Sailor S
Episode 15 Chapter 2

New Beginnings"

* * *
[In the alley]

Sailor Sun
Hey, bozo, leave the lady alone.

1st Thug
Shit, a scout.

2nd Thug
So, now we don't have to share.

Sailor Sun [hands on her hips]
I wouldn't try if I were you...

2nd thug
Yeah, right... [dives at Sun]

[Sun skillfully jumps over the thung and steps on his back as he falls getting lift as she jumps towards the next thug and springs of his shoulders, knocking him down. Sun then grabs onto a flagpole vertical from the building and swings around it like a graceful actrobat, then she lets go and falls into a dumpster]

Sailor Sun

Lady [looking into the dumpster]
A... a sailor scout... [she faints]

Sailor Sun
Ah, geez.

Bay... that was amazing.

Sailor Sun
Yea, I just need a better landing pad. [rubbing her behind] owww.

Robyn [giggling]
Let me help you out of that dumpster...

Sailor Sun [taking her hand]
Yeah, {"I don't think I'll ever stay out of these things..."} We should find the others...

Robyn [as Sun lands on the ground beside her]
Yeah... well... I saw Serena running past and she was holding her brooch.

Sailor Sun
Do you suppose she's going up against a baddy?

I don't konw, but there's a way to find out... [looks at Sun] I'd power down until we're sure... It would look strange for me to be beside a Scout...

Sailor Sun [blushes]
Yeah, I guess... [she powers down and they go in the direction Robyn saw Serena running in]

Is it safe to leave that girl there with those two out. What if they wake up.

While you were having all the fun, I called the police.

Well, that explains why you didn't argue with me about only one of us going. [smiles]

Robyn [grins]
You probably would have just stood there... [giggles]

Most likely, watching your back.

Robyn [hearing battle sounds]
Wait. [looks around] There. [she looks around a corner of a stone wall.] {"They like this park don't they?"} [She sees nothing but Scouts] Where's the bad guy?

Bay [hearing her question]
What do you mean?

Robyn [still looking]
I saw only Sailor Scouts. It seems like their fighting each other...?

Bay [cocking head to the side]
Maybe you just didn't see the baddy.

Robyn [thinks]
Maybe... Should we help?

Bay [grinning]

Robyn [glances back at Bay]
Would you do me one small favor, Bay?


Robyn [sort of quickly]
Would you do a speech, just this once... for me?

Bay [crossing her arms and turns to the side]
No! You know I hate those...

Robyn [clasps hands and stares at Bay]
I know... but, please, Bay?! Just this one time? To show the others we're serious?! [looks at Bay with pleading eyes]

Bay [reluctantly]
Oh... alright... but JUST this once! [realizing she's never really had to think one up before] Um... what should I say?

Robyn [smiles]
Thanks, Bay! I promise never to ask you again! [thinks] How about something simple? I'll tell you before we make our entrance, ok?

Bay [rolling her eyes]
Let's hope not... [sighs] Ok. [pulls out her locket] Sun Power!

Robyn [taking off her pendant and tossing it up]
Shadow Power!

[Their transformations are the same as before, each girl changes and they run into the park, taking their respective places in the tree]

Sailor Moon [on her butt]
I've had about enough of this!

Sailor Shadow [in the shadow of the tree branch she was on]
"Clear as crystal, or dark as night, I've seen what you've done wrong, and I'm here to set it right! For I am Sailor Shadow!"

Sailor Sun [in the opposite tree branch (same tree) and gritting her teeth]
"I have seen the dark path you've taken, and I am here to shed light on that path! I am Sailor Sun!" {"May I never agree to do that again..."}

[All she scouts quickly turn to face the tree]

Sailor Moon
Hey, who's copying my lines?

Sailor Mars
It wasn't us meatball head, someone's here.

Sailor Jupiter
Usually this place is deserted during practice.

Sailor Shadow [whispers]
This was your idea, Sun... But... [looks down] since when do they practice? Usually, Serena's whining...?

Sailor Sun
We've been gone for a while. Luna most likely started them on it.

Sailor Mercury
Who's there?

Sailor Jupiter
Yeah, so we can keep you from squealing.

Sailor Shadow
What do we do?

Sailor Sun
I don't know... I guess all we can do is tell them who we are.

Sailor Shadow
I'd rather hide here.

Sailor Sun [louder whisper]
What?! Since when?

Sailor Shadow [looks at the Scouts below, who are slowly coming closer to the tree]
Since they seem so different...

Sailor Sun
Well, we can't stay up here. And I'd perfer they weren't looking UP at us. These skirts don't really hide too much.

Sailor Shadow [beginning to raise her voice]
True, but we thought there was a bad guy, Sun!

Sailor Sun
We have to do something! They'll be at this tree soon...

