"Sailor S"
"Snow Place Like Home"
Episode 27

[Bay wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. As scared as she was, and as sudden as she sat up, she expected to see fur on herself and her locket missing. She looks and sees she's human and the locket's by her bed still.]

Bay [getting out of bed]
This is weird... I can't remember what woke me up like that... [she turns the light on and leaves the room]

Aphrodite [yawns and wakes up]
Bay? Why's the light- [sees Bay's bed is empty and her locket's on the nightstand] She never gives me a chance like this... she must be sick... [she leaves the room and sees Bay splashing her face with water] Bay?

Bay [stops and opens an eye, looking at Aph]
Just had a bad dream Aph... go back to sleep... [turns off the water and grabs a towel, drying her face]

Aphrodite [shakes her head and goes back into the room]

Bay [frowns]
Hilarious... [she turns the bathroom light off and walks to her room. She stops at the door and thinks for a moment. She then turns and walks to Robyn's door] {"I wonder if she's having any dreams?"} [she quietly opens the door and sees Robyn's curled up with her blankets wrapped around her, lightly snoring] {"Nope, out like a light... Well... I guess that's a good thing..."}

Aphrodite [looking out into the hallway and seeing Bay looking into Robyn's room]
What's wrong?

Bay [closes the door, quietly]
Nothing, just looking in on her... [walks over to her own room and lays back down, surprised her sheets were dry...] {"Oh well..."} Good night, Aph... and... [grabs the locket] leave this alone... [smirks and puts it in a drawer]

Aphrodite [grumbles]
I hate it when you don't trust me...

Bay [yawns]
You did it yourself, Aph... nite... [turns off the light]

Aphrodite [grumbles again and curls up at the foot of Bay's bed]
Whatever, you- [mumbles too low for Bay to hear]

Bay [smiling]
Hush, Furrball... [snickers and soon falls sound asleep]

* * *
Robyn [shakes Bay]
Get up, Sleepyhead! Come see the snow!

Aphrodite [licks Bay's face]

Bay [rolls over]
I don't wanna see anything except the inside of my eyelids... let me sleep...

Robyn [giggles and says louder]
You can sleep all day if you want! It's a Snow Day today... Get up and see it!

Bay [her eyes fly open upon hearing the word snow]
SNOW?! [sits up quickly] You mean that cold, white stuff?! [shocked face...]

Robyn [giggles again]
Yes, silly... they canceled school... look... [she walked over to Bay's window and pulled back the curtains. Outside, Bay saw white snowflakes falling down and a little pile on her windowsill]

What? Snow? in Tokyo?

Robyn [smiles]
The weather's been weird anyhow... [goes over to Bay] Get up! See for yourself! It's beautiful...

Bay [still in shock]
It was perfectly clear yesterday! What happened?!

Robyn [drags Bay to the window]
Who cares... School's out! [giggles and runs out of Bay's bedroom]

Bay [staring out of the window, sees everything covered in white... like thick frosting... people were shoveling sidewalks, but Bay saw no point in that activity... Cars weren't going anywhere today either...]
{"Maybe the bad guys'll take a Snow Day today too...?"}

Aphrodite [yawning and commenting]
Robyn's as bad as Serena when it comes to school...

Bay [still staring]

* * *
Robyn [in the kitchen, in her nightgown, slippers and robe, happily getting a bowl of cereal]
No school today, that's so cool... [stops and puts the box on the counter] That sounded way too much like Serena... I think I've been around her too long... [shakes her head and turns around, seeing Bay, fully dressed, drops the box onto the floor] BAY! Don't sneak up on me like that!

Bay [stares at Robyn, strangely]
I stomped down the stairs and yelled at Aph, you didn't hear that?

Aphrodite [eating some of the sugary cereal from the floor]
Yeah, she yelled at me for stopping halfway down... [crunching]

Robyn [looks down]
Aph! [picks up the box and sets it on the counter] I know you like cereal, but come off it already...

Bay [rolls her eyes]
Is there ANYTHING that furrball won't eat?

Aphrodite and Robyn [plainly]
Dog food...

Aphrodite [frowns at Bay]
And liver... [makes 'yuck' face] Tried it... HATE it...

Robyn [surprised]
When did you try liver?

Aphrodite [stops eating and looks up]
Ah... [nervously giggles] On a date...

Robyn [picks Aph up]
What date?

Aphrodite [nervously]
With Keiko...

Bay [shocked]
I thought you told me he-

Aphrodite [wriggles out of Robyn's hand]
Last week! [runs out of the kitchen and out the kitty door on the front door]

Robyn [concerned]
Aph! Wait! The snow!

Bay [stops Robyn]
She's got a fur coat, Rob... besides, she's not stupid, she'll be back real soon... [smirks]

Robyn [unsure]
Bay... if she thinks we're angry at her she-

Bay [still holding Robyn's arm]
She'll be back, Robyn... relax...

Robyn [stops struggling]
I hope so, Bay... [looks at the door] {"Please be safe, Aph..."}

* * *
Aphrodite [shivering, but walking on shoveled sidewalks and under cars, makes her way to Mina's]
P-please b-be home, d-dad.. [she scratches at the door, as hard as her frozen paws could, but no one answers] {"There's no way I can jump to the doorbell... Looks like I have to go to Serena's..."} [she turns and walks away from the door.]

[As she gets out of sight, Mina opens the door]

Mina [yawning]
Artemis... you're hearing things... I told you no one was here...

Artemis [takes off out of the house]
I know I heard something!

Mina [wide eyed]
ARTEMIS! [goes to step outside and realizes being a white cat, she'd lose him instantly anyway.] You'd better come back in one piece, Artemis! {"Please, come back..."}

* * *
Serena [sound asleep, naturally]
Darien... of course I'll go to the dance... [starts mumbling into her pillow]

Luna [shakes her head and sees something outside of the window]
Oh, Serena... [gets up and down to the front door, meowing until Sammy opens it]

Sammy [surprised]
You want out in this?!

