Sailor S
Episode 16 Chapter 1


On Halloween Night, Robyn, Bay and the other Scouts decided to try to Trick-Or-Treat. Luna reluctantly allowed them to use the Luna Pen, as none of them could really afford costumes.... Each one thought up what they wanted to be, Robyn and Bay 'discuss' their choices... [grin]

Robyn [confused]
Bay! That's not a Costume!

Bay [defiantly]
Why?! Because it won't look like any of yours?!

Robyn [waves her hand]
No! It's just too normal! Halloween is a time to dress up in something totally different! [she smiles]

Bay [crossing her arms]
Why can't we all go as the Scouts...

Robyn [smacks Bay]
Stop it! I know you hate those Uniforms, but we couldn't go if we wanted to... If we transform, we're sure to attract attention from the bad guys... just what we don't need, now make another choice!

Bay [pouts]
I still want to be a guy. I think it would be funny...

Robyn [yelling]
BAY! I told you when we thought of this that's just too strange!

Bay [holding up her hands]
Ok, ok... how about... a REALLY ugly monster?! [grinning]

Robyn [sarcastically]
You don't need a disguise to be that, Bay...

Bay [swipes at Robyn, but she ducks]
You're soooo funny... [glares]

Robyn [giggling]
Hehehe, well, how about a witch?

Bay [shakes her head]
No... too original....

Robyn [smirks]
Yeah, so?! [sighs] Maybe a phantom? You know, no face... [grins]

Bay [angry]
You're really asking for it, Rob...

Robyn [still giggling]
Ah well... [takes her turn with the Luna Pen] My turn! [tossing it up as she does her pendant] Disguise Power! Transform me into an Arabian Princess! [She glitters like the others did and when she stops, she stands in long, purple harem pants, long red hair in a ponytail, a small hat covered with dark purple veils, (as is most of the costume) a silver-colored halter top, with a dark purple mini-vest. She wears silver 'genie-slippers'.] Cool! I love this costume! [she smiles and holds out the pen] You're the only one left, Bay... hurry! It's almost 6!

Serena/Cleopatra [giggling as she dreams of chocolate and other candies]
Yeah! I wanna go around twice this year!

Robyn/Princess [giggles]
Yeah, so you can take half of ours!

Bay [sighs]
You know, maybe this isn't a good idea...

Serena/Cleopatra [shaken out of her dreamy state]
BAY! Luna gave us permission! It's like Cinderella...It won't last long, and you can't do it that often! [thinks] Come to think of it, this is the first time Luna gave me permission to use it, really...

Robyn/Princess [smirks]
Ah well... it's not like we never needed it before, it's done it's work! Now, [turns to Bay] would you hurry it up!

Bay [sees Lita in her 'Maid Marian' outfit]
I could go as Robin Hood...

Lita/Marian [hearing that]
I don't think so! It would just be too weird!

Mina/Goblin [smiling]
Go as a big piece of candy!

Serena/Cleopatra [getting into it]
Or a cat!

Aphrodite [colored black... Robyn's idea]
I hate this... [sees Bay] Maybe you could be a witch's cat instead of me! [grins]

Bay [snickers]
Aw, Aph, come on, you look cute! Besides, with my luck, if I said 'Disguise Power', this thing would turn me into a real cat... [a glow comes from the pen and Bay realizes what she did] Aw, crap... [a glow surrounds her and when the glow disappears, there stands a cute little orange/yellow tabby cat] Oh, man!

Robyn/Princess [staring]
Bay? [starts laughing] You look cute! [tries to stop, but by now, Serena and Aph are laughing too]

Knock it off! I have claws you know! [realizes she's obviously never used claws before] Aphrodite, can I talk to you? [she starts to walk and tries to think four-legged, but her body still wants to stand up] Whoa... I can't go anywhere like this!!!

Lita/Marian [giggles and picks her up]
I'll carry you around. [snickers] I wouldn't want you getting lost... 'kitty'

Bay/Cat [angrily]
Oh, shut up, Lita... I could have tricked you into being a puppy... then we could see how you like it! {"Oops..."}

Lita/Marian [looks at the cat strangely]
Why would you even think of that?

