Sailor S
Episode 11 Chapter 2
"Revival Of The Past"

[Slight voices can be heard behind Aphrodite]

Come on Ahprodite.... This is no way to help.

Mina [running along side bay]
Maybe she's trying to tell us something.

Yea, "I don't like Kitty-Cages." I think this would be pushing it a little too far.

I don't know.. she- [interrupted by the communicator going off] Hunh? [she opens it and sees Sailor Mars, hearing wailing (Sailor Moon) in the background]

Sailor Mars
We have a small problem...

So, do we... [realizing that Sailor Mars is calling instead of Rei, so, it has to be big] Ah.. what's going on?

{"Now what?"} Yeah, what's up? We're chasing Aphrodite...

Sailor Mars [hurridly]
Well, it's Robyn... could you guys just tranform and get into the park... now?!

Lita [seriously]
I'm on my way, Mars!

Mina [hearing Lita's voice on the communicator]
Sure, Mars! Hey, where are you at, Lita?!

Lita [nervously]
That doesn't matter! [sighs] We're on our way!

Bay [looks ahead and realizes they lost the cat they were chasing]
Come on!

But Aph...

We lost her anyway... Sun Power!

Venus Power!

[They take off in the same direction they were just running in... Bay realizing maybe Aphrodite was telling the truth...]

Sailor Sun
{"But who's Sukia?!"}

* * *
[Soon Sun and Venus arive where Sailor Mars and Moon were.]

Sailor Sun [seeing the bad guy(s)...]

Sailor Venus
Come on.

[Both characters move to a high bush stand up back to back, and then...]

Sailor Venus
I am Sailor Venus..... [looks over at Darien] on behalf of the planet Venus... [turns and jumps down] I will punish you!

Sailor Sun [jumps down]
...ah... yeah, what she said. {"Somebody shoot me..."}

Sailor Moon [still whimpering]
It's not Darien I'm worried about.... guys...?

Sailor Venus [going up to Moon]
Serena, what's wrong?

[Meanwhile Sun joins Mars up in the front line]

Sailor Sun [to Mars, after seeing what's going on]
Who's the bad guy here, Darien, or [gulp] Robyn?

Robyn/Sukia [beginning to really change her looks...]
Foolish Mortal! You were a fool to think you could control me! I am older and much more powerful than you could ever imagine! [throws a black ball of light at him, knocking him out]

Sailor Sun
I'm liking this person more and more... She took out Darien for us.

Darien [still out]
[making a moaning noise]

Sailor Sun
Dang... he's still alive...

[Sailor Moon pops out from behind Mars and Sun]

Sailor Moon
Don't hurt him!

Sailor Mars & Sun
Sailor Moon!

Sailor Jupiter [from a tree branch behind them]
I am Sailor Jupiter! On-

Sailor Sun [looking back and interrupting]
A liitle late... we did the speech... and Darien's not the problem...

Sailor Jupiter [looking confused, and jumping down]
Who's that? [points to the now almost completely transformed Robyn/Sukia]

Sailor Mars
Was Robyn...

Sukia [evil laughter... She wears a long, black dress, with long flowing sleeves. She has long, black hair, with a chinese character on her forehead. Looking similar to a female wizard... with dark red eyes]
No one can stop me! I will rule as I should have 2000 years ago! When Queen Serenity and her warriors imprisioned me! [She flies back a bit and disappears, laughing]

Sailor Jupiter
Queen Serenity... Luna... fill-in time.

Aphrodite [crawling from behind a bush, crying]
I could fill you in... [sniff]

Luna [running over]
Aphrodite! [puts her paw on her] Are you alright?!

Aphrodite [still crying]
I thought I could be brave enough to stand up to her! [sniff] but when I saw her... I cowered here and started to cry... [sniff] I've lost Robyn... [puts her paws over her face] again... [sniffs]

Sailor Sun
Ok, at the risk of starting up some bad memories... can someone tell us what's going on... [turns to the others and whispers] You guys never faced this baddy before right?

Sailor Jupiter
New to us.

Luna [looks to Artemis]
Could you? [pats Aphrodite]

Artemis [growls]
I hate this story almost as much as- [sees Sailor Sun and remembers that she doesn't know] well... anyway... before the negaverse attacked... 1000 years before... [continues and the whole thing takes about 25 minutes...]
(*Writer's Note- I'm not repeating the story... If you read the story of the pendant... well... that's it...)

Sailor Sun [the only one still really paying attention...]
Well, how do we defeat her? Robyn's kinda not an option this time...