Luna [looks up]
Mrow... {"No, I want to see-"} [looks out and sees Artemis carrying Aphrodite] MREOW! [points her paw at the cats and Sammy looks]

Sammy [leaves the door open]
I'm getting Serena! [looks strangely at Luna] You're a weird cat... [runs off]

Luna [humphs and turns her head]
Artemis! I'll hold the door, hurry!

Artemis [drops Aph and flops down onto the icy sidewalk]
I can't go any farther, Luna... [passes out]

Luna [yells]

Serena [runs to the door]
What're you yelling about, Luna...?

Luna [looks behind Serena, and sees no one]
Help me get Aphrodite and Artemis!

Serena [rubbing one of her eyes]
You're imagining things, Fuzzball...

Luna [scratches Serena's leg]
Wake up! Go get them!

Serena [wide eyed and holding her leg]
OOWWW!!! [pouting] Just for that YOU can stay outside! [slams the door shut]

Luna [bangs on the door]
SERENA!!!! LET ME IN! [stops and sighs] Oh well... [turns and walks, claws out, to Artemis and Aphrodite, covering the two as best she could with herself]

* * *
Robyn [sitting in the kitchen, now dressed]
Bay... it's been two hours, she's gotta be hurt or something... where would she go?!

Bay [sits the comics down]
Would you relax? She's probably with Luna or Artemis...

Robyn [looking like she's got an idea]
Mina and Serena! [she runs to the phone and dials a number]

Bay [rolls her eyes then goes back to the comics section]
All this fuss over a talking furrball...

Robyn [after waiting a few moments]
Mina? Is Aphrodite with you and Art- [stops] He what?! No, they're not here either... Did you call Serena?...... Sound asleep, hunh? I'll try again, Mina... I'll let you know if-.... I promise... You let me know if they show up there too, ok? [nods and looks sad] Yeah... Alright, bye, Mina... [hangs up the phone]

Bay [curious, but still reading]
What did Art shred of Mina's today?

Robyn [angrily]
He ran away after hearing a scratching on the door... Mina's worried too...

Bay [looks over]
He ran off too? [thinks for a minute, then comments] Is there a Kitty Convention we don't know about?

Robyn [frowns]
This is no time to be funny... [picks up the phone and dials again]

Bay [smirking]
Calling the convention halls?

Robyn [yells]
Would you shut up, Bay?! [blushes] Oh, not you, Sammy...would you wake Serena- [listens] It's important, Sam... I don't care... I'll pay your hospital bills, just wake her up... thank you... [waits, glaring at Bay, who rolls her eyes and turns back to the comics] Serena? Are Aphrodite and Artemis with Luna?.... You WHAT?! No, Aph took off this morning and Artemis took off soon after... MEATBALL HEAD! [groans] I'm beginning to see why Rei calls you that! If you see them, call me... [slams the phone onto the hook] She kicked Luna out when she told her to go out into the snow and get Aph and Artemis... [rolls her eyes and stomps into the foyer, opening the closet]

Bay [definitely curious]
Now what are you up to?

Robyn [pulls out boots, her heavy purple coat, and a pair of white waterproof pants]
Since no one else will, I'm going out searching for the cats...

Bay [smacks her forehead]
Robyn... you're insane... it's gotta be like 50 below ZERO out there...

Robyn [pulling on the pants and boots]
Yeah? I didn't see you worrying about that when Aph took off...

Bay [concerned]
She's not a dumb cat, Rob... I'm sure she suckered someone into taking her in... Come on, I'll make some hot chocolate... [points to the kitchen]

Robyn [zipping her coat up]
No... [finds Bay's leather gloves in the closet and puts them on. Then she pulls the hood over her head, grabs a blanket and heads outside, slamming the door]

Bay [standing there]
You're nuts, girl... But I'm not letting you freeze your butt off alone... [she puts her heavy coat on and realizes she has no boots.] Just wonderful... [searches the closet and realizes Robyn took her gloves] She doesn't want me to follow her does she... [thinks] Wait... why am I worried about gloves? I could melt the snow by touching it... [rolls her eyes and searches her pockets for the house keys.] Tell me she took those too... [she finds them and leaves the house, locking the door]

* * *
[Robyn's clutching the blanket closely and yelling for the cats. Bay's catching up to her after about an hour of following her...]

Robyn [shivering, even through all the clothes]
A-APH?! L-LUNA?! A-ARTEMIS?! {"This was a bonehead move... I should have listened to-"} [turns around and squints] Bay?

Bay [glad to see Robyn stop]
It's about time I can catch you!

Robyn [realizing Bay's got less layers on than her and she's not shivering]
W-why is it th-that you're not f-freezing out here?!

Bay [shrugs]
I must be warm blooded... [looks hard at Robyn] You should get back inside for a little...

Robyn [frowns]
N-no... N-not until A-Aph, A-Artemis and L-Luna are s-safe...

Bay [sighs]
You don't give up very quickly, do you?

Robyn [half smirks]
You sh-should kn-know that by n-now, B-Bay...

Bay [walks close to Robyn]
You're shivering under all that, come on, we'll resume this search later...

Robyn [shakes hard]
NO! [glares at Bay] H-help me f-find them, th-then I'll g-go in!

Bay [sighs]
Come on... Let's go to Serena's for some hot chocolate, we'll pick up the search after a break... you know, check for paw prints, fur... [smiles] That alright?

Robyn [shakes her head]
Y-you think I'm s-stupid? Y-you don't c-care about A-Aph! [stomps off through a yard and runs (well, as best anyone can through 3 feet of thick snow!) toward the Temple and Mina's...

[Bay shakes her head and heads to Serena's, hoping to get some help from Meatball Head...]

* * *
[A lump of snow by the side of the walkway shivers and we see black, white and orange fur pop out]

Luna [looks around, weakly]
Where IS everyone...? Serena should have come out by now...

