Sailor S
Episode 19 Chapter 1

"Star Seeds"

Bay [seeing Robyn walking slowly towards her]
ROBYN! Hey! What's up?

Robyn [sighs, not hearing Bay]
Mom's not supposed to be here... It's not right... what's going on...

Bay [grabs Robyn's arm]
Hey, Space Cadet! What's the matter? [smiles]

Robyn [half smiles at her]
I'm sorry, Bay... [looks back down to the ground] I've got a lot on my mind now...

Bay [sees this is serious]
Can I do something?

Robyn [laughs nervously]
Yeah, put mom back where- [looks at Bay] Nevermind...

Bay [seriously]
Wow, this is really getting to you, isn't it? [looks around] Where's Aph?

Robyn [sighs again]
Mom won't let her out when I'm at school. She locks her in my room, windows shut...

Bay [winces]
Ouch... and your mom's not tofu yet? I thought Aph hated being locked up...

Robyn [half grins]
Nah... I mean, Aph hates it, but for some reason, she's like me, no matter how bad things are, we could never hurt mom... or dad... [starts to walk off, clutching her books tighter]

Bay [chases her]
Rob, wait! What's really wrong...? I've never seen you this depressed...

Robyn [starting to cry]
Just leave me alone! I don't want to talk about this anymore! Mom's supposed to be dead... I had finally accepted it... Now she's here again... I can't take this, Bay!

Bay [puts her arm on her friend's shoulder]
I'm sorry, Robyn. I didn't-

Robyn [drops her books and turns into Bay]
Bay... this can't be real... We have to be dreaming... why is everything so different?! What happened to those two years?! [she's sobbing into Bay's uniform, just totally upset, needing support]

Bay [nervous]
Ah... I really don't know.. Things were fine, then, poof! I wake up back in the streets, and you get your mom back... {"I'd personally like to get my hands on whoever thought this would be funny..."} [she frowns at no one]

Robyn [sniffs]
I'd rather everything be like it was before! {"Even though it's all slightly cloudy..."} Bay, I don't feel so good...

Bay [hears Robyn's voice shake]
What? Why?

Robyn [looks up and sniffs]
I- I don't know, I've been like this all day...

Bay [feels her start to shake]
Are you eating?

Robyn [looks to the side]
Well, I had lunch...

Bay [frowns]
Yeah, a half a tuna sandwich... You gave me the rest...

Robyn [still looking to the side]

Bay [angry]
A piece of toast... What about yesterday?

Robyn [looks up]
You saw everything...

Bay [upset]
You've got to stop this! Why are you-

Robyn [slightly angry]
Hey! I'm eat- [she falters and loses her balance] -ing... [sighs] Bay, I'm just not very hungry lately... [she yawns] Or tired...

Bay [looks at her sternly]
When was the last time you slept? Everytime I go to sleep, you're still up... and you're always up before me...

Robyn [looks away]
It's been.. um, I slept when... I mean... When you woke me up last...

Bay [surprised]
Two days?! Robyn this isn't like you! What's the matter?

Robyn [still shaking]
Can we sit down? My legs don't feel too strong all of a sudden...

Bay [helps her to a nearby bench]
Stay. I'll get your books. [she walks over and picks up Robyn's books, a picture falls out of her notebook] Hunh? [She picks it up and sees it's Robyn and her Dad in front of a black casket. Robyn is wearing her black dress and her father is wearing a black tux. They aren't smiling...] Her mom's funeral... But-

Robyn [curious]
Bay? What's wrong?

Bay [still holding the picture, she stands up]
Rob? Why are you carrying this around? [walks over, sits beside her and holds out the picture]

Robyn [bites her lip]
I- ah, It's to- Mom's supposed to... I just... [she bites her lip again]

Bay [concerned]
Robyn, this is not helping you... You should get rid of this... Your mom's not in this thing anymore... she's alive and with you... [goes to tear the picture]

Robyn [grabs the picture and clutches it against her]
NO! I refuse to... I know that, Bay... but it's the reality... Mom can't be here... when she's supposed to be here [she points to the picture]

Bay [puts her arm on Robyn's shoulder]
You're hurting yourself like this, Rob... you've just got to accept that the accident you told me about never happened...

