"Sailor S"
"The Cat's Out of the Bag
Episode 21

[Middle of the night, A figure enters Robyn's and Bay place. The figure sneaks from one end of the house to the other, hiding articles of clothing. The figure's last stop, Bay's room. It leaves something on her night table and then the figure disappears]

* * *
[Robyn looking into Bay's room]

Bay, get up!

Bay [rolls over and mumbles]
There's no such thing as... [too low for Robyn to hear]

Robyn [yells]

Bay [surprised by Robyn yelling, jumps and ultimately jumps over the side of the bed]
Owwwwwwwwwwww! Robyn... DON'T DO THAT!

Robyn [snickering]
Sorry, Bay, I thought I saw someone by your bed...

Bay [getting up]
Like who? The invisible man?

Robyn [frowns]
I'm serious... I heard a noise and saw someone when I looked in here... [hearing Bay fumbling around] Would you turn the light on?

Bay [While getting up, hitting the lamp, knocking it over]
Dang... If anyone was in here... I would have clobbered them by now... and what about our watch cat? Did she see anyone?

Robyn feels along the wall and finds a switch]
I hope you didn't knock this one over... [flips it and blinds Bay with the lamp Bay has in her hands] Oops... [giggles]

Bay [feeling for the nightstand and placing the lamp on it]
Oowww... WARN me next time will ya?! [rubs her eyes] I hate sudden brightness... [looks around, trying to refocus her sight] Where's Aph?

Robyn [walks over to Bay's bed and picks up an orange ball of fur]
On the end of your bed... half asleep... [looks at Aph] Wake up!

Let me sleep in... It's too early to get up.

Robyn [smirks]
Nice try, Aph... you were always a light sleeper... Bay falling off the bed would have normally sent you through the ceiling... [glares] Did you see or hear anyone?

Aphrodite [still half asleep]
No...[head flops down] zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz.

Robyn [plops Aph onto Bay's bed]
{"This'll get her awake..."} I guess she's too tired for breakfast then...

Aphrodite [suddenly peppy and frisky]
Food! Tuna? I want tuna today... [sees Robyn smirking] Ok, ok, I wasn't sleeping...

Robyn [still smirking]
What were you doing? Out "cat"-erwauling with Luna and Artemis? [snickers]

Aphrodite [spooked and suddenly very defensive]
Who says I went out? I didn't... I was here all night.

Bay [crawling up on the bed beside Aphrodite, she looks at Aphrodite and then at Robyn]
Oh, she's definitely covering up. I bet sneaking out at night.

No, I'm not...

Come on... I bet you have a little kitty boy-friend or something, right?

Aphrodite [looking into Bay's face, looking a little relieved... quietly]
I hate you...

So when are you going to bring him around?

I didn't go out.

Robyn [kneels at the end of the bed and smiles]
Come on... I want to meet this boyfriend! [giggles]

Aphrodite [upset]
I AM NOT GOING OUT! [she leaps off the bed and out into the hallway]

Bay [confused]
What got up her butt?

Robyn [glares at Bay and smiles]
Funny... [thinks] I don't know what ruffled her fur, but I think we hit a nerve on this teasing her about going out... [concerned] She was too defensive...

Ah... I wouldn't worry about it... She's probably just crabby after getting up like that...

Robyn [concerned]
I hope so...I don't want her picked up by Animal Control... [looks out the door] I mean she refuses to wear a collar, so she doesn't have tags...

And when she talks to the control guys... well.. need I say more...? Anyway... where's breakfast?

Robyn [picking up a pillow and throwing it at Bay]

Bay [joking around]
Oh, come on, Robyn... Can I have tuna too?

Robyn [smirking]
Ok... I'll even put it on a little plate...

Bay [throws the pillow back at Robyn]
Nah... I want real food...

* * *
[The following night, Bay's watching TV.]

Why don't you go to bed?

I'm watching a movie.

Robyn went to bed over a hour ago.


Aphrodite [looking at the TV, seeing a sci-fi movie on.]
I don't get why you like these.

Oh... this is simple... the monster is attacking Tokyo because it... [looks back, Aphrodite's not there] Aph? Aphrodite? Ah well... [goes back to watching her movie]

* * *
[Aphrodite watches from the living room as Bay goes into her room... After about 15 minutes, Aphrodite sneaks into Bay's Room... Bay asleep]

Finally... [She jumps on to Bay's bed, careful not to wake her, and picks up Bay's necklace from the night table. She quickly runs out with the necklace in her mouth.] I thought she'd never go to sleep! [Aphrodite puts the necklace on, and the cat disappears and a teenage girl, wearing Bay's sweatpants and shirt (what Bay was sleeping in) is on all four in the same spot Aphrodite was.]

Aphrodite (As a girl)
Now where did I put that dress?