Bay/Cat [nervously]
Nevermind! Can we go? I'd like to get this over with really soon... [looks at Serena] You should have gone as a Giant Meatball! [smirks]

Rei/Devil [giggles]
Nah! Then everyone would know who she was for sure!

Serena/Cleopatra [angry]
Very funny Rei... I think you know where you can go!

Rei/Devil [knowing]
Take it back!

Serena/Cleopatra [smirking]
No! I think we should go in two seperate Groups... [looks to Amy] Amy?

Amy/Nurse [shakes her head]
I don't know, Serena... I think we should stick together...

Mina/Goblin [frowns]
Amy... you're no fun! You should have been an alien or a principal...

Amy/Nurse [crosses her arms]
I just think it'd be safer to-

Serena/Cleopatra [smiling]
C'mon, Spoilsport! If we get into trouble, we'll meet up... ok?

Amy/Nurse [thinks]
Oh... alright... but try not to-

Serena/Cleopatra [sighs]
I know! Don't get into trouble in the first place!

Bay/Cat [grins]
I think I should have been the Chesire Cat.... {"Then I could just disappear..."}

Robyn/Princess [smiles]
That's the spirit, Bay!

[Everyone starts to split up]

Robyn/Princess [to Serena]
Wait, In all the excitement, I forgot... how are we supposed to carry the candy? We have no bags...

Serena/Cleopatra [giggling]
I'll eat what we can't carry!

Robyn/Princess [smirks]
You'll get sick... come on, I'll get some bags from Dad. [runs with Serena and Lita(and Bay) to her house]

Bay/Cat [has thought about something since they took off]
How exactly are we gonna explain the costumes?

Robyn/Princess [devilish grin]
I got it covered, Bay... [opens the door and slams into her mom] Ow! [looks up from the floor] Hi... Mom... [still unsure of this whole thing...]

Rachel [getting up as Robyn does]
You need to watch where you run... [sees the costumes] Where'd you get such beautiful costumes? [smiles]

Robyn/Princess [grins]
Bay has a friend that loans out costumes, she got us in to see her. We each chose our favorites. [smiles] We split into two groups, but we realized we need 'loot bags'... can we borrow some?

Rachel [smiles]
I'm glad you have such good friends! Of course. In the kitchen under the sink. [she walks past them and out the front door]

Robyn/Princess [smiles at Bay]
Sorry, it was the only reason I could think of, ok?

Bay/Cat [pissed]
Let's just hope I'm not asked about my friend later, ok?!

Robyn/Princess [smirks]
Yeah, right... [stares up at the door] Now, why'd mom leave...

Lita/Marian [anxious]
Could we go?

Serena/Cleopatra [hyper]
Yeah! I want candy!!!!!

Robyn/Princess [holds up her hands]
Ok, ok! Chill... I'll be right back... [she runs out to the kitchen and returns with four bags]

Serena/Cleopatra [confused, but takes two bags]
Why four?

Robyn/Princess [blushes]
Oh yeah... Sorry, Bay... [grins]

Aphrodite/Black [annoyed]
Could we go already!?

Robyn/Princess [rolls her eyes]
Ok,ok, keep your fur on, Aph!

Aphrodite/Black [mumbled]
Little late, thank you...

Robyn/Princess [hears Aph mumble something]
Oh, hush!

[They go outside, and everyone is happily Trick-Or-Treating for about an hour, then Serena's communicator goes off, as does Lita's and Robyn's]

Robyn/Princess [pulling out hers]
Yes? [Lita and Serena stare, and Robyn sees them] What?!

Lita/Marian [shocked]
You... how do you?

Robyn/Princess [rolls her eyes, realizing what Lita meant]
I'll explain later... [looks back to the communicator] Amy?! What's wrong?

