Sailor S
Episode 13 Chapter 2

Saying Good-Bye"

Aphrodite [crouches against the wall near the door]
C-Come on, B-Bay! [shivers] {"Why did that nurse do that to me? Does she hate animals that much?"}

[Moments later, Bay comes out of the door holding Robyn in front of her]

Bay [to Robyn]
Ok, so now I know how to put on a diaper. So, it's your turn to learn how to use a toilet! [looking into Robyn's face, Bay could tell that she wasn't going to learn soon.] Hey, Aphrodite, let's go. [She sees Aphrodite against the wall. ] Aphrodite, What's wrong?

Aphrodite [shivering visibly now]
I d-don't know, Bay... I'm n-not really c-cold.... [she curls up tighter] I d-don't know wh-why I'm sh-shaking... I th-think it was wh-whatever that n-nurse did t-to me...

Ok, ah...I'll get Luna, she'll know what's wrong.

No! Th-That's Ok... j-just get me h-home!

You sure?

Aphrodite [nods]

Ok, we're going to go to Lita's for the night... That ok with you?

That's g-good... [Bay scoops up Aphrodite and starts to head to Lita's with both arms full] Why were you m-mad earlier?

Oh, when I got the keys from Lita, she said I looked like a 'pefect mother'.

Wh-What did you s-say?

Nothing... she had the keys...[looking at Robyn] but guess who's going to sleep in aunty Lita's bed tonight?! With any luck, she'll be airing out her room for a week! [she grins evilly and snickers]


Aph? Are you sure you don't want Luna or Amy to take a look at you...? You don't look too good.

Aphrodite [glares at Bay]
What are they gonna do? Tell a nurse?!

* * *
Bay [arriving at Lita's building]
Here we are... [she puts Aphrodite down and opens the main door. She walks in, making sure Aphrodite follows and then goes to Lita's door, using the other key to open that door] Here we go.

I'll just rack... [Aphrodite holds her mouth closed the best she can and darts to the bathroom]

Bay [smiles]
See, Robyn? Even a cat can do it!

Robyn [giggles]
Afy! Mommy!!

Bay [grumbles]
I wish you'd stop calling me that...

[Aphrodite comes out of the bathroom]

What happened.

Let's just say I had a liquid hairball.

Liquid Hair-????!!! Oh, Aph, you didn't.

All over the bathroom floor. Sorry...

You know, most people actually get to the toilet before throwing up.

Hey! I'm only a half a foot tall, give me a break!!

Ok [putting Robyn down] Here. You play with Robyn, I'll clean it up... Deal?

Sure... [Bay leaves] Hi, Robyn, let's... [Robyn grabs Aphrodite and crawls around with Aphrodite held roughly in her arms.]


Aphrodite [weakly]
Bay...! Help...! Bay...! Help!

Bay [running out of the bathroom holding her nose]
I need rubber gloves- [laughs] Awww... that's cute... [smirks] You ok, Aph? [she can't help but giggle]

Aphrodite [struggling to get free]
Bay... little help?!

When I get a chance... beside, you're her Guardian... So... guard her!

With a grip like this... she doesn't need to be guarded!!!

Robyn [giggling and now holding Aph like a teddy bear]

Bay [smiling]
I'm going to the kitchen to get a pair of gloves... [giggles again] You'll be fine... [phone rings, scaring Robyn and Bay. Robyn starts bawling and squeezes Aph causing her to howl]

Bay [groans and rolls her eyes]
Oh, man... [lets Lita's machine get the phone while she got out a pair of gloves and remembered her camera she left here the other day] Hmmm... [smiles devilishly]

Lita [on the machine]
Bay? Are you there yet? I'm sorry if I said anything to make you mad... Pick up...please?

Bay [picks up the extension in the kitchen, cutting off the machine]
Lita? It's ok. I- [listens carefully] She what? Why? [more silence] That's stupid! Was she trying to get herself killed?! I mean- [stops and her face turns serious. She turns her head and looks at Robyn and Aph, who are calmed down now, Bay half smiles] Lita? I gotta go... Robyn- Yeah, I think we should. Tell Mina and Serena I'm with them. Tell Rei that Robyn's fine. Bye. [She picks up the camera and turns around. Robyn is hugging Aph tightly.] Hey, Aph! [holding the camera ready, she sees Aph look at her as if to say 'HELP!' She flashs the camera, winds it, and laughs]

Aphrodite [mad]
I'm glad you think this is funny! [stops struggling and sighs] Bay...

