Sailor S
Episode 13 Chapter 1
"Saying Good-Bye"

In our last chapter, Robyn was brought back to life, through the combined powers of her pendant, her star seed, and Serena's Silver Crystal.

[The last of the Scouts just arrive, Jupiter, Mercury and Artemis]

Sailor Jupiter
Hey, what's the deal?

Sailor Sun
Little late, aren't we?

Luna [paying no attention to them]
Serena, are you OK?

Aphrodite [contentedly]
It's a long story...

Sailor Moon [coming around]
Mother? Moth... er? [looks over to Luna] Luna?

Sailor Moon, what happened?

Sailor Moon [pretty serious, and sad, still half out of it]
What cycle? This time?! [sees Luna and the other Scouts by her] Guys? What happened? Where's Phoenix?

Sailor Mercury [looks around]
Where's Venus?

Sailor Sun
Good question....

Sailor Jupiter [admiring Robyn]
And who's this little guy?

Sailor Sun [holding Robyn]
It's Robyn... Sailor Moon's Crystal brought her back... [looks at Robyn]

Aphrodite [lays her head on Sun's legs]
Bay? I want to tell you... I'm sorry... [purrs] ...for getting mad at you. You can call me Aph if you want. You saved Robyn... [looks at Robyn who's half asleep]

Sailor Sun
It's ok, Aph...rodite. We all wanted her back... [shrugs] I mean, not like this but it's better then nothing.

Sailor Moon [sees Robyn, and heard the conversation - surprised]
Robyn?! My Crystal did that?

Luna [realizing Serena's back in reality again]
SERENA! Answer my question! [glares] What happened?

Sailor Moon [totally clueless to Luna's question]
I want to know that too, Luna... [looks over to Robyn]

Luna [shakes her head]
No... I mean you kept saying 'Mother'...

Sailor Moon [winces a little at the word]
Mother? [Looks up to a beautiful full moon] I heard her voice in my head... like a whisper...

[Everyone went over to Sailor Moon. Jupiter brings Robyn in her arms and Mercury checking on Rei, who was still out..]


Sailor Moon [curls her legs up to her chest and holds her Wand in front of them]
She told me she was proud of me. That I stopped the cycle this time. Robyn's soul is safe... [starts to cry] But then I started to wake up, and I didn't want to leave her... [sobs]

Sailor Jupiter [holding a sleeping Robyn]
We understand that, Sailor Moon... [looks down at Robyn] She's so sweet... How is this possible, Luna?

Luna [scratching her head]
This is a new one on me.

Sailor Sun
Ah, I saw something come out of Phoenix's pocket when I had her pinned... It just looked like a little seed though.

A seed? [looks at Luna] Do you remember the myth Queen Serenity told Serena when she was little?

About Star Seeds? Artemis... [scoffs] There's no such thing!

Sailor Moon [curious]
Star... Seeds? [thinks for a moment] Star Seeds... I remember something about that... Everyone has one. It's unique to each person... There's more to the story, but I can't remember anymore of it...

Sailor Jupiter
Star Seeds?

Artemis [closes his eyes, then opens them and looks like he's going to start to say something, but changes his mind]
Mina? Where's Mina?! [a little concerned... after all, she's his owner!]

Sailor Sun
She ducked out during the fight...

Sailor Jupiter
Mina? That's not like her.

Yeah... She freaked when she saw Phoenix had Mars's powers... I don't know why... She said "No..." and took off...

Sailor Mercury [Joining the group]
She probably was frightened by Phoenix. After all, her powers were stolen by her.

Sailor Sun
Yeah, but she got them back.

Sailor Mercury
That doesn't remove the psychological effects...

[The girls hear a scream from a distance away]

Sailor Moon [turns her head quickly]
What was that?!

Sailor Sun
I've got a bad feeling... [looks at Rei] We can't all run off and leave Rei...

Sailor Jupiter
Or Robyn... Here! [She hands Robyn off to Sun] You stay here. We'll go.

Sailor Sun

Sailor Mercury
Jupiter's right, you may not have had enough time to recover.

Sailor Sun [holding Robyn, surprised]
Recover from what?!

Sailor Moon [getting up]
We'll be back in a little while.

Sailor Sun
Moon, I don't... [But the three were already on their way] So what am I supposed to do with you, Robyn?

Sailor Sun [detransforms to Bay and walks over to Rei, sighing]
I hate it when they do this...