Sailor Mercury [a little surprised, but continues]
We need some help here... Mina and Rei 'bumped into' a ghoul... and it's not a costume... could you all get to- [communicator goes dead]

Robyn/Princess [surprised]
Amy?! AMY! [looks at Serena, Lita,and Bay] Something's definitely wrong... Serena, try yours... [she does... it's dead too] Lita? Yours dead too? [Lita tries hers and it's the same] Oh, man, now what? We can't teleport without communicators...

Serena/Cleopatra [serious]
No, but we can hurry and transform!

Lita/Marian [putting Bay/Cat down on the bench and pulls out her pen]

Bay/Cat [a little peeved...]
What am I supposed to do?! I can't transform like this!

Serena/Cleopatra [holding her brooch]
Disguise Power Down! [she detransforms from Cleopatra and holds up her brooch] Moon Crystal Power!

Bay/Cat [angry]
Why couldn't you tell me this before?! Disguise Power Down! [instead of working, she stays the same] Serena!!!

Sailor Moon [sees Bay's still a cat]
Why didn't it work? [turns to Lita] Try it before you transform, Lita...

Lita/Marian [nods]
Disguise Power Down! [it works] Well... [turns to Robyn] Your turn...

Robyn/Princess [shrugs]
Disguise Power Down! [it works] Bay, try it again...

Disguise Power Down! [still doesn't work, she freaks] What's wrong?!

Aphrodite [now normal because of Robyn's powering down]
Maybe we should ask Luna...

Bay/Cat [still freaking]
NO! She hates me, like Artemis does... remember! They'll probably tell me I deserve to be stuck like this! [looks at Sailor Moon] Please?! Think of something, Serena!!!

Sailor Moon [nervously]
Um, I really never had to deal with this problem before, I don't know what to do! [looks at Lita] Lita?

Lita [shrugging]
I don't have any idea... [looks at Robyn] We'd better transform too, Robyn.

Robyn [nods and pulls out her crystal pen]
Shadow Pendant Power!

Lita [holding up her pen]
Jupiter Star Power!

Bay/Cat [watches them transform and has an idea]
What if I tried to go from a disguise to a Scout? Could it work?

Sailor Moon [thinks]
It should, Bay... I've done it...

Aphrodite [trying to help]
Try it, Bay...

Bay/Cat [looks around]
Wait, I can't find my locket!

Aphrodite [looking around]
Me neither, try just yelling Sun Power!

Bay/Cat [sighs]
I have a feeling it won't-

Aphrodite [angrily]
Just do it, Bay!

Ok, ok! [looks forward] Sun Power! [something happens, but only for a moment, she looks down and still sees fur] It didn't work, Aph! [glares]

Aphrodite [with a locket in her mouth]
Yell "Sun Power" now... [she says the words and she is surrounded by a glow]

Bay/Cat [shocked]
What the-?

Aphrodite [screaming]

Sailor Shadow [seeing the glow growing larger]
Aph! No! [runs toward the glow and as she gets there, the glow disappears and there stands a girl about her age, in an orange Scout Uniform with yellow bows. She has purple hair pulled back in a ponytail] Aph?

Scout [looks at Robyn]
Who else would be-[looks down] Aaahh! I'm...I'm...

Sailor Shadow [totally shocked]
Sailor Aphrodite... [half smiles] But... You... I mean... that was Bay's...

Bay/Cat [staring]
Nice... I'm stuck as a cat, and now, you're a Scout... this is way too strange... I have the strangest sense of Deja vu...

Sailor Aphrodite [staring at Bay]
Yeah... right... uh... I think this is gonna take some getting used to...

Bay/Cat [angry]
No it won't! As soon as we figure out what happened, we're switching back, Aphrodite!!!

Sailor Aphrodite [still staring]
No, I meant the being on two legs... I don't know if- [she looks at Shadow] Would you help me?

Sailor Shadow [runs over]
Of course, Aph! [puts her hand on Aph's shoulder] C'mon, the others will need us... even if it ends up being Moon, Jupiter and me...

Bay/Cat [grumbling]
If Aph hadn't been touching the locket...