[After finding where she hid it, she quickly changes out of Bay's clothes and into a party dress, making sure to put on some of Robyn's make-up and shoes on. Aphrodite then quickly closes Bay's door and heads out the front door of the house]

* * *
[Aphrodite quickly walks out of the neighborhood and to one the clubs downtown]

Hensi (A girl in the crowd, spotting Aphrodite)
Aphrodite!.. Over here.

Aphrodite [running up]
Hey, sorry, I'm late.

Oh, don't worry, Keiko hasn't shown up yet.

Aphrodite [smiling]
Thank god... [points to Hensi's jacket] You got one for me?

Hensi [pulls out a pack of cigarettes]
They're all yours again, Aph...

Aphrodite [smiles]
Robyn would kill me if she found out I started... I mean our mom died from lung cancer... she would rag on and on about how I will or something... [lights one]

Hensi [shrugs]
I understand that. MY older sister's the same way... I want to quit, but I just like seeing her face when I light up... she knows can't do anything to stop me... [smiles and waves past Aph] Hi, Keiko!

Hi, girls. What's going on...

Aphrodite [in a love sick-stare]
Hhhhiii, Keiko

Aph... wake up.

Yea.. get with it Aph.

Oh! [takes the cigarette out of her month]

You get the ID's Hensi?

4 fake ID's... Where's Ten?

Don't know... haven't seen him.

Aphrodite [putting out the cigarette with her shoe]
I thought I saw him on the way down here... [looks to where she came from] He was in a convenience store back there...

I don't believe it. I'll go get him.. [turns and starts to run off.]

Hensi [looks at Aphrodite]
Aph.. close you mouth... I know he's cute and all... but...

Oh, yea...

Hensi [smirking]
You don't stand a chance, Honey...

Aphrodite [shook out of her ga-ga state]
I do so! I stand a better chance than you do with Ten!

Hensi [shocked]
Hey! I'm not after him!

Aphrodite [grinning]
You are so, I can see it when you look at him...

What? I go into a dream world like you?

Aphrodite [defensively]
I do not! [sees Ten and Keiko walking toward them and looks at Hensi] But... [giggles] You do, Hen...

OK. Lets get this show on the road.

Hey, Ten, where were you?




Aphrodite [smiles, and holds an ID card]
Where to first?

* * *
[About two hours later, Robyn wakes up from a dream and decides to go downstairs to the kitchen and get something to eat... she was feeling hungry...]

Robyn [very tired]
I hope Bay didn't eat the last of that pie... [sees one slice of pumpkin pie in an aluminum pie tin and smiles] Cool! [she takes it out and takes the milk with it...] I think I'll go- [hears the door] {"Who's walking in at this hour? Did Bay leave?"} [she looks around and takes the handle off the broom, leaving her with a staff of sorts... she walks into the front room, flips the light on, quickly saying] Who are you?! [surprised] Aphrodite?!


Robyn [drops the broom handle]
You- you ARE sneaking out at night! [still in shock] How- how can you still become human?

Well... I...

You're... You're... [she falls flat to the ground]

Robyn! [she runs over and kneels beside her] Ooohhh... I hope this doesn't mean I don't get fed in the morning... [she hides her clothes, changes, puts the necklace back and (as a cat) wakes up Bay by pouncing on her] BAY! Wake UP!

Bay [Half out of it.]

Aphrodite [yelling]
Get up! Robyn's passed out at the bottom of the stairs!

Bay [quickly getting up]
WHAT? [She darts out of her bed and goes to see what happened]

Aphrodite [follows]
I heard a noise and went to see, she's at the bottom of the stairs on the floor! She must have had another vision... they're getting worse...

Bay [seeing Robyn, Bay rushes down the stairs and checks her pulse.]
She's ok... I guess she just fainted or something. [Bay, lifts her up and best she could and carries her back to her own room and plops her down in her bed.] There.... [covers her up with the sheets]

Aphrodite [curling up beside Robyn]
Well, it's 4 AM... Go back to sleep, Bay... thanks... [smiles]

* * *
[The next morning, Robyn woke up with a headache...]

Robyn [sitting at the table, seeing Aph walk in]
Aph? My head hurts... do you remember seeing a girl in the house last night?

Aphrodite [big bags under her eyes]
No. [Yawn]

Bay [coming down stairs, and seeing Aphrodite]
Aphrodite... If your going to sleep on my bed... please don't shed. There's cat hairs all over my bed.

Aphrodite [half out of it]
I'll try not to shed when I- [realizes and stops herself] nap...

Bay [curious]
Why'd you hesitate? Didn't you sleep well?


Robyn [looking at Bay, slightly smirking]
You know... Green eye shadow doesn't really suit you. You may want to try a light blue.

Bay [confused]
What are you talking about?

Your makeup.

Come off of it... I don't wear... [seeing her refection in the toaster] ...Makeup?

{"Oh, no. In all the commotion last night, I forgot to take it off!"}

Bay [confused]
How? [looks at Robyn] I hate makeup, Rob... why'd you do it?

Robyn [shocked]
I didn't! I thought you put it on by yourself... you know, trying to be different?

