Sailor S
Episode 19 Chapter 2

"Star Seeds"

Queen Serenity [thinking she meant the future of the Moon Kingdom]
Yes... we must keep this a peaceful kingdom... good luck, Bay.

Demon [seeing the girl in the white dress/uniform]
Who are you?

{Bay's voice-"Just do what you know, Rob!"} [So, she does the only thing she knows!] Clear as crystal, or dark as night; I've seen what you've done wrong and I am here to set things right! I will stop you from bringing harm to the Royal Family of the Silver Millenium! I am the Kagemusha!

Demon [staring]
Kagemusha? A Shadow Warrior? [It starts laughing] What can you do to me, [sarcastically] oh, mighty Kagemusha? [laughs harder]

Robyn [angrily]
You don't think I have a chance, do you? {"You do! Believe in yourself... Zephyr and your friends are counting on you!"} [quietly] But what do I do to this thing? {Sailor Zephyr's Voice - "You'll know what to do when the time comes, Kagemusha"} [feels something inside] I feel it, Zephyr... thank you... [she knows she must transform to access her inner abilities, but knows she cannot allow Serenity and Luna to see her do so] Luna! Get them out of here! Now!

Luna [knowing that she has to protect them anyway]
We'll leave... Be careful!

Demon [sees Luna and the others leaving]
No! I will not let that Seed leave!

Robyn [angrily]
Get a life, Bozo! Your own! [She attacks him and he moves out of the way, causing her to crash onto the long dining table. She glances at the doorway and sees their out of sight] Shadow Pendant Power! [She transforms into her real Uniform and attacks the demon] Shadow Fire Ignite!

Demon [hearing a call, he looks to see black flames hurling towards him]
Another Senshi?! Impossible!

Sailor Shadow [taking a defensive position]
Not impossible! I'm here aren't I? [angrily yells out] I am the Kagemusha! I will stop your evil ways before they damage the future!

Demon [grinning]
Since we're introducing ourselves, I am The Star Collector. I collect the Star Seeds of mortals and immortals alike. No one can possibly defeat me! [glares] Not even one from the future...

Sailor Shadow [surprised]
How did you know?

Star Collector [grinning]
You mentioned me damaging the future... not even a seer could see that is my plan. You could only be from the future. [looks her up and down] Not to mention there are no Unknown Sailors in the Moon Kingdom...

Sailor Shadow [taking offense]
I take that personally, Collector. [gets into defensive position] Since you know I'm from the future... then you know I'm here to prevent you from continuing with this...

Star Collector [angrily]
You won't succeed, Shadow Warrior!

Sailor Shadow [seriously]
You're the one who will not succeed this time, Collector!

Star Collector [laughing]
Do you not see that this will all occur? You can not stop it! You will severely mess up the timeline for you and your friends!

Sailor Shadow [stops for a moment]
{"Is he right?"} No. No! You are the one who severely messed things up! I was sent to put right what was never to have been! [she stands legs together and concentrates on clearing her mind. She wanted the answer on how to defeat him, but all she could think about was what would happen if she failed. How could she ever put this right?]

Star Collector [seeing her standing there]
What?! Are you planning to think me to death?! [laughs] That won't work, Shadow Warrior. Nothing can stop me... EVER! [he pulled out his Seed Collector and aimed it at Sailor Shadow]

Sailor Shadow [opens her eyes and realizes what she has to do to save her friends]
Star Collector!

Star Collector [intrigued]

Sailor Shadow [thinks of a riddle to keep him busy]
I have eyes, but I cannot see... I have ears, but cannot hear... I have senses, but cannot feel... What am I?

Star Collector [confused]
A riddle? Why do you ask me this?

Sailor Shadow [serious]
Answer me... I'll tell you.

Star Collector [repeating the riddle over and over in his head]
You are a sneaky one, Shadow Warrior. There's more here than is seen... What are you planning?

Sailor Shadow [glowing light purple]
The answer was darkness, Star Collector... Something that is in your near future... [her eyes close and her outfit changes into her lilac dress again, but this one's different. It is a darker lilac and has long sleeves, like a wizard's robe. Her hair floated around her head as if she was suspended in water. She clasped her hands and opened her eyes, staring at The Star Collector] The Powers of my friends are with me, they will help me to defeat you, Collector. You shall collect only your departure ticket on the train from this reality... [she opened her hands, revealing Sailor Sun's Star Seed] With the power of my friend, Sailor Sun, I shall defeat you! I call upon the power of the Shadow of the Sun! [there was a bright light and it surrounded both Robyn and the Collector]

Queen Serenity [as she watched them disappear]
She... she gave everything... to protect her friends... truly a brave and worthy soul... [she then forgot what had happened and the timeline was restored... No one had ever heard of Bay, the seer, or The Star Collector...]

* * *
[In a place where Reality is Fantasy, and Fantasy is Reality... Robyn floats in front of a mirror]

Sailor Zephyr [whispering in Robyn's mind]
This is the Mirror of Truth, Kagemusha... It shows what is on the inside, what you truly are. Look at your reflection now... after battling The Star Collector, and restoring the proper timeline, your soul is healed. Your Star Seed is safe, as is your friend... Sailor Sun's. Look, Kagemusha. See what the Mirror of Truth reveals...

