"Sailor S"
"Be My Valentine"
Episode 20

[In a science class, a few boys work on their experiments in their free time]

Joichi, can you pass me the chloride compound?

Joichi [kind of nervous (don't worry, he's always been that way)]
Ah... sure, Melvin.

What are you working on anyway?

Oh, ah... nothing.

Do you need any help?


Another Student [looking at his watch]
Hey, We have 8 minutes till class.

Clean up.

I've never seen someone run away from me like that. Unless I've beaten them up first, of course.

Of course.

Robyn [grinning]
You'd know that feeling quite well, hunh, Lita? [winks]

Lita [growls]
Very funny... [frowns]

Bay [realizing Robyn joined the group]
Oh, hey, what's up?

* * *
[Joichi gets to his locker and carefully checks the coast before opening it. He opens it, a good half a dozen pictures of Bay are pasted to his door.]

Joichi [talking to the pictures]
I'm sooo sorry for bumping into you... I'm almost done with my experiment...

Serena [slams into the open locker not seeing it open...]
OW! My node! [holding her nose] Moddy! Wy didn'd you dell me dere wad a wockr?

Molly [laughing]
Oh, Serena! You never listen to me anyway! It's not broken! [sees a picture upside down on the floor near Joichi's foot] Hey! You dropped a picture... [picks it up and sees] ...of Bay? [stares at it]

Bay [turns around]
A WHAT?!?!

A picture... I don't know where it came from... actually, it looks pretty good...

Where did it come from?

I think it was when you were eating lunch. At least that's where it was taken.

Robyn [peeking over Bay's shoulder and sees the picture]
'au naturel'... Bay with her mouth open... shoveling food... [blinks] my food. [grins]

Bay [angrily]
Do you want to look like Serena? [swings her hand to point and whacks Serena's nose again]

Serena [screams]

Bay [blushes and grins]
Ah... oops... sorry, Serena... [giggles nervously as Serena stands there holding her poor nose...]

Dop being doe... violent Bay!


Robyn [stifling giggles]
She didn't try it, Serena... [snickers]

Lita [giggling as well]
Serena you've- [giggle] your nose is- [laughs]

Bay [turns to see what laughing about, and snickers]
Serena... I'm sorry... [giggles louder]

Molly [giggling]
Your nose is black, Serena... [laughs] Ink! [guffaws... the group, except Joichi is cracking up at Serena]

Serna [Crying]
It hurts!

Amy [seeing this funny little group, hearing Serena bawling]
What's wrong? [Serena turns around and Amy chuckles] Serena! You're nose has ink all over it! How did you manage that?!

Serena [crying and freaking]

Bay [suddenly covering her ears...]

How'd you get that Ink on your face?

Bay [feeling something on her face]
Aaahhh DANG! [holds out her hand] I must have gotten ink on my hand from that stupid Science Book... [grumbles]

Joichi [blushing, seeing the mark on his locker]
I think my pen busted... [holds up a black inky hand]

Serena [freaking]
PEN INK! AAAHHHH NO! [runs into the girl's room crying]

Bay [staring]
Ah... she's gone nuts... it's official... she's been weird all day...

Students please sit down!

[All the student in the class go and sit in their seats.]

Joichi [looking at Bay from his seat, behind her]
{"Soon, I'll be popular.... [He remembers a few days back... when he overheard]

Student #1
... you ask yet?

Student #2
Yea... she said no again.

Student #1 [talking to himself]
Man, Bay doesn't go out with anyone.

Student #2
I've asked her to coffee, dinner, lunch, movies, concerts... everything.

Student #1
I bet no one will ever go out with her.

Student #2
Who ever does will be the most popular guy in school. "}

Melvin [sitting beside him]
Hey! Joichi! Wanna go and study for that final later? You're my lab partner! I wanna get a good grade and impress Molly! [smiles]

Joichi [nervously]
Ah, no, I have to ah... get home, and ah... I have a family thing tonight, Mel... Sorry. [smiles]

Melvin [laughs]
Ha ha! Internet Study Group here I come!

Teacher [smacking a ruler on her desk]
Melvin! Joichi! Quiet down! [they nod and class starts...] Today, turn to chapter 5...

[Joichi drowns out the teacher and daydreams about Bay and his first date... (Naturally, that never occurred...)]

* * *
[Joichi, Back in the lab, he's showed up by himself to finish he's experiment]

Ok... just a little more... there.. Now... just a little [he slowly pours a breaker of fluid in with another]

Melvin [comes up from behind]
Joichi, I thought you said you had to go home?!

Joichi [surprised, spills a little too much of the beaker in with the other chemical]
Oh... ah... I'm just working on my... project.

What are you doing?

Ah... well... just a experiment.

Melvin [fixing his glasses and looks at the beaker]
Whatever it is... I think it's ruined... It's purple... and [waves his hand in front of his face] it stinks... [shakes his finger at Joichi] You better clean this up and try again... I'm not gonna fail anything because you want to mess around... [walks out]

Joichi [confused]
Did I mess it up? [looks at his notes and thinks] I don't have enough supplies for another batch... I'm just going to have to make due.

* * *
[Bay and Robyn are walking to Rei's]

Robyn [depressed again]
I'm glad for the distraction today, Bay... but my mind keeps going back to what I did yesterday... [looks down and keeps walking]

{"Oh, no, were going to go back to that."} Don't worry, Sailor Moon's taken out monsters before... she's still as normal as she's ever been.

