get offa me!

Sailor Venus [shakes her head and sits up]
Sorry, Bay... [blushes and gets up]

[They all get up, Mercury out from under Mars and Moon standing up]

Sailor Moon [looks around]
We're in the Negaverse?

Sailor Sun [mumbles]
Just where I wanted to visit today...

Sailor Venus [turns her head]

Sailor Sun [shakes her head]
Nevermind... [turns to Mercury] You getting anything on Rob's pendant?

Sailor Mercury [curiously]
I'm confused... these readings make absolutely no sense... they're everywhere!

Sailor Sun [peeks over Mercury's shoulder, seeing the screen going nuts]
Whoa... [looks around] So, should we stay together? Or split up?

Sailor Moon [looking a little afraid]

Sailor Sun [smirks at Moon]
You're not... afraid... here... Are you, Serena?

Sailor Moon [stands up straight, as if trying to show Sun she wasn't afraid]
No! I'm not- [A noise comes from behind her...] AFRAID! [she leaps into Mars's arms] Ok, I'm afraid... Can we go back now?!

Sailor Sun [trying not to laugh at Moon...]
No, Serena...

Sailor Moon [still hanging on Mars]
WHAT?! Why?!

Sailor Sun [starts walking toward the noise]
I want to get Robyn's pendant away from these Nega-creeps! [she heads on down the hall, followed by Venus, Mercury and, after dropping Moon, Mars...]

Sailor Moon [realizing in a second, she's going to be alone!]
WAIT! [she runs after them...]

* * *
Phoenix [tapping the pendant on Beryl's throne]
Ok, Nuku, you said she had some kind of power in this thing... How do I get it out?!

Nuku [smacks her forehead]
Gimme a break, will you?! [she yanks the pendant away] You don't get to it by breaking it! [she looks at it] You have to draw it out...

Phoenix [pouting]
I want it!

Nuku [glares]
No! It's mine! I found out about it! [holds the pendant up] Besides... if I let you hold it, you'll end up breaking it... which means neither of us gets it...

Sailor Sun [at the entrance to the throne room]
Neither of you will ever get it!

Phoenix [freaks]
OH NO! It's... HER!

Sailor Sun [runs in, followed by the others]
Give it back, Nuku!

Nuku [smirks and tosses it up... high]
Get it, Sun!

Sailor Sun [growls and looks up, it doesn't come down!?]

Nuku [seeing Sun confused, hits her and knocks her down]
Sucker! [she runs off, laughing, and leaves Phoenix alone...

Phoenix [yells]
NUKU! HEY! [the others surround her]

Sailor Mercury [helping Sun up]
Give us that pendant!

Sailor Sun [shakes her head]
Yeah... {"Whoa, I'm dizzy..."}

Sailor Mercury [looks at Sun]
You ok?

Sailor Sun [nods]
Yeah, I'm fine... {"I'm getting a headache..."}

Sailor Moon [seriously]
I want my friend's pendant back! It's of no use to you!

[Phoenix leaps up and disappears]

Sailor Sun [suddenly remembers what's going on...]

Sailor Mars [turns her head]

Sailor Sun [runs and leaps up after Phoenix, disappearing as well, yelling]
Just follow me!

Sailor Moon [backing up]
I'm not doing that!!

Sailor Mars [glares where Sun disappeared]
I still say she's out to get us all killed!

Sailor Mercury [scanning]
She's right... there is a vortex in those shadows... It seems pretty stable... Like it's permanant...

Sailor Moon [looks back]
Are you sure?!

Sailor Venus [sighs]
Serena! Come on! [she pulls Moon and when she and Mars toss her up, she disappears]

Sailor Mercury [putting her computer away]
Let's go!

[The others follow and Nuku reappears from the doorway...]

Nuku [smirking and holding the pendant]

* * *
[The vortex closes behind the Scouts]

Sailor Sun [looking back]
I thought you said it was stable!

Sailor Mercury [lifting her computer]
I'm not getting any readings.

Sailor Moon [looking around]
Where are we?

Sailor Sun [looking down the corridor]
Oh, no....

Sailor Mars [looking at Sun]

Sailor Sun [panicking]
We have to get out of here NOW!

Sailor Moon [crying]

Sailor Sun
This looks like... [She heards foot steps and pushes the group towards a futuristic set of closed doors. The door automaticly open as the group approaches, and they all walk into a storage Bay.]

Sailor Mars
Where are we?

Sailor Sun
The halls don't look right, but the Enterprise?

Sailor Mars
The Enter who?

* * *
[On the brige of the ship know as the U.S.S. Voyager the vulcan Security Officer announces]

Captian, we have some anomolise readings from Cargo Bay Two.

Janeway [turning to face the officer]
What kind of readings?

I have them.... Wait, I had them... It looked like life signs.

Janeway [seriously]
Tuvak, take a team and check it out.

Tuvak [nods]
Yes, Captain. [leaves the bridge]

* * *
[Sailor Mars yelling (as usual) to Sun]

Sailor Mars
Where are we really, Sun?

Sailor Sun
The Starship Enterprise. In an alternate demension and time. We have to get out of here.

Sailor Venus
What about Robyn's pendant.

Sailor Sun
This is much more dangerous.

Sailor Moon [bawls]

Sailor Mercury [ignores Moon]
My computer is reading all sorts of strange aliens...

Sailor Sun
You got it working! Quick, find the vortex... we need to get out of here.

Sailor Moon
I'm feeling sleepy. [falls down]

Sailor Venus
Me too. [Falls]

Sailor Sun 
Guys, focus...[yawns] We need to... [falls down too]

Sailor Mars
This is a dirty trick Sunnn .... [falls on a container] ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ...

[The doors open]

Yeah... you got them...

Nuku [face in hand]
Phoenix... you baby...

You will still need to answer some questions.

Nuku [points to the Scouts]
Don't worry, you got the evil ones!

Tuvok [using his commbadge]
Tuvok to Bridge. The intruders have been apprehended.

Janeway [on the commbadge]
Excellent, Tuvok, take them to the brig, when they come to, I will speak with them.

Understood, Tuvok, out.

* * *
Robyn [at the arcade, with Lita, racing her on the F-1 racing game]
I've beaten you before! Just give up!

Lita [pedal to the floor, glaring at the screen]
NO WAY! I'll make up this lap and you'll be eating my dust!

Robyn [pedal hits the ground and she turns into the final lap]
Not unless you can beat my speed...

[Lita almost catches up, and Robyn passes the finish line.]

Lita [slams the steering wheel]

Robyn [gets up]
I used to play this all the time in California arcades... [she giggles] Come on, I- [stops] Bay....? [turns her head] I think the others are in trouble...

Huh? How can you tell?

Robyn [angrily]
I don't know, I just sense trouble... don't you?! [she goes to run out of the arcade, and slams into Darien right as the door opens] OOWW! [on her butt, she rubs her head and looks up] Hey watch- Darien?!

Darien [concerned, gets up himself]
Where's Serena?

She's on a mission with the others.

Lita [helps Robyn up]
They went to get her pendant back... [pointing to Robyn]

Darien [seriously]
She's in trouble... we have to find her...

Lita [looks between the two]
How are you two doing that?

Nevermind, let's go...

Ah, Robyn? You can't change without your pendant!

Robyn [looks at him]
You too?! [walks out of the arcade doorway] Look, Bay's in trouble, so's Serena and the others, I don't care if I have powers or not... Let's just GO!

Lita [seriously]
But you promised Bay you-

Robyn [angrily]
I promised her because I thought she'd be ok! But if Darien senses Serena in trouble, and I'm feeling Bay, then something's gone wrong! Come ON!

Way do you sense Bay? And not the others?

Robyn [looks at Lita, strangely]
Well, I- [stops] {"Wait.... It can't be because she's Brad... can it? Even so, I can't tell that to them... I promised to keep it secret..."}

Darien [impatiently]

Well.... ah... [shakes her head] That's not important! The longer we stand here, the longer they stay in trouble!

I guess your right.

Where did they go?

[Lita and Robyn both look at each other dumbfounded]

Darien [in shock]
You don't know?!

Robyn [looks back]
Well, they went looking for my pendant... it was stolen by a monster... I guess that could be the Negaverse?

Any clue how to get there?

Darien [seriously]
Well, maybe Sailor Teleport, but I can't do it. You'd have to help me get there, and I think unless she's transformed, Robyn can't teleport either... so, I don't know.

Robyn [thinks]
Well, has it ever been tried?

* * *

Sailor Moon
Where am I?

Please, hold still. This will only take a minute.

Sailor Sun [coming to]
Hunh? What will? [looks around] This isn't Sick Bay... And you're not Dr. Crusher! {"Yuck...Old, bald guy..."}

Crusher? Dr. Beverly Crusher?

Sailor Sun
Yeah, I think so. On the Enterprise.

Sailor Mars [angrily]
You betrayed us Sun! What's going on?!

Sailor Sun [yells back]
Oh, I did not! Stuff it, Mars!

Doctor [whispering to Janeway]

Janeway [nods]
How did you get here undetected?

Sailor Sun [goes to get up, but sees the medtable she's on has a scanner over her, she can't get up]
Hey! Let me up!

Doctor [shakes his head]
I'm afraid I can't do that. You're a Security Risk.

Sailor Sun [yells]
Talk to Riker! Or Dr. Crusher! They'll tell you I'm the good guy! Where's Phoenix?! She's a nut! Watch her... She- [the doctor uses a hypospray] She's... [she passes out]

Sailor Mars [happily]
Thank you! Finally! She shut up!

Now, what are you doing on my ship?

Sailor Moon [whimpering]
Phoenix stole our friend's pendant and we went to get it back but she took off through this vortex and we followed her... but we ended up here and Sun pushed us into that big room that we fell asleep in and then we ended up here and I WANNA GO HOOOOME! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Sailor Mars [yells]

They're in good condition. But I can't use any of my equipment. The scans don't even read them here.

Sailor Venus [quietly]
Where are we? No one's answered that question yet...

Sailor Mars [surprised]

Why are you named after planets in Earth's Solar System?

Sailor Venus [sadly]
Where are we?

Your on board The Federation Starship, U.S.S. Voyager.

Sailor Mercury [sitting up]
Where's my Computer? Why is Sailor Sun the only one still out? [confused] and pinned down?!

Sailor Mars [finally sits up]

Sailor Moon [sniffs and wipes her face]
I want my Darien! And where's Jupiter?! I just wanna go HOME! WAAAAAAAH!

Sailor Venus [pouting]
Can't you make her stop whining without knocking her out?!

Sailor Mars [smirks]
Yeah, give her some candy, she'll shut up...

Sailor Mercury [seriously]
What's a Federation? And... did you say star ship?!

Janeway [kneeling toward Mercury]

Sailor Mercury [thinks]
Star... ship... "a ship that sails on stars"... [looks a little surprised] We're in space?!

Sailor Venus [scared]

Sailor Mars [angrily]
I don't care how, just how can we get back to our time and back to Earth?!

Whoa, your time? 

Sailor Mercury
Well, I assume since we're travelling aboard a starship, that we're no longer in the 20th century... And looking at the surroundings, I know of nothing that looks like this back home, so I assume we're not on Earth... Even in the Moon Kingdom, there was nothing this advanced... Though... I tried to- [she stops] Nevermind... I never told the princess my experiments...

Sailor Moon [sits up]
Told me what?!

Sailor Mars
Nevermind that! We need to get Robyn's pendant back!

Nuku [from behind them all]
You can't believe all this nonsense, Captian...?

Phoenix [walks forward]
You see?! You see?! They think I'm nuts!

Janeway [turns]
I don't think they're crazy... They sound perfectly sane to me.

Nuku [angrily]
That's their magic at work! They make you believe them, then, they-

Sailor Sun [having come to]
Oh, shut up, Nuku... Last time I went through a vortex and ended up on a Starship, it took all I could to get Phoenix off of it... We don't belong here, we followed you through that trick vortex you made... All we want is Robyn's Pendant...

Phenoix [grabbing the pendant around her neck]
No, it's mine!

Sailor Sun
Captian, talk to Riker. He know's what's going on!

Janeway [seriously]
I'm afraid that's impossible...He's in the alpha quadrant, over 40 light years from our position. We've been travelling home for the past 4 years.

Sailor Sun [in shock]
Light Years? 4 years??! How- [looks to Phoenix] How the hell do you keep shipping us so damn far forward?!

Sailor Mercury [curious and in awe]
How did you solve the problem with flux an-

Sailor Sun [stops her]
Mercury... please?! [wriggles around and eventually frees her arms] There... Look, I know, you guys can't read us being here... You can if we power down, but... If Phoenix AND Nuku are here, I refuse to let my guard down... [she pulls herself out of the scanner] That thing's too tight for me... {"Hmmm, I don't think I ever told anyone about my claustrophobia... Good... one less thing for them to pick on me about..."}

JaneWay [motioning for the doctor]

[They both walk into the doctor's office]

* * *
Robyn [standing near the park (Where the vortex once was...)]
I don't like this... Are you sure this is where-

Tuxedo Mask [nods]
Yes, I feel it strongly here...

Sailor Jupiter [shakes her head]
You're starting to sound like Rei...

Robyn [seriously]
Look, I'm coming along, can we go?!

Sailor Jupiter [sighs]
Robyn- I just don't know if it will work!

[the cats all run up]

What's going on?!

Luna [trailing behind Artemis]

Artemis [angrily]
We're coming too!

Sailor Jupiter [smacks her forehead]
What is this? A party!?

If the Scouts are in trouble, we need to help them.

Robyn [nods]
I've been saying that since I slammed into him... [points to Tuxedo Mask]

Sailor jupiter 
{"I know I'm going to regret this"} So how do we find them?

* * *
Sailor Sun [sitting up on her bed]
Finally... I didn't like being strapped down like that!

Sailor Moon [scared]
What's happening?

Sailor Mars [out of nowhere, dives onto Phoenix and snaps the chain, tossing the pendant to Sun]
I'll kill you! I hate not knowing where I am!

Sailor Sun [holding the pendant, in shock]
Rei.... I- Um... Ooohh... that looks painful... Ow!

Sailor Moon [covers her face]

Nuku [staying out of this...]
Um... I think I'll be back here...

[three Security Guards come in, with Tuvak]

What's going on in here?!

[two Security guards grab Mars and one gets Phoenix...]

Sailor Sun [smirking]
{It would've taken more than two to get ME off her..."}

Tuvak [to Mars]
Please calm yourself, Miss.

Phoenix [taking back the pendant]

Sailor Sun [in a so what voice]
I would have thought you wanted your boyfriend back. [taps her head]

You- you have him?!

Sailor Sun [nods]
Yeah, but I won't give him back unless you hand over that pendant...

We don't want him.

I do!

Nuku [yelling to Phenoix]
You want to put him in your head?!


Sailor Sun
You could always put him in Nuku.

Phoenix [looks at Nuku]

Nuku [freaking]

Please! You never liked him. This way, you don't have to see him.

I'm your sister!

Your adopted... Please, Nuku?!

Nuku [in shock]
I'm... what?!

Your adopted.... Didn't you know?

Nuku [yelling]
If I'd have known, would I have put my ass on the line countless times to keep YOU out of trouble?!

Sailor Sun [leans on the Med table]
Oh brother...

Doctor [scanning Nuku]
No similar genetics, and DNA profile completely wrong.

What?! She's telling the truth?!

You have no similarities.

Told you.

I accessed the records for the Enterprise... She does have some simmlairities to the scout that visited then.

All [loudly]

A few gererations removed.

Janeway [seriously]
Doctor? Shouldn't we tell them?

Sailor Moon
Tell us what?

* * *
Robyn [with Aph on her shoulder]
Ok, so, concentrate on the others, we should end up wherever they went...

Luna [on Tuxedo Mask's shoulder]
Are you sure you should go?

Artemis [on Jupiter]
Yeah, I mean-

Robyn [grabs Jupiter's hand]
Quit that... let's just go!

Tuxedo Mask [nods]

* * *

Intruder Alert, Intruder...

Janeway [tapping her commbadge]

Kim [on the comm]
We had another anomaly, Captain... but there's four signs... one human, three animal...

Where are they located?

In the same place, Captain... they just appeared.

Janeway [looking at Phoenix]
More of your friends?

Nuku [angrily]
They aren't OUR friends!

Sailor Sun [feels a chill]
Robyn? [looks to Sailor Moon]

Sailor Moon [happily]
DARIEN! [she takes off, knocking people over that are in her path]

Sailor Sun [takes off after her]

Janeway [shocked]
Tuvak, get them! I don't want them running around my ship!

Sailor Mercury [gets up and walks to Janeway]
Captain? Where's my Computer? I haven't gotten a response to that question yet...

Sailor Venus [seriously]
If Darien and Robyn are here, Jupiter is too... and the animals-

Sailor Mars [puts her head in her hands]
Luna, Artemis, and Aphrodite....

Sailor Venus
We should help them!

Stop! I don't want you girls all running around my SHIP!

Sailor Mercury [angrily]
I want the Mercury Computer!

Doctor [angry]
Well everyone please stop yelling in my Sick Bay!

[Everyone is silent]

Tuvak [dragging Moon back in, kicking, screaming and bawling]
I couldn't catch Sailor sun, Captain...

Sailor Moon

Great... Red Alert!

[The computer began the wailing that actually shut Moon up, she passed out from the sudden noise...]

Sailor Mars [smirks]
Cool, I'll have to try that sometime...

Kim [on comm]
Captain? Why are we in Red Alert?

One of the intruders escaped.

Kim [seriously]
Understood, Kim out.

Sailor Mercury [sighs]
I hope Luna's not mad at me for losing my computer...

Sailor Mars [angrily]
Hey! We didn't choose to come here! And she didn't escape! She ran after Meatball Head!

Why are you here?

Sailor Venus
We just wanted Robyn's pendant back! Which Phoenix took! She dove into a vortex, we followed and ended up outside that big room...

No, it's mine!

Robyn [pushed by a Security Guard]
No, it's mine... It was my mother's and she gave it to me!

Sailor Sun [grumbling]
Alright, alright... [taps Robyn] I told you to stay home...

Robyn [looks at Sun]
Oh shut up, Fruit Loop...

Sailor Mars
Where's Jup--- [Venus places her hand over Rei's mouth]

Sailor Sun
We're in trouble when we get back!

Aphrodite [runs in and leaps onto Robyn's shoulder]
Robyn? [looks to Sun] Why are we in trouble when we get back?

Sailor Sun
Believe me. We are.

Robyn [looks down, sadly]
I know... but... I thought you were in trouble...

Sailor Sun
I told you to stay back for a reason. Now you're in just as much trouble as the rest of us.

Robyn [angrily]
I don't care! Let them do what they want! You went after Phoenix because she stole my pendant! I supposed they just expect us to let her have it!?

Sailor Mercury [confused]
Are they talking about Captain Janeway and the crew?

Sailor Venus [shrugs]
I dunno...

I want my boyfriend back!

Robyn [looks over]
You! Give me that back!

Sailor Sun [grabs Robyn's arm]
No. Look, you can have him... IF you give me the pendant... [smirks]

Nothing doing!

Phoenix [throwing the pendant to Sun]
Now, give me him.

Sailor Sun [looking at the pendant]
Thanks. Wish I could give him to you. But I don't know how.

Phoenix [jumping up and down]
You lied... You lied!

Sailor Mars
Why did you cause it to snow in Tokyo?!

Nuku [yells]
Don't answer that!

Robyn [holds her hand out to Sun]
Please, Bay? Give me back my pendant...?

Hold it. I want to know exactly what's going on!

[Everyone's silent]

Sailor Mars [quietly]
We've told you about 20 times....

You haven't given me a satisfactory answer.

Sailor Sun [seriously]
What we told you is what happened.... There's nothing more to tell... [she hands the pendant to a happy Robyn]

Robyn [clutching it]
Thank you, Bay! [she hugs her]

Janeway [looking at the doctor]

I'll detain them here.

Phoenix? Nuku? Join me outside, will you?

Robyn [looks to them]
Hey, you don't actually believe those two, do you? They've been after our powers for awhile now...

Sailor Sun [leads Robyn to the Medtable she was on]
Give up, Rob... They're not listening...

Sailor Moon [having come to]
Why not?

Sailor Mars [watches as the doctor goes back into his office]
They think Phoenix and Nuku are the good guys.

Sailor Venus [seriously]
Yeah... but they refuse to believe that WE are... We have to get home... and AWAY from wherever we are now...

Sailor Sun
We have to get out of here as soon as possible.

Robyn [nods]
Agreed... We have to find Jupiter and Tuxedo Mask first... Luna and Artemis are with them...

Sailor Moon [excited]
Darien's here?! Yay!

Robyn [turns her head]

Sailor Sun
Where are they?

Robyn [looks at her pendant]
I don't know, we split up when we heard footstep... I agreed to lead them away... I didn't know it was you...

Sailor Sun
If they keep moving, they won't be able to detect them.

Robyn [looks from her pendant to Sun]
Why? [holds her pendant out] Are you suggesting I transform?

Sailor Sun
NO! {"If she doesn't transform, The Council my not pick on her."} I mean, if you transform, then we'll lose our ace in the hole.

Robyn [looks hurt]
Me?! Is that all I am to you?! An ACE?!

Sailor Sun [seriously]
Let's not start...

Robyn [glares at her]
Watch me... Shadow Pendant Power! [she transforms in front of Sun, who buries her face in her hands]

Sailor Sun
{"Great... No there's no chance..."}

Sailor Shadow

Sailor Sun
You never listen. Don't come, don't transform...

Doctor [rushing out of the office]
What happened to the one with the red hair?!

Sailor Shadow [looks at the Doctor]

Doctor [looks up and sees the same hairstyle]
What the-?

Janeway [entering with Nuku and Phoenix]
You're sure?

Phoenix [nods]
Yes. Be careful...

Sailor Sun [gets into a defensive position]
Careful of what?

Janeway [pulls out her phaser]
I'm truly sorry...

Sailor Shadow
No. Wait... There has to be something we can-

Sailor Sun [grabs Shadow's arm]
At least listen to me on this... MOVE!

Sailor Venus
What's going on?

Sailor Shadow [sees concern in Sun's eyes]
You really care, don't you...?

Sailor Moon [behind the table]
Just hide!

Sailor Mercury
Mercury Bubble Blast! [the area fogs up and she dives to the ground, as do the others, Sun and Shadow still beside each other]


Everyone get down.

Sailor Shadow [points to the door]
We should leave... [stares at Sun, confused] I'm sorry for not listening to you.... [she whispers] Brad... [she crawls off]

Sailor Sun
Now she decides to make sense.

Sailor Mars [pushing Sun]

Sailor Sun
Alright....[starts to crawl] Ow...{"Not now. Don't kick now."}

Sailor Mars
What's wrong?

Sailor Sun
Nothing...Ow....[lays down on her side, clenching her belly] OW... Something's not right....

Sailor Shadow

Sailor Sun [waves her away]
Just go! [holds her stomach] Geez!

Sailor Shadow [to Mars]
Get everyone out, Mercury's fog won't last much longer... find Jupiter and Darien... [she puts her hand on Sun's shoulder] I refuse to leave you...

Sailor Sun [pushing Shadow away]
You too. Please. Just once, listen!

Sailor Shadow
But... Bay...

Sailor Sun [taking off her necklace]
Here! [hands it to her, as she detransforms] Aphrodite may need it...

Sailor Shadow

GO! NOW! Find Jupiter and get out of here!

[Sailor Shadow quickly crawls out.]

Janeway [as the fog clears up, sees a girl laying on the floor, holding her stomach...]
What's going on? Where are they?!


Doctor [rushing to Bay with a open tricorder]
We have to get her on the table NOW!

* * *
[outside, Shadow holds the locket and looks at Aphrodite, considering...]

Aphrodite [seriously]
Why do you have her locket?

Sailor Shadow [seriously]
We have to find Jupiter and Tuxedo Mask... [she gets up and runs after the others, Aphrodite follows]

* * *
[Back in sickbay]

Janeway [watching the doctor rush around]

She's pregnant, Captain. The baby's choking on the umbilical cord.

Bay [in pain]

Janeway [ignores Phoenix and Nuku by the door]
It's ok, the doctor will help it...


Nuku [glaring]
Nevermind her, we have to get those Scouts!

Janeway [glaring at Nuku]
I'm not in the habit of letting people die.

Nuku [stomps her foot]
Oh! [grabs Phoenix's arm] Come on, Phoenix! We'll get those interfereing twits!

Do you think it could have been his?

Nuku [stops]
Hmmmm.... [smirks] If it was, then maybe that means he's dead... Good! I hated him anyway! [she yanks Phoenix along the corridor, in the OPPOSITE direction of the Scouts...]

He's dead?

Nuku [yells]

* * *
Sailor Shadow [stops]
Mars... I'm tired... Can we rest?!

Aphrodite [stopping and pouts]
No! It's bad enough Bay booted us out, but now we're stopping so they can catch us?!

Sailor Shadow [frowns]
Aph! You're as bad as she is!

Sailor Jupiter [opening a crawl hatch]
You guys sure are loud.

Sailor Shadow [happily]

Sailor Moon [smiles, hopefully]
Is Darien with you?

Tuxedo Mask [pops his head out]
I'm here, and Luna and Artemis are too... [looks around] Where's Sun?

Sailor Shadow [sadly]
In more trouble than before...

Sailor Jupiter
What do you mean?

Sailor Shadow [shakes her head]
She- she stayed behind to throw them off our trail, but- [she pulls out Bay's locket] She gave me this...

Sailor Moon
What could it mean.

Sailor Mars
That she doesn't expect to come back.

Sailor Shadow [shakes her head]
NO! [she drops the locket and runs back] {"I can't let her stay here! And I don't care what The Council does, I have to get her home!"}

* * *
There we go. Your baby should be safe.

What do you know about her?

Janeway [pats Bay]
Hush. She'll be safe, but you have to rest... tell us what's really going on... I seem to have trusted the wrong party... They're after you. They've shown their true colors...


Robyn [walks into Sick Bay, her head held down]
Bay? I'm sorry for coming back... But-

Bay [drops her head back]
She never listens...

Robyn [stays calm]
I came back for the same reason I followed you to your trial... I can't leave...

And now, you'll be at my next trial. Only this time, you won't have a choice.


Robyn [walks over to Bay]
I don't care. Was your baby causing that pain? [tries to hold Bay's hand, but Bay pulls away] Bay, please...

Bay [angrily]
Don't come, don't transform, and don't come back! Will you ever listen to me?!

Robyn [sadly walks to the next bed and sits on it]
Probably not... My mother told me to follow my instincts, even if I believe it to be wrong... I promised her I would. I have since... [continues to look to the floor]

She needs to rest.

Robyn [nods]
Ok... [she turns away and sits with her back facing Bay] {"I'm sorry, Brad, I never meant for anything like this to ever happen... I know we'll be facing the Council again, and if I could, I'd take everything, as long as they gave you back your normal life... but... There's nothing I can do now..."}

What are you two talking about?

Bay [grumbling]
We're not allowed to tell...

Miss, you need to rest.

Bay [angrily]
My name's Bay! Not Miss, not Mrs., not Ma'am... BAY!

Robyn [looks over her shoulder, seriously]
Calm down, Bay... it's not good for the baby if your blood pressure skyrockets...

You didn't tell the others, did you?

Robyn [sadly, turns away]
No, I just told them that you sent me out with your locket... They said that perhaps you weren't planning on coming back... I had to bring you home... I don't care what happens to me...

Where are your friends?

Robyn [sniffs]
I don't know, I took off, they could be anywhere by now. They know you don't believe us. We know you think we're the bad guys... [sniffs] I just want this all over with... I agree with Serena... I want to go home! [she curls her legs up to her chest and starts crying]

Robyn... Moon....not Serena

Robyn [sniffs]
I don't care! [sniff] We're in the future... What [sniff] What are they gonna do? Go [sniff] Go back in time and tell everyone who we are?!

They can't go back in time either.

Robyn [upset]
I just said that! [she gets up and walks over to Bay] Look, we've got to figure out HOW to go back, and leave this freaky place... I'm starting to feel sick... I just want to go home to my bed, my kitchen and my TV! You can go back and work on your model cars and watch your Science Fiction movies with Aph... Or would you prefer to stay here, and DIE?! [looks ready to bawl again]

We have to find that vortex before it closes up.

Mi- Bay, you need to rest. [turns to Robyn] You'll have to leave, Miss.

Robyn [shakes her head]
No. I'm tired of being told to leave. I'm tired of being told to stay back. and I'm tired- [Janeway uses a hypspray] of always passing out... [she goes down]

Bay [sits up]
Robyn! Hey... that wasn't fair...

Doctor [gently pushing Bay back onto the bed]
Please, rest, or I'll have to use a hypospray on you, too.

Bay [pouts]

* * *
Sailor Jupiter [impatiently]
Where are they?!

Aphrodite [looking around]
I want to go look... Robyn should have gotten Bay by now!

Luna [seriously]
NO! You're staying here! [looks to Mercury] You still have it right?

Sailor Mercury [nods]
Yes. She can't get the locket, Luna... I still want my computer back!

Sailor Jupiter 
What happened to it?

Sailor Mercury [angry]
I don't know... when I came to in their Sick Bay... it was gone...

Sailor Mars
Could Phoenix or Nuku have it?

Sailor Mercury [smirking]
If they do, they couldn't get past the passwords and security protocols on it... [gets serious] It's if that doctor or that captain has it...

Sailor Venus
Could they use it?

Sailor Mercury [shakes her head]
No... but they COULD destroy all the information on it... which prevents me from drawing up the information on every vortex we've encountered... Which means-

Sailor Moon [whining]
We can't go home...

Tuxedo Mask [hugs Serena]
We'll get home... we didn't use a vortex to get here, right, Jupiter?

Sailor Jupiter [nods]
Right, We used Sailor Teleport... but I'm not sure it would work to get home...

Sailor Mercury [surprised]
There was no vortex?!

Sailor Venus
How is that possible?

Tuxedo Mask
I don't know, it just worked... [looks past them] Maybe we should go back for them... Aren't you all forgetting your powers? Mercury's fog got you out of there, right? You told me it worked... so... why shouldn't the rest of you be able to use yours?

