Sailor S
Episode 18 Chapter 1

"Electronic Blues"

Robyn [throws a remote out of her room, screaming]
I'm sick of this! Nothing ever goes right!

A Voice [from under her bed]
What's the matter?

Robyn [still yelling]
Everything I do comes out wrong! I hate electronics... [she stops screaming, and sits down, sighing] My computer crashed at school... causing a chain reaction through the network... I crashed the network! Do you believe it? A NETWORK?!

Aphrodite [jumping up onto the bed... seeing as Robyn has nothing to throw right now...]
Well... if one goes down... anyway, that's not your fault... what else went wrong today?

Robyn [looks at the cat strangely]
That's a stupid question... everything!

Aphrodite [glares]
I mean what else caused you to get so mad, Robyn...

She sighed again. "Well, my walkman ate my favorite tape... my discman warped my favorite CD... the TV blew a fuse, and the VCR broke... I'm sick of electronics!"

Aphrodite [smirks]
Is that why you almost beaned me with your stereo's remote?

Robyn [blushes]
Sorry, Aph... it's jammed... and the radio can't pick anything up anymore... I'm afraid to find out what's next... [a beeping from her bookbag] I gotta learn to keep my big mouth shut... [she gets up and pulls out her communicator] {"I wouldn't be surprised if this thing blows up..."} Yeah?

Bay [hears her sigh as she answered]

You called me... remember?

I mean what's wrong?

Robyn [sighs again]
Long story... what's up?

Ah... we could use a little help out here... we're near the park. Could you come down here?

Robyn [rolling her eyes]
Yeah, I'll- [the communicator sparks and fizzles out] I knew it, Aph... [she tosses the communicator onto her bed and starts to leave]

Robyn! [picks up the communicator, and runs after her]

Robyn [grabs her cat, and takes the communicator out of her mouth]

Aphrodite [looks at her strangely]
You're getting more like Serena everyday...

Robyn [drops Aph]
I am not! [she puts the communicator in her pocket and leaves]

* * *
Bay [sees Robyn, looking a bit depressed. She looks at Serena]
What's with her?

Serena [shrugs]
I dunno...

Amy [concerned]
She can't still be upset about what happened at school... could she?

Serena [turns her head]
What's that?

Bay [rolls her eyes]
She crashed the network...

Amy [defensively]
Because you told her to use the wrong-

Bay [angrily]
I did not! Knock that off!

It was your fault the computer crashed!

Bay [turns around completely]
No it wasn't! It was a fluke... the application she ran...

Was from an infected disk you gave her!

Bay [yelling so half the neighborhood could hear...]

Amy [turning away]
It was so... now quit arguing...

Bay [face turning red and puts her hands near the back of Amy's neck]
Why you little...

Serena [smacking Bay's hands]
Knock it off!

Robyn [seeing Bay's face]
Ah... did I come at a bad time...?

Bay [turns]
No! I called you... remember?

Robyn [remembering the fizzle and pop]
Yeah... I do.

Amy [turning]
What's wrong, Robyn?

Robyn [attempts to smile]
Ah, nothing, Amy... [nervous giggle] What's up?!

Bay [not quite believing that one...]
Rob? I think you're still-

Serena [slaps her hand over Bay's mouth]
She... ah... she means you seem down... we're concerned...

Bay [bites Serena's hand]
Never do that, Meatball head!

Serena [holding her hand and glaring at Bay]
You do it to me all the time!

You're usually starting to whine! [points to a building] You could shatter the windows on that building, Serena...

Serena [hands on her hips]
I could not!

Bay [crosses her arms]
Oh, you could so!

Serena [angry]
Bay! I think you argue for the sake of hearing your own big mouth!

Bay [shocked]
Excuse me?! I have a big mouth?! I wouldn't talk, Miss Flycatcher...

Serena [ticked]
FLYCATCHER?! What do you mean by that!?

Bay [smirking]
You have your mouth open so often, you could catch a ton of flies with it...

Serena [goes to smack Bay, and misses... well, actually, Bay ducked...]
You little- [falls flat on her face] Oww...

Bay [laughing]
Serena... [looks around and sees Amy and Robyn are gone] Where'd they go?

Serena [rubbing her nose]

Bay [glares]
Who's missing...?

Serena [looks around]
Amy and Robyn...? Where-?

Bay [turning around and heading into the park]
You got a mind like a steel trap...

Serena [running after]
Do you want another shouting match... I'd win...

Bay [rolling her eyes]
Let's just not start...

Serena [still angry]
Then quit making fun of me!