Robyn [shakes her head]
She's never done what I did... [stops] What if you guys hadn't held me back from that girl... would I have flipped on her too? [stops and sits on a bench near... ah you should know they always manage to stop near the park by now...]

So... everyone has a bad day... anyway... you've got me for a friend to keep you out of that kind of trouble.

Robyn [smirking]
Gee, I feel sooo much better... [seriously] I know your temper, Bay... [a silence] Bay? Why do you seem to care so much for me? [stares curiously at Bay]

Ah... well.. your my friend, and friend's stick up for each other, right.

Robyn [half smiling]
Right... [looks into the park] I almost expect to hear a scream or see Serena come flying out being chased by Rei... [smirks] I probably shouldn't talk about it... it'll happen on it's own... I don't need to help... [gets up and starts to walk away, then realizes Bay's not following her. She turns] Bay? What's wrong?

Bay [looking at the park]
I was just thinking.

Robyn [walking back over to Bay. Looking at the park, trying to see what Bay looking at]
Bout what?

Bay [snapping out of her trance]
Nothing, just bad dreams.

Robyn [turns around and slowly leaves Bay again]
Yeah, they can confuse you... {"Totally lose you sometimes... I wish I could tell you what I dream at night, Bay... I'm so confused... but with everything happening..."} [looks and sees Bay behind her] So, what should we do now? [half smiles trying to change subjects]

To Rei's or your place?

Robyn [smiles]
{"Good she didn't hear your comments... now keep your mouth shut!"} How about we skip the meeting and get a pizza? [grins]

Bay [surprised]
You want to skip the meeting?


Bay [looks at her strangely]
You're starting to sound like Serena...

Robyn [pouts]
I'm not that Meatball- I mean, I do not... [shakes her head] I can't think of any way not to insult her and defend myself... [grumps] Do you want to get a pizza or not? [pulls out some money] My treat? {"Please, I really don't want to think about Scout Business... Please don't-"}

Bay [shakes her head]
Uh-uh... Sorry, we're supposed to talk about this new baddy, we really need to be there, Rob...

Robyn [angrily]
I'd rather-

Bay [angrily]
Don't make me drag you...

You wouldn't.

Bay [crossing her arms]
You want to try me?

[Both look at each other for a minute]

OK, I'll go.

Good, see, what would you do if you didn't have me for a friend?

Robyn [smugly]
I'd be treating Serena to a large pizza... [follows Bay to Rei's]

Serena's probably not going to be there until we finish... you want start taking on her habits?

Robyn [glares]
I never said that...

Bay [shrugs]
No, but you're acting like her...

Robyn [angry]
So?! That automatically means I want to BE her?!

Food, late, next you'll want to sleep all day. Anyway... you compare me to Serena 24-7.

Robyn [shocked]
I DO NOT! I said you eat like her... anything edible... sometimes I wonder if I boiled some wood if you'd eat it... [smirks angrily]

Bay [stops and points at her]
You know I'm getting reeeeally steamed at those comments, Rob...

Robyn [crosses her arms]
It's true! You eat anything!

Bay [pissed]
Take it back!

Robyn [looks away]

Bay [her face turning red]
Look, Carrot Top...

Robyn [mouth open and pissed]
Take THAT back, Bricks for brains!

Bricks for Brains!!!!? Why you little-

Take back the Carrot Top! And the Serena crack!

I'll take it back, when... [smells the air] Robyn, did you just cut the beans?

What?! That does it... I'm going to get some pizza. You can go to that dumb meeting.

Fine, I will!

Robyn [walking away]

Bay [walking in the opposite direction]

[Meanwhile, in a nearby bush, Joichi watches Bay walk away]

Joichi [looking at his spray bottle]
{"It took a lot at this distance, but at least I sprayed Bay. Now I just have to get ahead of her."} [He rushes as quickly as he can out of the bushes and onto a nearby walkway]

* * *
Bay [walking to Rei's temple]
{"That butt-brain. That red hair must be attracting some kind of radiation, girls aren't even that stuck up."} [one of the male students walk by Bay]

Hi, Bay.

Bay [just glimpses at him]
{"I mean if she want to be a pain the butt it's Ok..."} [Bay looked back quickly at the student who was walking away] Cute butt. {"She must be nuts... That's the only... Wait sec, 'Cute, Butt'????? WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING????"} [she slaps herself, leaving a slight red mark] {"Get a grip, Brad..."}

Lita [from a distance behind]
Hey, Bay, where's Robyn?

Bay [shakes her head]
Ah... [looks up] She stormed off... I think it's a comment I said before or something... I don't know... let's ah head to Rei's... {"Before I start thinking you're cute... eck..."}

* * *
Robyn [stomping towards the pizza parlor clutching her money and bookbag]
That stupid Bay... I hope she slams into a- [Robyn slams into someone walking toward her] OW! [from the ground, she looks up and sees Darien] Darien! [smiles] I'm- ah, I mean- I'm sorry... [stands up and realizes he dropped some books] Let me get those... [bends over and picks up his books, drops her own bag] Ah, I- [kneels down] today stinks...

Darien [smiles]
Hey, no problem, I was really into this book...

Robyn [gaga look]
{"He's soo cute... Wait a minute... this is Serena's guy... you can't do this... snap out of it Robyn!"} Ah... want a pizza? I mean would you like to share a pizza? Bay refused and I won't eat one by myself...

Darien [nervously]
I- I thought there was a meeting...

Robyn [smiles]
Ok, we go... [grabs her books and pulls Darien along to Rei's not fully aware of why...]

* * *
[Bay & Lita walking towards Rei's]

...you know Bay... I bet you and Tenchi would make a good couple.