Robyn [crying]
No... I saw mom... I watched her die in the hospital... I saw her in this casket... Aph did too... We know she's dead! This woman with us now is not my mother! [she gets up to run, but falls to her knees about three steps from the bench] Ouch... [slams her fist on the pavement] I hate this! [holds her hand against her] Ow... Ah, man...

Bay [worried]
Robyn... I'm concerned... [she walks over and notices Robyn's face is slightly pale] Rob, I think you better eat something... come on, we'll go see Serena... She's bound to have food... [she smiles hoping to cheer Robyn up, and sees Robyn's picture has a drop of fresh blood on it] Robyn? Where are you bleeding from?

Robyn [looks at her picture]
This is not a good sign... It's covering dad's face... [she uncovers her fist and Bay sees a big scrape on the side of the hand she slammed on the ground]

Bay [reaching for the hand]
Robyn, we should get that cleaned and bandaged...

Robyn [looks at her hand]
I guess... [She drops the picture and curls up...] I don't like the way these past few days have gone, Bay...

Bay [comforting her]
Why? I mean... tell me...

Robyn [frowning]
You know... too many things that are too different... I can't do this, Bay! I've had some serious talks with Aph, and thought about it on my own...

Bay [a little afraid of where this one's headed]
Ah... Rob, maybe you should just think of something else...

Robyn [angrily]
I think the Scouts would be better off without me! [she starts bawling into her legs, which were pulled up against her chest]

Bay [worried]
What makes you think like that, Robyn? I don't think they'd be better off...

Robyn [sniffs]
What good am I?! All I can do is copy other peoples moves and powers... I have nothing original... I'm not a real Scout! [she sobs harder]

Bay [putting her hand on Robyn's shoulder]
Rob... What about your Dark Shadow Attack? No one else can use that... and now... you have a weapon... only Serena really has anything that can be considered one... [smiling] You are original... I'd be happy to have so many moves I could do... I've only got two...

Robyn [sniffs]
You're only saying that, Bay, you don't mean it...

Bay [serious]
Yes, I do! I know the others would agree! You are a valuable member of the team! Look at how many bad guys you've beaten with us! As a matter of fact... you beat one all by yourself, and saved everyone... remember?

Robyn [a little confused]
When? You're lying to me now, Bay...

Bay [confused]
You... you don't remember? {"She's forgotten!"}

Robyn [angrily]
No! I think I'd remember something like that! Quit trying to cheer me up with fake stories that never happened! All that does is make me feel worse! [she gets an adrenaline rush and is able to take off through the park, as a shortcut home...]

Bay [surprised]
Robyn! Wait! [quieter] It did happen... {"Didn't it?"} [Bay grabs Robyn's books and puts them in with hers. She follows Robyn into the park]

* * *
Bay [searching the park]
Robyn! {"I really wish she'd quit doing this to me..."} ROB! Where are you! I'm sorry if I upset you! C'mon! I hate hide and seek... {"Especially when I'm the seeker..."}

Robyn's Voice [angrily from a distance]
Get off of me, you creep... I said let go!

Bay [hearing that]
Oh, geez... now what...

Robyn [fighting off three guys]
Gimme that! Leave me alone!

Guy 1 [obviously high or drunk... maybe both...]
Come on... one little kissy...

Robyn [smacking him, hard]
Get away from me!

Bay [angrily]
I really hate it when people do this... [pulls out her locket] I guess this would be better than to show up as Bay... Sun Power!

Robyn [being held by the third guy now]
Get offa me! Let go!

Sailor Sun [angrily]
Let the girl go, guys... break it up...

Guy 2 [laughs]
Look! It's a fruit loop! [laughs harder]

Sailor Sun [smirking]
{"I never thought anyone would agree..."} Yeah... a fruit loop... that can kick your ass! Let her go!

Guy 1 [still near Robyn]
Ahh, go to hell ya yellow freak...

