"Sailor S"
"Been There, Doing it Again"
Episode 27

[Bay woke up feeling wet... she looked around and felts a drop hit her on the head. She looked up and saw water dropping from the ceiling]

Bay [griping, gets up and sees a puddle around her pillow and on the floor]
Aww, man! [sarcastically] "You know it's gonna be a bad day when you wake up and notice your waterbed sprung a leak..." [looks around]

Aphrodite [hearing the comment, finishes]
"And then you realize you don't have a waterbed..." [smirks and walks a few steps forward] Robyn's still sleeping... Should I wake her up to help you?

Bay [shakes her head]
NO! [shakes her body] Well, I guess I got my shower... [stops] While I slept... new concept... [smirks and leaves the room]

[Aphrodite follows]

* * *
[A few hours later, Robyn's alarm is buzzing loudly for about 10 minutes. After Aphrodite digs her claws in, Robyn decides to turn it off and get up...]

Robyn [grouchily]
You know, I'd appreciate you finding another way of getting me out of bed, Aph...

Bay [hearing Robyn's voice, rushes out, still soaked, carrying a towel, and slams her door, smiling]
Morning, Robyn!

Robyn [confused, still waking up]
Why are you wet?

Bay [wiping her face with the towel, smiling, nervously]
Just got a shower, Rob...

Robyn [unsure]
In your pajamas?

Bay [thinking quick]
Ahh... yeah, saves me from washing them! Haven't changed yet... Gotta go, be down soon! [opens her door, rushes in and slams it]

Robyn [surprised]
I never knew pregnancy made someone act so differently... she's acting VERY oddly, Aph. [looks where the cat was and Aph's gone] Aph? [looks around] Don't tell me she's nuts too?

[About a half hour later, Robyn's at the sink and realizes she's getting splashed]

Robyn [looks around, thinking someone's tossing something in the water in the sink]
Bay! I- [sees, no one's there] Aph? Are you-? [sees she's still alone] Where-? [gets splashed again] Hey! [turns and sees some plaster in the dishwater] What the-? [looks up in time to dive away as Bay comes crashing through] [In total shock]BAY!?

Bay [sitting with her butt in the sinkful of water]
Ooowwwwww! [gets out and gets splashed in the back] Aph! [looks up, then into the sink] APH! [snickers]

Robyn [runs over and pulls a soaked cat out of the dishwater]
Aph! Are you alright?! [looks at Bay and giggles] Are YOU alright?! You came down first!

Bay [sarcastically]
My ass broke my fall... [rubs her butt]

Robyn [seeing the perfect opportunity]
BUTT it still hurts, hunh? [snicker]

Aphrodite [shivering]
Can I dry off please!?!?

Robyn [sets Aph on the counter and gets a towel from under the sink]
Sure... BUTT I should get one for Bay too... [tries not to laugh too hard]

Bay [grumpily]
Very funny, Robyn...

Bay [grabs the towel from Robyn]
Aph can shake off! [storms into the room]

Robyn [stares at the large hole in the ceiling]
This is NOT gonna be a cheap fixer upper...

* * *
[After things settled down and everyone was dried off, they all left hoping to get away from things going wrong...] (*But, HEY! This is the SAILOR Scouts! We all know that's impossible! Right? Right...*)

Luna [surprised]
And you just LEFT!?

Bay [angry]
Yeah! What was I supposed to do?! I was going to fix the leak in the roof later in the day when it had stopped raining... then the floor gave way after I moved my bed off the spot! My butt and back still hurt!

Robyn [smiles]

Bay [clamps her hand over Robyn, who's giggling]
No more butt cracks! [everyone cracks up] Oh, geez!

Aphrodite [laughing]
You walked into that one!

Bay [grumbling]
Actually, I think I fell in... [turns and stomps off]

Robyn [trying to stoplaughing]
I may have gone overboard... I'll talk to her... [runs after Bay, giggling]

Aphrodite [suddenly curious]
Hmmmm... [runs along, but not quite letting herself catch up to Robyn]

Serena [stops giggling and sees Luna sneaking away with them. She whispers to Mina]
Where's Luna going?

Mina [clutching Artemis]
I don't know, but YOU'RE not following!

Artemis [pouting]

* * *
[Robyn grabs Bay's arm, after FINALLY catching up!]

Robyn [out of breath]

Bay [upset]
STOP CALLING ME THAT! [turns and sees Robyn jerk away, frightened. She sighs] I'm sorry I've been so snappy... but I'm a girl... I'm NOT Brad anymore... It just depresses me when you call me that, Rob... [looks hopeful]

Robyn [seriously]
I'm sorry, Br- [looks down] Bay...

Aphrodite [hearing this from the tree above them]
{"Oh, Brad..."}

Luna [from another branch, above Aphrodite]

Bay [takes Robyn's hand]
Look, I'm sorry I snapped... but this pregnant stuff is scaring me... I just don't know what I'm going to do... I have to go through with it... but... [looks away and let's go]

Robyn [comfortingly]
I know... you're scared...

Scared doesn't start to cover it.

Robyn [points to the bench nearby]
Sit and talk?

Bay [sitting]
Robyn... this is freaking me out. I mean, I have no idea about anything about being pregnant.

