Sailor S
Episode 14 Chapter 1

The Council"

Luna [surprised]
Serena?! Are you sure you're up to this?!

Serena [looking over her shoulder]
Well, I can't let Amy down... And besides, for once, I feel like I need to burn off some energy! [giggles, as she runs] Moon Prism Power! [Her costume appears as she runs, then turns a corner]

Angie [still not sure]
You know... someone should really watch Robyn-

Mina [from the doorway]
I will. [smiles] I really couldn't make it through another fight...

Ah, but, I'm her Mother... shouldn't I...

Luna [getting really steamed]
GO! [showing her claws]

Eep! [she quickly walks out the door.]

Luna [yelling to her]
Sun Power! Sun Power!

Angie [rolls her eyes as she runs]
Sun Power! [she changes and glances over her shoulder at Luna, Mina and Robyn cheering her on] [sarcastically] {"Thanks a lot..."}

Robyn [looks up at Mina]
Will Mommy be ok?

Mina [smiles]
Yeah... {"I hope..."} [looks up to see Sun disappear around the corner]

Sailor Sun [runs around the conner and bumps into the others, who are preparing for one of their famous appearances.]

Sailor Mars
Sun, watch it.

Sailor Sun

Sailor Moon [Jumping around the corner]
I am Sailor Moon! Defender of Love and Justice. On behalf of the Moon, I will protect my friends against Nega-slime like you!

Sailor Mars [jumping out as though on cue]
I'm Sailor Mars, my fire will help light up your evil ways.

Sailor Jupiter [jumped out]
I am Sailor Jupiter! Here to help protect love and justice from evil...

Sailor Sun [jumping out]
And I'm Sailor Sun, I... ah... I'll...ah.. I will help stop bad guys... from....[in a weak quiet voice to Jupiter just in front of her] ... Ah... help!

Sailor Mars [turns to Moon]
Look... [points to Amy (not Mercury) who was being held by Nuku, who had turned around after Sun's speech]

Hahaha! I told you brats I'd get you! Mercury here is first! [evil grin]

Akane [from behind them]
Amy? Honey? There's some mistake! Amy, tell them!

Amy [hearing her mother]
Mom... [pulls out her pen] {"I'm sorry..."} Mercury Power! [she changes in front of her mother and Nuku laughs]

At least your mother knows your secret, so she can remember you this way at your funeral!

Sailor Mercury [still being held by Nuku]
NO! MERCURY BUBBLE BLAST! [a fog is created, but Nuku knew... She DIDN'T let go!]

Sailor Moon [pulling off her tiara]
Moon, T...

Sailor Mars
Moon, you could hit Mercury!

Sailor Moon [holding her tiara disc]
[pouts] So what do we do?!

Sailor Sun [weakly]

Sailor Mars [angry]
KNOCK IT OFF! Amy's in trouble!

Darien [(as Tuxedo Mask)from above them]
There's nothing you can do against her, Sailors. You're finished!

Nuku [surprised]
At least you agree... Now, who are you?!

Sailor Moon [drops her tiara]

Sailor Sun [Looking to see Tuxedo Mask behind them.]
Ga....{"He's sooooo dreamy"}

Sailor Jupiter [sees all three of the others are gaga...]
Oh, brother...

Nuku [sees all but Jupiter are no longer paying attention to her]
Quite the effect on the ladies... [tightens her grip so she's half choking Mercury] But it's not good enough if you want to destroy someone...

Tuxedo Mask
It's not good form to take the innocent hostage.

Nuku [suprised]
INNOCENT?! These Sailor Scouts aren't innocent!

Sailor Mercury [choking]
Guys! I can't breathe!

Tuxedo Mask [floats to the ground]
Maybe not, but the people that work here at the hospital are... Let them go!

Phoenix [appearing behind Nuku]
Sis! Don't listen to him!

Ah! They're not important to me...[turns] GET OUT! EVERYONE OUT! [everyone takes off, except Amy's mom, Akane]

Sailor Mercury [sees her]
Mom! [cough] Get out of here! [cough]

Akane [crying]
Not without you, Amy!

Sailor Moon [sees this going on]
That does it! [takes off her tiara] Moon Tiara Magic! [her tiara misses the front of Nuku and turns around, hitting her in the back, releasing Mercury, who falls to her knees, coughing and gasping for air]

You can't do that to my baby sister!

Sailor Moon [replacing her tiara]
What're you gonna do about it? Send your invisible boyfriend after me?! [smirks]

Sailor Jupiter [cautiously]
Sailor Moon... Watch it... She may be a nut, but she's a powerful nut...