Sailor Sun [definitely not liking this guys attitude...]
Freak?! [she leaps at him and hits him in the... well... the place that would really hurt... that's what you get for pissing Bay off, then standing facing her...*g*]

Robyn [sees where he got hit]
Ouch... [she snickers, then wriggles around, trying to get loose from Guy 3's grip] Lemme go!

Guy 3 [thinks]
Hmmm... NAH! [he pulls out a switchblade and holds it to her throat] Hey! Fruit Loop!

Sailor Sun [after knocking out the second guy, turns and sees what's going on]
{"This is not her day..."} Let her go, creep... What do you want from her anyway...

Guy 3 [glaring]
Her seed...

Sailor Sun [confused]
If that's a sick way of saying-

Guy 3 [laughs evilly]
No! Her Star Seed.... [He transforms into a gruesome demon] For the first in my collection... of Sailor Scout Star Seeds....

Sailor Sun [angry]
You are nuts, buddy...

Sailor Moon [from behind the demon]
Heeeyah! [knocking it over, with Robyn under it...] Let my friend go, Creep!

Robyn [weakly]
Help... [she moans, slightly] Bay...?

Sailor Sun [runs over to the creature and pushes him off Robyn]
Rob? You ok? Say something...

Robyn [looks up at Sun]
I'll be ok... he was just heavy... I'm still not feeling too good...[she passes out]

Sailor Sun [with her hand on Robyn's face]
{"We still need to get you to eat..."} I'll keep you safe, Rob... [stands up and takes a defensive position over her] Hey, Ugly! I still didn't get you back for that Fruit Loop crack! Sun Flare Strike!

Demon [turns and the tunnel of fire hits him, but he just hits a tree and stands up, like he was punched... not burnt...]
That's a nice try, Sailor Sun... [he takes his switchblade and it becomes a very strange looking device...] Maybe you'd be willing to give up your Star Seed instead?! [a claw-like device shoots at her]

Sailor Sun [diving out of the way, taking Robyn with her] I'd rather keep that, thank you... {"C'mon, Rob, wake up!"}

Sailor Moon [confused]
Star Seed? What's that?

Demon [turning and doing the same thing towards her]
Well, if you'd like to know, I'll show you your very own, Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon [sees that thing coming at her, she's frozen in fright]
I- um, If ...

Sailor Sun [rolls her eyes]
Ah, geez... Sun Flare Strike! [the tunnel hits the claw right before it hits Moon, who looks very freaked out...] I gotta get some backup... [she pulls out her communicator and calls for help...] Amy! Scouts! Come in! Please!

Amy [worriedly answers]
What's wrong?!

Sailor Sun [keeps looking up]
We kinda need some help here... Sailor Moon's frozen in place... She's freaked again... Robyn's out... I'll tell you later... and this demon is after our Star Seeds...

Amy [confused]
Star Seeds?

Sailor Sun [angrily]
Could you guys just get to the park, PRONTO!?!?

Amy [nods]
Right! [she shuts off the communicator]

Sailor Sun [closing hers]
{"Hurry..."} Robyn? [she looks down and sees Robyn's bleeding, near her throat] Oh, great, Serena must have knocked the blade into you when she kicked the monster... [gently shakes Robyn] Robyn? Can you hear me?

Robyn [her eyes fluttering open, and very weak]
Bay? [she reaches up to her neck, and feels the cut, then takes her hand away and sees the blood] I think the omen was for me...

Sailor Sun [shakes her head]
Stop talking like this... please? Your starting to scare me...

Robyn [smiles]
I can't tell you lies... I really believe this is supposed to-

Sailor Mercury
I am Sailor Mercury! I stand for truth and honor! I will wash away the evil in this world... starting with you!

Demon [turning his head]
Pretty speeches don't impress me, Sailor Mercury... [he shoots that claw at her]

Sailor Mercury [not liking the looks of it, leaps out of the way]
Why do you want the Sailor Scouts' Star Seeds?! {"Even though I really don't know what they are..."}

Luna [from behind Moon]
The Star Collector... no... He's been gone... trapped for centuries!

