Sailor S
Episode 16 Chapter 2


Bay/Cat [swiping rapidly]

Aphrodite [stops smirking, thinking the same thing...]
Ah... yeah... [puts carrier down and Bay/Cat manages to catch her other leg]

Bay/Cat and Aph

Bay/Cat [grumbling]
I keep forgetting...

Aphrodite [putting her hand over her leg]
CUT that out Bay... It hurts!

Bay/Cat [yelling]
HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL!? [rubbing her leg with her paw] I'm- [grumbles] I'm sorry... [looks up] Can I come out now?!

Not 'til I think you mean it..

I say keep her there!

Rei [waking up herself]
Ah... what's going..on?

Serena [giggling]
Bay's in the kitty carrier! [smiles widely] Like she liked to do with Aphrodite! [giggles again]

[Robyn's father comes to the door]

Robyn, can I speak to you?

Robyn [surprised]
Ah sure... [she gets up and heads out of the room]

Rei [seeing Aphrodite]
Who are you?

* * *
[Robyn and her Dad]

Robyn, I have to talk to you about Bay...

What about her?

You asked if she could stay over... I accepted but I didn't mean for this long... shouldn't she go back to her parents?

Robyn [seriously]
She can't...

Cyrus [surprised]
What do you mean?

Robyn [sighs]
I can't explain it all... she has no family, Dad... and nowhere to live... [looks at her father with sad, pleading eyes]

Cyrus [amost falling into it]
I'm sorry, honey, but she can't stay here much longer.... our rent agreement doesn't allow it.

Robyn [pleading]
Dad! We can't throw her out... she lived on the street for two years! I never knew until I asked her where she lived...

Cyrus [firmly]
No... I'm sorry...

Robyn [starts to cry and runs into her room, slamming her door behind her]
No... I can't... [falls onto the floor and sobs into the blanket Serena's sitting on]

Robyn, what's wrong?

Bay's not being allow to stay...

WHAT? I'm being booted out?

Robyn [sniffs and nods without looking up]
Dad says it breaks our rental agreement having a third person live here... [sniffs and puts her head up] But- if I-... [stops and stares out the window, lost in thought...]

Rei [looking at Bay, trying to be funny]
Well we could leave her as a cat.

NO we can't!

Aphrodite [concerned]
Where would I live?!

Well, WE could turn you back to normal!

Bay/cat [yelling to be hear]

Robyn [staring out the window still]
There may be a way to resolve this living problem... [half out of it...]

Bay/Cat [unsure]
Ah... you're not thinking about anything involving death are you?

Robyn [shoots Bay/Cat and evil look]
NO! [goes back to her window] I was thinking of... ah... OTHER arrangements...

What arrangements?

Bay/Cat [curious]
Yeah... and they'd better not include me wearing this permanant fur coat!

Aphrodite [moves the carrier with her foot]

Robyn [sniffs]
I could leave...

All [shocked]

Robyn [nods, ignoring the screamed question...]
I'll leave... Bay needs a place to stay more than I do... She's been on the street for two years, I couldn't let her go back to that...

Bay/Cat [concerned]
But I'd be better to go... I know the streets... you don't...

But it wouldn't be fair!

So... Rei, can I stay at the temple, again?

Rei [confused with the 'again']
Ah, grandfather's on a 'keep people out of here kick' He tried to convince Chad to leave.

Oh... ah... well, I could go back to doing odd jobs... find a place...

Robyn [shakes her head]
Could we drop it... first thing's first... we've gotta get you and Aph back to normal...


Amy [closing her Mercury computer, which she's been working on since they got there]
I think I may have it... but it's risky...

Bay/Cat [excited]
I just wanna get rid of the fur! PLEASE AMY!?!?!?

Amy [shakes her head]
Not for you... for Aphrodite... I can't seem to find why you never changed back, Bay...

What... you mean I'm stuck in this horrid body!

Aprodite & Luna

How do we get her back to normal?

Sailor Moon's healing power should fix it... but Bay... I don't know... Something's different!

[Aphrodite picks up a candy, and puts it in her mouth...]

Aphrodite & Bay
Owww! [both cover their mouths]

What happened?

