Sailor S
Episode 11 Chapter 3
"Revival Of The Past"

Bay [rubbing her head]
{"You forgetting Aph? Or you counting Robyn!? Geez..."}

Lita [turning to the window]
{"Hurry back, Rei"}

Don't you guys think we better tie her up of something?

Mina [approving]
Good idea Amy!

Bay [Gerenally commenting]
You guys tie me up in minutes, and you decide now to tie her up. [Mina this time] Owwww! Cut that out!!!

Sorry, but Rei's not here.

Lita [crossing her arms and looks down]
You won't drop that will you, Bay?!

Bay [still rubbing her head]
Only when I'm six feet under.

Artemis [under his breath]
That could be arranged...

Bay [glares]

Artemis [sweatdrop]
Nothing! Could we just move it already?!

Sure. [The girls tie up Sukia and wait for Rei to get back]

Bay [not wanting to get whacked again, thinks her comment instead of saying it...]
{"You guys were quicker with me!"}

* * *
Rei [running with Luna by her side]
We've- [huff] got to- [pant] hurry! [huffs and puffs]

Luna [doing the same!]

The statue with the Amethyst I need is supposed to be destroyed today... it's old! Grampa wants to get rid of it...

We'd better hurry.

* * *
Bay [seeing Sukia's coming to]
{I knew Lita didn't hit her that hard..."} Guys... look...

Ok, the fun begins.

Sukia [realizing where she was]
What have you girls done?! Let me go! Where are those scouts?

Bay [whispering to Amy]
She must not have Robyn's memories anymore...

Amy [nods]
Why do you wnat to know?

I want my revenge... Let me lose or else.

Fat chance.

Sukia [getting angry]
Let me loose! You don't know what you're dealing with!

Aphrodite [staring at Sukia]
I think we do... Sukia... [Seeing if she will tell] What did you do with the spirit of the girl whose body you've taken?!

You... I should have known you'd be involved in this... She's no concern of mine.

Aphrodite [jumping onto her lap]
Why not?! She's the one who released you!

Sukia [laughing]
Yes, well, she was a fool!

Aphrodite [gets up on her hind legs and scratches Sukia's face... (not helping matters is she?!)]
You should be grateful! Listen to me!

Sukia [breaking the ropes, knocking Aphrodite across the room, against the wall and out like a light]
There's been enough chit chat! I will not tolerate you pathetic humans any longer! I will get my revenge on those Scouts! [stares at Bay] What have you done with my pendant?!

Bay [Playing dumb]
What pendant?

I want it back NOW!

Lita, do you know anything about a pendant?

A pendent. No, you Amy?

No, I have no idea.

Bay [shrugs]
Sorry, we don't have any pendant.

Sukia [getting steamed]
I want it, give it to me NOW!

Bay [getting tired of this]
This is nuts! [holds her locket] Sun Power! [transforms and stands ready to fight] You will give us back our friend! NOW!

Ah... the Moon Kingdon traitor comes to protect her friends, how touching.

Sailor Sun
I had nothing to do with the Moon Kingdom.

Sukia [trying to get on Sun's nerves]
How do you feel, leaving all of those who, trusted you?

Sailor Sun
You want to fight?

Amy [stopping Lita and Mina from transforming]
We can't tranform...we'll give away our idenities. [they all run away to a near by alley]

Sukia [laughing]
See?! They don't trust you either! [laughing louder] I have something for you, Sailor Sun! [having few, but some powers again...] Shadow Flare Strike! [Laughs as the flare hits Bay, only knocking her back...]

Sailor Sun [seeing Aphrodite still out]
{"I won't let them down!"} [gets up, angry now...] You're no spring flower yourself! {"I must be hanging around these guys way too much... they've got me saying these stupid one-liners too!"} Sun Flare Strike!

[This Sun Flare hit is somehow blocked by Sukia]

Sailor Sun
Aww, man. Why'd you go and do that?

Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, and Mercury
Were the sailor scouts!

Sailor Venus
I'm Sailor Venus, I fight for Love.

Sailor Mercury
I'm Sailor Mercury, and I fight truth.

Sailor Jupiter
I'm Sailor Jupiter and I fight for Justice.

Sailor Moon
I am Sailor Moon!

Sailor Sun [commenting to the scouts]
Do you guys have these things pre-planned or what?

Sailor Moon [ignoring Sun's remark]
We will defeat you and return our friend back to normal... [all four scouts stand beside each other] In the name of the Moon,

Sailor Mercury
In the name of Mercury!

Sailor Jupiter
In the name of Jupiter!

Sailor Venus
In the name of Venus!

All [but Sun]
We will defeat you!

Sailor Sun [commenting again]
You know, I would deny knowing you guys, if we weren't associated with our fashion sense...{"or lack their of."}

Sailor Jupiter [jumps over near Sun and smacks her on the back of the head]
Keep quiet!

Sailor Sun [angrily]
You know, I'm getting reeeeeally tired of you guys doing that! {"I must have been nuts to join these guys."}

[they all face Sukia]

Sukia [smiling]
{"It's so gratifying to watch people fight among themselves..."}I see where still missing one... [shrugs] NOW WHERE IS MY PENDANT?

Sailor Moon
It's not yours!

It is now.

* * *
Rei [stops before getting the Amethyst, and turns to the door they just entered]
Luna! We've got to get back! Something tells me the others are in trouble! [The pendant glows a light purple]

But we need that jewel.

Rei [points to a little statue of a deformed uh- Buddha(?)]
It's in that- [hears her communicator beep] I knew it! [pulls it out] Rei here.

Sailor Mercury
We have a little problem...

{[sarcastically]"Where've I heard that before..."} Go on...

