Sailor S
Episode 17
"Reversal of Misfortune"

[Back in the Negaverse Lair, Phoenix lays on her Bed, while Sun walks in]


What's wrong love bug?

Phoenix [crying]
I'm not a scout anymore.... You won't pay any attention to me!

That's not true! I love you.... and only.

Phoenix [facing Sun, wiping the tears off of her face]
You mean it?

I promise.

Phoenix [sitting up and hugging Sun]
Thank you.

Sun [smiling]
{"I'll get that cutie Sailor Moon yet!"} [grins]

* * *
[The animals are running after Aph, who's got quite a lead]

BARK! {"I keep forgetting I can't talk! I wish Aph would slow down!"}

Sailor Moon [having transformed after exiting the temple]
Aphrodite, slow down!

Aphrodite [yelling]
No! Robyn's found something strange, I want to hurry!

Nuku-parrot [landing on Tuxedo Mask's Shoulder]
Arrrk... Sun's a slut.

Amy [tring to keep up, but her wings keep catching the air and pulling her back ]
I don't know if I can keep up like this....

Sailor Moon [giggles]
Try flying... [stops, and turns] Maybe if you transform, it'll help, Amy...

Right, MERCURY STAR POWER! [Amy transforms, and becomes Sailor Mercury, but still having the wings... She suddenly feels much lighter and the air pushes her back making her hit a lamp post behind her]

Adrian-bird [fluttering over Mercury]

Sailor Mercury [glares at the bird]
Sure, it's easy for you... you're built for this... you had wings before! [stands up, leaning against the lamppost] Sailor Moon, I can't follow in this wind...

Tuxedo Mask [huffing and puffing]
Catch up when you can Mercury...

[Mercury nods and the others find Aph beside Robyn, who's holding a glowing stone]

Sailor Moon [confused]
What's that?

Robyn [looks over and shakes her head]
Ah... I forgot... [sees the zoo around her] Aph? Why are there animals following you?

Nuku-parrot [flaps her wings, hitting Mask]
RAWK! Sun's a tramp! Sun's a tramp! RAWK!

Tuxedo Mask [fanning the bird]
Go away.

Sailor Moon
What do you have Robyn?

Lita-mouse [finally catching up]

Robyn [almost flying up]
EKKKKKK! A mouse!

Rei-cat [pounces on Lita-mouse]
Mrow! {"You're scaring Robyn!"}

Robyn [drops the stone (it stops glowing) and backs off]
Nice kitty... Aph? Do something? I'm not gonna watch this cat eat lunch...

Rei-cat [drops Lita-mouse]
Meow! {"Yuk! Eat a mouse? Especially a friend? No way, Robyn! What am I a cannibal?"}

Lita-mouse [running behind Aphrodite for Protection]
{"She's going to eat me!"}


Robyn [confused]
Aph? You're protecting a mouse?! What's going on?
(*Note: Robyn was not around when the Animal Orb was originally used... she doesn't know of it...*)

Aphrodite [sighs]
Ok, here's the run down, quickly, Robyn...Nuku-Parrot, Adrian-Bird, Rei-Cat, Lita-Mouse, Mina-Collie, Artemis-Poodle, Amy-Angel... got it?

Robyn [confused]
Amy? Angel? Where?

Aphrodite [looks where they came from]
She's having a problem with the wings...


Sailor Moon [looking at the stone Robyn dropped]
Robyn, what's that thing?

Robyn [shakes her head]
Ah... It's- [thinks] I can't remember... I knew when I found it... When I touched it, I forgot...


I think he means where?

Robyn [carefully looking at the poodle.]
That's Artemis?

Artemis-poodle [lying down with his paws over his face]
Whine, whine....

Robyn [crawls over to him]
Oh you poor cat... [pets him and starts panting and wagging his tail] You're a cute poodle though... [sees Mina-collie] So... Mina and Artemis are finally the same species hunh? [giggles] [scratches behind Artemis's ear and thinks] Glowstone...

Sailor Moon [confused]
You lost me, Robyn...

Luna [smirking]
That's not hard, Serena...

Sailor Moon [pouts]
Humph! [looks away] Funny, Luna... [kneels down beside Artemis-poodle] You know, he IS a cute poodle... [Mina-collie barks, and Moon giggles] You're a cute dog too, Mina...

Mina-collie [growling and staring past Moon]
Bark! Ruff! Woof! {"Come on! Look!"} [looks at Moon] {"And I don't want to be a cute dog... I want to be a cute girl again!"}

Sailor Moon [turns her head to see what Mina-collie was barking at]
I don't see anything, Mina...

Robyn [crawls back to the stone and sits by Aph]
She could be seeing something by this... the Glowstone...

Sailor Moon [confused]
What's a Glowstone?

Robyn [shrugs]
I'm not sure, I just remembered what it was called, not what it is or does...

Sailor Mercury [finally catching up]
Guys, what's going on.

Robyn [staring at Amy's wings]
How did this all happen?

Aphrodite [sighs]
The Animal Sailor Orb

Robyn [confused]
The what? Sailor Orb? I'm lost... [puts one hand on her head, the other ends up on the Glowstone] I... [looks up] forgot what we were talking about...

