"Sailor S"
Episode 24

Robyn [cooking herself some breakfast]
Bay? How do you know how to fight so well?

Bay [looking at her strangely as she picks up the broken glass... the one she dropped when Robyn asked her a question like that out of the blue...]
Hunh? What's that supposed to mean?

Robyn [lays her spatula down and turns around to help]
I mean how is it that you know like... [thinks] Karate or Judo, whatever... so well? Did you take courses back home? [stares curiously at her]

Bay [a little nervous]
Well... yeah... but why'd this come up?

Robyn [realizing her breakfast may be burning, continues while fixing it...]
I- ... [sighs] I wanna learn how to fight...

Bay [nervous laugh]
But you DO know how to fight!

Robyn [after putting the eggs on a plate and turning off the stove]
No... not as a Scout... I mean like "Self-Defense"... [looks over] I couldn't fend off a paper bag without transforming... I hate feeling so helpless... [picks up her plate and a fork and sits down at the table in the room]

Bay [follows]
Rob? You gotta be kidding me! Why did it take so long though?

Robyn [mouth full]
Well... [chews and swallows, then puts her fork down] It's never been a problem like this before... I feel like every nutcase around Tokyo has been after me and the best I can do is run, or call for you guys...

Bay [smirks]
That's not so bad... I like fights...

Robyn [smirks back]
Yeah, so does Lita... [shakes her head] That's not the point, anyhow... I mean, you guys aren't always gonna be available... And I can't transform in front of everyone that comes after me... [looks into Bay's eyes] Would you teach me to defend myself?

Bay [nervously]
Oh... ah... wouldn't you prefer going to lessons with Rei... After all she goes to classes regularly... I have been to a class for a while. Or maybe Lita?! You know, I heard they called her the "Karate Maniac" when she first got here, I'm SURE she could-

Robyn [shakes her head]
Uh-uh... I want you... I trust you...

Bay [still nervous]
Well, I... I usually combine a lot of my martial arts with my acrobatics.

Robyn [smiling and forgetting her breakfast totally]
Ah well... I could pad the floor for your landings... [grins and giggles, remembering how many times Bay had said she had to work on her landings...]

Bay [putting her hands on her waist in a SO WHAT position]
Hey, I can land alright in a gym.. It's everywhere else that keeps screwing me up.

Robyn [stands up, smiling]
Well, this is as good a place as any to be considered ['points around'] everywhere else, Bay... [takes her eggs out to the trash can, but before throwing them away] You want these?

Bay [looking at the black eggs]
No thanks... Even I have standards on what color my food should be.

Robyn [scrapes them into the trash]
Maybe while I'm learning self-defense from you, I should take cooking lessons from Lita... [smirks and puts her plate in the sink]

Bay [giving in]
Oohhh... [pouts] Ok, fine... When do you want to start?

Robyn [smiles]
How soon can you be ready?

Ah.. well, We'll have to change into something else... I mean I can't practice wearing Jeans. And you'll have a hard time wearing that.

Robyn [hands on her hips]
It's almost the same thing as the Uniform, Bay... Ok, the shoes are different... so? [stares at Bay, who's smirking] Oh... right... the whole point is to wear normal clothes...

Ok.. If you want.. I'm going to change into a sweat suit...

Robyn [snickers]
How come you never wore that leotard again? [runs up to her room, giggling]


* * *
[An hour later, Robyn is trying to pull off some kicks Bay was explaining]

Robyn [leans on the wall]
I can't do it, Bay! I never should have tried in the first place...

Bay [feeling great after a workout, but angry that Robyn wanted to quit]
Ah, come on, Rob! Put a little anger behind it! Focus! You can put the power there!

Robyn [glares at Bay]
I leave my anger out of it!

Bay [looks at Robyn, like- "Come ON!"]
Robyn... there's part of your problem! You have nothing behind it! You're merely there... the word defense is there for a reason you know... focus your anger into strength! [holds up her arms again] Come on, this time think of someone you're REALLY ticked off at, or someone who made you really mad... better yet...Just pretend I'm them... Attack me! {"I must be crazy! I saw what she did before! Nah... that was a fluke..."} Come on...

Robyn [stands up, not wanting to lose her temper with Bay... already getting annoyed at the mention of the idea...]
Bay... I really think we should quit for today...

Bay [pushing]
Come on... someone that ticked you off royally... one good kick... then you can go...

Robyn [pleads, having the image of the girl that picked on her Uniform and hair... then the same day, Polaris's camera antics]

Bay [stands there with her hands on her hips, smirking]
Look, Raggedy Ann... [Robyn suddenly lets loose a kick and whacks Bay in the nose] OW! [grabs her nose looking shocked] Robyn!

Robyn [hands over her mouth, in total disbelief]
Bay, I- I'm so sorry... you were acting- I'm so- you reminded me of-

Bay [still holding her nose]
Who? Who gid I ack like?

Robyn [giggling at the way Bay was talking]
You remember that girl on halloween? The other Sailor Shadow? [reaches to Bay's face] Are you ok?

Bay [pulls away]
Fide! [pulls her hand away and sees blood] Oh goody...

Robyn [trying so hard not to laugh...]
Bay, you really did act like her... [snickers] I'll get an ice pack... [leads Bay out to the kitchen and wraps an ice pack with an old towel] Here... [she touches Bay's nose and Bay jumps up]

Geez! I didn't expect it to be so cold already! [Robyn hands her the towel, and she holds it in her hand, trying carefully to put it on her nose] She really upset you didn't she?

Robyn [washing her hands]
Hmmm? Who?

Bay [feeling her slightly swollen nose]
Ooww.... [looks at Robyn] That other Shadow...

Robyn [turns to the sink]
Well... yeah, I never forgot how mad she got me... [wipes her hands on another towel, mostly to do something with her hands... she felt so strange suddenly...] Bay?

Bay [hearing her voice change]
What's the matter, Rob? [gets up and, carefully putting the ice pack back on her nose, walks over to Robyn]

Robyn [holds the towel against her]
I feel so strange lately... different...

Bay [confused]
How so?

Robyn [staring at the faucet on the sink]
Well... you know, different? Ah, like something bad is going to happen? [looks over her shoulder] I've been with Rei a lot... she's been teaching me to use this gift... my vision?

Bay [still confused]
What gift? What vision?

Robyn [puts the towel down and turns to face Bay]
Bay... you don't remember my mom? Remember what I told you that day?

Bay [thinks]
Ah... it's a little fuzzy, but I do remember some of it, why?

Robyn [seriously]
I've been feeling the same way for the past two days... the closer I get to this house after school, the stronger it hits me... Rei's helping me control this... She's taught me how to relax and watch the visions I get in dreams... rather than passing out every time one hits...

Bay [smirking]
Well, that's good... at least you'll be conscious more often...

Robyn [pouting]
This isn't a joke, Bay... My latest visions all include you... [looks out the window] And... And you don't have a good future...

Bay [confused and concerned]
Tell me, Robyn... now...

Robyn [looking ready to cry]
I see you in a casket, Bay... I watch them put you in the ground... I feel like I know there was something I could have done to stop it, but was too scared to... [walks to the window] It was my fault they killed you, Bay...

Bay [a little freaked]
Hunh? Would you sit down and explain this one?

Robyn [shakes her head]
I'd rather not talk anymore about it... [looks at the clock] It's time for me to see Rei again... another session... [looks at Bay, worridly] Be careful today, Bay... [she hugs Bay and runs out the front door]

Bay [sitting there, confused]
Why is she seeing these things?

* * *
Rei [standing in the main entryway at the temple]
She's late, again... [angrily, but to herself] No wonder her and Serena get along so well...

Robyn [running in, almost knocking Rei over]
Sorry I'm late, Rei! [stops and takes a few deep breaths] I was talking to Bay, and-

Rei [stops her]
Nevermind... it's alright, let's go...

[They walk into the room with the Sacred Fire and both kneel in front of it]

Robyn [smiles at Rei]
I really appreciate you teaching me, Rei...

Rei [shrugs]
I'm happy too, it took a long time for me, I wanted to help you harness your gift when I realized you had it... [smiles and stokes the fire] I'm just glad someone else finally understands it...

Robyn [sets a notebook down beside her and looks to Rei]
Bay understands when I talk about things... you and her are the only ones that do, though... [stares into the fire] Rei? Who taught you to control your gift?

Rei [confused]
Hunh? What do you mean?

Robyn [still staring]
You said it took a long time to learn... who was your teacher?

Rei [understanding]
Oh, well, Grandpa taught me some, but I mostly learned to harness the energy by myself... [see Robyn's distracted] What's the matter? You have another dream?