Sailor Mercury [looks over and dives down]
Sukia's loose... Transform and Hurry! [the communicator goes dead]

Rei [angry]
Come on, Luna! MARS POWER!

Sailor Mars [turning to luna before she leaves]
Luna, you get the jewel! [leaves]


* * *
Sailor Mars [running]
{"Why'd we have to fry those new communicators?!"} Hunh?! [sees the light from her jewel] What? {"I was wearing Robyn's pendant when I changed!"}
(*Note 1: From here on out, Robyn's voice will be italic, Rei's thoughts are normal...)

Luna [running up behind with the Amethyst in her mouth]
(*Note 2: Not a typo! You think you could speak better with a mouthful?!)

Robyn's Voice
{"Rei! You'll need me to defeat her! Use what you need! You'll know what to do!"}

Sailor Mars
Robyn.... [believing in her friend] What do I do, how can we defeat her?

{"With me here, you have my powers combined with yours! I remember what Queen Serenity said... 'The only way to beat a Shadow-'."}

Sailor Mars [remembering and finishing]
-is with a Shadow! C'mon, Luna! [takes off to the park]

* * *
(Meanwhile in the Park, the Scouts just avoided another blast)

Sailor Sun [in a panic]
Can someone tell me how she's doing this without the pendent?

Sailor Mercury
She must be able to channel it, even without the source.

Sailor Sun [sarcastically]
Oh, thanks, Mercury, that just cleared it all up.... [grumbles]

Sailor Moon [angrily]
You're starting to sound like Mars!

Sailor Mars [from behind them]
Someone call me?! [jumps to the front line] On behalf of the Shadow of Mars... [has a glint in her eye] I will defeat you, Sukia!

Sailor Jupiter
Shadow and Mars???? That's new.

Sailor Sun
Out of all the speeches you guys have said, I think that rates up as my favorite.

Sailor Mars
I am Sailor Mars! [clasps her hands together] Mars Shadow Fireballs! IGNITE! [a dark reddish black flare shoots from her fingertips, knocking Sukia for a loop!]

Sukia [surprised]
What?! You can't hurt me!! What's going on!

Sailor Mars [points to Sukia]
You're time is up! I will clean your clock!

Sailor Sun [nervously]
{"Oh brother... I knew that wouldn't last long..."}She's just a little punch-drunk... one too many hits with the fireballs!

Where is My Pendant? I want it NOW!

Sailor Venus
Why do you think she want the pendant? She's just as powerful.

Sailor Mecury
She must need the pendant to keep up her strength...

Sailor Mars [hearing Robyn]
{"Use the Dark Shadow Attack on her next attack... it'll make you stronger... you'll last longer than her!"} [nods] Come on, ya overgrown... [looking for something to say...] figment of my imagination! {"That was horrible, Rei..."} [mumbles to herself] I'd like to hear your ideas, Robyn...

Sailor Sun [with her hand to her head]
{"I think I'm gonna hurl..."}

Sukia [laughing]
If that's the best line you can come up with... your powers are probably just as pathetic! Dark Flame Surround!

Sailor Mars [A ball of dark light hurls toward her, she remembers what Robyn said]
Dark Shadow Attack! [A disc of black light flys from her hands and absorbs the attack, then returns to Mars, giving her back the power needed to do that...]

Sailor Jupiter [watching in amazement, along with the other Scouts]
How-? How can she do that?

Sailor Mars [a little weak, but ok]
I'll get you to surrender yet, Sukia!

Aphrodite [gasps]
Artemis! The pendant! Mars had it last! That means she must still have it! Robyn's with her!

Sailor Sun
Now it makes sense.... so... ah... what should we do...

Sailor Jupiter [getting intrested]
We can't let Mars play all by herself, Sun! [grins at her]

Sailor Sun [agreeing]
Yea, rude of her not to invite us!

Sailor Moon
Guys! [runs towards the front line... and falls flat on her face] Ow!

Sailor Mars [turning around and scratches her chin]
We don't know her... [laughs nervously]

Sailor Jupiter [gets serious]
Everything! Now!

[All the scouts use their powers and hit Sukia...]
Sun Flare Strike!
Jupiter Thunder Crash!
Venus Crescent Beam Smash!
Mercury Bubbles Blast!
Moon Tiara Magic!
Mars Fire Ignite! [Robyn tells her to do another... so she chooses] Shadow Tiara Magic!

[Soon a burnt smoking body layed on the ground. ]

Sailor Sun
Oh, my...

Sailor Jupiter
I think we went a little overboard...

Sailor Moon

Aphrodite [breaks out crying]
NOOOO!!!! [Buries her head in her paws]

Luna and Artemis [comforting her]
Luna: There, there... The Scouts had no choice...
Artemis: We don't know how we could have defeated her any other way...

Sailor Sun [seeing Aphrodite]
I'm sorry, Aph... rodite...

Aphrodite [looks up with teary eyes]
You... called me Aphrodite...?

Sailor Sun
Well, you don't like Aph.

Aphrodite [sniffs]
But you've always called me...

Luna [sees Sailor Mars by the body, looking sort of weak]

Sailor Mars [whispering so only Robyn hears]
I'm sorry Robyn... I didn't mean for it to go this far.
[Robyn replies] {"I understand, you had no choice... but I did say to destroy her..."} [Sailor Mars felt not only her own sadness but Robyn's as well]

Is this the end of Sailor Shadow...? Again? Did she truly give her life up to save everyone as she did 1000 years ago? Is Rei stuck with a split personality? Did Marsha ever love Greg? Oops... Anyway, find out answers to these (with the exception of the Brady question...>grin<) and more questions in: