Sailor S
Episode 15 Chapter 4

New Beginnings"

* * *
[Robyn and Bay are going home]

I feel like an idiot.


I just do.

Robyn [giggles]
If you say so... but I think you look cute... pardon my saying... [smiles]

Bay [smirks]
I hate it when you say it like that...

A voice
Thou shall taste mine blade!

Bay [stops]
Oh god, no... not the nut... [turns slowly around to see Sailor Astid, ready to fight] Yup... it's her...

Robyn [looks around]
What are we- [sees the others] waiting for.....?

Sailor Astid
Thou scape me, now thy blade be painted red.

Bay [playing dumb]
Who are you?

Robyn [watches as the others stop, wanting to see what happens first...]
Can we go home... please? [glares at Astid]

Sailor Astid [angrily]
Thou hast cheated thy wheel as well, Shadow Warrior...

Robyn [rolls her eyes]
Bay... I thought that when I finally heard it put like that, I'd be hearing it from someone who spoke my language...

Sailor Astid [angry]
Thy art vermin! Thou shalt die for decieving thine council!

What do you mean?

Robyn [realizing Bay was playing dumb to buy time or something... she wasn't sure]
What council?

Sailor Astid [diving at them, pissed]
Enough lies, vermin! Thou shalt cease to exist presently!

Bay [pushing Robyn to the side]
Robyn watch it.

Serena [sees Bay get Robyn out of the way]
Good enough for me! Moon Crystal Power!

Lita [nods and pulls out her star pen]
Right! Jupiter Star Power!

Venus Star Power!

Mercury Star Power!

Mars Star Power!

Bay [hearing the calls are different]
Star Power?!

Robyn [hears the same]

Sailor Astid [hearing calls]
More of thine Sailor Scouts?

Sailor Moon
I am Sailor Moon! Champion of Justice! On behalf of the Moon, I will punish you!

Sailor Astid [looking at Moon]
Punish? Then thou help flawd thy vermin?

Sailor Moon [angrily]
SPEAK NORMAL! I help my friends. They ARE my friends...

Robyn [gets up, and looks at Bay]
Shouldn't we do something? [pulls off her pendant]

Bay [sighs]
Yeah... {"I go from one dress to another, to the stupid costume... This is NOT my day..."} [pulls out her locket] Sun Power!

Robyn [grins]
I wonder, Bay...Shadow Star Power! [She tosses her pendant up in the air as she usually does, but to her dismay, it drops to the ground, not even transforming her into her regular costume] What happened?

Sailor Sun [grins]
I dunno. Try Shadow Power... If you still have a problem, call the Sailor Scout Repair Tech... Mercury... [smirks]

Robyn [bends over and picks up her pendant]
Oh, you're hilarious, Bay... [frowns] Shadow- [sees something in her pendant] What the?

Sailor Sun [angrily]
Would you hurry up?!

Robyn [clutching the pendant]
We may have a problem after all... Bay. [holds out her pendant]

Sailor Sun [sarcastically]
No... I thought Astid- [sees Robyn holding her pendant, and why] Robyn!

Robyn [scared]
It's cracked. I've never had this happen before... I don't know if I can transform, Bay...

Sailor Sun
Well, try...

Robyn [hesitantly]
But... [tosses it up, yelling] Shadow Power! [It drops, as before, but this time, it splits in two identical pieces. Robyn falls to her knees] Now what?! I can't use these?!

Sailor Moon [seeing Robyn having some sort of trouble, runs over, away from the fight]
Robyn... are you alright?!

Robyn [starting to cry]
My transformation pendant... [holds up the pieces] It's... over, Serena... [crying] All over... [she drops the pieces]

Sailor Moon
Your... pendant?

Sailor Astid
The Shadow Warror is no more. Sun be thy foe.

Sailor Sun
Sun be not.

Sailor Astid

Sailor Mars
What's wrong with her.

Sailor Mercury

[Sailor Astid kneels down, leaning on her sword and stretches her back ... to large bumps start to quickly grow into angel wings.]

Sailor Sun
That was weird.

Sailor Astid [standing up, stretching her wings]
Thou sword be thy fate.

Robyn [standing up with half her pendant in her hand, tears rolling down her cheeks]

Sailor Sun [sees Robyn, and knows what she's like]
Get outta here, Robyn, you can't fight like that.

Robyn [angrily]
I don't need a costume to fight my battles, Bay!