Robyn [smiles]
Well, neither do I, but, I told you I'll help however I can... I'll read the books, I'll find out any information I can... If it comes doen to it... My offer is always valid... I-

Bay [shakes her head]
No... I won't let you take it upon yourself... it wouldn't be fair!

Robyn [seriously]
It's not fair to you either, Bay...

Yeah, well....

Robyn [puts her hand on Bay's leg]
Remember what I promised, Bay... I owe you big... I still need to pay you back for what you did for me... [she smiles hoping to cheer Bay up a little]

Rob....that would be too much...maybe I should consider termin-

Robyn [interrupting]
Don't you dare! Whatever that it is, it's a person... Whether it's a girl or a boy, it deserves a chance! If we have to, we'll give it up for adoption to a family who can't have children... but don't you dare decide- [hears a rustling and gets a lap of two kitties... Luna on top of Aph]


Robyn [knocks both cats to the ground]

Aphrodite [stands up and shakes]
I followed you since you took off! I don't know how long she's been here!

Luna ['matter-of-factly']
I came to keep an eye an YOU!

Robyn [grabs Aph]
Yeah, right! [humphs and turns to Bay] They don't give up!

Luna, what did you hear?

Enough... [she runs off]

Aphrodite [wriggles away]
I'll talk to her! [leaves Bay and Robyn]

Robyn [looks back to Bay]
Now what?

If she tells everyone else, I'm sunk [runs after]

Robyn [upset]
Bay! She- [stops] She'll never catch up... Why doesn't anyone ever listen to me? [turns and walks the other way, sadly] No one...

* * *

Luna [angrily stops and turns]

Why are you so mad?

Luna [sits down]
Why did you three keep this a secret?! This is serious! I must tell Serena and the others immediately!

Aphrodite [nervous]
No! Bay asked Robyn not to!

[A shadow in the bushes]
{"Hehehe... This is all working out TOO perfectly..."}

Bay [running up]
Luna..[Stops and kneels in front of Luna] Luna, please don't tell the others.

Luna [glaring at Bay]
What else aren't you telling us, Brad?

{"Ah... crap."} [Playing dumb] Who's Brad?

{"BRAD?! Who's Brad!?"}

Robyn called you Brad. Why did you lie about your name?

{"DIVE! DIVE! Bail out!"} How could I be a Brad? That's a guy's name... [nervously laughs] right?


That doesn't mean your name's not Brad...

Bay [still bluffing]
Ok, Luna, my full name is Brady. Some people call me Brad as a joke.... but I hate it, so I call myself Bay. {"Please buy it"}

Luna [thinks, then seriously]
Alright... I believe you, Brady...

{"Great... now I'm stuck with 'Brady'... Yuck!...... Though... it's as close to Brad as I can get... Oh well... I'm stuck now..."} [begs]Just promise me to keep this pregnancy thing quiet, Luna?

Don't you think the others should be told?

Bay [immediately]
NO! I mean... think of how Serena's going to react! I won't hear the end of it... she'll constantly remind me, she'll talk the others and you to death about how she wants to hold the cute baby and be an aunt or name it... I just don't want to hear about it all the time, Luna... {"Actually, I want to find out who did this first! But Serena's another explanation..."}

Luna [thinking]
Alright... but If I need to tell them, I will.

Bay [curious]
May I ask why they would NEED to be told?

Aphrodite [butting in]
Bay... drop it!

Shadow [smiling]
{"He he he... I have yet to exact my revenge on that Sailor SUN! Phobie, Brady whatever... Perhaps I should get Minaca first!"}

Ok. Luna, if they NEED to be told.

* * *
Robyn [grumbling, walking through downtown]
Wonder how far they got... [hears a scream from an alley] If that's Bay I'm gonna laugh first...

Woman [crying]
Let my little girl go you- you- thing!

Robyn [peeking around the corner, hearing the voice. She sees the little girl in a monster's arms]
[whispers] Oh no! That's little Bailey! The one so fond of Sailor Sun! [pulls out her communicator] Should I? [hears Bailey scream and looks up] Bailey! [opens the communicator and turns it onto homing signal] I don't have time to call! Shadow Pendant Power! [she transforms and sets the communicator on the cement by a trash can]

Monster [drawing energy from little Bailey]
I am to collect energy! You are next!

Sailor Shadow [behind the mother]
Not with me around, Creepazoid!

Who are you?

Sailor Shadow [crosses her arms]
Clear as crystal or dark as night, I can see what you do wrong and I'm here to set it right! I am Sailor Shadow!

Monster [lowers an unconscious Bailey]
A long winded Sailor Scout! Great! You should provide me with a LOT of energy as I kill you!

Sailor Shadow
Try your best!

Monster [drops the child grinning evilly.]
You'll be sorry, you said that.

Sailor Shadow [prepares for an attack]
Your best is nothing for the Scouts. Good always triumphs over evil! {"Hurry up, guys!"}

Monster [stares into Robyn's eyes]
I think perhaps evil will win over YOU, Sailor Shadow... Perhaps it already has... [laughs evilly]

Sailor Shadow [thrown off]
Hunh? {"What does that mean?!"}

Monster [grins evilly and points behind Shadow]
Not more Scouts!

