"Sailor S"
"Past Presence
Episode 25

Robyn [after Bay making a off the wall comment about Americans]
HEY! [smacks Bay] Hey! I found a new game! "Whack-a-Canadian"! [giggles]

Bay [rubbing her head, glaring]
Don't you smack me enough as it is?! [puts her arm down]

Robyn [thinks for a moment]
Hmmm... Ah... Nope! [whacks her again]

Cut that out!

Aphrodite [watching]
You'd think she'd like it after this many years...

Robyn [nods]
Yeah, me too, Aph... [smirks]

Ah well... I think it's almost time for my supper...I'll be in the kitchen looking pitiful at my plate... see you in a moment.


You know one of these days I'm going to lose it and hit you Rob.

You'd never hit a girl, Bay... you say so all the time... [smirks and heads to the kitchen, where Bay hears...] Hey! Since when can't you figure out the can opener, Aph?

Breakfast and dinner....

One thing I hate about talking cats... they can be smartasses all on their own... [sounds of a cupboard and the can opener as Bay still stands in the living room]

Humph! [Plops on the couch]

Robyn [enters the living room to find Bay hunting between the cushions and on the floor]
What's the matter, Bay? Can't find the remote?

No, I can't... Ever since we got this place it seems to disappear at least once a day...

Maybe the house is haunted with a playful poltergeist? You know, a "Serena Spirit".... who hides it just to annoy you... You still never told me how we're paying for this place. We just moved in and settled... Nothing was said... It bothers me. [walks to the side table by the couch and bends over to look on the shelf, picking up the remote, standing up, and handing it to Bay] Dad doesn't ask, but then you didn't volunteer the information either... half my furniture's still at my dad's!

Aphrodite [hurries in]
Robyn? Where's the litter box?

Robyn [thinks]
I think we put it um.... I forget where we put it, Bay... [see her flipping through the channels] Bay!

* * *
[Next morning, Robyn wakes up, in her bed at her dad's place. Aphrodite still snoring at the end of the bed.]

Robyn [looks around]
Wha...? [leans down and shakes Aph] Aph? Does this place look a little.... familiar to you? I know I moved this to the house... at least... I thought I did!

Aphrodite [sniffs]
I smell your dad...

Then I'm not dreaming... if you smell him... Come on, let's get dressed and look... [goes to her closet to find her school uniform]

House? Move? I think you had a bad dream, Robyn. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz....

Robyn [turns around upon hearing the snore]
Aphrodite! Get up! What do you mean?! [finishes putting on her uniform] APH! [goes over to her bed and picks up the half asleep cat]

Aphrodite [curious]
What's wrong with you! I never follow you to school! I meet you there at lunch! Now put me down! Preferably some place soft!

Robyn [glares]
NO! Stop it and come on!

Do I have a choice?

Robyn [smirks]
Not really...


[As Robyn leaves the house]

Hi Robyn...[watching Robyn leave] Bye Robyn...

You didn't even stop to eat or say good-bye to your dad! What's wrong with you!?

Oh shut up... I need to check something...

Check what?

Oh shut up and be patient! I need to see Bay...

Who's Bay?

Robyn [stops, confused and flat-toned asks the little orange cat]

I think the Bay of the Pacific Ocean is a little far off, if that's what your talking about.

I didn't say "the Bay" I just said Bay... Wait...you don't... know who... Bay is?! [confused look]

No... is she one of your school mates?

Robyn [smacks forehead, covering face]
Oh brother... Cut it out, Aph...this isn't funny!

Robyn. Your confusing me, I don't know any Bay.

Let's just go... I've got about a half an hour til the chimes at school tell me I'm late, so let's get moving... Bay's always on time, I'll have to meet Serena at school instead of on the hundred-meter-dash we do every morning... [speeds up her pace to hopefully meet Bay on the route from the house to the school... Which takes her past Serena's and towards the block that they supposedly live on together to try and figure out what kind of a joke Bay was pulling by moving her stuff back to her dad's house in the middle of the night] I know perfectly well that you and I had an argument about where the litter box was in the new house... you went to the bathroom and met me in bed upstairs, then I wake up back at Dad's... which I know I moved out of about a month ago... this is impossible... I'm confusing myself now... we're almost there... [Aphrodite just shakes her head from trying to follow along on Robyn's mumbling rant...]

First of all, my litter box is beside the toilet like it always is. And second, you know as well as I do that Serena dissappeared almost a year ago. Unless there's another Serena in school that I don't know about.

Robyn [stops about two houses down from where she knew she'd moved into]
Dis...appeared? I knew she hated school... but months worth of hookey? [looks concerned, then thinks for a moment] Aph...?

Aphrodite [looks up from the ground where Robyn sat her down at]

Who are the Sailor Scouts?

How am I expected to know?! No one's seen a Sailor Scout for 6 months...

Robyn [wide-eyed]
What?! You gotta be kidding me... I know... I know... Ok, this has gotta be a REALLY bad dream... [continues and heads onto the porch, hesitant to knock] This is too weird.... I'm afraid to find out what else could go wrong... maybe I should just run to school now and see if anyone else is as wacko as you are, Aph...

Aphrodite [glares]
I'm not wacko!

Robyn [bends down]
One question... If you don't know who the Sailor Scouts are, how come you can talk?! [smirks]

Because I came from the Moon Kingdom like you... Geez... maybe you should go back home and rest a little bit.

Ok, you know about... [looks around] Forget it, let's go someplace more solitary... [picks up the cat and leaves the porch to get to the park or someplace else quiet]

I thought you were worried about being late for school.

You know I'm always late... As long as I make it somewhere around the tardy chimes, I'll be fine...

Well, if your not going home, you should go to school. Why are we going to the park anyway?

Robyn [entering the park]
'Cause I have to talk to you about something I don't need millions of people hearing! [sits on a bench in a secluded area] Alright, Aphrodite... If you know about the Moon Kingdom, how come you don't know who the Sailor Scouts are!?

Aphrodite [confused]
Ah...is this a trick question?

No, Aph... Why don't you know who the Sailor Scouts are if you know about the Moon Kingdom!? I want to know!

Ah... What does the Moon Kingdom and the Sailor Scout have to do with each other? Sailor Sun was the only Sailor Scout in the Moon Kingdom.

Only Scout? Then.... if I'm from the Moon Kingdom... and Sailor Sun was the only one... What does that make me?

Ah...your Robyn. [shrugging hoping she got the right answer]

Ok, now I'm confused... Lemme rephrase this.... Who's Sailor Sun?

Well, Phobie. But Sailor Sun only showed up about a year or two ago, and she was a bad cookie. Thankfully the Sailor Scouts stopped her.

Ok, humor me... how?

I don't know. She was going to blow up Tokyo with a nuclear weapon. and after she battled the Scouts she wasn't seen again.

What I'm not getting is why I'm here and you can talk... If we're both from the Moon Kingdom... why are we here, Aph! I'm not getting any answers that make sense!

We're here because when the Negaverse attacked the Moon Kingdom, Queen Serenity sent all the Kingdom's subjects to be reborn on Earth. Most of the Moon Kingdom's people don't remember there past lives. You and I do... Does that answer your question?

Not precisely... I know HOW we got here... why I remember is my main- [hears distant chimes] Crap! I'm late! Oh crap... my bookbag's at the house... [she heads home first, then, upon retrieving her bag, heads to school, where she recieves her usual detention for after school... She decides to look around at lunch to see if she can talk to the others any...]

* * *
[Durning Lunch, Robyn sees Amy studying as usual]

Robyn [sees Aph at a table and heads there first]
Aph... I have another question for you first... I thought of it in Math... I never pay attention to the teacher anyway...

You should... but... [nervously] Shoot...

Where's "Brad" at? [smiles, wondering what Aph's response to that question's going to be...]

I don't know of any Brad.

You don't know a Brad... Oookay, that takes care of that train of thought... [thinks] So you have no idea where Serena went?

Lita [walks over to Robyn]
Are you Robyn?

Robyn [turns and smiles]
Hi, Lita... Care to join me?

Lita [surprised at her reaction]
Ah... sure... do you always talk to your cat?

Robyn [blinks]
Yeah... What's wrong, Lita?

Aphrodite [smiles]

Excuse me, have I talked to you before? I don't think so, so stop being so "buddy-buddy".

But you came over here... I've got no quarrel with you, Lita... Why can't I be nice?

Lita [still holding her lunch]
You know, you're sounding more and more like that Serena girl... and look what happened to her being so nice all the time... She disappeared... take a lesson and learn to not be so nice!

Robyn [confused]
Lita... Please... Just have a seat... not a lot of other seats left, you know... [points to the only empty seat beside a really ugly looking fat girl] Unless you want to sit there...?

Lita [sitting down]
Fine. [takes Robyn's apple and takes a big bite out of it.] The teacher wants to see you after lunch. That's why I came over here.

Robyn [smiles]
You know I don't eat apples... I pack them for you... You're welcome... and thanks. [finishes the tuna sandwich and gets up] See you around, Lita! [leaves Lita looking after her as Aph jumps down and follows Robyn to the trash can and back into the school]

* * *
Robyn [leans down, and whispers]
Aph! Why'd you follow me in here!? Go home and wait like you always do!

Aphrodite [whispers]
Cause you've been acting strangely, I'm worried about you! Go see your teacher, don't worry, I'll stay out of sight!

Robyn [whispered back]
You're overreacting! [stands up and heads to see her teacher]

PA Announcment
Attention, attention. All students are to head home due to reports of demon activity. All students are requested to head home and remain there!

Girl [off to Robyn's side]
I heard that there was a monster turning people to stone.

Robyn [to herself... putting a possibility together]
Um... maybe I should hold off on that teacher thing... I'll just say I never got any message to see her... But on the upside, that means no detention! [turns to look for Aph] Aph? [heads away from the classroom and outside again] Aphrodite!? [looks for the orange furrball that usually pounces on her...]

Aphrodite [runs out of the school, being chased by a boy]
Mrow! [leaps onto Robyn's shoulder, who turns around]


Boy [backs up a few steps]
Oh! Hi, Robyn... I'm sorry, I didn't know that was your cat...

Well, it is... but do you always chase poor, defenseless animals for fun?

Boy [shrugs]
Yeah, I guess so... why? What's it matter?

You're disgusting! [she glares and turns around to leave the school grounds]

Aphrodite [smirking and whispered]
Didn't know you cared that much!

Robyn [smiles, whispered back]
'Course I do, silly!

[As Robyn heads home, she enters the main street. As she walked by a cafe, she sees a person that looks like Bay sitting alone at a table. The person's wearing a short skirt Bay would never willingly wear, a blouse, and earrings and make up. She's looking at a menu deciding what to have for lunch.]

Robyn [perks up]
Bay!? Stay here, Aph... [enters the cafe and heads to her table. Calmly and quietly, Robyn gestures to the seat across from the girl and politely queries...] Excuse me, Miss... May I sit here?

I'll have a ... [looks at Robyn] Your not the waitress.

Robyn [shakes her head]
Nope, I'm sorry... May I join you?

Well, I'm waiting for someone right now but he's late. I guess you can.

Robyn [smiles and sits]
{"I gotta act like I don't know her, I suppose... how do I get this started... Ah! I got it!"} You know... You look familiar... Do you go to Crossroads?

Crossroads? Oh, yeah, that school down the street. No, sorry.

{"No?! Ok, that threw off that train of thought... but only sidetracked it... Let's try something else..."} Hmmm... I know I've seen you around... Is your name Bay?

Bay [puts down the menu, Robyn can make out a ring with a good size diamond on Bay's hand.]
Yes, you've probably seen me in the paper not too long ago.

Robyn [sees the ring, and; though inwardly surprised; doesn't act too different]
{"Train has been sabotaged! Derailment imminent! Dive! Dive! // No! Try to stabalize! STABALIZE, DAMMIT!"} Yes, I think I did... My dad showed me the picture, but I didn't get to see the article... Might I ask what it was on? {"That the best you've got, soldier?! // Yes, Sir! // We're doomed!"}

Bay [to the waitress that just arrived]
Your caviar meal, please. [back to Robyn] It was about my engagement to Gen Tokso. The son of the industialist in Tokyo's industial area.