Aphrodite [spits out the candy and a piece of tooth]
[whines]Oooowwww... my tooth....

Bay/Cat [moaning as well]
Whyyyyy? [out of nowhere] MROWCH! [All looking at Bay] That hurts... [sees them looking] What?

Aphrodite... your tooth.

Change me back... It'll be Ok.

You'll have to have that taken care of... before...or else you'll always be feeling it.

Bay/Cat [paw still on her mouth]
Both of us... see Dr. Kinto... he's nice... [realizes] Wait... no, NO dentist... [thinks] Oh, th pain of dental work... [covers her head with her paws]

What are you worried about... your a cat?

Bay/Cat [freaking]
A cat connected with a person who's going to be in a lot of pain! AND A CAT WHO ALWAYS HATED DENTISTS! [putting her paw on her mouth again] Ooowww... it hurts to talk...

Robyn [glares]
Good, maybe that'll keep you quiet!

Serena [snickers]
Doubtful... [giggles]

Well we have no choice. Come on... we'll take you to the dentist.

Serena [nervous all the sudden]
I'll take Bay...

Rei [going with Aphrodite, Ami, and Robyn]

* * *
[Outside the Dentist's office, Aph clutching her piece of tooth]

Aphrodte [nervously]
You know it really doesn't hurt all that- OW! [rubs her cheek] oh, geez... [looks at Robyn, looking panicky]

Robyn [shakes her head]
Not this time, Aph... you've gotta get that taken care of... [smiles] Look on the bright side... at least it's not Dr. Jenkins back home! [smiles wide]

Aphrodite [shooting an evil look]
I hate Vets anyway... [stares ahead and gets pushed in by Robyn, Amy and Rei]

You always incuraged me to go to the denstist!

Aphrodite [getting louder]
I was a cat... I did have to worry about going to the denstist!

you're almost as loud as Serena!

Aphrodite [stops, getting a bright idea]

Robyn [covers her ears and turns her back, using that to help push]
It doesn't help Serena either, Aph!


[pushing her right in]

Receptionist [covering her ears]
{"Not another yeller!"} SECOND CHAIR [points] THAT A WAY!


Robyn [uncovers her ears and pulls Aph down into the chair]
Now would you please shut up?! [glares] I promise, I won't fight with you next time I have to go... ok?

Aphrodite [sniffing and putting her hand on her cheek]
No fair... your next appointment is a cleaning...

Robyn [shocked]
I still hate them! Anything that means a doctor... you know that!

Aphrodite [admitting the losing battle]
Oh, all right. [has a angry look on her face]

Hello, Robyn, who's your friend?

Robyn [teardrops]
{"I never thought about info! Oh, crap!"} Ah, my cousin... Aphrodite... [smiles and points to Aph's hand] She broke a tooth on a piece of candy and we dragged her down here... [glares at Aph]

Ok... [sitting down beside Aphrodite] Let's take a look. Open up please. [Aphrodite opens her month] Oh, I can see it... a chiped tooth... We should be able to fix that.... give me a minute. [He turns around a gets his needle]

Aphrodite [stugglung]
Whoa..I don't think sooooo. [everyone holding her down]

Don't worry, It'll only sting for a minute. [he puts the needle in her mouth]

* * *
[making squenching faces]

What's Wrong?

Aphrodite's geting her work done...

Really, you can feel it, this far away?

Serena [curious]
What's he doing?

It feels like he's useing the needle to numb the pain.... [a moment]... Their... OWWWWWWWWWW!


Bay/cat [in a lot of pain]
He's drilling!

Serena [freaking herself]
But I though he numbed the pain.

Bay/cat [yelling loudly]
If he did, I don't have the luxury of numbness! [tears from pain in her eyes] MRRROOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! {"I hate being a cat! I hate dentists! I HATE THIS WHOLE SITUATION!!!"}

* * *
Aphrodite [relax in the chair, mouth wide open]
Ith...ctahan feathly femle isth..


She said 'She can barely feel this'.


There done.

Aphrodite [still sitting in the chair]
Oou shur? [the side of her face feeling about two times the size it was...] Ow! I dit my tongue...

Robyn [giggling]
It'll wear off in a few hours... trust me, Aph... [giggles again] Thanks, Dr. Michi! [walks out holding Aph's arm]

Dr. Michiru
Robyn... I'll see you in three weeks.


Rei [giggles]
Yeah, I know, you hate dentist work too...

Dr. Michiru [as they walk into the waiting room]
You've got an appointment in two weeks, Rei! Don't forget!

Rei [teardrops and blushes]
Yeah... [giggles nervously] Ok...

Robyn [smirking]
Hehe... yeah, you too...

* * *
[Later outside, walking away from the dentist's office]

So, was that so, bad?

I guess, Bay should be happy, it didn't hurt too much.

[A few monsters, scaring people]

The Negaverse.


Aphrodite [freaking]
I can't fight like this! [yawns] I'm sleepy!

Robyn [frowns]
Great, not only to you hate dentists like Serena, but Novacaine makes you sleepy like her too...

Aphrodite [glares]
You take a nap after dentist work too!

Robyn [defensively]
Yeah, but I don't hate them like you two do... I just really dislike that I have to go... that I have no choice... like I'm being forced... I hate THAT...

Mercury Star Power!

Rei [turning to Robyn and Aphrodite]
Guys... Scout Business! Mars Star Power!

Robyn [takes off pendant and nods]
Right, Rei! Shadow Pendant Power!

Aphrodite [freaking]
I don't know how to-

Sailor Shadow [turns to Aph]
Do it the same way you did before, Aph!

Aphrodite [looks for the locket]
Oh - uh- ah- I can't seem to- ah-

Sailor Shadow [reaches for Aph's neck]
Here, Aph... [tugs lightly on something around her neck]

Aphrodite [grabbing Bay's locket]
Ah... Sun Power!

Sailor Aphrodite
So, now what?

Sailor Mercury [on her communcator]
Serena.. we need you and Mina, and Lita here.

* * *
Serena [on her communicator (duh!)]
Right! [Closes up here commincator]

What's up?

The others need help!

Bay/Cat [bangs on the carrier gate]

Serena [shrugs]
I still don't see why Aphrodite did it in the first place... [pulls off Brooch] Moon Crystal Power!

Bay/Cat [knowing Serena can hear her]
Revenge... {"Which I'm going to take as soon as everything's back to normal..."} [grumbles to herself]

Sailor Moon [Picking up the carrier]
Come on...


* * *
[The Sailor Scouts start running towards where people are fleeing from... ah, DUH!]

Sailor Mars [sees three monsters, beating up on building, and cars... none actually atacking people]
Stop, on behalf of Mars, distruction of propery is...

Shadowy figure behind them
Oh, stop.... I know... you will make us pay, etc. Shut up! I know what I'm doing.... Get them!

[The monsters start attacking the scouts!, aphrodite doing her best to defend herself. Sailor Moon shows up behind the battle and puts the carrier down, opening it.]

Sailor Moon
There you go Bay... [She starts to head for the battle when the figure appears behind Shadow] Shadow, watch out!

[The figure grabs shadow from behind and starts to disappear]

Shadow, runs and jumps into the Portal, formed when they disappear. [The portal closes before anyone can stop them.]

A monster
Everyone out! [All the monsters disappear]

* * *
[In an empty building, Robyn falls unconscious to the ground, while the figure stands above her, wearing a Sailor Shadow uniform.]

Finally, I'm a Scout!

The other figure
Were's my Scout, Phoenix?

Phoniex [turning]
Sorry, Nuku, I could only get one.

Bay/cat [Hiding behind a pole, quietly.]

Nuku [looking at Robyn]
So, what do we do with her?

Nothing.... I'll siphen her powers and energy, until it's all mine.

* * *

Sailor Mars
Can, someone tell me what just happened?

Sailor Moon
You got me.

[Sailor Venus and Jupiter come up behind them]

Sailor Jupiter [snaps her fingers]
Damn... missed all the fun...

Sailor Venus [surprised]
Where's Robyn?

Sailor Aphrodite
What happened to Robyn???

* * *
[Later, all detransformed, at Rei's.. Aphrodite wallowing in self pity]

It's all my fault...I'm Robyn's guardian.