Sailor Shadow [turns]
Guys? [sees no one and as she turns, feels a weight hit her, knocking her down] NO! [looks back and sees the monster sitting on her] Get off me! [sees the mother, scared] Get Bailey and get out of here! NOW! [The mother, even though she's surprised that a Scout would know her daughter's name, runs to Bailey and carries her off]

Monster angry]
You'll pay for making me lose them!

Sailor Shadow [angrily]
Bite me, Creep!

Monster [smiles]
Gladly! [puts a hand on Robyn's head]

* * *
[Bay is following the homing signal with Amy, who had been walking nearby]

Amy [looking at her communicator]
She's nearby, Bay.

Bay [worried]
I hope she's not in trouble...

The mother [crying, runs by the two]
Get out of here! There's a monster down there! A Sailor Scout is taking care of it! Stay away! [runs off]

Bay [shocked]
That- That was little Bailey... from Halloween... [realizes the mother said Sailor Scout] ROBYN! [runs ahead and looks around the corner] AMY!

Amy [closes her communicator]
Transform, Bay... [pulls out her pen] Mercury Star Power!

Bay [turns to Amy]
{"Aaawww, Man!"} Solar Locket Power!

* * *
Sailor Shadow [feeling the Monster draining her energy]
Get... off! [struggles, but it's too heavy, and she's getting weaker] {"Where is everyone?!"}

Sailor Mercury
You've attacked one of the sailor scouts, and for that you will be punished. on behalf of the planet mercury, I will punish you.

Sailor Sun [hand on her stomach, looking strange]
I'd give up now...

I think not. [starts sucking energy from Robyn.]

[Sailor Mercury runs forward and falls back after a few steps, like she ran into a wall.]

Sailor Sun
Mercury? What happened?

Sailor Mercury [confused]
I- I hit a wall?!

Sailor Sun [confused]
Hunh? [walks forward arm out and feels the wall] There's gotta be a way in! Shadow's in there!

Sailor Mercury [With her computer out, scanning]
It surrounds them.

Sailor Sun [with her hand still on her stomach]
There has to be a way in.

Sailor Mercury
Sun, what's wrong?

Sailor Sun
Nothing, I must have gained some weight. The costume feels tight.

Sailor Mercury [unsure]
The costume usually morphs itself- [stops and shakes her head] We can talk later... [turns back to her head] We have to crack it... If you burn it and I freeze it... It should shatter with such extreme temperatures... [puts her computer away] Hurry!

Sailor Shadow [her vision is fuzzy]
Hurry, Brad... Amy... [passes out and detransforms]

Sailor Sun [sees Robyn]
NOO!!!! [angrily] Solar Comet Strike!

Sailor Mercury [ducks, barely avoiding getting toasted...]
Careful, Sun!

Monster [turns and since it was distracted, the shield fell]
Hunh? [gets hit, knocking it back] Grrr... [gets up and grabs Robyn and takes off]

Sailor Sun [runs after]
Come back here, you Wacko!

Sailor Mercury [really confused]
Sailor Sun!

* * *
Monster [drops Robyn and a purple cat comes out from a bush]
Here's one of the Sailor Scouts, Mistress Makoto...

Makoto [walks out, angrily]
This isn't a Scout!

Monster [confused, holds up a purple ball]
But I collected Scout energy from her...?

Makoto [seeing the energy ball]
Good. [The ball shrinks as the energy is absorbed into Makoto.] Now go, before those brats catch up to you! [Makoto ducks into the bush.]

Monster [nods]
What do I do with the human?

Makoto [whispers]
Kill her!

[The monster picks up Robyn, by the neck, and she quickly phases, like she wasn't there for a brief second. The monster drops her and runs off. Robyn falls lifelessly to the ground]

Sailor Sun [seeing Robyn laying there]
Rob! [stops and Mercury slams into her] OW! [turns and looks at Mercury] I stopped!

Sailor Mercury [on her butt]
I saw... [gets up]

Sailor Sun [slowly walks over]
Robyn? If you're faking... they're gone... [kneels by her]

Amy [detransformed]
Uh... Bay?

Sailor Sun [looks back and sees Amy's pale]
What's wrong?

Aphrodite [runs over with Luna]

Sailor Sun [shakes Robyn and brushes her face]
She- she's cold?! [detransforms] Robyn?

Bay [shaking Robyn]
Robyn, Wake up...

Bay, She's...

Bay [crying]
NO.. She's not...

Amy [kneels beside Bay]
I'm sorry... there's nothing to do...

No, Amy... Your wrong... [Bay picks up Robyn] We... We have to get her to a hospital...

Aphrodite [sits there, head down]
Say good-bye, Bay... she's gone... [Luna puts her paw on Aph's back]

No... [crying harder and falls to her knees] No....

Amy [puts her hand on Bay's shoulder]
I'm sorry...

* * *
[Bay woke up feeling wet... she looked around and felts a drop hit her on the head. She looked up and saw water dropping from the ceiling]

Bay [griping, gets up and sees a puddle around her pillow and on the floor]
Aww, man! [sarcastically] "You know it's gonna be a bad day when you wake up and notice your waterbed sprung a leak..." [looks around]

Aphrodite [hearing the comment, finishes]
"And then you realize you don't have a waterbed..." [smirks and walks a few steps forward] Robyn's still sleeping... Should I wake her up to help you?

Bay [stops]
{"Deja vu..."} Robyn?!

Bay, you look like you've seen a ghost..

Aph, Robyn's alive?