Sailor Moon [confused]
The Star Collector?

Demon [hearing the name]
Yes! I'm glad you remember me, Luna... You helped trap me! [dives at the cat]

Sailor Moon [pulling Luna away]
No! [looks at Luna] What is he talking about?

Luna [yelling]
We don't have the time for an explanation! Don't let him touch you!

Robyn [looks at Luna]
Too late... [she passes out again]

Sailor Sun [very mad now]
Luna! Why?

He will steal your will and strength! If he cannot own your Star Seed, he'll settle for making you his slave!

Star Collector [smiling]
Yes, Luna Cat... And your friend Robyn will be first... I almost had her totally under control until Moon Face showed up...

Sailor Sun [getting really tired of this guy]
I've had enough of everyone picking on Robyn! I'm tired of all the bad guys thinking she's the weakest and easiest target! I refuse to stand by while this happens! I am Sailor Sun! Solar Locket Power! [Out of nowhere, she holds up her locket and it changes becoming star-shaped. It glows yellow and she is covered with the light. When the light dissipates, her outfit looks more like the Sailor Scouts have currently... I guess she's been upgraded...*g*] You are going down, Star Collector!

Sailor Moon [after watching all this...]
Uh... Luna?

Luna [totally shocked]
No clue, Serena...

Sailor Sun [closes her eyes and clasps her hands]
Solar Comet Strike! [she pounds the ground, and a large ball of fire, looking like a comet comes from behind her, hitting The Star Collector, knocking him out...] Now...[stands up] How do we get rid of him?

Luna [remembering]
We trapped him in between worlds last time, but we've seen that didn't hold him... I really don't know... Bay.

Sailor Sun [stands and thinks]
We'll have to destroy him... But how do we do that?

[Sailor Jupiter, Mars, and Venus come up from behind Mercury]

Sailor Mars [smirks]
Looks like we missed all the fun...

Sailor Sun [turns]
Not yet, Mars...

Sailor Venus [confused]
Bay? Your... your uniform...

Sailor Sun [just now realizing she felt different]
Hunh? [she looks down and sees that her uniform is now like the ones they wear] How? I don't remember... What happened?

Robyn [leaning against a tree, thanks to Mercury, who's beside her]
The same way I transformed before... it just came through. You yelled Solar Locket Power... you were upset that everyone picked on me... [she half smiled]

Sailor Sun [confused]
Solar? Locket? What... I...

Robyn [still smiling]
Bay... I'm glad I have friends like you.

Sailor Sun [walks over and kneels down]
Me too...

Robyn [closes her eyes]
I really don't feel all that good, suddenly... [she goes limp]

Sailor Mercury [feeling her pulse]
She passed out, she's weak. [looks up] Are you ok, Bay?

Sailor Sun [looks at Mercury]
Yeah, why?

Sailor Mercury [shrugs]
Well, after all that happened... [looks back at Robyn] We should get her to the hospital...

Star Collector [holding a white cat]
I'll make you into a helper... little Artemis!

Artemis [mrowling]
Mina! Let me go, you!

Sailor Venus [hearing her cat]
Artemis! No!

Artemis [falling to the ground]
Ungh... [his voice is different now...] Mina... [looks posessed]

Sailor Venus [crying]
Artemis... no...

Star Collector [holding a ball of white light in his hand]
His will is mine! He will only obey ME! [looks to the cat] Attack Sailor Venus!

Artemis [leaps at Venus, claws out and eyes totally red and blank]
Attack Venus!

Sailor Venus [sees her cat diving at her, but can't move]
Artemis! No! It's me! [Artemis lands on her and starts to claw her, shredding her uniform]

Sailor Sun [grabbing Robyn's jacket]
{"Here goes another jacket... sorry, Rob..."} Artemis! [she puts the jacket over Artemis and he's flipping out]

Artemis [in that deep, "I'm posessed" voice...]
Let me out of here, Sun! Now!