Lita, why are you trying to get me hooked up with a date?

Lita [playing innocent]
Who.... Me?!

Bay [looking at Lita]
Oh, come on.. You've been spending more time, trying to get me a date, then yourself. [Bay walks into someone] Oofff.

Joichi [on the ground]
Ah... hi... Bay..

Hi Joichi, sorry for knocking you down. [puts out her hand to help him up.]

[Getting up] That's OK... ah... Bay... do you... ah... want to ... go.. out?

Lita [smirking]
{"Bay's been asked out by some of the cutest guys in school, and he expects to get a date?!"}

Ah... I'm busy... maybe some other time.

[Both Bay and Lita walk around a heart crushed Joichi]

How many does that make?

You'd think they'd figure it out. I don't like dating.

You aren't ah... well, you know.

No, I'm not gay.

Joichi [still standing in the same spot]
{"You were supposed to fall head over heels. I'm going to have to use a stronger dose, at close range."}

* * *
Robyn [hanging on Darien's arm]
{"He's so cute... "What are you doing?!" I don't care, he's cute... "SNAP OUT OF IT, ROBYN!" NO! ugh... I hate my conscience..."} So, what are you doing after the meeting, Darien?

Darien [looks at her strangely]
Nothing, maybe hanging with Serena... why?

Robyn [looks down]
Oh. I was just thinking we could still get that pizza... Bay's probably still mad at me...

Darien [nervous]
Ah... sure, I bet everyone will like some pizza.

{"I wanted to be with you..."} Ah... alright... [they arrive at Rei's and see Bay and Lita walking in afterwards]

Lita [to Bay]
Hey, there's Robyn.

Bay [replying]

Lita [smacks Bay]
Would you forget whatever you two were fighting about it's usually stupid anyway...

So... I don't think she wants to make up.

Lita [curious]
Why? What did you fight over?

Bay [shakes her head]
It's not that... the way she's hanging off Darien... we'd start another ar- [really close to Robyn] Hiya, Rob. Or should I call you Serena?

Robyn [pouts]
What's that supposed to mean?

Bay [matter-of-factly]
Well, first you're late like Serena, then you eat like her, then you want to skip the meeting like her, now you're hanging off her man...

Robyn [stomps foot]
I am not Serena!

[Darien and Lita both confused]

So, what are you doing, hanging off of Darien like that?

Ah...Bay right...

What do you want...[holding back a insult]...

Robyn [pissed]
Say it, Bricks for Brains!

Bay [face turning red]
Look, Carrot Top...

Robyn [yelling]
Why are you so mean?

Darien [totally confused]
Why are you two fighting like this?

Bay and Robyn [yelling]
You stay outta this!

Robyn [turning her head back to Bay]
I'm sick of you! You never go anywhere, you don't have fun, you are so serious! And the Bricks in your head tops it off...

Oh, yeah.. I don't have to stand for this.... I'm going... [to Darien] And you better not try anything, Mr. Negaverse.

Robyn [pissed]
I hope you get slammed into another brick wall, Bay! [turns and crosses her arms]

Bay [turns]
Excuse me?!

Robyn [not looking at her]
You heard me... [glances back] Angie...

Ok... that does it... this friendship is over....I don't know what I was thinking keeping you as a friend. [starts to walk away]

Ok... you better get your stuff out of my room.

Don't worry, I'm going to get it now.

Bay, we have a meeting.

Tell the others, as long as she's around, I won't be!

Robyn [yells]
You can go to the stupid meeting! I didn't want to come in the first place! You're of more use than I am. Good-bye, Bay! [she turns and runs off]

[Darien and Lita are left]

What was that all about?

You expect me to know?

Serena [runs out and hugs Darien]
Darien! [looks up] What's wrong?

Darien [thinks and stares where Robyn disappeared]
I don't know... but I've got a bad feeling... [silence between them all] Robyn ran away crying, Bay stomped off pissed...

It seems a little more then their average fights.

Serena [concerned]
Something IS wrong, Darien... I don't feel right about this either...

* * *
[Bay walking off]

{"Were the hell did Angie come from anyway? Yeah.. Not only am I stuck in a girl's body, but, I have a bubble brain using it."}

* * *
Amy [concerned]
Maybe this meeting should be about trying to keep the Sailor Scouts together... [looks at Serena]

Serena [smiling]
Yeah! We are the Sailor Scouts of Friendship and Love! [giggles and dances a little] We'll repair this! Let's split up! [smiling widely]

[The scouts break in two, Serena, Mina, and Amy in Bay's direction, and Lita, Rei, and Darien after Robyn.]

* * *
Robyn [curled up against the inside of the park's wall, crying]
Bay... I'm sorry... I just get so mad sometimes... I didn't mean it... [sobs into her knees]


[Robyn looks up and sees Darien. She runs and grabs him, wiping her face into his arm]

Oh... Darien... Bay's really mad at me.

Darien [surprised]
Ah... well, she's just stressed... I guess... I'm sure neither of you two meant what you yelled... [gently hugs her to calm her down]

Rei [comforting]
She'll be fine, she'll get over the argument, Serena and I are still friends after everything she's put me through...

Lita [smirking]
PUT you through? What about what you've done to her...? How about what-

Rei [slaps her hand over Lita's mouth]
Shut up, Lita! Quit that...

Darien [holding Robyn as she bawls]
{"I feel like I'm holding Serena..."} Robyn? What started the argument?

Robyn [literally hanging off of Darien's arm, lovesick]

You know Robyn... Serena and Darien are together.

