Sailor S
Episode 15 Chapter 1

New Beginnings"

[Robyn may have no memory, but she does remember being a scout, and wonders why the others can't remember her and Bay...]

Robyn [pointing for Bay to enter]

Bay [sighs]
I went to talk to them, they ran away from me looking scared... Well, Serena anyhow...

You're kidding me... Are you sure they weren't playing a joke?

Yeah, I went to Rei's and Chad and Rei kicked me out when I went into my old room. None of my stuff was there. Called me a 'bum'!


What's the last thing you remember?

Robyn [thinks for a moment]
I remember Aph and I going to bed after a midnight fight with the Negaverse... Why?

{"She doesn't even remeber dying...?"} Something's happened to the two of us... have you seen today's date?

Robyn [confused]
No, let me get Dad's paper... [pulls Bay's sleeve and sees Bay's in her Sailor Uniform] Bay!

Bay [looks down]
I know... I can't find my stuff anywhere... {"Yeah, 'Brad left about two years ago, you nut!' Was what I got in response from that kid at the boarding house..."}

Robyn [getting the paper]
It's almost been two years. This is impossible!

Well, it explains why we both look 16...

Robyn [confused]
Yeah, I want to ask dad when my birthday is after this, but I'm afraid he'll think I'm crazy... [concerned] Maybe we'll think better after breakfast... Come on, I've got some spare clothes... If dad sees that...

Bay [rolls her eyes]
I know, I've gotten strange looks from everyone... Stupid coat...

Robyn [pulling some clothes out]
Ah... I don't think you'll fit into any of my slacks.

How 'bout a shower first...?

Good idea.

Bay [smiles]

* * *
Robyn [wearing her own uniform, in her closet after Bay's shower]
You know, It's weird, I have like three different uniforms... each with different skirts. This one's not even my size... [looks at Bay] I think it's yours...? [takes it over to Bay]

Bay [looks up]
Thanks. [looks in a pocket and finds something] It is mine... why is it here?!

I don't know. [Sees something big in the pocket] What's that?

Bay [pulling out the object, revealing the frame that Mina gave her, with the drawing of Sailor Sun that the Cats made, inside]
[sniffs] My birthday.

Robyn [confused]
Mina? I remember the party... [giggles] You were hell bent on not wearing that dress... how did we ever get that on you anyway?

Bay [havig a sentamental moment]
I don't know... [snapping out of it] Well, lets find out what's going on.

Everyone should be heading for school now.

I'm going to have to get into the school's computers again.

Robyn [stops as she reaches for her bookbag]
What the-? [sees it's different] I never bought that... It's like everything's changed but me... [looks at Bay] And you.. [Aphrodite clears her throat and meows] And of course you, Aph... [smiles] But why'd you meow? You know Bay...

Aphrodite [whispers]
Yes, but your father hasn't left yet...

Robyn [blushes]

Bay [changing into her school uniform]
I'm guessing what happened is, we never met the others and have lived our lives without ever meeting them.

Robyn [picks up her bag]
Well, that explains why I no longer have the bag Serena gave me... but why do you still have Mina and the all cats's presents? And how did this happen?

I don't know... but it does explain no one knowing me, and the reason I've been living on the street.

Living on the street? You had a home before meet Serena and the others, right?

Ah... well that's kind of hard to explain. {"Yeah, really hard..."}

Robyn [shakes her head]
Nevermind... just because Serena won't remember me, doesn't mean I should be like her! [pulls Bay's arm] Come on, we'll be late!

Robyn's Dad [waving]
Bye, Punkin! Remember, there's a surprise after school for you!

Robyn [stops dead]
Hunh? [turns to her dad] What?!

Robyn's Dad [smiling]
If I tell you, it won't be a surprise! Go!

Robyn [walking away, staring back]
Yeah... {"I don't like surprises"}

Remeber, I have to get to one of the computers...I needed to...

What about Luna, she'll remember us.

Bay [shrugs]
I don't know, I haven't seen her...

* * *
[Robyn waits near Serena's house, and sees her run out, Robyn purposely slams into her]

Bay [shakes her head]
Oh, geez...

Robyn [getting up]
I'm sorry! I'm running late. [smiles]

Serena [picking up her dropped toast... now dirty]
Oh! There goes breakfast... [looks at Robyn and smiles back] Hey! You late too? Cool, we can run together! Come on... Wait, what's your name?

Ah, Robyn... And this is Bay.

I'm Serena. Bay, you look familiar.

Oh, I don't know from where.

