Sailor S
Episode 16 Chapter 3


Sailor Sun [suddenly yawns]
Stop that...

Phoenix [glares at Nuku]
I'll give you drained, sis... [spins and grabs Sailor Sun's arm]

Nuku [smirking]

* * *
Robyn [leaving that mess behind her, she realizes the rush is over... she suddenly feels very tired and drained...]
Oh... great... I wanted... [passes out on the pavement where she stood]

* * *
So, you're Sailor Astid... and you've been going after this nut for a while?

Yes, I'm an aquiantance of Sailor Sun...I thought I could take them out, but....

I have a question.

What is it, Serena?

Serena [facing Adrian]
Why do you speak so strange when you're a Scout?

Adrian [puzzled]
Speak strange???? What do you mean?

You know... the .... Thou and Thy crap.

Adrian [confused]

Serena [confused]
You don't remember?

What are you talking about?

Scouts! That's not important right now...

Serena [pouting]
But I wanna know why-

Luna [waves claws at Serena]
STOP IT! We have to find Robyn and figure out why Aphrodite was acting like that...

Yeah... and why that person was dressed like Shadow?

And why Sun kissed me... [the image flies throught her head] Yuck...

That was not your Sun...

Everyone [totally confused]
It wasn't?

No, it was the other personality...

What other personality?

I don't know.... but that personality is the dominant one... Sailor Sun... is no more. [a smirk crosses her face]

Mina [staring out the window]
Serena... Darien's looking for you...

Serena [excitedly]
DARIEN! [gets up and nearly runs over all between her and the door...]

Adrian [on the floor after diving out of the way...]

Ah... Derien's Serena's boyfriend...

Adrian [looks away suddenly...]
Yeah, it's nice to have someone who cares for you...

What's wrong?


Serena [skipping back into the room Darien behind her]
Darien thinks he saw Robyn! Downtown... [giggles] At least she's alive!

Where is she?

Lita [realizing]
Hey! Why didn't you help her if you saw her?!

Darien [angrily]
I couldn't! There were like five people around her helping her get up... [looks out the window] She looked really weak though...

Serena [surprised]
DARIEN! Why wouldn't you help her if she looked-

Darien [angrily]
I told you there were like 5 other people there... Besides, she may not feel herself... If Sailor Sun went after her like Serena said... we don't know what may have happened to her... [looks to Adrian] Who's this?

Adrian [looking away]
No one of your concern.

Huh? Ok... Ah..

Lita [crosses her arms]

Serena [interrupting]
Let's go try and find Robyn! If she's hurt, we should help her!

Luna [nods]
Yes, we should!

[Everyone runs out... but Adrian]

Lita [stopping by the door]
Adrian, you coming?

Adrian [stuggling to keep awake]

Lita [re-entering the room]
Why were you so rude to Darien?

I have my reasons.

Lita [shrugging]
Ah... can I ask what?


Lita [backs up]
Ok, ok...

Adrian [sighs]
I'll stay here... ok?

Lita [nods]
Alright. We'll bring Robyn back here then... [runs off]

* * *
Serena [hanging onto Darien's arm]
Where'd you see her at, Darien?

Darien [stops]
Over there... look...

[They all go over and see her pendant just lying there]

Lita [confused]

Serena [picks it up]
Owch! [drops it] That thing is ice cold! Freezer burnt! [holds her hand against her and stares at it...] What would cause that?

Darien [puts on one of his leather gloves]
I don't know, Serena... but we'd better-

Robyn [from behind them all]
Guys! Am I so glad to see- [falls] Ooooww...

[everyone runs over to aid Robyn]

Serena [concerned]
Robyn!? You ok?

Robyn [looks over her shoulder]
I will be if these wackos would just leave me alone for one day! That's all I- [passes out into Serena's arms]

We better get her back to the Temple.

Serena [tries to lift her, and asks Darien for help, he picks her up and they all head back to Rei's]
Don't forget her pendant, Darien... [confused, she reaches into his pocket, then puts on the other glove]

* * *
Robyn [waking up with a pounding headache, opens her eyes and sees Aph sitting on her chest and Amy put a cold washcloth on her head]
Amy? Aph? [reaches up for the washcloth] Stop, I feel - [goes to sit up, but when she moves, she's dizzy...] Ooohhh... [stops trying to move]

Robyn? What happened and who was the girl dressed as you we fought earlier?