Sailor Jupiter [picking Bay up]
Knock it off... you're always such a grump!

Bay/Cat [angrily]
I think I have a right to be this time, Lita!!!!

[They all walk towards the route Amy and the others took]

* * *
Bay/Cat [still arguing with Jupiter]
Look, I'm just saying... [her ears perk] Fighting... [stares in a direction] That way!

Sailor Jupiter [nods]
Come on!

[The group takes off and see Mercury, Mars and Venus taking quite the beating]

Sailor Aphrodite [walking much better now...]
I don't know if I can help...

Sailor Shadow [realizing her cat never did stick around for the fights like Luna and Artemis sometimes did...]

Sailor Aphrodite [innocent]
What?! I can't fight in this condition! I'm just getting the hang of the walking thing!

Sailor Moon [glares]
Try! We'll be here to back you up, Aphrodite...

Sailor Aphrodite [sighs]
Right... Ok, let's go... but you can't make me say any of those stupid speeches... [glares]

Bay/Cat [giggles]
Yeah, I never was too fond of 'em myself...

Sailor Jupiter [drops Bay]
Oops! [glares]

Bay/Cat [staring]
Yeah, right... [rubs her butt with her paw]

Sailor Shadow [anxious]
Can we?

Sailor Moon and Jupiter

Sailor Aphrodite [sighs]
Alright... let's go...

Sailor Moon, Jupiter and Shadow [standing together]
We are the Sailor Scouts of Love and Justice! On behalf of the truth, we will right wrongs and triumph over evil!

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon!

Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter!

Sailor Shadow
Sailor Shadow!

Sailor Aphrodite [just points to the 'ghoul']
Get 'im! {"I'll just stand here and try not to fall over..."}

Sailor Mercury [seeing Aph]
Sailor... Sun?

Sailor Shadow [goes to Mercury with Moon while Jupiter runs to the large ghoul...]
No, it's Aph... there's been... well, kinda... um...

Bay/Cat [angrily, from behind Shadow]
Aph was holding my locket and said my transformation phrase... It changed her into Sailor Aphrodite... [glares at Aph, who's trying ever so hard to help, but doesn't know what to do...] This is NOT permanant... trust me!

Sailor Mercury [looking at Bay]
You didn't detransform before-

Sailor Shadow [stops Mercury]
No! She tried. We were all able to, but Bay tried twice with no luck... we don't know why... maybe this was all meant to happen... [her voice drifts off as she stares at Sailor Aphrodite]

Bay/Cat [hearing that]
I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!! Besides... What would be the point of changing me into a cat, and Aph into a Scout?!

Sailor Mercury [seeing Shadow staring]
Robyn? [waves her hand in front of her face] Robyn?! [sighs] I think we have another Serena... [looks at Bay] I think this was just a big mistake... it wasn't meant to happen, but it did, now let's try to keep Aph from killing herself... ok?!

Sailor Shadow [shaken out of her dream state by the thought of Aph dying]
She won't! I'll make sure of that! [she runs to join the battle]

Not, while she has my powers!

Sailor Moon [glares at her]
Stop that... She'll be fine! [runs off to join the battle]

Sailor Mercury [unsure]
Who says she has any powers? [pulls out her Mercury Computer and puts on her visor]

Bay/Cat [confused]

Sailor Aphrodite [still mastering the fine art of standing up without her legs wobbling]

Bay/Cat [grumbling]
Yeah, don't tell me she's just wearing the stupid costume...

Sailor Mercury
She has... what look like your powers... but, there are different energy signatures...


Sailor Mercury
I don't know...

Can we change back?

Sailor Mercury [Scanning Bay]
This is strange...

Bay/Cat [freaking]
WHAT?! WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME?! [breathing hard] Don't make me hurt you, Amy... [glares]

Sailor Mercury [glares]
Knock it off... you want spayed?!

Bay/Cat [shutting up]

Sailor Aphrodite [wincing]
Don't mention that, Amy...