Sailor Sun [worried]
But this one may require the powers that come with it... {"She's got a death wish... like Serena did with butt-head Darien..."}

Sailor Moon [concerned]
Yes, Robyn. Please, get out of here!

Robyn [angrier]
Stop! You can't force me to leave, Serena!

Aphrodite [yelling]
Robyn! Listen! You are in no condition to fight like this!

Sailor Astid [tired of the arguments...]
Thou shalt be quiet!

Robyn [throws her pendant half at Astid]
Shadow Pendant Power! [the pendant becomes a staff, hurling towards Astid, and knocks her down] I've had enough of you!

Sailor Sun [totally shocked as to what just happened]
Robyn... your-

Robyn [picks up the other half and clutches it]
Shadow Pendant Power! [There is a light from her hand and the other half transforms into a pen like the other Scouts now have] I- I-... Bay? [realization hits] What's happening? [she is surrounded by a bright flash of purple light, and when the light dissipates, Sailor Shadow stands there, her outfit looking more like the Scouts have now...] What?

Sailor Astid
So, the Shadow vermin does exist. Matter not, Sun be thy bread. [Astid jumps toward a building wall behind her and using her wings jumps from the wall and glides at Sailor Sun knocking her down]

Sailor Shadow
No! [glares at the Scout] Astid! Your winged butt is mine! Shadow Crystal Return! {"How do I know all this? I'm confused... I can't think... just react..."} [the staff transforms into a small round crystal and returns to Shadow's hand] Shadow Crystal! Morph into a sword! [the crystal again transforms as directed] {"I'm starting to scare myself..."}

Sailor Astid [angrily glides toward Shadow, her own Sword at the ready]
Thou wishes to duel?

Sailor Shadow [takes defensive position]
If I must.

Sailor Moon [totally blown away]
Um... could someone clue me in?

Sailor Astid [swings sword at Shadow, she knocks away the direct hit, but the force was powerful enough to knock her weapon away]
Now thine crystal is mine.

Sailor Shadow [shocked]
No! [Sailor Astid grabs her weapon, and disappears] How... [looks to Sailor Sun, who's sitting there sort of in shock herself] Sun? I- Could you... [turns to where Astid disappeared] Someone tell me what happened? What did I just do...? [she collapses]

[Sailor Astid reappears near Sun]

Sailor Mars
Come Guys... let's do something! Get her!

Sailor Jupiter
Right! [Jupiter heads towards Astid and pulls her back in a head lock]

Sailor Astid
Dost thou want thy heat of thy blade?

Sailor Jupiter [angrily]
Knock of the stupid-

Sailor Astid
Sailor Dragon Juatang!

Sailor Jupiter [surprised]
Hunh? [she's thrown against the neaby building, and out cold...]

Sailor Mars
Jupiter! [angrily] Mars Celestial Fire Surround!

Sailor Astid [surrounded by fire]
The heat of thy heart ... [She walks right through the fire.]

Sailor Mars [surprised]

Sailor Astid [to Sun]
Now, thou shalt feel the heat of mine!

Sailor Mars
She's too strong... we've got to fall back.

Sailor Shadow [gets up after coming to again, takes a defensive position, angrily]
If we pull back, she'll just come after us!

Sailor Mars [angrily]
If we don't we'll all end up like Jupiter! Then it won't matter!

Sailor Sun
Knock it off, Mars!

Sailor Mars
You stay outta this!

Sailor Sun
Hey! I think I'm kinda stuck in the middle of this! There's no way I'm going to let some winged freak take us out!

Sailor Astid
Thy tongue sharp, careful, or thou may cut thy lip.

Sailor Sun
I'm so tired of this character... [turns to Astid] Sun Flare Strike!

[Sailor Astid uses her sword and litterally splits the fire coming at her in half, each half moving to each side of her]

Sailor Astid
Thy sword whit your finger's flame.

Sailor Sun
{"This is getting us no where. Force isn't going to help us"} Ok, Sailor Astid, you win...

Sailor Shadow

Sailor Mars
Sun, what are you doing?

Sailor Sun
This isn't going to work... she's not going to give up until she gets me... [turns to Astid] But you have to promise not to go after any of the others.

Sailor Astid [unsure]
Thou art decieving me... Thou dost not wish to face thine Council again...

Sailor Shadow [stands in front of Sun]
This isn't the way it's gonna go... {"Whoa... I have the strangest sense of deja vu..."}

Sailor Sun
Give up, Shadow... It's over, she won...

Sailor Shadow [turns around]
No! She can't win... it won't go like this!

