Sailor S
Episode 16 Chapter 4


Robyn [sits on the edge of the bed]
You don't know?!

Aphrodite [determined]
Stay here... I'll be right back... I MUST talk to Luna and Artemis!

Robyn [watching her cat run off]
Aph! Aph, wait! {"Great... alone again... only this time, I know I'm awake..."}

* * *
Sailor Mercury [angrily]
Alright... [has to remember what Robyn said her name was...] Phoenix! We want you to return our friend, Sailor Sun, and Shadow and Astid's powers!

Phoenix [smirking]
I don't think your friend, Sun wants to come back, little Mercury...

Sailor Mercury [not liking her tone of voice...]
Don't call me that, Phoenix...

Phoenix [diving at Mercury]
Maybe you'd like to know how your friends, Sailor Shadow and Sailor Astid, feel, LITTLE MERCURY!

Sailor Mercury [rolls out of the way]
Get her, guys!

Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter Thunder Clap, ZAP!

Phoenix [ducks]
Oh, yeah, scary... [sees Mars powering up an attack] NUKU!

Nuku [swoops down and knocks over Mars]
I wouldn't try anything, Sailor Scouts... We're more powerful than all of you! [laughs]

Sailor Moon [holding onto her scepter, tightly... unsure if it'd work...]
All of us together, hunh? {"It won't work, Serena... put it out of your head..."}

Tuxedo Mask [behind them]
Try picking on someone else, Ladies... the Scouts could defeat you anyday!

Sailor Moon [turns her head and whispers]
Darien! [smiles] Get out of here, I'm worried, D- Tuxedo Mask!

Tuxedo Mask [jumps to Moon]
My job is to protect you, Sailor Moon. I don't leave!

Phoenix [looking 'gaga' over him...]
Now why can't MY boyfriend be that way?

Sailor Sun [appears from a portal]
Be what way, my love?

Phoenix [turns around and smacks Sun]
You never stand up for ME! You never say you'll defend ME!! [pouting, jealous] Why won't you?

Sailor Sun [smirking]
If you were as cute as Sailor Moon I would...

Phoenix [slaps Sun, knocking her down]
Well! I- [glares at Moon] We'll see how pretty she is when I'M through! [goes to throw something... but nothing happens...]

Sailor Moon [holding her hands up]
Oh geez... [realizes nothing hit her...] Hunh? [sees Phoenix is confused]

Phoenix [shocked]
Nothing's happening?! Why can't I use this Sailor Scout's powers?!

A Female Voice [behind Phoenix and Nuku]
Because they're MINE, Phoenix... You don't understand them... you can't use them... [angrily] You picked the wrong Scout this time...

[everyone looks back to see Robyn leaning on a tree, really weak and drained]

Aphrodite [very happily]
ROBYN! [concerned, and glares at her] What are you doing out here?!

Phoenix [shocked]
You can't be here! You- You're at back the base! [freaking] I'll make sure you don't ever get up!

Robyn [angrily, but still leaning on her arm on the tree...]
There's nothing you can do, unless you understand what you're doing, Phoenix... And you don't! Change Bay back to normal! [glares] And give me back my powers!

Phoenix [angrily]
No! I won't! I promised my boyfriend a body! [pouts and looks at Sun, who's backed away a few steps] Now that he's got one, I WILL NOT reverse it!

Robyn [grinning evilly]
If the body dies, you won't have a choice, Phoenix...

Bay [inside... ah you know by now...]
WHAT?! Is she NUTS?! Why did she say that?! Is she-

Sailor Sun [freaking and glaring at Robyn]
Can't you shut her up?! You got her started on-

Robyn [smirking at Sun]
{"Great... she's not sure... maybe if he's annoyed enough, he'll get Phoenix to undo all this!"} There's only one way to shut her up now, Phoenix... unless you want him [points to Sun] to suffer? I will kill Sun to get my friend free, you know...

Phoenix [freaking herself now...]
You WOULDN'T! How could you possibly...