Bay [angrily]
If I wanted to be different, I'd wear a suit and tie instead of a sailor suit for a school uniform! [storms upstairs and slams the bathroom door]

Robyn [quietly]
Why don't you... it'd suit you better... Miss Prissy... [pouts]

Aphrodite [snickers]
Maybe you better go help her take it off... you know.. she may not know how...

['Knock, Knock' on the door]

Robyn [walking to the door]
Who's that? [looks out the window] Oh! [opens the door] Serena and Lita!

Serena [giggles]
Hi! [walks in, followed by Lita] Where's Bay?

Robyn [giggling]
She's upstairs... Taking off her makeup.

Bay's wearing makeup? This I gotta see!

Me too!

Robyn [runs upstairs, followed by the other two girls and knocks on the bathroom door]
Bay? You need help in there? [giggles quietly]

Bay [swings open the door]
I don't need- [sees the other two] Oh, geez... [sarcastically] Thanks, Raggedy Ann...

Robyn [pouts]
Don't call me that!

What did you use anyway, permanent marker?

I didn't do it.

Well, I can't get the stuff off.

Let me see. [She looks directly into Bay's face] Well, Robyn didn't do this. It's too even. If she did it, it would be all over your face.

See. [sticks out her tongue]

Well, I didn't do it.

You sure?

Just tell me how to get it off.

Well, the green eyeshadow has to go, but I think the red lipstick suits you.

Nah... It has to be a lighter shade.

Bay [yelling]

Robyn [giggling at Bay's predicament]
Cold cream, Bay... [pulls out a small jar from the medicine cabinet] Put it on your face, then wash it off... it should come right off depending on how long it's been on... it may take two or three times... [laughs as Bay grabs the jar] Should you ever want to put it on again-

Bay [yells]
OUT! [points to the door]

[The three girls walk back downstairs and into the kitchen]

So, how did she get it on?

I don't know... She must have put it on herself.

Yeah... that's the only way I can see... [Lita goes and puts her jacket in the closet, and pauses. She then pulls out a black dress that's been tucked away behind a pile of old stuff] What's this? [holding up the dress]

I don't know. It's not mine.

[Aphrodite walks into the room from the kitchen, sees the dress and quietly walks back into the kitchen without anyone seeing her.]

Could it be Bay's?

Serena [looking at it]
Well, it's her size.

Maybe she's sneaking out and... [smells a odor from it] Ewww.. hangs around a bunch of smokers...

Robyn [shrugs]
Her choice... [takes it and hangs it up in the closet] This isn't my jacket... [pulls out a purple and black windbreaker] I don't think Bay got rid of that bomber thing she calls a jacket...

Serena [sees something in a pocket]
What's that?

Robyn [looks in the pocket, and finds a pack of cigarettes]
Bay.....? [confused and upset] She doesn't hang around smokers... she IS one...

Serena [disgusted look]
YUCK! Throw them out...

Robyn [putting them back in the pocket]
No... [hangs it up] We confront her... [very seriously, she closes the door and turns, waiting for Bay to come down]

[Eventually Bay comes down from the bathroom, most of the makeup gone]

Bay [seeing the others]
This was all I could- [noticing everyone staring at her, and how it was so solemn and quiet... all but Aphrodite who was leaving the room (having heard the commotion, she turned when she saw Bay)] What? Who died?!

Bay...What are you doing at night?

Bay [confused]
Usually sleeping.

Robyn [concerned]
No, seriously, Bay... what do you do after I go to sleep?

I'm usually watching TV. Or working on that car model. [she points to a desk with a model set scattered all over it]

Is that all?

Yea.. Last night for example, I watched 'Slim Attacks Tokyo', and then I went to sleep.

Serena [blurting things out...(as usual...)]
Why are you smoking?

Smoking? [looks up to see if there's some kind of smoke over her head] Serena, What are you talking about?

Lita [going back to the closet and pulling out the cigarettes]

Bay [Taking the pack from her hand to examine it.]
I don't smoke these... where you get them from?

Robyn [angrily]
The way you say it, you smoke something else...

Bay [tosses the pack at Robyn]
I don't smoke! [angrily] Even if I did, what gives you the right to search-

Robyn [yelling back]
I found them in the pocket of your new jacket! And while we're questioning... I thought you didn't like dresses!

Bay [confused as hell]
Jacket... Dress??? What are you talking about?

[Lita pulls the Jacket and dress from the closet.]

Those are not mine.

Well, they're not mine!

Well... I definitely never wore that thing.. [points to the dress] and my jacket's upstairs in my closet. Like it always is.

Robyn [back to yelling]
Then who the hell DO they belong to?!

Like I know.

Robyn [throwing the cigarettes on the floor]
I wish you guys would learn to trust me with things! [runs out the front door]

Serena [confused]
What does she mean?

Lita [putting the stuff back in the closet]
I don't know... I think she's just upset and she's not thinking clearly... [closes the closet door] She'll be ok...