Sailor Sun
Shadow, you want me to roast your rump. It's over. There's no way I'm going to let you guys get hurt. [Sun winks at Shadow]

Sailor Shadow [seeing her wink]
[mouths] right... If... if you think it's best, Sun...

Sailor Moon [dropping her jaw]

Sailor Sun
Don't worry, Moon, after all, I'm the bad guy here, remember?! Shadow isn't though.

Sailor Moon [confused]
Bad guy?

Sailor Astid [pleased]
Thou admits thou art vermin!

Sailor Sun [turning around to face Astid]
Would you please stop calling me 'Vermin'? I agree to your terms with the exception that, I don't want them [points to the others] to see it.

Sailor Astid [thinking]
Agreed, but if thy friends be sheep...

Sailor Sun
Ok, no need to get personal.

Sailor Shadow

Sailor Sun
Don't follow!

Sailor Shadow [whispers]
Uh, Bay... I'm starting to think this isn't going to work...

Sailor Sun [giving Shadow a hug]
Just let me take care of it... I'll see you later.

Sailor Shadow
Bay, are you sure you don't want us to..

Sailor Sun
No... don't come after me. [she stops hugging Shadow] OK [turns] I'm, ready to go.

Sailor Shadow [really unsure, whispered]

Sailor Astid
Thou follow me to your tomb.

Sailor Shadow [unable to stop]
Bay! Don't... [she grabs Sun's arm]

Sailor Sun [loudly so Astid could hear]
Sailor Shadow, you'll get hurt.

Sailor Shadow
Sun...Bay....we can...

Sailor Sun

Sailor Shadow [shakes her head, whispers, so Astid can't hear]
I don't know what you plan on doing, but I have a really bad feeling...

Sailor Sun [whispering back]
Don't worry... I know what I'm doing, I think.

[Sun turns and starts to walk behind Sailor Astid]

Sailor Moon
What do we do now?

Sailor Shadow [to herself]
You think? [takes her jewel from her bow, causing her to detransform] Sun! [she turns] Here... [Robyn tosses her pendant to her] Keep it.... for luck... [has a serious face]

Sailor Mars
What are you going to do?

Robyn [nods and dashes after Sun, as the portal Astid opened closes]
Trust me, Mars!

Sailor Mars [reaches out]

[Robyn jumps through the protal, and Mars following shortly after.]

Were am I?

Sailor Mars
That's what I want to know.

Mars, what are you doing here?

Sailor Mars
I was trying to keep you from making a big mistake. Where's Sun?

Robyn [angry]
Mars! I know a lot more about this than you do... you could get yourself killed!

Sailor Mars [confused]
What do you mean?

Robyn [realizing she doesn't know that much]
I- I forget... [looks around and sees her pendant at a corner, almost pointing in a direction] This way... if you're gonna follow me... stay outta my way, Rei.

Sailor Mars [not used to being talked down to]
Hey, we're in this together.

Robyn [picks up her pendant at sees Bay's shoe disappear as she walks into the shadow]
Shh! [whispered] This way! [walks toward the shadows] Rei... I didn't mean to snap, I'm sorry.

Sailor Mars
I'm just concerned about you two...

You're concerned about Sun? I thought you guys didn't like her.

Sailor Mars
Ok, more concerned about you then.

Why don't you guy trust Sun?

Sailor Mars
We've learned to listen to Luna and Artemis.

Robyn [smirks at Mars]
That's a first... [looks ahead to see where Sun is] This is getting me nowhere... [holds up pendant] Shadow Pendant Power! [the pendant becomes her pen and she transforms] Now... [she looks ahead to find that she can see farther... she can see into the shadows] Whoa... I didn't know that...

Sailor Mars [confused]

Sailor Shadow [shakes her head and waves for Mars to follow]
Nevermind... come on.

* * *
[Meanwhile Sun still follows Astid]

Sailor Sun
Ah.. where we going?

Sailor Astid
For suth you will know for short.

Sailor Sun
Ok... Ah... can you try to say that in English? You've done it before.

Sailor Astid [turning to speak]
I've... Take...

Sailor Sun
Were I 'should die'?

Sailor Astid
Council's...proper...punishments. [catching her breath, like talking normally was exhausting]

Sailor Sun
But the Council punished me already!?

Sailor Astid
Thou punish thee. Thee sent back to the beginning. Punished not.

Sailor Sun [stops]
Look, you don't think this is punishment?! I remember everything I've ever done! To my friends, [looks down] to others... my family... [looks back at Astid] You don't think being [points to herself] THIS is punishment?!

Sailor Astid ['humphing']
Thou art still a Sailor...

Sailor Sun [yelling]
That's the point! I shouldn't be! [glares at Astid] If I'm gonna die because of you, I think you should know what I've already gotten!

Sailor Astid
Thy ears are shut. Thou shall be with the earth.

Sailor Sun
So, according to you I need to die, to be punished.

Sailor Astid
Thou correct.

Sailor Sun
What does the Council say about this?

Sailor Astid [hesitates]
They hast been blinded by thou and the Shadow... Thou hast lied to-

Sailor Sun [smirking]
So they don't know...

Sailor Mars [to Shadow]
They don't know what?

Sailor Shadow [shrugs]
I don't remember... {"But things are getting less fuzzy the more I stand here... Why?"}

Sailor Astid
Enough..thou shall suffer my blade. Kneel.

Sailor Sun [kneeling]
Are you sure...what will the cou...

Sailor Astid [rasing her sword above her head, wings spread out behind her]
Silence Dog.

Sailor Sun
One too many animal references! [Sailor Sun quickly got up and slugged Astod in the stomach, knocking the air out of her. Sun quickly pushed her to the ground and then Sun stood on top of her wings, pinning her.]

Sailor Astid
Remove thyself.

Sailor Sun
So you can kill me again... I think not.

Sailor Shadow [stands up from her position, ready to leap into this thing if need be...]
Be careful, Bay...

Sailor Astid
Thou not defeat at ease. [Sailor Astid streched her wings out, causing Sun to fall and land behind Astid as she got up] Sailor Sun, call your maker... thou need thy priest. [She raises her sword again]

Sailor Mars [sees Robyn go to move]
No... Let her fight... [holds Robyn's arm]

Sailor Shadow [pushes Mars away]
Stop it, Rei! [she leaps at Astid as the sword comes down towards Sun] ASTID!!!!

Sailor Sun [not seeing Shadow, rolls to the side as Astid starts to drop her sword... Then before she realises Astid falls to where she was only a few seconds ago. And sees Shadow behind her]
Didn't I tell you not to follow?

Sailor Shadow [holding her arm]
SHUT up, Bay. I just saved you sorry ass....

Sailor Sun [getting up]
So... Didn't you think I could handle myself?

Sailor Shadow [getting up]
I never said that... [turns to Astid] I didn't trust her... [looks back to Sun] I'm glad I followed my feelings... This Council she's so concerned about doesn't even know what she's doing...

Sailor Mars [coming out]
Could you guys stop arguing?

Sailor Sun [surprised]
You too?! What is this a party?

Sailor Astid [on the ground]
You will not...

Sailor Sun [standing on one of her wings, while Shadow was on the other]
Did you guys ever think, that we may not be able to get back home?

Sailor Mars [concerned]
No... I followed Robyn... Trying to stop her from making a big mistake...

Sailor Shadow [stomps foot... on Astid's wing]
I know what I'm doing Rei! Stop treating me like Serena!!!

Sailor Astid [can only say one thing...]

Sailor Sun
Well, now you guys are stuck here too... THINK next time...I say stay, STAY.

Sailor Shadow [yelling]

Sailor Mars [screaming to be heard in this...]
KNOCK IT OFF! [the two glare at her] Don't look at me like that... You two are so interested in your argument that you forget Sailor Teleport...

Sailor Shadow and Sailor Sun [yelling]
IT WON'T WORK HERE, REI! [they look at each other]

Sailor Sun
Do you know where we are?

Sailor Shadow [thinks]
Actually... I'm remembering a few things... I don't know why... We're in the Council Hall... [looks around] but I don't remember this place...

Sailor Mars [confused, and smart-alecky]
Could someone pretend I'm Serena and tell me what you're talking about?

Sailor Shadow [ignoring Mars]
But, if we're here... then why hasn't the Council found us yet?

Sailor Astid
Thou dost not know of thy Council!?

Sailor Sun [stomps on her other wing]
You stay outta this... [looks back to Shadow] What do you remember?

Sailor Shadow [jerking to Sun]
We better find away outta here... NOW! I just felt something...

Sailor Mars [staring down a corridor]
Too late... I feel it too...

Sailor Sun [confused]
What? Rob? Since when can you-?

Sailor Shadow [whispers and yanks on Sun's arm]
Shut up and follow us! [Mars and Shadow take off]

Sailor Sun
Oh, well... [runs after them, leaving Astid on the ground, tending her bruised wings]

[After a brief run down a corridor, they all hear...]

Sailor Astid [way down the corridor]

Sailor Mars
We should have helped her.

Sailor Sun
To late now.

Sailor Shadow [still running, but trailing behind the group, trips and twist her ankle]
OW! {"Perfect... Gotta get back up... I don't like the feeling I'm getting from behind me..."} [she looks over her shoulder] No...

[Sailor Sun and Mars turn and see Shadow staring over her shoulder]

Sailor Sun [concerned]
Ah... come on, Rob... get up... we gotta find a way out...

Sailor Mars [seeing her roll over and stare]
What's- [gets a strange feeling] Get up, Robyn! Hurry!

Sailor Shadow [gets up, but her ankle gives out on her again]
I twisted it... Go! Leave me... Don't let them get you too...

Sailor Sun [a bit freaked at the way she said it]
Rob... Who?!

Sailor Shadow [teary]
Get outta here, BAY! [looks at Mars] REI! [looks back] I'll just slow you down...

Sailor Sun
If you think I'm going to leave you behind, your nuts... [Sun backs her self up and knees down] Piggy-back.

Sailor Shadow

Sailor Sun
If I don't bring you back, I'm back on the street.

Sailor Mars
The street?

Sailor Shadow [looking at Sun, ignoring Mars]
Nah, just take my room over...

Sailor Sun [smirking]
Glad to see you still have your sense of humor... now grab hold.

Sailor Shadow [stares back scared]
I- [looks at Sun and grabs her shoulder]

Sailor Sun
K... Now let's get away from what ever you guys are spooked about, eh?

Sailor Mars [shivers]

Sailor Shadow [worried]
Bay? What did the Council say would happen if you ever told anyone?

Sailor Sun [stops dead in her tracks]
What do you mean?

Sailor Shadow
Would it count if someone remembered on their own... [looks at Mars] But didn't say anything?

Sailor Sun [continues to run]
I don't know... What do you remember?

Sailor Shadow [whispers so only Sun could hear her]
I love you, Brad...

Sailor Sun [fumbles, but catches herself]
Ah... I think you could've kept that one til we got out...

Sailor Mars
What are you guys talking about?

Sailor Sun [covering up]
How to get out.

Sailor Mars [seeing a large door ahead of them]
What's in that?

Sailor Shadow
It has to be better then that thing, behind us.

Sailor Sun [going towards the door]
I hope so...

Sailor Shadow [sudden headache]
Ow! Bay... let's ah... let's not go in, K? I think-

Sailor Sun [looking over her shoulder]

Sailor Shadow [seriously]
We don't want to go BACK in there.... Bay....

Sailor Sun [confused]
Ok, someone, tell me... Do we want to go in there or face whatever took out Astid?

Sailor Shadow [frowns]
Would you prefer to face that or the Council again?

Sailor Sun
Council? You mean they're behind the door?

Sailor Mars
Can someone fill me in?

Sailor Shadow [nods]
Mars, you probably wouldn't believe us if we could tell you everything... [looks at the door] I think we're safer with whatever took out Astid... [turns her head] Not like we have a choice...

Deep, Male Voice [booms from behind them]
Did you really think you could out run us?

Sailor Sun
Who said that?

You do not know me... But I enforce the Will of the Council.

Sailor Mars
Were are you?

Everywhere. You will now enter the Council.

Sailor Shadow
What if we don't want to? [Shadow feels her bad ankle squeezed] OWWWWWWWWW!

You have no choice.

Sailor Sun
What did you do? [Suddenly Sun's head flys back as she knocked over, as though hit hard in the face]

You I have NO tolerance for... Enter the Council.

Sailor Shadow [on her butt, with her bad ankle under her]
Leave her alone! [looks at Mars] She had nothing at all to do with what happened before. Let her go!

You MUST all enter the Council.

Sailor Mars

Sailor Shadow
Sailor Sun was tried here for crimes [looks away from Mars] SHE DIDN'T COMMIT...

Sailor Sun
Robyn, no...

Sailor Shadow
She was punished and sent back to Earth.

Sailor Mars [looking at Sun]
Crimes? Punished? How?

Sailor Shadow [staring at the floor, her ankle throbbing]
I can't tell you anymore, unless you want the same fate as us...

Sailor Mars [concerned]
What is-

Voice [yelling]

[Sailor Shadow screams and grabs her leg, it felt like someone was burning her]

Sailor Sun [upset]
Stop it! I don't know who you are or what you're trying to prove! Leave her alone!