Sailor Mercury [grins and types on her computer]
Well! This is strange... Bay, you still have your Power Signature, but you're sharing it with Aphrodite...

What do you mean by that? She gets hit and I feel it?

Sailor Mercury [confused]
I don't know. Should we find out...?

Sailor Aphrodite [backing away, still shaky at moving]
Not if it means hitting me, Amy...

Sailor Mercury [shakes her head]
No... but there's gotta be a way to see if my readings... however strange they are... are accurate, and what they- [hears yelling]

Sailor Shadow
MERCURY! We could use you!

[As Mercury runs off]

Bay/Cat [walks up to Sailor Aphrodite]
Sorry. [She swipes her claws on Aphrodite's leg]

Sailor Aphrodite and Bay/Cat (at the same time)

Sailor Aphrodite [grabs her leg, looks down, and sees blood]
Thanks, Bay!

Bay/Cat [rubbing her own leg with her paw]
I said sorry... Besides, now we know what Mercury's readings meant...

Sailor Aphrodite [glares at Bay/Cat]
Not all of it... what powers do I have...? [frowns]

Bay/Cat [thinks]
Try Sun Flare Strike... at the bad guy please!

Sailor Aphrodite [looking at the Bad guy, the Scouts are fighting]
Ah.. Sun Flare Strike?

Bay/Cat [pouts]
Nothing happened... [grumbles] I don't know how to explain how to do the other move... I just do it...

Sailor Aphrodite
What am I going to do?

You're asking me? You're the Guardian...

Sailor Aphrodite [glares]
You're not funny... {"I wish I still had claws... I'd-"}

Sailor Shadow [screams]

Sailor Aphrodite
Robyn! [She starts to run to help, but falls flat on her face] Owwww!

Bay/Cat [running perfectly]
Two legs Aph... TWO! You're not a cat!

Sailor Aphrodite [getting up]
Robyn! [She gets up and does a quick walk to her]

[The Sailor Scouts are doing horribly...]

Ghoul [already having knocked out Moon and Mars...]
When I asked for volunteers, I didn't expect such a response... [grins evilly, he holds Shadow by her throat]

Sailor Shadow [having trouble breathing]
Do something!

Bay/Cat [approaching the sceen]
Robyn! Sun Flame Stike.... [nothing happens] Oh... yeah...

Ghoul [smiling]
How many lives do cats have? [she shoots a stream of black energy at Bay]


[Luna runs and knocks Bay onto her side]

Ghoul [unhappy]

Luna [to Bay]
I don't know who you are, but stay down!

Sailor Aphrodite [looking at Luna]
Luna! That's Bay...

Luna [turns to Aph, confused]
Who are you?! How do you know me?

Sailor Aphrodite
I-it's me... Aphrodite... Long story... but- [looks at the Ghoul] ROBYN! [not caring, she dives at the ghoul]

What's going on?

I'm starting to think I don't know.

Luna [thinks]
Ok, if you're Bay... how did this happen?

Bay/Cat [nervously]
Ah... Luna Pen?

Luna [shocked]
The Luna Pen did this?!

Sailor Aphrodite [on the ghoul, trying to loosen his grip on Robyn's neck]
Let her go! [grunts as she pulls on it's hand]

Sailor Shadow [coughing]
Hurry, Aph... [kicks the ghoul, but nothing happens] Lemme go, [cough] Creepazoid! [cough] I'm feeling lightheaded...

Sailor Aphrodite [pulling on Goul's arm]
Let go! [Aphrodite tighens her grip, pulling as hard as she could]

Why...? [starts to feel like her arm is burning where Sailor Aphrodite is holding] Owww. [She drops Robyn and flings Aphrodite away... She looks at Aphrodite] You burnt me!

Sailor Shadow [holding her throat and coughing]
Aph... [cough] Leave her alone, creep! [gets up, kinda wobbly due to almost passing out from no air...] Quit picking on smaller creatures! {"Oops, I keep forgetting she's human now..."} I am Sailor Shadow! I will defend those who cannot defend themselves! [stands battle ready]

Ghoul [laughing, but angry]
You stay out of this, Weakling!