Sailor Sun [pretends to think]
Hmmm.... Ah... no. Sorry, Art. [looks to Star Collector, then Venus, who's out and pretty cut up] I'm sorry, Artemis... Mina... [she whacks the jacket against the tree, knocking Artemis out] I didn't know what else to do...

Luna [crying in Sailor Moon's arms]
Not Artemis... no... Get that light from him!

Sailor Moon [looks up angrily]
Star Collector! You decide to pick on little animals, who can't defend themselves? That's low... even for an evil thing like you... [she sets Luna down and pulls out her Moon Scepter] Moon Scepter Elimination! [the scepter shot out the little moons and stars, then Star Collector dropped the light, Sun catches it right before it hit the ground]

Luna [runs over to Sun]
Hurry, go over to Artemis before he wakes up!

Sailor Sun [nods and gets up]
Please forgive me for knocking you out, Art... [she and Luna are over him, the light enters his body and he starts to come to...]

Artemis [looks up, sees Sun, jumps up and hisses]
Get away from me!

Luna [angrily]
Artemis! Knock it off! She saved you! [looks at Mina] And Mina...

Artemis [seeing how badly he had attacked her]
Oh, no... Mina... I- I... [runs over to her] Mina... I'm sorry... [he lays down with his head on her chest, crying]

Sailor Sun [puts a hand on him]
It wasn't your fault... you had no control...

Artemis [looking at Sun]
Why did you save me?

Sailor Sun [smiles]
I've been trying to tell you... Rob and I are on your side...

Luna [looks over at Robyn]
What's the matter with her... She looks really bad...

Sailor Sun [sighs]
That's a story I really don't think we've got time for... We've got to get rid of this Star Collector bozo... He's really bad news. I mean, Serena's scepter only knocked him out again... [looks down] I think I just got in a lucky shot...

Sailor Mercury [concerned]
Guys, her breathing's shallow, I was able to stop the bleeding, but we really need to get her to a hospital!

Star Collector [at it again...]
I'll take that problem off your hands... [that device comes out again...]

Sailor Sun [getting up and diving at Robyn]
No way! [she lunges and gets to Robyn right as that claw does. Instead of hitting Robyn, it hits Bay] Noooo!!! [A glow surrounds her and her locket falls to the ground. When the light disappears, an unconscious stranger lies on Robyn, who saw part of this...]

Robyn [crying]
Bay? [seeing the body] No... please, no... {"That sounds familiar... this whole thing does... why?"} Is this real? [looks at Bay, who's disappeared, as did the other Scouts, the cats, and the Star Collector.] What's happening? What's going on? Where am I?

A ghostly voice [from everywhere and nowhere]
This is really happening, Robyn. Your friend gave her life to save you... You are between reality and fantasy. I am the keeper of this place. Sailor Zephyr. Second Sailor of the Wind... things that are reality and things that are fantasy. I keep them balanced, and I set right what is wrong, but this time, it is very difficult. In conjuction with Sailor Pluto, time has been stopped.

Robyn [totally lost]
Um, I ah, I'm really confused, Sailor... ah, Zephyr?

Sailor Zephyr [nods and waves her hand, causing a small wand to appear]
This is my key. It keeps the balance between reality and fantasy. A very difficult task, but you have gone through much more than any mere mortal. You have gone through the complete cycle of death and rebirth twice.

Robyn [curiously]
Death and rebirth? Complete cycle? I'm sorry, Sailor Zephyr, but I'm really way behind you now. [realizes she is feeling much better] Why am I feeling better?

Sailor Zephyr [smiling]
Time is stopped. With no time, there can be no pain. I must set right what this Star Collector has done. That requires going back in time to when he first appeared in your reality. [looks at her 'key'] But to fix the timeline completely, we must return to the first time The Collector appeared. The time of the Moon Kingdom's youth... Queen Serenity had just given birth to Princess Serena... It was a joyous time for the kingdom, but the Star Collector saw she posessed a Senshi Star Seed.

Robyn [stopping her story]
Wait... a Senshi Star Seed? What are these Star Seeds?