Sailor Shadow [sighs]
Ok, ok... [jumps down and Sun follows] Sailor Moon? [looks at Moon]

[All the scouts prepare a defencive postion when they see two figures fall from the tree]

Sailor Jupiter
Other scouts?

Sailor Mars
Don't trust them...they my not be on our side.

Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury, can you... oh, yea, you don't have your computer.

Sailor Sun
Oh, [pulls out Mercury's computer] I found that. [Sun tosses it to Mercury]

Sailor Mercury
My computer.

Sailor Shadow [crossing her arms]
You did not. I did.

Sailor Sun [rolls her eyes]
Just drop it!

Sailor Shadow [looking at Moon, a little dirtier than the others]
Looks like it was your turn to be the dummy, huh, Moon?

Sailor Sun [snickers]
Her turn? I thought she was always that way...

Sailor Moon [angry]

Sailor Mars [trying to hide her snickering]

Sailor Jupiter
Yea, well usually she ends up it.

Sailor Mercury
Just who are you?

Sailor Sun
Well, I'm Sailor Sun, and this is Sailor Shadow... Ah.. this is actually going to take some explaining.

Sailor Shadow [looking strangely at Sun]
What exactly do we explain? They're gonna think we're nuts!

Sailor Sun [looks at Shadow]
Yeah, well, it's the truth...

Sailor Shadow
So?! [a cat jumps onto her shoulder, causing her to fall over. She looks at the furrball on her lap] Aphrodite! How many times do I have to tell you-

Aphrodite [rolling her eyes]
I know, I know, don't surprise you. But you'd better get home... there's... um, [looks at Moon, who's totally lost and looking freaked] What's going on?

Sailor Moon
Your cat talks?

Sailor Shadow
So...? Yours does too!

Luna [coming out from a near by bush]
Sailor Sun? Sailor Shadow? [thinking] Sun...Sun...SUN, Girls watch out, she's not good news.

[All the scouts tense up]

Sailor Sun
Luna, I have no memory of the Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Mars
So, how do you know about it then?

Sailor Shadow [standing up and picking up her cat]
The same way I do!

Aphrodite [looks up]
How are you gonna explain a two year gap the no one but us can remember?!

Sailor Shadow [rolls her eyes]
Well, that's taken care of, Sun... [glares at her cat]

Sailor Sun [looking to see that Shadow wants her to tell her story]
Ok, ah.. Well, the Negaverse captured me and forced me to use this [pulling out her necklace] to change into a Scout...

Sailor Jupiter
That's Brad's necklace.

Sailor Moon
Brad, you mean the exchange student?

Sailor Sun
Yeah, uh... Brad's...

Sailor Jupiter
He was heart-broken when he went home.

Sailor Sun [confused]
Home??? You mean to Canada?

Sailor Jupiter [gets into a defensive stance]
How do you know that?!

Sailor Sun [remembering the Council's warning]
Well, that's hard to explain...

Sailor Shadow [jumping in]
That doesn't matter, what does matter is that we're on your side. We're Sailor Scouts of Justice, not Evil.

Sailor Sun [rolls her eyes]
{"That's an old line..."} Yes, and we want you to believe us, even if the story sounds strange...

Don't believe her Scouts. Sailor Sun betrayed the Moon Kingdom to the Negaverse.

Sailor Sun [dropping her head, quietly]
The cats are always the hardest to convince. [speaking up] Well, what about Shadow here, she hasn't done anything wrong!

Sailor Moon [defensive]
She's your friend. That makes her on your side.

Sailor Shadow [putting Aph down]
No! We're on the same side, yes, but that's yours!

Sailor Sun [stepping forward]
Ok... here [Sun grabs her necklace] here...

[Before Sun can do anything, a light comes from behind the other scouts and a girl with long, black hair, up in a long ponytail with a meatball like Serena's at the top, appears]

Sailor Astid
Sailor Sun, thy nath of a dog, I summon myslef to heal the wheels you have rode.

Sailor Sun [looking at the girl as she walked thought the scouts' defence lines]
Who are you?

[The girl wore a maroon one-piece costume with a short skirt and high, white boots with maroon top where Mercury and Moon's are white.]

Sailor Astid
Thee may mock self, but the wheel's will attach to the court and they attack thy sentece will be .

Sailor Shadow [turning to Sun, looking totally confused]
Who's the weird talking nut?

Sailor Sun
You think I know.

Sailor Astid
Hessent thy die with the cloth that blind thy fair lady.

Sailor Sun
I know one thing for sure, she doesn't like me.

Sailor Moon
Who is this person and what is she saying?

[Editor's note: Sailor Astid, speaks in sharepearen Old English, so the scouts (who are Japanese) would have a even harder time understanding her becouse they don't speak English as well as Bay and Robyn.]

Sailor Shadow [steps forward]
Look, I'm really not sure what you just said, but, what's your problem with Sailor Sun?!

Sailor Astid
Mine name is Sailor Astid and I hath vowed to protect the wheel from vermin such as thyselves.

Sailor Mars
Luna, what do we do?

I don't know

Sailor Jupiter
I say let them fight it out, and we'll sort it all out, after.

Sailor Mars [smacks Jupiter on the back of the head]
Knock it off, Bolt Brain!

Sailor Jupiter [rubbing her head]
Look, miss Pyromaniac...

Luna [yelling]
Stop that!

Sailor Sun [smiling]
{"At least it's not me this time..."} [turns to Astid] Can you speak plain English?

Sailor Shadow [nods]
Yeah, I was never very good at Shakespeare...

Sailor Sun [looks over at Shadow]
Shakespeare? Is that a weapon? [grins]

Sailor Shadow [seeing the grin]

Sailor Astid
Enough! Youth shall suffer as they have on the wheel.

Sailor Sun
Your kind of on this wheel kick, aren't you.

[Sailor Astid holds her hands out and a light quickly forms into a sword, one decorated with sailor markings]

Sailor Astid [holding up the sword]
Sailor Dragon's juatang. [A bolt of enegy comes from the sword and hits the tree, cracking it and making it fall over.

Sailor Shadow [gets into defensive position, as does Sailor Sun.]
You are going down... [she holds her hands together and yells] Shadow Fire Ignite! [There is a burst of dark smoke, "fire-like" and it flies at Astid]

Sailor Mars [sees Shadow's attack]
Hey! That's my old attack!

Sailor Shadow [hears Mars]
Yeah, I know, could you help?!

Sailor Mars [still unsure]

Sailor Sun
It's either your guys give use a hand or we get our rumps roasted

Sailor Moon

I don't know...

Sailor Mercury
Shine Aqua Illusion!

Sailor Jupiter
Ah... dang....

Sailor Mars
Hold her.

[Sailor Mars and Jupiter grab Astid from behind]

Sailor Astid [shocked]
Why thou scout's of knights honour, help slay this dragon?

Sailor Mars [grabbing an arm]
Because you're dangerous! [under her breath] If nothing else...

Sailor Shadow [after seeing Mercury's attack]
Sun, they have stranoger attacks now, I don't think ours are gonna-

Sailor Sun [looks at Shadow]
Just do what you know! Sun Flare-

Sailor Shadow [holds out her hand]
Wait! You'll hit the others!

Sailor Sun [stops]
Yeah... So, now what?!

Sailor Astid [throwing off the Scouts]
Why dost thou want mineself-?

Sailor Shadow [angry]
Stop that! Can't you speak normally?!

Sailor Astid [shocked]
I art... Thou art thy ones which speak foriegn tongues...

Sailor Mars [understanding the "Foriegn Tongues" bit]
Really?! Well, could that be because we're not from the same place as you?!?!?! [gets up] Mars Celestial Fire Surround!

[Sailor Astid jumps from the scouts and runs]

Sailor Astid
Thou think me make hath.

Sailor Sun
We got to go after her.

Sailor Mars
No, you don't! [She and jupiter pinning Sun down, while Mercury grabbed Shadow.]

Sailor Sun [wriggling around]
Get off me, Lita! Rei, I know you never liked me very much, but this is ridiculous!

Sailor Shadow [looking at Mercury]
Amy, let me go!

Sailor Moon [shocked]

[Sailor Sun gets out from under the two scouts and takes off after Astid, leaving poor Shadow alone with Aph and the others]

Sailor Shadow [reaching]
Sun! Serena! Why do you guys have to be so mean to her all the time?!

Sailor Mars
First I think you better explain who you too know who we are...

Sailor Jupiter [squeaseing her fiist]
And it better be good.

Sailor Shadow [sighs]
There would be two ways to do that, but I can only do one. [she reaches to her bow and pulls off the jewel, which transforms into her pendant] Sailor Shadow, Power Down. [As Mercury holds her, her scout uniform disappears, and Robyn stands there staring at her pendant, in her school uniform, sadly, she looks at Moon] Are you happy?

Sailor Moon
Robyn... your...


Sailor Mercury
Does that mean Bay is...

Yea... she is.

Sailor Moon [crosses arms and pouts]
That's why I don't like her...

Robyn [looks at Mercury]
Could you let me go? I won't run.

If she does, I'll trip her. [smiles]

Robyn [looking]
Funny... [Mercury hesitantly lets go] Thank you.

Sailor Mercury [confused]
But that doesn't explain how you know us...

Robyn [sighs]
That's the part I'm slightly confused on, myself. I go to bed one night after a battle with the negaverse, and wake up the next day, two years later. But no one remembers that... not even Dad... [sits by the tree] I can't remember what happened...

Sailor Jupiter
Oh, come on... you expect us to buy that. If we knew you then we would know.

Robyn [pleadingly]
Lita...? Oh! You always were hard-headed...

Sailor Jupiter [angry]
What do you mean by that?!

Robyn [waves her hand]
Nevermind... It's the truth! I really did fight with you all before, as did Sailor- Bay. [stares at Lita] You don't remember anything about a dog?

Sailor Jupiter [starts to dive at Robyn, but is held back by Venus and Mars]
Are you calling me-? [Mars slaps her hand over her mouth]

Sailor Mars
I think we need to here Bay's side to all of this.

Robyn [looks up]
You promise you'll listen?

Sailor Mars [nods]
Yes. I'll listen, I'm not going to vouch for the others... [glares at Jupiter, who's giving her an evil look] Ooo, Lita... If looks could kill... [smirks]

Sailor Jupiter [bites Mars's hand]
Stop making fun of me, Rei!

Sailor Venus [letting go of the arm she had]
Lita! It's not her fault Brad had to go home!

Who's Brad?

Sailor Jupiter [throws off Mars's hand and turns around]
No one... nevermind... [stomps off]

Sailor Venus
I've never seen her take it that badly before him...

Sailor Mercury
Well, they both knew it wouldn't last.

Sailor Moon [sadly]
Yeah, but love still hurts when it's True...

Robyn [hearing a voice from the back of her mind]
{"As a punishment, you shall never know true love, Brad..."} [quietly] What? Where did that come from?

Aphrodite [being the only one who heard her]
Where did what come from?

Robyn [shakes her head as if to shake off a dream-state]
Nothing, lets go find Bay. Anyone else?

* * *
Sailor Sun [still running after Sailor Astid]

Sailor Astid [stops and turns around while forming her sword again]
Thou knights have rooted, leaving thee for the trimming.

Sailor Sun [still unsure of what she's talking about]
Is the Negaverse behind this? I've been there, I know want they do...

Sailor Astid
Thou leaketh truth, but sprayeth lies.

Sailor Sun

Sailor Astid [angrily]
Dost thou maketh fun of me?!

Sailor Sun [shrugs]
If you want me too...

Sailor Astid [pointing that sword at Sun]
Sailo Dragon's Juatang!

Sailor Sun [rolling out of the way]
You know, you're beginning to annoy me...

Sailor Astid [slowly and clumsily trys to make her understand]

Sailor Sun [realising what she was saying]
The council of 12? They think I cheated them?

Sailor Astid
Mine sword shall make thee it's sheath.

Sailor Sun [definitely knowing what that meant]
I don't think so, girl!

Sailor Moon [from a distance]
Here, Guys!

Robyn [yelling]

Sailor Sun [turns when she hears Robyn]

Sailor Astid [seeing a chance, dives at Sun]

Sailor Sun [turns and realizes she won't be able to move in time]
{"Ah, geez..."}

Robyn [running at her highest speed possible]
No! [She dives at Sun. At almost the same time Astid reached Sun, Robyn knocked her out of the way, getting hit on the arm with the blade] Ah! Ow...

Sailor Sun
ROBYN! [pauses then turns to where Sailor Astid was to see she wasn't there]

Owww. Remind me not to do that again...

Sailor Sun
You got it.

Robyn [holding her arm]
Why do I feel like I did that before?

Sailor Mercury
We should get you to a doctor.

Robyn [glares at Mercury]
We're not going to get into this arguement again... No. [looks at Sun]

Sailor Sun [holds up her hands]
I'm not going to say a word, Rob. Your decision...

Robyn [gets up]
Thank you. [realizes Astid's gone] Where's the nut?

Sailor Sun
I don't think she was a nut.

Robyn [looks at Sun strangely]
Well, not compared to Phoenix... [grins]

Sailor Sun [nods and smiles]
Total psycho...

Robyn [realizing she's late]
Oh, not, Dad's going to go ballistic!

Sailor Mars
Hold on we need to know what's going on!

Robyn [seeing Aph finally catching up]
Aph! Come here! [the cat jumps into Robyn's arms] Bay, drop my bag off. [she turns and starts to run home]

Sailor Sun [turns and chases]
No way! I'm coming too! [She detransforms as she catches up with Robyn]

[The last thing the scouts hear is:]
Suit yourself!

Sailor Moon [shocked]
That didn't go too well, did it...?

I don't like this.

Sailor Mars [starting to run after them]
Me either, let's go! [she detransforms, and the others follow suit]

* * *
Robyn [at her front door, out of breath]
Geez, [huff] Dad's gonna [puff] wonder what happened [wheeze]

Bay [breathing hard, but not as tired as Robyn looked]
You alright?