Sailor Mercury
We can't do that in these close quarters. Any damage to the hull, and I don't want to think of the result.

Tuxedo Mask [nods]
But we should still go back... come on... [he crawls past and looks out, seeing no one, he opens the door slightly and sees an empty hall] All clear...

[They all leave the crawl space and head back to Sick Bay]

* * *
Nuku [tossing Phoenix around like a rag doll]
Come on! We have to find something! [she spies a box on a wall and breaks it open] It's full of those phaser thingies Captain Janeway had... [she grabs two and runs back to Sick Bay]

Phoenix [grabs one that looks like a shotgun, and takes off after Nuku]
{"Someone's going to die, and it's NOT gonna be ME!"}

Now, forget about Berry and that Bay. Remember, he kept leaving you and sneaking away.

He just did that when he changed into a cat. He couldn't control it.

Nuku [stops and turns around]
How dense are you?! I saw him going out with men AND women! He didn't love you and he never can! [she leaves a stunned Phoenix and continues toward Sick Bay]

* * *
Unknown Officer [on comm]

Yes, Ensign?

Security Box 4965-A was broken into a few moments ago.

Those girls?

Janeway [on the communicators]
Tuvak, status?

Bay [leans up on her elbows]
No way... they wouldn't do something like that... it has to be Phoenix and Nuku... [looks at the Doctor] And if you tell me to rest one more time, I'll smack you... If I rested anymore, I'd be dead...

I'm a hologram. Slapping me doesn't bother me.

Bay [gets a weird look on her face]
Hologram... [quietly] Sailor Enterprise!?

[Robyn is just coming to on the table beside Bay]

Bay [looks over]
I wonder... Could you guys create a hologram? I mean, one from a long time ago? Maybe make her... solid?


Bay [thinks]
Well, Phoenix knows one... but she knows it's a hologram... if there was a way to make her solid... She'd flip... and we could subdue her... Now, Nuku might not fall for it...

A hologram of who?

Sailor Enterprise.


Janeway [tapping her comm badge]
Ensign Kim, report to Sick Bay.

* * *
Sailor Jupiter [grumbling]
I can't believe you guys... We're where?

Sailor Mercury [sighs]
For the fifth time, Jupiter, On board a starship... um... U.S.S. Ah... Voyager...

Nuku [with in hearing distance of the Scouts]
Scouts. I know your here somewhere.

Do I have to?

Yes, this time, I get a scout first.


Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon [like she's about to snease]
Ahhh. Ah...

* * *
[Ensign Kim worked in Sickbay, on a very upset Sailor Enterprise]

Sailor Enterprise
I feel ridiculous!

Sorry, Doctor, we didn't have time to integrate a interactive personality system.

Trust me. I know how you feel.

Sailor Enterprise
Oh, good for you. 

Consider it your most prized acting role.

Bay [to Kim]
Her hair needs to be a little longer.

Computer, increase hair length by 10%.

Paris [walking in]
Hey, Doc, looking good...

Sailor Enterprise
Why are you here Mr. Paris?

Just needed to drop off these reports... [turns to Kim] Can we leave him this way?

Sailor Enterprise [pulling on the moble-emitter]
Let's get this over with.

Robyn [snickers]
I think it's good work, Ensign Kim... [giggles]

Now your power was "Enterprise Warp Strike."

But, it won't actually do anything.

And she makes stupid speeches.

Sailor Enterprise

Robyn [pouts]
They're not stupid....

Bay [smirks]
Her's was...

Sailor Enterprise
What speeches?

Bay [smiles]

* * *
Nuku [kneels by Sickbay and waits for someone to show up...]
Remember, me first!

Sailor Jupiter [turns the corner and approaches them]
Some on, you're sure Bay is-

Nuku [aims the phaser]
Ready... aim...

Sailor Jupiter [enters Sickbay]
-in here?

Nuku [pouts]
Humph... maybe it's better to have them all in one room...

[The rest of the Scouts enter and the doors close]

Phoenix [pouting]
Let's go, Nuku... [she tugs Nuku and they enter Sickbay, aiming]

Bay [staring]
What the-?!

Phoenix [smiling]
Nobody move! I've always wanted to say that...

Robyn [glares]
Haven't you two done enough?!

Phoenix [angrily]
You! You're the one who keeps ruining everything! Your friend took my boyfriend away and I know you helped!

Robyn [defensive]
You put him in there!

Nuku [yells]
You ran off!

Like I was going to let you willingly put a psychopath into my head! [frowns at Phoenix]

Sailor Enterprise

Phoenix [stares at her]

Bay [smiling]
Yes! And she's here to stop you from going through with anything!

Phoenix [smirks]
That's a hologram... I could hit you and run through!

Bay [smirks]
She's real, Phoenix...

Nuku [after hearing Phoenix, runs at Sailor Enterprise]
Ha! [she expects to go through, hit slams into her and lands on the floor, surprised]

Sailor Enterprise [smiles at Janeway]
You know, that actually tickled...