Robyn [nods]
Yeah... this one was different, though... I just don't remember the middle so well... I recall the beginning and end pretty clearly, but I still can't get the middle, no matter what I try, Rei...

Rei [seriously]
We should try-

Robyn [shaking her head]
No, no more hypnotism... I want to recall it like you do... Consciously...

Rei [still serious]
You haven't gotten that far, Robyn... you may have trouble-

I don't care, Rei... I have to know! I want to see this... please?

Rei [sighs, knowing she won't win this argument...]
Oh, alright, let me get the incense... [she walks out of the room and Robyn picks up her notebook, opening it about halfway] I'll finish this one way or another! I've gotta know what happens to you, Bay...

* * *
Bay [stuffing her face with a large cheesburger]
{"Geez, Robyn makes me nervous! She freaks me out worse than Rei ever did... Why does she have to be so serious?"} [Bay sees Serena skipping down the sidewalk, carrying two shopping bags and talking to Amy... who's reading a book, obviously trying to tune out Serena...] I see Serena dragged Amy along... [swallows] HEY! SERENA! [waves her over]

Serena [happily runs over to Bay]
What?! [giggles]

Bay [smiling]
Well, we're in a good mood!

Serena [giggles again]
Yup! I've got a date with Darien tonight!

Amy [nose in her book]

Bay [frowns]
Serena... I-

Serena [stops her]
Quit putting my Darien down! I don't know why you hate him, but I love him!

Bay [shrugs]
Alright, alright... [offers her a chair] Want a burger?

Serena [happily]
Do I?! [giggles] Can I get a meal?!

Bay [shrugs]
Sure... Amy?

Amy [not taking her book from her face]
I'll just take a glass of Iced Tea...

Bay [smirking]
Yeah... [waves the waitress over and whispers to her]

Serena [confused]

Bay [shakes her hands and head]
Forget it, Serena... [looks at her watch] Oh, crap, Rob's almost done at the Temple! [pulls out some money and throws it at Serena, grabbing the rest of her own sandwich] Here's to pay for the food. Bye, Serena! [takes off towards the Temple]

Serena [holding the money, confused]
That was strange...

* * *
Bay [outside the Temple]
Come on, Rob... you're usually out by now... I didn't see you yet- [hears her voice]

Robyn [coming from behind Bay]
Thanks again, Rei... I just hope- [stops when she turns head and sees Bay] Bay?!

Bay [smirks]
Don't be so surprised! I've walked with you before!

Robyn [confused]
I thought I said-

Bay [holds up her hands]
I know, be careful... how much trouble could I get into eating?

Robyn [smirking]
As fast as you eat?

Bay [frowns]
Ha ha... let's go...

Rei [crossing her arms]
Remember what I said, Robyn!

Robyn [looks back and nods]
I know, Rei... and thanks... [she walks up the path, ahead of Bay, then turns] Well? Come on! Let's go home!

Bay [feeling strange]
Yeah... {"I never thought I'd hear that again, and it not be someone else's house..."} [smiles and jogs to catch up to Robyn]

Robyn [as they walk out onto the main sidewalk]
I guess you're mad at me for running out like that?

Bay [shakes her head]
Nah... just a little surprised... anyway, you want to try Training again? Maybe in the park?

Robyn [surprised]
Now? Bay... it's hot... I-

Bay [shaking her head]
You've got to learn in all kinds of weather and situations, Rob...

Robyn [sighing, remembering her session]
Ah, can't we do it in the yard, maybe?

Bay [concerned]
What's wrong?

Robyn [clutching the notebook]
Nothing, it's- [looks at Bay] it's nothing, Bay... ok, we'll go to the park...

* * *
[In the park, Robyn's book is by a tree, and she's trying to get the hang of surprise attacks, but she can't seem to get Bay...]

Robyn [frustrated]
Bay! You know I'm coming, you're training me... of course I'm gonna attack!

Bay [shaking her head]
No, I can hear you... I'm trying to get you to understand that you can't be so noisy, not that I want you to actually catch me off guard... {"Like you could..."} Come on... go hide... alright?

Robyn [feeling strange]
Ah... maybe we could just switch to something else? I'm ah, really getting tired of this one...

Bay [seeing that she's nervous]
What's wrong?

Robyn [shakes her head]
Nothing, Bay... could we-? [stops and stares over Bay's shoulder]

Bay [looks over her shoulder]
Ah, Rob? There's nothing there... what are you-? Oh great... another vision?

Robyn [slightly nods, but obviously not totally paying attention]
Bay...... [she backs up a few steps] No.....

Bay [concerned]
What? What's the matter?

Robyn [shakes her head and stares at Bay, freaked]
Bay! [runs over and hugs her] I saw- I mean, it- [starts to cry] I can't control them as well as Rei can... [sniffs] This one's big, Bay...

Bay [confused]
What did you see this time? You can tell me, Rob...

Robyn [buries her face into Bay's shoulder]
No, I can't... Rei said-

Bay [angry]
What... what did Rei say? Not to trust me? To ignore me or something? Is she telling you not to talk to me?

Robyn [pushes Bay away, and sniffs]
No! She says I shouldn't try to change this... it's recurring because it will happen... and I can't change it...

Bay [upset]
Robyn! You said earlier you felt like it was your fault! Like there was something you could have done! Well, this is it! Telling me is what you can do!

Robyn [walks over and gets her notebook, then stays bent down and scribbles something]
I can't tell you, Bay... but... [she lays the book open and the pen from her pocket on the pages] No one said you couldn't find out... [Robyn looking scared, takes off, leaving Bay and the notebook]

Bay [staring after Robyn confused]
Rob? Robyn?! [sighs] Rob, you are one confusing girl... [she walks over and picks up the pen and notebook, putting the pen in her pocket, she starts to read the notes scribbled in Robyn's handwriting] She knows I have trouble reading this chicken scratch! [grumbles and leans on a tree, sitting down] Ok, this thing starts out...

[She reads the notes to herself, finding she usually skips over illegible parts, picking up what they might have said in the next few sentences... eventually all coming to quite an abrupt halt]

Bay [confused]
There's no way I- [stops and stares at the last paragraph] She must have really been shaking on this... it's horribly written, even for her!

* * *
[Robyn's laying on her bed, asleep, with tears on her face from crying herself to sleep thinking of what she's seen in her visions... both waking and dreaming...]

Aphrodite [staring at Robyn, concerned]
I know this is tough, but you mustn't say it... [sighs] It would hurt you both to actually hear it...

Luna [jumping into the open window]

Aphrodite [looks over and smiles]
Luna! [she leaps over Robyn and onto the floor] Come in, please... I want to talk to you...

Luna [a little confused]
I need to talk to you as well, Aphrodite... let's go... [she and Aph walk into the hallway and leave Robyn alone with her dreams...]

* * *
Luna [walking over and stopping beside Artemis]
Aphrodite, you may go first.

Artemis [surprised]
Her? But I thought-

Luna [glares]
Hush, Artemis, she wanted to talk to us...

Aphrodite [looks down]
Well, technically, I wanted to talk to you alone, Luna... but... I guess I can talk to Artemis too... [looks up, slowly] I have to tell someone, this is so strange, but I like doing it... [waits a minute, to see their reactions...]

Luna [curious]
What's that?

Artemis [grumbles]
I hate it when I hear that... [raises his voice so they can hear him] Go on...

Aphrodite [not knowing if Artemis knew she could hear him, continues]
I can still become human... [sees the surprised looks] Now, wait! It turns Bay back into a cat, and the longer I stay human, the more tired I get... like Cinderella... if I stay too long, I'll eventually return to being a cat... but I had to tell someone, and I couldn't very well tell Bay! [looks hopefully] Would you promise me you won't say anything to anyone?

Luna [shakes her head]
No! We have to tell-

Aphrodite [pleading]
PLEASE! If they [points to the window] find out, it's the kitty carrier every night! Please Mom?! [clamps her paws over her mouth, realizing it finally came out... uncovers her mouth and quickly tries to cover] I mean Luna...

Luna [sighs and looks at Artemis]
She remembers as well... [looks to her] Since you do, then you know what you were to do if-

Aphrodite [backing up, shaking her head]
I won't... I can't... that's just asking to much, Mom! Please! No...

Luna [sternly]
You promised us, Young Lady... [walks a few steps forward] Aphrodite!

Aphrodite [against the wall]
I can't do that! It- it'd be-

Artemis [walking towards her as well, the two adults eventually trapping her against the wall]
It'd be keeping a promise to your parents, Aphrodite...