Sailor Shadow [laying on the ground in major pain]

Sailor Mars [confused to hell]

Sailor Shadow [holding her leg]
Sailor Sun... Brad... [winces in more pain... whoever's doing it, doing a damned good job...]

Sailor Sun
Ok, Ok, we'll enter the Council.


Sailor Shadow
Sun... We can't, they...

Sailor Sun
...stop hurting you. [helping her friend up]

Sailor Mars
You sure about this?

Sailor Sun
All they wanted was me, in the first place, probably still the same.

Sailor Shadow [hugs Sun]

Sailor Sun
Don't worry, I won't let them hurt you... [faces Mars] Either of you.

Sailor Mars [totally lost, enters with the two girls and as they enter, they each detransform, Bay becoming Brad... again, painfully...]

Brad [looks up after the transformation]
Yeah... I couldn't tell anyone... Otherwise I'd end up here... but thanks to Astid, it happened anyway...

I don't get it.

Council Head
And you never will again young lady.

Am I being punished again?

Council Head
No, you are not here as a punishment.

Then why?

Council Head
You have kept your word, although your punishment is never to end. A complication has arisen...

Sailor Astid!

Council Head
Sailor Astid... She's a vengeful spirit, but good-hearted. She believes that you should have been terminated like most others that are found guilty. But she is forgiven for her errors, she has served the Council well. We now wish her to learn forgiveness and trust.

I'm sorry, where are you heading with this...

[Sailor Astid appears in front of the others, laying defeated on the ground, she starts to levitate above wear she lay. Everyone can tell that she unconcous, her head druped down and her wings and limbs lifeless]

What are you going to do?

Council Member
She will reform...

[Astid starts to almost turn a solid sparking white and then white slowly goes back to the ground. The white disappears and a teenage girl (no wings) lays in front of them, wearing regular street cloths.]

Council Head
She will return to earth, with full memories, but the knowledge that if she ever revealed it to anyone other then yourself Sailor Sun, she will return.

What about Robyn and Rei?

Council Head
Astid's arrival was what triggered her memories... They will once more be cleared. Only you, Sun, will know.

Wait, I don't want to forget...

* * *
[Back at a empty park four bodies lay on the ground]

Bay [getting up first and checking herself]
{"Dang... they put them back on."}

What happened?

Rei [getting up too]
Last thing I remember was... going into the portal after you, Robyn.

Adrian (Sailor Astid)
Oww, my head...[realizing a change, in shock] My wings! My uniform, Oh, great gods, I'm human....No. [She gets up and quickly runs away]

Robyn [seeing the girl run off]
Ah... who was that nut?

Rei [rubbing her head]
What nut?

Robyn [points and Rei catches a glimpse of a girl turning the corner]

Bay [gets up]
Ah, man! [takes off after Adrian]

Bay, where are you...[she gets up but falls flat on her face with her sore ankle.] OWWW.

* * *
Adrian [crying by a tree]
Human, Human, why?

Astid? Where are you? [Sees Adrian] There you are.

Stay away!

Bay [stops]

Because, I'm...[cries louder] HUMAN!

So? I'm a girl, you don't see me crying about it.

It's not the same... You were always a girl.

Ah... you haven't been keeping track of the whole story, have you?

What, do you mean.

I am... ah.. was a boy. [points to herself] This was my punishment.

Being a girl, a punishment?

To me, at least. {"She has a accent like she was from Ireland or something."}

I am sorry.

That's ok... I...

I can't teleport, I can't fly, I can't bring out my sword... How am I supposed to live?

I guess like the rest of us.

I... [turns and runs] I need to be alone.

[Bay stands there and just lets her go]

Robyn [being helped by Rei]
Who's that?

Bay [turns around]
Ah, someone I met awhile ago... she had to go.

Robyn [believing Bay]
Oh... could someone please tell me what happened to my ankle? I don't remember any battle...

You must have tripped or something.

Robyn [surprised]
TRIPPED?! Over what?! You?! [rolls her eyes] This is not my day... I have a cut on my arm, a lump on my head, a busted watch and now, a twisted ankle... [looks up, realizing something] Ah... wasn't it dark when we were at Rei's?

Rei [thinks]
Yeah... Hey! That reminds me! How did you guys know we'd be there?!

[Bay and Robyn teardrop]


Well, we were just ah.. walking and saw you.

Yeah... Actually, Bay, what happened to Sailor Astid?

Bay [looks to where Adrian ran]
I don't know yet.