I honestly have no clue about those things.

Lita [nodding]
I believe you... I just think Robyn's got other things on her mind she's not talking about...

Like what? Now that I think about it... Where's Aphrodite? I bet she'll know who owns this stuff, after all, she's always keeping a eye on everyone in here.

Serena [shrugs]
I dunno, I haven't seen her...

Lita [looks around]
Me neither... she's usually in on the conversation by now...

* * *
[Later that night, after Bay's gone to bed]

Aphrodite [sneaks into Bay room, puts on the necklace (turning her human) and starts to go though her wardrobe]
{"I can't wear that dress... now that they seen it... their has to be something I can wear... I wish Robyn's clothes would fit. Jeans, Jeans, Jeans, sweaters, t-shirts... Come on, Brad! Even guys have more of a selection."} [Aphrodite pulls out a set of dark blue jeans and a black shirt with sleeves] {"This is the best I can do."}

[Aphrodite sneaks off, changes out of Bay's 'sleeping clothes' and leaves the house.]

* * *
[At the club again, Aphrodite runs over to Hensi, Ten and Keiko]

Aphrodite [huffing and puffing]
I had to get out... Rob found my ciggs, thought they were her roommate's though... they're still trashed... [pouts]

Hensi [surprised]
They didn't question you?

{"Crap..."} No, I guess they didn't think that [acts innocent] little old me... [bats her eyelashes, then smirks at Hensi] could do something like that... I don't know... anyone got one?

Here... [hands her a smoke and she quickly lights it.] Now, as I was saying... there's a place over on the other side of town, there practically giving away beer. And as long as you're past the doors, they don't care what age you are.

Great, let's hit it.


Aph, you in?

Beer? Sure! Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger! [she smiles and they head off]

* * *
[Meanwhile Bay/cat wakes up]

{"Man, my mouth is dry... I gotta get some water..."} [She rolls out of bed and lands (feet first) on the floor. She blindly heads for the door] {"I don't remember my bed so high up."} [She reaches the door and starts using her paws to find the door knob, which is way higher then she realizes.] Where's that knob? {"Wait a sec... the light from the bottom of the door seems a lot closer..."} [Bay moves over to a nearby mirror, looks in and sees a small cat.] I'm a cat... Oh, I thought it was something serious... [starts to walk away, then rushes back] {"I'M A CAT?"} [Panic starts to set in until she realizes something] {"Wait a minute... If I'm a cat, getting out of my bed, I would have landed on my butt. I feel ok... I must be dreaming."} [Bay jumped back onto her bed and started to go to sleep] {"Must be all these cat hairs making me have these weird dreams."}

* * *
Aphrodite [waiting in line at the bar across town]
You sure this place is good... [looking ahead at the bouncer, and then turns her head and whispers] Are you sure these will work? [holds out her ID]

Hensi [pushes her forward a few steps]
They got me those cigarettes we smoked...

Aphrodite [shrugs]
Good enough for me... [after about four people, it's her turn. She shows the guy her ID and he waves her in] {"Cool! Hey... wait a minute... if Bay woke up with MY makeup..."} [grins at no one] {"Then she should get drunk if I drink too much! GREAT! PAAARRRRTYYYY!"} [sees the others are in too] What do you say we get crazy... "Drink Me Under The Table" sounds like a good game... who wants to go first?

Hensi [smiles]
I'll drink to that!

* * *
[The next morning, Bay wakes up]

Oh, man... [Looks at the door] At least the knob's there now.

[She stumbles across her room and down the hallway. She gets to the stairs and decides to take a break]

Robyn [coming up behind Bay]
Bay, are you alright?

I've never been better... [she falls to the floor, looks up at Robyn] You know... from this angle... you might be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen... [she grins, oddly]

Stop playing around... We've got to get ready for school.

School, right...

Aphrodite [walking up the stairs and to one of the beds with all the commotion]
{"Ok, that was a few too many beers... Boy, do I have a headache."}

Bay [still on the ground as Aph passed her]
Hey, Aph... you think you can fit your head in my mouth?

Aphrodite [looks over at Bay]
{"Another thing... get home earlier, so Bay's not so out of it"}

Bay [crawling up to Aphrodite]
You know... I had a weird dream.. last night, I dreamt I was you. [cracks up laughing] I had your burry futt.... [laughs harder]

Aphrodite [looks at Bay confused]
{"She's gone... Lost it... I've never seen her drunk... this oughta be fun to watch..."} [gets an idea... an evil, cruel one, but an idea] Bay?

Bay [still giggling, looks up]
What? [stares at Aph, trying to be serious, but keeps laughing] You know, you have psychedelical type like fur... how do you do it? [laughs hysterically]

Aphrodite [giggling]

Bay [looks at her]
What? [laughs again]

Aphrodite [grinning evilly]
Go kiss Robyn and tell her you love her... Though, I think you're too chicken...

