Sailor S
Episode 14 Chapter 2

The Council"

Robyn [staring at Bay]
What's going on? I'm feeling better... but my outfit's different again... this is the dress I wore to Mom's funeral...

Sailor Sun [confused]
You look about 12...

Robyn [just as confused]
But I was 14 then... not 12... [her voice drifts] this is weird, Bay...

Sailor Sun
And growing to 12 years old in a day isn't? {"At least she stopped calling me Brad! Maybe she won't bring it up again..."}

Robyn [sitting back down]
Maybe this wasn't a good idea... I wanna go home... I want Aph... [starts crying into her hands] I want my Mom back...

Sailor Sun [sits beside her]
I know, but we have to find Pluto...

I know...[suddenly starting to feel strange again] Bay, it's happening again...[Robyn begins to grow up again to her normal age of 16, while her clothes change into her Sailor uniform]

Sailor Sun [smiles]
Well... you're grown up again... You feel better?

Sailor Shadow [sniffs]
A little... [wipes her eyes] Let's find my cat! [gets up and realizes] Wait... in all the confusion, I'm lost...

Sailor Sun
She went this way [pointing off in a direction], I think...

Sailor Shadow
Let's go then!

[The two run off and after running around for... who knows?... they stop, Robyn's exhausted]

Sailor Shadow [panting]
Can we- [huff]take a- [puff] break?!

Sailor Sun
Robyn? You're usually in better shape...

Sailor Shadow
I know... I...

Sailor Sun
What's wrong?

Sailor Shadow
It's happening... Again...

Sailor Sun
Wha.... [before Sun could even finish her word, Robyn aged again to a 25 year old scout] Robyn!? You're...

Sailor Shadow
Oh, no... I thought it would stop when I got to 16!

Sailor Sun [totally shocked]
Me too... [Bay suddenly felt strange] Robyn? I'm feeling funny again... but nothing happened last time...

Sailor Shadow
You too?

Aphrodite [from behind them]
What's going on? [realizes Shadow's there] Robyn, your Ok...[then realizes her age] And your old.

Sailor Shadow
Thanks a lot.

Aphrodite [walks closer to Robyn]

Sailor Shadow [with surprised look]
Aph! You're a kitten!? [picks her up] But...?

Sailor Sun
Look's like I'm the only one not changing age.

Aphrodite [pouts]
It must have been what Nuku did to me...

Sailor Shadow
Don't worry, we'll get you back to normal. [she pets Aph]

Sailor Sun
I don't know... I kind of like her smaller, less damage she could do to my jackets. [Both Shadow and Aph give a mean look to sun] Ok, maybe not...

Sailor Shadow [dropping Aph.]
Bay... I'm getting older. [Robyn started to change to about 28 but this time her stomach also grew out. She was no longer wearing her uniform, but a large dress.]

Sailor Sun
Robyn, what happened?

Oww... I think I was just kicked.

Sailor Sun
There's something more going on here, instead of just aging.

Robyn [reaching for support as she sits down]
That's for sure!

[A figure comes up from the clouds nearby]

Sailor Sun
I hear something. [looking out into the clouds she sees it] Come out, whoever you are.

[The figure continues to approach until she become visible, another sailor scout, this one well older then the rest. She wears a dark green Uniform and has long, dark green hair. She holds what looks like a giant key beside her.]

Robyn [holding her belly]
Sailor Pluto?

Sailor Pluto [nods]
Yes, Robyn. I see you and Aphrodite have experienced the effects of the Nexus...

Robyn [angrily getting up (with Sun's help)]
We came here for help... To fix the timeline that was screwed up... I end up older and pregnant, and Aph ends up a kitten again!? What's going on?!

Sailor Pluto
Being exposed to the Nexus has increased your aging, Robyn. [she looks at the kitten] Aphrodite, you have been getting younger due to the poison placed in you body as a counter measure to it... You life force has been sustained using Sun's.