Sailor Zephyr [holds out her hand and creates a beautiful, but small crystal, it is yellow and shines brightly]
This is Sailor Sun's Star Seed. With time stopped, I was able to save it from being destroyed.

Robyn [staring at the crystal]
"Everyone has a Star Seed, but only the ones that glitter forever are the ones that belong to a Senshi."

Sailor Zephyr [smiling]
You remembered... Sailor Shadow...

Robyn [shaken out of her dream state]
No. I- I can't... I mean, I'm no good as a Scout...

Sailor Zephyr [holds the seed out to Robyn]
Hold this. You must believe in yourself to save your friend...

Robyn [reached out and touched Sun's Star Seed]
It- it's beautiful... warm... [as she said this, her outfit transformed into a lilac dress like she wore in the Moon Kingdom. She was transported to the Moon in the time Zephyr told her about. The Seed disappeared] Zephyr?! What's happened? Where- [she sees Queen Serenity and her memories of the Moon Kingdom are restored] Serenity... Serena... [she hears Zephyr's voice giving her one last piece of advice] {"You must remember this time period to save your friends in the future. If you don't believe in yourself, you cannot win, Sailor Shadow..."} Zephyr... [she falls to her knees] Why does this all ride on me? Why can't I have help?

Queen Serenity [seeing a stranger]
Hello, young lady. Who might you be? [she was smiling and carrying a baby]

Robyn [looks up]
My name is R- Bay, Your Majesty. [she stands up and curtsied] Is this Princess Serena?

Queen Serenity [smiling warmly]
Yes. You must be a seer from Earth.

Robyn/Bay [smiles]
You could say that, Your Highness.

Queen Serenity [smiling]
Please, call me Serenity. Join me in my walk to the gardens. Please?

Robyn/Bay [curtsied]
I'd enjoy that very much, Serenity. [she walked with Queen Serenity to the Moon Gardens] I have a terrible vision, My Queen. There will be an evil person after Serena. She posesses a Senshi Star Seed. They wish to take it.

Queen Serenity [worried]
My Serena? Has a Senshi Star Seed? That explains my feelings and dreams then, Bay. [she looked at a half asleep Serena] I've had vivid dreams of a creature taking my Princess from me.

Robyn/Bay [concerned and sorry]
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything. It's just that I have seen this creature, he will try to collect all the Senshi Star Seeds. You will succeed this time in defeating him, but he will return in the distant future, and kill The Sailor Scouts.

Queen Serenity [smiles at Robyn/Bay]
I trust you. I know you only wish to warn me and protect us. Have you seen anything else?

Robyn/Bay [shakes her head]
{"How I wish I could warn you about Sukia and Queen Beryl... But that will destroy the timeline that I am here to repair... I'm sorry..."} No, that is everything I have seen. [she looks at Serena, now asleep] She looks so peaceful... [smiles]

Queen Serenity [smiles]
Yes, she does.

Robyn/Bay [covers her mouth]
{"I didn't realize I said that out loud..."} I think we should get inside, it's getting dark.

Queen Serenity [nodding]
Yes. Come, I'll show you where you can stay the night. [they walk into the Castle and Robyn feels so happy, and calm]

* * *
Robyn [in her room]
Zephyr? Can you hear me? I really need to talk to someone... [she looks around] Sailor Zephyr? [sighs] I guess not... [she then hears a voice inside her head]

Sailor Zephyr [softly]
What's wrong, Robyn? Is everything ok?

Robyn [looking down]
I don't know, how am I supposed to stop this Collector? Queen Serenity believes I'm a seer, not a Sailor Scout from the future... I can't use my Powers to destroy this creature... [looks up] What can I do?

Sailor Zephyr [warmly]
Robyn... I told you, you must believe in yourself, you'll know what you must do when the time arrives. In this period, you are but an infant yourself. No one has ever heard of Sailor Shadow, or Robyn... except your mother... but I saw how you handled Serenity, I am glad you remember why you are here. You are doing well, Kagemusha, continue, and you will be well rewarded when you return, as will your friends...

Robyn [looking to the window and seeing a pink and yellow butterfly sitting there]
Sailor Zephyr?

