Sailor S
Episode 12 Chapter 1
"Robyn's Mourning"

[Bay walks with Aphrodite following over to Rei]

Hey, Rei, watcha want, me and Aphrodite were about to... [sees Rei clutching her head] What's Wrong?

Robyn, I can't do this... [sighs and looks at Bay] every decision I make... Robyn has to ask me about it... It's driving me nuts...

That doesn't sound like Robyn...

Rei [Lovingly picking up Aphrodite, without realizing it]
Well, It's her...[realizing Aphrodite is on her] Aphrodite, get off my new dress.

Hey, you picked her up...

See, I can't deal with this.

Aphrodite [purrs for Rei]
{"I know..."}

Lita [comes up from behind Bay, looks like she's going to start crying]
It's ok, Rei, We're here too.

Bay [trying to be nice]
Rei, Your just going to have to try to deal with it... Your friends are here to help..

But... She's driving me nuts...every thought, every feeling, every urge has a second one and they're usually different... It's not like I can shut her out or anything... During her memorial, I had to hang on to my chair, so I wouldn't go over and kiss my, I mean her father...

Aphrodite [rubbing against Rei]
I know you're not her, but I feel better when I'm near you, Rei... please don't be mad.

Rei [looking on Aphrodite]
I'm sorry for geting mad at you...

That's Ok..

You don't you just rest, We'll, leave you alone.

Rei [sighs]
Hey, what did you guys tell her father?

Oh, nothing... Just that we were sorry.

Yea, just paying our respects.

Rei [concerned]
Robyn thinks - [sighs] I hate this! What am I supposed to do? I don't know how to deal with this! You guys! [crying, for once] {"I'm sorry, Rei... I don't mean to..."} That's ok, I know you can't help it. Let's try to get to sleep.

* * *
(Outside Rei's Room)

I can't stand seeing her like this...

There's little we can do... just wait for Luna and Amy to try to think of a way. [turning to Aphrodite] Come on, Aph. Let's go play that card game... [addressing Lita] Want in?

Lita [sighs]
I guess. [looks at Rei's door] At least until we can think of a way...

Great, we got a third, Aph.

Aphrodite [in low spirits]

Lita [As they all walk into Bay's room]
What are you playing...?

Bay [smiles]
Good old fashioned poker.

Lita [While Bay and Aphrodite sit behind their cards]
I don't have any money...

Bay [waves her hand at Lita]
Don't worry, were just playing with chips... No money involved.

[Later On during the game]

I win again.

Bay [with her hand on her head, and a small pile of chips in front of her]
I don't believe this... a one year old Cat is beating me in poker.

Lita [with a reasonably size pile]
Maybe it's all the fur on her face.

Hey, one of the curses of being a cat... your turn to deal, Bay.

Mina [knocks and walks in]
Hi guys! [sees the game] Who's winning? [smirks as Artemis jumps beside Aphrodite, who points to a card, who wins with that card]

Bay [yelling as she slams down her cards]
Hey! No cheating!

Sorry, I just thought she could use some help.

Artemis, who do you think owns that pile of chips?


[Suddenly the door opens again, but an exausted Rei stands there, half leaning against the wall]

Aphrodite.... [she collapses]

Bay, Lita and Mina
Rei! [Bay leaps over to her and catches her right before she hits the ground]

Lita [worried]
Is she alright?!

She seems Ok, just exhausted...

How, we weren't gone for more the 30 minutes.. and she was going to bed.

I wish I could tell you..

Rei [starting to come to]
Ah..., what am I doing here?

We were hoping you could tell us.

Yea, you came in, said Ahprodite's name and then you were out.

Rei [weakly]
Aphrodite...? I don't remember...

Aphrodite [looks down]
I can't hear Robyn anymore... ever since the battle... Rei's the only one... [her eyes tear up]

Rei [rambling]
Our souls are still seperate... we are one... [passes out again]

Lita [teary eyed]
What's going on? She's making me upset! This isn't like Rei!

This isn't like either of them....

We should get her back to bed.