Robyn [realizing Bay told the truth]
Well, we'd better get to school!

Serena [freaked look]
Oh yeah! I'm late! [takes off, with Robyn hot on her heels... Bay just rolls her eyes, sighs and runs after them]

{"Now we're getting somewhere!"}

{"Thank god she didn't reconize me from this morning. I'll never complain about dirt again!"}

{"Maybe, Lita will share her lunch with me when I get to school!"}

* * *
[At school, Robyn realizes there's no schedule in her pack]

Robyn [confused, whispers to Bay]
Bay? I have no schedule...

Bay [just as confused]

Serena [turns around before ducking into her homeroom]
Remember, new students have to get their schedules that way. [point to a room, and smiles] BYIEEE! [she disappears]

Thanks! [pulls on Robyn] Come on. [They both head down the hall until Bay spots a computer terminal in a empty room] Here. [They both go into the room and Bay sits herself in front of the computer]

Do you know what your doing?

Bay [only half paying attention to Robyn]
Like a fish in water.


Bay [typing away quickly]
This is going to take a little longer, All the pass word haev been changed. [A moment passes] Alright, in. [she types away some more] There's your schedule. [As the printer spins off a copy of what's on the screen] Now, let's see... [she types more] Ok, new student... Smith, Bay... [makes a face] Female... [she continues to enter information,] And here's my schedule.

What do we have the same?

Everything. I just copied your schedule for mine.

Robyn [smiles]
Cool. You're better than Amy! [turns and walks out into the hallway]

Bay [half smiles]

So where to first?

Bay [checking her schedule]
Ah... science. {"If I was smart, I'll go back on and change that"}

Robyn [winks]
I remember you had problems with that... I'll help you! [giggles] Come on!

Bay [mournful]

Robyn [opening the door to the classroom]
Come on, it's not as hard as you make it.

[Both go inside the classroom]

If you say so, we have Math after lunch.

Robyn [turning around]
Back to the computer...

Bay [smirks]
Little late, we're here already...

Robyn [gives Bay an evil look and whispers as they stand there]
Couldn't you have made it last period?!

Bay [shrugs and grins]
No fun when your stomach's empty...

Robyn [frowning]
Is that all you think about? Food?! You're worse than Serena!

[The teacher comes in and the bell rings]

Shouldn't you two be in your seats?

Robyn & Bay

Bay [whispering to Robyn]
I didn't make up the schedule anyway, this is the one your supposed to get.

What about yours?

I've never been a student, here, remember?!

Robyn [sighs and sits down]
Yeah, well...

I'm Miss Akane. I'll be your Science teacher until Miss Haruna returns. She's out with some kind of flu... [looks to Robyn and Bay] May I see your schedules so I can add you to the roster?

Bay [hands over their schedules]
Ah... sure Miss Akane.

Robyn [feeling strange]
{"Akane? That name... I know it's not Amy's mother... but where else have I heard that name before?"} [smiles at the teacher after she writes their names in the roster]

Mrs. Akane
Alright, class, today...

* * *
[During lunch Robyn starts to head over to the regular meeting place that Amy, Serena, and Lita gathered]

Robyn, where do you think you're going?!

To see the others...

Is that wise? They don't really know us, remember? They could be talking about important Scout stuff!

I don't care... We're Scouts too, you know.

Yes, I do... but they don't!

Robyn [remembering]
Oh yeah... [she sits down at the picnic table beside her] I guess here's good... [she looks down and opens her lunch]

We'll find Luna, and ask her when we get a chance.

Robyn [stares at Serena and drifts off...]
Yeah, Luna... [she feels fur on her leg] What?! [looks down] Aph!

Aphrodite [jumps onto the table]
Shhh... I saw Luna and Artemis. I wanted to talk to them, but they didn't remember me. I didn't talk. Just looked. Luna glared at me and hissed! [sadly looks at Robyn] My own mother forgets me!

Robyn [pets Aph]
Well, Bay, there goes that...

Well, I guess we have to go see the others then.

Don't worry, they're just talking about Lita's love life again.

How do you know?

Who do you think Luna and Artemis were eavsedropping on?

Robyn [cheering up]
Lets go! [grabs her lunch, and Bay's arm, leaving Bay's lunch on the table, which Aph grabs, and runs after Bay... In a few moments, she arrives at the group] Hi! Remember me?

Oh! Hi... Robyn, right?

Robyn [sitting down, dragging Bay down with her]

Hi, Robyn. Your friend looks familiar, have we met?

Ah... well.

You're the lady who thought we knew you earlier today.