Wow! You're one lucky girl! {"Ok, note to self... find out who the hell this "Gen Tokso" is when you get home... At least my train of thought's still on track... so to speak..."} Is that who you're planning to meet?

Well, I'm supposed to meet...

Man [walking to the table]
Sorry I'm late, Sweetie. [Bay got up and they gave each other a brief kiss] So, who's your friend?

Bay [sitting down]
Oh, this is... Ah, I never did get your name?

Robyn [smiled and bowed her head]
Robyn... Robyn Markius...I was just trying to make some friends... I'm kind of new to Japan... {"Alright, so It's been two years... No one else seems to remember squat, let's start faking it... // Explosion imminent! // Oh shut up!"}

Well, this is Gen.

Hello Robyn. [looking at Bay] Unfortunatly, I can't stay. I have a meeting. Did you get the dress?

Bay [shaking her head]
I'm being fitted this afternoon.

Alright... I have to go Sweets. [kisses Bay quickly] I'll see you tonight. [looking to Robyn] Nice meeting you. [he hurries to a parked car and drives away]

Bay [looking disgusted]
Where's my meal anyway?

Robyn [sees her look of disgust]
What's the matter, Bay?

Aphrodite [from the floor, pulls on Robyn's uniform skirt]
{"Hey! I need to see you! Pay attention to me!"}

Robyn [looks under the table]
Aphrodite! How the heck did you get here?!

Aphrodite [looks at back her, glaring]
Mrow! {"Shut up, Smartass!"}

Nothing's the matter. [looking around] Where's my caviar?

Robyn [concerned]
Bay... calm down... I never even knew this place served caviar for one... and two... you look upset... You were fine a moment ago... please... tell me what's the matter....? [pushes Aphrodite off her skirt]

Bay [shaking her head, sounding like the cheery self she was before Gen showed up]
I'm fine. [The waitress brought Bay's caviar and put it in front of her.] For a meal that doesn't have to be cooked, it sure took a while. [Bay gulped down the little bowl of fish eggs and stood up] Well, that wasn't worth it. [looks at Robyn as she shuffled in her purse.] Aren't you supposed to be in school now?

Robyn [shakes her head]
They sent everyone home early due to what was it...? Oh yeah, "Demon Activity" so the whole school let out after lunch...

Aphrodite [whispered, barely audible]
Pay attention to me! I REALLY need to talk to you! [pulls her skirt again]

Robyn [looks under the table]
Will you stop pulling my skirt, Aph! It's annoying! [looks to Bay] I... I hope we can see each other again, Bay. [smiles and stands up] It was nice to meet you. [holds out her hand for a handshake]

Bay [ignoring the hand, Robyn dropped her hand, slowly]
Nice to meet you too, Robyn. [She places a large bill on the table] I have an appointment to get my gown fitted. Maybe I'll see you later.

Robyn [smiled and watched her leave, then turned and grabbed her annoying cat]
Come on, you!

Aphrodite [yanked suddenly from the floor]
Urk! [whispered] Hey!

Robyn [outside]
Oh stop complaining, Aph... better than walking around after me, ain't it?

Aphrodite [after thinking for a moment]
You have a point...

So what did you need to tell me?

Aphrodite [on her shoulders now]
I forget now... it'll come back to me in a little...

Robyn [mumbled]
Some guardian...

Oh yeah. I don't trust that person, do you know what I found in her purse?

You went through her purse?! You never went through Bay's things before... at least to my knowledge...

I what?

Nevermind... fine...what did you find? A tube of lipstick she shouldn't wear? Or perhaps a personal item she wouldn't normally have? [smirks]

I saw one of the Moon Kingdom's treasures... A Sailor Orb! I think it was the Animal... but maybe the Thought Orb. And some lipstick, and a wallet with a lot of money in it.

Sailor Orb, lipstick and money... only thing out of place for Bay is the lipstick... I never ask where she seems to get money from... and as for the Thought or Animal Orb... I know we had one of those at the house...

Would you stop saying that! It was a dream, ok?! You've never lived anywhere but with your mom in California, then your dad here, you don't have many if any friends and before you ask, I know this because you tell me that every night... and for the last time, before you ask again, I DON'T KNOW WHO THE SAILOR SCOUTS ARE!

Robyn [blinks a few times]
Chill, Aph... I think you hit the catnip a little hard... Relax, will you?!

Well, what do you expect, your acting really strange!

Robyn [smirks]
So you were into the catnip...?

Aphrodite [shrugs]
You're dad gave me some... [shakes her head and yells] That's beside the point! What I'm trying to say is as a member of the Moon Kingdom... the only one who remembers... It's your duty to retrieve that Sailor Orb, Robyn!

You're serious aren't you... Fine... I'll ask Bay if I can hold it for now...

Robyn! You don't get this, do you!? This "Bay" doesn't exist, that was just some strange woman who happened to be called that... even if she looks like one of your old friends, that doesn't mean she IS!

Robyn [angrily]
No, Aph... YOU don't get it... I know what I lived for two years wasn't a dream... I can't dismiss all the memories of my friends that I have too clearly to be memories of dreams... I know that I moved in with Bay not too long ago... I went through hell trying to save her life more than once! She's saved my stupid butt more times that I can count right now and the others don't seem to remember anything about being my friends... they're the ones that met ME... Amy introduced us all at Rei's Temple! Bay's always been a little odd... you should know, you were the only one that knew her secret since a few days after we all met! Do you know how I remember you started to talk?

{"Alert! Alert! Robyn is offically nuts!"} I don't know any of these people your talking about.

{"I know that look, she doesn't believe me..."} Fine then, we don't know any of them... Do you know how mom died, then?

Of course!

Robyn [not quite believing her tone]
Fine then, how?

Well, she died in a car ....

[Robyn suddenly looks across the street as she sees Amy slowly walking into a building]

Robyn [nods to Aph]
Right... ok, you got that right... [points] Who's that?

Aphrodite [looking across the street]
You mean the Silent Brain? You told me she never talks except to answer the teacher's questions...

Amy's not a bad person... and don't say that! She doesn't like being called "Brain" or "Brainiac" it hurts her feelings... Only question I have at the moment is what's that building... I don't remember it from before...