Nuku [getting up from the ground]
I thought I told you to stop calling me that.


Well, shouldn't you say sorry, Susan?

Phoenix [angrily]
Never call me that!

Nuku [getting up]
What's wrong with your name anyhow?

Phoenix [smugly]
I guess the same reason BARBIE stinks...

Nuku [angry]
Why you little-

[the Sailor Scouts all have sweatdrops...]

Sailor Mars [nervous whisper]
Aaahhh... Serena? Should we break up the family feud?

Sailor Moon [waves her hand]
Nah... they'll probably destroy each other... less work for us... [giggles nervously]

Malachite [appears behind Darien, and breaks up the quarrel]
Girls! Your enemies are there. [points to the Scouts] Not each other! [smirks]

Sailor Scouts (all but Sun)

Sailor Sun
I wanna go HOME! Whaaaaaah! [cries, like... duh!]

Sailor Moon [steps back from Malachite]
Suddenly, I don't have a whole lot of energy to burn off... [whimpers]

Sailor Mars [slaps her head]
Two of 'em... [sighs] Mars Fire Ignite! [her flame heads for Malachite, but, as usual, he puts up that shield and absorbs it...]

Sailor Jupiter [shakes her head, then sees Malachite toss the fireball back to Mars]
Mars! [she knocks Mars out of the way, and is hit with a VERY hot fireball] Ahhhh!!!!

Sailor Mercury [standing up]
Jupiter! {"I hope this helps her..."} Mercury Bubble Blast! [her bubbles wash over Jupiter] {"Please be ok, Lita..."}

Sailor Sun [curled up in a corner,still crying]
I hate it here... I want to go home.

Sailor Mercury
Sun, I need help.

Malachite [seeing Sun]
Look, Darien, your little Sailor Sun has lost her nerve.

Tuxedo Mask [sees Sun]

Sailor Sun [whining]
Moon! I wanna go... can we just leave and let the others handle this?

Sailor Moon [crouching beside her]
I've tried that... they catch me every time...

Sailor Mercury [Being the only one left in the fight]
Sun, go... find Luna.

Sailor Sun [taking off]

Sailor Moon [totally shocked]
Hunh? Wha hoppen?

Sailor Mercury [seriously, gets in a defensive stance]
Come on Malachite, I challenge you!

Sailor Moon [surprised]
{"Mercury's lost it"}

* * *
[Sailor Sun runs down the hall, then all of a sudden... ~"BOOM!"~]

Sailor Sun [looks back, and sees that the blast came from behind her.]
I don't really wanna know, do I?

[Luna, Mina, and Robyn were running down the hall after hearing too many noises]

Mina [over her shoulder as she ran past]
Come on, Angie!

Sailor Sun [sighs, and walks after them]
Ok, ok...

[They stop to see Serena on her knees, hunched over, and her uniform torn (probably from the blast...) they hear her crying]

Sailor Moon [crying]
Darien... you saved me... Oh, Darien...

[They walk over to see her wand laying on his chest. Her glove is red, because she's holding a wound near his heart]

Darien [weakly]
I'm sorry, Serena... I really do love you... it was... them...[his hand touched her face and then went limp]

Sailor Moon [screaming]
DAARIIEEEN!! NOOOOO! [sobbing uncontrollably onto him] Please don't leave me again...

Sailor Sun
I think I'm going to hurl... [covers her mouth and runs off again]

Sailor Moon...

Finally, rid of him... and a bonus of Mars and Jupiter...

Sailor Mercury [stands defiantly]
NO! [gets in front of Moon, who's clutching her Wand tight against her] Malachite, you've gone too far!

Sailor Moon [tired]
Give it up, Mercury, forget it... [sadly]

Sailor Mercury [turning around]
Are you nuts?! Think of this planet's future! We can't let them win, Serena!

Mina [still weak]
Venus power!

Sailor Venus
I'm here for you Amy...

Sailor Mercury [seeing Venus]
Mina!? What-?

Sailor Venus [turning to face Malachite]
Nevermind... [yells] I am Sailor Venus! You will NOT get away with this, Malachite!

Malachite [laughing]
You're weak, Venus... Have a seat! [picks up a nearby chair and tosses it at her]

Sailor Venus [jumps back just in time... but slips and falls when she lands]

Sailor Mercury
We're in no condition to fight like this... We have to fall back.

I don't think so... none of you will leave here alive!