Sailor Shadow [getting more pissed...]
WEAK?! [coughs] Shadow Flame Strike!

Ghoul [getting the full brunt of the attack]
Owwwwwww. [She's knocked down]

Sailor Aphrodite [trying to get up]
I'm starting to hate falling.. [She puts her hand on her leg] Owwwwwwwww. [she quickly pulls it off] Oh, yeah.. I forgot.

Sailor Shadow [kneeling beside Sailor Aphrodite]
How'd that happen?

Sailor Aphrodite [grumbles]

[Meanwhile, with Luna]

Bay/Cat [falling in pain]

What?! What happened?

It felt like my leg was burning up!

Luna [shaking her head]
I don't understand, ah... Bay...

Bay/Cat [glares]
I told you, Aph and I are connected because of the powers... We share everything... [mumbles something]

Luna [ears perking]
What was that, Bay?

Bay/Cat [teardrops]
Ah, nothing!

Sailor Shadow [getting up to finish the Ghoul off]
No one hurts my kitty! Shadow Tiara Magic!

Ahhhhhhhhh. [turns to moon... ah... SHADOW dust...]

* * *
[A shadowy figure in front of a cloudy window, watches this all happen.]

Shadowy figure
She's the one...

Another figure
Yes. She must be...

* * *
Sailor Shadow [falls to her knees holding her throat]
I've never gone through all that before... [still coughing occasionally] Aph? Would you check- [sees her just sitting there, staring at the ground. Shadow crawls over to her] Aph? What's the matter?

Sailor Aphrodite [staring at the grass]
I wanna be a kitty again, Rob...

[Bay and Luna come out from under the bush]

You think I like being a cat?

[her tail hits Luna]

Watch your tail!

Oops, sorry.

Sailor Aphrodite [turns her head away from Bay/Cat]
This is my fault, Bay... I should have known better than to hold a transformation object AND say the phrase...

You're darn tootin'!

Sailor Shadow [lightly smacks Bay/Cat]
Shut up... You were freaked out anyhow... no one was thinking straight... [turns to Aph] Try to detransform... [she does first]

Sailor Aphrodite [detransforms without a problem... and looks at herself], I'm still human!

And you're wearing my clothes!

Robyn [glares]
Would you shut up!

Bay/Cat [pouts]
Make me!

Robyn [grinning evilly]

* * *
[The Scouts are at Robyn's house, Serena on Robyn's bed, and Rei on Bay's sleeping bag. Aphrodite is grinning and shoves Bay/Cat into the kitty carrier Bay had once threw her in]

Aphrodite [smiling]
How do YOU like it?

WHAT I DO? [Pauses and tryes to bluff] Actually, It's kind of nice. [lays down and pretends to relax]

Robyn [smirking]
Good, take a nap and shut up!

Bay/Cat [looks out and glares at Robyn and mumbles]

Serena [coming around]
Where-? Where am I? ..... What happened? ..... Luna?

Luna [jumping onto the bed]

Serena [feeling Luna]
Don't shake the bed- [sees Robyn and the others] Where am I?

Robyn [sits gently beside her]
At my place... That Ghoul really hit you hard didn't she?

Aphrodite [sits down too]
You ok, Serena?

I'm fine- [she looks over at Aphrodite and freaks... in turn, falling off of the bed]

Aphrodite [surprised]
You ok?! What-

Serena [peeking from the side of the bed]
Who are you?

Aphrodite [sighs and glances back at Bay/Cat, who looks totally pissed...]
It's me, Aphrodite... [picks up the kitty carrier] Remember what happened to Bay?

Serena [looking into the carrier]
Bay? What are you doing in there?

Bay/Cat [pissed]
That's what I'd like to know... GET ME OUT OF THIS THING!

Aphrodite [acting smart]
I thought you said you liked it!

Bay/Cat [swipes through the gate]
I was trying to get out!

Aphrodite [smirking]
You don't come out 'til you calm down... Kitty...