Sailor Sun
Thanks for telling without us asking.

Sailor Pluto
I do not control the Nexus... But I do understand it.

Sailor Sun
Ok, can we get the timeline fixed?

Sailor Pluto
Who is to say it is broken?

Robyn [closing her eyes and clenching her fist]
I know the Scouts aren't destined to die like that... They can't... Serena has a future, I know it!

Sailor Sun [looks away]
{"I have a feeling I'm supposed to stay this way though..."}

Sailor Pluto [smiling, gently]
No, you weren't supposed to become a Scout the way you did, Bradley...

Sailor Sun [shocked]
You... You know who I am?

Sailor Pluto
Yes, and you have much to answer for, to the Council of 12.

Sailor Sun
Council?! Of 12???

Sailor Pluto
First... Robyn, I can return you to your normal, age... but a life cannot be taken...

Robyn [nods]
But what do I do? I didn't plan this...

Aphrodite [steps up to Pluto's feet]
Return me to normal first. I'll have a kitten in place of Robyn having a baby...

Sailor Pluto
Unfortunately, Robyn's child is human... I can return it to it's true time, when the timeline is restored and Robyn can grow to motherhood...

[Everyone looks at Sun.]

Sailor Sun.
What...? [realizing why they were looking at her] Me?!?!?! You're ALL nuts!

Sailor Pluto
It will only be a temporary arrangment...

Yeah, Bay, like a stay over...

Sailor Sun
So, let me get this straight... You want to magically make me pregnant with Robyn's kid. Then, bring her back to her normal age, and then send the kid back to it's own time?

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Sun
Why don't we just send the kid there now?

Sailor Pluto
At this point, Robyn does not exist due to her abnormal aging. To send the child back would be to send it to it's death.

Sailor Sun
I... ah.. I don't...[looking at both the ladies faces] Oh, fudge.. Ok... just make it quick!

Sailor Pluto [smiles]
Don't worry...

Sailor Sun [holds up her hand]
I have a question first... You're sure this is really possible? I mean I'm not even-

Sailor Pluto [stopping her]
Yes, you are. [smiles] And nothing is impossible in the Nexus... [She holds her large staff above her head and spins it, mumbling something too low for anyone to hear]

Don't worry... Brad... [smiles]

Sailor Sun [quivering, nervously]
What's there to worry about? I'm only about to become pregnant, not buying a car or anything...

[A glowing effect starts to come over Robyn. Her belly getting smaller... The glow then jumps from Robyn to Bay (as she unexpectly powers down, and her clothes turned into a dress much like Robyn's, only yellow...), and her belly started to grow to be equal to the size what Robyn's was..]

{"Ahh, man... This bites..."}

That didn't, hurt did it?

Bay [feeling really heavy, with her hand on her belly]
You owe my BIG for this.

Robyn [giggles]
I promise! I owe you, Bay...

Bay [placing her hand on her mouth]
I think I'm gonna puke... [her belly then grows inward again and the feeling leaves] Remind me never to get pregnant... [smirks at Robyn]

Aphrodite [questioningly]
What about me?

Sailor Pluto [looks down]
I can return you to normal... [looks at Bay] but I will let you decide on your fate, Bradley... [she spins her staff again and Aphrodite is returned to normal, then leaps into Robyn's arms]

Bay [looks down]
What do you mean?

Sailor Pluto [walks over to her, seriously]
You must now face the Council. Do you wish to be returned to normal first, or to stay as Bay... your decision is permanant... It cannot be reversed... Unless deemed so by The Council.

Bay [trying to stand upright]
To become normal... Yes, please, absolutely! [smiles]

[Bay looks excitedly at Robyn and Aphrodite, and sees their saddened faces... She hadn't really thought about how this would now affect them...]

Robyn [her face stayed serious]
Good-Bye... Bay...

Ah, come on! You said it didn't matter. This is my only chance to become my old self!

Sailor Pluto
The desicion is yours.