Robyn [glares at Rei]
Back off, Rei... {"What are you doing, stupid?!" You stay outta this, I don't need my conscience telling me- "Listen to me or you're gonna get hurt!" Ah shut up..."} I hate my conscience...

Darien [pulling his arm gently away]

Robyn [realizing she said the last line out loud, and that he was starting to freak]
Nothing... I feel like I'm always arguing with my conscience... [looks down and lets go] I'll let you go, Darien... I don't know what's wrong with me... I've been like this since... [remembers smelling what she thought was Bay...] I smelled that odor... [looks to where she and Bay had stood] over there...

* * *
[Bay's walking to Robyn's]

Bay, Stop....

Bay [looking back]
I'm not in the best of moods, Serena.

What did you guys fight about?

What didn't we?

[Joichi came up behind Bay with a tray of cookies]

Ah... Bay... want some... cookies? I just made them...

Cookies! [She takes a couple and starts to eat them]

Serena... you shouldn't...

That's ok... I'm not hungry...

{"You have to eat one... the formula's in it..."}

They're not bad...

Mina [taking one]
Hmmm. Yeah... Try one guys...

[Carefully looking at one] What type are they?

Joichi [nervous]
Ah... my own... ah... recipe. Please try one Bay...ah... I... want to know... what you think...

Bay [taking one right after Amy]
Ok, I'll try one....

[Amy and Bay both sample it, while Joichi watches Bay]

Not, bad... strange taste though...

[From behind Joichi]

There he is, Mr. Kentich.

Joichi [turning around to see his chemistry teacher]
Mr. Ketich!

Mr. Ketich
Joichi, I've found out that you were in the chem. lab without permission today.

Ah... yes... sir...

Joichi... you also still have to help me with my project...we have to work together.

Serena [getting closer to Melvin, with a lovey dovey face]
Ah... Melvin... I was wondering if you'll help me with my homework?

Melvin [excited]
Serena! You do?

Amy [flirting]
Mr. Ketich, I need to go over some notes with you...

Amy, you .... [she sees Lita and Serena both hugging Melvin] What are you guys doing?

Come on, Melvin, we'll all go to my place

Melvin [out of it]

Yeah... we'll go over to Mina's... her place is nice and quiet.


Joichi, do you think they're acting kind of weird?

How do you feel?

Joichi... I told you, I don't want to go out... [She looks at the others to see they're not there any more, then back to Joichi] What's going on?

Joichi [disappointed]
You really don't want to go out?

Bay [angrily]

Please... Bay...

I've been nice... but NO....

Joichi [heart broken, again]

Excuse me, Joichi. [She walks around him] {"Something's up...Maybe Robyn's home... I can get her to help figure out what's wrong."}

* * *
Robyn [still half crying as they walk]
Darien, I'm sorry... I don't know what's gotten into me... [keeps her eyes away from him] I feel strange when I'm around you... since I bumped into you... [shuts her eyes and keeps walking] {"Maybe if I quit looking at him, I'll quit going Ga-ga... "I told you..." Shut up already!!"} I should get home... Maybe I can talk to Bay before she runs- [looks up and sees Bay running towards them]


Rei [smiling]
See, Robyn, she forgave ya!

Rob, Rei, Lita, [suddenly a unhappy face] Darien.... Serena, Amy, and Mina, just went to Nutville.

Darien [concerned]
Serena? [serious] What happened?

Bay [gritting her teeth]
She, Amy and Mina ate some of Joichi's cookies, then went gaga... Like she used to- [stops herself] DOES over you... {"Though I'll never understand why..."}

Robyn [pouts]
You didn't save me any?

Bay [clenching her teeth]
I just said they went weird after eating them, Car- [stops] Nevermind.... [sighs] They tasted funny anyway...

Were did they go?

To Mina's.

Let's go.

Who did they starts acting like this over, some cute guy?


Robyn, Lita, Rei

Robyn [shrugs]
I could understand Darien, or Andrew, but MELVIN?! [thinks] You said they did it after eating cookies?! Amy too?

Bay [remembers]
Oh geez... no, she went gaga for the Chemistry teacher... Aaaah crap... [smacks her forehead] Great... [smirks and looks to the side] She should get an A...

Lita [frowning, confused]
Meaning what, Bay?

Well, If she... ah... nevermind... Let's get Serena and Mina.

* * *
Come on Melvin, don't you like us?

Melvin [still lovestruck]

Come on Melvin, tell me you love me.

No, Me.

[knock on the door]

Lita [from the other side]
Mina, Serena, we know you're in there.

You can't come in... there's not enough Melvin to go around.

Darien [also behind the door]
Serena, I'm here too.

Good! Darien, we can't go out anymore... I'm in love with Melvin!

Melvin [drooly...]

[the door unlocks and Lita opens it.]

Mina, you should know better then leaving the key under the mat.

[All of them walks in, with Bay at the rear.]

[Bay stops in Mina's hallway and picks up some lipstick from the table in the hall]

* * *
[in the living room]

Darien [holding Serena back]
Serena, What's gotten into you?

Nothing. Let me go!

Lita and Rei [holding back Mina]
Take her away... I want Melvin to myself.

Bay said [looking back but not seeing Bay] Bay? [She walks back, and sees Bay looking into a mirror, wiping her mouth] Bay, What's wrong, you didn't eat another one of those cookies, did you?

Bay [with her hand over her mouth]
No something much worse.


Bay [moving her hand showing face, with a bright red lipstick on her lips]
I can't get it off.

