Sailor S
Episode 18 Chapter 2

"Electronic Blues"

Sailor Moon [jumps down from beside Jupiter (on that Chandelier)]
Sun! NO!

Polaris [picking up Sun's picture]
A little out of focus... but a good shot... [points camera at Moon] You're next, Moon Face! SMILE! [shoots beam, Moon's freaked, but a guy in a Tux grabs her before it hits]

Sailor Moon [realizing she's not a photo...]
Hunh? [looks up] Tuxedo Mask! [sighs] You saved me again!

Tuxedo Mask
Sailor Moon, are you alright?

Sailor Moon
Yeah... But, Sun and the others...

Sailor Mars [from behind Polaris]
Hey, ugly! [She kicks her back pushing her over]

"Sailor V" [jumps from where Tuxedo Mask came from]
Sailor V!

Sailor Jupiter [surprised]
Sailor... V?!

"Sailor V" [Now behind Mars, she catches a picture flittering down]
What's this? Sailor Sun's picture?

Sailor Jupiter [shakes her head out of her shocked state]
Don't let her take your picture! That IS Sailor Sun!

"Sailor V" [confused]

Polaris [stands up]
Maybe you'd like a demonstration, 'Sailor V'! [snaps the camera, but Mars jumps in front of Venus] Ah well, A Scout's a Scout...

"Sailor V" [picks up Mars's picture]

Sailor Jupiter
Turn them back.

Polaris [laughing]
Maybe I don't know how, Jupiter... [smirks, and tries to get her, but hits the chandelier]

Sailor Jupiter [yells]

Sailor Mercury [arms up in front of her prepares herself... nothing happens to her... or the chandelier...]
Hunh? [realizing everything's intact, sees Polaris dive and the beam hit the table behind her] Guys! The beam is light! The chandelier reflected it back!

Sailor Moon [remebering her first battle with a Nega-monster with similiar powers]
We need a mirror!

I don't think so....[Electricity flys out from Polaris hitting all the lights, knocking them all out.]

"Sailor V" [yells]
Now what, Moon?! I can't see!

Sailor Moon [realizing Tuxedo Mask isn't there anymore]
I- [turns her head] I don't know...[looks her up and down] "Sailor V"... I can't either... {"Where'd he go now?!"}

* * *
Sailor Shadow [sitting up on the bench outside]
Ow... My head... [sees all the lights out in the building] Either I've been out longer than I thought, or- sees a shadow in the window, then another one with a cape] Hunh? [gets up and looks in] That's- Tuxedo Mask?!

[The door flies open and out they fly, door hanging open]

Tuxedo Mask [yelling]
Come back here, Polaris!

Sailor Shadow [confused as she watches that]
Ah.... ok.... [runs after them, not sure who's on who's side...] {"I better follow them... just in case..."}

* * *
[Meanwhile, inside the building]

Sailor Jupiter
Let's get her!

Sailor Mercury
We need to get Mars, and the other's back.

Sailor Jupiter [angrily]

Sailor Mercury [takes out her computer]
The screen is lit up, follow me! [she walks over to where the door is] Follow the light and get out of here!

[Everyone runs outside and leaves the Scouts at the door]

Sailor Jupiter [smiling]
Way to go, Amy!

Sailor Moon [crosses her arms]
Who all's here yet?

Sailor Mercury [closes her computer]
Use your crystal, Serena... it should give us enough light to see anyone else here...

Sailor Moon
Ok. [She pulls the crystal from her brooch] Silver Crystal Power! [The room lights up, as the light is being reflected from the crystal chandelier]

Sailor Jupiter [sees the guy that got 'hit' on by Sun still out on the floor, two photos sitting on the floor... and "Sailor V" on the stage, her mask in her hand, staring at the pics in her hand]
Ah, Mina? What's wrong? [she walks up to her]

"Sailor V"
Sailor Mars, and Sailor Sun.... they're pictures....

Sailor Mercury [using her computer again, pointed at the picture]
Their Bio-energy is all over the pictures, other than that, they seem like regular pictures.