You use to call her that! [looking at the building] I don't know, but I'll bet if we go over there, manybe we can find out... [she had that smartassed look on her face with a goofy grin]

Robyn [sighs]
Sometimes I feel like life is one giant RPG... and the GM is extremely evil... making weird switches just to annoy me! [crosses the road and goes to the front entrance of this building Amy entered a moment ago]

Aphrodite [reading the sign]
"Tokyo Mental Hospital" Well, what do you know?! She's nuts! {"Maybe Robyn should make an appointment in here."}

Robyn [turns to Aph]
I know what you're thinking... and for the last time, I'm not nuts, Brat... but if you start making other people think I am, I'll defur you myself!

Rob... come on... Just follow Amy... maybe she's a patient?

No, she's probably volunteering here... She does want to be a doctor... maybe her volunteer work here is to be around doctors, nurses and handling charts and files... she's good at that stuff...


Robyn [walked into the building and up to the front desk]
Excuse me, may I see Amy? She just walked in her.

Sorry Miss. She's in session. she should be out in a hour.

Robyn [acting confused]
{"Session!? Act dumb!"} Session? What's that?

I'm sorry miss, I'm not allowed to discuss clients. You can wait for her if you wish.

Robyn [nods]
Ok, ma'am... I'll wait for her... {"If she can't discuss clients... that means Amy IS a patient... [sighing] Oh boy..."}

* * *
[Close to the end of the hour, Lita walked in and sat in the waiting area.]

Lita [just seeing Robyn]
What are you doing here?

I'm waiting for Amy... How about you, Lita?

How do you know about Amy?

I saw her come in from across the street. They said I could wait for her... Why?

If you came to make fun of her-

Robyn [breaking in]
Why would I make fun of Amy?

Everyone does. Because she's smart, doesn't talk and comes here once a day. But she's smarter and braver then another I know.

I know she's smart, I figure she doesn't talk because everyone calls her names and as for that someone else, who? Mina? Rei? Darien?

Lita [standing up and yelling]
Rei and Mina would never do that!

Robyn [shakes her head]
I know they'd never call her names... I meant that smarter and braver part... Oh! Wait! You meant Serena, didn't you!? Look, I know she's not as bright as the others, but she's a nice girl... Well, was... everyone keeps telling me she disappeared... Which I'm just confused on.... [looks to the door] When's Amy done? {"Ok, you're rambling and probably getting Lita more pissed off... not a good combination... I know her reputation... I'm trying to be nice but... Oh now listen to me... even my thoughts are starting to ramble! Sheesh!"}

You know nothing! Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and I were good friends and.... [realizes she just listed off the Scouts. She sits down quietly] Nevermind...

Jupiter..... Look, I don't know why you're acting so strangely... everyone is... I wish I knew what was wrong with this place so I could just go back to the way it was, but I need to know what happened! Even Aph has no clue what I'm talking about anymore...

Oh, I do too! You're just nuts, Robyn! [realizes she just talked in front of Lita] Oops... [covers mouth with her paws]

Robyn [smirks]
Big mouth...

Lita [looking at Aphrodite]
A talking cat? [looks at Robyn] Just who are you?

Robyn [looks to Aph]
Well... as of bedtime last night, Sailor Shadow... but as of this morning... I 'm not so sure... nothing's like it was when I went to bed... I even woke up in a different place... Wish I could figure out what happened and how... then I could get you guys back to the way you were and we could just kick bad guy butt like usual instead of arguing among ourselves and having these demons roaming around loose... if it were up to me... we'd just go out there and kick their butts but I just don't understand-

Lita [clamps a hand over Robyn's mouth, angrily]
Shut up! You talk more than Serena used to! [is quiet for a moment after a slight wince] First of all... there never was a Sailor "Shadow"... Secondly, what happened to you between bedtime and now is not my business... Third, The way we were is none of your concern... Kicking moneter butt is precisely what I am NOT going to do right now... Lastly... two parts... [Robyn nodded] It's not up to you and don't mention a WORD of that garbage to Amy... understand!? [Robyn nods, looking at Lita, slightly afraid] We're not scouts anymore. 3 of us are gone because we tried to be Scouts. Amy and I aren't going to go through that again.

Robyn [removes Lita's hand, sadly]
You don't mean that... The Scouts never die... Serena used to always whine about wanting to quit and going home... but she was there when she had to protect her friends... [looks to the floor] Though... I do remember one time you guys all.... But you came back... The Silver Crystal brought you all back! This isn't right! [hears a door and clams up] Amy? [turns]

[There listening to every word Robyn said was Amy]

Amy [nervously]

Robyn [stood up quickly]
Amy! You do talk.... [smiles and goes toward her at a normal pace, looking happy] Are you ok?

Amy [putting her hand on Robyn's cheek]
Serena? Is that really you?

Aphrodite [confused]

Robyn [silent, surprised]
{"Sh-She thinks I'm... S-Serena?! Just how much did she hear to think that?"}

I told you not to talk about any more of that Sailor Scout Garbage! Amy doesn't need to hear about that crap anymore! [walks over to take Amy's arm from Robyn's cheek]

Robyn [blinks, and concernedly whispers to Amy]
Without the Sailor Scouts to protect them, this city is dying... I don't want that to happen, Amy... What can I do? {"I think that was vague enough, yet... in definite need of an answer..."}

Amy [to Lita]
Can't you see Serena in her?

Lita [looking at Robyn]
Not really.

Amy [getting down on her knees, crying]
She's come back to us. [looks up to Robyn] We thought you were gone. We gave up hope. I'm so sorry Moon Princess.

Robyn [blinks]
{"Is that what happened to me? Serena died and my world was shifted? No... too weird... [silence] Still, weirder things have happened to me... if Luna's gone, I can pull this off with Aph's help!"} Amy, please... stand up... [reaches her hand down] {"One question... if I'm supposed to get her to believe this... what happened to the Moon Brooch Serena wore?"}

Lita [as Amy stood up]
Amy, she's not Serena. She's just someone from school.