Robyn [stifling giggles]
You- [snicker] put on lipstick? [snicker]

Bay [blushes]
Ah... yeah... though for the life of me I don't remember why... [looks in the mirror again] This isn't funny, Rob. Help me already!

Why take it off? I think we should get you some eyeshadow to match.

Bay [turning her head]
Good idea! [shakes her head] Wait a minute... what did I just say?

Robyn [grinning]
You just agreed to a makeover... [pulls Bay into Mina's room]

Bay [freaking]
A what?!

Robyn [smiles]

Bay [freaking]
NOOOOO! Don't you think we should help the others. [she looks back as Darien pushes a lovesick puppet, which used to be Melvin]

Come on, it'll be fun!

Only if we use blue eyeshadow... {"What am I saying"} No.. No eyeshadow, no make-up!

Robyn [smirking evilly]
Too late, blue it is... [grins] {"This'll be funny..."} What color dress?

Bay [automatically]
Yellow! {"What is she doing?!"} NONE! NO DRESSES! NO MAKE UP! STOP IT!

Robyn [hoping to stop the fighting in the room]
Guys! We can give Bay a makeover! She agreed!

[Nothing moves and nothing is said, they stare, in confusion at Bay]

Robyn, we kind of have our hands full, with Serena and Mina.

Why don't you go on without us.... They may not listen to you guys... {"Or Bay will just make this harder"}

Robyn [pouts, still holding onto Bay's arm]
Serena! Remember how much she fought NOT to wear Rei's dress?

Serena [stops]
Yeah? So?

Robyn [grinning]
She suggested a yellow dress!

Serena [smiling]
Cool! Then she can- [looks at Melvin] MELVIN! [struggles to get free from Darien] LEMME GO!

Robyn [looks at Darien and spaces out]
Darien.... [lets go of Bay's arm]

Bay [waves her hand in front of Robyn's face]
Rob? Yoohoo! Hello?! [sees who she's staring at] Ah, crap... Not Mr. Negaverse...

[Robyn runs over and grabs Darien, releasing Serena, who grabs Melvin knocking him onto the floor, Mina shrieks as a vase gets knocked over and whacks Rei, who lets her go]

Bay [standing there]
Wait a minute... I think I've got this straight... [walks into the room, wiping her mouth, still trying to get the lipstick off] {"What is this? Permanent marker?"} Robyn's gaga over Darien. Serena and Mina are cuckoo over Melvin, Amy's nuts over Mr. Ketich? Ah... ooookaaayy...

[In the same room as Rei]

I don't get it, why isn't Bay acting weird, she said she ate a cookie.

Good question, let's go ask her.

[Meanwhile Bay's still trying to get the lipstick off]

Rei [walking into the room]
Bay, we have a question...

So do, I... How do you get this stuff off?

How about you tell us why you weren't affected... Is it the Negaverse?

Bay [looking at them confused]
WHAT?! You don't think I'm in league with the Nega-dweebs?

You've been the oddball in the group.

This has to be a Negaverse plan, and you have to be part of it!

Your both nuts.

Rei [to Lita]
Get her!

Bay [hearing]
NO! [She runs right through them and out the door]

Serena [in the next room]
Come on Melvin, come to the bedroom....

Lita [hearing Serena]
Serena! [She pulls Serena out the door of Mina's place while Mina and Robyn are both pulled out as well, and Melvin lays on the floor with a big smile on his face. Bay is no where in sight.]

My guy!

Your Guy?

I got my guy. [still hanging on Darien]

Darien [realizing that he should try to get Robyn's attention off him]
Ah... how about we split up and find her?

Robyn [hugging Darien, looks up at him]

Darien [thinks of a reason]
Beee-cause Bay could be in trouble... she's your friend right?

Robyn [staring]
Sure... [dreamily] I'd rather stay with you...

Darien [shakes his head]
No, I think it'd be best-

Robyn [getting a Serena-like "I think I'm gonna bawl" face]

Darien [lets go and takes off]
Sorry, it's best if we split up, Robyn...

Robyn [stomps her foot and crosses her arms]

* * *
[Running away]

{"Bad guy... they think I work for the Negaverse!?"} Joichi... he made those cookies... and I bet he gave one to Robyn.

* * *

Ok... This is so concentrated, [holding up a pill] it would work on an elephant!

A Voice [down the hall]
AMY! I have to work.

Mr. Ketich, I really, need your help!

At least I know it works.... [He glimpses out the window and sees Bay walking across the schoolyard to the front doors] BAY!

* * *
[Bay walks into the door, looking for Joichi]

Bay [looking around]
He has to be in the labs... [She starts to head down the hall, when Joichi, jumps behind her and quickly puts the pill in her mouth. Bay unwillingly swallows it not knowing until it was too late] Joichi, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Ah... I'm sorry, Bay... I... just...

Bay [feeling an overwhelming feeling, she turns sweet and loving towards Joichi]
Oh, Joichi... [She puts her arms around him and kisses him] I [kisses him again] ...love... [Kiss] ...you...[kisses him on the lips. She pushes him down to the floor and she lays down right beside him in the middle of the hallway.] [giggles] I got lipstick on you.

Robyn [running in after her, with Mina, and Rei following]
BAY! [giggles] Are you alright? [laughs]

Joichi [liking the attention from Bay, and not caring who was there]

Robyn [gasps]
FORMULA?! [turns to Rei and Mina] Mina! how many of those cookies did you eat?

Mina [surprised]
Ah... 1, 2, 5... ah 7... Serena ate 10... Amy ate... [counts on her fingers] 2...