Robyn [afraid, but opens her eyes]
I- I see... [she sees herself as a Princess from the Moon Kingdom. As she was before. Nothing was different] me. There's nothing different, Sailor Zephyr... I haven't changed... What are you trying to say?

A Butterfly [fluttering in front of her]
You have always been this way. You expect too much of yourself, Kagemusha. You care too much about what others think and cannot seem to be happy. You must learn to believe in yourself. You have taken a giant step in defeating The Star Collector, but to truly believe in yourself, you must learn it on your own. I can now return you to your own time with very little memory of the events that have taken place. If I wipe your memory, you will be as you were before, and there will be no point. I will give you a choice, however. What do you wish to remember, Kagemusha?

Robyn [staring at Zephyr's Butterfly]
You. Your beauty and caring. I want to remember your help. I never want to forget that.

The Butterfly [transforms back into Sailor Zephyr]
Very well... you will forget all that you have done in the past. Your memories of this battle will be gone. Only Sailor Pluto, the Council of 12, and I will ever know what happened, Kagemusha. Live your life as best you can... and be happy... [she touched Robyn's forehead and Robyn blanked out...]

* * *
[Voices from nowhere, yet everywhere... calling her name...]

Robyn? Hey... I think she's coming around... Amy!

Bay! Chill! You want to scare her!?

Ah, shut up, Serena!

Knock it off, both of you, this is neither the time nor the place to get into this!

Robyn [tries to speak]
Buh... Bah.... {"What's wrong? Where am I? Why can't I talk?"}

Bay's voice [clearer now]
Robyn? Amy! She's trying to talk... get the nurse...

Robyn [trying to open her eyes]
{"Nurse?! Not the hospital... please not the hospital..."} Baa...Buh... {"Spit it out, Damn it!"} Bay!

Bay [taking her hand]
I'm right here, Rob. Hush now... You took quite a beating... You'll be fine...

Serena [concerned]
What happened anyway?

Bay [shrugs]
I dunno... it's weird, I heard her yelling, and when I got there, she was laying there, pretty beat up... three guys were running away, but I didn't want to leave her alone... that's why I called you guys...

Robyn [confused]
{"I was beat up? When?!"} [still trying to open her eyes, but they feel like they're weighed down] Bay... where am I?

Bay [warmly]
You're in the hospital... you're safe, now... How do you feel?

Robyn [opening her eyes... finally]
Like I was hit with a Mack Truck... Did you get the license number? [puts a hand on her forehead, and feels cuts and a large bump] Nevermind... I think I have it here... oowww... [she puts her hand on her chest, feeling something there] What's this? [she lifts her head, weakly and sees a heart monitor] Why-?

Bay [pulls her hand from the monitor]
You've pulled that off while you were out about 5 times... leave it alone... You were in pretty bad shape by the time I got there, Rob. [sighs] Your dad's really upset... he thought he'd lost you...

Robyn [looks at Bay]
Like Mom?

Bay [shakes her head]
Yeah, like your mom... He was really upset...

Robyn [A little relieved]
{"Mom's dead? Why do I feel better about that? It's like I knew that, but had to ask... that was stupid..."} Well, if he's here, tell him, I'll see him... if not...

Cyrus [runs over]
Robyn! Oh, Pumpkin, I thought I'd lost you! What happened?! Are you ok?!

Robyn [totally shocked]
Dad... dad... I'm fine... could you not squeeze so hard... My ribs kinda hurt... [she smiles, but feels a pain in her jaw] Ow... is there any part that didn't get whupped?

Bay [smiling at her]
Your brain? I think they missed your feet too... [grins and walks over] I'm glad to see you're up for a little joking... how about some dinner?

Robyn [laughed a little, but she felt like her chest was on fire when she did]
Oohh... it hurts to laugh... [looks at Bay and half smiles] You and Serena I think are tied when it comes to food on the brain...

Bay [smirking]
Funny... you're definitely feeling better if you're making cracks about me now...

Robyn [smiling]
I am feeling up to dinner... I'm really hungry... I could even eat hospital food... [grins]

Serena [smiling]
Yeah... that stuff is disgusting sometimes... but I love the desserts!

Rei [smacking Serena]
Ah, be quiet, Meatball Head! You'll eat anything that has sugar as an ingredient...

Serena [rubbing her head]
I will not!

Bay [laughing]
You beat me on that, Serena... you do...

Serena [pouting]
I do not... could we drop it!?

Robyn [giggling, even though it hurt]
I like the fighting... I missed it...

Bay [looks strangely at Robyn]
Missed it?

Robyn [now looking strangely at Bay]
Yeah... [thinks for a moment, then sees the looks everyone's giving her] Ah... Bay, can I talk to you alone for a minute?

Bay [shrugs]
Sure... [the others leave, looking at Robyn strangely as the walk out. Bay pulls up a chair] What's wrong?