I hope so... you'll never feed me.

Bay [happily, runs over to Robyn's room]
ROBYN! WAKE UP! [shakes Robyn, hard]

Robyn [grumbles]
WHHHHAAAAAAT?! [looks at her clock and then to Bay] It's 4 in the morning... did Aph pounce on you?!

Bay [hugging Robyn]
You're alive!

Robyn [shocked]
Why wouldn't I be? I was when I went to sleep... [curious] Are you drinking or something?!

Bay [sitting back]
No... I thought..... I mean....

Robyn [going back to sleep]
You must have had a bad dream...

Bay [smiling]
Yeah... weird one, though... [turns and leaves the room]

* * *
[After the alarm blares and Robyn gets up, Bay again acts strangely about her room... feeling that deja vu again... But it really hit when she fell through the floor...]

Robyn [on her butt, in shock]
If I hadn't moved... you'd be on top of me!

Bay [unsure of herself]
Ah... yea...

Robyn [standing up, smirking]
You can get out of the sink now...

Aphrodite [looking down from the big hole in the ceiling]
Bay?! You ok...

Bay [automatically]
Yeah... My ass broke my fall... {"Weird... I could swear I did this all already..."}

Well, at least it's good for something.

Bay [glares]
You're funny, Raggedy... [stops] Robyn...

Robyn [looking at Bay]
Bay.... What's wrong?

Bay [shakes all the water off her]
Nothing... my dream was just so real... I thought you were killed... [sulks out of the kitchen, leaving a very confused Robyn and Aph]

[both look at each other]

Don't ask me...

* * *
[After things settled down and everyone was dried off, they all left hoping to get away from things going wrong...again]

Luna [surprised]
And you just LEFT!?

Bay [angry]
Yeah! What was I supposed to do?! I was going to fix the leak in the roof later in the day when it had stopped raining... then the floor gave way after I moved my bed off the spot! My butt and back still hurt! {"This is all definitely too familiar..."}

Robyn [smiles]

Bay [clamps her hand over Robyn, who's giggling]
No more butt cracks! [everyone cracks up] Oh, geez!

Aphrodite [laughing]
You walked into that one!

Bay [grumbling]
Actually, I think I [slowly finishes] fell... in... [thinks to herself] {"That's it... this is spooksville!"}

Bay.... What's wrong. You trailed off..

Bay [shakes her head]
Sorry... I feel like I've done this all before...

Done what?

Bay [getting fed up]
This whole day! [stops and looks at Robyn] YOU aren't leaving my sight!

What did I do?

Bay [shakes her head]
You didn't DO anything... I'm not letting anything HAPPEN to you...

Robyn [confused]

Bay, your starting to scare me..

Me too.

Bay [shaking her head]
Forget it... just PROMISE me you won't run off!

Ok.. I promise... I still think your being silly.

Serena [confused]
Could someone rewind and play again?!

Mina [sighs]
Nope... I'm just as lost as you, Serena...


Robyn [giggles and pulls Bay]
Come on! I want a pizza! Anyone else?!


Mina [smiles]
That was the magic word, Rob! [everyone heads to the pizza place]

* * *
[after ording a large plain pizza...]

Serena [looking just starved...]
...And Pepperoni, and sausage and chicken and-

Robyn [picks up a slice of the one she's sharing with Bay]
YUCK! You know I don't eat that stuff!

Bay [smiling]
You're stomach's GOTTA be lead-lined, Serena...

Serena [pouting]
So's yours! Humph!

Bay [eating Pizza]
Yea, but I'm not sure if it'll come back up later.

Robyn [puts down her slice]
Well... If you wouldn't eat so much...

Bay [glares at Robyn]
Shut up... [whispers into Robyn's ear] So help me if you say I'm eating for two I'll deck you right here!

Robyn [snickers]
Your breath's hot!

Bay [pulls back]
I just had a mouthful of hot pizza!

What's that about you two?

She's been telling me that I'm starting to get TOO big...

I am not!

Serena [after agreeing with Mina just to get another cheese pizza]
What's the matter... getting too big for your uniform?

Bay [laughs sarcastically]
Ha ha... very funny...

You were complaining about it being too small before.

Robyn [shrugs]
Oh well... I guess she just has to STOP eating so much! [giggles]

Bay [talking with her mouth full]

* * *
[After pizza, they leave and start walking towards the park]

Robyn [snickering]
Come on, Bay... lighten up!

[A scream...]

Bay [turns her head sharply]
OW! [grabs her neck] What was that scream...?

Robyn [shakes her head]
I just had the weirdest feeling of deja-vu... If that's Bailey, I'm gonna scream...

Bay [turns her head]
Hunh? Little.... Bailey?

Robyn [running towards the sound]
Come on...

Hey... wait.

Serena [takes off anfter Robyn]
Wait up!

[Luna, Aphrodite, and Artemis follow]

Bay [and Mina look at each other]
Come on...

[They follow and all four girls stand at the alley entrance, Bay gasps]

Bay [shocked]
Tinach.... NO! TINACH!

Robyn [confused, watches Bay get angry]
Bay... relax... it's not healthy... [sees Serena look] for... you...

Bay [shakes her head]
Solar Locket Power!

Robyn [smacks her forehead]
Great... Shadow Pendant Power!

Serena [nods]
Moon Crystal Power!