Robyn [turns her head, confused]
Hunh? Me? [remembers what Phoenix could do... remembering her and Rei, though, she doesn't know why...] Phoenix! [sits up suddenly and her head feels like, well...] Oh! Anyone get the license of the Semi? [holds her head]

Rei [confused]
Who? [smiles] I think Amy wrote it down somewhere...

Amy [frowns]
Stop it, Rei! [turns back to Robyn] Lay down, you're weak...

Robyn [shakes her head... LIGHTLY!]
No... I have to get my powers back from Phoenix! She'll use them until- [sees Adrian] That girl from the park! [looks angry] Who in the hell ARE you?!

Adrian [feeling about the same as Robyn, but with a little more attitude]
None of your business.

Robyn [trying to move out of bed]
Why you little-

Amy [stops her]
Stop it! Come on! [pushes Robyn back onto the bed] Relax, ok? You and Adrian were both attacked, apparently...

Robyn [looks strangely at Amy]
Who's Adrian?

Amy [points]

Robyn [smirking]
So that's your name!

Rei [walks over and shoves the washcloth in Robyn's mouth, after having to pretty much tape Adrian's mouth shut!]
Knock it off! This is a TEMPLE! [stands with her arms crossed, getting glares from everyone...] WHAT?!

Serena [snickers]
You yell here all the time, Rei...

So?! [yells as if to demonstrate a point...] It's MY Temple!

Amy [sighs and takes the washcloth out of a very angry Robyn's mouth]
You know, we should really try to figure out what's wrong with Sailor Sun...

Robyn [curious]
{"Oh no..."} What do you mean, Amy?

Sun's gone kind of weird on us.... Adrian..

What? I have nothing to say. [turns her head from Robyn]

Lita [angrily]
Would you drop the feud?! You said about another personality... what did you mean?

Robyn [sitting up again]
Phoenix's boyfriend! She wasn't totally nuts! {"Nah... she's still insane..."}

Two minds inside of Sailor Sun. One hers and the other was someone else. The "someone else" is now the one that dominates Sailor Sun's body.

And what about Sun?

Serena [freaked]
Yeah, she DID kiss me... you're saying Bay has NO control?

Robyn [surprised]
Kissed?! [slightly giggles] Oh I wish I'd have been there with a camera...

Robyn, This is serious.

Robyn [pouting]
You're no fun, Rei... I know this is serious, I just don't really want to consider what could happen if- [she stops and turns her head to the window]

Serena [curious]

Amy [plainly]
If we can't reverse the process...

Robyn [staring out the window... coldly]
Thanks for putting it so nicely, Amy...

It cannot be reversed.

Robyn [still staring, but curls her knees up to her chest at the words]
Why did Bay want you to begin with? [looks at Adrian and says louder] And why do you hate us so much?! [looks ready to cry as she thinks about what could happen to Bay]

Adrian [coldly]
That's none of you concern. [pauses] The process cannot be reversed, but it can be completed.

Robyn [grabs Aph and hugs her, ignoring Adrian completely now]
I wanna go home...

Amy [looks to Robyn, then to Adrian]
What do you mean, "completed"?

Forcing a soul back is used only in preperation of dividing the body.


By dividing the body, their would be two, not two in one.

I'm starting to think she makes more sense as a Scout!

Serena [pouting]
Me too!

Aphrodite [shaking her head]
In effect... you're saying we'll end up with TWO Bays?!

Robyn [mumbled, but loud enough for Aph and Amy to hear]
Great... double trouble... [glares at Adrian]

Serena [confused]
What's that Robyn?

Robyn [glares and Serena shuts up]
Shut up, Meatball Head... [lets Aph go and lays down facing the window]

Not, two Bays... One Bay and one someone else.

Amy [really trying to understand]
Ok, so the person who's in charge of Bay right now gets their own body, and Bay gets her own too? That's the simplest way I can figure to ask, Adrian...