Sailor Mercury
How did Queen Serenity defeat her?

Luna [interjecting]
I think that's the really confusing part... Serenity only changed the curse... but Sukia seems to think Serenity imprisoned her...

Sailor Sun [sarcastically]
So, this sounds like it should be fun... Still want me to go home?

No. We need all the Scouts we can get! [Sees Moon cradling Darien] Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon [crying]
I want to try to revive him... [opens her eyes and stares] please, Luna?!

Sailor Mars
Go ahead... Maybe the crystal will bring him back.

Sailor Sun [unhapply]
{"Just what we need, butt-head-Darien."}

Sailor Moon [stands up and hold up her Crescent wand (Which appears from nowhere... as usual)]
Cosmic Moon Power!

[The Pink light shines onto Darien and he begins to wake up]

Darien [starting to wake up]
Ah... [He realizes what's happening and jumps out of the Crystal's beam. The then addresses the Scouts] You Scouts better stay out of my way.. this is Negaverse business.

Sailor Moon [stopping]
Darien! [thinks...] {"My locket!"}

Darien [disappears]
I will not put up with you for much longer, Sailors... [fades out]

Sailor Moon [holding her locket as she falls to the ground, crying]
{"I know you'll come back, Darien... I feel it..."}

Sailor Sun [after a few moments of dead silence]
Welp! That was a good waste of time....

Sailor Mars [hits Sun in the back of the head]
Shut-up, Bay!

Sailor Sun [rubbing her head]
Owww! You know, I really wish you'd cut that out, Rei!

Luna [seeing the locket]
Serena! [forgetting she was transformed for a moment] Your Star Locket!

Sailor Moon [sniffs and opens it, letting the music play]
Yeah... so?

Sailor Sun [surprised]
Star... Locket?

Sailor Moon [getting lost in the music and memory]
Darien gave this to me... A long time ago... [looks up through the trees to the moon] before he went to fight the Negaverse... [starts to sob] Before... [sniffs]

Sailor Sun
Are we going to have to get into another arguement on 'who's the bad guy' or are we going to go after Robyn?

[Sailor Mars whacks Sun in the back of the head again]

Sailor Sun [yelling at Mars]

Sailor Mars
Why don't you just keep your mouth shut?!

Sailor Sun
Why don't you stop hitting me in the back of the head?!?!

Sailor Venus
Sun's right...

Sailor Sun [to Mars]
See, See?!

Sailor Venus [evilly looking at Sun]
We should go after Robyn!

Aphrodite [thinking of a way to get Moon to pay attention]
{"Geez, they're gonna think I'm nuts again... I see no other choice... I think I know where Sukia's going..."} [She runs past Sailor Moon, grabbing the chain on the locket as she passes by, yanking it from Moon's hand]

Sailor Moon [jerked 'back to earth']
Aphrodite! [gets up and runs after her]

Sailor Sun
Here we go again. [starts to go after Aphrodite again] And this time, no jacket....

* * *
Aphrodite [still running with the locket in her mouth]
{"I hated to do that... I'm going in a kitty carrier for sure..."} [sees people screaming and running from an area ahead and around the corner] Sukia! [with her mouth still closed on the chain]

Fear me mortals! I shall soon be your ruler! [maniacal laughter]

Tuxedo Mask
Not if I can say anything about it...

Aphrodite [turning the corner and seeing all this]
No! [drops the locket]

Sailor Moon [being the first there for once...]
Aphrodite! [sees what's going on] Tuxedo Mask?!

Sailor Sun [being the second scout there]
Hey, who's cape boy? [Looks at Sailor Moon in a gaga state] Hey, Moon!

Sailor Moon
Isn't he dreamy?!

Sailor Sun [putting her hand against her head]
Oh, brother....

Sailor Mars [gets there along with the others]
Tuxedo Mask?!?!

Sailor Moon [suddenly remembering her locket, picks up Aphrodite and her locket]
What was the big idea?!

Aphrodite [struggling a bit]
It was the only way to get you to follow me! [stops and looks at her] You're holding me too tightly!

Sailor Jupiter
So, what do we do, now?

Sailor Sun [getting in a defensive position]
I say attack! Both of 'em!

Sailor Mars
But Tuxedo Mask is fighting with us! Look! [points to Tux... who throws a black rose at Sukia... which has no effect... of course]

Sailor Jupiter
Do you want to fry Robyn as well?