Mina [following what seems to be a trend...]
Venus Star Power!

[The Scouts transform and Sun rushes forward]

Tenich [sees Sailor Sun]
My Sailor friend! [smiles... the monster still holds him]

Sailor Sun [angrily]
You let that little boy go! I know what you want!

Monster [grinning evilly]
Good... then I'll finish with him and you can go next!

Sailor Sun [yelling]
NO! Tenich!

Monster [grabs Tenich's throat and begins absorbing his energy]
You can't stop me, Sailor!

Sailor Sun [leaps forward]
Let him go!

Sailor Venus [runs ahead]
Drop the kid!

Sailor Shadow [looks to Sailor Moon]
Um... should we help?

Sailor Moon [confused]
I dunno... They look pretty into it...

Sailor Shadow [nods]
Yeah, but Bay seems to care about the kid... we should protect him...

Sailor Moon [agreeing in the kid]

[The two run forward]

Monster [almost done, not letting go of Tenich]
Out of my way, Sailor Scouts! Your times will come!

Sailor Sun, trying to pry the Monster's hands off Tenich]
{"Please let go!"} Don't worry, Tenich... you'll be safe! [angrily, she somehow breaks the monster's hold on Tenich. She then grabs him and runs a few feet away]

Sailor Shadow [sees Sun and the kid]
Only one way to protect the kid... Dark Matter Surround! [She aims her hands at Sun and Tenich, but nothing happens] What? [she tries again] Dark Matter Surround! [freaked she turns to the monster, getting hit in the face]

Monster [laughing]
Weak Scout! She goes first! {"Wait, I got her energy... I should pick another one... The orange one!"}

Sailor Shadow [having hit her head on the garbage cans and scraped her arm and knee on the pavement]
I don't think so, creep! I'm not going anywhere!

Sailor Venus [stands in front of her friend]
Venus Crescent Beam Smash! [The beam heads towards the monster, but it dodges and the beam hits Moon in the back. Seeing as she's a fellow Scout, it just knocks her down] Sailor Moon!

Monster [seeing the open opportunity, lunges at Venus and knocks her down]
Mine! [It begins the energy absorption]

Sailor Shadow [on her good knee, angry]

Sailor Moon [shakes her head and gets up onto her knees]

Sailor Sun [turns her head]
{"Mina!"} VENUS! [she looks back to Tenich, who smiles at her]

Tenich [weak]
Thank you for saving me... You always told such good stories...

Sailor Sun [smiles]
I'll tell you more... but I have to help my friends... You stay safe... here behind these cans where that thing can't see you... alright?

Tenich [crawls over]
Ok, Sailor Friend...

Sailor Sun [smiles]
It's Sailor Sun, Tenich... Maybe I'll tell you more sometime... [turns and leaps over to where Shadow just stood up]

Tenich [leans on the wall and smiles]
{"Thank you... and good luck!"}

Sailor Shadow [in shock, holding her arm... doesn't see Sun land by her]
I have to help Venus!

Sailor Moon [runs toward the creature and gets thrown back as if she ran into something]
Oooooowwwwww! [on her butt, she stares at Venus, who's starting to look pale and unable to fight back] NO! VENUS!

Sailor Venus [tiring]
I-I'm sorry... Guys... [she passes out and the monster leaps over Sailor Moon, carrying her away to where it had carried Robyn the last time...]

Sailor Shadow [reaches forward]
VENUS! {"Mina....."}

Sailor Sun [grabs Shadow as she stumbles]
Whoa... be careful... You look pretty hurt... Come on... [looks back] We've got to take Tenich home, then we'll search for Venus... [they walk towards the cans and Sun looks at Moon] You coming Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon [shakes her head]
NO! I have to find Mi- Venus! [she runs in the direction the monster headed]

Sailor Shadow [looks back]
Sailor Moon! Wait!

Sailor Sun [sighs]
We'll find her then, come on... [sees Tenich still there] Still waiting for me... [smiles and looks at Shadow] Can you walk?

Sailor Shadow [smirks]
Can you eat?

Sailor Sun [smirks back]
You're funny... Come on... let's get him home, then we'll find Venus. {"Ok. let's put off finding her for as long as possible... Something tells me it's going to be too late no matter how soon we'd get there..."}

* * *
[A shadow about the size of a mountain lion cub peeks from behind a grove of bushes]

Shadow [evilly]
Well done... that's two! Soon, I'll have all their powers and I will be able to become human again! Sailor Sun will be no match for my revenge on what she did to me by then! [an evil laugh and a purple cat come from the bushes] You are doing well in your task! I'll have to thank my sorceress friend for 'giving' me that time spell... I can repeat any day now... Over and over collecting the energy of those STUPID Scouts... And NOTHING can stop me! [she stands on her hind legs and the ball of orange energy floats towards her and becomes smaller as she absorbs it]

Monster [holding a limp Mina]
Should I kill this one too?

Makoto [shrugs]
Why not... she won't remember this tomorrow! Hehehe.... Now hurry! Before anyone catches up to you!

[As before, with Robyn, the monster holds Mina and she quickly phases, like she wasn't there for a brief second. The monster drops her and runs off. Mina falls lifelessly to the ground... (*Yes, this thing does the same thing to kill the Scout he stole energy from... To save time, from now on, I write "The Monster phases 'Scout's Name'..." Ok?)]