Yea, [Bay helped Mina and Lita take Rei back to her room]

[After they left Rei's room]

She can't stay like this....

What are you suggesting?

The hard truth. If this keeps up, one of them is going to have to go...

Aphrodite [leaps in front of Rei's door]
NO! There is a way to get Robyn back! I know there is! [teary and serious] {"There has to be..."} I swore to protect Robyn until I died... and I don't care what you do to me! [crying now...] I will find a way to do this!

Bay [Kneeling down beside Aphrodite]
I hope your right... but it's a option we have to keep open to ourselves.. It's only fair for Robyn and Rei... Robyn's probably just a miserable as Rei is...

* * *
[In a cafe, a cloaked woman asks for her coffee]

Here you go ma'm.

Thank you, [she turns her head, pays the man, and she walks away]

[She walks right out the door and sees a newspaper with a front page article that catches her eye]

'Sailor Scouts fight with tragic end.'

The Scouts.... Yes, I know.... so the blonde one didn't work out... [she points to the picture] the brunette is the one I'll get.

* * *
Serena [bawling]
Luna! I don't wanna go to school! WAAAHHHH!

Luna [teardrop]
Serena... you can't stay cooped up here all the time! You are going to school tomorrow!

Amy [looking over her book]
I'll help you catch up... I'm ahead... 10 chapters... [closes her book and sets it down looking sad]

Serena [sniffing]
How can you do homework when... when... WAAAAHHHH!

[After a little while, it's pretty wuiet... then the phone starts to ring]

Ami [sees Serena only half into reading a comic... she sits there sniffling after an argument with Luna]
Serena, your phone's ringing.

Sammy will get it.

Serena, Sammy's not here, neither is your mother, or father...

Ok, Ok, I'll get it.

[Serena leaves the room]

Any progress getting Robyn and Rei, back...

No luck yet.

Luna [sighs]
Aphrodite is taking it hard... She says it's like losing parents... again... [looks at Amy, hoping Amy didn't hear her slip up]


Luna [looks out the window, and stares... then changes the subject...]
It's getting dark... we should check on the others...

Serena [walks in, depressed]
Guys... Rei's had another Episode... she's getting worse... [sadly] I'm starting to get really worried...

They're happening more often...

We have to do something.

Serena [concerned]
But what? Bay said that Aphrodite's going berzerk again! She flung herself in front of the door and said that she'd die before letting anything happen to Robyn...

[Ami and Luna cross looks]

I think we should go over there.

Serena [sighs]

* * *
[Aphrodite standing in front of Rei's door]

Come on, we just want to give her her dinner....

No, way, your not doing anything to Robyn.

Aph. I just suggested the idea...I didn't mean to do anything right now.

Don't call me that.

Bay [getting her jacket ready]

No way that's going to work again, Bay....

Ok, just let Lita in... she made the chow...

Aphrodite [growls, but moves slightly]
ONLY Lita... [looks ready to fight]

Ok, Lita.

Lita [to Aphrodite]
I'll be quick.

[Rei's door opens again, and again, she looks tired]


Aphrodite [turns quickly]
Rei, I...

I need my pend... [she collapses again, Bay catching her]

This is starting to wear out my back.

Luna [running up to the group with everyone else close behind]
Aphrodite! [sees Rei in Bay's arms] Rei!

Aphrodite [turns and starts bawling]
Mama! [runs to Luna and just cries]

Luna [comforts her]
There, there... [looks over to Artemis] Artemis!

What's going on?

Rei had another episode.

It's strange, it's like she's not herself (more or less)

Amy [looking at Luna comforting Aphrodite]
Is Aphrodite alright?

Luna [looks at Amy]
She will be... [sighs, looks at Artemis who was laying with Aphrodite] Artemis, it's time...

Time for...

Artemis [looks seriously at Bay]
A story... whether you want it or not...

Aphrodite [sobbing]
No... please?! I don't need this brought up right now! I'm having a hard enough time... [sobs]

Well, I want to hear it.

So do I.

Luna [pats Aphrodite]
Sweetie... it's necessary for the Scouts to hear it now...

Aphrodite [looking to Artemis]
You think so too?