Yes... Both will appear to look the same. But the two will be seperated.

Lita [curious]
Ok, I got the 2 Bays thing... but, how do you know about all this in the first place?

Serena [blurting without thinking... naturally...]
Yeah, Astid, where do you come from that you'd know all this?

Robyn [sits up]
Sailor ASTID! You-

Amy [holds Robyn back]
What's the matter with you?!

Robyn [glares at Amy, freaking]
You don't remember what she did to Bay and me!? [looks to Rei] Rei?! You've gotta recall something?! {"Why am I so sure of this stuff?"}

Adrian [completely igoring Robyn]
Spells and myths are common knowledge where I come from.

Serena [amazed]
Spells?! Cool!

Rei [crossing her arms]
Hey! I know spells too, Serena!

Adrian [smiles]
Good, then you can help me prepare...

Rei [shocked]

You said you know spells.

Rei [nervously]
Yeah, but yours could be different! Besides, what if-

Adrian [simply]
I can't work in this condition... not with being as weak as I am... I'll need help anyway, Sailor Mars...

Alright... I guess the first thing is to get you and Robyn back to normal.

* * *
[In the Negaverse, both Phoenix and Sailor Sun lay in the same bed together, Phoenix cuddling up to Sun. Sun was quietly sleeping. But inside her head, Bay wandered]

Bay [looking at a large hallway full of doors]
Where am I?

[Bay walked down the hallway, slowly]

Bay [looked up to see the roof almost coated with a dark cloud]
{"I wonder what that big dark cloud is..."}

Voice [from behind Bay]
Excuse me, who are you? [Bay turned and saw, herself, in a dress]

Ah.. who are you?

[The other Bay playfully ran up to Bay with a big smile]

Oh, my name's Angie.

Bay [staring]
You look like me...

Or, you look like ME? [grabs and pulls Bay's arm] Come on... We need to get in, from the weather.

Bay [following Angie]
In? But were already in?

Angie [pulled Bay into one of the rooms]
Here. [They both entered the room and Angie let go of Bay's hand, and ran over to a rack full of clothes] Oh, you got to try some of these on.

Ah.. no thanks.. I'm-

Angie [pulling out a black evening dress]
Ranma really liked this one.

Ranma??? [Bay felt different. She looked down and saw she was suddenly wearing the black dress...]

Angie [playfully ran over]
Oh, I think you need some makeup too!

[A male voice from behind Bay sounded]

Do you think she deserves that?

I'll do what I want, Brad.

[Bay quickly turned around to see herself, or rather himself.]

She doesn't deserve a lot of respect, but...

Bay [confused as hell]
Wait, you're me... [she looked over at Angie] And you're me...

Brad [looking into Bay's eyes]
You don't get it. This isn't your world. It's ours.


Angie [having a big smile on and acting very joyful]
You live out there, and we all live [she points to Bay's forehead] in here.

This is some kind of joke right?

See, I told you. She's as dumb as bricks.

Oh, give her a chance.

Why? [he steps back] Look at what she did to me.

Bay [looks at each of them and then herself, seeing that she's back in her jeans and t-shirt]
You're me, though.

Don't remind me.

But I couldn't help this, you think I like being a girl?

[Another voice comes out, again behind Bay]

Did you like being me, any better?

Bay [looking at the cat]
What? No...

[another voice]

Sailor Sun
No, she doesn't... [Sun walked right up and put her face inches from Bay's.] She doesn't like being any of us. But she does like the fighting.

That's not true.

Sailor Sun

I don't believe her.

I don't think any of us does.

I couldn't help what happened to me... [She looked at Brad.] I'd do anything to put things back!

Oh, it's not us you should be sorry to... after all, you're trapped with us now... and the cloud controls you.

So who should I be sorry to?

[everyone suddenly disappears]

Sailor Sun [Phobie]

Bay [quickly turns around]
Who are you?

Sailor Sun [Phobie]
I'm the one that was the original.. You brought me back... I wanted to stay gone. But you had to be selfish and being me back.

Sailor Sun [Bay] [Looked at herself, she was now in her scout uniform]
I didn't mean to..