Robyn [stops 'crushing' Aph and looks at Bay]
Bay! [giggles] MOMMY! [smiling and laughing]

Bay [looking at Robyn sitting on the floor with her arms extended]
Ok, Robyn... time to put you in bed. [Bay leaves the rubber gloves on the table and picks up Robyn]


Yep, Beddy bye.

No bed!

It's one o'clock in the morning.

Me don' wanna go bed!

Bay [walking into Lita's room..]
Too bad! [and putting her down on the bed]

No bed!

Bay [putting the sheets over her]
Well, sorry, but you need to go to sleep, Little Lady...


Sure, I'm sure Aphrodite will stay here with you.

Aphrodite [from the next room]
No I won't!

Bay [angrily]
Aph! Get your Guardian Butt in here!

Aphrodite [reluctantly walking in]
You wouldn't make me... I love her... but she'll kill me!

Bay [whispering to Aph. as she jumped onto the bed]
Don't worry, in a little while, she'll be sleeping like a... well... a baby.

Sure. [she lay down next to Robyn. Robyn hugged her cat, gently this time]

Bay [leaving and turning off the light.]
Night, Robyn... [smiling] Aph...

* * *
[Later in the night... Robyn is dreaming and hits Aph, by accident, waking her from a restless sleep]

Aphrodite [sighs]
Oh well... at least I won't see what happened in that dream... [sulks away into the hallway, out into the kitchen, and onto the windowsill... She prepares to go to sleep on the windowsill] Now, I can finally get to sleep...

Bay [waking up from sleeping on the couch]
Aph, that you?

Aphrodite [jerking at the sound of Bay's voice, falling into an empty sink]
BAY! [shakes off some water that was in the sink] Don't do that!!

Bay [trying to hide her giggling]
Sorry, I thought I heard something moving around.

Aph [her heart pounding]
{"Come on, she didn't scare me that badly... Did she?"} Bay? [breathing faster than normal] Are you up? I mean walking towards me?

Don't worry, you didn't wake me up or anything... I haven't been able to sleep to well, with Robyn in there...

Aphrodite [squinting...]
Yeah, me neither... she hit me in her sleep. Must be dreaming... [looks around, then asks, worry in her voice] How dark is it?

Bay [looking out the window, near the couch]
There's almost a full moon out, why? [suddenly getting up, taking interest] You aren't afraid of the dark, are you?

Aphrodite [slowly walking towards Bay's voice]
No... My heart is pounding very fast, I'm having trouble seeing, but I'm sort of seeing things... That's what's scaring me... [bumps into the couch and jumps onto it] Bay? Could it be whatever that nurse did to me?

Bay [serouisly starting to worry about the cat]
Ok, I'm calling Amy and Luna.... Something is definitely up.

No, no! I'm OK, really...

Aph... I don't know why you don't want to be checked up on, but... [picks up Aphrodite] I'm sorry, but I don't want you doing what you did before. [She takes Aphrodite and locks her in the bathroom] It's just to make sure you don't go nuts again. I lost my favorite jacket last time.... I'm sorry...

[Aphrodite starts bawling as Bay turns and walks past Lita's room where Robyn is reaching around calling for Aph...]

Bay [shakes her head]
{"I'm sorry, Rob..."} [she goes to the phone and realizes that she didn't know the pay phone number Lita called from...] Great... now what? [The phone rings as if in response... So, she picks up] Hello?

Amy [on the other end]
Bay?! Did I wake you?

Bay [sighs]
No, we have our own problems here...

Amy [concerned]
Serena's gone... we don't know where she went...

Damn! Ah... Amy, can you and Luna get over here? There's something wrong with Aph. I'll look for Serena when you get here.

Amy [surprised]
Uh, ok... make sure you wait 'til we get there before you leave, Lita gave you the only key... We'll leave now... Lita's sitting with Mina... She won't leave her...

Ok, but hurry! Aph's not happy.

Ok, where on our way. [Amy hangs up]

Bay [as she hangs up]
{"Man, Serena... you must have a death wish..."}

Aphrodite [from in the bathroom]

Robyn [crawling around the corner]

Bay [surprised]
Robyn?! How did you get out of bed?! {"She's growing!?"} [Robyn looked more like a 2 year old now... it was only a few hours ago she was the size of a 1 year old...] {"How in the hell?"}

Robyn [looks at Bay]
Where Afy, Mommy?