Robyn [puts Aph down]
It doesn't, but you sound like you want to forget everything... Being a part of us... the Scouts will miss you... [looks deep into Bay's eyes] I'll miss you... I know when you get back, you'll leave and never come back... [turns around and starts crying] It doesn't really matter what you are... inside you're still a Scout. You always will be... [looks over her shoulder to Bay] You'll always be in my heart... [sniffs] Ok?

Sailor Pluto
The Council is waiting...

I'm sorry, Robyn... We can still be friends, I'll write... [turns to face Pluto] Ok...

[Bay stands ready while Sailor Pluto uses her staff and a light washes over Bay... Then, Bay disappears. Nowhere to be seen.]

Robyn [confused]
Where'd she... ah he go?

Sailor Pluto
He now must face the Council of 12. [holds her staff above her head] Prepare to go home.

Robyn [stares at Pluto, and stops her]
Wait! I want to go with him... I want to be there when they make their decision... [stares at Pluto after glancing where Bay was] Please?

Sailor Pluto [lowering her staff]
But you have no reason to see the Council. [in a warning tone] To go may result in you also receiving his punishment.

Robyn [tearing up]
I don't care! I'll take it. Please, he can't be alone when they do this...

Aphrodite [surprised]
Robyn... Please... You're starting to sound like Serena... Let's just go home...

Robyn [glares at Aph]
No! I want to be there. I owe him. More than you think... He's saved my life before... Even if it was Bay... [turns back to Pluto] If they want to punish me for caring, then let them!

Robyn? This isn't a good idea... you don't even know what they want him for.

Robyn [picks up the cat]
I don't care! You know me... [glares]

Aphrodite [sighs]
Yes... you never give up... not on something you feel is important... All right... I'm with you... only because I don't want another headache... [rolls her eyes]

Robyn [clutching Aph]
Send us where you sent him. I'm begging you to let me go...

Sailor Pluto
I will grant your request, but upon leaving the Council, you will not remember any of the events which have occurred. The timeline must remain as it is now.

Robyn [nodding]
We understand.

Sailor Pluto
Then off with you.

[She waves her staff and Robyn and Aphrodite stand in a middle of a large circlar room, with a guy standing less the 5 feet in front of them. One of the many shadowy figures speaks up]

Council Head
Who in the blazes are you?

[The Boy turns]

Robyn?! No....

Robyn [putting Aphrodite down again]
Brad! I can't let you do this alone... [runs over and hugs him] I made Pluto send me here.

Robyn, you shouldn't have come.


Council Head
Why did you come?

Robyn [looks up]
Because he's a friend and teammate! I won't let him go through this alone. I understand I may have to share his fate. I agree to that. But I refuse to leave.

Council Head
Very well.

NO. She had nothing to do with the events... I didn't even know her at the time.

Robyn [holding Brad's arm]
Brad! Stop! Just tell me what happened...

Brad [scratching his head]
Ah.. well, I'm on trial for betraying the Scouts, twice, and for... ah... what was that last one?

Another Figure
Entry into the forbidden demensions and realms.

Council Head
Each with serious punishments...

Robyn [looks to the one who spoke of the forbidden realms, and asks curiously]
Are you speaking of the Nexus of Time?

Brad [putting his hand on her shoulder]
Robyn, don't...

Council Head
No. The Nexus of Time is a punishable offence, but we understand why you went.

It's just before I met you. Phoenix stole Venus's powers and somehow we got thrown to another demension.. One where Scouts are not allowed to go...

Robyn [angry]
Then you didn't go there willingly! You just said you were thrown there... How is it your fault? And betrayal?! The Negaverse had control of you... Betrayal?! Darien should be here too!

Council Head
There have been two instances. Your friend here was given the choice the second time. The first time was over a thousand years ago.

Robyn [whispered]
No... [a little louder] Moon Kingdom... I remember... No! Brad's not Phobie!

Brad [confused]
Ah... Phobie?!

Robyn [ignoring him]
I was never supposed to tell... I saw Phobie when I went to Earth to visit Prince Darien's beautiful gardens with Princess Serena. She made me promise never to tell. She left the Moon Kingdom to raise a family... She-

Coucil Head [bangs a gavel]
How can you remember all this?!

I- I don't know... I remember the Moon Kingdom being attacked by Sukia... and I remember Queen Serenity... [now confused] I don't know how I remember all these things... [looks to Aph, who's head is down]

Council Head
Young Lady, we must look at the facts.

Robyn [still in front of Brad, as if guarding him]
The fact is that he's not the same one who left us over a 1000 years ago! Listen to me... My memories are returning. I-

Another Figure [angrily interrupts]
Sailor of the Shadows! You will be silent! Your thoughts are not important to his case! We try the Sailor of the Sun! Not you!

Robyn [angrily]
I won't let you accuse him of something he's not responsible for! I-

Another Figure [very angry]
Enough! [Robyn flies against a wall... out cold...looking dead]

Brad [worried]
ROBYN! [whispered] No... please, no...

Council Head
Please, let us keep our calm... Sailor Sun, you and Sailor Shadow will be taken to await our decision.

What did you do to her?

Council Head
She will be attended to.

* * *
[In a cell]

Brad [walks over to Robyn, and lifts her head onto his lap]
You should have stayed out of this, Robyn... You don't know what I'm in for...

Robyn [coming to, weakly]
A lot of trouble... I agreed, and I'll stand by what I said. Even if that decision involves death, Brad...

Brad [looks away]
It may...

Robyn [smiles and reaches up to his face]
Brad... it doesn't matter. We're in this together now... [she sits up and looks at him] Forever... ok?

Brad [sighs]

Robyn [holds his hand]
Look, I couldn't let you go it alone... you saved my life a few times... I owed you... besides, none of that matters... [she was crying] I don't think I'll ever be able to do this again, so... [she quickly plants a kiss on his lips, then turns away]

Sailor Sun, move away from her.

What do you want with her?

Robyn [standing up]
What is it?

The Council wishes to question her.

No! I'm not leaving her alone with...

It's ok, I'll be fine.


Robyn [glances back]
Brad... [smiles as the guard grabs her arm, and takes her away]

What are we in for...?

* * *
[In the Council Room, the guard brings in Robyn and leaves her standing in the middle of the room that she and Brad were in before.]

Council Head
Sailor Shadow, we understand this risk you take to protect your friend, and we give you this last chance to save yourself. We wouldn't want you to suffer the same fate as Sun, not knowing anything about his crimes.

Robyn [standing up straight]
I will not leave Brad. I don't care about his past. I only want him to have a future. Give him that chance! He's changed in the time I've known him. Even if it was as a girl.... He's loyal. He's kind... And he wouldn't let anything happen to us. I know in his heart, he truly feels remorseful for whatever he may have done.

Council Head [head lowered]
You still don't understand. This Council has existed for millions of years, even before the human race were classified as slime. We don't judge this Brad, but we judge Sailor Sun. By being Sailor Sun, he; as well as you and all the other scouts in this universe and the next; must accept this.

Robyn [indignantly]
The human race may be considered slime to you, and maybe that's why you see Sailor Sun not as Brad, but by some insignificant thing that goofed and didn't follow your rules to the letter! We all make mistakes, that's our free will. We make decisions that affect our futures. Some much more consequetial than others, but we accept those consequences as they come... sometimes, we accept them for things we didn't do... Sometimes we do things because we love someone, or because we don't want to see them hurt... We are imperfect, true, but our imperfections are what makes us each unique and what gives us life... [she stops and stares at the Council Head]

Council Head
A very nice, speech, but, you also misunderstand us. We have the highest respect for the human race and we understand your need and desire to be individuals...

Robyn [confused]
Then why-?