There's nothing you could have done...

Luna [thinking]
The street attack must have been a set up to get you Scouts out there.

Yes... but who are all those people?

Serena [pouting]
I didn't even get to say my speech!

Rei [smacking Serena... again]
Cut it out, ok?!

Luna! we got to get Robyn Back!

I wish I knew how.

* * *

Phenoix [dancing around]
What do you think?

I think I want to know where's my scout?

Who do you want?

Who else, Sailor Moon.

Alright... I'll...No, I look beautiful!... No, I don't care about you... SO what?

What's he saying?

He wants...[hears something moving around] What was that?

Nuku [hearing the same]
I hear it too.

[they both look, seeing Bay/Cat running away]

Stop that cat!

[A monster appears in front of Bay and picks her up by the back of the neck]

Let go!

[The monster brings the cat closer]

How about being a talking cat?

Ewww. No...

Phoenix [looking closely at the cat]
Oh, I know what to do with you!

Kiss my hairy butt!

Oh... I won't [she grabs Bay's little face and says some incantation, she then lets go]

What's that supposed to do.... Phoenix sweets, I thought you were going to put me in Tuxedo Mask's Body!...What the hell did you...Can't you make her shut up?

Sorry, honey... This is the best I could do.

Get it out of my.... darn, I wanted that Sailor Moon as my girl...

Oh... maybe this is better for you.

I'm a cat!... My head feels like it's going to blow, what did you do?

Can't you get rid of the loud mouth?

You think this is easy?

Couldn't you have at least put me into a body with arms and legs?.... Where's Sailor Shadow?

* * *
[At the same time at Rei's with Serena and the others]

Serena [watching Aphrodite rub the back of her neck]
Aphrodite, what's wrong?

It feels like someone's pulling the skin off the back of my neck!

Could it be what Bay's feeling?

Aphrodite, I think we better get you back to normal.

No, if I stay like this, maybe well get a clue with what Bay's feeling!

Serena [freaking]
But what if-

Rei [clamps hand over Serena's mouth]
No negatives, Meatball Head!

Serena [pouting, takes Rei's hand away]
Humph... I was merely pointing out- [Rei's hand again]

Rei [mad]
Stop it!

As much as I hate to admit... this is the only clue we have.

But how is Bay's feeling going to help? She's not like the most emotional person in the world.

Aphrodite [legs curled against her]
Well, we're freaked right now... and confused... I feel like I'm not all there...

Serena [laughing]
Is Bay ever totally there?! [laughs and rolls on the bed]

* * *
[back at the Negaverse, Bay's wondering around]

I got to find a way out... Were's the Kitchen?... Got to get to the others...

[Bay spots a closing door and runs out before I total close. she starts to run down a metal stairs and into a alley, she runs as fast as she could, just hoping to fine something familiar]

Bay/cat [huffing and puffing]
{"I got to get the others"}....[she suddenly screeches to a halt as she sees people walking around. She almost skids into a lady waiting on the street] {"Were am I"}....[Bay looks up and can see under the lady's skirt]...Oh, hell with a body, I can definly get used to being small.... [the lady sees Bay and picks up the adorable little cat] ...Meow....

Oh, aren't you the cutest little thing?

Bay/cat [to the lady]
Why don't you give me a kiss?

[The lady drops Bay and runs off screaming]

Bay/Cat [angry]
You really gotta knock that off.... [grumbles] Ah, stay outta this, you're not a guy who hasn't been able to touch for awhile.... [Bay thinks of something] EXCUSE YOU! Now hold on... you do that and I'll find a way to personally kick your-.... Knock it off, you...

Excuse me??

Artemis!.... oh, no.. more talking cats.

Artemis [confused]

Bay/Cat [pleadingly]
You gotta make him stop... he's-....SHE'S DRIVING ME NUTS!....-Cut that out!

Artemis [totally confused]
Who are you?

None of your business....It's me Bay!

Artemis [slowly walking around her]

Bay/Cat [pleads]
Help me find the others?!....Nah, let's find some more pretty ladies!....SHUT UP!

Bay? Is that really you?