Artemis [nods]
Yes... You all know about the Moon Kingdom... We were there as well... As was Sailor Shadow. She had a protector/guardian as you all do... us. Robyn's was special... Aphrodite was hers.


Luna [sighs]
What Artemis is trying to say is that Aphrodite was our daughter...

Bay [ahhh.]
Ok, Aphrodite is your daughter.


Bay [turns to Artemis]
And yours..


I'm really starting to wish I knew you guys back then.

Amy [confused]
But at Serena's you said-

Luna [butting in]
Again... I know... Aphrodite lost us for awhile... during the battle with... you know... [looks down] She thought we were destroyed... but Robyn... That's when she was sent to the future... so she's lost Robyn twice... only a year old both times... [holds Aphrodite, who's crying loudly]

Boy, that would be terrible.

Lita [kneeling down]
Don't worry Aphrodite. We won't let anything happen to you.

Serena [smiles]
Yeah, we'll always be with you... [kneels down and pets her]

Aphrodite [getting up]
Now... I have my real parents... but I've still lost Robyn... and I've been having dreams... very vivid ones...

What kind of dreams?

Rei [waking up and hearing the question]
Aph... are they about Robyn? Or... are they about something else?

Aphrodite [turns and rubs Rei]
Robyn... I keep dreaming that she was a princess... but that she was killed... [sniffs]

Rei [a bit surprised and petting Aphrodite]
Does she wear a long purple dress with no straps, and have longer hair?

Aphrodite [a bit freaked]
Yeah... Rei?

Rei [looks into Aphrodite's eyes]
I've been having them too...


Luna, you never told us that Robyn was a princess.

Luna [looks at the two on the floor... and surprised, says]
She wasn't... She was a very special person who served under Queen Serenity in her castle... Serenity saw that she had the strength, courage, knowledge and will to handle the powers. So she entrusted her with the powers of the Shadow.

Serena [confused]
So where's this coming from?

Aphrodite [sobbing again...]
Her spirit? Maybe?

Couldn't just be a freakish concedence

Rei [shakes her head]
No... I don't think that Aph and I would have the same exact dreams... [acting more like Robyn than Rei, she holds Aphrodite close and scratches her behind the ear]

But seroisly, do you honestly think....

[Robyn]{"presistant isn't she!"} [Rei says under her breath] Yea, she sure is.

Sorry, Rei, I didn't catch that.


Aphrodite [looking at Luna]
Don't you remember? She's always felt out of place? Serenity accepted her into her Palace because she was now a Sailor Scout, giving her all the priveliges that went with it... but being the only Scout not a Pricess of her respective planet, she was always depressed...

Serena [concerned]

Aphrodite [nodding]
Yes, and she always felt like she didn't belong... you were all princesses, she felt sad a lot because she wasn't. She wore the dresses, and lived a similar life, but she never felt right.

Rei [feeling depressed and Sad now]
I think we should stop. I'm feeling her getting worse...

Luna... You told me that Sailor Sun was choosen. That she wasn't a princess... What happened to her when Sailor Shadow was around?

One of these day, I know your memorise will return...

Ok, but humor me now...

Do we really have time for this? (See SSMK series for REAL story) [during up old feelings]
You went and betraited us... You, went and gave the serciets of the moon kingdom to the negaverse

Artemis... we agreed....

Luna, she did it before, twice, and she'll probly do it again. This time their's no Neon to help her.


I don't really think this is the best time to dusscuss this...Rei needs our help.

Aphrodite [yelling at her newfound parents...]
STOP ARGUING... [sobs] Why do you guys still fight all the time? [sniffs]

Luna and Artemis [stop silent and turn slowly to Aphrodite]

Bay [backing off since the yelling began]
Guys, could we get back on track here?

Yea... Like cool down... Rei needs us.

Lifting Rei up in her arms... and carrying her back to bed. At least this time she wasn't too far from her bed.

Rei [weakly]
Guys, I'm fine... really... I'll be ok... [looks to Aphrodite] Aph?

Bay [jokingly]
Look, Ahp.. it's catching on.

Aphrodite [ignoring Bay]
Yes, Rei.

Could you make them listen... tell them what you dreamt... It amy help us... [Bay lays her on the bed and Rei falls asleep... not passes out, this time...]

Aphrodite, maybe you better tell us what you dreamt.

Aphrodite [sighs]
Ok, and, Bay... Robyn was the only one I ever let call me Aph...


Aphrodite [closes her eyes]
It starts out that Robyn and I are standing on a large balcony with Princess Rei. Robyn's holding me close, but I see it as if I was watching from a distance...

Bay [taking it in]

Aphrodite [breathes in and out, then continues]
I can hear every word that's said. Robyn is talking to Rei about how out of place she feels. Rei says that it's because of how she was on the inside that she was now a Sailor Scout, not because of her status... Robyn still feels sad...


Aphrodite [interrupting her]
Robyn thought Rei was only being nice, but Rei was the only one that ever listened to her problems and feelings, the others ignored her and took for granted that she was there... Rei was kind to her, from the beginning, so this was a big problem she felt Rei would help her with.

And so she did?

Aphrodite [shakes her head]
No, Princess Rei was in a hurry to go somewhere this time, so Robyn thought that she finally hated her like she felt everyone else did... She even felt Princess Serena hated her... Queen Serenity was always busy... Robyn watched as Rei ran off into the shadows leaving her and I alone.


Aphrodite [sees Serena curled into a ball against the wall]
Before I finish, what's the matter Serena?

Serena [sadly]
I remember this... it actually happened... It all turned out wrong... We never hated her...

Aphrodite [surprised]
It was real? Why are Rei and I dreaming about it now?

That's it... that's the dream... That's what were all worried about? I could understand if there was a bad guy or two in it... but.... [Lita, hitting her on the back of the head] owwwww. Cut that out!

Lita [frowning]
Well, let her finish!

Aphrodite [sighs]
That's the day that Sukia fist attacked... the reason Rei and the others were avoiding her all day is because it was a year since she became a Scout... they were going to celebrate... Sukia attacked soon after Robyn went for a walk in the inner gardens. She loved the lilacs Prince Darien had brought from Earth, and Princess Serena planted. She picked one and felt a strange presence... she turned around, but only felt some wind and saw nothing... She was spooked, so she took the lilac went back inside.

yea, and?

She walked right into the Scout Training room. seeing the decorations and a cake, everything was only half completed. She was surprised, but walked to the cake and saw it read "Happy Anniversary, Robyn". She started to cry and heard Serenity yell for Serena to get back into the castle. She transformed and ran out. After helping Serena, she went back out to see the other Scouts defending themselves and Serenity. I hid under her bed in her room... [looks down] I was a year old then too... and I was scared of this feeling I had...

Bay [kind of suprised]

Aphrodite [nodding]
Uh-hunh... [shakes her head after drifting off for a moment] Robyn couldn't stand by and watch this all happen, even if she felt that they hated her... So, that's when she pulled her stunt... Every attack followed by her Dark Shadow Attack... [looks down] Which cost her her life... When she fell back from the spirit becoming trapped in the pendant, the lilac fell onto the ground where she stood, now black. [looks in at Rei] Rei told me when Sukia was defeated and she held the body, she swore she smelled lilacs... but there were none in the park...

Bay [still a little bit unsure]
Ok, so does this have anything to do with Sukia, now? Last I saw, she was burnt toast.

Aphrodite [still staring in at Rei, sound asleep... for once]
I don't know, Bay... I wish I knew why we were dreaming this all over again? To make us feel even worse? [looks down and starts to... well, I think you know what she does by now... Hey! She misses her owner!]

We better keep a watch on her... In case she decides to go out again.

Ok, I'll keep first watch.

Artemis [calmed down a bit]
{"Just perfect..."} [walks away from Bay with a 'humph']

* * *
Phoenix [stands in the middle of the park, where the last battle of the sailor scouts took place.]
There has to be some kind of clue where I can find them here.... Yes... I know I'm not as smart as those scouts... that will change... who are you calling dumb? Hey, why don't you just look over there. [she points off in a dirction.] Hey, and don't think I didn't see that...

Luna [walks by the park after a quick Serena had taken off crying from the temple]
{"I know she'll go home... where else would she go?"} [sees a cloaked woman yelling at no one' {"What a nut..."} [continues after Serena]

Phoenix [still looking, and then sees something]
Ahhh... [she turns and signals for her imaginary boyfriend to return] Look at this.... A Star Seed. I've read about these.... No, you don't plant them... There the essents of every living thing... Everyone has one... No, it doesn't help us find those scouts... I don't care if the blond one is cute.

* * *
Rei [suddenly sitting up in bed]
ROBYN! [breathes heavily] Bay?! Lita? Aph? [calling to anyone]

Bay [shocked]
Rei, I'm here.

Aphrodite [running in]
Me too! What's the matter?

Rei [getting up seemingly full of energy]
We have to get back to the park... I sense a strange presence... [runs off leaving Bay and Aphrodite staring at each other, before realizing...]

Bay [get up and runs after her]
Hey! Wait a sec!

[Aphrodite follows]

We, need to call the others.

Right... [opens her communicator] Guys, Rei's lost it... she's run out and heading to the park.

Luna [answering]
I think it's spreading... I've lost Serena... She didn't go home...

Bay [surprised]
Did you try the arcade? Or the mall? [grinning]

Luna [angrily]
Yes! Nowhere! I hope she's not in trouble... [closing her end]

Lita [speaking up]
We'll all meet at the park... If Rei makes it... I think I know where she's heading... [closes her end]

{"I hope she makes it..."}

What's she up to?

* * *
Phoenix [putting the seed in a pocket and looking to her 'boyfriend']
Listen to me, quit saying you think- Knock it off! This is a surefire plan!... Have some faith in me, Geez! I- No, I don't think I could you a date with the blonde one!!!!

[From a distance Rei runs up to the site with Bay close behind, then Rei stops behind a tree and calls]


I don't believe it, she didn't even check to see if there was anyone around.

Aphrodite [looks on in disbelief]
Maybe she doesn't care... Maybe you'd better transform too... It's always possible she DID see trouble...

Right, [she looks around] SUN POWER.

* * *
Ok, I don't think well find anything else here.

Sailor Mars [Going straight for a hit, knocking Phinex down]
I want it back.

Sailor Sun [close behind]
A speech, Aph. Did you hear any speech?


Sailor Sun
Well, at least, something good came out from all of this.

Aphrodite [giggling]
Yeah, I guess...

Phoenix [getting up]
Did you hear that?! She wants something back!? No, I don't know... WOULD YOU STOP THAT!

Sailor Mars [a little confused]
Who the hell are you talking to?!

Sailor Sun [with her hands on her hips]
Her imaginary friend? [snickers and leaps over Mars] Get back Mars!

Phoenix [reconizing Sun]
You again.... Why won't you just leave me alone?

Sailor Sun [pointing to herself]
ME?!?!!? You're the one who keeps showing up!!!

Why, can't you just stay out of my hair?

Sailor Sun
Becouse... You keep on screwing up.

Screwing up? I'll show you... [She runs stright for Sun and then peels around straight over to Mars, knocking her down. She gets on top, places her hands on Mars's Face and starts her incantation]
Est-on, Gomobft, Est-on, Mars, Est-on...

Sailor Sun
NO!! [she runs towards them, but is suddenly forced back be a stream of power shooting up from the ground around them]

[When the Stream disappears, Rei's on the ground, her hair covering her face, and a sailor Mars, looking alot like Phoenix stand infornt of her.]

Sailor Sun [looking at Aphrodite, she hands her a communicator, and whispers]
Call the others... We're in BIG trouble... [turns her head to Mars] {"Rei..."}

[Aphrodite takes the communicator, nods and runs off to a bush]

Sailor Sun [stands up, angrily]
{"I don't wanna sound like the others... but in this case I think I'll overlook it..."} Phoenix! I'm tired of you hurting my friends! {"here goes..."} On behalf of the Sun and all things decent, I'll make you pay for everything you've done!