Robyn [with that evil smile again]
She's pissed me off a few times... I could let go... [starts to walk towards Phoenix] You know... adrenaline really does strange things, Phoenix... so does anger... [looking a little crazy, she continues toward Phoenix, Nuku just stands there, after backing out of the way] You want to see what my anger can do, Phoenix? Or should I call you Susan?

Phoenix [REALLY unsure]
Don't call me that! How did you know my name? Back off, will you?! Stop! Come on, this isn't funny...

Robyn [grinning at her]
{"You know, I'm not sure how I knew either, but at least she's off guard..."} Come on, Susie... give those nasty old unusable powers back to Aunt Robyn...

Phoenix [freaking out]

Nuku [giggling]
{"I've never seen Phoenix so freaked... I gotta try this out sometime..."}

Sailor Jupiter
Robyn? How are you going to beat her without your powers!?

Aphrodite [concerned and a little scared]
Robyn? Could you knock this off? I'm worried about you... I think-

Robyn [yelling]
SHUT UP, APH! [stares at her, hoping she'll get the point, but sees her jump behind Sailor Moon, scared] {"Crap... oh well, if they think I'm nuts, it'll be easier to convince Phoenix I am..."} [she goes back to grinning and approaching Phoenix] Come on... at least mine... you can't use them anyway, Susie...

Don't call me that!

Robyn [takes off her pendant and holds it out to Phoenix]
Come on... put 'em back... [crazily smiles at her] Come on, Susie! [grins crazily]

Nuku [a little concerned]
Maybe you better... [smiles] Susie...

Phoenix [freaks]

Sailor Sun
No, don't you see, she's making you into a fool?

Robyn [dives at Sun]
{"Shut up, you'll ruin it!"} WHO'S A FOOL?! I'll-

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars [running over]

Sailor Moon [turns and hugs Tuxedo Mask]
I think she's gone, Darien... {"Is she?"}

Robyn [getting grabbed by Mars and Jupiter]
Lemme go! I'll kill her! I'll get her! {"They think I've really lost it! Oh, crap... this has gone too far..."}

Sailor Jupiter

Robyn [stops]
{"I'm sorry Lita, I have to prove to Phoenix I'll kill someone unless she returns my powers!"} [whispers] Sorry, Lita... [she kicks away Mars' hands and punches Lita in the nose, then runs to Phoenix] NOW, Phoenix, or you can choose either you or him! [points to a freaked out Sun]

Well... I...

You're actually considering this??

Go ahead... all he's done was hit on everyone, since he got that body.

Sun [stepping forward]
She's nuts! Who says she'll-

Phoenix angry]
Shut up, you! You've called me crazy before!

Sun [surprised]
Yeah, well, I- I mean you never- I mean you-

Nuku [puts her hand over Sun's mouth]
Ah, shut you're trap...

Sun [shocked, takes Nuku's hand away]
My head's gonna explode if she doesn't shut up! She's freaked at this stuff! You gotta stop this! [looks at Robyn] Or I could stop her...

Robyn [hears that]
I wouldn't push it, you... [glares, then stares at Phoenix] So, do I get my Powers back? Or does he get it first...?

Look at her... what's she going to do, you have her powers.

Phoenix [freaked beyond the point of calming down]
She can have them! I can't do anything with them anyway! [grabs Robyn and shakily chants a weird language... The costume disappears from Phoenix, but doesn't appear on Robyn... Robyn passes out onto ths grass and Phoenix freaks, diving at Sailor Moon] I'll take a Scout who's powers I CAN control!

Sailor Moon

Tuxedo Mask [spins around, and Phoenix grabs HIM instead]

Sailor Moon [after being dropped]

[Tuxedo Mask just passes out, still as Tuxedo Mask...]

Phoenix [glares at Robyn, who is surrounded by Mars, Mercury and Jupiter(who's holding her nose...)]
She's got me so I can't use my powers! I HATE SAILOR SCOUTS! [disappears]

Nuku [sighs]
Now, to get rid of you... [stares at Sun and flies off, in a huff]

Sun [a little whinily]
COME OOOOOOOON, CAN'T YOU SHUT HER UP?! [disappears into a portal, yelling] PHOENIX! Honey...