Robyn [takes a few deep breaths]
Yeah, I just don't remember running this much and this far in one day before. [looks up and smiles at Bay. She pulls out her key and opens the front door]

Bay [shrugs]
If you say so.

Aphrodite [standing by the door, and walking in as it opens]
I'll be in your room...

Robyn [takes the key from the lock and puts it back in her pocket]
Dad! I'm- [sees him coming] Nevermind. [she hugs him] Hi, Daddy.

Robyn's Dad [smiling]
Hi, Punkin! [as he lets go, he sees her cut] Are you ok? What happened?!

Robyn [remembering the cut]
Oh! I must have cut myself on the stone wall near the park. I'm sorry, I stopped to talk to some new friends. [she smiles and her dad does too]

[A female voice from the hallway calls] Cyrus! Honey? Is that Robyn?

Robyn [her face grows pale]

Bay [sees Robyn]
What? Who is that?

[A woman turns the corner and walks up to a totally stunned Robyn, hugging her] Honey! I'm glad you're home!

Rachel, would you get a bandage? Robyn cut herself.

Rachel [frowns at Robyn]
Robyn... How?

Robyn [stammers]
Mo- mom?

Yes, honey... [not sure where to go] Who's this?

Robyn [in a state of shock]
She's one of my friends Bay.


Robyn [points to her room]
I'll be in room. With cat. [walks away totally shocked, and turns around, unsure of what happened] When did- I mean, how- ? [she falters as she tries to walk back over to her mom] But you were... dead...? [she passes out]

Aphrodite [leaps out]

Butterscotch... how has my favorite kitty.

Aphrodite [seeing why Robyn passed out]
{"Rachel?! That's impossible! We saw... I mean..."} Meow?!

Rachel [walks over and picks her up]
I missed you! I'm sorry I couldn't come with Robyn, but I promised I'd be here... if nothing else, to visit... [scratching Aph behind the ears] Turns out I can stay... [smiles]

Cyrus [a little surprised at that]
What?! But you-

Rachel [turns]
We'll talk later, "Sachiko". [smiles]

Cyrus [grins, but still shocked]
Yeah, let's get Robyn onto her bed...

Bay [already had her in her arms and was walking into her room]
{"I thought she was dead too, but maybe the timeline was messed up that far back...?"}

Bay, what, happened?

Why are you asking me?

You seem to be hiding something.

Bay [sits back]

Robyn [sits up and holds her hand to her head]
I saw something after I passed out...

Bay [curious]

Robyn [unsure]
It- looked like a large room, full of shadows. It was round, and there were 12 shadowy figures... [sees Aph running in] Aph?

Aphrodite [glances over he shoulder]

Rachel [looks around the corner of the door to Robyn's room]
Honey, will talk more during dinner, K?


I should really go... you'll want to spend soe quility time with your mother.

Robyn [grabs Bay's shirt as she stands up]
No... please. I'm afraid. I don't know what's going on... I've got strange thoughts from apparently nowhere, I find mom here and alive... Please. If you go, I'm afraid you'll disappear! [tears fall down her cheek and her voice was shaking]

Are you sure... I don't want to intrude.

Robyn [realising one simple fact]
And where will you go... to a dumpster?

Good point.

You can stay in my room tonight.

Stay, in your room?

Sure, I'll get a sleeping bag, it'll be like a sleep over.

Bay [looks out to the hall]
Ah... What about your da- uh, parents? Will they let me?

Robyn [her face as serious as she can make it without bawling]
I know mom. Dad will do whatever she agrees to... Mom will let you stay. [Aph rubs against Robyn] Yes?

Aphrodite [whispers]
It's really her, Robyn. I just don't know how either... I'm a little afraid myself... [looks to bay with puppy dog eyes... which is pretty good for a cat!]

{"In the same room. This is going to get weird!"}
Yea, right.

Robyn [gets off the bed and hugs Bay]
Thanks! I don't know what I'd do without a friend like you!

Bay [half hugging her back]
Yeah... me... {"How I wish I could tell you again..."}

Cyrus [from down the hall]
Robyn, baby, dinner's going t be ready in a few minutes.

Robyn [runs out to the dining room]
Daddy? Could Bay please stay the night? Her place is getting sprayed for bugs. She told me at school.

Cyrus [thinking nothing of the explanation]
Ask your mother... I'm fine with it. [sets the table]

Robyn [walks into the kitchen, slowly]
Mom? I- [sees her mom crying over the table in the kitchen] What's the matter? [she walks over]

Rachel [sniffs and looks up]
I'm sorry, honey, I should-

Robyn [staring at her mom]
No, tell me what's wrong. [holds her hand, which has a different wedding band on than the one her father gave her] Mom?