I... Well... Ahhh....

Serena [scared]
You?! Stay away from me!

Serena, it's not what you think.

Lita [looking mad]
I think we better go...

Serena [still scared, gets up clutching her half empty lunch bag]

Robyn [holds out her hand]
Wait, Serena... please?! [looks at the others] Lita?! Amy?! Where's Mina? {"Crap, I forgot... she doesn't go here... Duh, Robyn..."}

[They stare at her]

Lita [cautiously, not letting on that Mina doesn't go there with them...]
She's out sick... how did you know she's our friend?

Robyn [seriously as Aph jumps onto her shoulder]
Please, believe us, we do know you guys! Don't run away again! [looks at her cat, and takes the bag] Aph?! Say something!

Serena [spooked]
That does it! I'm gone! She thinks her cat can talk!

Aphrodite [quickly]
I can...

Serena [stares in disbelief at the orange cat]
You just spoke?!

Yes, I did. Just like Luna and Artemis

How much do you three know?

Bay [trying not to be too direct]
Oh.... Only that Sailors Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are close by....

How do you know that?

Have you ever heard of Sailor Shadow or Sailor Sun?

No, there are more Scouts?

Bay [hinting to it]

Robyn [nods]
You really don't remember us?

Serena [surprised and a little lost]

Luna and Artemis would have told us about you by now... [looks to a tree] Come out from back there, you little eavesdroppers!

[Luna and Artemis fall out from behind the tree]

Robyn [giggling]
They do that...

Bay [waving her hand in front of Robyn's face]
Yoo hoo! Rob! Do what? You here?

Hunh? [shakes her head and realizes she was daydreaming] Oh... Sorry, Bay...

Bay [looks at Serena, then back at her]
Were her Meatballs doing something??

Robyn [waves her hand]
Nooo! [smiles] Anyway, I thought Aph was here...?

Bay [cocks her head to the side]

Nevermind... So what if Luna doesn't reconize us?

Don't know, it's not like we can just plain out tell them... didn't work this morning.

Robyn [remembering her daydream]
Yeah... Hey, I'm not all that hungry anymore... you want my lunch? [holds it to Bay]

Bay [happy at being allowed to eat something]
Sure. [she quickly gobbles up Robyn's lunch]

You were hungry!

Bay [wiping her mouth]
What did you expect? I've been living on the street. I probably haven't eaten anything good for days.

You know, you could have just asked me for something.

Nah... I wouldn't have wanted to be rude.

{"Like that ever stopped you..."}

Bay [throws the paper bag away in the trash can beside the picnic table]
Where were we...?

Robyn [looks at her watch]
I think lunch is over, Bay... maybe after Math...[says it with a frown] We have a study hall, they let us come out for that. Unless you want to do your Science...? [smirks]

Bay [frowns]
Yeah, right.

[They get up and go to Math class]

* * *
[after Math, they go out to the benches in the schoolyard to talk some more]

Robyn [glaring at Bay]
I was not looking at your paper, Bay...

Bay [disbelieving]
Yeah, right... is that why we got the same grade? With the same answers?!

Robyn [holds up her paper]
I got a 65... better than I thought... besides... how could I look at your paper? You had it covered almost completely during the whole class!

Bay [blushes]
Yeah, well...

Robyn [smirks]
Just admit it! You're not that good at it either!

No, it's just... just that I haven't been to any of the classes before the test.

Robyn [giggles]
Bay... You're being paranoid... Why would-?

Bay [hears Serena's voice on the other side of a bush]
Shhh. Listen.

That girl this morning really freaked me out.

Yeah, I know. She was weird, probably just some nut...

Amy said she saw her too. But she never got to speak with her, just followed her for a little.

Bay [quietly, grinding her teeth.]

Robyn [hits Bays arm and whispers]
Shut up!

[Bay glares at her, then goes back to listening in...]

Luna [seriously]
She could be an enemy...

Serena [waves her hand]
Nah, that's been done... remember Alan and Ann?

Bay and Robyn [to each other]

Most of our enemies don't dress up like bums.


Well, I hope I never see her again.

Don't you think your being a little judgemental?

Absolutly not. If someone's going to come up to me, thinking she knows me and raving something about a bird...

Well, I think we should watch out for her.

Serena [smiling]
I met a new friend this morning! Her name's Robyn. She was late too... I've seen her in a lot of my classes, she always hangs around some girl named Bay...

[Robyn clamps her hand over Bay's mouth before she could comment on Serena's tone]

She was in my Gym class... Bay's weird...

What do you mean?

Lita [looking up]
Well, she refused to wear the gym clothes, and when she finally got into a track suit, she acted like she was a odd ball of the group. She was really weird.

Yeah, like totally weird.

Robyn [whispering]
Well, I hate them too... they're too small! But you refused?! [Bay blushes and nods] Geez... [looks and sees they're getting up, so, she looks at her watch] Oh man! It's almost time for last period!

[Both running to next period]

I thought you liked Gym?

Sure, but there's no way I'm going to wear one of those things.

Does it have any relation to your hate for dresses?

Dresses, skirts, swimsuits... should I go on?

Robyn [giggles]
Nah... I got the point... but why?

Nevermind... I just don't like 'em.

[They reach their last class, computer lab]

Bay [looking for seats]
Seats, seats...

Robyn [sits behind her, close to the teacher's desk]
I got mine.

K. Oh, no, Amy! {"And she has the only seat left beside her..."}

Well, go make friends, after all, you have something in common.

Bay [as she turns]
Yeah, but she thinks-

Would you go! Sit before you get yelled at again... [smiles, and turns to her terminal]

Yeah. [she goes up and sits at the terminal, trying not to make face contact with Amy] {"Please don't reconise me, Please don't..."}

Hi, you're new right? I'm Amy Anderson...

Bay [smiles]
Hi, I'm Bay Smith... {"Please don't freak... please don't freak..."}

Hi, Bay. Are you any good at computers.

Bay [relaxing]
You always thought so...


Bay [realizing her screw up]
Ah...You seem so thoughtful.

Oh... thanks.. You look stangely familiar.

I lived on the south side of the city.

Where did you go to school?

{"A dumpster for the past two years."} Class is about to begin.

Amy [smiles]
Yeah, Mrs. Kento is pretty nice, thoug... You'll like her. [turns to her terminal and pulls out a notebook from her bag]

Bay [smiling]
I hope so. {"Who the hell is Mrs. Kento?!"}

Bay [turing on her computer]
{"Of all the people to sit beside in Computer Lab... Amy! Robyn should sit here. She's going to need more help with it."}

Robyn [looking over to Bay, then back to her computer as it boots]
{"I hope everything's alright over there..."}

Mrs. Kento [taps on a few keys]
Ok, we have 2 new students today, Bay Smith, and Robyn Markius... Welcome. I will get you your books then, everyone else, turn to chapter 3...

Robyn [turns to Bay, who's staring at her screen]
{"This is gonna be a long period..."}

* * *
[After School the group of Scouts walk home]

Should we meet Mina?

Yeah! Lets go!

[Rei coming up from a street]

Hey, guys.

Rei, were going to meet Mina.

Great... Ah, did a strange girl see you guys this morning?

Yeah. Some bum.

Yea, Brown short hair?

that's her.

She was sneaking around inside the Temple this morning.

Serena [looks around]
Where's Amy?

Lita [waves her hand]
Probably picking up extra credit assignments from Computer Class...

Yeah, probably. [smiles]

She's bothered us all. Did she ask you if you remembered her?

Lita and Serena

Serena [frowns]
She was persistent...

Yeah, well, let's go.

[They take off, and Amy, Robyn and Bay come out of the school and round the corner]

Amy [smiling]
You really know about computers! You like them?

I can't get enough. I wish I had my own.

Amy [bluffing about her Mercury computer]
Me too...

You guys are unbelieveable! Everyone else was still typing and you were done halfway through.

[Amy and Bay blush]

Well... you were...

Amy [realizing something...]
Oh! I almost forgot! I have an appointment today! I'm sorry... I gotta go, bye, Bay. Bye, Robyn! [She smiles and turns around, running]

Bay [looks to Robyn]
She has a meeting...

Robyn [nods]
I know... So what now?

I don't know.

Robyn [looks where Amy was]

Bay [still staring ahead, thinking]

Amy's computer...

Bay [nods]
Yeah, I know she has one... what about it?

Robyn [holds something in front of Bay's face, causing her to see it]
Yeah, well, we have it now... This isn't gonna go well...

Bay [a big smile]
You little thief.

Could you use this?

As long as I can get by her passwords.

Will it take long?

Amy's good, It'll take a little doing.

Robyn [smirks]
And who said I was the thief? [Aph jumps onto her shoulder from the wall above them]

Aphrodite [seeing the computer]
Bay! You didn't take that from Amy?!

Of, course...[realizing what Aph would do if she knew Robyn took it.] I did, I'm only borrowing it, until we can see what's wrong with the others.