Bay [picking Robyn up]
She's ok... You go back to bed! You need sleep, Rob...

Robyn [wriggles until Bay drops her]
Aphrodite! [pouts and points to door, where Aph's still yelling]

Bay [surprised]
You said-?! Aphrodite?


Bay [kneeling down, looking at Robyn]
And I am....

Funny lady...Bay...Mommy.

Bay [getting up, smirking]
More or less right on all three...

Robyn [giggles at the comment]
I love you, Mommy!

[Aph stops bawling. Bay is frozen in place, and Robyn smiles with a happiness in her eyes Bay doesn't remember ever noticing there before... The whole apartment is silent]

Mommy... I have a feeling I'm never going to hear the end of that...

[A knock on the door, with Amy's voice]
"Everyone ok in there?! We heard bawling up the hall, then nothing...Bay?"

I'm here... [Bay goes to open the door] Amy? Luna? Aph's in the bathroom, Robyn's there, I'm gone...

Ok... What's... [Bay's gone]

Mommy gone?

Amy [looks at Luna]

Robyn [sadly]
Mommy left me... Bay gone... [looks at Luna] Luna?

Robyn... you can talk?!

Robyn [with opening hugging arms]

Luna [walks over]
I guess so...

Robyn [lightly hugging Luna]
Afy's Mommy! [smiles, looks at Amy] Aunt Amy!

Aphrodite [yelling]
Could you guys let me out of here?!?!?!?!

We're here, Aphrodite... [She opens the bathroom door]

Aphrodite [running out]
Where is she... I'll ... I'll...

Aphrodite, what's wrong?

Robyn [happily]
Aphrodite! [opens arms and reaches for her]

Aphrodite [surprised, doesn't move]

Robyn [waddles over and hugs Aph lightly...]
I love you, Aph... [smiling]

Can someone tell me what's happening here... Robyn's only supposed to be the size of a one year old!

Amy [looks sternly at Aph]
Tell us what's wrong with you... We would like to know what's with Robyn too, but Bay's worried about you...

Some nurse pricked me with something before we left the hospital.. Since then I've been feeling wierd.

Luna [concerned]
Why would a nurse do that? [looks at Aph, closely] You seem scared...

Aphrodite [laying her head on Robyn's lap]
I am... But it's like I'm scared of everything... My heart's racing, even at rest! I can't see very well... but I feel like I'm seeing things... Like I know you and Amy and Robyn are here, but I see three shadowy figures behind you all... [looks at Luna] I got strange vibes from that nurse when she grabbed me and took me to that alley... She was way too rough...

Amy [worried]
The Negaverse?

Aphrodite [shakes her head]
No, definitely a different feeling... but bad, nonetheless...

Amy [while checking Aphrodite for marks]
Luna... could we have another enemy?

I don't know.

Robyn [curious]
Bad guy? Mommy protect!

Luna, Robyn is only one... she shouldn't be able to speak so well yet.

She shouldn't be that big either.

Aphrodite [wriggling from Amy's poking]
Stop that! [paws Amy's hands] She's growing at a pretty accelerated rate, yes, but for how long and will it stop when she hits her normal age and size? [bats Amy's hand hard] AMY!

Robyn [out of nowhere]
Pluto! [giggles]

Amy [stops]

Pluto???!!!!! APHRODITE!

Aphrodite [head goes in between her legs in a shameful manner]
I must have dreamt about it... I didn't mean to say anything...

Luna [sternly]
You know when we trust you with something...

Amy [interrupting]
Luna, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but what or who is Pluto?

Amy... I 'm sorry, but I can't tell you... not yet.

Amy [respecting Luna's wishes]

And please don't mention it to the others...?

Of course.

Aphrodite [tail between her legs and ears back]
Amy... I'll let you look at me now... no fuss...

[Luna glares at Aph and walks off, mad]

Amy [checking Aphrodite]
It must have been pretty big... I've never seen Luna so mad before.

Aphrodite [holding a paw up to Amy]
It was this one. [sighs] Yeah, it was a big mistake I made... {"I never should have said it to Bay... She... He shouldn't trust me with his secret either. Maybe I'm not able to keep secrets like I thought..."} [looking sad]

Amy [feeling Aph's paw]
What's the matter?