Phoenix [freaks out]
NO! SHE'S REAL! NOOOO! [starts firing phasers and everyone ducks]

Bay [whispered]
Robyn? last time, a vortex was created when Sailor Sun grabbed her from behind... It only lasted a few moments, but I want to try it again-

Robyn [shakes her head]
No. Not after having problems. I volunteer... My powers always have been and always will be unstable... in order for me to mimic attacks and such, it's necessary... With that in the equation, maybe the vortex will stay open long enough for us ALL to get home...

Bay [seriously]
You're starting to sound like Amy...

Robyn [smirks]
Thanks... She's the one that told me about my powers and gave the suggestion! [seriously] But she didn't know how to get the plan to work... Thanks... Brad... [she smiles and looks back to Phoenix] Seeing as this is so risky... [she kissed Bay quickly on the cheek and crawled quickly around behind Phoenix...]

Bay [staring]
Why'd she do that?

Aphrodite [looking at Robyn]
You honestly don't know..... [she looks up at Bay, and smirks] Brad?

Bay [glares at the cat]
She wouldn't... Nah... She didn't mean-

Aphrodite [angrily]
Get with it! She loves you even though you're a female! She knows who you are... She's always felt close to you... I guess she can now easily see past the outside... I don't know...

Bay [rolls her eyes]
Oh brother...

* * *
[behind Phoenix, who's stopped firing, but aims the phaser at anyone who twitches...]

Robyn [stares at her]
{"Ok, I have to transform first, but-"} [she looks at the dangling pendant] {"Here goes..."} [she whispers] Shadow Pendant Power! [she transforms and as she gets ready to leap out onto Phoenix, she turns around and sees her]

Phoenix [very psycho-like...]
I scratch your back... YOU STAB MINE! [she yells and hits the trigger on the phaser. Nothing happens, and Shadow grabs Phoenix, holding on for dear life]

Sailor Shadow [seriously]
We're getting home one way or another...

Bay [sees sparks from between the two]
It's working!

Janeway [seriously]
What is? What's happening?

Amy [looks to Sailor Enterprise, and demands]
The little blue Mercury Computer... I want it back!

Sailor Enterprise [nods and points to the computer on his desk in his office]
Right there. I'm sorry... [looks to Kim] Could we get this off now? I'm starting to feel embarrassed!

Kim [smirks]
Not until they're gone, Doc...

Bay [smirks at the hologram]
Heh. You DO look like her... Thanks again...

[The vortex looked unsteady, and Sailor Mercury came out of the office, tapping on her computer]

Sailor Mercury [with her visor on]
Guys, we have to transform before entering... our powers will steady it enough to get us home! [takes off her visor]

Bay [sighs]
Ok, ok... [Everyone prepares and sees Shadow's having a hard time keeping hold] Let's hurry! Solar Locket Power!

Jupiter Star Power!

Venus Star Power!

Mars Star Power!

Moon Crystal Power!

[Darien transforms as well, and when all are done, Nuku realizes she's going home... but doesn't want the Scouts with her... Unfortunately...Tuvok had taken her phasers and grabbed the ones from Phoenix as well... She sees everyone dive for the vortex and heads in first... the others knock Shadow and Phoenix apart, but into the vortex. The black vortex disappears, and everyone's still staring]

Sailor Enterprise [after a few moment of silence]

Kim [laughing]
Sure thing, Doc...

Paris [smirking]
I still say I like the female Doctor a LOT better, Kim...

Janeway [smiling]
Let's get back to normal, people... let's keep trying to get home...

[everyone nods and go off to work on their duties...]

* * *
[The vortex had dropped everyone back to the original position, but it had knocked them all unconscious due to being so unstable... In effect, they had all detransformed as well...]

Bay [the first to move...]
Ooowwww... [she opens her eyes, groggily and looks around, seeing at first, blurs, then the others came into focus] I see we had a great party... [sits up and grabs her head] Oh man... I feel like I got hit with a ton of bricks... [she looks around] I didn't did I?

[Robyn and Lita wake up next. Lita on top of Mina and Robyn under Phoenix]

Lita [looks up, and shakes her head]
What happened? Where are we?

Bay [holding her head]
Home... I think...

Robyn [jerks]
Geez! Could someone get this off me? [pulls her arm out from under Phoenix and holds her head] Then see if there's a license number on my head from the truck that hit me...

Lita [looks down and blushes, then quickly rolls off Mina]

Bay [smirks]
It's ok, Lita...

[The others all slowly come around including Phoenix and Nuku, who growl at the Scouts and quickly run off into another vortex, but this one was more of the Negaverse type than anything...]

Bay [sighing]
Well, I guess we should get home now...

Robyn [still holding her head]
Yeah, I want to sleep... I'm so tired, and my head is killing me...

Amy [walks over to Robyn]
Our headaches are gone, why's yours still there?

Robyn [shrugs]
I don't know, you tell me... I just want to go home, ok?

Bay [nods]
Yeah, let's go...

[They head home and Robyn takes a nap, giving Bay her pendant to hold while she slept.]

Bay [stares at it in the kitchen]
You cause way too much trouble for a little piece of crystal... [she smirks and looks at her stomach] And YOU... You ever do that again, I'll... [sighs] Just don't get me caught, ok? [she sighs again and leans on the table, falling asleep, holding her locket and Robyn's pendant by her arm...]