Aphrodite [coughing]
Where's Robyn?

Artemis [huddles against Aph]
I want Mina...

Luna [huddles on top of them both]
I know... come on, let's just stay warm...

* * *
Robyn [falls to her knees near Mina's place]
B-Bay... I-I'm... [looks up] s-sorry f-for n-not l-listening t-to y-you...

Mina [coming out to get the mail, sees Robyn pass her place]
Robyn?! [yells] ROBYN! [curiously] {"I wonder if she's looking for the cats... I'm going to help her..."} [she runs inside, gets layered better than Robyn and heads out in the direction she last saw Robyn heading in]

* * *
[At Serena's, Bay trips over a bump in the middle of the sidewalk and twists her ankle]

Bay [shakes her head, and looks at her feet, seeing something in the bump, she brushes away some snow, revealing three furrballs huddled against each other]
APHRODITE!? LUNA?! ARTEMIS!? [yells loudly] SEEEERRRREEEEEEEENNNNAAAAAAAAAA! {"If she didn't hear that, she's deaf..."}

Serena [swings open the front door, totally freaked out and angry]
Who the- [sees Bay laying on the sidewalk] BAY?! [looks back to someone] MOM! Come here!

Serena's Mom [looks outside]
Oh, hi, Bay...

Bay [looks at her]

Serena [clutching herself]

Serena's Mom [scoldingly]
Serena! You'll catch your death of cold out there!

Bay [takes off her coat and grabs the cats in it]
The cats are here too... fur popsicles... {"NOW tell me I don't care about Aph, Robyn... I put her in my coat..."}

Serena [shocked]
All three!?

Bay [dusting as much snow off the cats as possible]
Yeah, Aph, Art, and Luna... [pulls the coat over them all and hobbles up the steps]

Serena [shocked]
What are you doing?!

Bay [limping past Serena]
I'm bringing them in for you, what's it look like I'm doing?

Serena [follows]
Uh... limping...

Bay [looks back]
I tripped over these three...

Serena [closing the door behind them]

* * *
[Inside, Serena brings two cups of hot chocolate for Bay and herself, Luna, Artemis and Aphrodite are chilled still, but breathing. They rest in Serena's room, near a heater]

Serena [holding the cup close, sits on the opposite couch]
Should we call Amy?

Bay [nods]
If no one moves soon, I'll drag her here personally...

Serena [sadly]
Should we have called a Vet instead?

Bay [shakes her head]
Nah... They'd have just done the same things we did...

Serena [curls her legs up and sips the chocolate]
Well, how's your ankle?

Bay [smirking]
I feel stupid... I twisted it on the ice... now I'm putting ice on it...

Serena [giggles]
Yeah... [thinks of something] Should I call Robyn and let her know you're here?

Bay [her face drops]
I don't think she's home, Serena...

Serena [sees Bay's facial expression change]

Bay [looks down]
She took off when I suggested coming here and taking a break, then going back out for Aph and the others...

Serena [drops her cocoa]

Bay [points]
You've made a mess Serena!

Serena's Mom [runs in]
SERENA! [goes to the kitchen, gets a washcloth and towel, then hands them to Serena] Clean it up now, Young Lady!

Serena [kneels down]
Yes, Mom...

* * *
Robyn [on her knees again, near The Temple, heading to Serena's... having not found any trace of the cats]
{"I can't even talk... I should have listened to Bay... It's way to cold to search... but I don't want the Pound to catch her! They'd..."} [tries to continues thinking] {"My BRAIN'S frozen now... wonderful..."} [looks around and sees where she's at] {"Rei! The Sacred Fire... I know it's not meant to be used like a fireplace, but if I don't get near heat soon, I'll... I'll..."} [she passes out, face first into the snow outside the Temple]

Mina [coming up behind where Robyn passed out]
I know I saw her... [sees Robyn] ROBYN! [runs over and turns her over] Well, her face isn't blue... she couldn't have been out long... [she pulls out her communicator and calls the others...]

* * *
[About an hour later, Mina's shivering a little, but sufficiently warmed... Robyn's under three blankets and still out...]

Bay [looks to Robyn]
Are her clothes defrosted yet?

Mina [sits her cup down and walks over]
Well, let's see... [reaches under the blanket] She's soaked! We have to get her out of those... it'll keep her cold if we leave them on... [seriously looks at Bay]

Bay [confused]
How do you know all this stuff?!

Mina [seriously]
Amy told me if someone who gets frozen like this defrosts and is wet to take their wet clothes off and keep them dry. Otherwise, they'll stay cold and get pneumonia... [looks down and away] Or worse...

Bay [looks at Mina]
{"I've never seen her so serious..."} Mina... I can heat her up... you know that...

Serena [stops her]
You want to earn the nickname Pyro? [pouting]

Bay [angrily]
Hey! I can-

Serena [mockingly]
Control it... [rolls her eyes] I know, I know... Rei says it too... but she's burnt down a few small trees and buildings!

Bay [looks at Robyn, then to Mina, then back at Serena]
One of you two gonna undress her? I don't feel right...

Mina [sighs, rolls her eyes and pushes Bay away]
Fine... I'll do it...

Bay [turning away]
I'm sorry, I've just never been too comfortable around-

Mina [turns her head]
Would you two get me some towels and another blanket? These are wet... [Bay and Serena turn to walk away and they hear her add] And... check on Artemis too?

Bay [hearing her voice shake, looks back and smiles]
Of course... [turns her head back around and continues, stopping at Serena's room] Aph? Art? Luna? [walks over to the cats, under a blanket and moves it aside, to three sleeping furrballs] [looks to Serena, who's smiling at them] They dried out quickly... [smirks and covers them up again]

Sammy [looking in, eating... something...]
Bay? Sherena? [munches more] Whup are rou poo doig? [swallows]

Bay [stares]
How can you shovel like that? Serena makes less of a mess than you... [walks past him, in disgust]

Serena [upset]

Bay [mumbled]
You RESEMBLE it... [smirks and goes to the bathroom to get towels]

Serena [brings out a blanket]
I got another blanket, Bay... [walks back to Mina, with Bay]

Aphrodite [yawns and wobbly gets out of the basket]
Where am I? [looks around and sees bunnies and moons everywhere, then grumpily says] I've died and gone to hell... And it looks like Serena's... [looks back into the basket and sees Luna and Artemis... She vaguely remembers Artemis finding her under a car, half unconscious] Daddy... [sadly limps out of the room]

Bay [not looking near at the couch]
I said I'm not comfortable looking- [sees Aph, limping] APHRODITE! [runs over] {"Something to change the subject!"} You ok? Why did you run off? You had Rob and me worried, you know! Why are you limping? You know, Robyn's-

Aphrodite [yells]
SHUT UP, BAY! [glares at her] Where's Robyn?

Mina [looks up]
She's dry, Bay...

Aphrodite [wriggles away]
DRY?! From what?

Serena [leans back on her legs]
Outside in the ice...

Aphrodite [looks afraid]
How long?

Bay [shrugs, but seriously]
I don't know... Mina found her about an hour ago, unconscious in a snowbank...

Aphrodite [shocked]
Uncon- [looks at Mina, but only sees a fuzzy outline] Snow? [passes out herself...]

Bay [picks her up]
Must be contagious... [walks into Serena's room and places Aph back in with Luna and Artemis]

Serena [looking in]
Cute, hunh?

Bay [turns]
Nah... {"Yeah..."} [looks back and ends up tripping over one of Serena's bunny slippers] OUCH! [looks down] Naturally... {"And the same ankle too... Ugh!"}

Serena [helps Bay up]
You alright!?

Bay [angrily]
I tripped over one of your stupid bunny slippers!!!!!

Serena [starts to cry]

Sammy [ears covered]
Who started her?!

Bay [covering Serena's mouth]
I tripped over one of her slippers...

[Sammy groans, rolls his eyes and runs into his room]

Serena [sniffs]
Darien gave me those... last Christmas! [turns and stomps into the living room]

Bay [rolls her eyes]
Why do I have this strong urge to just yell 'Oy Vey!'?!

Mina [feels Robyn's skin and sees Bay come in after Serena's stomped through...]
What's with her?

Bay [sighs]
Bunny slippers...

Mina [smirks]

Bay [nods]
Yeah... [nods at Robyn] How's she doing? Time to talk to Amy yet?

Mina [nods]
Yeah, I've run out of ideas... If she's hypothermic, she'll need the hospital...

Bay [waving her hands]
Don't wish that, Mina... She's been in there so many times, they should put her name on a private room!

Mina [sighs]
She's just got horrid luck, that's all...

Serena [sniffing still]
Worse than me?

Bay [smirking]
NO one's worse than you, Meatball Head... You're still number one in that, I'm sure...

Serena [unsure whether to take that as an insult or a compliment, does the latter, but cautiously...]
Ahhh... thanks... I think...

Bay [looks at Robyn]
Besides, every time one of us is down lately, we all get stuck in a major fight... I'm getting sick of it...

Serena [curls her legs up against her]
Yeah... me too...

Mina [turns]
Serena! You're Sailor Moon and the Moon Princess! In your heart you know nothing evil can beat you!

Serena [freaks]
SHUT UP, MINA! [points to Sammy's room]

Bay [rolls her eyes and picks up the phone]
{"And I thought Serena was good at blurting things out..."} [dials Amy's number & gets a busy signal] Amy's line's busy... [looks over her shoulder, holding the hookswitch down] Should I- [the phone rings and not thinking, Bay lets go]

Serena [sees Bay just stand there]
BAY! [runs over and grabs the phone] Hello?.... Yeah, I am... [unsure] Well, ok, but-.... [starts to cry] Darien!.... but... BUT... [starts bawling and slams the phone down, then runs into her room, slamming the door]

Mina [stands beside Bay]
Um... what just happened?

Bay [shrugs]
I dunno...

[The phone rings again]

Mina [looks at it]
You gonna get it?

Bay [shakes her head]
Uh-uh... You?

Mina [shaking her head]

Sammy [yelling]
SERENA! ANSWER THE STUPID PHONE! [when it rings for the fifth time, Sammy runs out and picks it up, angrily] Hello?.... Yeah, she is, Amy... I'll get her...

Bay [grabs the phone]
Not if you want to live 'til your next birthday! [puts the phone to her ear] Amy?! It's Bay... is there any way you could come over?.... Well... Yeah, it is... [shoos Sammy away] Mina's here too... No, Lita and Rei aren't-.... Well... yes and no... Well, yes it involves one, but no, I don't think it's classified as S.B., Amy...

Mina [sighs]
Tell her, Bay...

Bay [looks over to Mina and sighs]
Alright, Mina. [turns back to the [phone] Amy? Robyn was found in a snowbank, unconscious over an hour ago... We've done everything we know and she's still out..... That's a long story... Ok. See ya, thanks... Bye... [hangs up] She's on her way. [walks over to Robyn and sits on the couch] I hope she's just that tired... Nothing more... [she puts her hand on Robyn's face and jerks it back] She's cold as ice! Clammy, wet... [looks at Mina] I thought she was dry?!

Mina [shocked]
She was!

Robyn [her eyes flutter open and she tries to speak, but nothing comes out]
[mouths] Bay...

Bay [sees her]
Rob? [smiles and hugs her, even though Robyn's ice cold] Robyn! I was beginning to worry!

Robyn [half smiles]
{"Why would she worry? Wait... am I naked?! Where am I? MINA?!"} [her eyes look around and she tries to move her head, but nothing wants to go anywhere...] [sarcastically] {"Oh, this is fun..."} [mouthing again] Aph...cats...

Bay [smiles]
Sound asleep in Serena's room... by a heater... ok? Rest... Amy's on her way over. I'll get you some warm water to drink. Cold water would kinda defeat the purpose... [smiles and gets up, leaving her alone with Mina]

Mina [smiles and looks at her]
We had to get your wet clothes off... Sorry, Robyn... You're covered by the blanket, ok?

Robyn [half smiles and nods slightly]
{"I'm a jinx... All my luck is bad... I jinx my family, my friends... now myself! Maybe I should just leave them alone... then nothing bad will happen again..."}

Bay [looking out a window]
When's Amy going to get here?

Mina [walks over]
She'll be here... It's not like she can fly over all this stuff... [holds her hand out] If you're gonna stand here, I'll take the water to Robyn...

Ah... that's OK.... [walks off]

Robyn [trying to move everything...]
{"Where's she going now?"} [manages to push herself to a sitting position]

Robyn? What are you doing?

Robyn [looks at Mina and with a gruff, rough voice manages]
Bay? [curious]

Mina [yelling to Bay]
Bay.... Robyn wants you!

Bay [still staring out another window]
How do you know? {"I still don't believe it... SNOW!"} [sees Amy huddled in her coat, jogging up Serena's walk] Amy's here...

Robyn [not thinking straight]

Mina [feels Robyn's forehead, but she's still cold...]
Lay back down... you may be feverish... how long were you out in this stuff? Amy's gonna ask anyway...

Bay [opens the door and lets Amy in]
Welcome to the weirdest house on the block... Serena's bawling over a phone call from Darien in her room, Mina's with an ice cold Robyn, who's now awake... and I'm not cold! [smirks and bows sarcastically, pointing to the couch]

Where's Robyn?

Robyn [smiling]

Amy [Going to Robyn's side]
How long were you out there, your all blue!

Told you she'd ask...

Robyn [thinks]
I don't remember... The last thing I know for sure was hanging up the phone on Serena... I called her- [stops and thinks] I think it was after I called you...

Bay [hearing her confusion]
You really can't think clearly?

Robyn [lightly shakes her head]
No... The next thing I remember clearly is waking up here...

How long ago did you leave home?

Robyn [confused]
Bay's argument over Aph... I left...

[Everyone looks at Bay]

That was about 3 hours ago.... Robyn, you didn't go inside since?

Robyn [shakes her head]
Searched for cats everywhere... under cars, in cubbyholes, down alleys... I remember the Temple... and passing Mina's... [looks lost in thought...]

I found you in front of the Temple.

Robyn [confused]
Found? Was I lost? What's going on? I'm confused... I forget...

Bay [worried]
This isn't funny... are you serious?

Robyn [looks at Bay]
Funny? I really don't remember anything else...

Amy [seriously]
That could be from her body getting frozen...


Bay [grabs Robyn's hand and holds it out so she can see herself, concerned]
Are you normally bluish?

Robyn [shocked]
Bay? You- you let me out too long... [passes out]

Bay [drops her arm]
I- LET her out?! She walked out! She took off! Like her dumb cat! [storms off, without a coat, outside onto the porch... slamming the door behind her and plopping onto the steps]

Mina [stares at the door]
What just happened?

Bay's going to freeze to death out there.

Serena [sniffing, walking into the room]
She showed up in her coat... nothing else extra... [sniffs again] She's a hot head like Rei, remember?

Still. [Goes to the door and opens it to get Bay]

[Bay sits on the patio chair, on the porch, she doesn't even shiver, but Amy's already chattering her teeth]

Bay [turns her head, and snaps]
Leave me alone, Amy...

Mina [poking her head out]
Bay, You'll freeze.... [Sees Bay] Amy, why isn't Bay freezing?

Amy [shivering]
I don't know why she's not, but I am... [runs back inside]

Mina [looking at Bay]
You know she's not thinking right... [looks strangely] Do you usually smoke?

Bay [angrily]
I am NOT Aphrodite!

Mina [points]
Then it's the chair...

Bay [looks up, seeing smoke, she gets up...]
What the-? [about a minute after she gets up, the chair shows a black scorch mark... lasting about a minute...]

Mina [shocked]
Talk about a hot temper... [runs inside]

What the.... [feeling the chair] It's still warm.

Mina [pulling Serena]
See? [points]

Serena [shocked]
BAY! Look what you did to Mom's chair! She's gonna kill me!

What do you mean "me"?

Serena [runs over and tosses the chair into the bushes]
It was stolen... then no one gets in trouble... [dashes back inside]

Mina [lost]
Um... [looks at Bay] Would you just come back in? Amy thinks we should get Robyn to the hospital... if she's still bluish and is going in and out of consciousness, we can't do anything...

Bay [shocked]
NOTHING?! [lowers her voice] Not even as Scouts?

We aren't superhuman Bay! We can still get sick.

Bay [concerned]
But... Robyn's sick of hospitals... [points off the porch] I still don't think this snow is an occurrence of Nature!

Mina [shivering]
Bay, I'm going inside.... [She does]

It's not that cold! [she follows]

Amy [looks over at the two]
What were you two yelling about?!

I don't think this snow-

Mina [clamping her hand over Bay's mouth]
Like everything else, she suspects foul play... [suddenly yanks her hand away] OW! [looks at her hand] You burnt me! [looks at Bay] Either you're really feverish...

Amy [surprised, but finishes]
Or her powers keep her temperature hot...

Serena [walking in]
Bay can go out in sub-zero weather.... cool.

Bay ['hurt']
Hey! Why are we focusing on me?! Worry about her! [points to Robyn]

Serena [thinks]
Well, can't you heat her up? [points at Bay] Without setting anything or anyone on fire!

No! We can't warm her up too quick, or else her system will go into shock.

Mina [worried]
But we've been slowly warming her for over an hour and a half...