Sailor Mercury
Mercury Bubble-

[Malachite throws another chair while Mecury's preparing her attack... and knocks her down. She falls directly onto a sharp floor board, sticking up from the floor because of the explosion earlier]

Sailor Mercury [looking to see that the floor board is now penetrating though her]
Oh, my... [Mercury's hands and head fall to the ground]

Sailor Moon [still clutching her Wand, staring at her friends]
Amy... Rei... Lita... Darien... [she looks at Mina] Get out of here! Hurry!

Sailor Venus [on her hands and knees]
Serena... No, you leave! Get out!

I said no one lives! [tosses a dagger at Mina, which hits her in the side, causing a shriek]

Sailor Moon [fed up]
MALACHITE! STOP! THIS HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH! You killed my mother, then Darien, then my friends... [stares at her wand] I can't take anymore! [She throws the Wand at Malachite yelling] Cosmic Dark Moon Power! (*Don't ask...*)

Malachite [unable to stop the Wand]
WHAT?! If I go, you go with me! [He throws a large bolt of... something... at her, knocking her through TV in the waiting room, landing near Darien] Die, Moon Child!

Sailor Moon [seriously hurt]

Malachite [getting hit with the wand, and shattering, he says]
Good bye, Sailor Moon! [looks up] Zoisite, I'm coming to be with you....!

Sailor Moon [has a few wires through her, lots of cuts and glass... Well... TVs do a lot of damage...]
Darien... We'll be together, finally...[She goes limp, holding his hand and falling onto his chest]

Sailor Venus [crawls away and sees Luna's tail around a corner]

Where're the others?

Venus [coughing blood]
Gone...All of them... gone...

Luna [shocked]
No.... [realizing] Sailor Sun?!

Robyn [crying at Mina's side]
Mommy? Aunt Mina??

Venus [turns over to reveal the dagger past the hilt into her side]
She wasn't there... She's safe...[coughs] Take Robyn and go... Nuku and [coughs]Phoenix weren't there [coughs] either, I... I didn't see what happened... [coughs] Luna?

Luna [sadly]
Yes, Mina?

Venus [smiles]
Tell Artemis I love him?

Luna [crying]
Of course, Mina...

Venus [coughs]
You shouldn't go that way, leave... Good-bye, Luna, Robyn... and... Bay...

[After her speech, she dies, which in turn, kills off all the Scouts...]

Luna [quickly turning away]
Where's Sun?

Robyn [shakes Venus]
Aunt Mina??? MOMMY?!?!?!?! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

Aphrodite [running down the hallway, hearing Robyn]
Robyn! [sees Mina] Oh, god... [turns away and into a room]

Luna [walking up to Aph]
It's ok... [pats her back] Where's Bay... [sighs] Angie?

Aphrodite [wipes her mouth with her paw]
In their old room... doing this...[points to her LOVELY liquid hairball] last I saw... oooh, my stomach...

Luna [Running down the hall]
Sun, Angie, Bay, were are you?

I'm here. Is it over?

Luna [looks down, then back at Sun]
Yes, but you have more work to do. [Luna jumps up and spins around, A little golden key drops from her as Luna lands beside it] Here take this and...

[Luna tells Angie/Sun exactly how to use the Crystal Moon Key, and how to find Sailor Pluto]

Sailor Sun [holding the key, looking at it nervously]
Ah.. I don't know if I can do this...

You must!

Sailor Sun
And Robyn's not really my kid... but... another Scout?

Yes... Now hurry!

Robyn [tries to be brave for Angie...]
Me grow up... Mommy... [she looks at Bay, hopeful]

Aphrodite [comes up behind them, looking really pale, but holding the Crescent Wand in her mouth]
Don't go out there... [drops the Wand, puts her paw to her mouth, and leaps into another room...]

Sailor Sun [rolls her eyes when she sees the blood spots on the Wand]
Oh, geez... [she turns around and trips over a white cat, hitting her head hard on the floor]

Luna [crying, she leaps at Artemis]
Oh, Artemis!

Artemis [surprised]
What's wrong, Luna?

Luna [sobbing]
They're all gone... The Princess... the Scouts... all of them!

Artemis [shocked]
What? [whispers, then sees Mina] No... [louder] No! [shouts] MINA!

Luna [looks up and sniffs]
She said to tell you, [sniffs] she loved you...

Sailor Sun [sitting up rubbing her head]
What are you guys crying about? And why am I in my uniform?

Aphrodite [walking out, still looking pale]
Angie? I think you'll have to carry me...

Sailor Sun [confused]
Who's Angie?

Aphrodite [shakes her head]

Sailor Sun [sarcastically]
No, Sailor Moon... [Luna bawls at the comment] What?!