Sailor Sun [starting to think about it] But we just can't sit here. What if Tuxedo-Bass hurts her?

Sailor Moon [turning to Sun]
That's MASK! He's my Darien! [pouts] and no one's gonna hurt either of them!

Sailor Sun [puts her hands up]
Ok, ok! Tuxedo Mask... Anyway... I've never seen you so serious!

Sailor Moon
Ok, ah.. Mars, me and Venus will try to stop Tuxedo Mask... Jupiter, Mercury and Sun, you guys, stop Robyn, or Suk- ah..., whoever... Ok?

{"If only she could be this way all the time!"}

Aphrodite [jumping down with locket]
I'll stay with Luna and Artemis... we'll guard your locket, Serena... [smiles at her]

Sailor Moon
Ok... Ready to go team?!

All the Scouts [except Sun]

Sailor Sun
{"Boy do I feel like a Fruit-Loop."}

Sukia [throws a 'rose-shaped-shadow-thing' at Tuxedo Mask]
How do you like it? Cape-Boy?!

Tuxedo Mask [getting hit in the shoulder with the 'rose']
Ahhh! [groans] What the-?

Sailor Sun [sees he's bleeding a little, and the rose disappear]
We may have a problem... She can do the same thing as Sailor Shadow... only now, the attacks are more powerful...

Sailor Jupiter
Mercury, any weaknesses you can make out?

Sailor Mercury [taps on her Mercury computer]

Sukia [seeing the Scouts]
I see you want to play too! [tosses a black fireball at the group]

Sailor Jupiter
Everyone, duck... [Everyone else was already hitting the ground when Jupiter finished her sentence]

Sailor Sun [landing right in front of the computer screen]
Hey, Guys, I have a idea...

Sailor Mercury [looking at Sun]
What's that?

Sailor Jupiter
Would be nice if you shared it...

Sailor Sun [picking up Mercury's computer]
According to this.. That's Robyn...

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Sun
No, I mean, literally.. It's Robyn, not Shadow.

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Sun
SO.... I think If we can get her to transform, we can get her confused enough, with two sets of the same powers, to take her down.

Sailor Mecury
It could work, but if we're wrong...

Sailor Sun
Let's try to be positive...

Sailor Jupiter
But how do we get her to transform?

Sailor Sun
How, else, [smirk] 'Shadow Power'

* * *
[Meanwhile Sailor Moon and the others approach Tuxedo Mask, who is laying on the ground with his wound]

Sailor Moon [running over and touching him]

Tuxedo Mask [sitting up slightly]
Leave me alone, Sailor Moon...

Sailor Moon [getting a bit teary and forcing herself to speak]
Darien! You're hurt! I'm going to take care of you! And you can't stop me. [reaches towards his shoulder]

Darien [Grabbing Sailor Moon's hand with his good arm]
Go, away!

Sailor Moon [forcing his head to face her]
Listen to me! I don't care what you do to me! I'm going to take care of you!

Sailor Mars
Sailor Moon...

Sailor Moon [facing Mars with a angry face]

Sailor Mars [scared and speechless]

Sailor Venus [surprised as well]
Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon [thinking quickly... another first for today... rips a strip of cloth from her skirt]
Here. [she wraps his shoulder as best she can with him wiggling around...]

Darien [speechless]

Sailor Moon
Just sit still.

* * *
Sailor Jupiter [yelling]
Guys! Could ya help- [sees Moon] What is she doing?!

Sailor Sun [looks over]

* * *
Sailor Moon [tying the knot]
Stay still... for a little rose... it did a lot of damage...

Darien [totally confued]
But I'm your enemy... why do you care?

Sailor Moon
Because... your my...

Sailor Mars
Ah.. Sailor Moon, maybe we should move before Robyn, I mean, Sukia comes back...

Sailor Moon [sighs]
Darien... [looks over at the others, then back to him] Please don't go away again... [she gets up]

Sailor Venus [pulls Moon]
Come on! [They all get over with Sun, Mercury and Jupiter...]

Sailor Mars [looks at Sun]
So what's going on?

Sailor Sun [briefing the others]
I'm willing to bet that, that thing is pulling on Robyn's charactisics... e.g. her Sailor powers... I don't see a reason why not her character, er, personality....

Sailor Mars

Sailor Sun
Soooo... Remember how much trouble she thought she had making friends, when we first met...?

Sailor Mercury [trying to catch on]
You're saying maybe that thing is overpowering Robyn by making her believe we still don't care?