Aphrodite [crying]
Daaaad! Pleeeease... don't make me-

Luna [sits down]
Then you are not worthy of being a Guardian, Aphrodite... [stares at her angrily]

Aphrodite [sniffs]
Mom? No... I AM a guardian! I- [looks at Artemis] What you made me promise then is impossible now! I-

Artemis [stares at her]
Aphrodite... It's the only way... you-

Aphrodite [angrily crying]
But Robyn's not of age yet! And I'm only a kitten!

Luna [seriously]
Aphrodite... "of age" was 16... she is 17 now... [looks to Artemis] It will be more difficult now then it would have been in the Moon Kingdom, but we must-

Aphrodite [bawling loudly]
But I can't! Please, Mom and Dad! I can't do this yet... I know I promised, but things are different now! [sobs into the grass, covering her face with her paws] Please....

Artemis [puts his paw on her back]
We'll talk about it more later, Aphrodite... We love you, you know...

Aphrodite [looks up, confused]
You- you've never shown this side of you before- [stops] Artemis...

Luna [smiles]
Well, we want you to know we're not doing this because we hate you... we love you and we have to, Aphrodite... we didn't have a choice, but you do... [looks up, then back at Aph] We'll discuss this later... good-bye, Aphrodite...

[The adults walk off and Aphrodite looks up to see a sleepy Robyn staring at her confused]

Robyn [yawning]
What were they yelling at you for this time, Aph?

Aphrodite [leaps onto the window and onto Robyn's shoulder]
Something I can't talk about... go back to sleep, Robyn... please...

Robyn [holds Aph and feels her face is wet]
Either you got squirted with something or you were crying... what's wrong Aph... we could always talk before... what-

Bay [slowly opening door]
Rob? Yo! Rob? You home? [sees her hugging Aph and sees they've BOTH been crying] You tell her or something? You can't tell me, but you-

Aphrodite [honestly confused]
Tell me what, Bay?

Robyn [wipes her eyes nad looks at Bay]
No, I cried myself to sleep... Aph was being yelled at by Luna and Artemis... though I have no idea why...

Bay [unsure]
Ah... alright... Rob, you left this at the park... [holds out a dirty, torn notebook]

Robyn [setting Aph down and runs over]
Bay! What happened?! It was almost new!

Bay [smiling nervously]
Heh heh, yeah, ah... I had to dodge some things thrown by Serena... She and Amy were a little mad at me... I guess lunch didn't agree with them...

Robyn [curious, and smart-alecky]
What did you do to lunch, Bay...?

Bay [sweatdrop]
Ah... nothing... it was fine... [looking to change the subject, but hating the only way she knew how...] Care to talk about what's in there?

Robyn [sadly, turns away, sits on her bed, facing away from Bay, and looks to change the subject again]
How about we discuss what I was doing wrong today... I whack you on the nose learning kicks, I couldn't keep quiet to sneak up... [looks over her shoulder] Why can't I get it?

Bay [shrugs]
You will... it's not easy, Rob... [she sits on the bed beside... behind her] Come on, I want to know more about these things... After all, I am in them...

Robyn [looks back]
You promise not to tell Rei I said anything?

Bay [nods]

Robyn [turns around and sees Aph giving her an evil glare]
You don't want to hear? Get out, Aph... [the cat mumbles and leaps off the bed, walking out of the room] Good, then I won't hear it from her...

Bay [confused]

Robyn [sighs]
She's heard Rei tell me not to tell anyone else, and she says it would hurt both of us to actually hear it said... [drifts off, looking at the floor]

Bay [puts her hand on Robyn's shoulder]
It's alright, Rob, I will NOT get mad at you for something you can't control... I just want to know what bothers you so much...

Robyn [crosses her legs and sits facing Bay]
Alright, you want to know... I saw- [stops and looks at Bay] I- I shouldn't-

Bay [angrily]
Quit doing that! Come on! I'm teaching you Self-Defense, you can tell me this!

[Robyn sits there silently, looking at Bay, sadly]

Bay [starting to thing she's got a growth or something the way Robyn's been staring lately]
What? do I have something on my shirt? I have a horrible, ugly growth on my neck or my face, don't I? It's my face, isn't it? Come on, say something!

Robyn [in a whispered voice, audible, but not sounding like her own]
You shall be with child by the light of the next full moon, Sailor Sun... [she was silent again, her eyes were glazed and staring at Bay]

Bay [totally freaked at her voice, AND what she said!]
ROBYN! Snap out of it! [waves her hand in front of her face] Who are you?! Rob? Yo, ROB! [snapping her fingers, waving her hands, all Robyn does is sit there, staring...the occasional blink] You're freaking me out, tonight's a NEW moon, dummy! [no response] That's it, I'm calling Rei... [she gets her communicator out and calls Rei] {"I thought for sure that'd get her attention... what's this all about anyway, she's never dazed like this before..."} Rei?

Rei [answering]
Bay?! What's wrong?

Bay [looks over to see Robyn still staring where she was just sitting...]
Robyn's totally glazed... I mean that like "not-moving-freaking-me-out" kind of glazed... could you get over here, fast? [communicator clicked off halfway through "fast"] Um... oookaaay... I'll take that as... "I'll be right there, Bay..." Geez...

* * *
Rei [grabs a small purple and red bag, and runs out the door]
I hope she hasn't been gone too long! I wonder what she's said... [angrily] I told her she wasn't ready to consciously recall dreams yet! [growls and runs faster to Robyn and Bay's]

* * *
Serena [after listening in on the call]
I gotta help... I'm going too! [she looks around and realizes Luna's not there] Oh well, she can find me... {[angrily]"She usually does, the little furrball..."} [runs out the door]

* * *
Bay [pacing (Again for Robyn... this is getting old...) beside Robyn's bed]
What did this? Why's she spaced? This is worse than Serena!

Robyn [in that freakish echoish voice again]
You shall not live to see the new moon, Sailor Sun... [again, off to wherever her mind wanders...]

Bay [angry and freaked]
CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS STUFF?! I'm supposed to croak by the new moon, yet I'm supposed to [thinks] be with child? What's that mean? [shakes her head] Anyway, in two weeks? What are you on, Rob?

Rei [bursting in and seeing Robyn]
Oh man! How long has she been zoned? [walks up to Robyn]

Bay [getting up]
Only like two minutes before I called you... Could you explain this?

Rei [sighs and pulls out some incense sticks, setting them up by Robyn's bed and lighting them with a match from her pouch]
She begged me to let her do conscious recall... I tried to tell her she wasn't ready yet, but she refused to let me hypnotize her like we were doing... she was doing great, but today-

Bay [stopping her]
Wait! You've... hypnotized her?! Did you ever think that's why she's acting so strange?

Rei [stands up and faces Bay]
I know what I'm doing, Bay! It's the only way to begin learning how to control psychic ability!

Bay [surprised]
Psychic? I thought she only had visions?!

Rei [surprised]
I thought she told you we found out it comes from psychic ability... it's not just foresight... she can see the past of anyone, it's cloudy, but... [shakes her head to get off that track] She can concentrate and see the future of one person... [stares at Bay strangely] She's been focused on you for some reason... [thinks] Has she said anything since disassociating?

Bay [confused]
Dis-? [shakes her head] Yeah, two sentences... but they didn't make sense to me...

Rei [concerned]
What were they?

Bay [thinks]
Ah... "You shall be with child by the light of the next full moon, Sailor Sun" and "You shall not live to see the the new moon, Sailor Sun..." Can you-

Rei [backs up to Robyn]
Oh god...

Bay [confused]
WHAAAAAT?! Why is everyone acting so weird today?!

Rei [shakes her head]
Nothing, Bay... [turns to Robyn] Robyn? Can you hear me? Nod if you can...

Robyn [nods]
Sailor Sun shall not survive this cycle of the moon... she shall be with child by the full moon... [Robyn passes out into Rei's arms]

Bay [runs to Robyn]
Is she alright? Could you explain that? They contradict each other... [confused] What does 'with child' mean?

Rei [surprised]
You- you don't know?! [she and Bay lay Robyn properly on the bed] We have to let her rest... her mind's gone through a lot... [looks from Robyn to Bay] The incense will relax her enough so she should come back to us soon...

Bay [lost]
Wait... Come back? Disassociated? PSYCHIC ABILITY?! [angrily] Are you sure this isn't the X-Files?! [stops and tries to calm down] Ok... just explain what 'with child' means, alright?

Rei [leaning back slightly, still afraid Bay may flip again]
Ah... Ok, but you have to promise not to kill me... I didn't say it...

Bay [angrily]

Rei [sweatdrop]
Ok, but I'm only the translator, not the messenger... [gets up and says] She said you'll be pregnant, Bay...

Bay [feeling like she got hit with a truck, in total shock]
WHAT?! There's... only one way to get... I mean... I don't think... [looks at Robyn] HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PULL THIS OFF EXACTLY?! {"Not like this'll happen, I'm just wondering how you think it would..."}

Rei [running]
Let the incense burn the whole way, Bay! Bye!

[The sound of a slamming door, then outside the window]

Voice [yelling]

Rei [angrily]
What are you doing here, Meatball Head?!

Serena (Who else is "Meatball Head" & whines?)
I came to see Robyn and Bay! What are you doing here?!

Rei [yelling]
Go home, Miss Nosy!

Serena [bawling]
REEEEEIIII! Quit yelling at meeeeeeeeeeeee! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Rei [angrily]

[A few minutes later, Serena walks in]

Bay? Is she alright? I- [blushes] I eavesdropped on the communicator, sorry... [sniffs] Vanilla! Cool! [confused] But why-

Bay [staring at Robyn, confused]
Rei lit it... She's alright, I think... [looks to Serena] Serena?

Serena [sitting on the bed, carefully]

Bay [seriously]
Would your crystal help her? It's something Rei did, I know it is... but she denies doing anything wrong...

Serena [takes off her brooch and opens it, looking at her crystal and thinks... seriously]
I don't know, Bay... I've never used it on a friend like this before... I mean, I healed Rini with it, and the Four Sisters, who are our friends now, but... they were all evil and became good... it may be too powerful to reverse anything Rei did... [looks at Bay, who's face has fallen, she knew Bay was disappointed] I'm sorry, I didn't even try... [stands up and closes her brooch]

Bay [holds up her hand]
No, you're right... {"For once...You know, maybe she HAS matured a little..."} It may be too strong...

Serena [whinily]
We don't know if you don't let me try! [pouts]

Bay [smacks her head]
{"VERY little..."} Serena... I don't want to hurt her, if we're not sure, then just forget it... I'm sorry I said it...

Serena [plops down on the bed]

Bay [angrily]
Stop it...

Robyn [reaches up for her head]
Is my head on? [feels it is] Owwww... anyone want to trade heads til this headache goes away?

Bay [shakes her head]
Uh-uh... you're stuck with it, Rob! [smiles] Welcome back to Earth, Space Cadet!

Robyn [smirking]
Had to abort mission... co-pilot ate all the food... [slowly sits up, holding her head] Oohhh... [sniffs] Why vanilla? [looks around] Rei?

Serena [happily]
Great she's awake! Let's go get some food!

Robyn [points at Serena]
Guess who was Mission Control? [swings her legs over the side of the bed and grabs her head again] Who hit me?

Bay [confused]
What do you mean?

Robyn [looks at Bay]
I mean why does my head hurt so bad? I can't lay here, it pounds either way... I asked who hit me because it feels like you whacked me with something...

Bay [pouts]

Robyn [smirks]
Well... we've hit you pretty hard... ah...a lot... but anyway... I would like to take up Serena on that food offer, I'm starved... [smiles and stands up... SLOWLY, so she doesn't get dizzy] What should we eat?

Serena [giggling]
How about we go for pizza?

Robyn [smiles]
Alright! But no strange toppings this time, Serena! [looks back] You either Bay!

Bay [shrugging and following them]
What?! You never ate onions and olives before?

Robyn [smiling]
Not on my pizza!

Bay [smirking and grabbing the doorknob]
It wasn't all yours!

Robyn [halfway downstairs]
Not after you pulled that order!

[We see they left the incense burning... then, the door shuts, and we fade out... :)]

* * * * * *
[Two weeks after the NEXT New Moon, the girls are at lunch... at school, talking about Sailor Stuff, no one (wanting to) remembering the events that took place a month ago...]

Bay [smirking]
I told you I could!

Robyn [giggling]
You lost, Serena... you have to-

Serena [grumbling]
I know, I know! [pouts] I can't believe she finished her lunch first... I've never seen her inhale so much food at once!

Bay [still smirking]
You've done pretty good yourself! I mean you only lost by a cupcake!

Serena [sticks her tongue out at Bay]
Oh, ha ha... [she looks at her watch] Well, I wasted THAT lunch period... [pouts and grumbles] I'll meet you later, Bay... [gets up, tossing her brown bag in the trash, wolfing down the cupcake she'd lost the race with...]

[Everyone gets up and meanders back to their classes]

Robyn [carrying her backpack, looks to Bay and asks curiously]
Bay? Have you had dreams? [smiles] I mean weird ones... you know the "Oh my god I'm at school in my underwear" ones? [snickers trying to imagine Bay having a dream like that...]

Bay [blushes]
Ah... something like that, yeah... um, why?

Robyn [walking into the classroom]
Great, then you're normal... [grins and the teacher begins class...]

* * *
[After school, Serena, Amy, Lita, Robyn, and Bay go to meet Rei and Mina with the cats]

Bay [motions for Robyn to stop a sec]
Why did you ask me about-

Robyn [smiles and holds up her hand]
It was a spur of the moment thought, don't ask... I really was beginning to wonder if you even dreamed...

Bay [confused]

Robyn [shrugs]
Well... you never talk about them... even a funny one would be worth talking about sometimes, Bay... Especially after hearing some of Serena's food dreams! [giggles]

Bay [snickers]
Yeah... {"I would LOVE to tell you my dreams, Rob. I wish I could get them off my chest... ah... so to speak... But... I can't..."}

Robyn [waving her hand in front of Bay's face]
Yoohoo! Bay?!

Bay [realizes she spaced]
Hunh? Oh... sorry. [smiles] Thought about some stuff... [look ahead and sees the other three are gone] Great, they went on without us... [she takes off jogging]

Robyn [stands there for a moment]
Bay... you're starting to worry me... [slowly works up to a jog, and they all meet at the Temple]

Rei [smirking at Serena and Robyn]
You two the cause today?

Robyn [sarcastically]
Yeah, right... [looks at Serena] You were ahead of us, why were you late?

Serena [mouth full, hiding something in her bag]
Nufing... [white powder flies from her mouth and she looks surprised] Now how'd dat get dere? [swallows] Um... I gotta use the bathroom... 'scuse me! [she quickly takes off into the Temple and slams the bathroom door]

[Robyn crosses her arms and looks at Bay]

Robyn and Bay

Amy [giggles]
I tried to tell her she'd be late, but she insisted, so Lita and I went on ahead and left her there...

Robyn [smirking]
Smart, Amy...

Rei [angrily]
Can we get on with this?

Bay [snapping]
Rei! I've had enough of your attitude! If it weren't for everyone else, I'd beat the crap out of you!

Rei [steps down off the stairs and up to Bay, angry]
Go ahead! I think YOU'RE the one who's gonna get the crap beat out of her!

Bay [angrily]
I don't think so! [she backs up and 'invites' Rei to follow her into the grass] I may as well let you land on a soft surface...

Rei [angrily]
That's it! I've had enough of you!

[Rei dives at Bay and Bay dodges, but Rei grabs Bay's ankles and pulls her down with her!]

Bay [surprised]
Hey! {"This is the kind of stuff I've been trying to get Robyn to catch on to! Figures I'd get into it with Pyro here..."}

[The two girls wrestle each other, both getting very dirty, and eventually rolling into a small pond]

Robyn [runs over to the pond]
BAY! [Rei and Bay have stopped fighting, Bay stands up first. She sees Bay's uniform and snickers] You're wet again... [points to the skirt of Bay's uniform]

Bay [shakes and gets Robyn a little wet]
THAT'S COLD WATER! [pushes her hair out of her face] [sarcastically] You're funny, Robyn... [sees her snickering and pointing] What? [looks down and realize her skirt's ripped right up the front, almost completely. She quickly pulls it together and looks at Rei, getting up after three attempts]

Rei [angrily]
I hate you, Bay... [gets up and falls again, this time, she reaches for Bay but only catches her skirt on the way down, yanking it out of Bay's hands... (poor Bay!)]

Bay [grabs her skirt from Rei]
I'm not exactly fond of you at this moment either, Rei! [wraps the fabric around to cover herself and runs out of the gate, heading home]

Robyn [stands there, thinking]
Bay... I'm sorry... [tries to stop snickering] It all happened so fast... it was actually funny... [looks over and helps Rei out of the pond, her shirt is ripped about halfway off] My, Rei... I guess you two are pretty even on embarassment, hunh? [starts laughing and by now everyone's laughing]

Rei [pushes her hair out of her face, sees the shirt and pulls it together turning red]
Hey! This isn't funny! [she runs into the Temple, after pushing Robyn into the pond...]

Robyn [shakes her head]
Hey! It IS funny if you look at it differently, Rei! [gets up and out of the water] At least I don't have to keep my hair out of my face! [looks at Serena, who was standing there, confused, in the Temple entrance] What? You wanna play too? [smiles & Serena turns and runs into the Temple] What's wrong with her? [looks to Amy, Lita, and Mina who are still laughing] Hey, guys? Maybe we should meet later, ok? [smiling] I gotta see if Bay's alright anyway... I'll see you later, ok?

Amy [calming down]
Alright... [giggle] We'll contact you when Rei [snickers] chills...

Robyn [snickering herself]
I hope Bay is! [grabs her pack and runs home]

* * *
[Later, at dinner...]

Bay [quietly]
You're quiet, Rob... {"She's probably picturing me standing there without my skirt... I'll get Rei back for that..."}

Robyn [playing with her mashed potatoes]

Bay [concerned]
Rob! You're not listening!

Robyn [obviously not paying attention]
Yeah, ok... We can do that then...

Bay [yelling]

Robyn [snapping back to reality]
Hunh?! [sees Bay staring, and sighs] Oh, Bay, I'm sorry. [stares at her plate] It's my dreams again... I had another one during that nap I took...

Bay [curiously]
What's on your mind, Rob? I mean, you take naps, but that one was long... You ok?

Robyn [laying down the fork]
Yeah, it's nothing, Bay, I'm just not all that hungry... [she gets up and walks out onto the back porch]

Bay [looks at the food, then at the door, as if trying to decide between them]
{"Man! Why does she always seem to ruin dinner?"} [pouting, she gets up and follows Robyn onto the porch] What's really wrong? You always act this way when something's bothering you... [looks at the chairs] Care to sit and talk? {"Why do I even ask? She never wants to..."}

Robyn [walks over, but doesn't sit]
I'll talk, you don't have to force this time, Bay... go on and sit... [she stares at the little patch of dirt where they never finished the garden...] We should really finish this sometime...

Bay [sitting down]
Finish what?

Robyn [turns around]
Ah, nothing... [she sits down and stares at Bay] Ok, last chance to back out... I'm finally gonna tell you that dream... you want to leave?

Bay [looks at her strangely]
Would I have asked you to sit and talk if I was gonna walk back in and eat? {"Though I'd like to finish it before it gets cold...Ah, nevermind... pay attention this time, Brad!"} Come on... tell me... {"At least I may get a clue as to why she's been acting so weird these past few days..."}

Robyn [sighs and sits back]
Alright, here goes... It starts out with all of us fighting this weird-looking person... a female, I think... maybe not, I can't tell... whoever it is, they have long, blueish/white hair, a gray suit and a cape... [looks to Bay] {"Good, she's still listening..."} now that I think about it, it's a guy... He's attacking the Sailors, all of us, you and I included... [looks to the yard] He's intent on getting back at us for something... though I don't know what... [looks back at Bay] He's paying a lot of attention to you, Bay.

Bay [straight-faced]
Um-hmm... {"Malachite... this never happened though..."} Go on...

Robyn [sighs and looks back to the yard]
He's- [stops] Wait! I know this guy! [looks at Bay, surprised] MALACHITE!? But...

Bay [confused]

Robyn [shakes her head]
Ah, nothing... anyway, suddenly, we're in this... I dunno, ah, fantasy world? [unsure] I don't really know how else to desribe it... It's like we're walking on clouds, and it's foggy... We see this shadowy figure and suddenly there stands another Scout! Dark green Uniform, with long, dark green hair... she's holding a staff that looks like a giant key... I've seen her somewhere before, I don't remember, though... [looks up from staring at the porch, and over at Bay] You know her, don't you...

Bay [shocked]
Why do you assume-

Robyn [shakes her head again]
Nevermind, it was a stupid thing to say, you want to know this, so I'll continue...

Bay [relaxing]
{"Thank you..."} Ok...

Robyn [stares out at the yard again]
Ah... where- oh yeah... here's one of the funny parts... I mean, STRANGE parts... [she puts her hand on her belly, removes it, then looks at Bay] I was pregnant in this dream, Bay... but you took it... I don't know why, but I felt it wasn't because you wanted to, but because... [stops]

Bay [straight-faced]
What? {"Her- her memories... but why?"}

Robyn [concerned]
Bay, you look scared or something... are you ok?

Bay [shakes her head and smiles]
Just thinking of something else... go on... {"please!!!"}

Robyn [shrugs]
Ah... alright, um, next I see you in dirty clothes, panicked... and I see my mother... [looks over] I remember that happening, Bay... [continues anyway] But then, the Sailor Scouts needed us at lunch that day and instead of not remembering us, they were glad to see us and asked us where we were for two years... [drifts off]

Bay [confused]
So, in your dream, they missed us...?

Robyn [nodding]
Yeah... but after that, I recall bits and pieces of reality mixed with things that never happened... I don't think so anyway...

Bay [curious]

Robyn [flatly]
Sukia, your death, your birth, your giving birth, you as- [stops and looks at Bay]

Bay [freaked]
WHAT?! I- Rob... what are you talking about? Of the last five- [stops and corrects herself] FOUR things you said, I was in three of them... why are you concentrating on me so much?

Robyn [looks away]
I care about you, Bay... Like a sister, or- [stops] like a sister... [starts to cry]

Bay [unsure whether to comfort her or leave her alone]
Ah... Rob?[gets up and walks over to her] You want a glass of water or-

Robyn [grabs Bay and hugs her]
NO! [sobs] I want you to stay here! Please! [bawls into Bay's shirt]

Bay [shocked]
Robyn?! can you tell me anything else about these dreams? I mean, without falling apart completely? {"I got to get her to let go, I'm starting to feel trapped..."}

Robyn [looks up and sniffs]
I'm sorry, Bay, you probably think I'm just a kid... [wipes her face] You're right, I've been acting more like a 7 year old than a 17 year old... I've gotta stop crying so much... [forces herself to stand up and look calm] Should we finish dinner, Bay? [walks into the house]

Bay [shakes her head]
She's gotta be schitzo... she flips back and forth like she's two different people sometimes... [sighs] Oh well, I never turn down food... [grumbling] Even if I am gonna end up heating it in the microwave... [follows Robyn]

* * *
Serena [walking with Rei, the tension very heavy, but they're still talking... nervously]
Rei? How're Robyn's sessions going? I hated you doing them, but... [looks down and sighs] How are her regression sessions?

Rei [frowns]
They're going fine... I'm sorry I have to do them, but she honestly doesn't remember anything consciously... I HAVE to put her under hypnosis and take her back. It's the only way we're gonna find out who's side they're really on, Serena... so far, she's been proving they're on ours... anyway, Luna and Artemis told me to continue them... but these past few sessions, she refuses to go under...

Serena [smirks]
Maybe you were doing it wrong and she remembered the sessions, Rei...

Rei [angrily]
Shut up, Meatball Head, I could erase everything you know! I know what I'm doing!

Serena [shrugs]
Oh well... we're here... [They walk up the path to Bay and Robyn's place] I'll knock, Pyro... [smirks and knocks]

* * *
[Inside, before Rei and Serena knock]

Robyn [washing the last of the dishes and Bay drying them]
How do I get stuck washing more days than you do? [hands the last dish to Bay]

Bay [smirking]
Luck? [smirks and dries the dish]

Robyn [draining the sink and grumbling]
Some luck... [mumbles] I want a dishwasher... [speaks normally] Anyway- [*knock, knock!*] I'll get it... [she goes out to answer the door]

Bay [putting the dish away]
This is weird... it all started after-

Robyn [happily from the front door]
Rei! Serena! [the door shuts and all three girls go to the kitchen] Bay, look who dropped in... [smirks at Bay]

Bay [smiles]
{[sarcastically]"Oh, yippee... just who I wanted to see... [angrily] NOT..."} Hi, Serena! [glares] Rei... [looks at Serena] Well, we already ate, but I think there's something for you to pig out on... [grins]

Serena [frowns]
Funny, Bay... [grins] Ah... like what?

Robyn [giggles]
Come on, there's a bunch of stuff in the closet... [she leads Serena to the pantry, right in another hallway, leaving Bay and Rei alone]

Bay [seriously]
Hello, Rei. To what do we owe this visit? {"You had to leave me alone with her, didn't you, Rob?"}

Rei [flatly]
Serena dragged me... believe me, it's not my idea... I only came along because of Robyn... [turns her back to Bay]

Bay [angrily]
You know- [sighs, but yells anyway] What's your problem with me, Rei?!