Robyn [turns]
Technically Lita, I never said either way... I also have no idea what happened to me in the past 24 hours... it's weird... but nothing's like I remember it... All I know is I've been looking for you guys all day and I've gotten only more questions, threats, and angry comments! That and I was later than usual this morning... I think Aph needs to wake me up sooner... I always do a 100-meter dash to school everymorning and I got detention for after school... because school was let out, I'll probably have to serve the dang thing tomorrow... but I'll already have detention-

Aphrodite [leaps onto Robyn's shoulder and puts a paw over her mouth]
SHUT! UP! You know... I've NEVER heard you talk this much in my life! What's with you, Robyn!?

Robyn [looks at the cat and removes her paw]
To be honest... I just said.... I haven't the slightest idea what happened, Aph.

Lita [crossing her arms]
Well, lateness and detentions sounds like Serena.

Robyn [sighs and sits down]
I don't know who I am anymore... Since I woke up the whole day has been nothing but one giant puzzle I can't solve... I just wanted to talk to my friends and no one remembered me... In fact, I could find only you two at school... [looks at her chest] I feel like something's missing... but I can't put my finger on it... {"I really do... what did I forget this morning?"}

{"She left that pendant her mom gave her on the nightstand... wonder if that's what she's looking for? She never leaves the house without it... normally... Maybe something is wrong with her... Is Amy right? Is this the reason she keeps questioning me when she never does it any other time? One thing though... if this is what happened... Why now? Why not 6 months ago or a year when Serena first disappeared?"}

We'll follow you, Serena.

Lita [crossing her arms]
Follow her to do what? Amy, we're only two scouts! And I don't see Robyn with a brooch or anything.

Robyn [sighs]
Thanks, Amy... but the only odd thing is something Aphrodite found in Bay's purse... I thought it was the Bay I remembered... but she didn't wear the same kind of outfit and her mood was completely different... she acted like she had a split personality or something... she flipped between nice and crabby in a snap... Aph found lipstick, a wallet with a bunch of cash in it and... [looks to Aph] Are you sure you saw it?! This is Bay, Aph...

Would you get off it already! You can't make friends with everyone and you can't believe in everyone... Not everyone you meet is truly good, Rob... I know what I saw when I went through her purse... only three things in it and she was acting suspicious!

Look, are you sure it was an Orb? It could have just been a pretty glass ball...

Aphrodite [louder]
Look! I know what the Sailor Orbs look like! I saw them in the Moon Kingdom and I remember what they look like... the energy was definitely one of the two I touched in the Moon Kingdom, Robyn... It was either the Animal Orb or the Thought Orb... any of the Orbs in the wrong hands is DANGEROUS!

Lita [smirks]
Sounds like Luna too...

She's so stubborn! She'll never get it!

Just because-

Ok, ok! You don't believe me... I'm tired of repeating myself to you so often!

If I get my Mercury Computer, I can scan for the Orb's power signature. That way we can find her.

She said something about getting fitted for a dress this afternoon... but I don't know where... that was over an hour ago...she left the cafe and I saw you come in here, Amy...

This is nonsense! You don't believe her, Amy! She's just trying to set us up!

Robyn [stands up, tired of Lita's mouth]
Look, Lita, ever since lunch you've been nasty to me! I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, Amy, or ANY of the Scouts! I don't know what I ever did to you guys to make you hate me so much but when I woke up this morning, my first thought was to see my friends! [starting to cry] I- *sniff* I'm sorry if that's *sniff* such a terrible thing, Lita! [sits down and starts crying into her hands] I just want things back to the way they were when I fell asleep! An idiotic bad guy who doesn't know the difference between a screwdriver and a bus driver! [her whining sounding almost like Serena's, she let out a good long bawl......] WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Aphrodite [covers her head with her paws]
She always could reach that decibel level....

Lita [covering her ears]
If she was being fitted for a ceremonial dress, I think I may know where.

* * *
[Bay stood on a pallet as a semstress pined a lovely white wedding dress]

Bay [looking behind her]

Store clerk
There's some young ladies out front who wishes to talk to you.


Store Clerk
One said her name was Robyn.

Well, let them in, I need a second opinion on this dress anyway. You people say yes to everything.

Yes, Ma'am.


Robyn [with Lita and Ami behind her after the clerk waved her in]

Bay [turning around]
Before you say anything, what do you think of this dress.

Lita [remarking]
Shows cleavage. I'd think any man would like it.

Yeah, believe me, I know.

Robyn [flatly, half mumbled]
The Bay I remember wouldn't be caught dead in a dress of any sort...

Aphrodite [bumps Robyn's leg, having snuck in]

What was that?

I said that the- [Aph baps her leg hard] Ow! [looks down and glares] Ok, ok... My point was if you don't like showing anything, add more fabric to cover what you don't want anyone to see...

Bay [disapointly]
You know what they say, if you got it, flaunt it.

{"But you hate showing what you've got! You hit any guy that talks to you in any kind of flattering way! [sighs silently] Ok, now how do I say 'Can I look in your purse' without saying it that way...?"}

After this, I have to decide on the Bridesmaids' dresses. I'm starting to think I'm doing everything for this wedding. [looks at Robyn and her friends] So, Rob, who's your friends?

Robyn [looks to Bay, without hesitating, flatly states]
Do you love him?

What do you mean? I'm marrying him, aren't I?

Think, Bay... do you love him?

Lita [whispered]
Why do you care?

Robyn [normal voice]
Because I care about her, Lita... I don't want her to make a mistake because she feels she has to repay this guy or because she believes she'll never find someone worthy of her love...

Amy [whispered to Lita, behind Robyn's back, with a glare on her face]
NOW tell me she's not Serena, Lita!

Just as sappy as the crap Serena always said...I'm not so sure anymore, Amy... but I still say something's up...

Robyn [continuing]
I saw how you reacted to him in the cafe. You don't look too sure of your decision, Bay. I'll ask again... "Do you love him"... with all your heart? Can you see a real future with him? Is he the one you are meant to be with?

{"She never acted this way about anyone! What is it about this Bay girl that's so special to her?!"}

Bay [stepping down from the platform she was on]
He saved me from the gutter. if it wasn't for him, I'd still be on the street eating out of garbage cans. He's kind, nice, caring. He's also rich, which means we won't have to worry about money or our future.

Hell, I'm starting to want to marry this guy.