Serena [detransformed]
Mina! [she runs to her friend and hugs her] Wake up... Oh, PLEASE wake up!

* * *
[Sun is carrying Tenich, and Shadow just walks along beside, limping ever so slightly and holding her arm her head pounds]

Tenich [feeling better]
Tell me a story Sailor Sun...

Sailor Sun [smiles]
Ok, I think we need a break anyway... How a bout we sit over there? [she nods to a porch of an old, broken-down house]

Tenich [looks over]
My house! You found it without me leading you!

Sailor Sun [shocked]
You- you LIVE here? {"Oh cripes... I've been living with my friends so long, I guess I'd forgotten... I guess it's better than the streets..."}

Tenich [seeing Sun space out]
Friend? Are you alright?

Sailor Shadow [concerned]
Sun? [lets go of her arm and waves that hand in front of Sun's face] Earth to Sailor Sun....!

Sailor Sun [shakes her head]
Hunh? [sees both her friends looking at her] I'm sorry, guys... I guess I spaced out... You still want a story, Tenich?

Tenich [nods and smiles, then runs to the porch as Sun sits him down]
You can sit on the bench like you used to! And you can tell me your great story!

Sailor Shadow [smiles]
B- Sun? I'm going to go get cleaned up... You stay with Tenich... I'll be right back...

Sailor Sun [nods and follows Tenich up onto the rickety porch]
Be careful, R- Shadow...

Tenich [curious]
Why won't you tell me your real name? I thought we were good friends...?

Sailor Sun [a little shocked]
We are, Tenich... But if you knew my real name... the bad guys might come after you... and try to hurt you to find me... I can't let that happen... ok?

Tenich [still curious]
But that man called you Brad...

Sailor Sun [amazed]
{"He remembers that?! But... But I thought that never happened?!"} What man, Tenich?

Tenich [sighs]
Nevermind... start your story, Sun! [he smiles and anxiously waits]

Sailor Sun
{"Ok, now I'm a little freaked..."} [breathes deep and starts] A really long time ago, there was a princess who lived on the moon........

* * *
Robyn [detransformed]
{"Why couldn't I use my power? Man these scrapes hurt! How does Bay know a little kid like that? I'm WAY too curious... I really gotta stop-"} [she bumps into someone walking down the street] Oof! [As she hits the ground, she grabs her leg with her hurt arm, then her hurt arm with her good one] Ouch!

Man [looks at her]
Are you ok?

Robyn [looks up]
Yeah, just- [stops] Who are you?

Man [smiles]
I help people... You look like you need it... come on, I'll help you get cleaned up... [he helps Robyn up and leads her to a nearby home] Here we are... That nurse will take care of your wounds. [he smiled and waved to the nurse] Jeanne! I found another one!

Jeanne [smiles and jogs over]
Thank you, Shin! [smiles at Robyn] How did YOU get hurt, Hon?

Robyn [watches Shin leave and the people around her getting either food, health care or just talking to someone]
I- I didn't know there was a shelter around here?

Jeanne [still cheerful]
Yes, lately, we've had to take a lot of people. The Sailor Scouts are stopping major tragedies, but some still happen... we're grateful to them for preventing Monsters and other such evil from destroying the city, and wish we could thank them. [she's lead Robyn to an empty table during their talk] Boy, you're pretty scraped up... looks like gravel...

Robyn [feels Jeanne touch her arm]
OW! [wincing, she looks] Yeah, alleyway... The Sailor Scouts stopped a Monster from hurting-

Jeanne [smiles and stops Robyn]
Say no more... they stopped the monster. That's what matters... They really do a great job... [she smiles and begins cleaning Robyn's wounds]

Robyn [smiles and winces, but doesn't say anything]
{"Thanks, Jeanne... We appreciate it..."}

* * *
Sailor Sun [finishing up]
...... and they were all sent to have a happy, peaceful life in the future. And... they did. The End. [she smiled and looked around] Hey, where's Sailor Shadow? She should be back by now! [Tenich is leaning on Sun, asleep. He softly snores.] {"Tenich... I should take you inside before it gets cold..."} [she picks him up and opens the door, quietly] {"Please no one freak out..."} [she looks around and sees Tenich's mother smile at her]

Mother [walks over]
Hello... Are you Tenich's friend?

Sailor Sun [a little flattered]
Yeah... How did you know?

Mother [takes Tenich]
I thought he was making you up... He said his friend was a Sailor Scout... I always told him that the Sailor Scouts were everyone's friends... [she smiles and nods toward a large room] Come on, we don't have much, but you've given so much to Tenich, you're welcome to anything we have... [she turns and takes Tenich in and lays him on a pile of old blankets, covering him with one]

Sailor Sun [looks out the broken windows]
It's getting late, I should find my friend, Sailor Shadow... she's been gone a long time... I promise to visit again, though. [she smiles] You keep your children safe in here, we'll watch over everyone out there. [she turns and runs out the door and in the direction Robyn went]

Mother [nodding and waving to Sun]
Good-bye, Sailor Scout. Thanks...

* * *
Bay [detransformed, still running, sees Robyn with bandages on, walking toward her]

Robyn [looks up]
Bay! [she stops] I'm sorry... I'll explain-

Bay [shakes her head]
No... we should- [her communicator goes off] probably not answer that... [takes her communicator out and slowly opens it, hesitating]

Rei [angry]
Where are you?!