Rei [looks over her shoulder]
I never liked you, Bay... I don't like the feeling I get around you... [turns around and points to Bay] You're hiding something from the Sailor Scouts... I don't like anyone who hides something... [crosses her arms and stands looking at the hallway Serena and Robyn went down] SERENA?! ROBYN?!

Bay [acting shocked]
Hiding something?! What would I hide from the Scouts?! {"Besides the fact- ah, stop it, Brad... before it slips..."}

Rei [glares]
I'll find out one way or another, Bay Smith...

Bay [grumbles]
Rei Hino... [glaring at Rei] {"It takes two to play war games, Miss Hino... And player two just put quarters in the machine!"}

[Bay dreamt again... she saw her friends grieving... there were two caskets, and her and Robyn were missing... Bay hoped that it wasn't them... but felt sick and felt almost sure it was...]

Serena [in a black princess like dress, wearing a black veil and crying]
Why?! They died for each other...

Rei [in a long, black kimono, comfortingly]
Robyn gave her life trying to save Brad's, it's what she wanted, Serena... She didn't know it would turn out this way...

Darien [in a black tuxedo, holding Serena]
Serena... they're together... like they would have wanted... Brad and Robyn...

Bay [to herself]
BRAD?! How am I BRAD?! [walks up to Serena, but when she goes to touch her, her hand passes through her] Oh god! I'm DEAD!

Robyn [from behind her]
That's right, Brad. I'm with you now, forever... I gave my life for you... but it didn't work. I died in the process... [seriously] But you're normal again... [reaches her hand to Bay and she looks at herself]

Brad [shocked]
I'm- I'm a guy!?

Robyn [takes his hand]
Of course you're a guy... did you think that after you died the Council's punishment would continue? They can't hurt you anymore, Brad... [hugs him and looks up] Ever... [she kisses him, long and sweetly]

Brad [after she pulls back]
Robyn... I-

Robyn [puts her finger to his mouth]
Hush... don't speak... just listen to what our friends have to say about us... [she stands by the caskets and looks at their friends and their parents... Robyn's Dad looked ready to lose it any minute, and Brad's mom and grandpa were there, but he wasn't...

Brad [looks at Robyn, confused]
How come I'm not there? I thought the real me was in Canada?

Robyn [seriously]
I don't know. Perhaps when Bay died, Brad disappeared from reality... because you became Brad again right before the procedure... [she walks to him, smiling] Brad... all that matters is it's over now... no more pain, no more doctors, no more dresses or make up... no more having to be a girl...

Brad [thinks]
Well... this is all true... but it means no more friends, no more family, no more food and fun... [turns and takes her hands... seriously] I may be with you... but I'll still be lonely... No family to talk to and be with, no friends to hang with... [smirks] No Aphrodite trying to steal my necklace... [looks at Robyn] Your pendant... it's not there!?

Robyn [looks at Brad's chest]
You no longer have your locket... [looks up] We don't need them here... what good would they do us?

Brad [staring at her]
You know, I just noticed you have long hair...

Robyn [smiling]
We can have what we want here... on this plane of existance... [sees the preacher enter] It's almost time, Brad...

Brad [nods and they stand by their caskets]

* * *
[After a lengthy viewing, they follow everyone to the graveyard, where they hold each other as they watch them lower the caskets into the ground. Robyn is crying as she watches her father breaks down and must be helped to a car. Brad watches his mom bawling and ready to do the same thing as Robyn's dad did... His grandpa's trying to be strong for her, but Brad can tell he wants to cry...]

Brad [seriously and sadly]
Go ahead, Grandpa... It's ok to cry at a funeral... [hugs Robyn, who wants so badly to leave, but wouldn't feel right if she wasn't with her friends...]

Robyn [sadly, looks up]
Brad? Do you think they'll forget us?

Brad [smiling]
No... they won't forget us... in their hearts we'll always be there... even when their minds block us... [smiles and hugs her again]

Robyn [walks from Brad and up to Serena and Rei, who stare into the hole they placed her casket in]
I'm sorry, Rei... Serena... I never meant for it to end like this... [she watches them each throw a lilac in and turn away, crying] They remembered... [she smiles and turns to see Brad nowhere to be seen] Brad?! [worridly] BRAD!?

Serena [sniffs]
What happens [sniffs] when we die, Rei... [sniffs] What do you [sniffs] think happens?

Rei [seriously]
We roam the astral plane until we can be reborn into our next life, Serena... some roam for millenia, others a few moments. But I hope Brad and Robyn have a happy after life... May they be reborn as siblings or find each other as soulmates... [she smiles and hugs Serena]

Robyn [looks at herself]
No... Brad can't be gone already... [she stares at her white boots, skirt and dress] Why am I in white... I don't deserve the pure color...

Brad [walks up behind her]
Sure you do, Robyn...

Robyn [turns quickly and hugs him]
BRAD! [kisses his cheek] I thought you were gone! [smiling] You're still here...

Brad [confused]
Why wouldn't I be... we're here forever, Robyn... I walked around with my mom and grandpa... I think Grandpa sensed me, but he didn't mention it...

Robyn [looks over her shoulder to Rei and Serena, who are sitting on chairs, Rei still trying to calm Serena down as Darien cradles her. Amy is wearing a long, black gown as well and walks over to them. Robyn pulls Brad to them]
Rei said we get reborn... I want to hear her...

Amy [solemnly]
She's ok, Serena... And Brad is too... Lita's at home still... she couldn't handle it... it was too much to hit her at once... Mina offered to stay with her and make sure she doesn't make herself sick... [puts a hand on Serena's knee] Are you going to be ok, Serena?

Serena [puts her hand on Amy's]
I- [sniff] I think so, [sniff] Amy...

Robyn [sits on a chair, not knowing why she didn't fall through it, but not caring]
Oh, Serena... Lita... Mina... [looks at Brad, who managed to sit beside her] I wish there was a way- [sees Aphrodite running at the chair] Aphrodite?

Aphrodite [crying, but happy]
ROBYN! [leaps on the chair, through Robyn and onto the ground on the other side] Rei! Can't you sense her? She and Brad are right there!

Robyn [turns to Aph]
You can see me?

Aphrodite [happily]
And hear you! [slowly hops onto the chair and lays on it] It's not the same though...

Brad [confused]
That little furrball can see AND hear us?!

Aphrodite [looks at Brad]
I AM NOT A furrball! [pouts] At least you can't hit me anymore! [starts crying, as if just realizing that this was no joke...] ROBYN! [bawls]

Rei [shocked]
I- I do sense their presences... they are still here, guys... [Serena loses it and Darien carries her away to a black limo, where they call for Aph, Rei and Amy to follow]

Robyn [upset that everyone just up and ran]
Wait! Please! You can't- [goes to follow and Brad grabs her arm, sadly shaking his head] Brad! We have to-

Brad [still shaking his head]
No, Robyn... we're not part of them anymore... We're dead...

Robyn [yelling]
You're NOT dead! You CAN'T be! You have to come back!

Brad [confused]
Me?! Come back? What are you talking about?

Robyn [crying]
Brad! Please! Can you hear me!

Brad [reaches for her, and she disappears]
ROBYN! Wait! I CAN hear you!

Robyn [by Bay's bed, kneeling and bawling]
He's not dead, Serena! He's NOT! [takes Bay's hand] I can't lose my Brad again! [buries her head in the blanket and bawls] There's GOT to be something I can do!

Amy [at the foot of the bed reading Bay's chart]
It's not a good outlook, Robyn... you HAVE to face the possibility of-

Robyn [looks up]
AMY! She's come back from worse than this! [sniffs] I know she- he... [sobs hard into the blanket]

Aphrodite [jumps onto the bed and pats Robyn's head]
Robyn... I know...

Doctor [walks in after hearing loud crying]
Is everyone alright?

Amy [walks over and whispers to the doctor, who shakes his head sadly]
Are you sure?

Doctor [sadly]
I'm sorry, Miss Anderson... no... there's nothing we can do...

Robyn [pushes herself up and walks over to the doctor]
I refuse to believe that modern medicine can't do a THING to help my friend!

Doctor [puts a hand on Robyn's shoulder]
Miss Markius, please... arguing will not help Miss Smith recover any faster...

Robyn [goes to swing at the doctor, but stops herself]
No... Bay wouldn't want- [starts sobbing]

Serena [walks to Robyn and pulls her to the chair she'd kept a vigil in for the past day and a half]
Robyn... you should rest... sleep... you've been awake for two days straight! Bay would have knocked you out by now!