Sailor Zephyr [fading]
I am always with you in your quest, Kagemusha... Remember your guardian, and you will succeed...

Robyn [sees the butterfly fade out as Zephyr's voice did]
But... Aphrodite's my... [reaches out towards the window]Zephyr... Wait... [she falls onto the bed] I want to go home... I'm not a Kagemusha... I'm not a Shadow Warrior... Why does everyone think I can do this stuff?! [she's crying into the bed and she feels soft kitten like fur on her arm]

Female Voice [young]
What's the matter, Bay?

Robyn [looks up and sees a young Luna]
Luna? [sniffs] How much did you hear?

Luna [concerned]
What's a Shadow Warrior? Who thinks you can do what?

Robyn [still crying]
I can't tell you, Luna. I really wish I could tell you everything... But I'm here on a mission, and I could destroy all of us if I say anymore. [sobbing] Please, don't make me tell you anymore... Luna... my future is depending on me getting this right! All our futures are... Can you promise me you won't tell Serenity what I've said?

Luna [seeing how upset Robyn/"Bay" was]
Of course... but if anything endangers our Queen and Princess... You must promise to speak up, or I do... understand?

Robyn [hugs the kitten]
Of course, Luna! [sniffs] Thank you... [she sat Luna down and got a strange look as Luna left] I really do wish I could tell you everything... please keep your promise... Luna...

[A butterfly rests on the widowsill, as Robyn lies down to sleep]

* * *
Bay [angrily]
Would you knock it off, Meatball Head! It's your fault we lost her!

Serena [crying]
It is not! You've never called me that, Bay...

[Robyn is looking in on all this]

Bay [pissed, and half crying]
You jumped on that creature! You put the blade into her neck! YOU killed Robyn!

Serena [starts bawling]
I didn't know there was a knife at her throat! It's not my fault!

Robyn [softly]
No... [louder] Bay... I'm here! I'm still here! I'm not dead!

Rei [half crying herself, but very angry]
This is the last straw, Serena! You can't do anything right! Robyn's dead now because you tried to be the hero!

Amy [quietly in the corner]
She's gone, can we just leave her spirit rest?

Robyn [yelling]
BAY! AMY! I'm- [her hand passes through Bay's arm] no... I can't be dead! I'm not! BAY! I'm not DEAD!

A Female Voice [from behind her]
Robyn? It's time...

Robyn [hearing that phrase]
No! I can't leave... my friends! They-

Voice [softly]
You can't stay here...

Robyn [waking up]
I can't leave... I- [looks up to see Queen Serenity] Queen Serenity! [she sits up, quickly]

Queen Serenity [concerned]
Are you alright, Bay?

Robyn [remembering Serenity thinks her name is Bay]
Yes. I- I'll be fine. [she looks to the window and notices a shadowy outline] I just need to finish waking up. [she smiles] I'll be out soon. Thank you.

Queen Serenity [as she leaves]
Yes, you should eat something. We look forward to your presence. [she smiles]

Robyn [smiles back]
I'll be out soon... [the door shuts, leaving her alone] Zephyr? Is that you? [she stares at the outline. It becomes the pink and yellow butterfly Zephyr called her guardian]

Sailor Zephyr
Yes, today is the day, Robyn. Prepare yourself... it will be difficult, but you will succeed, if you can believe in yourself... remember that... now go... eat! You need strength!

Robyn [grumbles]
I really wish people would stop telling me that... I'll eat when I'm hungry... [she gets up and changes into a white dress that was in the closet] This is beautiful. [she steps in front of the mirror and swears she sees Princess Serena] Serena? [she turns around] Serena... I will protect you... and my friends! Our future is safe... I won't let my dream happen! [looks over her shoulder to the mirror] {"I can't..."}

* * *
Queen Serenity [worried]
Is Bay alright? [looks to Luna] Would you see if she's feeling alright?