Sailor Sun
No, I think, that if we get her to think were not really her friends, it will be easier to get her to say Shadow's power phrase.

Sailor Moon [confused]
But shouldn't we try to get her to believe that we are her friends?

Sailor Jupiter
Yeah, I'm a little confused...

Sailor Sun
No, she already knows that were her friends... and it's not getting us anywhere. If we pretend not to be her friends, then I'm hoping she'll try harder to impress us... We hint to using Shadow's power and when she does...

Sailor Mercury [still not being totally optimistic]
If it backfires?

Sailor Sun
If it backfires... well, I don't think were going to have to worry about it....

Aphrodite [runs over from Luna and Artemis]
We want to know what you're doing... while you chit chat... she's destroying the city! [looks at Sukia] and we're losing Robyn!

Sailor Sun
Aphrodite, what would happen if we take the pendent away from Robyn, while she's posessed?

Aphrodite [concerned and surprised]
I'm not sure... I hope it would throw a monkey wrench in this...

Sailor Sun
Ok, then that will be the goal.

But?! What if-

Sailor Sun [stopping her]
Enough with the "what if's"! Come on! Do you guys want Robyn back? Or would you like that [points to Sukia] with us forever?!

Sailor Moon
Ok, let's go for it.

Sailor Sun

[All the scouts turn to face Sukia]

Sukia [seeing this, contentedly]
Aah! You're ready to die now, I see?

Sailor Sun [mockingly]
You couldn't kill a lame fly... {"Alright, Brad... that was totally pathetic!"}

Sukia [surprised]
A lame fly, eh? [throws a fireball at her with a growl... too quickly to dodge...] One down! Next voluteer! [smirks]

[Sailor Moon backs up seeing that didn't go all that well...]

Sailor Mars [defiantly]
You know, Robyn, we never were your friends... we put up with you because we had to!

Sukia [in more of Robyn's voice, but echoish]
I knew you never cared! How could you?! No one loved me! [Shrieks and throws a rose at Mars, which hits her in the stomach]

Sailor Sun [taking another turn]
{"Well, maybe it wasn't so pathetic after all..."}Actually, I'm glad you turned into a monster... no one asking why. Sun Flame Strike! [Sun uses her powers and sideswipes Robyn]

Sailor Moon
{"I'm not sure if she's pretending or really feel that way... but I guess it's my turn to do something"} [puts her hand on her tiara] Moon Tiara Magic!

Sukia [catching the tiara]
A little frisbee isn't going to do anything to me! [charges it with her own powers] Shadow Tiara Magic! [the tiara spins unbelievably fast and strikes Moon down, hard]

Sailor Jupiter [talking to herself]
This is getting us nowhere.

Aphrodite [wanting to try]
Sukia! Tell me, what is that great power you use? [hoping]

Sukia [answering]
All my powers are great...

Sailor Sun
{"Damn it!" This isn't going to be as easy as I thought!"}

Robyn [inside Sukia, wanting to help her friends, but feeling helpless, uses a last ditch effort, hoping Aph can hear her]
{"Aphrodite! Help! I know you can hear me! What's happened?"}

Aphrodite [hearing Robyn as a echo in the back of her head, confused]

Sailor Sun [still avoiding attacks]
{"Time to make the kill"} You know why you can never beat us...

Their is no why.

Sailor Sun
Because, your no longer a Sailor Scout, and we have no feelings for people who aren't Scouts...

Sukia [sounding a more like Robyn]
But, I am a scout.... Shadow Power! [A flash surrounds her, she wears a totally black scout outfit...]

Sailor Moon

[Sailor Sun , now able to see the pendant hanging from her neck yells to Mercury who is closer]

Sailor Sun
Mercury, the pendent!

[Mercury instictivly follows the plan and grabs and pulls the pendant from Sukia, while she trys to use her powers]

"Sailor Shadow"
What...? [before anyone realizes Mercury's success Sailor Shadow loses her powers and a girl knees on the ground, not Robyn, but a black haired, girl.]

Fools! You don't get it, do you... I'm now the owner of this body!

Sailor Sun
Oh, boy, this is bad.

Sukia [standing up and prepares to attack again]
Take this... [all the scouts prepare for an attack, but nothing happens] What?! My powers...? [She turns and evilly stares at Mercury] My pendant!

[Robyn's voice is at the back of Aphrodite's head again... weaker, but there]

Aphrodite [yelling, suddenly]
Sailor Moon! Your wand!

Sailor Sun [looks at Aphrodite]
What?! Where?