Robyn [yells]
Serena! Bay would- [looks at Bay] Bay... I should have been with her! I shouldn't have stormed out of the Temple like that! [cries into Serena's shirt]

Serena [comfortingly whispers]
It was Rei's fault she threw her communicator like that, Robyn... I'm sure the others have found that other Bay by now... [she smiles, hoping to help Robyn]

Robyn [gets up and runs out of the room]
They'll never find her in time! NEVER!

* * *
Adrian [near the hospital]
This guy's getting heavy!

Mina [keeps looking over her shoulder hoping to see Lita run up]
Yeah, well... [looks back to Adrian] Do you think Lita will be alright?

Adrian [looks at her]
Why do you worry about your friend so much?

Cause, she's my friend.

Adrian [stops and looks at Mina, seriously]
What is a true friend?

Adrian, a true friend is....


Mina [turns and runs to Lita, hugging her]
You came back!

Other Bay [starting to stur]

Mina [hears the moan]
Adrian! We have to hurry!

Maybe a bigger rock?

Mina [glares]
Like what?! A boulder?!

Adrian [shakes her head]
No... we must rush to your friend's bedside before it is too late... we've wasted too much precious time as it is!

Other Bay

Adrian [runs into the hospital]
NO time...

Mina and Lita

Other Bay [as entering hospital]
Hey, where am I?

Adrian [running up the back stairs to the real Bay's floor]
Oh, do shut up! You're getting what you deserve!

Other Bay [hits Adrain repeatedly, causing Adrain to drop her]
Screw you... [runs away in the opposite direction.]

Stop! {"At least those high heels will slow her down."}

[The other Bay trips and falls down one flight of stairs, landing on Lita, out like a light]

Adrian [shrugs]
I just hope she's not too injured... [smirks and walks down]

Lita [looks up at Adrian]
What the.... [glares] You didn't hit her with another rock, did you?

Adrian [picks up the other Bay]
What rocks? [smirks]

Lita [smirks and gets out from under the other Bay]
Ha ha... [looks down] She's up here, Mina!

[The girls sneak into Bay's room, Robyn is sleeping on Bay's chest, holding her hand. They can see she cried herself to sleep]

You're back!

Adrian [laying the other Bay in the empty bed beside the original]
Yeah, we got her.

So what do we do now?

Adrian [seriously]
We must begin the transfer... awaken Robyn...

Serena [pouting]
NO! She just fell asleep! She's been awake for two days!

Adrian [shakes her head]
I'm sorry, but she can't be touching the body...

Lita [seriously]
You make it sound so morbid...

If she's in contact with Bay, the transfer will also, include her, and to tell which soul enters her body, will be unknown.

She could be him?

And she could be in Bay's body, dying..

Adrian [nods]
Correct... so she must move.

What about him, you said, we wouldn't kill him.

Adrian [nods, seriously]
WE won't... He will die on his own... in the body of OUR Bay...

Wait, we can't let him die, even if he does deserve it...

Adrian, we can't play God...

Robyn [wakes up]
Adrian? Playing God? [sees the unconscious other Bay, and glares, angrily] Him... [goes to get up, but her leg was asleep and she falls, Lita playing catcher...] This is HIS fault!

Adrian [ingoring Robyn]
If we don't Bay will die.

[Bay moves, slightly, Robyn hears her call out, but no one else seems to have]

Robyn [goes to Bay]
Did... did anyone hear that?

Rei [confused]
Hear what?

Adrian [concerned]
We must hurry... her soul is preparing to leave...

Robyn [looks at Adrian]
No! She's NOT going to go anywhere until this is done!

There has to be away to save both of them..

Adrian [thinking]
We can merge, his mind, into Bay's subconscious.

What would that do to Bay? Will she hear the voices?

I don't think so, but I've never done this....

Robyn [angrily]
Then we just switch them! [crying] Save Brad! Let that slut DIE!

Serena [red faced and shocked]
Aahhhh.... Robyn?

Robyn [still crying]
Shut up, Meatball Head! If our roles were reversed... you wouldn't let Darien die! And you wouldn't want anyone merging anything or anyone else with him! [falls into the chair and bawls, holding Bay's hand again, hearing comforting words in Bay's voice... in her own head]


No! Adrain, Merge them.

Robyn [yells]
No! Save my Brad! Leave him [points to the other Bay] to die! He- [sniffs] He hated Bay anyway... [turns, glaring at Rei] And YOU! You hated Bay more than any of the Scouts! There was a reason we couldn't tell you stuff... My memory was blocked and he was forbidden to reveal it... You had to go play Pandora and open what should have stayed sealed!

Mina [gently pulling Robyn back]
Robyn, we all care for Bay, but Rei's right. He never did anything to deserve this.

Lita [quietly]
No... Just switch them and let the other one go...

[Everyone stares at Lita in disbelief... then Robyn smiles and runs over, hugging Lita]

Thank you, Lita... Thank- [remembers] Oh, Lita... [pulls back, seeing Lita's sad face] This isn't your Brad... Yours still lives in Canada... and he misses you, I'm sure... [smiles, hoping to cheer her up] Call him... This Brad was sentenced to- [stops] Wait... If I tell you, I may be rejudged as well... [turns back to Bay, and takes her hand again]

Adrian [seriously]
No matter what the final decision is, you mustn't touch Brad or Bay during the transfer...

What are you going to do?

If I only have to make one transfer, instead of two we save time.

Robyn [upset]
One?! You're going to force Brad to put up with him?! [points to 'Berry']

She shouldn't even be able to tell she's in there, she'll be in Bay's subconscious, like an alternate personality would be.

Robyn [hears Bay]
No! She already has Angie... [sadly] and Brad... {"PHOBIE?!"} Wait... What's SHE- [looks and sees everyone is REALLY confused] Nevermind... [walks towards the door] Go on... destroy Brad's mind... [starts crying and disappears out of the doorway]

Serena [looks at the empty doorway]

Adrian [confused herself]
She's lost it.

Serena [pouting]
She has not! She's upset! [follows Robyn, hoping to calm her down]

* * *

Robyn [crying on the stairs]

What's wrong... You keep comparing Bay to Darien... Bay's a girl... There's no way Bay could be Brad... it's impossible...

Robyn [shakes her head]
It's not... I've seen Brad... I know Bay is Brad... I can't tell you how exactly Brad became Bay...

Serena [shakes her head]
Ok, stop! I'm confused... I thought Sailor Sun was with us in the Moon Kingdom... I know for a fact that SHE was NOT a guy...

Robyn [shakes her head, slowly stopping crying, seriously]
It's not Phobie, Serena... Bay IS Brad... End of story... [looks angry]

Serena [a little surprised]
I'm confused... Bay is Brad? What, you mean Phobie was reborn as a [makes a sick face] a boy?

Robyn [shakes her head]
No... Phobie wasn't reborn... she died as a grandmother or great grandmother probably a few years after I was- [stops and looks at the floor] was sent to the future... Please... I know she's not here anymore... I promised her I'd never tell, but I know how Artemis is... Our Sailor Sun isn't the same one as the Moon Kingdom's... Phobie didn't betray the Moon Kingdom, Serena... She left to start a family... I don't know who could have- [hears a scream for Bay's room] BAY! [runs up the stairs, leaving Serena alone on the stairs]

Serena [absorbing all of this]

* * *
Robyn [running into the room]
What's wrong?

Other Bay
I'm wearing this!

Robyn [realizes]
BAY! [hugs Bay] Who cares!? [whispers] You're alive, Brad... [starts crying on Bay's shoulder] I thought I'd lost you again... [hugs Bay tighter]

Lita [looking out of the door]
Better get her out of here, the nursing staff is coming...

Adrian [nods]
Robyn... you have to act... The other Bay will die... if you suddenly change... they'll want to look at you too... Thinking you're sick... Can you act as if was still this Bay?

Robyn [stares at Bay, near the window with Adrian, fortunately, there was a Fire Escape a floor down... not too long a drop...]
Bay... be careful... [walks over and sits in the chair, looking sad... she just thought of her mother in that hospital bed instead of the other Bay]

[A constant beep sounded from the equipment as Bay jumped out of the window]

Rei [running out of the door, yelling to the nurses]
Hurry.... it's Bay!

* * *
(You really wanted to watch?! You're nuts if you think I was going to write that!)
* * *
Bay [looking at Adrian, really confused]
You know... this is a heck of a birthday present... I turn 17 tomorrow and I wake up in the hospital, in a miniskirt and tied up t-shirt! [grumbles]

You would have rather died?

Bay [trying to undo the knot in her shirt]

Adrian [seriously]
Why do you think the heart monitor had a constant beep when we left...?

Bay [in shock, stops]
You... How?!

You were going to die.

I feel fine...

