Sailor S
Episode 13 Chapter 3

Saying Good-Bye"

* * *
[Meanwhile Sailor Mercury's still chases the nurse]

Sailor Mercury
Stop where you are!

Nurse [pricks Aph and tosses her at Mercury]
Here you go, Scout! I've heard of you... My sister told me of you!

Sailor Mercury
Who's your sister? What's your goal?

Nurse [transforms into a woman with long, red hair, a black and red dress, long sleeves, and low neckline]
I am Phoenix's sister. She came to me and told me what you did. I'll get you back for what you've done to my family!

Sailor Mercury
Phoenix? She's been intent on stealing our powers.


Sailor Sun [coming up behind]
Robyn, where are you...[realizing that Mercury's talking to the bad guy] Who's that?

Sailor Mercury [holding Aph, who's pretty out of it]
Phoenix's sister...

Sailor Sun [glares]
Another loony...

You you calling a loony?

Sailor Sun
Well, your sister's a class A nut.

You're the nut!

Sailor Sun [jokingly]
Oh, well that explains a lot.

Nurse [flares up... literally]
You dare to make fun of Nuku?!

Sailor Jupiter [running up behind Sun, with Robyn in her arms]
I found her.... Who's that?

Sailor Sun [looks at Jupiter and does the 'crazy' sign by her head]
Cuckoo Nuku... [snickers] It's Phoenix's sister... [gets serious] Take Robyn out of here.

Nuku [grins]
Robyn?! Yes...

Sailor Mercury [clutching Aph]
No! Leave them alone!

Nuku [floating above the pavement]
My... you are quite persistant aren't you... First that cat, now the child... Pesistance will only get you killed, Mercury... [she throws a flame at Mercury, who ducks out of the way, rolling with Aph]

Sailor Sun [angry]
Hey! You play with fire, you get burnt! Sun Flare Strike! [her attack is absorbed by Nuku, who returns it full force, Sun dodges the attack, but Jupiter didn't see it in time. Robyn and her are hit with attack, Jupiter screams, and Robyn is dropped]

Mercury and Sun

Sailor Sun
She can't do that... isn't it a rule somewhere... good guys have to win.

Want to try again Sun?

Sailor Mercury [placing Aph behind a nearby trash can]
My turn! Mercury Bubbles Blast!

Sailor Sun
{"What the hell are bubbles gonna do?!"}

[Mercury's bubbles stream with force at Nuku, knocking her down]

Sailor Sun
{"Ask a stupid question..."}

Sailor Jupiter [on her knees, in pain]
Jupiter Thunder Crash! [Robyn lays beside her, not as badly hurt as Jupiter looked...]

[Getting up from Mercury's attack is hit by Jupiter's attack] OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Sailor Jupiter
Got her.

Sailor Sun
{"Figures, everyone's attack works, but mine"}

Sailor Jupiter [wincing, not able to totally stand up]

Sailor Sun [reacting]
Sun Flare Strike!

Nuku [hears this and holds up her hand]
Fire is my friend, Sailors... [absorbs the flame and stands up]

Sailor Sun [sarcastically]
Now we figure this out...

Phoenix Flare! [A large flame in the shape of a Phoenix flys towards Sailor Sun]

Sailor Sun [starting to move, and realizing she's not going to be able to move quickly enough]
{"This is going to hurt!"} [the flame bird hits sun and Sun is literally throw 50 or 60 feet back.]

Sailor Jupiter and Mercury

Robyn [a little confused]

Nuku [hearing Robyn]
Come here, little one! [She points her hand at Robyn and she starts to float towards Nuku]

Robyn [crying]

Sailor Jupiter [reaches up]

Robyn [calling out to Sun]

[Sun remains unconscious aganist a nearby wall]

Sailor Venus [from the hospital's door]
Venus Crescent Beam Smash! [The Beam hits Nuku knocking her over once again.]

OOOOWWW! I'm outnumbered. [She quickly jumped away and into an alley. Robyn dropped suddenly. Jupiter dove and caught her moments before she hit the ground.]

Sailor Mercury [picking up Aph]
Mina?! What are you doing out here?

Sailor Jupiter [holding Robyn, who's staring at Sun]
These guys get weirder and tougher every time...

Sailor Venus
What happened to Sun?

Sailor Mercury [turns on her VR goggles]
Her vitals are weak. Nuku hit her hard with some sort of flame bird. [takes of goggles] She called it a Phoenix Flare. Nuku is Phoenix's sister.

Sailor Venus [getting that freaked out look again]
Great. Double trouble...

Sailor Jupiter [gets up, wobbly, and staggers over to Sun]
Bay? Bay, can you hear me?

Sailor Sun [starting to wake up]
Table for two, by the window please...

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Sun [still coming around]
Price check on Prune Juice, Bob... Price check on Prune Juice...

Sailor Jupiter [laughs]
Bay? [turns to Venus and Mercury] I think she hit her head pretty hard...

Sailor Jupiter
Bay, stop joking around.

Sailor Sun [waking up and scared]
Akane... Where am I?

Sailor Jupiter
Akane? Mercury, she wants your mother.

Amy [she had transformed back while coming over to her, as did Mina]
My mother? Why?

Lita [detransforms before Sun comes to completely]
{"I wonder..."} [stares Bay in the eye] Tell me this. What's your name?

Sailor Sun [looks at Lita]
Angie. Who are you?


Sailor Sun
Who are you people, where's Ranma and Akane?

Mina [confused]
Who? I think she should go in with us to the hospital...

Sailor Sun
No... [She gets up and breaks through the group] I want to go home [tears can be seen going down her face. She turns and runs away as quickly as she could.]

Lita [watching as she ran away, in a girl-like fashion.]
Bay, never ran like that.

We better go after her. [tosses a still unconscious Aph at Mina, who is surprised, but catches her, then she takes off and turns the same corner as Bay/Angie]

Lita [staring]
That was quick...

Robyn [still not quite sure what's going on]
Mommy???? Where's Mommy?

Lita [looks at Robyn]
We'll get her back... [looks to the corner where they disappeared] {"I hope..."}

* * *
Amy [Reaches a dead end in alley that Sailor Sun ran into]
Bay... uh... Angie, where are you? [She hears someone crying, and follows it to the back of the alley, where Sailor Sun is curled up in the corner.] Angie?

Sailor Sun [scared]
Stay away...

Amy [begging]
Please, you're hurt, we want to make sure you're ok. We're your friends...

Sailor Sun [sniffs]
I don't know you... I can't even remember how to get this stupid costume off!

Ok, we'll help you with that.

* * *
Lita [carrying Robyn and talking to Mina]
Where did she go?

I don't know

[Amy and Angie both come out from the alley]


Angie [surprised]
Momma? Who? Me?

Robyn [confused]
Mommy? [turns to Lita] Mommy doesn't want me!

Lita [tring to be reasuring]
No... Ah.. Mommy's just has a lot on her mind.

It's true then.. [looking at Amy] I'm really someone else.... Is she really mine? [Picking Robyn out of Lita's arms] I had a baby.

Well... not...

Lita [interrupting]
Yep... She's yours her name's Robyn.


Lita [whispering to Mina]
Don't you think it'll be easier this way?

Mina [worried]
I don't know, Lita...

Lita [waves her hand]
It'll be fine!

Angie [looks at Robyn, then Lita]
Who's her father?

Ohhh.. Father... Ah...

Mina [whispering back to Lita]
Fine... right.

She... ah.. you don't know...?

Angie [confused]
No. Don't you? [looks at Robyn] You're so cute, how could anyone not love you? [hugs Robyn]

Robyn [hugs Angie back]
Mommy! I love you, Mommy!

Angie [smiling]
I love you too.

Lita [whispering back to Mina]
She definitely makes a better mother then Bay.

She's what, Two, three...

Amy [teardrop]
You told us three. {"That's what she looks anyway..."}

Angie [surprised]
Wow. Three. [giggles] You're a big girl! Yes, you are!

Aphrodite [opens her eyes and hears 'Bay' talking to Robyn]
[weakly, and quietly] Bay?

Mina [whispers to Aph]
She hit her head. She says her name is Angie... Go with it, ok?

Aphrodite [smirking]
I think I like her better this way...

What's with this like, Bay, name anyway... Is that her... my real name.

Yeah, well... I like Angie better, personally. [smiles]

Me too, but we should- [she falls toward Lita, who catches her]

Well, I guess her adrenaline rush is over, we should get her back inside the hospital...

What's wrong with her anyway? See doesn't look all to well.

Lita [getting angry again]
Nega-Dweeb Darien beat her up... Like he did with Serena... [Lita picks up Mina and starts to head back to the hospital, all her prior feelings rushing back] {"Why now?"}

Darien? Never heard of him... Sounds like a cute guy though...

Lita [as they walked closer to the hospital]
Not another one...

Amy [silent this entire time, now carrying Aph]
{"I wonder what's wrong with Serena? I never did find out from Mom..."}

[Bay followed the other in the hospital, lovingly playing a finger game with Robyn]

* * *
Artemis [back in the park]
Mina... [sniffs] I sense something's wrong, why am I suddenly too scared to go look?

Luna [comes up behind him]
Artemis? Are you there?

Luna, what's wrong?

Aphrodite told Bay... about Pluto.

Artemis [doubtfully]
She didn't.

She told her.

Artemis [curious]
How do you know?

Luna [matter-of-factly]
Robyn let it slip out.

What do we do now?

We should go to the hospital and see Rei, Mina, and Serena...

Artemis [stands up]

Luna [nods]
Yes. Come on. [she turns around and starts to walk off, then realizes Artemis isn't following her] Artemis? What's the matter?

Ah, go ahead, I'll catch up later.

Luna [worried]
Here. [tosses Amy's communicator to him] If you need anything, turn it on, and use the emergency channel. Promise?

Artemis [with his paw on the communicator]
I promise...

* * *
[Mean while Lita, Amy and Angie go into Rei's, Serena's and Mina's room, Rei being the only one up]

Angie [still holding Robyn]
Ah, I don't take to good to ah... hospitals...I feel kind of sick, being in one.

Don't worry, it'll be a quick in and out.

Rei [sitting up, glad to see her friends]
Hi, guys. I was beginning to think we were quarantined from the real world. Min went out to get a nurse, and you guys brought her back. Is she alright?

Angie [sitting Robyn on Rei's bed]
Could you watch her for a minute... [looks at the bathroom] I kinda.. gotta go. [smiles and Rei nods] Thanks.

Lita [Asking as Angie runs by holding her mouth shut]
What's up, Angie?

[The bathroom door slams]


Lita [looks at Mina, and replys, half out of it]
Yeah, Bay hit her head on a brick wall during a battle, when she came to, she said her name was Angie, and she thinks Robyn is hers. Ok?

Rei [confused]
She hit a brick wall and she came to?!

Yeah.. I actually like her better this way. She's not a smart ass.

Mina [moans and moves around]

Lita [walks over and grabs Mina's hand]
I'm here, Min.(*pronounced "Mean"*) I'm here...

Rei [staring at Lita as she pulled up the chair beside Mina's bed]
That's all she did while she was here earlier. I'm really worried about her...

Amy [hears Angie flush]
Angie? Are you alright in there?

Angie [starting to exit wiping her mouth with some toilet paper]
Argg.. that didn't taste good coming up, What was I eating? [suddenly Angie holds her mouth again and turns right back into the washroom]

Robyn [giggles]
Chili dogs! And Mushrooms! [giggles]

Rei [surprised]

I'm not sure how to explain it, Rei...

Aphrodite [muffled in Amy's pack]
Could I have some air?!

Rei [looking at the cat]
What's wrong with you?

Aphrodite [taking deep breaths]
Thank you! It's long story, Rei... let's just say we have a new enemy... who apparently hates cats... [rubs her paw with the other one] REALLY hates them...

Amy [holds Aph's paw]
Is it still sore? [sees the same thing again] It did it again!?

Aphrodite [looking and seeing it change back this time]
What the?!

Luna [on the windowsill]

Amy [surprised]
We're on the 6th floor! How did you get up here?!

Aphrodite [surprised to see Luna]
Lunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... [she falls on herside, still alive, but out.]

Luna [seeing Aph fall]
APHRODITE! [she runs over to her and paws her] Aphrodite?

Angie [coming out of the bathroom]
Ugh... anyone remember what I ate? [sees the cats] Hunh?

Luna [in a panic]
BAY, we have to talk NOW!

Angie [realizing a cat's talking to her]
A cat's talking to me?

Bay, this is no time for games.

Yep, a cat's talking to me. [she faints]

Luna, she's not faking. We battled a new enemy, the one who pricked Aph? She's Phoenix's sister. One of her attacks threw Bay up against a brick wall. When she came to, she said her name was Angie, and she didn't remember a whole lot...