Rei [confused]
Bay? How many?

One... actually a half of one, Serena grabbed the other half...

Robyn [smirking]
That explains the make-up bit... [looks over at Joichi and Bay] But... ah... what caused this?

Bay [being defensive]
Get away... he's mine. You can't have him!

Rei [crossing her arms]
We wouldn't want him, Bay!

Bay [angry]
Why not!? He's cute! And smart... [turns and kisses him again]

Robyn [turns around and sticks a finger in her mouth, faking gagging]
I'm gonna puke...

Mina [starting to cry]
I want Melvin!

Rei [rolls her eyes]
Oh geez... [sees Amy chasing Mr. Ketich down the hall] Amy!?

Amy [ignoring her name]
PLEASE, Mr. Ketich?! Could you at least look?

Rei [freaking... not wanting to know...]
AMY! [runs over and grabs her] Snap out of it! [slaps her]

Joichi... I want to marry you.


Let's get married, right now.

I don't think...

Robyn, will you be my Maid of Honor?

Robyn [freaking]

Joichi [freaking himself...]
I gave her a concentrated dose strong enough to work on an elephant... [starts bawling as Bay hugs and kisses him] my first attempt failed when you two were fighting...

Robyn [realizing]
That was the smell! [realizes what he just said] DOSE?! OF WHAT?! HORMONES?!

Joichi [turning red]
Ahhh... my love potion...

Rei, Robyn, Mina and Amy

I don't care... what it was... please say you'll marry me?

Robyn [runs over and grabs her arm]
Listen to you! You refused to go out with anyone that asked you! Now you-

Bay [knocks her into a locker... hard]
They were all wrong for me, Robyn! If you don't want to be my Maid of Honor, I'll ask someone else....

Robyn [slaps Bay]
Bay, snap out of it!

Bay [turning to Joichi]
I know, I'll get the wedding dress the sewing class was working on... [looks at Mina] Come on, Mina...

Joichi [yelling]
I'm sorry! I didn't know it would end up this way! [bawls]

Bay [pulling Mina's arm]
Come on...

[Mina pulling away, unsure]

Go Mina... Well get brain boy to make a cure.

[Both girls run down the hallway]

Ok, Joichi... cure....

* * *
[In the Sewing Room, Bay puts on a large wedding gown.]

I need some make-up!

Aphrodite [jumping on a open window ledge]
What's going on.

Bay [very happy, with the dress on, ready to be buttoned]
I'm getting married! [She runs over and picks up Aphrodite.]


Bay [smiling]
You heard me! I need make-up... [turns and drops Aph] Mina! Where could I-

Aphrodite [freaked out]

Bay [surprised she turns and kneels down to Aphrodite]
I'm getting married... Aren't you happy for me?

Aphrodite [concerned]
I normally would be... but an hour ago, you hated the idea of dating anything!

Yeah...[lovesick] then I saw Joichi.

Joichi... that nerd that keeps bugging you?

Bay [lovey-dovey]

* * *
[Joichi's working in his lab with Amy, while Rei watches]

No, you need to counter this first then that...

You're right.... [faces Rei] This won't work very fast, it'll take a little while for it to work, especially on Bay.

Well, For your sake I hope it's quick enough... because you know what happens on the Honeymoon. And I don't think Bay's going to wait long!

Joichi [a little freaked]
We're only 16....?

You think Bay cares... you've got to cure her, before she gets into something she'll regret.

Joichi [holding up a beaker]
Ok, this should do it... but it's going to take a week or so until Bay's fully cured...

How long will it take for the rest?

A few hours... Bay's had 15 to 20 times the dose that Serena had.... plus she's been exposed twice already.

Bay [sweetly, from down the hall]
Joichi... I'm ready... Are you?

Amy [remembering her teacher]
Ah, maybe I should go first, before I flunk Chemistry... [looks at Rei] Who all's been affected?

Rei [thinking]
Well, Serena and Mina are nuts for Melvin... that's two... you, Bay, and Robyn...five total...

[Amy drinks a little. Bay looks into the room]

Joichi, come on...

[Aphrodite walks in the lab while Bay stays outside]

It's bad luck to be seen before the wedding.

Aphrodite [whispering to Robyn while she takes a little drink too.]
What's going on?

We have to get Bay to drink this... but it won't work for a few days.

What is it?

A cure.

If Bay turns into a Scout... it should work a little quicker...

Robyn [loudly]
It will?

Will what?

Robyn [realizing Joichi heard her]

How we get her to drink this?

Not, us, you... you're going to marry her.


Robyn [confused]
Ah, don't we need a priest or something? [looks at Rei] And what's you little scheme...?

I can do it... I'm a priestess, aren't I? [walks out the door and sees Mina and Bay. Bay's wearing a gorgeous wedding dress, with bright red lipstick and light blue eyeshadow.] I wish I had a camera!

Mina [holding up a camera]
We already got a picture.

Ok, I'm ready... where's Joichi?

Robyn [grinning, whispers to Rei]
This is priceless... She's gonna hate us... [snickers] I love it...

Rei [glares]
Shh... He's coming... [looks at the door and Joichi has a mouthful of something, not too obvious, but enough for Robyn to wonder if this will work...]

Bay [smiling]
He's not in a tux... Oh well. [grabs him and holds his arm]

Ok... Ah... [after a quick wedding Rei concludes].... You may kiss the bride! {"And remember as soon as you give her the drink, get out of here like we planned!"}

[Joichi kisses her and forces the drink into her mouth. As he pulls away, she starts to spit and he covers her mouth, forcing her to swallow]

Bay [making a face]
What was that?!