Sailor Moon [crying]
Darien? [holds him to her, afraid Phoenix did something]

Sailor Mars [holding up Robyn's head, like Mercury said to]
That was odd... [looks down and sees that Robyn's pendant was about 5 feet from her] Serena? [sees she crying... no help...] Luna? Artemis? Aphrodite? Would someone get her pendant? [realizes someone's missing] Hey! Where's Venus?

Sailor Jupiter [looking around]
I don know... [takes her hand away, her nose had stopped bleeding...] Mina?! [looks around] MINA!?!

Sailor Mercury [closing her Mercury computer and taking off her visor]
She's just unconscious, we should get her back to Rei's... and check on Adrian...

[The Scouts detransform and stare at Sailor Moon, who isn't moving or crying anymore... just rocking and mumbling]

Lita [with Robyn on her back, Aphrodite carrying her pendant in her mouth]
Serena? Come on, detransform! [looks to Amy, sighing] Can you check on him?

Amy [pulls out her Mercury computer]
I think so... [holds her earlobe] Mercury Visor! [the visor appears and she taps on her computer, looking back and forth]

Rei [confused]
I thought you could only-

Lita [shakes her head]
I helped her tweak them so she could use them without transforming...

Rei [shrugs]
That's cool, I guess...

[Artemis and Luna show up.]

What's going on?


Robyn [coming around on Lita's back]
Ooohh... My head's gonna fall off... [sees where she is] Lita! [shakes her head lightly] What happened?

That's what we want to know.

Lita [sets Robyn down onto her feet]
How are you feeling? [looks at her a little freaked]

Robyn [sees Lita's face]
Lita? [reaches out and bumps Lita's nose]

Lita [grabs it]

Robyn [pulls back, confused]

Rei [flatly]
You went Psycho, Rob...

Aphrodite [jumps onto Robyn's shoulder]
Here... [drops the pendant]

Robyn [catching it]
Thanks, Aph... [looks at Lita strangely] Did... did I do that?

I don't think so... did she?


Lita [holding her nose]
Knock it off Rei...

Rei [smirking]
She nearly did, Lita...

Amy [taking off the visor and closing the computer]
Darien's vitals are weak... Lita- [sees her holding her nose] are you alright?

Artemis [yelling, with stream comming off of his head]

Luna [looking around]
And will someone also tell us where Mina is?

Sailor Moon [to herself... but Luna hears]
Phoenix touched my Darien, he passed out... she touched him... he's out... [repeating this, while rocking]

Luna [concerned]
Serena? Are you alright?

[Serena ignores everyone]

That Phoenix person touched Darien....


Artemis [leaps onto Rei]

Rei [looking very scared]
Ah... Robyn has her powers back, she went psycho-

Robyn [pouts]
I DID NOT! {"Did I?"}

Lita [holding her nose]
Yes... you did... [looks to Artemis] Anyway, she freaked out Phoenix... the one who stole them? Well, there's one more, named Nuku... ah... and Sailor Sun is not herself... Phoenix's boyfriend is in control...

Artemis [confused]
Wait! Wait... back up...

What do you mean, Sun's not herself...

And who is Phoenix and Nuku?

Lita [still holding her nose feeling some blood]
This hurts... Can we get everyone to Rei's? I need some ice, before I have a nose the size of Rei's EGO! [glares]


We should really check on Adrian.

Robyn [smart-assed]
What if she walked out...?

Rei [glares at Robyn]
What's your problem with her?!

Robyn [thinks and realizes]
{"I can't remember totally...just that I really dislike Sailor Astid..."} None of your business, Rei...

Rei [really angry]

Robyn [smacks Rei hard, then turns around and runs off]
Leave me alone, Rei Hino! [Aph looks at Rei, sighs and runs after]

Lita [just watching, and holding her nose]
She's starting to act like Astid now.

Rei [holding the side of her face where Robyn hit her]
Yeah... Astid...