Luna [with a similar face to Rei's]
She hit a brick wall? And came to?

[Amy rolls her eyes]

She's more hard headed then we thought.

Amy [propping Angie's head up on her hands]
Can we use a pillow, Rei?

Rei [gets out of bed and walks over]
Is she ok?

Amy, wake her... ah, I need to talk to her.

Amy [glances at Luna]
That's what made her pass out the first time... since when can you just wake up someone who passes out?!

Rei [looking at Luna]
Yeah, especially someone more hard-headed than Serena...

Serena [still laying on her bed, weakly defends herself]
I heard that, Rei...

Amy, I need to talk to Sailor Sun. Be it Bay or this other person.

Serena [slowly sitting up]
Who else is here, Luna?



Ah... Lita, is it fun yet?

Lita [turns her head quickly]
Min! Your awake! [she hugs Mina]

Luna [seriously]
Now to get Angie or Bay or whoever to wake up... this is serious Sailor Business...

Alright Luna, if it's that important. [Amy gets some smelling salts from the bathroom and tries to wake up Angie]

Luna, what's wrong?

Luna [seriously]
Serena, pay attention, you're the only one who doesn't know...

Serena [curious, and in pain]
Know what, Luna?

Luna [ignoring Serena and hoping Artemis is ok]
With all of this happening, [Angie's waking up and hearing this] the timeline is bound be screwed up royally. My suggestion is that despite what Artemis thinks, Sailor Sun, Aphrodite, and Robyn see Sailor Pluto. She's the only one who can repair any damage to the timeline, without damaging the time-space continuum.

Serena [teardrop]

Luna [turns to Serena]
Where'd I lose you at?

Serena [smiles nervously]
With all of this happening...

Sailor Pluto?

Luna [nervously]
I thought Aphrodite told you all?

Robyn [smiling]
Aphy only told Mommy!

Sailor Pluto, is the First Sailor Scout... ever... she guards the Gates of Time.

I thought you said Sun was the first.

No, Sun was the first known scout... Sailor Pluto was dismissed as a myth by many.

Serena [seemingly feeling better]
Where's that nurse? I want to tell her I don't need any medicine... besides, those needles hurt! [she rubs her arm]

Amy [jerks up]
Nurse? Needle? [turns her head to Serena] What did she look like?

Serena [thinks]
Tall, black hair,

Amy [gasps]
Blue eyes? Was the hair long?

Serena [not having any clue]
Yeah? So?

Amy [stands up quickly]

Nuku of the North?

Angie [for some reason, thinking this was all funny]
No, that's Nanook of the North... [giggles]

Amy [with a serious face]
This isn't a joke! We don't know what she was giving Aph, there's no way to know what she was doing and how many people she was doing it to!

Wait a minute. Why don't we all go and get this Sailor Pluto to help? Why Sailor Sun?

The less people who go, the better the chance that she'll succeed... Anyway... you all have a destiny... Sailor Sun doesn't.

Angie [wondering who Sailor Sun was]
Ah... who's Sailor Sun?

[everyone looks at her, teardropping]

Ah... you are.

Me... you want me to do this... ah... I'm not very good at doing these kind of things.

What do you mean? You're great! You've saved us a million times! [smiles]

Angie [thinks]
Maybe before... I really hate fighting...

You hate to fight????

Angie [kind of shamed-hiding look on her face]
Yeah, hey, I know... instead of going to do this time thingy... Let's go to the mall instead.


Angie [getting really excited]
Yeah... there was this dress I saw the last time I was there, and some shoes and a new swimsuit I was looking at.

Robyn [confused]
Not the Mommy.

Angie [looks to Robyn]
What's that mean, Sweetie?

Serena [ignoring that this is strange]
Cool! I saw this cute pink dress, and the shoes... oh! Hey, could we go to the Food Court too?

Angie [really excited]

[Everyone else getting a sweatdrop]

Maybe Bay is using a part of Serena's brain.

Fun yet?

Two of them... I'll never be able to study again.

How do you think I feel.

Aphrodite [coming around]
Two of who?

Robyn [walks over to Aphrodite]
Aph! You're ok! [she's gotten bigger and her speech is better again...]