Robyn [comes over with her head down and the Wand in her hand, sadly]
Scouts all gone... Mommy ok?

Sailor Sun
Scouts gone???? Where're the others?

Aphrodite [looking up at Sun]
[flatly] How's your stomach? [she points in the direction of Mina and the Hospital Waiting Room]

Sailor Sun [still not quite sure]

Aphrodite [getting angry]
Do we have to spell it out? They're DEAD! [she looks away and to the Wand in Robyn's hands]

Luna [crying with Artemis]
Mina crawled in and told me... I never thought we'd lose the Princess again...

Sailor Sun [shocked]
Dead?! [calming down] Wait a minute... your playing a joke on me... no way are they all dead. Funny, guys, come on out now.

Luna [angrily]
Listen tuna for brains, if you don't believe us... go down the hall!

[Sailor Sun gets up and starts to head down the hall]

Sailor Sun
You know, I'm not going to be scared when you guys pop out.. Shouldn't Scouts be better trai-[she turns the corner, stops, and after a few seconds comes back, in shock...] Dead... all of them... gone... They're all dead... ?

Your the last Scout.

Sailor Sun

Yes... you must-

Sailor Sun [shocked]
But... I'm not a Scout, Luna...

What are you talking about. Any girl would want to be a Scout! And you suddenly don't want to because the others are gone?!

Sailor Sun
But I'm not-

Luna [interrupts]
You are Sailor Sun!

Sailor Sun
I'm not-.

Artemis [again, interrupts her]
Get a grip, Sun!

Sailor Sun [upset]
You guys don't get it! [yelling] I'm not a Scout... I'm not even a girl... I'm Brad... remember, that guy?! Well, he's not missing anymore!

Aphrodite [looks down]
Well, there's a good side... I don't have to keep that secret anymore...

Artemis [shocked]
There's no way... [looks to Aph] Wait... THAT was the big secret you couldn't tell us?!

Aphrodite [nods]

Sailor Sun
So, you see, I can't be a Scout!

But Bay... uh.. Brad, you are a Scout...

Sailor Sun
Why, because I'm stuck in this...this... body, and I can fit into this costume?!

Aphrodite [angrily]
No! Because you are able to handle the responsibilty that comes with it, just like Robyn was. You are able to do what needs to be done! And right now, what need to be done is setting this whole mess right! It can't end like this!

Sailor Sun
Aph... it's over, they won. One Scout can't go up against the whole Negaverse! AND I'M NOT A SCOUT! You think I like wiping hair out of my face every 5 minutes, having periods once a month, and keeping the others from dressing me up in dresses, or skirts, or swimsuits?!?! I'm not a girl, I'm not a Scout, and I can't pretend any longer! [there are tears in her eyes.]

Luna [seriously]
You're pure of heart, you have good intentions, and you don't have to go up against the Negaverse...

Aphrodite [leaping onto Sun's shoulder]
Brad, I know that the Negaverse did this, but it probably would have happened regardless of their intervention... [looks at the Wand in Robyn's hand again] Besides, aren't they still your friends? Did you ever think for one minute that maybe Sailor Pluto can help you too?

Sailor Sun
Sailor Pluto?

Yes... You, Robyn and Aphrodite.

Sailor Sun
Why Aph?

Because, Nuku's been drugging her.

Sailor Sun

Long story.

Sailor Sun
Don't bother... What do I have to do?

[Luna Re-explains the Crystal Moon Key to Sun and what to do when they find Pluto.]

Robyn [kneels down beside Luna, and pets her]
Keep Serena's Wand, Luna. She'd want you to. [she smiles for Luna] Don't worry... We'll make it... [she carries Aph, and follows a confused, but somewhat determined Bay/Brad (detransformed) outside (via backdoor...)]

Luna [sincerely]
I hope so...

Bay [holding Robyn in one arm and the key in the other hand, with Aphrodite at her feet]
Well, here goes nothing.... Ready guys?


Robyn, Shadow.

Aphrodite [jumps into Robyn's arms]
Let's do this, Brad. [smiles]

Bay [holds the key above her head and thinks]
Ah... [remembers, and shouts] Crystal Key! Take us to Sailor Pluto!

[the group is lifted into the air as Luna and Artemis watch from the window. They rise about 10 feet, then disappear into a flash of light.]

Luna [with her paw on the Wand]
Good Luck, Brad! [looking at Artemis, then down] and Aphrodite...

Artemis [puts his paw on hers]
They'll be fine...

* * *
[At a set of large, closed doors, with the phases of the moon on them]

Sailor Sun [looking at herself]
What am I doing dressed like this... I thought I was Bay.