* * *
Adrian [pacing in the room]
I'm gonna kill whoever locked this door... no windows, no vents... I CAN'T GET OUT OF HERE! [plops on her 'bed'] I'll bet it was that Shadow Warrior... [mumbles to herself]

[ The door to the room opens and Adrian quickly gets up. Ready for anything]

Adrian, you still here?

Someone locked the door.

Yeah... we're sorry about that...

Adrain [standing up, legs wobbling]
I need my powers back.

Adrian, you seem in worse shape then Robyn was...

I hate being human... that's punishment enough.


Lita [holding an ice pack on her face]
{"Um... don't ask... we don't need another argument... I'll probably get whacked again..."} Adrian... why is there a BIG rift between you and Rob? I hate to ask, but she took off when we said we should come back and-

Adrian [confused]
Why would she take off? I'd think she'd want to beat me up or something... [grumbles]

Rei [shakes her head]
Please, can we-

Sailor Venus [running in]
Help! I'm being chased by- [gets knocked over]

Nuku [screeching]

Sailor Venus [holds the object under her, carefully]
What is it? Why were you chanting into it? [wriggles, trying to get out from under her] GET OFFA ME, NUKU!

Adrian [dives onto the pile]

Adrain [Seeing the object in Venus's arms]
A Sailor Orb!

Luna [confused]
But they were destroyed when the Negaverse attacked the Moon Kingdom! How does she get one?!

Artemis [angrily, and tired of 'games'...]
I've had enough of- [leaps over and a glow surrounds them]

[We hear yelling]
Artemis: "Nuku you look like a bird!"
Sailor Venus: "Artemis, you're as bad as a dog!"
Nuku: "You're as ugly as a dog, you thief!"

[When the light clears, a colorful parrot sits on an orangish collie, who sits beside a white poodle... (Poor Artemis!)]

What happened?

It's the Sailor Orb.

Nuku-Parrot [flapping her wings]
Arrrrk, Sun's a cassanova, Arrrrk.

Sailor Orb?

Yes... there were numerous Orbs... but many of them were lost thousands of years ago.

{"Why do I feel like getting a bone?"}

Woof, Woof. {"On, no....that can't be good"}

Artemis-poodle [looks to Mina-collie]
BROWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!? {"MINA! She's a DOG?! Wait, why did I hear a bark?"} [looks down] {"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"} [looks at Luna, freaked] WOOF! {"Crap! I can't talk anymore!"}

Mina [confused]
WOOF! {"What do you mean I'm a-"} [Looks down] {"YIPE!"} {" I CAN'T BE A DOG! I'M HUMAN! I'M-"} [whining while she's thinking all this...] Broooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Lita [confused, still holding her ice pack, leans down]
Mina? Is... is that you?

Mina [trying to comunicate]
Woof, Woof, RrRRof.

Mina, if that's you Bark twice.

Woof, Woof.

Oh, my... how do we change them back?

Arrrk. Sun's a slut.

Rei [smirks]
I knew that...

Amy [whacking Rei on the back of the head]
That wasn't nice, Rei...

Rei [rubbing her head]
What?! And that was?! [glares] I'm not Bay!

Amy [looks in at Darien and Serena]
I'm worried about Serena...

Adrain [picking up the Orb, Feeling energized with her power back]
{"I could use this to turn myself back to normal"} [she holds it up and says] Gin-Gif, Angel-dragon. [A shot shoots from the orb and hits both Rei and Amy. They both glow and then they fall to their knees]

What was that?

I don't know... I feel kind of wierd...

Yeah... [she looks over at Rei, who has two large bumps growing from her back] Rei what are those?

Eeeerrrrr... What ..... [A set of white angel-like wings quickly grow out from Rei's back, Amy's wings quickly follow]

Adrain [Talking to the Orb.]
No... Me! Not them! [puts the Orb under her shirt and shoves Lita out of the way, running away]

Lita [drops her ice pack]

Serena [looks over her shoulder and realizes she hasn't heard a thing to this point]
Oh god... What's happened?

Rei [turning facing Serena with her wings spread out, hitting Amy repeatly]
Look at what she did...

Amy [covering her face]
Hey! Watch those.

Well... Amy I could see, but Rei you need a pointed tail.