Rei [surprised]
What?! How?!

So... the Mall.

Angie, IT'S the MIddle of THE NIGHT!

Angie [starting to cry]
I'm sorry.....

Serena [pats Angie's back]
It's ok, Rei's always mean like that...

Mina [weakly]
Nope, no fun... [groans]

Lita [pats Mina's hand]
It's ok...

Amy [looking out in the hallway]
You know, there's not a soul out here... Where is everyone? {"Where's mom?"}

Rei [realizing how late it actually was]
Yeah, usually, there's been a bed check or something by now.

{"I'm worried about mom..."} I'll be right back. I want to find someone.

Amy? [but she was running down the hallway]

Angie [still crying]
I miss Akane.

Rei [confused]
Amy's mom?

Angie [shakes her head]
No... Akane and Ranma... they found me last time I lost my memory... they were really nice to me. I want to go find them, but I don't quite remember where their dojo was...

Well, your with us now.

Serena [gently]
Yeah, and we're your friends. We'll always be with you no matter what... [she suddenly hears Darien's voice in her head] {"Remember, I'll always be on your side, no matter what..."}

Rei [sees Serena space out]
Serena? SERENA?! [crosses her arms] Meatball Head spaces again...

Serena [starts to cry herself]
Darien... I'm sorry... [sobs into her hospital blanket]

Darien?!? [She starts to space out, picturing her own cute Darien]

It's amazing, they're like two peas in a pod.

Rei [angrily]
HEY! Space Cadets! Could we come back to Earth, please?!

Serena [looks up from the blanket]
No. That's where Darien was from... [starts sobbing again]

Angie [sighs]
What, Rei...?


Angie [coming back to reality]
I don't wanna go to see some spooky Pluto...

Mina [whispering to Lita]
She's definitely more like Serena now...

Lita [giggles]
Luna? Could I talk to you for a sec? Alone? [she points to the hallway]

Luna [looks out]
Sure... [they go out]

Angie [starting to cry]
I don't want to go away.

* * *
Lita [kneeling down to Luna]
Luna, I heard what you said... What do you mean we have destinys, and Bay, [sighs] Sailor Sun, doesn't?

Luna [looking down on the floor]
You see. You, and the others are expected to be protectors of the Earth from the Negaverse. That's your destiny. Sailor Sun, was never expected to return. Everyone assumed she died after betraying the Moon Kingdom... we never ever expected her to come back.

Lita [a little angry]
So she's expendable? What about Robyn? And your daughter, Aph? Are they expendable too?!

Of course they aren't expendable... none of them are... but they were never supposed to return... Artemis and I can't help guide them... and by sending Sailor Sun to Pluto, Pluto maybe able to help both Robyn and Aphrodite.

Lita [confused now]
Never expected to return? But You told us that Robyn was sent into the future... to save her life... You never told us what happened to Aph...

With any luck, Pluto will cure Robyn, heal Aphrodite from what ever that nurse did to her, and send all three of them back, just moments after they left.

Then why bring up this whole Destiny business?

Because... if they don't succeed, they may be trapped in time, forever.

Lita [gasps]
You mean Pluto couldn't help them back? What about Robyn's Destiny? I half understand Bay's, but-

Luna [cutting her off]
Let's just drop it... think positive. They WILL succeed. When Pluto cures Robyn and Aphrodite, all three will return safe and sound a few moments after they left.

Are you sure about this?

It's the only way.

[As they get ready to enter the room again, they hear a loud "HELP!" from a few hallways down]

Lita [stops and looks]
That sounded like Amy!

Rei [coming out of the room]
What was that?

Lita [running in the same direction Amy did earlier]
We heard a call for help...

Luna [angry]
And it sounded like Amy...

Rei [angry too]
Amy?! Hold up, Lita!

Robyn [walking out of the room]
Can I help too?

[Angie, pulling Robyn back from standing at the door]

Honey, come here...I don't want you to go out there.

Mommy help?

No, Mommy, stay here with you.

Luna [looking up]
No! Mommy help rescue Aunt Amy!

Robyn [glares at Angie]
Mommy help! [crosses her arms and pouts]

Angie [VERY reluctant]
Ah... I don't think I should... I don't have that costume with me, and...

Just say, Sun Power.

Do I hafta?

Serena [going out the door]
Come on Bay... You love this stuff.