Sailor Moon

Mercury! She has her hand on that stone... Could that have done something?

Robyn [looks down]
What stone? [removes her hand] The Glowstone...

Aphrodite [confused]
Every time you touch it, you go blank... but when you remove your hand, you keep calling it the Glowstone...

Sailor Mercury [pulling out her computer and scanning it]
It's some kind of power stone...?

Sailor Moon [interested]
What kind of power?

Sailor Mercury [struggling to stand still]
I'm not sure yet...[taps a few keys and responds to Moon] It's drawing in both Negapower and regular energy.

Is it from the Negaverse?

Sailor Mercury
I don't know. It doesn't seem like it by these readings.

Sailor Moon [anxious]
What does it seem like, Mercury?

What are you talking about?

Aphrodite [concerned]
Robyn.... can you change into Shadow, now that Phoenix doesn't have your powers?

Nuku-parrot [standing on the grounds after being shoved off of Mask's shoulder]
Arrrrkkk. Phoenix, PHOENIX! [She turns and starts to quickly run off, flapping her wings, trying to fly...]

Adrian-bird [flies over and lands on Nuku-parrot]
Tweet! Tweet tweet! {"You still have my powers! If you're gonna run away, I'm coming too! I want them back!"}

Nuku-parrot [angrily flaps]
Raaaaawk! Back off, Scout! Arrrk! No go! Arrk!

Adrian-bird [confused]
Tweet? {"You can hear me?"}

Nuku-parrot [stops]
Arrrk! Yes, Scout... Arrrk!

{"I want back my POWERS!"}

Arrrk... Bite me! Arrk! I'M keeping them...[whistles]

Adrian-bird [pecks at Nuku-parrot and yanks out some feathers]
{"You asked for it!"}

Nuku-parrot [in pain]
Arrrk! Owch! Stop it! Arrk! I did not! RAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWK!

Sailor Moon [watching]
What's going on with them?

Luna [guessing]
Maybe they can talk to each other? They are the same species...

Tuxedo Mask
Talk to each other... Sailor Moon, I have a plan.

Sailor Moon
You do?

Tuxedo Mask
Yes, But Sailor Shadow's going to have to help.

I'll do anything.

* * *
[A few hours later Sailor Shadow, walks back to where she ran away from, carrying a large book bag]

Sailor Shadow [talking to the bag]
Ok, I'm here... Now to find Sun.

[inside the bag with everyone else]

{"I feel like a idiot."}

{"I agree"}

{"It's not so bad"}

{"I like having the fluffy tail"}

{"Why are we all like this?"}

{"Because, when Shadow turns Sun into one, It'll be harder for them to find which one she is."}

{"You rather be a Mutt?"}

Nuku-squirrel [taped up]
{"For this, I will have my revenge as double."}

{"Will Tuxedo Mask be alright"}

{"He's supposed to stay out of sight, unless Shadow gets in trouble."}

Sailor Shadow [turns her head towards the bag]
Could you guys stop chittering... you'll blow it... [the noise stops] Thanks... [looks in every room until she finds Phoenix and Sun sleeping in one] {"Yuck... remind me never to hug her again..."} [she pulls out the orb from the bag and points it] I hope this works.... squirrel!

[A beam of light shoots out of the Orb, and hits Sun... soon, Bay's clothes remain on the bed, with two squirrels sleeping among them instead of one.]

Phoenix [stirring]

Sailor Shadow
[Looking down at the two squirrels] Which one do I grab? [Sees Bay's necklace laying among the stuff. She picks it up and puts it in the bag]

{"Oww... watch it."}

{"She can't hear us, Mina! [giggles]"}

Sailor Shadow [confused, grabs both squirrels and shoves them in her bag, then grabs the clothes and quietly leaves]
We'll figure this out back home... Let's go, guys... and keep quiet!

* * *
[inside the bag]

Bay-squirrel[(this would be the Bay well all know and love, well, sorta) looking around]
Squeak.... [makes a whining noise]

{"Bay? that you?"}

Phoenix's Other-squirrel [(well what else we going to call him?) getting up as well]

{"Who's who?"}

* * *
[Meanwhile...Shadow quickly runs out, and runs right into a Negaverse monster as she turns the corner, leaving the room]

A scout! [She quickly hits her while Shadow's looking up at the monster. Knocking her down...]

Sailor Shadow [on her butt, her pack on the floor about five feet from her]
OW! [looks up] Hey! You can't do that!

I'll get you for what you and the others did to our Queen!

Sailor Shadow [to herself]
Where's Tux? [louder, and defiantly] I didn't do anything to Beryl!

Monster [angrily]
Where are the others?!

Sailor Shadow
Not here... [the monster slowly walked up to Shadow as she lay on the ground]

You'll die...

Sailor Shadow
Eventually. [she waited a few more seconds and then kicked the monster in the knee caps. She fell] But not today. [She picked up her bag and ran]

* * *
Tuxedo Mask [waiting near the exit]
{"Maybe I should try to find her. It's been too long..."}

Sailor Shadow [running out of the door at top speed]
We better go NOW!