Sailor Jupiter [confused]
So, they're still alive?

Sailor Mercury [nodding]
Mm-hmm. But I don't know if they can stay that way... We've got to get that Camera away from Polaris...

Sailor Jupiter [looks to Mina again]
Mina? Can I ask you something? [she just nods] Why did you come as Sailor V?

"Sailor V" [still staring at the pictures]
It's Halloween, right? I wanted to wear something different... I'm not transformed, just in the costume I used to wear at my public appearances...[looks at Moon, on her knees now] Maybe she should quit with the crystal before it drains her...

Sailor Moon [realizing who was still outside]

Sailor Jupiter [hearing what Moon said]
Ohmygosh! We left her out there alone!

[All the Scouts run outside, only to see her no longer where they left her]

"Sailor V"
Could she be... [holding up the picture]

Sailor Moon [hopefully]

Sailor Mercury
I don't see any picture.

Sailor Jupiter
Maybe Polaris took it.

Sailor Moon [freaking]
Darien?! [turns to Jupiter] He was beside me in there, then I think he followed her... Do you think-

Sailor Mercury [tapping on her computer]
No, there's been no energy used out here... There would be a trace of the Camera's energy somewhere... [looks up and closing her computer] They're just gone...

Sailor Jupiter
We have to find Polaris.

"Sailor V" [standing up and putting the pictures away (in a pocket on the costume)]
Right! [looks at Jupiter] I think I should stay like this... ok?

Sailor Jupiter [shakes her head, angrily]
We need Venus, not Sailor V!

"Sailor V" [blushes]
Well... I was hoping just for an ok... You see, I forgot my pen at home...

Sailor Mercury [turns to Mina]

"Sailor V"
Well, I was asked to come here as Sailor V...for the contest.

Sailor Moon
Ok... We need to find Polaris and get the others back to normal.

Sailor Jupiter [ignoring Moon]
Mina! How could you be so- [shakes her head] Nevermind... Now what...?

Sailor Mercury [hearing noises]
We won't forget this, Mina! [points in a direction] Right now, however, we have to go!

Sailor Jupiter [listens and hears battle sounds]
Yeah! [turns to Mina] Let's just hope there's no more FAKE Scouts around... ['humphs' and runs toward the sounds]

Mina [looks down]
Maybe I should stay here...

Sailor Moon [shakes her head]
No way! We need you whether your Venus or Sailor V! Besides, you've proved you can fight like that! [smiles] Imagine its a set or something if that works! [giggles] Come on! [runs after Jupiter, who has a large head start]

Sailor Mercury [comfortingly]
Don't let Lita get to you, she was hit on by some weirdos tonight. [smiles] She's just in a bad mood and tired of all the costumes. Come on, Mina... [pulls her arm and they run off after Moon and Jupiter]

Sailor Moon
Where do we start looking?

Sailor Jupiter
Shadow. [activates her comunicator] Shadow, you there?

Sailor Mercury [nervously]
Ah, Lita... she can't answer you...

Sailor Jupiter [getting static, and closing the communicator]

Sailor Mercury [holds up Shadow's communicator, with a burnt hole in the bottom]
She blew a fuse talking to us earlier... [nervous grin]

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon [looks over her shoulder at Mina]
Any ideas, Sailor V?!

Mina [angrily]
Stop making fun of me! I forgot my pen, ok?! You used to do it all the time!

Sailor Moon [angrily]
HEY! I did not!

Sailor Jupiter [sarcastically]
Oh no... she never forgot her transformation brooch... [glares at Moon] JUST THE CRESCENT MOON WAND! [glares at Moon] YA DITZ!

Sailor Moon [ticked]

Luna [showing up along side the others]
Scout's what's going on?

Sailor Moon [trips over Luna and falls flat on her face]

[everyone stops]

Sailor Jupiter [points to Mina]
Mina left her transformation pen at home, and showed up in that ridiculous outfit...

Mina [diving at Jupiter]
You little-!