Robyn [looking concerned for this girl she knows was her best friend Bay]
Bay... Love isn't about a debt, or money. How long have you known him... How can you be sure he's kind, nice, and caring? If a woman had saved you from the gutter and asked you to spend the rest of your life living with her... would you? Even if she was kind, nice, and caring... perhaps even rich?

{"Robyn's lost it for sure...she's trying to be this "Serena", I know it! What does she see in this girl?!"}

Bay [sitting down on the platform]
To be honest, I don't know.

Robyn [walks over towards Bay]
I'm sorry to have been so forward with you... but I don't think anyone should make a decision this important with out knowing for sure. It's not something you can snap your fingers and choose, Bay. I'd have questioned anyone I cared about the same way...

Aphrodite [leaping onto Lita's shoulder, and simply whispers]
Is there a 911 for crazy people?

Lita [staring at the two near each other]
No... I think they have to dial 116... [the two snicker quietly]

Amy [stares]
Could Bay perhaps be... Rei? Serena knows her friends... She may even know just their spirits...

Lita [looks to Amy]
Amy... are yosu still so gung ho to do all that stuff again? Ok, say Robyn is Serena... Are you willing to watch her die again?

Amy [stares at Robyn]
Stop it...

Are you willing to stand there and lose her again?

Amy [louder]
Stop it!

Do you want to be part of what killed her... again?!

Amy [screams, covering her ears and falling to her knees]
STOP IT! [starts to cry]

Robyn [turns around quickly]
Amy!? [looks to Lita and half whispers, hoping the last line wasn't what she thought...] What... What did you say to her, Lita?! [louder] What happened!?

Just what she needed to hear.

Bay [standing up and shoving Lita]
What's with you?

[Robyn looked up at the two, and noticed that Bay seemed to be a inch higher then Lita. Usually it was the other way around.]

What business is it of yours?

It's my business because your making it my business.

Bay... please tell me you remember something from the past... It's a long story, but to cut it short... do you remember the Sailor Scouts... {"Long shot... // Warning! You may have overshot this pitch! // Oh, SHUT UP!"}

Bay [wide-eyed, like she was surprised]
NO! I don't know anything about the Sailor Scouts... [walked back to her platform]

Robyn [stares]
{"Bull's-eye! Something's up! // Congratula- // Cut that out!"}

Bay [stepping back on her platform]
Look, I don't know nothing about Sailor Scouts.

Well, surely you know OF them...EVERYONE in this town knows OF them, Bay...

Fine, I know about them, ok. That's it.

Sounds like your hiding something.

Yeah, Bay... What's the matter?

Nothing. Maybe you all better go.

No, Bay... What's wrong!?

Aphrodite [whispering]
What about the Orb?

Shut up...How exactly are we supposed to get it, Feline-stein!?

Get what?

Robyn [smacks her forehead and clamps Aph's mouth shut]
You've gotten me into more jams than I care to count you little fuzzball!

Amy [confused]
She has?

I think you better go. [looks to the others] All of you.

Robyn [steps forward]
I really wish I didn't have to do this, Bay... [everyone look at Robyn as she bends in a bow of respect and, for the first time, slams Bay in the nose, knocking her off the pedestal!] Forgive me, Bay...but you're not yourself! [grabs her purse, tossing it to Lita, quickly]

Bay [holding her nose]
Ow...Are you nuts? [Sees Lita has her purse] Give that back... that's not yours!

Lita [opening the purse, then looking at Bay]
There's a Sailor Orb in here.

It's mine!

No, Bay, it's not... It belongs to the Sailor Scouts... and if you don't know anything about them...you don't need it...

There's something odd about that Orb, Robyn...

Ah, screw the public! It's the Animal Orb! Do something, Robyn!

Robyn [as if by reflex took the Orb turned and pointed the orb at Bay]

Don't....Squeak?... [Bay grew smaller until her gown was laying on the platform. A small mouse emerged from the garment, and ran under the platform]

Aphrodite [instinct kicking in]
Mouse! [grins and leaps toward the platform to attempt to catch Bay/mouse!]


Aphrodite [grinning]
You're trapped my pretty.... You're mine! [snickering]

Aphrodite! Don't eat her!


Bay/mouse [running between Aphrodite's legs, and past Robyn]

Amy [to Robyn]

Robyn [for some reason looks to Amy]

What if Aphrodite catches her?

If she catches her, she'll bring her back to us. If we can catch up to the mouse and turn her back to normal, she'll be naked...she'll probably stop and we can get her

[Bay/mouse ran across the room, and turned near millimeters from the wall. Aphrodite, unfortunately, was unable to avoid it]

Aphrodite [running head first into the wall]
OW! OW! OW! [Aphrodite layed down and put her paws on her head]

Robyn [holding the Orb]
This is rediculous! [points to the mouse] Normal! Human! [a naked Bay stands up]

Bay [quickly going back to her dress]
Fine, you know what it is. Now, give it back! [Bay wraps the bottom of the dress around her, no one moves] Give it back!

Robyn [shaking her head]
No, Bay. I need to know what happened.

Bay [getting something to stop her nose from bleeding]
You turned me into a mouse.

To prove a point mostly...

What's with you.... Serena?

I told you Amy-

Robyn [turns and slaps her hand over Lita's mouth]
That's enough out of you for one day, Lita... [turns back to Bay quickly] If you think I won't do it again, you're mistaken... And if you think you can be mean to people just because you've got something shoved deep up somewhere... You're wrong!

[Lita snickers]

I wasn't mean to you till you started asking me about things I don't want to talk about.

Robyn [holds out the Orb]
And why don't you want to talk about them?

Bay [sitting down]
I like using that Orb Ok?

Using it?

I use it to get away from my life. I can turn myself into a bird, or any other animal, and be free.

Somehow, I just don't believe you... but I'll bite... What's so hard about being you that you need to use magic to change and get a way?

Yeah, your marrying some rich guy. You'd have money, a great wardrobe, you don't have to go to school!

I have no friends, I have to wear stupid skirts I hate, I hate myself and....


And I don't want to get married to anyone!

Robyn [pulls the Orb towards herself]
I'm...I'm sorry, Bay... If you don't like wearing skirts...why do you do it? Why won't anyone be your friend? And.... Why marry someone you don't love...? [she lowered her voice for the last question]

Because it's better then living on the streets where I look forward to evening garbage. No one wants to be friends with street garbage.