Artemis [unsure]
How do I-

Bay/Cat [yelling]
Please, Artemis! How else could I talk?! Aph's a human right now-....Is she pretty?!.... Stop it! Please, Artemis, I know you hate me, but don't tell me you hate me this much?!.... Let's go see this Aphrodite, she sounds hot!.... CUT, IT, OUT!!!! [looks at a very confused Artemis] I'm going bonkers with this idiot-....I am not!.... Please, shut up...

I'm getting a headache.

How do you think I feel?! Please!... Please!

Ok, we'll go see Luna and the Scouts! {"after all how many talking cats are there?"}

* * *
Aphrodite [holding her head]
I'm getting a headache... I feel really confused...

Amy [thinks]
I wonder why...

Artemis [jumping onto the window sill]
Ah... guys...


Serena [pointing out what is usually the next question]
Who is that? It's Aphrodite... she and Bay switched, and now Bay's a cat.

I know....

Bay/Cat [jumping beside Artemis]
Hi, guys, Robyn's.... Hello, I think I'm in love!

All the girls

[A loud boom happens only yards from the window.]

What was that?

Lita [stands up]
We should check it out!

Bay/Cat [yelling]
Robyn's in trouble!....Ah, shut up, I want that cute piece of-.... Don't even, you!

Aphrodite [realizing the problem now...]
Oh no... what happened?!

Bay/Cat [seriously, to Aph... seeing as she's the only one paying any attention]
Do you remember Phoenix? The one that-.... She promised me-....QUIET! Never happened?

Aphrodite [nods]
Yeah, so- [realization hits] Oh god... no... [falls to her knees] This is my fault...

Lita [looking out the window]
There's some nega-dweebs out there....[she sees a winged creature starting to battle the monsters] What is that?

Bay/Cat [turning around]


Who cares... let's go help it!

Aphrodite [sadly]
Go without me... I'll probably just lose another one of you...

Amy [firmly]
Stop that! There was nothing you or anyone could have done, Aphrodite...

Yea, Aphrodite... Come on! Jupiter Star Power!

[everyone else transfors except Aphrodite and they all leave]

Aphrodite, get Astid to come in here. I have a idea!... Where did everyone go?

Bay, are you sure?

Come on, I think I need to be snuggled!.... Aphrodite, go get Astid!

Ok, Sun power!

Bay/Cat [sighs]
Oh yeah.. cuter than ever....Stop it will you?!

Sailor Aphrodite [confused]
There's just one thing before I go...

Bay/Cat [looks]

Sailor Aphrodite
Who's with you?

Bay/Cat [grumbles]
Phoenix touched me and I think-....I'm her EX boyfriend, but you can call me:sweetie.... CUT IT OUT!

Sailor Aphrodite
Oh...[still confused]

Just get Astid.

* * *
Sailor Aphrodite [running... ah, well, walking very join the others... reluctantly]
I hope she appreciates this... [grumbles]

Bay/cat [watching her go]
I hope this works....I can't decide which one looks best!

[In the Battle Aphrodite works her way up to Sailor Astid]

Sailor Aphrodite
Astid.... your needed back there.

Sailor Astid
Without tempt halt thy blade?

Sailor Aphrodite
No time to explain.

Sailor Astid
Be thy guide!

[Both go back to the room where Bay, Luna and Artemis watch the battle]

Sailor Aphrodite
Bay, here's Astid.

Sailor Astid
Thy cat be thy blood!

Oh, boy I like the wings... you can some be mine anytime!.... Astid, can you get me back to normal?

Sailor Astid
Thy soul or thy flesh?

Both, please...

Sailor Astid
Thou deserve?

Sailor Aphrodite
Do I?

Sailor Astid
Thou not.... [Sailor Astid reachs for her side and a medicine bag appears, she reaches in and pulls out a hand full of powder and blows it over both Sailor Aphrodite and Bay/Cat]

[when the powder clears, Sailor Sun stands where Aphrodite was as well as Aphrodite (back in her cat form where Bay was]

Sailor Astid
Though now have both powers....

Sailor Sun [looking at herself]
Oh, great, First a cat, now a girl, At least I'm rid of that bitch. hey, get out of my head!

Aphrodite [looks confused]
Who are you?

Sailor Sun
What happened to the cute girl?