Sailor Mercury [grabs Mina before she gets to Jupiter]
Knock it off you two! [looks to Luna] We have a problem...

I just saw Shadow running after Tuxedo Mask, what's going on?

Sailor Moon [getting up]
You made me scrape my knee! Thanks!

Sailor Jupiter [ignoring Moon]
Where?! That's who we're looking for...

Mina [calmed down a bit]
Shadow's ok? [glares at Jupiter]

Luna [getting mad]

Sailor Jupiter [crossing her arms and glares at no one]
The enemy's Camera-Happy... We have two pictures to prove that...

Mina [taking out the two pics]
Yeah, Sun and Mars are photos now... [keels down and lets Luna see]

That's actually Sailor Sun and Mars?

Sailor Mercury [nodding]
Yes, and there are two other photos, back in the hall...

Sailor Moon [remember one of them]
Oh my gosh! The one is that little girl!

All of you... Stop standing around... Shadow needs your help!

Sailor Moon
Luna's right.

Sailor Jupiter [glaring at Mina]
Keep her out of this! Without her pen, she's just another FAKE SCOUT! [takes off in the direction Luna had pointed]

Sailor Moon [running after Jupiter]
LITA QUIT IT! You're as MEAN as REI!

Sailor Mercury [standing there in total shock]
Lita's never acted like this before...

Mina, maybe you should get your pen and then join the others.

Mina [shakes her head]
No, I feel worthless enough... Lita would probably yell at me even if I did that! [sniffs, starting to cry]

Sailor Mercury [trying to console her]
With your pen you could change into Venus and use your powers to kick the crap out of Polaris for doing this [points to the pics] to our friends!

Mina [looks at Mercury strangely]
Amy!? You've changed too! What's wrong?

Sailor Mercury [shakes her head]
Nothing... This monster is just making me mad... and now with Lita acting so strangely... [looks to where Moon and Jupiter ran off to]

Sailor Mercury
I'd better catch up, go home and get the pen... we'll still want you're help.

Sailor Venus
Ok...If you say so Mercury.

* * *
Sailor Shadow [beside Tuxedo Mask]
Give me that camera you! I'm tired of dodging it!

Polaris [laughing]
Then stand still! [tries agian...]

Sailor Shadow [rolls over]

Tuxedo Mask [totally unsure what's going on...]
Let her go, Polaris!

Polaris [sarcastically]
Oh, right... I'm gonna let a Scout go, Cape Boy!

Sailor Shadow [sees slight confusion on Darien's face]
Ah... Tuxedo Mask? I know this is gonna sound strange, but I'm really a Scout, you know...

Tuxedo Mask [glares at her]
Go home! This isn't a joke!

Sailor Shadow [stands up, angry]
Hey! You don't think I'm really a Scout, do you?!

Tuxedo Mask [nods]
Right. You're not dressed like-

Sailor Shadow [stomps her foot]
Quit that! [turns to Polaris] Now that we all know who the other one is... [clasps her hands] Shadow Flare Strike! [Dark flames fly at Polaris]

Tuxedo Mask [seeing she has to be a Scout now...]
Where are the others?!

Sailor Shadow [staring at Polaris]
On their way, I'm sure...[Polaris takes a picture of the flames... the photo burns up...] YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Isn't there a law saying good guys always win? [a sense of deja vu sweeps over her] {"Whoa, I know I heard that somewhere..."}

Say, bye, bye, little Scout. [Polaris takes another picture. Shadow tries to jump out of the way but is hit and turns into a picture herself]

Tuxedo Mask
Return her and surrender.

Sailor Jupiter
Shadow! NO! I am Sailor Jupiter-

Polaris [cutting her off]
And I'll get you next!

Sailor Jupiter
Over my dead body.

Polaris [snapping the shutter]
That can be arranged, Scout!

Sailor Jupiter [dives out of the way, the beam hitting Moon]
Serena! [gets up and faces Polaris] THAT DOES IT! Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap!

Polaris [absorbs Jupiter's electricity]
You don't get it....I love electricity.