Adrian [a little shocked]
No headache or any other... [blushes] slight pains? [smiles]

Ah.... I'm hungry, my stomach feels really empty....

Adrian [smiles]
Normal... for you... [waves] Come on, I'll feed you... [she starts to walks away]

What about Robyn and the others?

Adrian [stops]
Well... I can get them if you want?

I just don't want them to lose us.

Adrian [smiles]
Don't worry... we have all the time in the world to wait now... I'll bring them around when they leave the hospital... stay here... I should return shortly... [disappears around the corner]

Sure.... [Adrian leaves, and Bay looks in her 'purse' and pulls out a little black book] What's this? [She opens it up and realizes it's full of names with a phone number for each and a number with either the letter F or M after it.] Oh my god... what was this bimbo... a- [stops] Wait... I do NOT want to know that answer to that... [shakes her head and looks up, seeing Robyn running at her, arms out]

Bay, you ok?

Bay [putting the book back]
Yeah, fine. {"I'll figure it out later."}

Robyn [smiles]
Come on... I'll buy you a pizza... [gives Bay some money] Anything you're hungry for!

A change of clothes would be nice.

Robyn [giggles]
Anything... Let's head home first. Then we go to the pizza place... [holds Bay's arm and pulls her out into the main street]

Guy [seeing Robyn pulling 'Berry']
Berry! My GOD! What did they do to you?! You look like hell! [runs over and knocks Robyn over, grabbing Bay] Come home with me... I'll get the cops on these girls for taking you like that...


Guy [feels her head]
Did you lose your memory, Berry? It's me... Don! Your fiancee!?

Bay [shocked]
Fi- anc- [passes out onto Robyn]

Robyn [now laying]
OW! [looks up at the guy] This is BAY... Get the hell away from us!

Don [picking Bay up in his arms]
What did you bitches do to her?

Robyn [gets up]
Leave her alone! She's- [thinks] She's my sister!

Serena [freaking]

Robyn [glares and nods]
Bay is my sister... And her name is NOT Berry... I don't know what you think you're doing to her, but let her go!

Yeah, right...

Hey, Don, what happened to Berry?

Netica, these girls did something to her.

Robyn [shocked]
Let Bay go!

Bay [coming to]
Hunh? [sees she's in some guys arms] AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [punches the guy in his face, falls onto her butt and gets up, screaming as she runs off, knocking Robyn over in the process]

Serena [in shock]
That went well...

Berry, come back!

Robyn [grabs Netica's leg as she runs by, pulling her down]
Leave Bay alone! Trust me... she DOESN'T want company! [growls]

Netica [swings at Robyn, but misses]
Well you're going into this hospital! To get fitted for a new face! [swings at Robyn with her fingernails]

Robyn [seeing the long nails, backs her head away and then dives at Netica]
Look, "Nettie"... [grunts as she pins the girl] Bay IS my sister and you are GOING to leave her alone! She taught me to fight... You want to find out how well?

Your full of it... We were supposed to go out on a romantic-


Yea, we were going out... [calms down] didn't you know?

She was going out with me!

What would she see in you?


Robyn [covers Serena's mouth]
Let's get out now, I don't want to figure this one out.

[Serena nods and they head off in the direction that Bay ran in, followed by Adrian...]

Lita [runs ahead]
I'll signal you if I see them!

Robyn [surprised]

Amy [seriously]
I think we should split up... After all... we don't know who else... [stops and turns, heading in another direction]

Robyn [watches]
Amy! [sighs] Alright... we all have communicators, right? [everyone nods] Ok, let's split up...

[The girls seperate into all directions, to search for a freaked out Bay...]

* * *
Bay [resting on a wall]
I feel like a slut, [Looking around, sees people looking at her, she jumps off the wall] And I look like one. I wonder how much Robyn told the others by now.

Robyn [yelling]
Bay? [pleading] Please answer me... I'm tired of looking everywhere... [Bay sees her stop near a tree and look down at her pendant] BAY!? [lowers her voice, but being so close, Bay hears] Please...

Bay [seeing Robyn]
Robyn.... my necklace, where is it?

Robyn [turns and sees Bay. Then pulls the locket from her pocket]
You think I'm totally stupid? [smiles]

Bay [starts to run over to Robyn, but breaks one of her heels, and falls to the ground]

Robyn [runs to Bay]
Brad...? [seriously] It's not your fault you know... I- [looks down] I don't think I told too much... This is all Rei's fault... [helps Bay up] Talk about opening a "Pandora's Box"... [sighs as Bay takes the locket] This stuff could get us all killed... [takes out her communicator and stares at it] I think I've caused enough panic and trouble... either you call the others... [looks up] Or we drop it and go home... Your call...

How much did you tell them?

Robyn [turns away]
They know you're Brad... I kept crying to save Brad... I wasn't thinking straight... all this hit me when I saw you in that alley... All... [Bay hears her starting to cry] All beat up and bloody... [sobs quietly] We- [sniff] We should get home... [takes a deep breath] Bay... [drops the communicator and starts to walk away]

Bay [shocked]
They know..... Awwwhh Man!

Robyn [stops and looks back]
I'm sorry, Bay... But... we can talk about it at home... alright...? [adding] And I'm serious about the pizza offer... [half smiles] Bay... [turns her head again and disappears around the corner, leaving Bay with a purple communicator on the ground in front of her]

Bay [quietly]
The Council's going to hunt me down now..... {"I'm doomed!"}

* * *
Aphrodite [leaps on Bay as the enter the house]
BAY! I thought- [sees the outfit] I thought you were dying... not working- [Bay slaps her hand over the cat's mouth]

Bay [grumpily]
Shut up...

Robyn [continues to the kitchen, as if nothing happened]
You want coffee or something, Bay?

Bay [going straight to her room]
Yeah... in a minute.

What's going on?

Bay [from her room]
Where's my jacket? Oh, here it is...

Robyn [walks into the Living Room and sits on the couch, sadly]
Please forgive me, Brad... [hears Bay coming]

Bay [at the bottom of the stairs]
So... I see no one bothered my clothes... [smiles, hoping to lighten the mood of the room] Boy, it's depressing down here... [sighs] Sheesh... [sits down] Robyn? What's wrong?

Robyn [doesn't looks at Bay]
I should have stayed with you instead of storming out... You wouldn't have gotten into any trouble if only- [Bay interrupts her]

No, I stormed out almost right after...

Robyn [turns]
But Bra- [stops] Bay... [shakes her head] I can't do this! I look at you and know you're Brad, but I see my best friend who I trust as a sister...[looks down] Sometimes like a mother... [turns away] But I love you as Brad... And would give my life to save yours...

Robyn... [pauses] Brad's in Canada. I'm not him.... not anymore.

Robyn [looks over her shoulder]
That's not true... LITA'S Brad's there... you ARE still Brad... I- [stops and turns around the whole way, looking at Bay] Why am I arguing... If that's really true... then... [shakes her head] But I know it's not true... The Council can't seperate a person into two seperate beings... that's impossible, I don't care WHO... or what you are... What the Council did to you was unfair... [puts her hand on Bay's cheek] This isn't such a bad punishment you know... They were going to kill you... I couldn't let them... [drops her hand and looks at Aph] I'm sorry, Aph... we've been ignoring you... [smiles]

Bay [wallowing in self pity]
Robyn, how can I be Brad? Brad's a boy, I'm a [gulps] a girl. I've been changed, transformed, and switched, whatever I had that was Brad, I don't have anymore.

Robyn [staring into Bay's eyes, seriously]
Yes you do... [smiles] Your eyes... and your spirit... Nothing can change those, Br-[stops and looks down] Bay...

Aphrodite [leaps onto Robyn's lap]
Robyn... I hate to say it this way... but you must face the facts... Brad isn't Brad anymore... He's Bay... your good friend... And you two still care about each other... even if it's a close friendship... you didn't lose each other!

Bay [trying to be more happy for Robyn]
Yeah, Robyn, I'm still here. I don't plan on going anywhere.

Robyn [smiles]
Yeah... Who's up for pizza?

Aphrodite [leaps off and runs to the door]

Yeah, I could use some Pizza [sips her coffee] But no anchovies this time, Aph!

Robyn [smiling, finally picks up her own cup]
Yeah... anchovies stink anyway... [sips the coffee, staring at Bay] You know, you look different, Bay...

I thought I got all the make up off...

Robyn [smiles]
Nooo... I mean... there's something else... About you... you know, like... like a glow or different aura... Nothing physical... [sets her cup down] Come on, I'll make 'em put candles on the pizza for your birthday tomorrow! [giggles and head towards the door]

Can't wait...