Sailor Astid [confused]
Who art thou?

Sailor Sun [completely self absorbed]
Hey, I look hot!

Nuku [appearing behind them]
Please, [She grabs Sailor Astid and literally sucks her powers out the same way Phoenix did]

[Adrian drops to the floor, while Nuku stands overtop of her in Astid's Sailor Uniform]

I feel Great!

Sailor Sun [Just looking at her]
I think you look really sexy....

Hey, That stuff may work on Phoenix, but not on me!

Sailor Sun [looking to the side]
Would you get out! - - No, I will not- Shut up!

Aphrodite [to herself]
Oh dear... [she leaps out of the window and runs to the others]

Nuku [looking at herself]
This is great...What??? [she feels two spots in her back start to buldge out and quickly two wings spread out of her back. She looks at her back] I got wings!

* * *
[In the Negaverse...]

Robyn [slowly waking up]
Ooooh... what happened...? [looks around, her eyes half shut] Where? [pushes herself up to see better] This can't be... [gasps] The Negaverse!?

* * *
[Aphrodite is running to get the others]

Sailor Moon [gets whacked by a monster]
OOWWWW! [stands up after flying a few feet...] I've had it with you, Nega-Creep!

Aphrodite [yelling]
Sailor Scouts! Help!

Phenoix [signaling the monsters to go]
Everyone, back to base! [She then disappears]

Sailor Moon
Aphrodite, What's going on?

It's Astid and Sun!

Sailor Mars
Who's Astid?

Aphrodite [yelling]
Nevermind! We've got a REALLY big problem!

Sailor Moon

Sailor Sun.....

[coming from the building Nuku, Sailor Sun walk out....]

Sailor Sun
I got a body!

Sailor Moon
Bay... your you....

Sailor Sun [walks right up to the front of Moon and grabs her by both arms]

Sailor Moon
Sun, that hurts....

Sailor Sun
I'll make it better..[Sun dives into a kiss on moon's lips, pulling her right up to the others body]

Yuk.... that's gross.

Sailor Sun [looks back]
Whaaat?! No I will not let go... She's cute! WOULD YOU CUT THAT OUT, BITCH!

[everyone just stands stunned, Moon just flinching an eye]

Sailor Sun [looking at everyone]
What are you all looking at?... I didn't ask for your opinion

Sailor Moon [realizing Sun isn't paying attention]
LEMME GO! [knees her in the side, forgetting that Sun's the only thing holding her up...] OOF! [falls on her buut, but rools away when Sun realizes what just happened]

Nuku [yawns]
Cut it out!

Sailor Sun
You had your chance...

Phoenix [reappearing]
What are you doing?!

Sailor Sun [ducks her head]
Oh... Hi, Love Bug.

Phoenix [stomping her foot]
Your supposed to be my boyfriend... not flirting with the blonde bimbo.

Sailor Sun [huffily]
You're the one who put me in that cat! Your sister got the one who did this... [points to him/herself]

Don't you love me?

Sailor Sun [walking up to Phoenix and giving her a big hug]
Of, course I love you. [looks into Phoenix's eyes] You know your the only one for me.

Oh, please.

Sailor Mars [helping Moon up]
[to Luna] What's going on here?

A Male Voice [from behind the Scouts]
You should touch things that aren't yours to touch...

Sailor Moon [dreamily]
My Tuxedo Mask!

Sailor Sun [yelling at herself]
Will you just shut UP?

Sailor Moon [thinking she meant her]
Hey! That's MY Tuxedo Mask! If I wanna help announce him I will!

Sailor Sun [glances at Moon]
Not you, cutie... this wacko I'm stuck with...

Sailor Mars [snickers]
Which one? [giggles]

Sailor Sun
How can you stand her.... all she does is complain and bitch. SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

We need to get you home.

Sailor Sun
Yea... maybe...

[All three disappear]

Sailor Jupiter
Ok, what was that all about?

Artemis [growls from the bush with Luna]
I told you she was no good!

Aphrodite [turning and defending Sun]
She's not herself, Artemis! She- [looks back to where they were] She's not-

Luna [shakes her head]
No, I'm afraid with everything I've seen so far, I agree with Artemis...