Rei [heads to Serena, but hits the doorframe]
Why you- OOF! How do I move with these?!

Amy [concentrating on herself, she moves them]
Think, Rei...

Serena [giggles]
This is Rei we're talking about, Amy...

Rei [screaming]
When I get a hold of you I'M GONNA KILL YOU, MEATBALL HEAD!

Darien [sits up suddenly]

Serena [turns quickly]
Darien!? What's wrong? [puts her hand on his]

Darien [looking scared]
Serena! You're safe! I saw- [stops, and hugs her] Nevermind... you're alright...

Lita [seeing Adrian near the door, like she's thinking of something]
Adrian... Change them Back...

Adrian [turns quickly]
And if I refuse?

I'll pound you to a pancake.

Oh? [Pulls the Orb from under her shirt] Mouse!

Squeak! Squeak!.... Squeak??? {"Why is everyone so tall?"}

Serena [shocked]
LITA! ADRIAN! [runs over and glares at her] What have you done to everyone?!

Adrian [angrily]
Maybe you want to be an animal too, Sailor Moon?

Serena [backs into the room]
No thanks... I like being what I am... [grins nervously] You can keep that thing [giggles nervously, and whispers to Darien] I wanna go home...

Good... Then you will do as I say.

Why you little...

You are not worthy of those wings....Cat!

Meow!... [shakes her head] Meeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww!

Artemis & Mina

[hisses back]


Adrian [not know that Darien doubled behind her]
Now... [Darien grabs the Orb from her hands] Hey!

Darien [curious]
How do I work it?

Adrian [angrily]
Give it back!

Darien [remembering, and smirks at Adrian]
You want your wings back?

Adrian [backing up]
You wouldn't dare...

Darien [evil grin]
I would... unless you tell me how to change them ALL back...

Adrian [nervously]
I don't know how! I only know how to transform them... not back, though... Please don't do anything to me!


Tell me!

I don't know...

Tell me, or I'll make it turn you into a little bird... [Nothing happened]

Yes, I forgot! Only a Scout can use it!

Serena [jogs over beside him, angrily]
I'm a Scout!

Adrian [smugly]
You wouldn't know how to use a broom, Sailor Moon...

Serena [grabs the Orb and yells]
I'll show you who couldn't use a broom! Bird!

Adrian-bird [sits on the ground, very still]
Tweet! {"Crap... first I become a human, now I'm a bird! What next?!"} Tweet! tweet!

Serena [surprised]
It worked... but we didn't get any infor-

Aphrodite [running in through an open window]
Sailors! Rob- [sees the zoo...] What are all these animals doing here? [sees the Orb and backs into the corner] The Animal Orb... put it down Serena... I like being a cat... please put it down...

How do I change everyone back?

Sun's a bitch! Sun's bad! [sees Rei staring at her, licking her lips] Arrrkkk... turn me back... [whistles]

Amy [struggling with her angel-like wings]
Serena, she can talk.

Serena [talking to parrot]

arrrk... tuman....arrrk...normal....arrrk.

Serena [confused]

Aphrodite [a little scared]
Darien! Take that out of her hand before I get turned into a mouse or something...

Darien [gently takes the Orb, understanding...]
Alright, Aphrodite... you can relax now...

Aphrodite [relaxing]
Thank you, Darien...

Serena [pouts at Darien]
Why'd you take that?!

Darien [shrugs]
Oh, you know, you'd have said squirrel or something and accidentally turned Aph into one...

Aphrodite [covers her head]

Darien [smiling]
Don't worry, I can't use it... [looks at it and thinks]

Serena [curiously]
What's going through your mind, Darien?

Darien [looks at Nuku-parrot]
I think I know what she meant... but I'm not sure HOW she meant it...

Serena [confused]

We may have a bigger problem if you guys don't hurry and follow me! [leaps out the window]

Serena [turning to ask, sees her tail disappear]
Oh! That cat's worse than Luna!

Luna [smugly]
I'll ignore that remark... Let's go!

[All the Animals follow Luna, Serena and Darien, they may be animals, but they're still loyal to friends!]

To Be Continued