Robyn [handing the Orb off to Amy this time and steps forward and leans slightly forward]
I did... and I still do... [looked very hopeful]

Yeah right. I don't want to go back to that life.

What do you mean by that? Bay... I'll stand up for you no matter what the consequences to myself. I couldn't let anything happen to you if there's some way I can fix it or stop it. I know you know that why doesn't anyone remember!? [a tear falls from her eye before she breaks down and starts crying again on her knees]


Bay [kneeling beside Robyn]
Look Rob. I'm not trying to hurt anyone. But I'm not going to be a broke street kid again. I'd rather die then go back to living that lifestyle!

But you won't go back to that. [reaches up and touches Bay's cheek] Never... so long as I'm around... my friends won't be left alone and cold and hungry... Never... [her voice echoes with her seriousness. hearing it makes the girls feel that she truly means what she says... Robyn looked and felt that she would do anything to get her friends back to what they were]

And how would you do that? You're still in school. I bet your living with your parents, and I'm sure they don't have the money needed for a extra person living there.

Why is everything so different?! When I went to bed last night it was in our house, Bay... you and I had our own house. we were both ready to get up and go to school today and after school, we'd planned of finishing moving my stuff from my Dad's house and your stuff from the Temple. You never told me how you got the house but I didn't ask too many more questions... the last thing you said was "There's nothing good on TV, I'm going to bed... see you in the morning, Rob..." then I had an argument with Aph... and soon after that I remember going to bed... when I woke up I was back at my Dad's house, no one had ever heard of me and now half my friends are... are... [she wiped her face and looked to Aph] If you'd have just gone on the toilet, that whole argument would never have happened... you can be *sniff* such a... a brat! Little furrball... What did I do that cause this?! What do I have to do to get everything back!? [ends up on the floor, bawling her brains out, Aph comforting her as best a cat could]

Lita [whispered]
I think she's lost it, Amy...


Why do you care about me so much? I just meet you today.

Robyn [in between sobs, trying so hard to compose herself...but it ain't working....]
I care about all my friends... I don't care if I've known you all my life or just met you. Everyone deserves a chance! If we get together, I know we can defeat anything that comes our way! Bad grades or Bad jokes coming from badly dressed monsters! Why is everyone TESTING me so much today!?

Bay [reluctantly]
Well, I guess the gown will still be here if things don't work out...

I just want to know where you got that orb from, and why your so reluctant to talk about the Sailor Scouts.

I don't want to talk about being a Sailor Scout!


Robyn [giving up]
She's Sailor Sun.

Lita [Looking at Robyn]
She's Sailor Sun? [Looking at Bay] You're Sailor Sun?

Sailor Sun...

Ah...no, I'm...I'm...

Lita [angry]
You are her, aren't you!

Robyn [turns her head and sees Lita's face, realizing something's wrong]
Lita? [sniffs and gets to her knees] What's the matter?

Lita [angrily]
Sailor Sun attacked the Sailor Scouts!

I didn't mean to! I...

Aphrodite [jumping on the Orb]
No way are you getting this back. It belongs to real Sailor Scouts.


Robyn [watching Aphrodite starting to glow]
Aphrodite? What's happening to you?!

Aphrodite [jumping to the floor]
I don't know...I feel kind of ...[Aphrodite started growing till her figure became more human like, and she was wearing a Sailor Scout uniform.] What happened?

If must have been when you said Sailor Scout on the Animal Orb.

Oh brother...I can't get away from you being human can I, Aph... I think you have this subconscious thing for that uniform....

Sailor Aphrodite
Very funny, Robyn! If you knew who she was, why didn't you ever say anything!?

Robyn [still confused]
Why should it matter?! She's a Sailor Scout! She's one of us!

Bay [standing in front of Aphrodite, other then Aphrodite's purple hair, and her gold eyes, they looked almost the same]
But... you were a cat...

Women's voice from the front of the store

What the-?

I told you we'd be in trouble...

Sailor Aphrodite [glimpses out the door way]
All I see is stone figures.

There's no stone figures in this store.

Then there's trouble... right, Amy?

[Amy just nods]

Bay [backing away]

Lita [To Amy]
I guess we're back. Jupiter Star Power!

Right! Mercury Star Power!

[Both of them transformed]

Robyn [turned to Bay]
What's the matter, Bay? Can't you help them? They'll need you to help them... we're kind of short on Scouts.... I know you never asked for this and if you had the choice, you'd never have become a [stops herself and corrects what she was going to say] A Scout... but Destiny chose YOU and you can't turn it down! You have to embrace this...It's a gift one should not take lightly, Bay... you HAVE to help them! [looked extremely hopeful]

But... nothing good ever came....[runs out the back door]

Sailor Jupiter
Forget her. She's a traitor anyway!

Robyn [looks after Bay, then to Jupiter]
She's not a Traitor! I promise I'll help when I can... I can't lose her again! [she takes off after Bay, leaving Sailor Aphrodite trying to figure out what she's doing!]

[The door lead to the alley behind the store, but Bay wasn't there.]

* * *
[In front of the store, the 3 scouts faced off a large stony looking monster]

Sailor Jupiter
... we can not allow this action to continue. On behalf of Jupiter, I am Sailor Jupiter!

Sailor Mercury
We will avenge out fallen friends. You will not be allowed to hurt innocents! I am Sailor Mercury!

Sailor Aphrodite
And on behalf of the Sailor Orbs. I've been summoned to battle evil. I am Sailor Aphrodite!

Where are you!? Please don't do this to me! [she tries to see if she can tell which direction Bay went in, but couldn't find anything]

So the Sailor Scouts have returned. Aren't your numbers a little small?

Sailor Jupiter
We don't have to... [suddenly each of the three was bear hugged from behind by a stone person]

Sailor Aphrodite [being squeezed]
Arrg ...Remind me to tell Robyn, being tall sucks!

Robyn [slams her hand on the door frame, hard]
DAMN you, Bay! [she looks very upset, wishing there was something she could do to convince Bay to help them... she turned back to go to the front of the store]

Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter Thunder-

Sailor Mercury [stopping her]
Jupiter! These are real people that have been turned to stone. You can't just destroy them!