Serena [wailing in the background]

Bay [confused]
Please... don't tell me she's crying because Mina's-

Rei [stops Bay]
Yes! And you two should have come looking by now!

Robyn [looks at the communicator]
Hey! We HAVE been looking for you! [feels in her pants] My communicator's gone!

Bay [looks at Robyn, then back to the communicator]
This is too much to handle! Mina... Tenich... Robyn... [she suddenly passes out]

* * *
(We're on our third time around... I think we all know what happens to wake Bay up...)

Bay [rolls out of bed and hits the floor]
Oowww.... [looks around and sees it still night] Wait... I know I wasn't out that long... and I feel wet... There's only one explanation... [looks up at the ceiling and sees the leak, she moves her bed immediately] That may help... Towels... [walks out into the hall and opens the closet, grabbing as many towels as she can, then trips over Aph] Hey!

Aphrodite [curious]

Bay [shakes her head]
Nevermind... Let me get these on the floor before I end up on my ass in the stupid sink again!

Aphrodite [confused]

Bay [shakes her head]
Nevermind... Just help me!

Aphrodite [runs out of the room]

Bay [turns]
Aph! Don't wake Robyn up! [sighs] This is all too strange... [she thinks as she watches the water from the roof fall onto the pile of towels] {"This is the third time I've woken up like this... I know there's no way this is all a dream... So what's really going on?"}

Robyn [grouchily]
You know, I'd appreciate you finding another way of getting me out of bed, Aph... [sees Bay] What'd you do now?

Bay [pouting, turns]
Hey! [glares at Aph] I told you not to wake her up!

Robyn [walks over and kneels down, then looks up]
Sorry for yelling at you... I guess we're going to have to fix that leak when the rain stops then... I hate waking up to rainy days... Makes it seem so gloomy... like the whole day's going to stink...

Aphrodite [smiling]
Maybe you could stay in bed all day! It's Saturday, you know!

Bay [grumbles]
Some Saturday...

Robyn [looks at her strangely]
Hunh? What's that?

Bay [shakes her head]
Nothing... Let's get dressed...

Robyn [nods and starts to leave, carrying Aphrodite]
Ok, meet you in the kitchen... [she smiles and walks away]

Bay [sighs]
Is there any way to keep EVERYone alive?!

* * *
Robyn [cooking eggs for her and Bay]
I hope I don't screw these up!

Bay [walking in]
Mmmm... [sniffs] I'd say those are just about done! {"She's cooking today?"}

Robyn [smiles and checks them]
Yup. They're done! [she puts them on the two plates by the sink] If these hadn't come out, I'd have done the dishes and just gone with cereal! [smiles and sits down at the table]

Bay [nods and smiles]
{"That explains why she was always doing dishes when I crashed through... Heh!"} They smell good, Rob.

Robyn [sees Aph with her head on the table, looking pathetic]
Stop it, you're not getting any, Brat!

Bay [looks at her strangely]

Aphrodite [grumbling, walks past]
I didn't want any anyhow! [leaves the kitchen]

Bay [nods]
Oh, her... I thought you were responding to ME!

Robyn [shakes her head]
No... She's still nursing... The vet said not to give her ANY table scraps...

Bay [totally forgetting about Aph's kittens]

Robyn [poking the eggs]
Yeah... Luna's keeping them there for now... Seeing as my room isn't exactly the BEST place for kittens...

Bay [smiles]
Hey, at least they're constantly being watched... right?

Robyn [nods]
Yeah, I guess... Serena and Mina wanted to meet us today. "Splurge Shopping" Serena said... [she smiled and the two finished eating in a happy silence]

* * *
Bay [grumbles]
I can't believe you're making me do this, Robyn... You know how Serena is!

Robyn [giggles]
Hush! [sees Mina, Artemis, Serena, and Luna waiting]

Aphrodite [smiling]
Great! Luna and Artemis! [she leaps from Robyn's shoulders and runs to the other cats, who also leap!]

Bay [smirking]
Maybe they can go to the kitty mall...

Robyn [pouts]
Humph! [they stop near Serena] Hey! Who wants Pizza?!

{"That was odd... no other comments... just straight for food... I thought that was Serena's job! Heh!"}

Robyn [smiling]
There's a pizza place a few blocks from here... The owner adores animals... I heard he's working on special pizzas for pets... let's go! [she runs ahead]

Serena [at the thought of ANY food!]
Wait up!

Mina [looks to Artemis]

Aphrodite [runs after Rob and Serena]

Bay [holds her stomach]
I think I just lost my appetite! [she follows the group as well as Mina]

* * *
[A block from the pizza place, Robyn runs past an alley. Seeing something strange as she passed, she stops and backs up, waving for the others to stop]

Robyn [curious]
{"Who in the world?!"}

[That same] Monster
Quit struggling!

Familiar female voice
Let him go!

Serena [gasps and whispers]

Robyn [catches a glimpse of who the monster has... she sees the glasses fall to the ground, she says, shocked] MELVIN?!?!?!

Bay [hand on her forehead]
Oh boy... Ok, let's go...

Serena [nods, not wanting her friend, Molly to be next]
Right! Moon Crystal Power!