Phoenix/Sailor Mars
What, with my new powers, I'll make you sorry....[turning her head] No I don't have any trouble walking in these shoes... Yes, I think they look nice to.. Me, sexy, [Acting faltered] Stop...

Sailor Sun
{"I think I'm going to hurl..."}

[Just then Sailor Venus and Moon arrived]

Sailor Moon
Is that Mars?

Sailor Sun
Nope, Phoenix's back.

Sailor Venus
[quietly]No, [she backs away slowly]

Sailor Moon [turns to Venus]
Don't worry, Venus, she won't hurt you again! [stares at Phoenix, but as she turns, she sees the real Mars] Sailor Mars! No...

Phoenix/Sailor Mars [cackling...]
Yes! And I- [turns her head again] WOULD YOU SHUT UP! I don't care what you think! No! I will not try to- [sees Venus and Moon and remembers they're both blondes...] Which one was it again?!

Sailor Sun [angrily]
Phoenix! Get on with it! Nevermind, I'll go first... SUN FLARE STRIKE!

Rei [(who reverted back to street clothes after Phoenix's trick...)moans a little, then turns her head to the side... away from the others...]
[quietly, in Robyn's voice] Rei?... Are you ok? [Rei's voice]{"What's happened?"} I don't know... hey... I feel different, somehow... [looks down] Rei... I think we switched... {"What?!"} I hear you... but you're more of a whisper... I see and feel again... [moves onto her side] We've gotta help our friends! [slowly stands up, her hair still covers her face]

Sailor Sun [seeing Rei get up]
Sailor Mars?!

Phoenix [turns]

Rei/Robyn [flings her hair back, revealing a face looking more like Robyn's]
Not impossible... you hurt people that I care dearly about... For that you'll pay, Phoenix!

Aphrodite [hearing Robyn's voice clearly]

Sailor Sun
Robyn, that you?

Rei/Robyn [looking to Sun and smiles]
I think so... I'm kind of confused... I feel different... [looks to Phoenix again and stares] Phoenix! You-

Phoenix [smirks]
Oh, shut up! [flings a fireball towards her, but]

[has built up some of her strength, and dove towards Sun, grunting when she hit the ground] Oof! Ow, that hurt! {Be careful would ya?!"} Would you stay out of this?!

Sailor Sun
Robyn... Pin her. Hold her there... [turning to Moon] We need to get that crystal ready and Mars's Transformation Pen too.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Sun
Venus, get the stick, Robyn's not going to be able to hold her down forever, I'll help her..

[Both Moon and Sun head for the battle, Venus just stands there]

Sailor Sun
Come on, we need you... [Sun gets down and pins her, letting Robyn stand up].

Sailor Venus
I... I can't.. [She turns and runs, crying]

Sailor Sun
Oh, for...

Here... [She hands Moon the Stick]

[Sailor Moon nods and pulls out her Silver Crystal... The two objects left her hands and soon the pendent appeared from Robyn/Rei's body (Rei collapsed) and joined the two other objects. The three circled above Phoenix's head.]


[There was a flash of light and Phoenix was gone, like last time. And under Bay, the pendent of Sailor Shadow glowed, along with the Star Seed. It glowed and the Star Seed grew larger and larger, until it broke, revealing a child of no more than 1/2 a year old.]


Aphrodite [smiles and runs over to the child]
Robyn... [She licks her cheek] I can sense it's you... [starts to cry, but with tears of joy this time...]

[Moon collapses... And the Silver Crystal reappears above her, reattaching to her Crescent Moon Wand]

Luna [confused]
Why did she collapse?

Sailor Sun [sarcastically]
Too much excitement? [smirks and looks at the child and Aphrodite] Robyn's ok, Aph. She's alive again. [smiles and pets her]

Luna [smiling]
Yes. She is... [turns and walks over to Moon, she sees her crescent moon on her forehead glow for a moment]

Sailor Moon [turns her head]
Mother... [smiles]

Well, Robyn's alive again, Phoenix is gone... and it seems everyone's happy... for now. :)