Joichi [seriously]
I'm sorry, Bay, it was the only way...

Bay [smiling]
Oh well... [he takes off with all the others] Hey! Wait!

[Bay runs up and hugs Joichi.]

Let's go to your place... we have to go on our Honeymoon.

Joichi [shocked she's bringing it up so quickly]

Bay, we have to talk for a minute. {"I'm glad Robyn explained the plan during the wedding"}

Ok, Mina... [faces Joichi] I'll be with you in a sec, Honey.

OK.... [he quickly runs out of sight]

What is it, Mina?

[Amy, Rei and Robyn all back up Mina]

Bay, we can't let you have Joichi.... {"I can't believe I'm going to say this."} I want him.

No, I do.

So do I.

We're willing to fight you for him.

You guys are joking right... I mean, we just got married.

We're not joking.... Venus Star Power!

Mercury Star power!

Mars Star Power!

Shadow Pendant Power!

[The Scouts stand there in front of a very confused Bay]

Sailor Venus
Come on, Bay, transform and fight!

Bay [nervously laughs]
Ah... you guys can't be serious... use our powers... over a guy? {"Wait, I just married him... I did what? What's going on, I'm so confused..."} [gets serious] You want a fight? I can do it like this!

Sailor Mars
You couldn't kick a bucket in that fancy thing... transform, Bay!

Oh, yeah...?! Well, I love my husband and you can't have him, Solar Locket Power!

Sailor Shadow [giggling]

Sailor Sun
What's so funny?

Sailor Venus [giggling too.]
Your make-up is still on.

Sailor Sun
I like my make-up... I wish it was always on. Sun Flame Strike...

Sailor Mars
Get out of the way!

Sailor Mercury
Hold her down!

Sailor Venus [covering her eyes]
I can't get past the flames!

Sailor Shadow [from another angle]
Shadow Flame Strike! [and knocks Sailor Sun over]

Sailor Sun

Sailor Mars
Hold her!

[A hour later... the Scouts are still sitting on Sailor Sun]

Sailor Mars
Give up yet...? Do we get him?

Sailor Sun [realizing what she did]
Wait a minute... I just got married... to Joichi... ? Eeewwww...

Sailor Shadow
I think she's getting back to normal...

Sailor Sun
I should have married Andrew!

Sailor Mars
Close enough... Don't worry, I can't perform legal marriages, not yet, anyway...

Sailor Sun
Thank god. Wait a sec, [looks to Venus] if I detransform, does that mean I'll still be wearing the wedding dress?

Sailor Venus
You should... Why?

Sailor Shadow
Don't worry, we won't look.

Sailor Sun
No, I want to keep it...

Sailor Shadow [shocked, turns her head]
WHAT?! [looks at Rei] Are you sure she's ok?!

* * *
[The next day, Bay stays late in school, in the gym]

Robyn [walking into the gym]
Bay, what are you doing in here?

Bay [slapping her hands together, with chalk. As she stands in the shadows]
Just practicing.

Practicing what?! Gym class is doing soccer...

Bay [walking up to the high poles]
Acrobatics... I need to work on my landings.

Robyn [giggles]
Yeah, you do...Bay, are you Ok?

Sure...what would be wrong?

Well, that love potion still has to finish going through your system according to Amy.

Bay [starting to swing on the poles]
Yeah... I still have... I mean I still... I still catch myself doing things I wouldn't do... Like it's normal.

Robyn [watching Bay, flipping around and twisting on the poles]
Isn't it kind of hard to do all that in a track suit?

Bay [being caught off guard lost her concentration after the question and fell to the mats]

Robyn [quickly running over to help her friend]
Bay...[as she gets closer she sees that she's only wearing sweat pants and a leotard underneath] Bay... are you hurt?

Bay [getting up, rubbing her head]
Owww. [Sees Robyn staring] Don't laugh!


Don't you dare laugh... I already put it on, without realizing it...Anyway, I can't do this stuff in a t-Shirt or sweat suit or anything.

Maybe you should take off the track pants too. They can't help.

Well....wait a sec... Usually, I wouldn't ever wear the leotard!

Ok... just a suggestion. [thinks for a minute] Why don't you like wearing girl's clothes anyway?

Because...I just don't... [looking at herself] It's ... not... I don't want...

I think you look good in it...

Bay [getting lost in the moment]
You do?! I thought it was a little revealing, but... {"ARRGGGG!"} [pauses] See? It still sneaks up on me.

You want to talk about it?

No... I just still can't believe I tried to marry Joichi... [shivers]

Well, at least you weren't hanging off of Darien... Serena's still mad at me about that.

Bay [thinking with a big smile on her face]
Serena and Melvin.

Robyn [smiling back]
Yea, Serena, Mina and Melvin.

Oh, man... Melvin must really have been out of it today

Serena [running into the gym]
Help me...

What's wrong?

Serena [in panic mode]
Melvin's after me again... Hide me!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeee!

Oh... sure...[she gets up and walks Serena into another part of the gym] You can hide in here. [She leads Serena into the Pool Room and right up to the pool, while Robyn follows]

He'll be able to find me in here. There's nowhere to hide... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Oh, your not hiding here [she pushes Serena into the pool] But now you have a reason to go into the locker room, where Melvin can't follow.

Robyn [being sneaky herself]
Why doesn't she go with a friend? [She pushes Bay into the pool]

Bay [all wet, like Serena, in the pool]
Hey... that wasn't funny.