Bay [glances back]
I wasn't... [hears voices] I think I hear em... come on... [She and Serena walk towards the voices and see it's not Amy and Robyn, but two Sailor Scouts] [hushed tone]That's not Mercury and Shadow...

Serena [looking out from behind the bush]
No... who are they?

Bay [confused]
I dunno... could be more bad guys...

Serena [hopeful]
Or they could be on our side...

Bay [smirking]
Goody... {"More fruit loops in frilly costumes running around saying corny speeches... geez..."}

The Scout in Pink [laughing]
I heard that if you come dressed as a Sailor Scout, you can have your picture taken with the REAL Sailor Moon!

The Scout in Blue [giggling]
That'd be totally cool!

Serena [whispering]
I don't think they're real Scouts, Bay...

Bay [smirking]
Yeah... most of us wouldn't want to dress up to get a mug shot with you...


So where'd everyone else go?

[Bay gets tapped on shoulder]

Ah, Bay? Bored?

Amy [grins]
We overheard a party invitation... [looks ahead] I see you two may have as well... [giggles]

Who's playing the Part of Sailor Moon [looking at Serena]

Hey, I didn't...

Robyn [giggles]
I believe you... but we should go... [looks at Bay] Just out of curiosity... [smiles]

Bay [smirks]
Curiosity killed the cat, Rob...

Aphrodite [jumping down from the tree onto Bay]
Maybe... but at least I knew what was happening before all that. [smiles and leaps onto Robyn]

Bay [frowns]
I told you never to sneak up on me like that!

Aprodite [jumping onto Robyn's shoulders]

Aphrodite, do you know what's going on with this contest?

Aphrodite [thinks for a minute]
From what I've overheard in different conversations, the only consistent pieces are Sailor Moon's to be there, some sort of Camera is a prize, and to dress as a Scout...

Robyn [rolls her eyes]
More electronics... [frowns]

This place will be filled with scout-wanna-be's then.

Serena [giggling and jumping up]
Sailor Moon's on her way! [giggles]

Robyn [concerned]
Ah, Serena... I'm not so sure we-

Serena [pouts]
You're as bad as Rei! [crosses her arms]

I'm not going to wear my uniform to show off. {"The skirt's bad enough when we have to fight."}

Robyn [nodding, concerned]
I don't think we should go in uniform... It may draw attention from any bad guys out there...

Yes, I agree with Robyn, it's too dangerous, Serena!

Serena [angry]
I don't care! People are saying I'm supposed to be there! I wanna see what's so cool! [turns and crosses her arms] Besides... if I can stand in front of a camera all day... [goes into daydreamy ga-ga state]

Bay [sarcastically]
Oh, yeah... loads of fun... [sees Serena space out] Yo! Serena! [no respose] SERENA! [nothing] MEATBALL HEAD! [she glares at Bay]

Well, I'm going!

They probably already have a fake Sailor Moon there.

Serena [pulls out the Luna Pen]
Then I use this! [giggles, and runs off, following the two girls they'd heard]

Robyn [reaches]
Serena! [puts arm down] That girl will never learn...

Oh, for ... Serena... that's for scout business.

Amy [shaking her head]
She can't hear us, Bay... I guess this means-

Bay [shakes her head and waves her hands]

Robyn [holding her pendant]
We don't really have a choice, thanks to Serena... It's Scout Business now... [looks over] we gotta keep HER outta trouble...

No way! I'm not wearing my uniform without a really good reason.

[Amy and Robyn cross their arms and stare, Robyn doing the better puppy dog face...]

Bay [angry]
Knock it off!

Robyn [whinily, and still 'puppy-dogging']
We hafta keep the weal Sailor Moon outta twouble, Bay... [sticks out the lip to add effect]

Stop that.... [Closes her eyes and turns her head] No way.

Robyn [grinning and winking at Amy, who covers her ears]
{"I'm the only one who can do this with any decency...."} Baaaaayyy! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

Bay [covers her ears and glares at Robyn]
Stop it! NO!

Robyn [falls to her knees, mocking Serena...]

Cut it out... [looks around as people start to stare] Ok, Ok, Ok... Just stop, you're making a scene.

Robyn [leaps up and hugs Bay]
Thankyouthankyouthankyou! [smiles and they go to a thickbushed area] I owe ya Bay... Promise! Shadow Pendant Power!

Bay [frowns]
Oh yeah... BIG! Solar Locket Power!

Amy [giggles]
Ah, well... Mercury Star Power!

Ok, let's go and find Serena.

Bay [big frown]
{"Fruit Loop City, here I come"}

Cheer up, Bay! Maybe you'll win!