Bay [gets up... wobbly and declares]
CHICKEN?! I'll show you chicken, you fink puzzball... [she walks(?) to Robyn's room, where Robyn had just finished getting dressed, in her school uniform, and kissed her, then said] I love you, Robyn... You are the bost meautiful- [Bay passes out cold]

Robyn [in total shock]
What was that....? [tastes her mouth] Oh, yuck... beer... Since when does Bay drink? [looks at Aph] Call Serena... I may have to stay with Bay...

Aphrodite [still with a headache]
Ah... I was actually going to get some shut eye...

Robyn [dragging Bay onto her bed]
Come on, Aph... she can't stay alone all day... and I'm not dragging her to her own room... [plops Bay down] She's too heavy when she's out... [smirks at Bay] I wonder what color the lampshade was... [snickers]

Aphrodite [yawns]
You call Serena... or whoever... Bay's not going anywhere... [walks out of the room]

Robyn [to herself]
Is everyone getting weird on me?

* * *
[About an hour later, Bay's coming around with and ice pack on her head]

Robyn [softly]
Bay? You alright?

Bay [her head feeling like a train is going through it]
Ooowwww... did you hit me?

Robyn [seriously]
No... but I ought to... What were you thinking last night, Bay...?

That my car was looking more like a '76 porche instead of a '82...I think they put the wrong type of model in the box. [Robyn whacks the ice pack, in turn, hitting Bay...] YEEEEOOOOOOOOOWCH! [removing the ice pack and grabbing her head] Don't DO that! [realizing every movement and every sound makes her head pound] Ok... don't move, and don't talk, I'll be fine... [stops and thinks] Wait, what time is it?

Robyn [sighs]
Almost 9AM... you've been unconscious for over an hour, Bay...

Bay [quickly getting up]
School! [and landing on her face] Owww...

Robyn [sighs again and remains sitting, looking at Bay]
We're out sick today, Bay... I called when you passed out... [looks down as Bay climbs onto the bed again] Bay... I'm worried about you...

Your worried? And can you stop yelling?

But I'm not...

Yes you are!

Robyn [whispers]
Bay... I'm not yelling...

Bay [groans]
You sound like it to me...

Robyn [upset]
Because you have a hangover, Bay...

Bay [angrily]
You are- [realizes what was said, and her face goes pale... Flatly] I have a what?

Robyn [looks at the floor]
You got drunk last night, Bay... I know, I tasted it when you kissed me...

Bay [really confused]
I got what? [realizes] KISSED?! {"Great... now she thinks I'm nuts..."}

Truthfully, Bay, I know your going out at night. Why are you doing these things?

I'm not! I worked on my model last night, and went to bed.

I checked your closet, your shirt and pants smell like booze and cigarette smoke.

Bay [slowly sitting up]
I must be sleepwalking cause I KNOW I dreamt I was a cat last night... so I had to have been asleep!

And your sure that you didn't go out... At all?


Robyn [confused]
Then why does your breath smell... [looks away] and taste... like beer? And your clothes? [looks back] If you're doing it, talk to me... what makes me mad is that you don't tell me... not so much that you're doing it... [looks at Bay with sincere eyes and calmness on the outside, but ready to burst out crying on the inside]

Robyn, I'm telling you the 100% percent truth, I didn't willingly go out last night.

Fine! [Gets up and leave. She yells back] If you don't want to tell me the truth, then don't talk to me!

Ah... geez.

Aphrodite [sits outside Robyn's room]
{"I didn't mean to cause THIS much trouble..."}

* * *
Robyn [in the kitchen, angrily throwing the stuff together for a pot of coffee]
This is going to be a long day... {"Maybe my coffee will sober that-"} [stops that train of thought before getting herself too mad, and sighs] Maybe this will help sober Bay up... [grumbles and turns the coffeemaker on] After all, she always complains I make it too strong... [smiles to herself, remembering a comment Bay'd made about how weird it was for two 16 year olds to sit down and drink coffee over the Japanese Sunday comics...

* * *
[In the room, still sitting on Robyn's bed]

Bay [talking to herself]
Cleaned up the model... went to sleep... got up in the morning... how did my clothes get smelly? Sleepwalking...

Robyn [coming into the room, with the hot coffee]
Bay, I'm sorry. I made you this coffee...

Bay [not really paying attention to the coffee, quickly stands up. The coffee, which Robyn dropped, (knocked by Bay) lands on Bay]

Oh, Sorry...

I know what's wrong...

Aphrodite [listening in]
{"Here it comes."}

Phoenix's boyfriend's causing me to do things, when I'm asleep. After School's out, well have to go see Amy.


Robyn [looks back]

Aphrodite [looks up, surprised]
{"Crap..."} Yeah?

Robyn [points]
Get a towel, will you?

Aphrodite [relieved]
{"Thank god..."} Sure... [goes across the hall and grabs a towel out of the closet with her mouth. On the way back, she glances into Bay's room and sees Bay's locket was still on her nightstand] {"I wish I could see those guys during the day..."}

Robyn [loudly]
Bay! I said I was sorry! APHRODITE!

Aphrodite [shaken from a daydream, runs into the room]

* * *
[A knock on the front door. Robyn quickly goes and gets it]

Robyn [seeing Amy and Serena]

We came as soon as I got you message.

Bay's upstairs, laying in in her room.

Where's Aphrodite?

I don't know... I haven't seen her since Bay went to lay down.

[The three walked up to Bay's door. Robyn knocked... and then turned the knob... but it was locked]

Bay, Amy's here. Open up.

Serena [seriously]
Maybe she locked it on purpose...

Robyn [thinks]
I hope not... [tries the knob again, then remembers a trick Bay used... (And taught her)] Serena... give me a hairpin...

Serena [confused]
What makes you think I've-

Robyn [angrily]
This is no time to be funny! Give me a hairpin! [Serena hands her a pin and Robyn picks the lock, and opens the door] Bay? [all they see is a cat sleeping in the center of Bay's bed] Bay... [angrily] she left again... [walks over and taps the cat] Oh, Aphrodite....

Amy [Seeing a cough and cold bottle beside the bed. She picks it up]
If Bay gave her this, she'll be asleep for awhile... 'Extra Drowsy'.

It won't hurt Aphrodite, will it?

Amy [looking at the ingredients]
No... I don't think so... Not if Bay only gave her a small dosage.

**************[Warning to readers]***************
Don't decide, since it works here, that it'll work in real life.
We have no clue what cough medicine will do to your cat.
And don't recommend you try it to find out!
The same goes for all the fake IDs, booze and any other
trouble we thought up for little Aph to get herself into!
If you do all of this, be prepared to pay severe consequences.
Not get out of it, as Aph somehow manages... But again,
we don't recommend you doing ANY of this!

--Sun and Shadow

Robyn [picks up Aph]
Wait... Aph feels different... follow me into the hall... [they all go into the hallway and Robyn stares at Aph] Hmmm.... [suddenly, she drops the cat] BAY?!

[The Cat drops, almost lifeless on the ground]

Why you do that?

That's not Aphrodite, it's Bay.


Amy [confused]
But- I mean... how?!

Robyn [thinks]
I think I know one way... [she picks up the cat, walks back into Bay's room and flips her other lamp] Help me look for her locket...

Wouldn't Bay have it?

Robyn [holding up the sleeping cat]
This is Bay!

Amy [thinking]
That would mean... [points at Bay/cat] If Bay's a cat again... then Aphrodite is-

Robyn [gasps]
Human! That's who's dress it was... [realizes a horrible thought] But... if Bay was telling the truth... that means... [puts Bay on the bed and sits] She... [starts crying] No... why?

Robyn, what's wrong?

Robyn [crying into her hands]
She's smoking! And she's the one who came home drunk! Not Bay! I blamed it on Bay... she told the truth and I yelled at her! [loses it into the blanket beside Bay/cat] How can I apologize to Bay for THAT?!


Don't worry, I'm sure Bay would understand.

Robyn [sniffs and looks at Bay/cat]
She hated this last time, she won't understand!

Well, she's a lot cuter as a kitty though.

Amy [giggles]
And a lot easier to control!

Robyn [sits up]
This is no time to joke! We've got to- [the phone rings] Who-? [she picks up the phone] Hello?... Yes, this is... Who? [suddenly looks shocked] Oh my... she-....Yes, she does... um, [looks at Bay, then back away] 16...[sighs and looks down] Alright, officer, I'll- yes, I will... Alright... thank you, Sir... bye... [hangs up the phone and turns around to two very surprised girls...] Aph... Aph and three others were arrested...

Arrested? For what?

Robyn [sighs]
They wouldn't say... we have to go and pick her up... Serena? Could I ask you to carry Bay?

No problem. [Serena takes Bay and puts her inside her school bag] She'll be safe in here.

* * *
[The girls are walking downtown and about halfway they hear]

Bay/cat [from Serena's pack]
HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLP! It's dark and I can't breathe!

Serena, Bay must be awake.

Bay [yelling]
Where the hell am I? [Serena quickly puts the bag down] Owww...

Serena [opening up the bag and looking at a scared little kitty.]
Bay, you alright?

Serena...[looking up] Ok... Serena's a giant.. I must be dreaming again. [She looks at herself] And I'm a cat... Yeah, I'm dreaming AGAIN.

Robyn [picks Bay up]
Does this feel like a dream, Bay? Because it's not... but I don't need you panicking... we're heading downtown... we're getting Aphrodite...

Bay [still thinking this a dream]
Yeah... ok... where is she? The pound?

Robyn [seriously]
The Police Station....

Bay [not getting it]
Huh, Huh. Aph's in the police station.... and Serena always beat up Rei, and I'm a rock star...

Robyn [slapping Bay (not too hard)]
Bay... get with it... Aphrodite's using you necklace to turn human.