Sailor Jupiter [ignoring her words, totally blinded by extreme anger]
Supreme Thunder Crash!!!

Sailor Mercury
Shine Aqua Illusion!

[A wall of ice surrounds Polaris]

Polaris [from inside the ice]
I HATE SAILOR SCOUTS! [a bolt of thunder flies out from the ice, shattering it and sending shards flying at everyone]

Sailor Mercury [pushing Jupiter down]
Lita! [gets hit with a chunks of her ice, knocking her backwards]

Sailor Juipter
Amy! [faces Polaris] What do you want?

Polaris [yells]
I told you! I want all of you Sailor Scouts OUT OF MY WAY!

Sailor Jupiter
Why? Why?! What did we do to you?

Polaris [screaming]
It's what you will do!

Sailor Jupiter [pissed]
Another Future Nut?!

Polaris [yelling]

Sailor Jupiter [sarcastically]
Oh, I'm so sorry... [looks at her wrist] Oh! I believe it's time for your medication...

Time for yours, Scout. [she points the camera at Jupiter, taking or making her into a picture.]

Sailor Mercury

Tuxedo Mask [yells]
Enough is enough, Polaris! [he tosses a rose, hitting her hand and knocking the camera down]

Sailor Mercury
We may need the camera to turn everyone back.

Tuxedo Mask [runs over and tackles Polaris]
Then get it, Mercury!

Sailor Mercury [surprised, but gets the camera]
Ah.... Ok....

Polaris [freaking]
Get off me, you nutball! HELP!! STOP THAT! GIMME MY-

Tuxedo Mask [slaps his hand over her mouth]
Geez! Shut up will ya?!

Sailor Mercury [picking up the camera]
Got it... [suddenly the camera goes off, without warning and Sailor Mercury... Oh for.... Do I really have to spell it out at this point???]

Tuxedo Mask

You never guessed that the Camera could only be used by me... did you Cape Boy?!

Tuxedo Mask [totally pissed...well, except for Venus, everyone only a picture of their former selves... hehehe, could help it :)]
Then we get rid of either you, or the camera! [looks at the camera] Perhaps both... [growls and punches Polaris in the jaw]

I have all the scouts now... you're the only one left.

Tuxedo Mask [still on her]
{"You still haven't got Sailor Venus..."} I'm not a Scout, stupid...

Makes no difference.

Tuxedo Mask [totally fed up with this one...]
That does it, you! [takes out a rose and holds it, glaring]

Polaris [smirks]
What are you gonna do with that, Cape Boy? Tickle me?

Tuxedo Mask [grins, evilly]
Not exactly... [throws the Rose at the Camera]

Nice try. [She stares at the camera. It quickly turns around and takes a picture of the rose heading for it and Tuxedo Mask behind the rose.] There.

* * *
[Meanwhile Mina's running out of her door, with her pen]

Mina [on the communicator]
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Where are you guys?

Luna [runs up from where the others were]

Mina [stops and looks strangely at the cat]
What's wrong Luna?!

Luna [huffing and puffing]
Tuxedo Mask ...[huff] Jupiter... [puff] Mercury... need [huff] help!... [wheeze]

Artemis [chasing Mina]
MINA! [slams into her leg] OUCH! [looks up and rubs his head with his paw] Tell me you stopped! [sees Luna out of breath] What's wrong Luna?

Mina [a little scared]
The others... [clutches her pen tightly] I don't know if I-

Luna [catching her breath]
Mina! Stop this! You are a valuable part of the team! Transform and help them!

Mina [nods]
Right! [holds up her pen, bravely] Venus Star Power!

Luna [to Artemis]
I'm worried, Artemis... [he nods]

Sailor Venus [standing in a fighting stance, and seriously]
This time I won't run away. I will stay and fight! [takes off]

Artemis [seriously]
I've got a bad feeling, Luna... A really bad feeling...

Luna [concerned]
As do I, Artemis, as do I...

* * *
[Polaris is sitting back where she defeated Tuxedo Mask, checking her newest pictures]

I really need to work on my lighting.... I wonder where the other two pictures are?