Rachel [taking Robyn's other hand]
Honey... I got remarried after you left to live with your father. [sniffs] My name is Duncan now, but he ran out on me, just disappeared. I was originally going to just come and visit, but I don't want to leave now...

Bay [comming up from behind]
{"Man, I wish my mom was here."}

It's OK, mom.

Bay [seeing Robyn and her mom]
Uh, everything ok? [points to the room she came from] Maybe I should leave...

Robyn [glares at Bay]
I don't want you in there when they spray for bugs... [winks, then turns to her mom] She told me at school, can she stay the night, Mom?

Rachel [gets up, wiping her face]
Sure, if she helps you with chores...

Robyn [starts to walk away, then stops]

Chores? [trying to cheer up] Well, I've never been afraid of a little work.

Robyn [puts her hand over Bay's mouth and glares]
[whispers]Shut up! [louder] Mom, Dad never had me help... there's really nothing to do around here... besides, everything-

Rachel [spins around, angry]
I said you will do chores!

Robyn [jumps and releases Bay]
Mom!? {"She's never freaked like that before!"} Are you ok?

You mean your dad's been doing all the chores? Robyn, I though I raised you better then that...

Robyn [defensive]
Mom... Dad cooks and we eat when I come home from school. He works all day and always said it was a pleasure to watch me enjoy his meals... As far as trash... well, it just gets done. No one's really stuck with it... And we really don't need to clean around here, we're both gone a lot... {"Besides, you were dead..."} [she slightly winces at her thought]

Bay [with Robyn's hand over her mouth]
Mummsh, mummmth, meth.

Robyn, take your hand away from you friend's mouth.

[Robyn moves her hand]
Thanks. I was just going to say....

I really don't know what's gotten into you Robyn.

Robyn [turns to the door]
Nothing I could explain, Mom... {"Too much..."} [she slowly walks out of the kitchen]

Bay [smiling]
What can I do?

Oh, that's Ok... please, enjoy yourself.

Bay [playfully saluting her]

* * *
[After dinner, which Robyn hardly ate any of, the two girls sit in Robyn's room with Aph and the door shut]

Robyn [sitting cross-legged on her bed and hand on her chin]
Something's different about Mom. [looks at Aph] She was never that snappy ar demanding...

Bay [looking at a picture on Robyn's desk]
Well, at least you have a mom.

You have a mother.. You talk about her all the time.

Bay [realizing how she said it]
Yeah, well, I can't see her... ah... it would be strange... now anyway...

Robyn [hoping she didn't hurt Bay's feelings]
I'm sorry... Hey, you never told me where you were from, Bay...

Oh, ah... I'll perfer not to talk about it.

Oh, Ok.

[There's an eerie silence, and as Aph opens her mouth to speak, a beeping from both Robyn and Bay's pockets shatters the silence]

Robyn [feeling around, pulls out a purple communicator]
What the? [see's Bay pull out a yellow one] Where did we get these new ones from?

Bay [shocked]
I have no clue... {"These are the ones that got destroyed... this is impossible..."} Maybe we should listen?

Serena [not knowing about Bay or Robyn listening]
Guys, Luna thinks we should get together and talk about Bay and Robyn.

Yea, how about my place in about a hour?

Right, I'll see you there.

Lita and Mina
Yeah. Out.

Ok. Out.


Well, that's a first... Out.

[Robyn and Bay shut the communicators and stare at them]

Aphrodite [after a few moments of this new silence...]
What are you two waiting for!? Go! You should at least eavsedrop!

Robyn [surprised]
Aph! Since when-?

Aphrodite [waving her paw]
They'll include me, I know it! Just go!

Only fair, who know's how many times they've [pointing at Aphrodite] done it to us?


Robyn [giggles, then looks at her door]
How am I gonna get out of this house with Mom acting the way she is... This is Scout business.

Aphrodite [looks at the door]
Good question...

Just say were going to my...[clears her throat].. place for some stuff.

Robyn [gets up and crosses her fingers]
Let's hope she buys that one, Bay... [she opens the door and they walk past the living room where her mom and dad are watching TV] Mom? Dad? Bay and I are going to get some of her stuff, we'll be back soon, ok? [her dad waves his hand with out saying a word, but her mom glares at her over the couch, then goes back to watching the TV] {"I don't like this..."} Let's go, Bay. C'mon, Butterscotch... [looks at Aph, who glared] [Robyn mouthed the word sorry and they were out the door]

Bay [while walking away]
You really don't like that name, do you?

Well, I liked it before I knew my past. Besides, I hate it when other people, or cats... [mumbles something] call me Aph more.

Robyn [looks at her cat]
I'm sorry... I never knew-

No! You're the only one I like it from. [she smiles and leaps onto Robyn's shoulder] Besides, we've got time, but let's hurry anyway, you know how the others like to come early...