Aphrodite [screaming]
Would Bay KISS Serena?! Would Bay yell at no one?!

Sailor Venus
Well, we don't really know her that well...

She's not herself.... That's not Bay...

Luna [concerned]
What's gotten into you, Aphrodite?

Aphrodite [starting to cry]
THAT'S NOT BAY! [takes off running away...]

Sailor Venus
Aphrodite, wait!

Sailor Jupiter
Too late, she's too quick.

Adrian [leaning against the door, slowly trying to sneak away]
[to herself] I gotta get- [stumbles] outta here... [holds her head] What happened?

Sailor Jupiter [seeing Adrian]
Hey, who's that?

Adrian [hears the Scouts]
Ah... I'm- ah... I'm outta here.... [tries to run, but trips and falls, it feeling like it hurt worse than it actually did...] Ooowww....

Luna [Running up to her]
Sailor Astid?

Adrian [looking up at Luna]
Uh-hunh... [nods and tries to get up] Ungh... I feel so drained... what did she do to me?!

Maybe you should go inside.

No... I need to get [she faints]

* * *

Robyn [leaning against a wall in a dark hallway]
I'm so tired... What's going on? Who- [sees three figures approching] {"Crap... and I can't get outta here fast enough..."}

[Robyn ducks behind some crates]

Phoenix [still hugging Sun as they walk by Robyn]
What do you want to do now?

Sailor Sun
Can you get rid of this bitch?

Not without a body to put her in....

Sailor Sun

Nuku [playing with the tip of one of her wings]
Why don't we use that brat we captured?

Robyn [freaks]
{"I don't think so... I like you Bay... but I wouldn't want you inside my head... you'd drive me nuts..."}

K... let's go get her...

[Robyn waits for them to take off, then crawls in the direction they came from, hoping to find a way home...]

Robyn [Slowly crawling out]
{"I've got to get out of here!"}

Nuku [from a distance down the hall]
Here she is, sis!

Robyn [looks over her shoulder]
Shit! [tries to get up and run, but trips and falls flat on her face] Ooowwww... [looks back] {"Be afraid, Rob... Be VERY afraid... fear gives you adrenaline... You may have a chance..."} Eep!

Nuku [Gliding above and in front of her, she lands and kneels down in front of Robyn]
And where are you going?

Robyn [feeling the 'fight or flight' instinct coming]
Home... whether through you... or over you... I don't care...

Nuku [evilly grinning and reaching for her]
You're staying with us, my dear...

{"Full tank... now get the hell outta here!"} NO! [slams into Nuku and tears through corridors, her eyes half closed] {"Gotta get home... Gotta get home..."} [she finally stops turning corners and slows to a stop, falling to her knees totally out of breath] Where- [huff] am- [puff] I? [looks around, she's in an alleyway] {"It's so dark and cold... must be late at night..."}

Nuku [calmly walking after her]
You may be determined... but your not very fast....

* * *
Sailor Sun [yelling at herself]
I am NOT going to-... Why?! What do you care?! She- STOP THAT! WOULD YOU SHOULD UP!

Phoenix [concerned about her boyfriend]
Honey?! Is she really that bothersome?

Sailor Sun
All she does is complain and comment on everything!

Phoenix [angry now]
We'll get that brat back, then you can be all by yourself in there, alright?!

Sailor Sun [hugs Phoenix]
I'll help you get her...


* * *
Nuku [not paying any attention to Phoenix]
Ok.... girl... go... before they see you.


I don't like him... GO!

Robyn [unsure]
Ah... ok... [stands there, looking at Nuku, whom she distinctly remembers hating her, though, she doesn't know why she feels this way...] Thank you... Nuku... [goes]

Phoenix [yelling to Nuku]
Where's the girl?

Nuku [still watching Robyn go]
I don't see her... She must have gotten away.

Phoenix [freaking]
How can she get away?!

Nuku [sees Robyn disappear]
You don't keep tight security, sister dear... [turns and glares at Phoenix]

Phoenix [growls]
Great! Now what?

Sailor Sun
Let's just find someone else.


Nuku [walking back]
You two should hit the sack, you both looked drained.