Sailor Venus [from a tree branch... yeah, that's original...]
Are you looking for these?! [holds up the two pics of Sun and Mars] They're mine, as are those! [points to the pics in Polaris's hands]

Another scout? I missed one. The Head's not going to like this.... where's my camera?

Sailor Venus [jumps down and smashes the camera, not even seeing it...]
I guess that was it? [blushes and both are blinded by flashes all around. Venus is holding Mars and Sun's Uniform flaps, they sit on the ground shocked...]

Sailor Shadow [holding her head]
Oww... I HATE ELECTRONICS! [sees Tuxedo Mask under her on top of Polaris... Moon beside them] Ah, sorry, Darien... [giggles nervously]

Polaris [screeching]
My wonderful pictures! I HATE YOU SAILOR VENUS!

Sailor Sun
Were are we?

Sailor Mars
Venus, let go of me!

Sailor Venus [dropping the flaps]
Oh, sorry, Mars... [looks at Polaris] You were told not to mess with the Sailor Scouts!

Sailor Jupiter [angrily]
There's no way you could have done this, Mina! [sees the camera, crushed] As I thought, Dangerprone Mina simply fell on the camera!

Sailor Venus [angrily, starting to cry]
Quit picking on me, Lita!!!

Polaris [worried]
The Head's going to be upset....

Sailor Moon
Who's this Head?

Polaris [realizing she still had to deal with all of the Scouts]
You will never know!

Sailor Shadow [on her knees, off Tuxedo Mask]
Yes we will, creep... [gets up and stares like she's gonna flip out... who says she's not?!] I'm tired of this! First, I crash the network at school, my walkman eats my favorite tape, my discman warps my favorite CD, my VCR ate my TAPE! THEN the TV blows a fuse... THEN my communicator blows one! THEN MY OUTFIT IS MADE FUN OF BY A SNOBBY LITTLE BRAT! THEN I GET TURNED INTO A PICTURE! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF ELECTRONICS! [she dives at Polaris and they wrestle each other, everyone staring at them...]

Sailor Sun [a little surprised]
Ah... I've never seen her so pissed... anyone volunteer to help?

Sailor Moon [shaking her head]
I ain't gettin' in the middle of that...

[All watching Shadow and Polaris]

Sailor Jupiter
Whoa, good hit...

Sailor Venus
Owww.. that's got a hurt.

Sailor Mars

Sailor Sun
Ohh, Mental note: I never want her mad at me....

Sailor Moon [hands up near her neck and in fists]
Ow, oh, that's gonna leave a mark...

Tuxedo Mask [wincing]
Ouch.... Am I glad that's not me...

Sailor Sun
Dang, that's going to leave a mark!

Sailor Moon [pouts]
I said that already... [sees the hardest punch yet and through clenched teeth comments] But I think you had good reason to repeat it...

Sailor Mercury [holding up Shadow's communicator]
So... when should we tell her I can't fix this?

Sailor Sun [seeing the communicator again]
Ah... how about never? Is never good for you? It's good for me...

Sailor Mars [giggles]
Never's good... [looks up] Seeing as she's probably on an adrenaline high right now...

Sailor Shadow [kneeling over Polaris panting and stopping the punches]
I-[punch] think-[punch] you-[punch] get-[punch] my-[punch] POINT! [last punch, and there's a lot of blood after this...] I-... I think... [she slowly gets up] I think I overdid it... [slowly and unsteadily walks over to Sun] Didn't I? [looks up and passes out]

Sailor Sun [catching her]
Yeah... just a little much.

Sailor Mercury [pointing to Polaris]
Is she still alive?

Sailor Jupiter [feeling her pulse]
Ah... barely... but at least we don't have the chance to become pictures again... [smirks] I think we- [sees something familiar] What? Serena! Come here!

Sailor Moon [hesitantly walks over]
What, Lita?

Sailor Jupiter [points to Polaris's forehead]
Tell me this isn't what I think it is...