Sailor Sun [Phobie]
A boy... Why did you think the necklace was passed to the youngest girl? A girl is the rightful owner... She would have let me rest. But you and your male logic had to use the locket. Well, you'll get what you deserve.

Sailor Sun [Bay]
But- But I never planned on-

Sailor Sun [Phobie]
That's your problem, Bay... you never think... you remember Robyn, don't you... you didn't think... look what you did to her!

Sailor Sun [Bay]
I didn't do-

Sailor Sun [Phobie]
You cost her true love, Bay... You cost her a once in a lifetime chance... She loved you, but-

Sailor Sun [Bay]
[yelling] ENOUGH! STOP IT!

Sailor Sun [Phobie]
Oh, no.. you don't have enough. You see, none of us are really real... Only you... and what you've done has put us all to shame. Taking my powers, killing Brad, caging Angie... the list goes on...

Sailor Sun [Bay]
I never did any of that...

Sailor Sun [Phobie]
Oh, yes, you did... and we all know what's going to happen to you as a result.

[The smoke started to flow into the room, collecting at the door.]

Sailor Sun [Bay]
[coughing] What?! Phobie! NO! Wait! [coughs and she feels like she's being suffocated by the smoke, hearing that all to familiar, arrogant voice]

Voice [laughing]
Hey, sweetie! It's time to wake up! [laughing as she feels dizzy and still can't breathe right...]

Sailor Sun [Phobie] [Bay can only hear HER voice]
You get what you deserve.

Ah, don't listen to them, your mine.

* * *
[Sailor Sun quickly sat up, like she was having a bad dream, but couldn't remember what is was]

Phoenix [getting up. She also wore the scout costume, neither knew how to take it off]
What's wrong?

Sailor Sun [kissing Phoenix's forhead]
Nothing... go back to sleep

* * *
Robyn [sits up suddenly and sees everyone's gone]
Serena? Amy? Rei? [looks out the window... no one...] Lita? Mina? Aph?! [gets up, worried] Luna? Artemis? Adrian?!?!

Adrian [walks in with a large grin on her face]
Hello, Shadow Warrior...

Robyn [standing ready to fight anyhow...]
Why are you so smug?

Adrian [becomes Astid]
Perhaps because I've gotten my own powers back and won't give you yours?

Robyn [confused]
You- you're speaking normally?

Sailor Astid [nodding]
I can... I don't... [evilly grins] I hate you and your friend and you know why...

Robyn [confused]
Why do you hate us? I don't know!

Sailor Astid [smiling and disappearing]
Yes, you do... you just don't remember, Robyn...

Robyn [takes two steps forward and only manages to grab a few feathers...]
Astid! What are you talking about?! [stomps foot] I'm beginning to hate her... [turns around and sees she's at a set of large doors, with the phases of the moon on them. They open up and inside stands a boy in front of another Sailor Scout. Long green hair and a dark green uniform, holding what looks like a giant key, she immediately knows who this is] Sailor Pluto?

Sailor Pluto [angrily]
You don't belong here, Robyn... leave!

Robyn [holding the two feathers]
What? Pluto, I-

Sailor Pluto [waves her wand at Robyn angrily]
You have been warned, Kagemusha! [the two feathers become a snake and a rose. The rose pricks Robyn and she drops the snake]

Robyn [holding her hand and staring at Pluto and the boy, confused]
Why, Sailor Pluto? Who is that?

Sailor Pluto [smirking]
You know him, Robyn, but you will never know him again! [Everything goes blank and Robyn suddenly opens her eyes to a worried Serena's face]

Serena [happily]
Hey! Her fever broke! She's awake!

Robyn [confused, sits up]
Fever? What fever?

Lita [bringing a pot of chicken soup]
You were out for a while.

Robyn [remembering the dream]
Astid! Where's Adrian?

Lita [sitting the pot down]
Would you drop her already!?

Robyn [grumbles]
If I could-

Lita [glares angrily at Robyn]

Robyn [pouting]
Alright, alright... [mumbles something, then goes to get up] I just don't- Ouch! [looks at her right hand, where the pain came from] Why-? [remembers the dream] But it was a dream... wasn't it? [looks at her hand again] No marks...