Melvin [running into the pool room and bumping into Robyn, who falls into the pool]
Where's Serena?

Robyn [falling]
Whoa... MELVIN! [splash]

Look who's all wet now... [she splashes Robyn, Robyn splashes back]

Serena [hiding by the edge of the pool.]
Melvin, Go away...

Melvin, she has to change out of her wet clothes, why don't you just go home, and she'll meet you.

Yeah... go home Melvin!

That's ok, I'll wait!

Ok, Melvin, wait here... [she gets out of the pool followed by Serena and Bay. They all go inside the locker room]

Great, now he's going to wait outside.

Robyn [going to Bay's open locker]
Here put these on... [She hands Serena, Bay's pants and shirt]


It's the only way to get her out.

What am I supposed to wear?

Where's you school uniform?

Over at the dry cleaners.

Robyn [realizing the fatal flaw in her plan]
Oh... I guess your just going to have to wear this... [pulls out her sweat shirt]

But my sweat pants are soaked... [Serena starts to change and Bay turns to face the locker as soon as she sees her start]

Well, you'll just have to wear the leotard.

But it's soaked too!

Just think of it as a swimsuit.

{"Oh, you're loving every minute of this, aren't you?"} I don't like swimsuits!

Serena [finishing dressing up in Bay's stuff]
Now what?

Put on her jacket, and hide your ponytails inside of it... I have a brown wig in my locker.

What are you doing with a wig?

Halloween costume.

As what?

Robyn [ignoring Bay]

[Serena puts it on]

Robyn [talking to Serena]
Hide your face a little and you'll walk right past Melvin... Bay... [smiles]

Bay [she looks back to see Robyn starting to change into some spare clothes she has in her locker and quickly looks away again]
What about me?

Sorry, I don't have anything you can wear.

You don't fit in any of my stuff.

Bay [still looking away]
I can't go home wearing a leotard and a sweat shirt!

Why, not....? Look really sexy in it...

Bay [it sneaking up again]
You think... I don't want to look like a bimbo...


Serena [giggling]
Yeah... I think all the boys will be after you.

Bay [starting to daydream and giggle]
Even Charles?

Robyn [giggling more]
Especially Charles.

Charles has such a cute butt...{"Whoa... "} Okay... This is really starting to bug me!

[Both Robyn and Serena break out laughing.]

Bay [not happy]
I hope your enjoying yourselves!

Robyn [laughing]
Don't.... worry... we... are! ....Cute...butt...

Serena [laughing as well]
Charles... has...a... cute....butt....HA!

Bay [grumbling]
This isn't funny...

Robyn [remembering something]
Oh! You could wear the rest of my costume... [pulls out a black witch's dress] Bay?

Bay [thinks]
Black's not really- {"KNOCK IT OFF!"} [shakes her head] Quit it!

Serena [laughing very hard]
HAHAHA.... Bay... you'd... look... cute... [falls to the floor laughing]

Robyn [stifling major giggles]
It would fit... [snickers] and it's dry... [snickers]

Bay [grumbles]
I hate it when you've got a point... [grabs the dress and storms off into a bathroom stall]

Serena [sitting up, wiping tears away from laughing so hard]
Why doesn't [snickers] Bay ever [snickers again] change in [giggles] the open?

Robyn [seriously]
I think Joichi did it... ever since that stupid potion, she's been weirder than normal...

More so then usual?

Robyn [grinning]
Well... She's always been strange... [smirks and giggles] But that formula really pulled a number on her... [giggles, but in her mind realizes Serena hasn't brought up Darien once...] {"Good... I hope she forgot... Darien understood, he forgave me..."} [looks at Serena, who's still giggling]

Bay [coming out, wearing the black dress]
Ok, I'm going home, before anyone sees me.

Robyn [snickers, pulls out the witch's hat]
Want to complete the ensemble? [laughs]

Bay [grumbles]
Don't push it! [sees Serena getting up laughing] Fix your wig, Meatball Head...

I hope this will work.

Bay [grumbling]
It'd better, or I'm tossing Melvin in the DEEP end...

OK, lets go...

* * *
[They walk out and look around]

Robyn [confused]
Melvin's gone...?

Yes... let's get out of here!

Bay [confused]
Where's Melvin?

Robyn [jogging, knowing the area's always got a slippery spot somewhere...]
Who cares, come on... [slips and slams her butt on the concrete] YEOW! [sits there for a minute] Ooowww... my butt....

Serves you right, for making me wear this.

Owwwww... [glares and yells] I DIDN'T MAKE YOU WEAR ANYTHING! [pouts] You took it and grumbled...

Yeah... after you gave Serena my clothes!

Melvin [leaping on Serena]
My love!

Robyn [getting up]
Way to go, Bay...

What, this is my fault?

Robyn [angrily, rubbing her butt]
You pretty much said "There's Serena"!

Bay [walking over to Melvin and prying him loose]
What did I say I'd do?

Robyn and Serena [freaked]

Robyn [thinks]
On second thought, how cold is it?

Serena [smacks Robyn]
Stop it! [whispers] He can't swim!

Robyn [goes to run to Bay who's got Melvin over her head]
Bay! [falls on that spot, face first] He can't [SPLASH!] swim...

He can't swim?

Robyn [gets up again, and gets a life preserver]
Ah well, it gives us time to get out... [tosses the preserver in the pool and Melvin grabs it]

Bay [confused]

Robyn [smiles]
You wanna wear water again?

Bay [smiles]
Nah... [waves for the girls to go] Let's go!

[They leave Melvin floating around, he's still spaced... lovesick over Serena...]