Council head
This Council judges those who are to defend thier races. We don't judge Brad, we judge Sailor Sun. We question his actions, his motives, and his decisions... [one of the Council members raised a finger up in the air, a signal that the member had something to say]

Council Member
Sailor Shadow, you mentioned love in your speech, do you... love this... Brad?

Robyn [realizing she did say that]
{"Do I? Is that what I felt when I looked into his eyes? Is that why I'm doing this? I think I can honestly answer..."} Yes... I- I believe I do...

Council Member
You believe you do? Yet you are willing to die for him?

Robyn [definitely sure of this]
Yes! I am willing to share his fate... even if it's death...{"WAIT! Robyn... did he say FOR him?! 'SHUT UP!! I don't need my conscience to kick in now'..."}

Council Member
That is all...

Council Head
Do you understand that we are judging the actions of one individual. Not many.

Robyn [nods]
Yes, I do.

Concil Head
Good, now... Tell us what you know about Sailor Sun. And this... Phobie.

Robyn [surprised]
But... That would betray... {"Too late, stupid... you should listen to me instead of your heart!"}

Council Member
We need as much information as possible...

Another Council Member
Do not try to lie. We will be able to see though it.

Robyn [concerned now]
{"It's like they flipped!"} What are you trying to do? I-

Council Head [angrily]
You will do as you're told!

Council Member
We need all the information so your friend can be fairly judged.

Robyn [still unsure]
Can I have your word it won't harm him in anyway?

Council Head [sitting back]

Robyn [looks around at each member, then begins to tell the story...]
My memories are all there, but it's a lot to handle... I'll start with what I think is best... I only knew Phobie a short time, but... (*You thought I was gonna tell the story?! Naaaaaah!*)

*Who knows how long passes...*

Council Member
Why do you not believe that Brad is this Phobie you speak of?

Phobie would have had some recollection of the Moon Kingdom when Serena began to talk about it... And... [looks down] All of us look very similar to the way we did then... Bay looked nothing like Phobie... She loved certain things Bay hated... and vice versa. But there's one little thing yet...

Council Member

I remember Serena's birthmark from the time of the Moon Kingdom. She still has it now. Phobie had one too, visible if you knew where to look... I've never seen it on Bay or Brad.

Concil Member
Yes, but Brad is a boy. Sailor Sun is a girl, conflict of appearance doesn't hold much water in this case.

Another Concil Member
I agree, and a person can easily change over a thousand years... I believe that your Serena is proof to this, a thousand years ago she was well disiplined, and repected... now...

Robyn [finishing]
She's rather the crybaby... I know, but she comes through when we- [stops] Hey! Wait! This isn't about Serena! Besides, we were all sent to the future, that's why most of us didn't really change that much. Even being reborn with no memories... [looks sad and looks to the floor]

Council Member
We can tell you truly believe what you're saying, but we find there is much doubt.

Robyn [beginning to wish this whole thing would just end...]
Doubt? {"I'm beginning to wish I'd never heard of the Moon Kingdom myself... Now I know how Serena feels a lot..."} I know in my heart Brad can't be guilty of what you accuse him of! There HAS to be something... someway... [falls to her knees suddenly beginning to get tired of the questions, of this place... of everything. Just tired]

Council Head [smirking, seeing her getting tired]
One last question, Young Lady. Tell us about Sailor Sun's character now, and what he has done, to justify the actions.

Robyn [looks up]
{"Why am I suddenly so tired?"} I think she's a fun girl. Bay has been more of a friend to me than any of the others ever were. I could talk to her and know it would stay with Bay... maybe Aph... She cared for me when I was reborn. Bay was always there. And she saved my life when she could have let the enemy kill me... She- [passes out from her tiredness]

Council member [with no emotion]
Guard, I believe we are done with Sailor Shadow...

Guard [walks over to her]
Yes, Sir. [He picks her up and carries her back to the cell]

* * *
Brad [sitting in the cell]
{"What's happening out there?!"} [the guard comes in, carrying the unconscious Robyn] Robyn?! What happened to her?!