Bay [walks over]
Yeah... she just woke up, that's the only thing that changed... I say we get Rei and Lita over and talk about Scout Business... I think the bad guys are behind this snow business... It does NOT snow in Tokyo!

Bay! Robyn needs help!

Bay [yelling]
If this is the Negaverse's doing, the hospital can't help her!

Negaverse? It's just some bad weather.

Why do you always blame the Negaverse, for everything?

Bay [angrily]

Well, not usually....

It's happened before....

Yeah, it'll all be gone by tomorrow.

Bay [freaked]
This much?! There's like four or five feet of snow out there! A foot or less, maybe, but the fact there's so much and that it's like 50 below out there.. It won't be gone by tomorrow!

Amy [stands up, takes the glass of water and tosses it at Bay]

Bay [the water almost instantly vaporizes]

Bay, you ok?

What's that burning smell?

Bay [looking around]
What smell...

Mina [seeing Bay's back]

Bay [not thinking, takes off the shirt and grabs for one of the damp towels on the floor by Amy. She holds the towel in front of her and lets the shirt lay on the floor... She stares, a little scared]

What's happening to me?


Amy [confused]
I'm lost on this one...

Serena [giggling]
Ah, Bay...

Bay [steamed (both figuratively and physically)]

Mina [points and giggles herself]
Your pants...

Bay [freaking... ends up with a towel in front of her, covering herself, but in nothing but her underwear and socks]

Amy [getting another wet towel]
Here. [handing it to Bay]

Bay, calm down.

Bay [taking deep breaths, while the towels are starting to get warmer, and then they slowly stop]
What's going on?

Amy [touches her ear and her visor appears, causing her Mercury computer to appear as well]
I'm suddenly glad Lita helped me get this to work when I'm not a Scout... [taps on the keypad and looks back and forth]

Bay [freaked, but stays calm]
What? What's wrong with me?!

According to this, it's the cold weather.... your powers are keeping you warm, and whenever you seem to get more upset, it gets hotter.

Bay [upset]
So... you're telling me every time I get mad, I burn something? And I basically don't need a coat? This is all too weird...

Just in weather like this...

Bay [freaking]
And you're telling me there's no possible way the Negaverse is behind all this?!?!!?!?!

Oh, come on, we're on that again?!

Shouldn't we be getting Robyn to a hospital?

Bay [yells]
No! I mean it! This can't be a natural occurrence! Come on! Or do you want me to burn something else?!

Amy [takes off her visor]
Alright, we'll play it your way... We'll contact Lita and Rei and talk about this... but YOU keep an eye on Robyn...

No problem...

[Everyone starts to leave]

Ah... I need something to wear.

[Everyone looks at Serena]

What? She doesn't fit into anything of mine....

Bay [rolls her eyes]
Nevermind! I'll find a blanket or something! Sheesh!

[About 20 minutes later, Bay's wrapped in a blanket from Serena's bed]

Robyn [looks over to her]
Bay? Why are your clothes on the floor? Did you go outside and play in the snow? [smirks]

Bay [turns]
Robyn! [sees her skin color's almost normal] You're almost back to normal!

Robyn [shifting around]
I'm feeling a little hot... but otherwise, yeah, where'd everyone go?

Bay [realizing she's been sitting by Robyn for about 10 minutes]
{"I must have been heating her up... weird..."}

Luna [walking in]
Where's Serena?

Aphrodite [limping up behind]

Bay [looks over]
Rob's here... the others went to get Rei and Lita...

All of them?

Bay [nods]
Mina, Amy, and Serena... why?

Aphrodite [jumps onto the couch and walks on Robyn up to her face]
Robyn! I'm sorry for running out like that...

Robyn [smiles]
You're safe now, that's all that matters...

Aphrodite [lays on Robyn's chest and looks at Bay]
So... you naked under that?! Or just cold? [grins]

Robyn [glimpses under her own blanket & blushes]

Bay [looks over]

Robyn [pulls the blanket against her chin]
Who? I mean... no, I mean "WHO?!" [looks at Bay]

Bay [smiles]
Not me... Mina... Your clothes were frozen... we had to keep you dry... so she took them... they're in the tub right now...

Aphrodite [nowhere in sight]
So who took yours?!

Bay [feeling fur on her stomach, stands up and jumps back]

Aphrodite [lays there]
I am not... you guys ignored me! I asked a question! [gets up and hobbles to Luna] Tell her I'm leaving... I'm going back to the basket... [hobbles into Serena's room, out of sight]

Bay [red-faced]
The little-

Luna [looks up]
How did you both manage to lose your clothes?

Bay [points a finger from under the blanket]
Mine are right there...

Luna [walks over and looks at them]
Who set who on fire?


Luna [looking at the clothes]
They're black?!

Robyn [giggles, still blushing a little]

Bay [turns]
HEY! You guys... cut it out! [sighs and breathes deep] I don't need to get upset again...

Robyn [confused, back to a pale peach color, obviously still not quite uh, 'thawed']

It's a long story.

Serena [slams open the door]
I'm never leaving this house again! I forgot Lita's was the farthest! [shivers and shakes off a lot of snow. Her ponytails shake too...]

Rei [covering her face]
Meatball Head! Stop that!

Hey, watch where those things fly....

Serena [taking her pink coat off and hanging it on one of the wall hooks]
Your ponytail's deadly too!

Lita [shakes the snow off]
Hey! Not like your mile-long weapons!

Rei [groans and hangs her overcoat on a hook]
I'm not getting into this... [sees Bay] I thought she didn't get cold, Amy!?

Amy [confused, taking her coat off]
Are you cold, Bay?

Bay [confused]
No, why?

Amy [after hanging up her coat]
You're bundled up like you are...

Robyn [giggles]
She's like me, Amy... covered...[blushes when Amy looks at her, surprised]

You guys get me anything to wear?

Go back to your place? Are you nuts?