Aphrodite [leaping at Sukia, now more human...]
Mroooow! [pounces and scratches Sukia's face]

Luna [screaming]
Aphrodite! [looks at Moon] Sailor Moon! Use your wand! NOW!

Sukia [knocks Aphrodite across the street...]
Nothing will save your friend! She's gone! I am here... Deal with it! [Dives at Sun... just because...]

Sailor Sun [Realizing she's powerless]
Guys, grab her.

[Jupiter runs up and tackles her, harshly, causing her to go lose consciousness]

Sailor Sun
I said grab her... not kill her...

Sailor Jupiter [blushes]
Sorry... what do we do with her now?

Sailor Sun
I don't know...

Sailor Mars
What? What do you mean you don't know.

Sailor Sun
As soon as we got the pendant away, I thought she'd turn back to normal.

Sailor Moon
So, Is Robyn trapped inside her [she points to Sukia]

Sailor Venus
Try using your healing power...

Sailor Moon
Um, ok... Moon Healing... ACTIVATION! [the light simply washes over her... but does nothing except chage the outfit from an all black Sailor Scout uniform to Robyn's street clothes...]

Sailor Sun
Oh boy...

Sailor Venus
She's not changing back.

[Luna, Artemis and Aphrodite join the Scouts]

Sailor Mars
Luna, what's going on here?

Aphrodite [worried]
I think what we're dealing with is a lot more powerful than anything your wand can heal... I was hoping not...

Sailor Mercury [suddenly able to hear Robyn's voice as well as Aphrodite now]
{"Help me, guys! Get rid of that witch!"} Hunh?! Robyn?

Luna [noticing Mercury]
Mercury, is something wrong.

Sailor Mercury
I thought I heard, Robyn.

Aphrodite [perks her ears up]

* * *
[Darien staggers down an alley away from the battle, holding his shoulder, still wrapped in the cloth from Sailor Moon's skirt]

Darien [weakly]
{"What's wrong with me? I feel like I should have helped them... Why do I seem to care about what happens?"}

* * *
What do you mean...

Sailor Sun
Actually, while were on the subject, [she kneels down beside Aphrodite] of what we mean... Why did you take Sailor Moon's brooch, run off, and scare the living hell out of us?

Aphrodite [looking down]
I thought I told you! [looks at Sun] I knew you'd follow me... I could sense where Robyn was... you all thought I was nuts! No one listened to me! Besides, Serena was so out of it... we would never have gotten her attention... would we?

Sailor Sun
Yea.. I guess your right... [getting serious] but, anymore funny stuff, without telling us, and your in the kitty-cage. Got it?

Aphrodite [shivers]
I'll try to remember that...

Sailor Jupiter [carrying Sukia on her back]
She's getting heavy... come on!

Sailor Venus
So, what's the next step?

Sailor Moon [looks at Venus]
Your place?

Sailor Mars
How about the temple...

The temple would be the best place... It's bigger and quieter {"Plus, I'm getting tired of Aphrodite getting into my stuff."}

[The girl transform back into street clothes and run to the Temple]

* * *
Bay [looking at Sukia]
You know, she doesn't look so terrible now...

That's cause she's not trying to kill us!!!!


Guys, how are we going to get Robyn back?

Bay [holding her hand to her chin]
If there was some way to seperate them...

Amy [with the pendant in her pocket]
I think that's actually the point we're trying to get to!

{"Can anyone hear me? Destroy her!"}

Amy [stopped]
Robyn???? Destory?

Bay [looking back and seeing Amy has stopped]
Amy, what's up?

Aphrodite and Amy
Robyn said destroy her! [they look at each other] Hunh?

But if we do that... She'll die.

Bay [holding her head]
Wait... Robyn said?

Aphrodite [sighs]
I've been hearing her in the back of my head since we got to the battle...

Amy [looks at Aphrodite]
I've heard her since... [realizing] I grabbed the pendant! [holds it to Bay]


Amy [forces the pendant into Bay's hand]

Bay [now hearing Robyn]
Hunh? Where is she?

Amy [questioningly]
In the pendant???

You think they switched places?

Makes sense...

I guess...[thinking really hard] {"Robyn, Can you hear me... Are you in the pendant"} [She waited a minute] Nothing.... Maybe your wrong... [Bay put the pendant on and then took it off quickly] Whoa, Freaky...


Bay [puts the pendant on Serena]
See for yourself.