Tuxedo Mask [stares after her, confused]
Ah... you- [points back] but I- [looks back, then ahead at the quickly disappearing Shadow] Hey! Wait! [he takes off after her]

* * *
[Shadow's breathing hard as she and Mask stop in the park after running a good mile from where they appeared]

Sailor Shadow [setting the bag down and leaning over]
I don't [huff] remember running [puff] so far [wheeze] so fast [pant] before! [kneels, then sits against a tree] {"Whoa, deja vu..."}

Tuxedo Mask
You get Sun?

Sailor Shadow
Yea, I think so... [She leans over opening the bag all the way, to see 3 squirrels sitting on one the others standing ready at the other end of the bag (except Nuku of course)] We'd better start to get you guys back to normal!

Tuxedo Mask [looking in]
I guess they held Sun down. All right... the washroom's over there.

Sailor Shadow [confirming, giggles and pulls out the Orb]
I guess... [she ran into a public ladies room and locked the door behind her. She pulled out another bag, stored earlier. She picks up one of the squirrels and places her on the floor. She pulls out the Orb, and points it at the squirrel] Normal, Human! [There stands Rei, the first of our naked Scouts...]

Rei [grabs the bag, quickly finds her kimono and puts it on]
I hate that! It was funny the first time when we tested it on Serena, but you could have had the clothes out this time!

Sailor Shadow [snickers, then detransforms]
Better? [chooses another squirrel] Normal, human... [Lita this time... but when she realizes she's stark naked and goes for the bag, Rei still has a hold of it]


Lita [putting on some of her stuff]
Robyn, your just going to have to pick.

Ok... [She picks up one of the little animals and placed her in the center of the floor] Normal, Human.

[In a few seconds Bay dives into the Bag for something to wear. Trying not look at any of the other scouts.]


[Before Bay could finish her sentence the bag started to make some movements and another Bay grew out of it.]

2nd Bay [looking at everyone (in shock) and then at herself]
I'm human.... And the bitch is gone.

Bitch?! [then she sees the necklace around her neck] My necklace!

Robyn [quickly after realizes who that Bay was. She held up the Orb]
Oh, my... it was in the bag...Rabbit.

[The 2nd Bay turned into a rabbit]

Ah... Robyn...

Robyn [turned to where Serena was pointing. There, by the clothes bag, was another rabbit]

The Orb must have been the catalist for the seperation. Whenever you use that Orb against one, the same will happen to the other.

{"Great.... Boy, scout, girl, boy, girl, cat, squirrel, rabbit... what's next?"}

2nd Bay-Rabbit
{"Oh, no... get out of my head!"}

{"Oh, shut up."}

What do we do? We can't turn Bay back [picking up Bay] without turning back... her.

Serena [Patting Bay-rabbit]
I think she looks kind of cute this way.

{"Kiss my furry butt, Serena"}

2nd Bay-rabbit
{"I wouldn't mind kissing either of yours."}

{"Your sick."}

Adrian, do you know...

I have no way I can fix this, without killing one of them.

No, we can't do that...We don't kill people.

Then I can't help you.

Well, were going to have to turn them back.

She... ah... the other Bay knows who we are now.

No, they will not... [She pulls some powder from her pocket and blows it on Nuku and the second Bay. Both fall asleep instanly.] When they wake up... they will not remember anything that has happened in the past day]

Ok... so what do we do with them?

I guess there's only one thing we can do...

* * *
[Less then a hour later most of the girls leave a boutique, with Bay(rabbit) in Robyn's arms. They all turn into the nearest alley.]

Adrian, are you sure you have your powers back?

Yes, thank you, Robyn... returning Nuku to 'Normal' removed any effects that Phoenix did.

Ok.... [she put Bay down and put Bay's necklace around the rabbit's neck] Sorry, Bay, but we want to make sure we do this before they wake up... Normal, Human.

[Bay turned from a rabbit to a human, and she was quickly handed her jeans and a shirt from Amy. Bay quickly changed.]

Adrian... [looked around] where she go?

Bay [with her back to the others while she finished dressing]
I hope they don't wake up too soon.

* * *
[Minutes later, Nuku started to stur, she felt something on her... she opened her eyes, and there she was, in the nude, with a nude Bay leaning up aganist her, out like a light...]

Nuku [freaking out]

2nd Bay [waking up at the scream]
Owww... Nuku... [looks at Nuku] Nuku... did I ever tell you how good you look?

Get off of me, FREAK!

2nd Bay
[realizing] The voice, she's gone...

[Nuku pushes Bay off of her and runs into a crowded store. She quickly grabbed an arm full of clothes and ran back out...]

* * *
[From a near by ice cream store.]

Bay, you Ok?

I just can't get over the thought of another me out there. [licks her ice cream]

It was all we could do...

[In the window, across the street Nuku storms down the sidewalk, wearing a dress that looks like something from the early 1900's. The second Bay slowly following, wearing a black mini-skirt and white blouse, talking to every teenager that walks by her.]