Shadow Pendant Power!

Venus Star Power!

Bay [takes off her locket to call out, but Aph takes it this time]

Aphrodite [locket in her mouth]
My turn! [turns human first] Solar Locket Power!

Bay/cat [pissed]

Luna [looks at Bay/cat strangely]
What do you mean?!

Bay/cat [realizing she blurted something out.....]

[The Scouts leap into the alley]

Sailor Aphrodite [seriously]
Let him go, Ugly!

Molly [surprised, then sees Moon]
Sailor Moon!

Monster [a little confused]
Who's the new scout? [shrugs and tosses Melvin aside] New Scout means untapped energy! Come here!

Bay/cat [hears this]
NO WAY! [leaps at the monster, biting and clawing, only annoying it...]

Sailor Shadow [surprised]

A talking cat...? [passes out]

Sailor Moon [sees Molly]
Molly!? [gets angry, not hearing what Molly had said] I am Sailor Moon! Champion of Justice! I will right wrongs and Triumph over evil! And that means you! ['punish you pose']

Sailor Shadow [looks at Aph]
You don't fight unless there's no choice, Aph... I don't want you hurt!

Sailor Aphrodite [nods]
I know, but I WILL help!

Monster [tosses Bay/cat off]
Grrrrrrrr... stupid animal!

A Shadow
{"Wait a second! I saw what happened there... Bay is Minaca! Not Phobie... Phobie was that cat Aphrodite! Grrrrr..."}(*Note: You all knew something was going to screw up Makoto eventually!*)

Sailor Aphrodite [angrily]
You can't do that to my friend! [she yells out] Solar Comet Strike! (And amazingly... it works!)

Monster [shocked]
What?! [the attack hits it and it becomes ashes... blowing away]

Makoto [leaping out]
NO! My plan is ruined! You retched Sailor Scouts! [she sees three little white balls appear above where the monster once stood] She lied to me! [she leapt up and absorbed the balls] FINALLY!

Sailor Aphrodite [backing up]
What's going on?!

Bay/cat [weakly stands up]

Aphrodite [detransforms and gives Bay her locket back]
I fold! [she runs off]

Bay [holding the locket, still hurting]
Aph!? [looks at Makoto angrily] Solar Locket Power!

Makoto [growls]
I call on the Sorceress Milana! I have collected the energy required... Now... Transform me to my rightful form!

Luna and Artemis

Makoto [surrounded by a light]

Sailor Sun [confused, looks at the two shocked cats]
Could you tell me what's going on... QUICKLY!?

Artemis [growling at Makoto]
She was once human... she agreed to be your guardian, Sun... Since she realized it was as a cat, she's been determined to return to normal!

Sailor Sun [angrily]
How many times do I have to tell you guys?! I AM NOT-

Makoto [now human]
You're right... You have to be that retched cat, Minaca! That cat 'Aphrodite' could use Sun's powers! SHE'S Phobie!

Luna [angrily]
No! She ISN'T Phobie! Nor is she Minaca! She is Aphrodite!

Artemis [trying to stop Luna]
Stop! Luna!

Makoto [curious]
And how are you so sure?!

Sailor Shadow [steps in front of the cats]
Because Aphrodite is their daughter! And MY guardian! [gets in a defensive position] So back off, Makoto!

Sailor Sun [looks at Luna and Artemis]

Makoto [matter-of-factly]
Why don't you just tell them, Luna... Aphrodite isn't yours! [smirks]

[There's a dead silence]

Luna [lays down and buries her head in her paws... starting to cry]
Oh, Artemis....

Artemis [pats Luna]
It's alright, Luna...

Sailor Shadow [staring at Makoto, in shock and angry]
No... [her anger takes over] NO! Dark Matter Surround! [nothing happens] Why won't anything work!

Sailor Venus [wanting to help]
Venus Love Chain Encircle! [hers doesn't work either...]

Sailor Moon [almost afraid her's won't work either, but takes a chance anyhow...]
Moon Healing Activation! [It works, but Makoto doesn't transform back to a cat... The energy she collected is taken from her and each is returned to its rightful owner... A purple ball hits Shadow, and orange ball hits Venus and the three white ones split up... One hitting Melvin, the other two disappearing out of sight]

Sailor Shadow [holds her chest, surprised]
What was that?

Sailor Venus [also holding her chest, she looks at Shadow]
I feel a little stronger than I did before...

Sailor Shadow [lets go]
Me too... [looks at Makoto, who's quite ticked...] Together, Venus!

[Venus nods and they yell at the same time]
Venus Love Chain Encircle!
Dark Matter Surround!

Makoto [backs up a few steps]
No... wait, guys!

[A golden chain wraps around her and then she is surrounded by the dark purplish/black ball. Encasing her for a little]

Sailor Shadow [happy]
Got her!

Sailor Sun [a little confused]
So we've got her... what do we do with her?

Makoto [from inside the ball, yells]
Nothing! This day will repeat over and over again... I will defeat you all eventually!

Sailor Sun [the realization finally hits...]
Repeat.... Makoto! You're the reason I kept waking up like that! [getting angry] You want to know what it's like to wake up soaked from a leaky roof every morning?! I can let you in on the feeling! YOU CAN SLEEP IN MY BED!

Sailor Shadow [not totally understanding]
What are you talking about, Sun?