Sailor Moon [gasps and backs away]
No... she's gone... You saw... I saw... she's gone! [Moon turns and runs, but Tuxedo Mask grabs her and holds her]

Tuxedo Mask [concerned]
Who? [looks down] Serena? Who?

Sailor Sun [realizing Tuxedo Mask]
Wait a minute... Moon, get away from him!

Sailor Moon [confused]
Hunh? [sniffs and clutches Tux's shirt tighter]

Sailor Sun [sets Shadow down]
Get away from him!

Sailor Moon

[Sailor Sun, not taking a second's pause high kicks Tuxedo Mask knocking him away from Sailor Moon, and onto the ground]

Sailor Mars
Sun? What are you doing?

Sailor Sun [getting between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask]
What do you mean WHAT am I doing... he's the bad guy... remember?

Sailor Moon [scared]
Sun, you're scaring me... he's on our side!

Sailor Sun [angrily sighs]
Look, we're not getting into that again! I told you he's not!

Tuxedo Mask [making sure his jaw's still in the right place]

Sailor Jupiter [grabbing Sun's arms and putting her in a head lock]
Sun? Calm down! He's on our side.

Sailor Sun [resisting]
Are you guys all mad?

Sailor Mercury
Sun, Tuxedo Mask's on our side... he always has been.

Sailor Sun [confused]
He was never on the Negaverse's side?

Sailor Moon
Once, but her was brainwashed, and we brought him back.

Sailor Sun
Brainwashed? No way... I don't believe it.

Sailor Venus
It's true.

Sailor Sun
Ah....... OK.... I'll be good. [facing Mask] But I'm keeping a eye on you! [turning her head back towards Jupiter] Jupiter, can you let go... THIS HURTS.

Sailor Jupiter
Oh... sure... If you behave.

Sailor Sun
I will.

Sailor Mercury [beside Shadow]
Wow, she's out... I can't tell if it's from the fight, or what... [looks at Sun] Do you have any thoughts, Bay?

Sailor Sun [looking at Polaris]
I don't know... maybe [starts to see Polaris suddenly turn into a pile of ashes, blowing in the wind] Whoa....

Sailor Jupiter [seriously]
I don't like this... They should be gone... [lets Sun go]

Sailor Sun [rubbing her neck]

Sailor Moon [hugging Darien]
The Negaverse... She had the symbol... But we destroyed Beryl! How could- I don't- [starts sobbing into Darien's shirt]

Tuxedo Mask [takes his mask off]
Serena... this doesn't mean she's back...

Sailor Sun
Remember, I'm watching you.... Darien

Darien [confused]
What did I do to you?

Sailor Sun [walking over to Shadow]
I wish you could remember... [grumbles something] Rob? [kneels beside her] Rob?

Sailor Shadow [moans as she wakes up]
Hunh? [slowly opens her eyes] Bay? [reaches up to her head and sees blood on her gloves] AAAHHH! [sits up] What happened?! [stares at Sun, freaked]

Sailor Sun
You kind of saved us from having to do any work.

Sailor Shadow [freaking out worse]
What do you mean?! [takes off her pendant and detransforms] They're- My hands... [curls up] Every muscle hurts... my hands are killing me- [stops and stares up at Sun, with tears] I killed someone, didn't I? [her voice is shaky]

Sailor Sun [trying to be comforting]
I wouldn't call it a someone.

Sailor Mars
It's ok...

Sailor Jupiter [thinking]
Could Beryl be back or is someone else, this Head?

Sailor Moon [hugging Darien again]
Let's drop that, Lita...

Robyn [staring at Sun, crying]
You don't understand, Bay... I've never blanked out in anger like that... I felt horrible when one of my animals died of old age! Why did I flip? I can't remember what happened past... [thinks] past... [shakes her head] I can't remember the last thing I remember!!! [curls up and buries her head in her knees]

Sailor Sun [detransforms]
It's ok.... Here let's go home...

[Both girls walk away, while the other Scouts just stand there]

Sailor Mars
What do you guys think... can we trust them?

Sailor Moon
I don't know....

The End???