Robyn [seriously]
Bay? Tell me what's happened... I mean everything... I know this sounds strange, but I want to know everything... something doesn't feel right...

Bay [leaning up against the bed]
What do you mean?

I... I think you know something more about what happened during the past two years.

Bay [really nervous, remembering what the Council said]
Honestly, Robyn, I haven't a clue...

Your not lying to me, are you?

Bay [deep swallow]
Have I ever lied to you? {"Or at least a lie that you know of?"}

Robyn [signing]
No.... I guess not.

{"She bought it!"} Yeah....

We're still friends right?

Bay [smiling]
Best buds.

Robyn [smiles and looks down]
What do you remember... I mean about the past two years?

Ah.... nothing. I just remember... waking up in the trash bin, you?

Robyn [unsure]
{"She doesn't remember the timeline... I wonder..."} Does Sailor Astid ring a bell?

Bay [frowns]
Yeah... she's been after us for awhile... something about a wheel... We thought that's who attacked you... til we found the switchblade one of the punks dropped...

What about my mom?

What about her?

You haven't seen her?

Only on your dresser.

My dresser?

Yeah... that picture you have on your dresser.

Robyn [freaked]
What picture?!

Bay [confused]
The one of you and your dad at her funeral... with a little wallet photo of her in the corner of the frame?

Robyn [looks out the window and sees a butterfly fly by... a yellow and pink one]
{"I guess the timeline really was restored..."} [she sighs] Oh...

Bay [concerned]
What's wrong?

Nothing... [looks over] Bay? Have you ever heard of a Star Collector?

Bay [worried about Robyn]
I think you better lay back down...

Robyn [shakes her head]
No... [smiles] It, ah, i-it was just a dream, then... [looks out the window] What Council?

Bay [shocked]
Hunh?! {"Oh no..."}

Robyn [confused]
I saw something in a dream... A large grayish room. It was a circle... with 12 shadowy figures... And a guy... I know I wanted to help... but I can't move now...

{"Think quick..."} A dream, eh? With a boy. Maybe you've got a crush on someone? [despirately tring to steer her away] He go to school?

Robyn [seeing the panic]
You know something... Bay... What's wrong... I mean, it was too vivid, and familiar... [hears a scratching on the glass, turns her head] Aph! [smiling, she goes to move and jerks her head] OW! Ah... Bay? [points] Could you?

Oh... Sure. [she gets up and opens the window to the room, letting Aphrodite in]

Robyn, you ok?

Robyn [hugs her]
I am now. [smiling] Could you answer-

Bay [not wanting to get on the topic again]
Rob?! Maybe you should just relax...

Robyn [confused]
Yeah... right... [lays back, and Aph lays on her] Aph? What really happened? I'm sure of some things, and fuzzy on others...

Bay [smirking]
Well, getting whacked on the head will do that...

Robyn [smirking back]
Yeah... {"Angie..."} [giggles at the thought]

What's so funny?


[A knock on the door and Amy pokes her head in]

Bay? The doctors say to let her rest.

Bay [looking at Amy]
Ok. [turns back to Robyn] Robyn, were going to go... but if you need us, you know how to get us.


Bay [trying to be girl-like]
And when you get better, we'll go hunt down that boy in your dream.

Robyn [smirks]
Oh, ha ha... Are you sure you didn't get smacked too?

Bay [smirks back]
Funny... get some rest... the window's open, Aph can leave then. Bye... [turns and leaves]

Robyn [petting Aph]
Yeah... bye... [looks at her cat] Now that she's gone, can I talk to you?

Sure, what about?

Robyn [sighs]
A dream...

Aphrodite [confused]
Um, ok... what was it?

Robyn [staring out the window]
A large circular room, grayish... there were 12 shadowy figures, a guy... and you. I was standing there and the guy is familiar... I know him... I want to help him... I feel that he's being treated unfairly. But I don't remember what... [looks back at Aph] I know I can move, but I don't... I just stand there. I try to talk, but nothing comes out. I try to reach out, I can't... I feel helpless, but I keep trying... The boy is calling for me, but all I can do is watch, and wish I could do something... Why? ...[she drifts off and stares at the window again, where the butterfly sits on the open windowsill] [softly, almost silent] Zephyr...

Aphrodite [half jokingly]
Sounds like you got a crush on someone.

Not you too.

Well, it sounds like it.

Robyn [sadly]
Yeah, some crush... I think he dies at the end... [frowns and stares at the butterfly] Isn't it pretty?

Aphrodite [looks at the window, seeing nothing]
Ah... What? The sky?

Robyn [jerks her head]
Ow... No! The butterfly... you can't see it?

Aphrodite [worried]
I think the drugs are kicking in... I'll let you sleep... maybe this time you'll go on a date with this boy... [smirks, grabs the blanket with her teeth and tries to cover Robyn]

Robyn [confused, still seeing the butterfly]
You really can't- [sighs] Alright... I'll call if I need you guys... bye, Aph...

Aphrodite leaps onto the window, and out of sight, saying]
Bye, Robyn!

Robyn [shocked]
She- she went right through it!?