Just thinking Amy... [as Amy touched the spot the needle was] OWWW!!

Amy [draws back]
What's the matter?

Aphrodite [shakes her paw and hold it close to her body]
You hit the spot... It shouldn't still hurt... but it does...

Amy [looking very carefully]
I don't see anything... [suddenly the spot quickly changed color and then disappeared] That was strange...

Aphrodite [trying to see]

How long has it been since the nurse pricked you?

Aphrodite [thinking]
I can't remember... It's been since Bay left the hospital... right before that, the nurse grabbed me and took me outside, where she pricked me and threw me into the alley... with those stupid alley cats... If Bay hadn't come out, I'd have been kitty litter...

This isn't normal.

Aphrodite [getting louder]

* * *
[Meanwhile Bay walks all over the place, looking for Serena]

Bay [yelling]
Serena! {"She just couldn't listen to me... Darien is bad news, he's turned, he's the bad guy. And now I get to freeze my butt looking for her!"}

[Hearing evil laughter and whining only Serena and Robyn could make, Bay heads in the direction it comes from]

[Bay turning to corner sees that Serena confronting Darien, not as Sailor Moon, but Serena.]

Bay [hiding from around the corner]
{"That girl is nuts."} Sun Power!

Serena [on her knees, in her hospital gown, still really weak from the sedatives they gave her]
Darien, how could you do this to me? What will it take to prove to you that I-

Darien [a little concerned]
I didn't do this... [looks over his shoulder, angrily] Malachite!

Sailor Sun
Like hell you didn't... she was hit with one of your stupid roses...

Ah... Sun, the Negaverse hasn't been the same without you there.

Sailor Sun
Yeah I bet! No one to lock in the cell!

Darien [smirking]
Have you told them your dirty little secret yet?

Sailor Sun
That's none of your business!

Darien [smirking]
Right... But isn't it theirs?

[As he disappear into his little black hole, Sun goes over to Serena and sees her communicator on the ground, ON!]

Sailor Sun [angry]
SERENA! How could you?! You knew they'd find you if-

Serena [grabbing her stomach and looking at Sun with tears in her eyes]
That was the point... To get Darien to find me... [she passes out... but whether it was from the pain or the sedatives, Sun didn't know]

Sailor Sun [looking down on Serena]
{"Well, I guess this will make you easier to convice to go back to the hospital. But not any easier to get there"} [Sun picked up Serena's communicator and turned it off]

* * *
[Soon Bay and Serena stand in a phone booth. Serena completely out of it and just leading against the inside, mumbling]

Bay [on the phone]
Come on Amy, pick up!

Amy [answers the phone]
Hello? Lita's residence...

Amy... I got Serena. [looking over to see she's still there] But she's a little out of it... must be the hospital drugs.

Sun's secret, Darien, no...I... I...

Amy [confused]
What is she saying?

Bay [sighs]
She's been talking nonsense since she passed out... {"Please believe that..."}


How's Aphrodite and Robyn?

Aphrodite's ok... for now...

Aphrodite [yelling behind Amy]
Let me get my claws on her! Locks me in the bathroom. Bay you're tofu, when I get my claws on you!

Amy [continuing]
...and Robyn's playing right now.

Bay [sarcastically]
Yeah, Aphrodite seems happy.

Amy [nervous]
Hehe... yeah, well... she's fine... where're you taking Serena? Here? Or back to the hospital?

Serena [crying in her 'out-of-it' state, mumbling]
Prince Darien... don't worry... we will be free again...

Ah... I'd better take her back to the hospital. {"I'd kind of like to avoid being tofu."}

Ok, we'll meet you there. [Amy hangs up]

Bay [confused]
Free? Darien?? Geez... come on. [picks up Serena and hikes to the Hospital]

* * *
Amy [picking up Aph]
Look, you have a choice... either behave and we'll take you and Robyn [looks over] seeing as she's had a nap... [grins, and look back at Aph] Or you stay here and listen to her bawling... [smirk] Now, which is it?

She locked me in the bathroom!

Yes, and?


What happened last time?

Aphrodite [getting louder]

Amy [thinks]
I lock myself in there a lot at Serena's...

Aphrodite [sighs]
I give up... Ok, ok... she's not tofu... I'll behave...

