Sailor S
Episode 14 Chapter 3

The Council"

A Second Guard
You are wanted as well.

Brad [snapping out of it]
Ok. But I'm going, not Sailor Sun.

2nd Guard [shrugs]
Whatever... Move!

Brad [following Shadow]
Ok, ok...

* * *
[The two are brought to the center of the council room, once again]

Council Head
The council of twelve has come to their decision. As instructed, Sailor Shadow, will suffer the same as Sailor Sun.


Council Member

Council Head
You will abide by the decision, Sailor Sun.

Sailor Shadow [scared, but acting brave]
What is that decision?

Brad [not believing this was really all happening]

Council Head
We of the Council of 12, aggreeing to Sailor Sun's plead of guilt...

Sailor Shadow
WHAT??????? Guilt? BRAD! No...

Brad [trying to ingore her]

Council Head
We have listened to both you and Sailor Shadow... We all agree that you have done good although your mistakes have had reprocussions. [pause] We have decided that Sailor Sun will not be terminated. Not by us, and not by you, Brad. As punishment, you will retain your former form, and continue to serve the people of earth.

Sailor Shadow

Council Member
We are not done.

Council Head
You will never know true love and as a constant reminder of you punishment, on the showing of the Sailor Star, you will return to your present form for a period of no more then 12 earth hours. You will be the only one with memory of the events that transpired here. Sailor Shadow, since, you are already a member of the fairer sex, we cannot punish you as we have done with Sailor Sun. Consider yourself lucky.

Sailor Shadow [a little insulted]
{"Being a girl is punishment?!"} [turns to Brad] Then I have to tell you, Brad.

Brad [sadly]
What's that Robyn?

Council Head [clears throat]
I am not finished. Sailor Sun, as I said, you will be the only one with the memory of what transpired. You will remember what you have done and what Robyn's love for you cost. But you will never know true love again.

Sailor Shadow [crying, runs into Brad's arms]
Brad... I'm sorry it had to go this way... [sniffs and looks up into his sorrowful face] I love you, please remember that... [she kisses him and while still kissing, a shadowy figure walks up to her and touches her tiara, causing her outfit to disappear and her ying-yang to appear briefly, then she passes out as she says] I love you...

Council Head
Be thankful we took pity on her, and refused to let her see your punishment.

Brad [swallows hard]
What are you going to do?

Council Head
Be aware that if you ever reveal any of the events that transpired to Sailor Shadow, or anyone else that you will be brought back, and your punishment MORE severe.

Brad [nods]

[The Council Head raised both arms, while everyone else in the Council raised only one]

Council Head
The punishment. [A blinding yellow and black glow came over Brad and the last thing heard was Brad screeching in pain and agony]

* * *
[Robyn wakes up in her old bed. The one she slept in before she died]

A voice from outside her door
Honey, wake up, or you'll be late for school.


I thought we moved...?

Robyn [running downstairs, hugging her father as soon as she saw him]

Robyn's Dad
What's this for?

[A knock on the door]

Robyn [letting go of her father]
Just because... [happily] I'll get it. [Robyn happly runs over to the door and opens it]

Bay [dirty, like she's been living on the street for the months]
Robyn, do you remember me?

Bay, what's going on?! What... happened?! Where're the others?

They're alright... But... they don't know me... or you. Something went wrong.