Bay [sarcasticly]

[Robyn giggles and runs in the same direction Serena did, followed by Amy, then Bay... slowly...mumbling...actually... grumbling...]

* * *
[At a large brick building, there's a sign hung over an open double doorway "Welcome 'Sailor Scouts'!"]

Bay [grumbles]
Ah, geez... [loos around quick] Ok, she's not here... we can- [turns around to see Amy and Robyn glaring, arms crossed... again] Ok, ok... geez... Come on... [they walk up to the entrance]

Bay, I'm starting to think you don't like being a Scout!

Only when I don't need to be.

We should really go home and study for that test soon.

Robyn [turns around and glares]
I am not studying for a math test...

Bay [snickers]
I'll help you...

Robyn [now glaring at Bay]
Knock it off... as soon as we find Serena, we knock her out if we have to, then we get out... ok? I'm starting to agree with you Bay... this is a convention of- [looks over Bay's Shoulder] Serena!

A Green Sailor Scout [slightly drunk... and too obviously male...]
Hey, baby... [hic!] what's say you and I go out [hic!] and get outta these nifty lil' costumes... heh?!

Bay [smacks him and he's out as soon as he hits the floor]
What am I? Flypaper for freaks?!

Now I know why you don't have a boyfriend... everyone's scared to hit on you.

I'll only be so lucky.

Robyn [smirks]
Yeah, well... [points] Serena's having a merry ol time...

Amy [sees Serena as Sailor Moon, posing with people who are dressed as Scouts]
Well, that guy won't hit on her at least... [stares at the guy in the too tight outfit] ugh...

How can any self respecting man wear that?

Yeah, I wonder.

Amy [seeing a shadow on a high window]
Wasn't this an old ballroom?

Robyn [shrugs]
I dunno I- [sees the same shadow] who? [is tapped on the shoulder] Not another one... [turns to see Sailor Jupiter] Jupiter!?

Lita [smiling]
Hi! You here for the camera? Or to keep Serena out of trouble? [grins at Bay]

Serena. Why are you here?

Lita [nervous laugh]
Ah, hehehe, ah, same thing! [smiles] Have you guys seen some of the- [sees guy on ground] Who did it?


Lita [holds out her hand]
Congratulations! Your the first one to 'hit' back... [grins as Bay takes her hand]

Bay [confused]

Lita [letting go]
I've seen him with others... they usually walk away, he's been bugging girls all night... he hit on a few guys too... [giggles] Ah well... serves him right!

Glady I...

So I guess all the smart guys still have a reason not to hit on you.

Robyn [sees the shadow again]
I'll be right back... [runs off into the crowd]

Bay [reaches]
Hey! We really should- ah forget it... I'd never find her in here...

If we split up, we can Find Serena.

How?! There's a good four or five dozen Sailor Moon's here.

Lita [grinning]
Make fun of her... when she whines, you'll be able to tell by the decibel level... only Robyn can hit that pitch! [grins and takes off into the crowd]

[Everyone breaks off]

Sailor Sun
{"Freaks, nut balls, and people with screws loose, is their anyone here normal...Wait a minute... What if Serena used the Luna pen and turned into a scout other then Sailor Moon"}

[Someone bumps into her]

Sailor Sun [turning around]

Young Girl [dressed as Sailor Sun]
Sorry.. Oh! You like Sailor Sun too?!

Sailor Sun
Ah... sure, I thought no one knew about her... She hasn't been around to long.

Young Girl
Oh, yeah.... but when I saw her on the news, I thought it would be wicked cool to dress up as her. I wish I could meet her... I'm her biggest fan.

Sailor Sun [blushing]
Yeah... Don't we all wish we could meet her.

* * *
[Meanwhile, Shadow is running towards where she saw the shadowy figure last an bumps into a guy in a Tux.]

Robyn [looking at the guy]
Hey! [sees he's actually nice looking compared to the other guy she saw...] Who are you supposed to be?

Guy [insulted]
You've never heard of Tuxedo Mask?! [he humphs and walks off]

Robyn [dusts herself off and continues on her way. About two minutes later, she trips over something]
OUCH! Da- [sees a pair of purple boots, like hers] uh... [looks up and sees a 'Sailor Shadow'] You must be Sailor Shadow...?

'Shadow' [glaring at Robyn]
I'm supposed to be the only Sailor Shadow here!

Robyn [gets up and dusts herself off]
Now wait just a minute... As many people that are here and you think you'd be the only one?! What would you say if you met the REAL Sailor Shadow?

'Shadow' [crosses her arms]
I'd tell her to wear a wig... short hair isn't cool...