* * *
[The girls are running in the direction of the scream and see a shadow move quickly out of an alley, up to the rooftop, and off into the moonlight]

Sailor Moon [standing there]
Did you guys see that?

Sailor Jupiter [running towards the alley still]
Come on... [stops at the alley's entrance and gasps] Mina....

[The other girls come over to see Mina, pretty beaten up, laying flat on her stomach, head to the side. Her street clothes ripped and torn... she has a nice black eye, and her left hand lay on a black rose...]

Sailor Jupiter [Goes over to help her while Moon and Mercury shocked]
Mina! [She kneels by her and checks for a pulse]

Sailor Moon
Who would do this?

Sailor Jupiter [pulling the black rose out]
Three guesses.

Sailor Mercury
Could Sun really be right about Darien?

Sailor Moon [shook out of her daze by the mention of Darien's name]
NO! It can't be his own will... He's been brainwashed... I KNOW IT! [crying] Darien promised he'd always be on our side, no matter what! [sobbing] But... [sniffs] Mina....

Sailor Jupiter
Moon... Face it... He's turned... either willingly or not... [turns to Mina] Come on, we have to help her.

Lita, give me your communicator, I want to let Bay know we're heading back her way...

Sailor Jupiter [pulls out her communicator, and hands it to Luna, then thinks of something]
Hmmmm... [reaches into all of Mina's pockets, feeling strange about it... I guess that dog thing will never wear off completely...] Her communicator's gone!

Luna [in the middle of a sentence with Bay]
And we're- [looks to Lita, surprised] What?

Sailor Jupiter [takes her hand out of Mina's last pocket]
Mina's communicator's missing...

Luna [Quickly getting back on the communicator, with Bay.]
Bay, make sure you turn off your and Rei's communicators.

What's wrong?

If the Negaverse has a communicator, they can find us...

Sailor Moon [freaked]
But... {"What if I want them to? I want my Darien back..."}

Luna [seriously, closing the communicator and turning it off, seeing that all the girls did the same... including Sailor Moon!]
No buts, Serena... this is serious!

[The Girls decided to detransform and then they all headed back to the park to meet up with Bay. Serena was slower than usual, but being in the back of the group, she got the bright idea to turn her communicator back on...]

Serena [jogging to catch up to the others]
{"I hope this works..."}

Bay [Seeing the others coming with Mina being carried on Lita's back]
What happened to Mina?

We found her this way.

Rei's still out.

Rei [waking up]
No, I'm not... hunh, Robyn's not here?!

Bay [looking at the baby in her arms, feeling strange]
She's here... [Robyn starts to wake up, and begins to cry] Shhh.... Robyn.... [confused] {"I feel silly... but I can't help it..."}

Rei [rubs her head]
Hunh? That's not possible... is it?!

Well it sure looks like it...

Guys, I hate to break up the discussion, but we have a injured friend and a homeless baby...

Bay [looking at Robyn, still trying to get her calmed down]
Yeah! I mean, we can't just walk up to her dad and say "Hey, guess what, Robyn's not dead... here she is!" And hand her to him! He may take the baby... but he'd call us nuts. I frankly still have trouble believing it myself... and I saw it!

Well, I can't take her in.. my parents would freak!

Well, I can't... My place isn't baby-proof, it's barely Serena-proof.


I can't! I have too much work.

Bay [Bay thinks about it then notices, everyone is looking at her]
Oh, no... How would I be able to take care of a baby?! What about Rei or Mina?!

I just had a visitor in my HEAD... Anyway, Grandpa would go crazy if I brought home some baby.

Yeah, and Mina's building doesn't allow children.

She's not SOME baby! It's ROBYN! [sees the looks...] Ok... Well, why not an adoption shelter or something?

Aphrodite [angrily, puffing her fur up to Bay]
No, way... she's not going to become a orphan!

Luna [sadly]
Well, we can't care for her, Aphrodite!

Aphrodite [depuffing, and looking down]
I know... but her mother died, and her father was always at work... not that he didn't care about her, he just worked a lot... [sighs, then looks at Bay pleadingly] Please, Bay... {"You trusted me... don't let me down!"}

Luna [thinks for a minute]
{"Sailor Pluto...?"} [taps Artemis] Can I talk to you?

Artemis [confused]
Uh, sure, Luna... [they walk off, Bay still holding Robyn... who's now calm and content]

Amy [smiling]
See? She likes you the most anyway!

I know I'm going to regret this...

Ah, guys? Mina's waking up.

Mina [moans]
Tux...edo... Mask?