I brought you coveralls and a shirt.

Bay [jumps up, still tightly clutching the blanket around her]
Rei! You're a lifesaver!

Serena [pouting]
Yeah... SOUR cherry!

Shut up, Meatball Head...

[About 15 minutes later, Robyn's getting dressed in Serena's room, door shut]

Robyn [grumbling]
Snow... I freeze, then I have to wear PINK! [sees not a whole lot of choices] She can't have WHITE?! Or Black?! [makes a 'yuck' face] Oh well...

Aphrodite [peeking over the basket]

Robyn [turns, covering herself with the dress in her hand]
HUNH?! [sighs] Aph... Don't do that! [smiles and looks back in Serena's closet] Now I know how Bay feels in her Uniform... THIS is Fruit Loop Central... [grumbles and grabs a white shirt with a pink bunny on it and a pair of long, pink overall jeans] Sheesh... That's it, for her birthday, I'm buying her a black outfit!

Aphrodite [giggles]
Funny! [limps out of the basket and falls to the floor] OW! [sniffs and stands up again]

Robyn [turns]
Aph? Why are you limping?

Aphrodite [surprised, but then sadly answers]
I got hit... some kids threw rocks at me... I think it's broken...

Robyn [having the shirt on, lays the overalls on the bed and bends down]
Oh, Aph... [she picks her up, carefully] We'll get Dr. Keno to see you... Ok? [she smiles and puts Aph on the bed] Let me finish getting dressed... [she smiles, and finishes, then carries Aph out to the living room]

Serena [giggles]
Cool! You found my favorite outfit!

Robyn [sits down and grumbles]
If it wasn't so cold, I'd have just worn your extra School Uniform... [glares at Bay] One peep outta you and I'll deck you!

Bay [snickering]
What... ME?! What am I gonna say.... that you look like a giant toy? [smirks] I got the perfect name for you...

Robyn [still glaring]
I'll bite... What...?

Aphrodite [limps from Robyn's lap to Bay's]
You're warmer! [curls up]

Robyn ['hurt']
Traitor! [glaring] What's your new nickname, Bay?

Bay [snickers]
Raggedy Ann!

Robyn [shocked]
HEY! I don't look like that doll! Take it back!

Serena [trying to stop a fight before it starts]
Hot chocolate?!

Robyn [hearing a warm drink]

Bay [breathes out and leans over to pick up her own mug]
{"Thank you, Meatball Head!"} So... Aph... what happened that you're limping?

[Aphrodite doesn't move, she fell asleep]

Robyn [stares at Bay]
I thought you knew?

Bay [a little annoyed]
If I knew... would I be asking?!

Robyn [remembering her temper]
Chill... I thought maybe Luna told you or something... [sighs] Aph was hit... Some kids were throwing rocks at her... She thinks they broke her leg... [looks at the sleeping cat] I have to take her to Dr. Keno...

Broke her leg. Ouch... And your going to go out in that weather again?

I have no choice.

Bay [concern]
What if I go?

Robyn [looking at Bay's toasted cloths]
I don't know...

I don't have to worry about the cold as much as you do.

Bay... We shouldn't they to push your powers. We aren't sure that they won't quit!

Well, Robyn's not becoming another ice cube if I can help it.

Robyn [angrily]
Bay! I can look after myself.

Yeah, in normal weather. You want Aph to be left in the snow with a broken leg, when you turn back into a ice cube?

Robyn [yelling]
Of course not...

Aphrodite [sleepily]
Can you guys keep it down. I want to sleep. [She snuggles into Bay some more]

Bay [turning to the others]
Guys, back me up.


Bay [surprised]
Hey! Look, I'm holding the fuzzball already, why not just let me take her... [looks at Robyn] Robyn, come on... you were just a Sailor Popsicle! What if trouble happens along?

She's my cat!

Luna [sighs]
Bay... you know she won't give up very easily... And if you don't cool off, you'll end up setting that couch on fire!


Robyn [stands up, grabs Aph and grabs Serena's thick, pink coat]
SO, I'm leaving! Aph's going and I'M taking her! [she puts the coat on and bundles Aph inside, gently. Serena's coat was a little big, but just enough to cuddle Aph in it... Luna did it with Serena too...]

You not going without me. Someone has to drag your corpse back.

Robyn [pouts and angrily glares... sarcastic and angry]
I'm glad you're so supportive, Bay! [storms out the front door, slamming it behind her]

Bay [just grabbing a scarf on her way out]
I'll call if anything happens guys.

Serena [after Bay leaves]
Yeah, right... You know... she's worse than you, Lita! [smiles at Lita] Hehehe....

Lita [steamed]
You won't drop that little tiff I had on the way over will you...?

Amy [seriously]
Come on, guys... their fights are getting worse and worse...

So what do we do?

Lita [wanting something to do]
I say we follow 'em!

But it's freezing out there!

Lita [waves her hand at Serena]
Serena... You say that whenever it's not 90 degrees outside! Come on! On a day like this, there's bound to be some trouble we can break up! [grabs her coat and runs outside]

Yeah, Meatball Head... [grabbing her coat and follows]

* * *
Robyn [storming in the direction of the vet's, feels Aphrodite moving around]
Hey, little furrball... You ok?

It's cold!

Don't worry, we'll be there in no time.

[Following behind a short distance]

At least she keeps moving.

Lita [shivering slightly]
Come on! I know something's gotta happen... it's too good a day not to be messed up! [smirks at the thought of someone popping up behind Bay and scaring the crap out of her] Hehehe...

It's too cold...

Rei [smacks Serena's head]
It is not! Come on, let's catch up to Bay!

Do you guys think the Negaverse could be responsible for all this?

Serena [turns to Mina]
Not you too... You really think the Negaverse has nothing better to do than watch us freeze our Sailor butts off?!

Well it is kind of strange... we don't get this kind of weather.