Bay [grinning]
Yeah, except Serena...

Robyn [thinking]
I don't know, she seems more responsible now... at least about Scout business... You saw how she was with the others...?

I don't think she could have changed that much.

Robyn [approaching the Temple]
Well, here we are, what next oh great one? [looking at Aphrodite]

Bay [jokingly]
Thanks, but I think we should ask Aphrodite.

Robyn [smacking Bay on the back of the head]

Aphrodite [pointing with her paw]
Climb that tree, and shut up... [glares at Bay]

Bay [hurt]
Hey! I'm quiet!

Robyn [grins]
Your mouth is as big as Serena's...

Bay [insulted]
Hey, take that back.

But it's true.

Is not...

Robyn [jokingly]
What, your too pretty, for a little mouth joke.

Ok, take them both back.


The mouth crack, and saying I'm pretty.

Robyn [confused]

Guys, shut up.

[Robyn and Bay, still glaring at each other, both turn to Aphrodite and glare at her]

Aphrodite [blush]
Just get up there...

Robyn [whispering to Bay]
Why wouldn't you want to be pretty?


Well, I think your very pretty. A little makeup would really bring out your features.

Your really starting to ask for it.

Guy's, Luna and Artemis never spoke this much, while they were eavsedropping.

Robyn [whispering]
How would you know?!

Aphrodite [continue]
Anyway, I heard some boys talk about your other features.

Bay [looking at Aphrodite]
You asking for it too?


Bay, your the most paranoid girl I know. I mean, most girls would love hearing this kind of stuff.


Robyn [puts her to her lips and say]
Shhh! They're here.

Serena [walking under their branch]
What do we know about them?

Amy [shrugging]
I couldn't find a thing. I think one of them hacked my computer, there was a log of an entry I didn't make...

[they walk into the Temple doors and Robyn stares at Bay]

Robyn [whispere and angry]
You should have checked for that!

Hey, at least I could get into it.


[Lita and Mina walk under with Artemis and Luna]

I don't like that Bay girl. Robyn seems strange, but nice, why does she hang out with Bay?!

Mina [shrugs]
I dunno, maybe the same reason Rei goes with Serena sometimes... to keep her out of trouble?

Bay [glares at the back of Mina's head as they enter]
{"Keep ME out of trouble?!"}

Artemis [angrily]
That Sailor Sun is no good that's the end of it, Luna!

Oh, stop it, Artemis, give her a chance... [walks into the temple leaving Artemis sitting there in shock]

Artemis [surprised]
Why?! So she can get us killed?!

The cat's are always teh hardest to convice.

Don't worry, Artemis just doesn't know you yet.

Bay [glances at Aph, whos sadly staring at Artemis]
What's wrong, Aph...rodite? [remembering what she said earlier]

Aphrodite [shakes her head at Bay]
No-nothing, Bay... {"I wish they remembered..."}

Ah... don't worry, in some time, it'll come back to them. {"Everyone has parents except me..."}

Robyn [looks at Bay and sees her face]
It's ok, Bay. [she smiles]

Bay [surprised at the comment]
Uh, yeah, how are we gonna hear the discussion with Artemis out here guarding the door, and them in there?!

Robyn [looking at Aphrodite]
We have a good, (small) agent with experiance in eavsedropping.


Just place yourself on a window sill or a sun roof or something.

Aphrodite [sighs]
Oh, alright. But the only way to hear anything in this place, is to be inside. [leaps off the branch, to the roof, and down to the ground heading to the back]

Robyn [to Bay]
Man, that was good...

Well, it's about time, she started doing some work for us for a change.

Robyn [reaches to smack Bay, misses and loses her balance, hanging onto the branch by her fingers now]
Bay! Help!

Oh, crap! [she moves to grab Robyn's hand, but her school uniform gets caught in the tree] Oh.. I'm stuck.

Bay, please...

Bay [sees the tear already]

Robyn [forgetting about Artemis being able to hear them, and yelling]
Bay! It's a long drop! Help!

Artemis [of course hearing the noise, and yells back]
Guy's come out here.

Bay... I'm slipping...

Robyn... [Bay pulls forward as hard as she can, ripping her skirt and grabbing on to Robyn's hand just as she lets go. Bay now hanging on to Robyn with both hands while Robyn just dangles under her] Gotcha...

Robyn [in a panic]

Give me a minute. your not as light as you look.

Robyn [a little scared, and angry]
And your not as funny as you look! Now please, tighten your grip before I get killed!

Bay [jerks back slightly at that]
{"Again... this time it'd be both our faults..."} This was a stupid idea, remind me to make Aph into kitty tofu! [grunts, trying to get her balance back at the same time she's trying to pull Robyn back up]

What are you guys doing here?