Rei [concerned]
What dream, Robyn?

Robyn [shakes her head]
Ah, nothing, Rei... must have been from the fever, I probably just banged it earlier or something... {"Wait, why would Sailor Pluto call me Kagemusha? Only Zephyr ever called me that...?"} I need to get outta here...

Serena [pushes her down onto the bed]
Uh-uh... Amy said you can't leave here! You have to get better!

Robyn [confused]
Better?! [angrily] The only way I'll get better is to get out of here and retrieve what's mine from Phoenix! [sits up]

Serena [confused]

Robyn [still angry]
The woman- GIRL you fought that was wearing my uniform? She took my powers...

Amy [confused]
How? You still have your pendant, right?

Robyn [looks down and sees her chain tucked under her shirt]
Yeah... but this person can absorb- [suddenly feels dizzy] I- I think I will lie down, Serena... [she passes out again]

Serena [confused]
Absorb what?! I hate it when she passes out in the middle of a sentence!

Rei [smirking]
You can fall asleep in the middle of one!

Serena [stands up, stomps her foot]
OH! [walks out]

Rei [still smirking]

Rei, that wasn't very nice.


Lita [crosses her arms]
You're really mean to her you know... I thought you were over that?

Guys... I think we have to worry more about Robyn and Adrain.

Amy [nodding]
Yes, and we must find out who this Phoenix is Robyn keeps mentioning...

Yeah.... this is no time to fight.

Rei [angrily throwing up her hands]
WHO'S FIGHTING?! [storms out, leaving Lita, Mina, Amy and Aph alone with Robyn]

Mina [surprised]
That was pointless...


Aphrodite, do you know who this Phenoix is?

Aphrodite [nervously]
Well... Ah... you won't believe-

Lita [angrily]
Just tell us, Robyn's determined to go after her, so I for one want to know- [screaming and yelling suddenly can be heard from the hallway and she sighs] how to get rid of her... [shakes her head and starts to leave] Tell these two... Someone's gotta stop them before they kill each other... [she leaves]

Aphrodite [surprised at the last thing said]
{"Kill? Stop it! No one but you and Bay know about that!"} [shakes her head and looks to Amy] Well... Ah... I don't know how to start this, Amy...

Yes, go on..

Well, Phoenix, can... transfer the powers of Sailor Scouts into herself. And by doing so, we think she's sucking the life force from the victim.

So... in result, Phoenix is Sailor Shadow?

That's what it looks like.

Why can't she just change into Shadow and then...

Aphrodite [upset]
Because Phoenix is using her powers...

Amy [walks over and pets Aph]
It's alright, Aphrodite... we're just trying to understand-

Aphrodite [yells]

Maybe we better get Luna to explain this.

Luna doesn't know.

Aphrodite [pauses] How do we reverse it?

Aphrodite [looks over her shoulder and sniffs]
I have a thought... but I don't know how it works, exactly...

Amy [suggesting]
Moon's Crystal Healing Power?

Amy, will that work?

I don't know...

Aphrodite [shaking her head]
No, no, no! Serena's Healing Power isn't stong enough to counter balance this... [sits up and looks into Amy's eyes] This will require something more powerful than Serena's Crystal...

Amy [interested, and confused]
What's that?!

Aphrodite [looking hopeless]
I don't know... the only thing I thought of... I don't think they're an option anymore... {"Well, the Sailor Orbs aren't really an option...."} [looks to Amy, then Mina, then sees Lita rush in]

Lita [out of breath, and a little freaked]
Guys? I think you'd better come outside...

Mina [smirking]
Rei and Serena take up wrestling to strangle each other?

Lita [glares]
Stop it, SAILOR VENUS... [she disappears from the door and they hear her yell running down the hall] Jupiter Star Power!

Mina [sighs]
Alright, Lita... [takes out her pen and runs after Lita] Venus Star Power!

Amy [looks at Robyn, worridly]
Keep an eye on her, Aphrodite! [takes her pen out and shouts] Mercury Star Power!

[Sailor Mercury runs out, leaving Robyn and Aph alone...]

Robyn [starting to wake up]
What's going on?

I don't know