Robyn [hearing this as she enters the room]
No need, My Queen, I just got lost... I found my way here with the smell of the delicious food cooking. [she smiled at Serenity, and for a moment, thought of Serena in the future...] {"It's been so long since I roamed these hallways... I never thought it'd be possible to do it again..."}

Luna [half bowed]
You look lovely, Bay. Just like a princess. [she looked up and smiled]

Robyn [smiles]
{"Yeah... that line sounds way too familiar..."} Thank you, Luna. [she curtsied, to be polite, and then sat down]

Queen Serenity [as she places Serena in a high chair next to her]
Tell us of yourself, Bay... Where do you come from, how did you get here...

Robyn [freaking in her mind]
{"Oh man! I forgot how much of a conversationalist Serenity was..."} I come from Earth. I transported to the Moon to relax in the public gardens, but I got lost and had that vision I told you of... {"Please drop this..."}

Queen Serenity [looking at her daughter]
Yes, I had a dream last night and awoke with a start. I searched in the dark for Serena's cradle. She was sound asleep, but I'm worried... I sense a great evil near don't you, Bay?

Robyn [staring at her plate]
Yes, unfortunately I do, Serenity... Too near...

[They eat their meal in mostly silence with the occasianal talk of a contest for a Sailor Sun... They say someone should be the protector of the Moon Kingdom until the Princesses are old enough to recieve their powers...]

Robyn [having hardly eaten anything, senses the time of the event she must stop drawing near]
Queen Serenity, I am grateful for your hospitality, and I am glad that you took me in, but I must now leave as the time has come to say Good-bye.

Queen Serenity [confused]
Do you not sense the danger? You must not leave now...

Robyn [breathes deeply]
Yes, that is why I must go. I must prevent this. It is my destiny. Again, I thank you for everything, Serenity... [she looks at Serena and then Luna] Princess Serena, be safe. And Luna? Guard her well, she will be a very beautiful Princess... [Robyn starting to cry, runs out the entrance to the dining hall and towards the front door, when a memory hit her suddenly] The back? He attacks from behind... [feels a sharp pain near her throat, and her future memories are returned to her] Bay! Scouts! [she clutches her neck where The Collector had cut her, and feels warm, sticky blood] No... I'll stop him this time... [looks up and as she stands up, she rips the skirt on the dress. When she jerks her head to look, a drop of blood falls on the pure white fabric] {"Not a good sign..."}

Queen Serenity [screams]
The palace is being attacked!

Robyn [turns around]
I've got to- [she falls again] I've got to stop tripping... [she looks at the skirt] I know what I can do... [she rips the dress until it is the length of her Scout Uniform's skirt. She takes a strip of fabric and ties it around her throat to help put pressure on the cut. She then realizes she'd never fought in heels, so, she breaks the heels off and amazingly, they seem to become flat shoes with no problem...] {"This is weird..."}

Luna [running up to her as she ties the fabric on her neck]
Serenity's not going to like what happened to that dress... [silence] But it looks good... familiar...

Robyn [turns and for the first time, feels her hair. It's as long as it was when she was an honorary princess]
Thanks, Luna. [she takes another piece of fabric and ties her hair back] I'm ready. [she stands up and takes a defensive position] {"The first Scout Uniform... heh."}

[A deep, evil voice booms from the dining hall]
Princess Serena!

Robyn [hearing the voice, she takes off]
NO! [she enters and sees Serenity on the floor with an injured leg, and Serena lying on the floor about 5 feet in front of her] Princess Serena! Queen Serenity! [she runs and picks up Serena, then goes to help Serenity up] Come on!

Queen Serenity [shakes her head]
No! Save Serena! Hide!

Robyn [about to turn and run, then a thought flashes through her mind]
{"If you believe in yourself, you will win, Kagemusha..."} [stands still, and hands Serena to Serenity, calling for Luna.] Luna! [the cat comes over] Now's your chance to prove your guardian status... Protect the Royal Family!

Luna [hearing that and watching "Bay" get up and turn to the demon that had attacked the Palace]
Bay! I will guard them. But you remember-

Robyn [turns]
Just watch over them. I must do this... for our future... [she turns and runs over to the demon]