She was questioned.

How? Torture?

[The Guard began to leave]

Wait! [the guard stopped] I want to see the Council again...

* * *
[After a while, Robyn began to wake up. Realizing that Brad was no longer with her]

Robyn [sits up, suddenly]
Aphrodite?! What happened to Brad?

He left shortly after you got back, to see the Council-

Robyn [interrupts]
We've got to stop them!

Aphrodite [finishes]
-To see the Council at his own request.

What?! Why?

Aphrodite [shrugs]
I don't know... he saw you were out cold and he thought they tortured you... He asked the guard to see the Council again...

Robyn [looks at the door]
No... he doesn't know... he- he'll get himself killed out there...

Aphrodite [curious]
Why do you care so much all of a sudden?

Robyn [seriously, still looking at the door]
I figured it out, Aph... [looks down at her hands] I-... I love him...

Aphrodite [in shock]
But?! He was a girl less then a day ago.

Robyn [shakes her head]
I know... But I loved her as a mom then... now... I- I just feel it... I know I love him... [she looks at Aphrodite, sincerely]

Are you sure?

Robyn [nods]
Yes, I'm sure.

Aphrodite [buries her head in her paws]
This is giving me a headache...

Robyn [glares]
You?!?!?! I'm totally confused... my feelings are... are totally screwed up... [whispered] Brad, don't do anything that screws this up...

Guard [shoving Brad into the cell]
Get in there!

Brad [falling to the floor]
Ow! [looks back] Geez... [sees Robyn with worried look] What?!

Robyn [seriously]
What happened?

Brad [waves hand]
I'd rather not say... [looks at Aph] What's with her?

Aphrodite [shrugs]
Why ask me?

Brad [sighs]
I wish they'd have told me their decision...

Robyn [teary]

Brad [looks over]

Robyn [looks away]
What do you think they'll do?

Brad [shrugs]
I don't know... Wish I did though... [looks at Robyn, who looks really nervous] What did they ask you?

I really don't remember all that well... It was about the past... I know that... [looks at Brad] I gave two or three speeches...

Brad [smirks]
Yeah? You do like to give those...

Robyn [pouts]
What's that supposed to mean?! [Aph smacks her] OW! [frowns at her] Ok, ok...

Brad [gets a funny feeling...]
Robyn? Is there something she wants you to tell me? [looks at her questioningly]

Robyn [looks at Brad, then at the floor]
Well... Sorta... it has to do with something I think I said to the Council... but I've thought about it since...

{"Oh, great, what'd she say?!"} What was that?

Robyn [quietly]
I figured something out about you...

Brad [gets up and walks over to where she was sitting]
What's that?

Robyn [looks to the side at him]
I-... [sees he's waiting] I ...

Guard [angrily]
Sailor Shadow! The Council wishes you to present yourself, in uniform, immediately!

Robyn [surprised]
In... uniform? [remembers what she was saying] Brad... get up.

Brad [totally confused]

Robyn [hurridly]
Do it! [Brad gets up] Brad, what I wanted to tell you was-

Guard [angry]
Sailor Shadow! Now!

Robyn [looks over her shoulder and glares at the guard, then looks at Brad]
I guess I have to blurt it out... [She wraps her arms around him and kisses him on the lips]

Brad [caught totally off guard]
{"What is she doing?!"} [hugs her back]

Robyn [yanked away by the guard]
Brad! I love you!

[Brad just stands there staring... not knowing what to say...]

Guard [yelling]
Transform now, Sailor Shadow...

Robyn [slowly takes off her pendant, while staring at Brad; who wasn't quite believing what was happening...]
I- [sees the guard's look, and tosses her pendant up yelling] Shadow Power! [She transforms and the Guard takes her arm, leading her out. She glanced over her shoulder at Brad one last time.] Good-bye... Brad...

Brad [sadly]
Good-... bye.... Robyn.... [he just stands there still in shock from what had just occurred...]