Robyn [getting pissed]
Look, missy... I don't think you realize the position you're-

'Shadow' [glares]
What are you gonna do about it? I have the perfect hair and body for this outfit!

Robyn [crosses her arms]
You thinks that's all there is to being a Scout, hunh? What about fighting the bad guys? Or defending yourself?

'Shadow' [waves her hand]
Oh, come on! Being a Scout means wearing a really cool outfit in your favorite color and being really popular! The fights aren't real!

Robyn [smirking]
Oh, really... How would you know?

Cause I've never seen a real one... the ones on the news are all fake!

Robyn [snickers]
You keep on believing that one, Sweetheart... {"I have a feeling you'll be proven wrong before tonight is over..."} You may want to cut your long hair to the right length... I don't think your attitude'll get you very far...

Maybe you should go home and work on your costume... you'll never look like a real scout wearing that.

Sailor Shadow
Why, you...

[Across the room Sun and Sun talk to eachother]

EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK! Get this maniac away from me.

Sailor Shadow [bloodlust in her eyes]
Come here, you want to see a real fight...

Sailor Sun
Excuse me. [She runs and holds Robyn back from the other Shadow]

Sailor Shadow
Let me go... I'll pull all that hair out of her head...

Sailor Sun
Robyn... get a grip.

Sailor Shadow [still pissed]
Lemme go, Bay! [she whacks Bay's chest, knocking the wind out of her, and knocking her backward onto her butt]

Sailor Sun [on her butt]
Hey! Get back here! [gets up and runs after Shadow]

[Sailor Jupiter sees the two running and gives chase. Followed by Sailor Mercury, whom they nearly knock over. The chase ends when 'shadow' knocks over Sailor Moon on the photo stand]

Sailor Moon [pouting]
Watch where you're going, twerp!

[Jupiter catching Robyn]

Sailor Jupiter
Robyn... What's Wrong?!

Let go Lita... I've got to...

Sailor Sun [gets a glass of water from the nearby table and throws it in Robyn's face]
Robyn...Cool down.

Sailor Shadow [spits water at Sun, hitting the front of her Uniform]
Remind me to do that to you next time you flip! [still angry, staring at a freaked out teenage 'shadow']

Sailor Sun
What made you freak? [just then the young Girl stood behind Sun, tring to see what was going on]

Sailor Shadow
Two... Two, Sailor Sun's... I... [Shadow faints]

Well, good thing. All that running ruined my hair.

Sailor Sun [looking back]
Your hair? It's kind of long to be Sailor Shadow's.

Are you gonna start on me too?! [glares]

Sailor Sun [glaring back]
Don't push me you little-

Sailor Jupiter [tosses a glass of water on Sun, but this galss had two ice cubes in it]
Chill! Oops... [grins and snickers]

Sailor Sun [holding her eye]
Next time watch the Ice!

You guy's alright.

Sailor Jupiter
Yeah, I'm [seeing a Venus] Mina? [The venus just stood there and waved her head with a big smile] No.

Sailor Sun [getting her hair out of her face.]

Ah... Bay, you ruined it.

Sailor Jupiter
Serena, you look just like Sailor Venus!?

Yeah.. I thought, I'll try to be someone else other than Sailor Moon.

Sailor Jupiter [grinning]
And what happens if Sailor Venus decides to crash the party as well?

'Venus' [big grin]
I change to Rei...

Sailor Mercury [crossing her arms]

I already had to change three times! Don't ruin this! [turns and sees the other Sun running to her mom... "Sailor Jupiter" [looks back at Lita] Guess you're not original either... [grins]

Sailor Jupiter [Still with Robyn, out , in her arms]
We should get Robyn out of here.

'Venus' [surprised]
She's out again?

Sailor Sun [smirking]
This from someone who falls asleep anywhere, anytime... [helps Lita with Robyn]

Sailor Jupiter
Let's get her out for some fresh air.

Sailor Sun

[Suddenly the Sailor Moon on the stand grabs the fake 'shadow']
I know the real Scouts are here by now! I want them all to come forward! Or this girl gets it!

'shadow' [whinily]
Ah... you're fake... [gulps] right?

'Moon' [laughs and the voice gets deeper and 'she' transforms']
No, my dear, I am quite real! [A female in a dark purple, almost black cape and robe with long, green hair stands there with a camera in her one hand, the girl (by the neck) in the other] I want the REAL Sailor Scouts!

Sailor Sun [looking back]
Let's concider, do we want to save this person?

Sailor Jupiter
Get serious.

Ahhhhhhhhh. I'm not going ot get my picture taken with Sailor Moon.

Sailor Sun
Wake up. You are Sailor Moon.