Aphrodite [trying to stay awake]
It must have something to do with the trip here.

Mommy pretty.

Sailor Sun
Ah... yeah... right... OK, we really need to find this Pluto, like, NOW!

Aphrodite [yawns]
I'm sorry... So how do we get these things open?

Robyn [points]
Where are the doorknobs?

Sailor Sun [looks]
Good question. [looks at Robyn] Either you're getting heavier, or I'm getting weaker... [puts her down] No, you're bigger... This is way too strange...

[Sailor Sun just looks at a cute 5 or 6 year old Robyn]

Bay, you ok?

Sailor Sun
Robyn, you just called me Bay, not Mom.

Robyn [laughs]
Cuz you're not my Mom! How do we find Sailor Pluto?

Sailor Sun [confused]
Um. What else do you remember?

Robyn [smirks]
Maybe you'd be happier if I called you Brad? [shakes her head] Whichever... It's important we get these things open... I also remember what we need to change... [looks at Aph]

Sailor Sun

Robyn [picking up her cat]
Serena... and the others? You didn't forget... [looks up] did you?

Sailor Sun [straightening up]
'Course not... [Sailor Sun goes to one of the large doors and starts to push] I know it'll move... [the door slowly begins to slide] {"She knows...great... their goes my friendship with Robyn... She's never going to trust a guy like she trusted me before..."}

Robyn [petting Aph]
Can I help? [sees Sun not paying attention] Bay? Why didn't you tell me? It wouldn't have mattered... [still nothing] BRADLEY!!!

Sailor Sun [stopping]
See?! That's why I didn't tell you guys... I had no family, no friends, and for all purposes I'm stuck in a girl's body...You expected me to just come out and say that other then the hair and the body, "I'm a guy..."? You and the others would have thought I was nuttier then Phoenix!

Robyn [angrily]
You didn't hear a word I said! [drops Aph and places her hands on her hips]

Sailor Sun [thinks]
You know, you're not acting like a 5 or 6 year old...

Robyn [crosses her arms]

Sailor Sun
What subject? I'd rather just drop the entire thing... [goes back to pushing the door open]

Robyn [sees the opening in the door]
You've almost got it, Brad...

Aphrodite [looks at Sun's face]
I'm tired of waiting... [she squeezes through the opening Sun made so far]

Robyn [reaching]

Sailor Sun
Aph! Come back here!

Robyn [running towards the opening]
We have to stick together! [starting to cry]

Sailor Sun [angry]
Stupid cat... I'm tired of her running away all the time!

Robyn [going to help to push the door open]
Come on, we have to open the door Mom-[catching herself] Ah... Bay...

Sailor Sun [looks at Robyn]
Yes, we do... I'm really beginning to hate this place... You're growing way too fast, Aph's gone nuts again, and I'm feeling funny...

What do you mean feel funny?

Sailor Sun [stopping]
I don't know... different... I can't explain it... [looks at Robyn] Weren't you wearing a pantsuit a minute ago? And you were about a foot shorter... Come on... We gotta find this Pluto...

Robyn [looks at herself]
Wow, I like this dress. [she's wearing a lilac colored sleeveless dress and her hair's a bit longer] Cool. [she smiles and they open the door enough to get in]

[When they get through the doors, they slam shut and disappear]

Sailor Sun [turns quickly]
Well, I guess we don't have the option of leaving now...


Sailor Sun
I'm thinking kitty carrier when we get home.

Robyn [angrily]
No! She hates those... [turns back and sees a shadowy human figure appear and disappear about 10 feet ahead] This way... [she runs in the direction]

Sailor Sun [rolls her eyes]

Come on.

Sailor Sun
Is everyone going to run away from me?

Robyn [stops]
It's not you... I saw something... This way... Come on!!!

Sailor Sun [following]
We have to find Pluto.

Robyn [glances at Sun]
I know... [takes off] {"Please follow me!"}

Sailor Sun
What about Aph?

Robyn [stops dead in her tracks]
Aph... We... [looks over her shoulder] We should find her... [looks at herself again] I'm starting to feel funny too...

Sailor Sun
What's wrong?

I feel warm inside, yet, I'm cold. I feel fine, but I feel sick... Everything's totally confused...

Sailor Sun
Maybe you better sit down for a minute.

Robyn [kneeling down in her dress]
Well, how do you feel, Bay? You said you felt funny too earlier...

Sailor Sun
I feel... Ok... I guess... [suddenly as though on cue, Robyn aged in front of Sun 'til she looked to be about 12 years old]