Bay [confused]
Robyn, I think I would know if-

Robyn [drops Bay and turns away, walking forward as if to say "ok...whatever"]
Fine... see you when you wake up...

Bay [standing there]
{"You know, that landing hurt... Maybe she's telling the truth..."} Robyn!

Robyn [stops, then walks back to Bay]
Bay... [looks down... seriously] I'm sorry for blaming you, Bay... It wasn't your fault... it was Aph...

I'm seriously not dreaming all of this?

Robyn [bends down]
Does this hurt? [pinches Bay's little face]

Bay [pulls back]

Robyn [seriously]
Then you're not dreaming... come on... [heads downtown, hoping the others will follow]

Bay [walking behind Robyn]
I'm not dreaming....I'm not dreaming... that means Aph... [Bay suddenly darts in front of them and keeps going] I'm going to kill her!

Robyn [starts running]
Bay! Wait! I know you're angry! {"Aaahhh nevermind... this whole 'you're not dreaming, Bay' thing just sank in... Like she's really gonna listen to anything else?!"} Bay! [runs faster to try to keep up]

Serena and Amy [look at each other and shrug]
I don't know... [they took off after Bay and Robyn]

* * *
[At the police station, Aph, Hensi, Ten, and Keiko are in a holding cell]

Aphrodite [scared and angry]
I told you this wasn't a good idea!

Ten [hiccupping]
Ay! [hic]

Keiko [out of nowhere, turns to Ten and yells]
BRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! [Ten passes out] Oops... I was trying to get rid of his hiccups...

Aphrodite [angrily]
Keiko! You know he gets the hiccups when he's scared!

Keiko [stands up and walks over to her]
Look, Miss Ashtray... if you hadn't hit that cop with your cigarette butt, we'd still be drinking the beer they confiscated with the fake IDs they took!

Aphrodite [slaps him]
How dare you talk to me like that, you drunk-ass!

Keiko [surprised]
Drunk-ass?! Look who's talking... Miss "Let's play I drink me under the table!"!!!!

Guys... This isn't going to get us anywhere.

Aphrodite [ignoring her]
I don't believe I ever liked you!

Well, no skin off my back... I never liked you...

Aphrodite [growls]
That tears it! [she leaps on him and starts to claw at him with her fingernails] {"If I had my claws you wouldn't look at another girl again... YOU WOULDN'T HAVE ANY EYEBALLS!"} [she's crying as she's beating the crap out of him]

Hensi [grabs Aph off Keiko]
Aphrodite! Stop it! You'll end up in Juvie!

Aphrodite [looks back at Hensi, still crying]
{"No, Robyn will stick me in the kitty carrier for a year..."} He... he... [starts bawling into Hensi's shirt]

Hensi [comforting her]
He didn't mean it... he likes you, Aph... but he's just like you... angry and upset...

An officer [opening the cell door]
What's going on in here?

Robyn [coming in]
Aphrodite!? What happened?!


Serena [carrying or more so holding back an angry Bay/cat. She whispers to Bay]
Remember, you agreed, no talking, and no killing!


Robyn [turns and shoots Bay an EVIL glare, then turns back to Aph]
What happened?

Aphrodite [runs to Robyn]
I'm sorry, Robyn! I had so much fun I... I... [starts bawling]

Robyn [taking her turn comforting Aph...]
Aph... [looks at Aph's head] You know you're in big trouble... right? {"Not just me, but think of Luna and Artemis!"} [Aph nodded and wiped her face] Then tell us what happened, Aph...

Can't I just go home... I hate it here.

Robyn [shaking her head]
I'm afraid they won't let you go home yet, Aph... I can't legally sign the release papers and neither could Bay... {"If she weren't a CAT!"} So, we need to get dad...

Aphrodite [freaks]
NO! [whispering to Robyn] What if I were a cat again... I could leave here, without signing anything?

Robyn [shakes her head again and responds, quietly]
Even if you got out, they send search parties everywhere for you... as an escapee... relax... [winks]

Aphrodite [confused]

Robyn [louder]
I'll go get dad. You just relax, we'll be right back, Aph... [smiles and winks again as she leaves]

Aphrodite [watching them leave and the officer shut the door]
{"Don't do anything stupid.... I want to go home..."}

(Editor's comment: "Look who's talking!" >end comment...<)

* * *
Robyn [outside]
Alright, my idea is this... One of us uses the Luna Pen, disguises themselves as a guy, signs Dad's name, and we reverse Bay and Aph... any questions... and a volunteer?



Serena [hands the Pen to Bay/cat]

Bay/cat [big smile]
Disguise Power... turn me into Robyn's Father.... [when nothing happened, we can see the hope fall from her face...] (Note:*Well... her big chance to be a guy again [even for a minute!] just left!*)

Nothing happened.

Let me try...[picks up her pen] Disguise Power, Turn me into Robyn's Father.

[Nothing happened]

It must be broke.