Robyn [surprised]
Bay! I took that. You just chatted with her! [Aph smacks her with her paw] OW! What?! I had good reason! And besides, we're- [looks around, and lowers her voice] We're Scouts too you know!

That's Amy's computer. She could keep personal stuff in it.

Bay [working on the computer]
Not really, she keeps a journal, but pretty much just on Scout Stuff.

You have access?

Yep, I'm in.

Robyn [smiling]
That was faster than- [realizes Aph's still listening] Computer Class...

Bay [knowing what Robyn meant]
Actually, it took longer... but thanks.

Robyn [looks at the little screen]
Anything we need to know?

According to this, The Scouts never meet up with me, you, or Phoenix. There's a mention of Brad being kidnapped, but that's all.

Aphrodite [sadly]
Then Luna and Artemis... [looks down]

Robyn [pets her]
I know, Aph. [turns her head back to Bay] What else?

Bay [scanning]
They defeated Queen Beryl, retrieved Darien... {"Ok...?"} Met up with some Aliens, Ann and Alan, then, they met up with... [looks shocked]

Robyn [seeing Bay's face]

Bay [surprised]
Serena's future daughter... Rini. They went to the future, saved everyone here from the Negamoon Family, they have four friends that were once enemies, four sisters... they know the Scout's secret... They defeated a Doom Phantom?!

Robyn [shivers]
Don't ever say that again... please?

Bay [stopping]

Robyn [a little afraid]
Let's just go... I want to return it to Amy... [stares towards the direction she ran in] Soon...

They've done all this and their still alive... wait, here's a file on Pluto.


Bay [quickly reading the file]
Ah, it's nothing.

Who or what's Pluto?

A planet? Don't worry about it.

{"Sailor Pluto?... No, couldn't be..."}

Robyn [hugging herself, and frowns at Bay]
Bay, I'm kinda cold all of a sudden, could we just get going?

Sure. [Bay closes up the computer and both of them start to walk to Robyn's.] I'll give Amy back her computer next time I see her.

Robyn [as they head off]
How?! "Oh, Robyn borrowed this, thanks, Mercury, I mean Amy...?" [glares at Bay] I don't even know why I pulled that... [looks ahead] I just remembered... Dad said there'd be a surprise at home for me... I'm really not looking forward to it... I hate surprises... they usually turn out bad...

Bay [interested]
What do you mean?

Robyn [shrugs]
You know... like your party... [tries to smirk] The Negaverse crashed our surprise...

{"No they didn't..."} Yeah...?

Robyn [stays looking ahead, shivering]
I mean, technically, it was after it, but that just ruined the day... [shivers and kneels down] Bay... It's not that cold... I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach...

Bay [concerned]
Well, could be for lack of lunch...

Robyn [glares]
I ate half my sandwich...

Are you going to be Ok?

I don't know.

{"Pluto stopped her from aging so what could it be?"}

Aphrodite [staring at Robyn]
You were only like this once before... Do you remember?

Robyn [sitting on the ground. leaning against the wall, holding her stomach]
Yeah, before Mom died... I sensed a major disruption in my life... It caused a major illness after I found out why... [looks at Bay] When I found out Mom was killed in that accident... Maybe I shouldn't go home yet, I don't want to find out that Dad's gone or something...

I'm sure he's Ok. Do you want to call him, just to make sure?

Robyn [unsure, but getting up, slowly]
No... [sighs] Let's just get this over with, Bay... [looks at Aph and they walk home, Robyn holding her stomach]

[While walking Bay hears loud banging noises]

What was that?


Those noises.

I heard them too, you better check it out Bay, I'll stay here with Robyn.


Robyn [looks at Bay]
No, I'm coming too. You can't make me stay if I don't want to...

Bay [quick flashback of Robyn standing up to the Council]
No... No, I can't...

Robyn [nods and lets go of her stomach]
Besides, maybe some excitement will get my mind off whatever's wrong. [half smiles]

Bay [half smiles]
Yeah... Come on. You know, you're very subborn...

What is that supposed to mean?

Ah.. I'll tell you another time.

Robyn [shrugs]
Maybe it's my Gemini nature showing... [smiles and pushes Bay, lightly] Come on!

[Bay and Robyn both turn the corner to see a young lady with two thugs walking up to her]

Ok, I think only one of us should deal with this, the other will act as backup.

Robyn [sighs]
Oh, alright. Go on.

Bay [surprised]
{"I thought she'd put up a fight, Oh, well"} SUN POWER.