Robyn [looks up from a toy in her hand]
Shadow Power?!

Amy [surprised]
Robyn, [dropping Aphrodite] Did you just say Shadow Power?

Robyn [giggles]
Mommy... Sun Power!

Amy [curious]
Aunt Serena?

Moon Power! [giggles]

Amy [thinks]
{"I wonder..."} Darien?

Robyn [stares at Amy]
Prince Darien... bad guy... [frowns]

{"Makes sense... she didn't know Darien when he was on our side."}

Aphrodite [Amazed]

Aphy... teddy. [she started crawling after Aphrodite]

{"TEDDY????"}[she's grabbed and is hugged like mad] Help!!

Robyn [sadly, letting Aph go]
Mommy's Butterscotch...

Aphrodite [shocked]

Robyn [looks at Aph]
You shouldn't talk. You're a cat! Mommy gave you to me, then she left. [sniffs] Rachel... Bay... MOMMA! [lays down and curls up...]

Amy [puts a hand on her head]
Oh great, now she's confused and upset. [looks at Aph] What do we do?

* * *
[Bay waiting at the hospital]

What was Serena babbling about a secret?

Bay [lying though her teeth]
I have no idea.

[Aphrodite suddenly sees the nurse that pricked her and hisses]

Bay [looks at Aph totally puffed up, back arched]
Halloween's coming... you know, if she was black... [grins]

Aphrodite, What's wrong?

Aphrodite [still arched]
Her... [hisses, and the nurse turns]

Nurse [angrily]
I thought I told you... NO ANIMALS! [walks towards Aph] Besides, this one seems too wild...

Amy [notices a hypodermic needle in her pocket that changed color as quickly as the spot she saw on Aph's paw]
I'm sorry, Miss. We'll take her out for you.

Nurse [holding Aph]
Oh, but I insist... [hurries out the door with Aph, yowling]

Amy [running after her]
Hey! Wait!

Bay [holding Robyn]
Amy?! [Lita comes out of the elevator, really depressed] Lita?!

Lita [sees Bay]
Bay? Who- What?

Bay [looks at Robyn]
It's Robyn. Look, Amy just took off, we have a problem, could you hold Robyn while I help her?

Lita [gets serious]
I'll help her, I mean, you're more the mother type than me anyway...

Bay [getting another angry face]
Yeah.... 'Mother type'. [gritting her teeth]

Lita [sees Bay's face]
Look, if you want to go, I'll watch her... but I'd think you'd want to watch her seeing as Amy said she calls you Mommy...

That's ok... Here.. [she hands off Robyn]

Bay.... I want Mommy!

Lita [looks up and sees Bay's out the door already]
{"Man, she disappears quickly..."} Robyn, Mommy's gonna help Aphy... ok?

Robyn [looks at Lita]
Aphrodite in trouble?

Lita [surprised at the sentence]
Yeah, but she'll be ok. [smiles]

Robyn [smiles]
Aunt Jupiter help too?

I guess not...


Good question! [Lita heads out the door, carrying Robyn].

* * *
Hey, Amy! Wait up!

Sailor Mercury [flys out of the alley beside the hospital, hitting the wall across the street, then just gets up...]
Leave her alone, you Witch! [Mercury's totally oblivious to Bay or Lita... she just runs into the alley again]

Bay [sarcastically]
{"Gee, this could be a problem..."} [gets serious] Sun Power!

Lita [behind Bay, she sits Robyn down and yells]
Jupiter Power!

Sailor Sun [truning hearing Lita's Call]
Jupiter? Why aren't you watching Robyn?

Sailor Jupiter [points to Robyn who's smiling]
She asked if Aunt Jupiter would help with Aph...

Sailor Sun [arguing with Jupiter and ignoring Mercury]
So... you have to watch Robyn, not listen to her... who's the one watching who?

Sailor Jupiter [hands on her hips, both are ignoring Robyn as well...]
If Amy had done it, you wouldn't ask her why...

Sailor Sun [points to Jupiter]
If Amy did it, she wouldn't have listened to a 2-year-old! And she wouldn't act like one!

Sailor Jupiter [shocked]
ACT like one?! What's that supposed to mean?!

Sailor Sun
That you take your orders from a two year old.

Sailor Jupiter
Who says I take orders from anyone?

[Meanwhile, Robyn waddles off into the alley, hoping to get to Aphrodite..]