Maybe your bring to precise?

Ok. Disguise Power! Turn me into a wicked cool parent!

Bay/cat [pouting]
{"Why didn't I think of that?"}

[Before them Serena stood, as a 40 year old woman, with strands of gray hair and wrinkles to match]

Well, I guess it's better then nothing.

Serena [in a different voice now]
Why do I have gray hairs and wrinkles?!

Robyn [giggles]
With Aph as a kid?!

Amy [giggling]
She has a point, Serena!

Serena [feeling her face]
Lets get this over with... I want my old face back.

Robyn [nodding]
I think it's been long enough for them to believe I went home... [they all walk in] Officer? My dad was at work, I brought Mom...

Officer [confused]
She said she was dead?!

Robyn [realizing]
{"Crap... THINK! Ah...."} Well, they fight a lot, so Aph likes Dad better... a LOT better... [pushes Serena] Go on, Mom... sign her out so you can ground her...

Serena [while signing the book]
What did she do, Officer?

Robyn [grins]
{"I can't wait to hear this... it better be good.. she's going in the kitty carrier the minute we get home anyway..."}

Officer [pulls out a file folder]
Well... [opens it] Let's see, she's booked for Underage Drinking, Underage Tobacco Use, minimal assault and battery, possession of false Identification... shall I go on?

Robyn [shocked]
There's more?

Officer [nods]
A few... destruction of public property, Driving While Intoxicated, driving without a license, driving on the wrong side of the road... [looks up] the sidewalk is considered the wrong side of the road... [rechecks the paperwork] That's it... Thank you for your time, Mrs. Markius, I'll retrieve your other daughter.

[The leaves and Robyn is still standing there in shock, Bay at her feet]

{"She's never going to leave that kitty-carrier."}

Boy, is she going to get it.


Aphrodite [escorted in, and sees Serena]

Here's your daughter, Mrs. Markius

Thank you, Officer.

The court date for the fines have to be set still.


Yes, Ma'am.

Alright... Young lady, you march out of here this instant.

Aphrodite [head down, more for fear of what Robyn's going to do than Serena's tone of voice!]
Yes... Ma'am.

[They walk outside, and Serena retransforms to normal]

Serena [relieved]
Thank god... I never want to be that way again!

Robyn [sternly]
Aphrodite. I want you to change back now...

Aphrodite [surprised]
Robyn?! Here?! In public?!

Robyn [angrily]
Yes, Aph... now!

Robyn... It may be a better idea to wait... so no one sees her change.

Bay/cat [grumbles]
And so I can de-fur her in private!

Serena [holding Bay again]
Bay, be nice.

She stole my necklace, got me drunk, and turned me into a cat.

Serena [people walking by]


* * *
[Back at Bay and Robyn's, Aphrodite's sitting on the couch, head down, and the three others stand to the side of her, waiting to see what Robyn's going to do.]

Robyn [looking at Aphrodite]
Aphrodite, your supposed to be watching out for me... what were you thinking?

Aphrodite [looking down]
I know.

You were smoking, drinking, driving... What in the world did you think would happen... what if we needed Sailor Sun for something? Or Bay?

Bay/Cat [sarcastically]
Glad to see who you think of first, Rob...

Robyn [glares at Bay, angrily]
This is serious... what would have happened to you if she'd have killed herself?

Robyn, I'm sorry....

Aphrodite, that's not good enough.

I know I'll be in the kitty...

I don't really think kitty carrier is enough.


You're going to clean up after yourself tonight, litter box and all, and then your going to clean up all the stuff of Bay's that you used.

Wait a second... to do that she'll have to stay...

After your done all that... you can change back.

Robyn, that's mean...

Yeah... I have to stay like this...

Oh, and no more smoking Aphrodite, OR beer.

Aphrodite [pouting]

Robyn [angrily]
You're lucky I don't get Luna and Artemis over here, Aph... I suggest you do the litter box first... [smirks at Bay] In case Bay has to use it...

Bay/cat [shocked]
Hey! I know how to use the can!

Robyn [looks at Bay strangely]
I know you know how to... I just wouldn't want you to fall in... [grins] {"I thought only guys referred to the toilet as the can...?"}

Serena [smiling]
Well, Amy and I have to get going... see ya.

Robyn [watches them leave]

* * *
[Later on that evening, Bay/cat sits on the couch watching TV, while Aphrodite is folding laundry]

You know, you've been at that for over an hour.

So... I've never folded laundry before!

I wish you'd hurry up... I'm starting to get a hairball or something.

Aphrodite [looking at Bay]
Stop eating the popcorn. It'll get caught in your throat.

Bay/Cat [looking at the popcorn]
Dang... it's tastes good though...Aph...Aph? [looks back at Aphrodite, who's head is resting/sleeping on the unfolded laundry.] Ah... Aph... I better not get Robyn... I guess I can spend the night like this. [She hits the remote until the TV Set turns off and goes and lays in front of the door.] But you're not getting out.