[By wearing the pendant, Serena suddenly develops a strong hatred for Sukia, a sense of lost friends and an annoyance with Bay]

Serena [Annoyed]
Bay... I wish you'd quit with the hot dogs...

Bay [totally confused]
I didn't say anything about... Robyn?

What!? What are you talking about now Bay.

Robyn is that you?

Bay, what are you doing?

Robyn, was kind of mad at me eailier about some hot dogs...

Bay! It's me Serena....

Then why???

Serena [Taking off the pendant]
Because those hot...[the pendant being totally off] ...what was I saying...

Bay [scratching her head]
Woah... It didn't do that to me...

Rei [grabbing the pendant from Serena]
You guys! There's nothing special [clasping the pendant shut on her neck and stopping...]

Bay [staring]
What's wrong, Rei?

Rei [closing her eyes]
I can feel her prescence... this is weird...

Feel her presents... [looks at Lita and Bay, both with equally puzzled looks.]

Ah.. Rei...


Amy [thinking]
Rei's the one most in tune with the spirit realm... She was a templemaiden before she was a Scout...

Yea, so... Robyn's not a spirit?

Rei [sort of meditating]
We don't know that... for sure... so... be QUIET!!!

Bay [feeling kind of stupid. Then realizing]
Hey, She's not dead or anything....

Rei [looking over to Bay]
No, but Sukia is and she trapped her in the pendant... I heard her even over everyone's QUESTIONS!


So how do we get her out?

I'm not sure... we should destroy Sukia... or this may happen again!

Bay [see where this is going]
Whoa, If we get her [points to Sukia] Then were will Robyn go?

Serena [totally confused]
I'm lost... could we rewind and play that all again?

Yea... I kind of need a rebrief on that too.

Rei [angrily]
What's to rebrief?! Robyn's trapped inside her pendant! Sukia put her there... we've got to get rid of Sukia and bring Robyn back!

[Everyone has teardrops and there is dead silence, Serena and Bay have dumbfounded looks as well]

Bay [still a tad unsure]
So, Robyn's inside that... [she points at the pendant] and Sukia is using Robyn's body as her own.

Rei [exstatic that someone understands]

Bay [sarcastically]
Ah, this makes all the sense in the world... I don't know why I didn't see it sooner.

Rei [hits Bay in the back of the head]
Be serious.

OWWW.. [angry] I said 'STOP DOING THAT'.

Aphrodite [laying her head on Sukia's body]
{"This isn't getting us anywhere..."} [sighs]

* * *
Darien [still in that alley... still going over what happened...]
{"Sailor Moon: I love you Darien!"} Why does she love me? [growls angrily] Love will be the death of you... Sailor Moon...

[Malachite suddenly appears]

SO I see you failed....

I did no such thing!

Let's hope not, we both know what Queen Beryl does to traitors. [He disappears, smiling at Darien]


* * *
(Back to the Scouts)

All joking aside, what are we supposed to do?

Aphrodite [starting to cry]
I don't know... I wish I could have stopped it before this whole mess started... [sniff] I was too chicken! [buries her head in Robyn/Sukia's Skirt]

That's Ok, were both to blame for this... But Lita's right, we need to figure out a way to get things back to normal, Aph...

Aphrodite [still sobbing]
But how?!

Rei [worried]
If we were to switch them... and shatter the pendant's crystal... what would happen to Robyn's Sailor Powers?

That wouldn't work.... If Robyn is trapped inside the pendant, then destroying it would be like destroying her...

No, silly, after we were to trap her [points to Sukia] in it... Releasing Robyn!

We'll lose Sailor Shadow's powers, without something to transfer them into before hand...

Mina [looks down and remembers the story of Sailor Shadow and her pendant...]
[sadly] Yeah... we wouldn't want her to give everything like she did a long time ago...

Serena [holds out just the Silver Crystal]
Luna? Could my Silver Crystal store them?

Unfortunatly not... We need a power gem or something that doesn't have any Scout powers already...

What about a quartz crystal... or an Amethyst?

Luna [eyes lighting up...]
That would work, do you have one?

Yes... an amethyst... at the temple... but we can't all go... we may lose this witch again!

You go get it, we'll watch her.


Rei [starts to run off, but stops and turns her head]
Luna. Would you come too? I may need some help...

Luna [confused]

Bay [Watching Rei run off]
Now I won't be hit in the head anymore... [Lita Comes up behind her and hits Bay in the back of the head] OWWW! [turning and seeing Lita] What you do that for?

Just wanted to remind you that there's still four of us here...