Serena [bites her lip]
{"I was hoping she wouldn't remind me..."} Mina? Can you hear us? You ok?

Amy [takes her pulse]
A little slow... [curious] {"He must have pulled a surprise attack... Mina's pretty good at defending herself..."}

Mina [waking up more and more]
Guys, help! Where are my friends...!?

Lita [holding Mina's hand, worried]
We're right here, Mina... Wake up!

Mina [waves her hand and smacks Serena]
Get away from me! I- [she screams again and opens her eyes gasping] Lita?! [She starts bawling into Lita's lap like a little child. Lita feels very strange... but she comforts her friend nonetheless]

He- he- he was so... c-cruel! He- I tried- but...

Poor Mina...

Lita [patting Mina's head, to let her know she was safe now]
Could... Could you tell us what happened, Mina?

Mina [still shaken up]
I- I was running and D-Darien stopped me... I tr-tried to convince him t-to stop working f-for the Negaverse, b-but he didn't stop... He- He wanted to kn-know where the rest of you w-were... [Lita pats Mina, trying to calm her down...]

Why didn't you call the others?

No time... He just went mad....

Serena [shocked]
{"No, not my Darien"}

* * *
[Meanwhile in the Negaverse, Malachite's alone]

Malachite [taking off a black cape]
There, that should stop those Scouts from believeing in that wretched Tuxedo Mask! [He looks at the last black rose he had, almost sorry he never got the chance to use it...]

* * *
Bay [angry]
I told you that guy was no good! He's on their side! Get over it!

Serena [her lower lip quivering]
You don't mean that! I know he's still got good in him somewhere! I can't believe- I WON'T believe he'd- he'd... [turns and starts bawling. she jogs a few feet away from the group]

Rei [rolls her eyes]
{"I don't know who to be angry at! Bay or Serena!"} Guys, maybe we should get Mina to a hospital... She took quite a beating...

Mina [looks at Rei and giggles]
Rei... They'd probably want to know what happened to you as well... OW! [grabs her side] That hurts...

Amy [breaking up the agrument]
Let's get them both to the hospital.

Bay [holding Robyn slightly out towards Amy]
And we're supposed to do what? [concerned] If I walk in there carrying her, they may keep her...[looks down] We just got her back, I really don't want to lose her again... {"Why do I feel so protective?!"}

Ok, Bay, you go home... and watch Robyn.

Bay [starts walking towards Mina's apartment, where she was staying while the Temple was being redone] {"No, they don't allow children..."} [then turns to Amy's] {"Her mom would freak when she got off work... and Serena's is out..."} She turns to Lita's] {"No... Lita lost her door key and can't get a new key til tomorrow afternoon..."} [sighs] Where is "home"? [looks at Robyn] Why do I feel this way? I want you safe, and would give anything to see to that... But... that's not really me... Robyn...

* * *
[Amy in the hospital, with Lita and Serena behind her]

Mom? How are Mina and Rei?

They're doing fine... Although Mina seems really beat up... Who did it?

Amy [kind of unsure how to answer]
Ah... we don't know.

Well, I want to keep them overnight...


Serena [notices Lita's kinda spaced out, as she stares out the window]
Hey, ya, Space Cadet... [smiles and smacks Lita on the back]

Lita [jerking and turns around, angrily]
We're in the perfect place for me to beat you senseless, Meatball Head! Don't you ever hit me again!!! [realizes she screamed that too loudly, and Serena was about to cry...] I'm sorry, Serena... [Serena starts bawling and again turns and walks a little ways away from Lita] Serena! [sighs] {"What's wrong with me today?"}

Amy [coming overjoining the other two]
Lita! Were in a hospital. People need their rest here.

Lita [looking at Serena]
Yeah, I know, I'm really sorry Serena, I've been a little on edge.

You didn't have to yell!

Amy [trying to change the subject]
Let's go meet up with Bay.

Good idea, they should be at the Temple by now...

Amy [confused]
But the Temple is in the middle of renovations...

Oh, no! Was that this weekend?!

Serena [quietly]
Wasn't Bay staying over at your place?

No, she was at Mina's 'til I got the- [realizes] Oh, no... I never gave her a key!

Serena [confused]
Then, where would she be?

* * *
Bay [curling up under a large tree in the park where they left her]
Robyn, we'll be ok... They'll remember that we've no place to go... [smiles]{"I just hope they think to check back here first..."} [Bay sees that Robyn starts to shiver] Great, your going to get a cold. [She takes off her jacket and wraps it around Robyn. Then leaning back herself, tries to relax] {"I wish I could use the communicator, but we have to keep them off. "}

Robyn [looking at Bay with innocent eyes]

Bay [surprised]
You spoke?! [shakes her head] No, not Mommy... Bay... Remember me? {"Listen to me... I sound like I expect her to understand!"}

Robyn [with a finger pointing at Bay's face]
Bay! Afoditey... [giggles]

Bay [shocked]
Whoa... {"Too weird..."} You know, you seem bigger... and heavier... [adjusts her so Robyn's half on her lap, half in her arms]


No, not Mommy. {"I never thought I'd say that."}

Robyn [with a sad face]

Bay [looking at her face]
Ok, Ok, I'll be your Mommy until we get you back to normal... But don't be using that sad face on me all the time! [she smiles]

Mommy! [she snuggled up to Bay, and playfully grabbing at Bay's hair as it swung back and forth over top of Robyn.]

[Bay smiled and actually felt happier than she had in awhile... She played Peek-a-boo, and even half sang a song to Robyn. Anything to keep them occupied until someone came back...]

* * *
[Amy, Lita, and Serena were running towards the park and a cloaked figure jumped in front of them]

Hello, girls...

Serena [drawing back a little]

Figure [not removing the cloak's hood]
Serena... I have something you might like...

Serena [teary eyed]
Darien, listen to me... please let me help you... this isn't you real self! I know it isn't...

Figure [throws something at Serena very quickly]
Enjoy this, Sailor Brat!

Serena [feels a sharp pain in her stomach and looks down]
A... rose? Black... no, Darien, how... could you? [falls to her knees grasping the rose, only piercing the skin on her hands with the thorns] Dar... ien... [falls to the side, in pain]

Lita and Amy [run to her]

Figure [eyes glint white]
I finally got you, Princess...{"And I used the last rose..."} [smiles to himself and disappears]

Come on, Serena... The hospital is only a few blocks back.

Darien... [she almost passes out...]

[Lita picking up Serena and carrying her to the hospital]

Amy [yells after Lita]
I'll try to find Bay...

Lita [yelling back]

* * *
Amy [walking in the park, sees Bay leaning over a bundle and sitting very still]
{"Please don't tell me..."} Bay?

[She walks closer and sees Bay's asleep, hunched over a sleeping Robyn, who seems bigger...]

Bay [dreaming]
Mom? Mom, that you? [turns her head a bit] No, it's me... I swear...

Amy [seeing she's having kind of a bad dream]
Bay... Wake up! [shakes her gently] Bay!

Bay [waking up]
Huh, Amy...? Where?! Who...? [looking down and seeing a sleeping Robyn] Oh... Hi, Amy, what's up?

Bay? Were you going to stay out here all night?

Well, I was hoping one of you guys would come back before it reached 'all night'.

You'll freeze with just a t-shirt on!

Oh well... That's ok... Robyn needed my jacket more. Say... [looks around] where are Aphrodite, Luna, and Artemis?

* * *
[Meanwhile the cats are talking amongst themselves]

Luna, you can't be serious... Send Bay in after Pluto...

Aphrodite [agreeing]
She'd be almost impossible to find, even if it were true that she could... you know... [looks down]

Luna [seriously]
Artemis, I'm quite serious... Aphrodite, Robyn deserves a real life! Not to grow up again, only to have her friends twice her age! You know how that could affect her!

So, send one of the others... Do you know what Bay could do in the Nexus of Time?! What if she wanted to turn again?!

She wouldn't do that!

Artemis [talking down to Aphrodite]
Believe me... She did, she can, and she will!

Do you really believe that Bay would do that?

We've always had away to keep a eye on her... If we let her go into the Time Nexus, who knows what will happen.

Aphrodite [bravely]
I'll go with her then... [looks to Luna, then Artemis, saying] Mom, Dad, I love you, and you've taught me how to handle all sorts of situations... I think I'm ready... [looks at Luna] You're right, Luna, Robyn does deserve a chance to live this life!

Aphrodite!? What are you saying?

I'll go and keep Bay out of trouble. To satisfy Artemis... and I want to be there to greet Robyn when Sailor Pluto returns her to normal...

Artemis [gruffly]
IF she does...

Luna [angrily]

She will, Da- Artemis... I'm thinking positively...

Artemis [seriously]
That can only get you so far...

It's too big of a risk... We don't want to lose you too.


Luna's right.


Even if you do go and Bay does something, there's not a lot you could do to stop it.


Let's get a good night's sleep on it...


Bay [just walking by with Amy]
Hey, guys, we're going to the hospital... Serena's been hurt.

Serena! [she runs off, with Artemis]

But... Oh, the hell with it. [runs and jumps up onto Bay's shoulder. Robyn leaning upon Bay, sleeping close to the other shoulder.]

* * *
[About halfway to the hospital]

Aphrodite [whispers to Bay]
Bay... I need to talk to you... It's serious...

Bay [seeing Amy's going pretty fast for walking]
Ah, hell, I'll meet 'em... [ducks into an alley and sits on a crate] What's the problem, Aph?

Aphrodite [seriously]
You trusted me with a secret, and I never told... can I trust you with one?

Bay [curious]
Of course!

Aphrodite [sighs]
There's another Sailor Scout, by the name of Sailor Pluto. She is the Guardian of Time. She could restore Robyn to her normal age... memories intact. But we'd have to enter the Nexus of Time. Luna and Artemis don't want me to go. I offered to go because Dad- I mean, Artemis said that he didn't trust you. He's afraid of what you could do in there. They're both afraid to lose me if you were to turn on us again... I trust you not to. [sighs and realizes she was rambling] Sorry...

That's ok... [checking Robyn] So, what are they going to do?

Aphrodite [looks at Robyn too]
They want to get a good night's sleep on it... but the way things are going... it may not happen... [sighs]

Yeah, It does seem a little busy... Well, come on... We were going to take Robyn to the baby room in the hospital. It should be quiet in there at this time of night.


* * *
[The two meet up with Amy outside the hospital's main doors]

Amy [happy]
There you are! You guys ok? [smiles and asks to hold Robyn]

Bay [glad to give her arms a rest, hands Robyn over and shakes her arms]
Thanks, we just needed to rest a few minutes... we knew we'd meet you here... [gets serious] How's Serena?

Amy [looks at Robyn, then straight at Bay]
Not good, that was no ordinary rose he hit her with. It was breakable metal, [looks away] poison tipped... And when Serena tried to take it out, she pricked her fingers too...

That's some rose.

Bay, didn't you say we could talk...

Oh! Sure, Aph. [takes Robyn from Amy] Ah... Amy, we'll be watching Robyn over in the playroom, Ok?

Amy [unsure]
Sure... I'll get you if there's a problem...


[Both Aphrodite and Bay head off]

[In the playroom, Bay puts Robyn down, where she then quickly crawls over to the toys]

Ok, Aphrodite... What's up?

Bay... I'm sorry I have to ask you this, but... even with the possiblility of becoming a guy again, would you... I mean... Could you... aaaahhhh..

Bay [finishing]
Would I betray the Scouts? To be truthful... I don't know. But I can tell you I wouldn't let me becoming a guy risk Robyn's or the other's lives.

[Robyn started to cry]

Bay [insticnitvly getting up and picking up Robyn]
I wonder what's wrong. {"please don't let it, please"} [she checked, bone dry] She doesn't need to be changed.

Maybe she's hungry, she hasn't had anything to eat or drink.

Maybe... but the store's closed, and I don't think she's old enough for chips and pop yet.

Aphrodite [shakes her head]
Milk, silly... but there are no bottles to be found... and if we ask, we-

Nurse [taps Bay on the shoulder]
I'm sorry, but there are no animals permitted in here... [smiles politely]

Bay [blushes]
I'm sorry, it's just that Robyn starts to cry when her Aphrodite's not around...

Nurse [seriously]
I'm sorry... but NO animals... [she picks up Aphrodite, roughly and when Aph meowed, Robyn turned her head and let out a wail to beat Serena...]

Oh, great... Robyn.. I'm sorry, I...I can't get you any thing to eat. {"I wish I had a milk bottle. 'My kingdom for a bottle...' Humph..."} [She picks up Robyn and cradles her, but she won't stop crying]

Amy [hearing the commotion]
What's the matter?

Bay [Robyn's crying louder and reaching for the nurse who has Aph and is taking her outside]
I think she's hungry, or she wants Aph back... maybe both. [gets up] I'll go outside with Aph, maybe she'll settle down...

Nurse [walking by holding her arm]
That cat is crazy...

Bay [confused]
Um... Ok... [starts to walk out and Amy grabs her arm] What?

Amy [seriously]
If we keep taking her outside in the cold, she'll get sick!

Robyn [bawling]

Bay [looks at Amy and sighs]
I'll be quick...