Bay [trying to lift Robyn, but finding it impossible to do laying on the branch]
Oh, were were just going for a walk and got lost in this tree.

Robyn [yelling]
Can someone get a ladder or something?

Aphrodite [coming from the roof]
They just all left. I think... [sees Robyn hanging there] ROBYN!

Robyn [starting to slip and cry]
Bay! Stop being a smartass and pull! I'm slipping... You guys won't have to worry about Sailor Shadow if someone doesn't do something! [tears rolling down her face now]

Bay [pulling, but still not doing a very good job]
I'm doing the best I can!

Aphrodite [sees Artemis is puffed up, glaring at Bay]
Knock it off, Artemis! She's trying to help, not hurt anyone!

[Artemis depuffs and stares, wondering how the cat knew why he was puffed in the first place...]

Rei [running off]
Their should be a ladder in the shed.


[a noise] *Crack!*

Bay [facing Robyn]
Please tell me you just said crack.

No, but if you didn't either...

[They both hear *CRACK!* again]

Robyn [looks and sees the tree branch]
Oh, god... Aphrodite! This was the stupidest idea-

Aphrodite [yelling]
It wasn't my idea!

Would you two shut up!

They're going to fall.

Mina [yelling]
Rei, hurry up with that ladder.

Rei [yelling back]
I can't find it.


Lita, get under Robyn...


I'm going to let her go, catch her.

Yeah, Lita [it sinks in] LET ME GO?

Bay [grunts]
If I don't have someone help soon, I'm going to drop you anyway...

Robyn [realizing]
Good point... [looks down] I shouldn't have done that... [looks at Bay] I don't feel so good all of a sudden...

Bay [thinks about it for a second]
Aw, no, don't get sick...

Robyn [shakes her head]
No, I'm just not to good with heights... [she passes out and gets heavier]

Bay [pulls up harder]
Aw, man! Couldn't you have said that earlier?!

Lita [running from the steps to the tree, but Bay lets go and slips from position herself]
Hang- oh, geez...

[Robyn falls and Lita catches her, both fall to the ground, unharmed. Meanwhile Bay's hanging on to the branch.]

Ok... this I can handle. [Bay starts to swing back and forth, getting up some momentom, but the branch breaks anyway, causing bay fo fall, she narrowly grabds the edge of teh roof of the house that Aphrodite was on, and then falls again, only a short distance to the ground, or actually, a flower bed] OWWW. I really need better landings.

Aphrodite [laughing from the rooftop]
Yeah, first a dumpster, now the ground... we'll have to battle in a mattress factory or something sometime... [leaps off the roof ont Bay]

Rei [Coming out from behind the house.]
I can't find the ladder. [sees Robyn's OK] Oh...[then she sees Bay] Ackkk. Grandpa's flower bed.

Bay [standing up and rubbing her butt]
I know, I'm sorry, Rei... I'll help replant them... but I really didn't have a chioce of landing spots... [glances at the fallen branch]

Rei [sees it and freaks]
You guys are dead! Get out! Get OUT!!!

Serena [jumps in front of Bay]
Wait! Robyn could be hurt! You can't throw em out! If you do, I go with em. [crosses her arms and looks sternly at Rei]

Rei [angry]
Fine, Go... out... now!

Amy [stopping Bay]
No. Even if we're not sure, we should still make sure Robyn's not hurt...

Lita [getting up]
Her?! What about me?! [rubbing her butt, which took a pounding when she 'caught' Robyn...]

It was a good catch.

Bay [looking at her skirt]
Ah.. dang... now what am I going to wear?

Serena [surprised]
What do you mean? You say that as if you have nothing else...

Robyn [from the ground]
Ohhh, my head... what caught me? A cement block? [slowly sits up and rubs her head]


Robyn, you O.K.

I think so. [looks up] Who?

Bay [smacks her forehead]
Aw, geez...

What were you guy's doing up there...

Ah... cleaning Rei's gutters.

Robyn [rubbing the back of her head]
Up where? Who's Rei?

Bay [crossing her arms]
Knock it off, Robyn, it's not original...

Robyn [innocently stares at Bay]
Knock what off? Who's Robyn?

Amy [feeling the back of Robyn's head]
Oh man! There's a giant knot there... We'd better take her inside, she may have a concussion...

Bay [helping Robyn to the house]
Come on now, this isn't funny, Robyn.

Hey, who's going to take care of this mess?!

Serena [smirks at Rei]
You... you were mean enough to tell them to get out!

Rei [shakes her fist at Serena]
When I get my hands on you, Meatball Head...

[Serena sticks her tongue out at Rei and leaves her alone]

Rei [to herself]
How did they know we'd be here...?