Amy [nodding]
Yes, it is strange for Tokyo...

Serena [pouting]
Oh! [jogs to catch up to Bay] BAY!

Serena?! What's up?

Serena [still pouting]
Lita made us follow you... Now they all agree with you about the Negaverse...

Bay [stops]

Serena [looks back at the others, who are almost there]
Mina brought it back up... Now they all think the Negaverse has nothing better to do than watch us freeze our Scout butts!

Bay [smirks]
Watch us? If that was true, don't you think-

Lita [shakes]
Brrr! Hey, where's Robyn?

Bay [looks ahead]
Aw, crud. I stopped... [looks back] You guys agree with me, now?! You think the Negaverse did this now?

Mina [nods]
Yes, we do, Bay...

Amy [continues]
And the weather was fine yesterday... It shouldn't have snowed so much...

Bay [smirks]
Finally, you agree! Ok, right now, lets catch up with Rob. I know where the vet's office is!

* * *
[Robyn has Aph in the office, and Dr. Keno is looking at her.]

Dr. Keno [curiously]
Hmmm... no, it's not broken, Aphrodite. [he smiles and pets the cat]

Robyn [smirks]
See, I told you when you could move your paw... [pats Aph, and looks at the Vet] So, why is she limping?

Dr. Keno
Well, all I can feel is some swelling, perhaps a bruise. If it's bruised, a cat will limp, so the leg can heal. She'll be fine in a day or two, Robyn. [pulls a purple ribbon out of his coat pocket] Here. This was left by that friend of yours... The other animal lover?

Robyn [blushes]
Hachiro... [smiles] Thanks, Dr. Keno. [she loosely ties the ribbon around Aph's neck] So I won't lose it, you keep it for me, ok, Aph?

Aphrodite [nods]
Mrow. {"Can't we just tell this doc I talk? I hate 'Mrowing' at him... I like him... He's gentle and very nice! Humph."}

Robyn [gently picks Aph up and places her in the coat again]
Settled? [Aph stops moving and Robyn zips up] It's a short walk. Thanks for looking at her. Good-Bye! [she leaves]

Dr. Keno
Cute cat... very well behaved... Must take really good care of her. [goes to the next room and to his next 'patient'...]

* * *
[It started snowing again... a lot...]

Robyn [walking home]
We'll be home soon, Aph. I'll shake all this snow off, and make some hot chocolate. Then you can snuggle under my thick comforter, ok?

Aphrodite [snuggling deeper into the coat]
Sounds like a plan, Robyn! Let's hurry home!

Robyn [giggles]
I can't see too well in this snowfall... Besides, if I run, I'll fall on the ice, Aph...

Voice [from behind]
You'll do more than that, Little Girl!

Robyn [turns, surprised]
{"Oh, great...."} Who are you?!

A Monster
I'm death... for you! [leaps at Robyn, who leaps out of the way]

Robyn [glares at the Monster and mumbles]
I am NOT in the mood to do this... [stands up and whispers to Aph] We have a problem... reach in the coat pocket and get Serena's communicator... call the others...

Monster [diving at Robyn again]
Why don't you shriek for help, little girl?

Robyn [pouts, angrily]
Because I'm not afraid of you, ugly... she unzips the coat and lets Aph out with the communicator. She whispers] Go call...

Monster [smirking]
Hehehe... Sending a cat for help, hunh? Cats never do their jobs...

Robyn [pouts]
She will... [she dives at the monster, and Aph disappears with the communicator]

* * *
Aphrodite [huddles against a parked car and opens the communicator]

* * *
[Right after leaving the Vet's office, they start to head back to Serena's]

Bay [grumping]
Ah geez... we just missed her... [the communicator] "GUYS!?" [takes it out] Aph?

Aphrodite [hurriedly]
Robyn's met up with a creature... she was on the way home, and got attacked, she sent me to get you... hurry! [the communicator goes dead]

Bay [surprised]
Aph?! [closes the communicator and puts it away] The way home, come on, I'm hoping she meant OUR place...

Mina [running after Bay]
Well, you were right, Bay....

* * *
Aphrodite [carrying the communicator, runs back and sees Robyn unconscious in the snow, the monster running away, laughing, carrying something against its chest. The creature disappears]
ROBYN! [she runs over and sees Robyn's still breathing and covered in snow...] I don't know if she was knocked out, or passed out... [stands guard by Robyn, hoping the others arrived soon]

* * *
Bay [stops]
I heard Aph... this way! [points and hurries]

Amy [seriously]
We shouldn't run, Bay... there are ice patches around...

Bay [looks back]
I know A- [slips on one... slams her butt onto the sidewalk] OW!

Serena [stops and giggles]
Bay... are you ok?

Bay [glares back]
I'm fine... [gets up and rubs her butt] Ooooowwwwww..... [walks forward, griping]

Amy [smiling]
I told you, Bay...

Bay [shoots Amy an evil look]
Oh, shut up!

[They see an orange furrball and Bay walks quickly, hoping there are no more patches...]

Serena [not seeing Robyn at first]
Where's Robyn?

Aphrodite [standing defensively]
Over here! Hurry!

Bay [kneeling by Aph and Robyn]
Rob.... [looks to Aph] How'd she get so covered?

Aphrodite [sits down]
It's snowing, Bay... that creature has something of hers... She was like this when I came back...

Bay [shakes the hood of Serena's cot and gets the snow off it]
Oh, Robyn.... [feels extremely sad, but unsure as to why...] Aph? [looks at her and just now notices the ribbon] Where'd you get a ribbon?

Aphrodite [looks away, shyly]
Robyn's admirer left it with the doctor... She put it on me so she wouldn't lose it...

Bay [smirking]
A secret admirer, hunh? [dusts off a lot of snow and picks Robyn up] She's heavy... [glances at Serena] Must be your coat... [smiles and they all head back to Robyn and Bay's place.]

Serena [commenting]
Yeah, right...