Oh, yeah.

Sailor Sun
You two get Shadow outside, I'll get to know our new friend!

Sailor Jupiter
Right. [Both girls grabs Shadow's arms and legs and carry her outside.]

Sailor Sun
Alright... I'm here.

'Moon' [laughing]
Yeah right! And I'm the Good Witch of the North! Happy Halloween! [throws a bolt of light from her camera at Sun, who dodges it, and sees the person it hits, becomes a picture]

Sailor Sun
Ah... that ain't good... [looks to the enemy] Who are you?!

'Moon' [laughing]

Sailor Sun [standing...]
Look, Polaris... you're ugly for one, and two... you're extremely stupid! I'm Sailor Sun!

Another Sun [in the back]
No! I am Sailor Sun!

Yet Another Sun [closer to the front]
No! I AM!

The little girl Sun talked to earlier [bravely by Bay]
I Am Sailor Sun! Defender of this planet! With the help of my friends, the Sailor Scouts of Justice! [she stands there with a serious face, staring at Polaris]

Sailor Sun [smacks forehead]
{"I'm stuck with idiots and ametuers... oy!"} Polaris! Let the girl go!

I want the real Sailor Sun to come here...

[Sailor Sun starts to go up the stairs towards Polaris]

Not you... Do not be playing tricks. You. [She points to the girl who gave the speech.] Only a Scout would have given a such an entrance.

Sailor Sun [looking down nodding her head, to herself]
Idiot one, right ahead of me.

'Sun' [bravely walks up to Polaris]
What do you want, evil one?!

Sailor Sun [rolls her eyes and puts her hand on her head]
{"Oh, boy... She's got guts, but no brains..."} Look, kid, get away, from her! She's dangerous... [looks to Polaris] The corny speeches aren't what makes a Scout, Polaris!

'jupiter' [worried]
Bailey Marie! Come back here! [the little girl doesn't move] BAY! TURN AROUND AND GET BACK HERE! PLEASE! BAILEY!!

Sailor Sun [puts her hand on her head]
{"Great name... really..."} Little girl, you really should listen to your Mom!

'Sun' [glares]
Stay out of this! The Sailor Scouts and I will handle-

Sailor Sun [angrily]
Little girl... [remembers her name...] BAY... Do you know who you-

Polaris [yells and throws 'shadow' away from her]

You better, give up now! Me and the scouts won't let you get away with this.

Polaris [grinning]
Then where are they, Sailor Sun?

Sailor Jupiter [from the large Chandelier]
I am Sailor Jupiter! I will thunder in and destroy you! In the name of Jupiter, You will be defeated!

Sailor Sun [hand still on her head]
I think I'm gonna hurl...

Sailor Mercury
On behalf of Mercury, I will correct wrongs, and bring you to justice.

Sailor Moon
And I am Sailor Moon, and your going to be moon dust.

Sailor Sun
{"I'm beginning to get a headache..."} What's the matter, Moon, too hyper to think today?!

Sailor Moon
At least I try, Sun!

'sun' [turns around and realizes]
You ARE Sailor Sun! I finally get to meet her!

Polaris [confused, looking at 'sun']
You aren't Sailor Sun?

'sun' [really nervous]

Sailor Sun
Bay, go back to your mother.

'sun' [quickly]
OK. [She starts to run back to her mother]

Polaris [angrily]
You're not going anywhere! It's not that easy to fool Polaris!

Sailor Sun [smirking]
It was a minute ago...

Polaris [forgets the little girl]
Why you-!

Sailor Sun
Sun Flare Strike!

[Polaris quickly moves out of the way, avoiding Sun's attack]

Sailor Sun
Hey, you can't do that!

Sailor Moon
What do you want?

Polaris [points Camera at her]
The Sailor Scouts!

Sailor Sun [angrily]
You got 'em, Stupid!

Polaris [evilly smirking]
On 'film', Sun... [changes her direction and points the camera at her, snapping the shutter, as the light shoots out, Sun dives away, but the beam hits the little girl, turning her into a picture]

Sailor Sun [upset]
BAY! [glares at Polaris] You've definitely gone too far, creep!

Oh? Well, you and your scout friends are next.

Sailor Moon [confused]
Bay?! Her name is Bay?!

'jupiter' [crying]
Bailey! No...

Sailor Jupiter [turns to Mercury, whispers]
Ah... maybe we shouldn't have left Robyn alone...

Sailor Sun [turning her head to Jupiter]
Guys, can we focus on the bad guy?

Polaris [taking advantage]
May be you should! [Polaris points at Sun again and Sun turns to a picture, like the others.]