Sailor Aphrodite
But they can destroy us easily.

Sailor Mercury
That doesn't matter! They're innocents! [she stressed the last part as Jupiter slightly winced]

Sailor Jupiter
What do you suggest we do then?

Sailor Mercury [hesitating]
I... I... Jupiter...?

Sailor Sun [standing on the rooftop]
The sun provides the life of this solar system. With out the life light of the sun, everything would die. I do not recognize your right to exist here. And on behalf of life, the Sun, and everything good, I will stop you and your evil ways. [Sun jumped off the roof, and landed on one of the stone person's head, causing it to fall over.]

Sailor Jupiter [free from the monster]
Ah, thanks Sailor Sun.

Sailor Sun
I figured that I owed you guys.

Sailor Jupiter [helping to free Mercury as Sun free Aphrodite]
I would think you owed us 3.

Sailor Aphrodite [stretching her self out]
That feels much better.

Monster [ordering it's stone servants]
Get them!

[Each Scout battled with a stone person, except Sun how started to attack the monster. Before Sun could reach the monster, it released the attack it used on the people of Tokyo, and Sailor Sun fell to the ground a piece of stone]

Robyn [comes running out in time to See Sun fall to the ground a piece of stone...]
Bay... No... NOO! That's it! [she clenched her fists and with tears on her face, she screamed out the only power call that she could think of... her latest one...] Shadow Pendant Power!

[Robyn stopped quickly as she realized that she hadn't transformed.]

Monster [pointing at Robyn]
Fine, I'll turn you to stone too.

Sailor Aphrodite [jumping in front of Robyn, taking the attack, and turning to stone in front of Robyn. As she turned to stone]
Bye, Robyn.....

Robyn [catches the stone as it falls]
Aph! Stop it! Why are you doing these things?! Why are you being so bad?! What did we ever do to you, you... you...POOR EXCUSE FOR AN ART PROJECT!?

Rei [behind Robyn]
They're not dead.

Mina [behind Robyn on the other side of her]
They haven't crossed over.

[Robyn turned and saw both Mina and Rei, wearing there scout uniforms, partially transparent, and dull, like ghosts]

What? [turns completely around and wipes her face] Rei... Mina!?

They haven't crossed over to the spirit world so there not dead.

Sailor Jupiter [yelling]
Mercury! [As Mercury started turning to stone herself]

In this world, Sailor Shadow never existed.

Serena [behind Robyn, also wearing her scout costume]
But we know. And we want to help.

If I never existed then how am I supposed to help them!? My pendant is at home...in my world it's what I needed to transform...

Serena [standing in front of Robyn]
Believe in us.

[Mina walked through Robyn. As Mina did, Robyn's clothes washed off, and was replaced by Sailor Venus's costume. Rei did the same, and Venus's costume washed off in favor of Mars's costume.]

Your a brave and grand person Robyn. [Serena walked throw Robyn, and Mars costume washed to Moons. Then Moons washed into Sailor Shadow's costume. There were slight differences. Instead of boots, Robyn had Mars's high heels, Venus's ankle bands, and her back bow was a different shade of purple then her front. And on her front bow was a brooch, containing a purplish silver crystal]

Sailor Shadow
What's going on...? My friends... what am I supposed to do...? I do believe in you, but this.. this is so different... What should I do to return everything to its proper order? Tell me what to do!

Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter Thunder....

[Sailor Shadow looked back, and saw Jupiter, becoming stone]

Sailor Shadow
I'm sick of this! you turn all my friends into stone or kill them... you turn innocent bystanders into horrid works of art created by a sadistic sculptor... I am Sailor Shadow. Created by the Shadows of the Sailor Scouts, I'll make you pay... in their memory and in the hopes for all the future... [pauses...] {"What would I do to this creep! Nothing the others did was.... forget it! Serena said to trust them... use one of her attacks..."} Shadow... Scepter..... Elimination! {"At least put a crack in this things ugly mug!"}

Monster [As the attack blasts a hole throw him]
Arrgg!! [The monster uses it's stone attack on Shadow, but her crystal glowed, deflecting all the energy around her, keeping her safe]

Sailor Shadow
{"Stick with what works and do what you know... I do remember your advice, Bay... no matter how much you think I never listen..."} Shadow.... Scepter.... ELIMINATION! {"I don't know how many more of these it's going to take on this thing..."}

Monster [getting another hole in him]
Please, stop. Your hurting me. I'm sure we can make some kind of deal.

Sailor Shadow [closes her eyes preparing for another attack on it]
No deals... all sales FINAL! Shadow Scepter Elimination!

[This time the attack hit the monster square in the chest]


[The monster exploded and everyone started to turn back to normal.]

Sailor Jupiter [helping up Mercury]
We're alive?

Sailor Aphrodite
What a headache. I can't wait to get to my cat toy.

Sailor Sun
Oh.... I feel like I've had 7 ice creams really quickly....

Sailor Shadow [turning to them]
You're all ok!

[Behind the live scouts, Rei, Mina, and Serena smiled, wearing bright white gowns, and halos, as they slowly disappeared]

* * *
[Robyn suddenly woke up to a yell from downstairs]

Aphrodite [yelling]

[Robyn getting up quickly, and rushing down stairs]

Aphrodite [in the kitchen, on the table, in front of Bay]
I don't believe you ate the last of it.

It was my cereal.

Robyn [rushing in]
What happened? What's wrong?

Bay ate the last of my favorite cereal.

I bought the box. Anyway, cat's aren't supposed to walk on tables. Who knows where your paws have been.

Bay? Aphrodite? Is everything alright?

Bay [confused]
Ah, yea.

Of coarse. But you wanted me to remind you that your Dad's going to be out of the apartment this afternoon, so you can't move anything after 3.

Oh, Rob, Amy said she was going to bring that can of those nuts you wanted to try.

Robyn [seeing a ring on Bay's finger]
What's that?! [pointing at Bay's finger]

Bay [holding up the hand]
This? It's a ring.

Amy's nuts... Bay has a ring....

Yeah, It's kind of funny I... [Bay hears a thump]

She fainted.

Bay [standing up to go help Robyn]
Over a ring prize from a cereal box?