Sailor S
Episode 11 Chapter 1

"Revival Of The Past"

(Bay and Robyn are discussing a mud fight they'd had yesterday... talking about the mess they'd made not only in the Temple.. but on the other girls as well as themselves!)

That's soooo true... we love messes don't we? [smiles]

Bay [laughing]
Yeah... I had to clean the one in the Temple...

Robyn [looking at Aphrodite, who's nosing in the closet]
You should see the messes I have to clean up after her!

Bay [snickering still]
He, he, he. I don't have a cat..

Robyn [grinning]
Lucky... Aphrodite's a pain in the [feels a pain in her butt...] OW! Yup... [rubs her butt]

Bay [snickering again]
At least this time I'm not getting the beating...

You want to get whacked again?! Ok! [Smiles and lightly tosses a mad Aphrodite at Bay]

Bay [knocking Aphrodite away, gently]
Oh, ha, ha, ha...

Robyn [Sticks tongue out... and notices Aphrodite disappeared awfully quickly]
Hey, where'd Aphrodite go? She was just by the... [looks down with her hand to her head] window...

Bay [laughing loudly but not at what Robyn just said...]

Robyn [turns red]
I suppose you think a runaway is funny?! [crosses her arms and frowns]

Bay [realizing what Robyn just said... she drops her head]
I'm sorry.... I wasn't-

Robyn [getting up, waves her hand at Bay]
Nevermind... Are you gonna help me find her?!

Bay [scratching her head]
Sure... {"Where would I be if I was a talking cat?... probably getting a hot DOG"}

Robyn [frowns]
She's never run away like that before...

Bay [looking off into no where]
{"There's a Hot dog stand down the street a little, and I am a little bit hungry, myself."} Oh, what? I'm sure she's fine, she's a smart cat... [still thinking about hot dogs] Want to grab a bite, down the street? Maybe we'll see Aphrodite.

Robyn [thinking]
Well, ok... {"yeah, I and I might trip over a rabbit..."} [snickers at the thought]

Boy am I starved...

Robyn [calling]
APHRODITE!? {"Like she'd answer me... She's prolly still mad at me for having to give her that bath last night... It was her fault! She knocked the soda over onto herself!"} [frowns and keeps looking]

Well, here's the hot dog stand, {"humph, no talking Cats... Oh well, they lose."} [pulls her wallet from her back pocket]

Bay, I'm worried. Would she runaway for say ... getting a bath after spilling a soda on herself?

Aphrodite?! Nah, she' s probly just off licking herself... {"Mental note: Ask Aphrodite why cats do that..."} She's not like a dumb alley cat or nothing.

She's only a year old! Well.. she was born on mother's day last year... anyway... she's a kitten and she doesn't know Tokyo!

Bay [while dressing her hot dog]
Like I said, she's not just an alley cat. She has enough common sense to stay out of trouble. [sees out of the coner of her eye something moving]

Robyn [under her breath]
I hope ya choke on that thing...

Bay [Speaking with her mouth full]
What?! [gulps it down and looks off in the direction of the movement] Say, what's that?

Robyn [sighs and looks where Bay pointed]
What's what?

Bay [chomping down on the last of her dog]
I don't know, but it's coming this way fast.... Oh, did you want one too?

Robyn [waves her hand]
No thanks. [looks back to the area she was just looking at] I still don't see it...

[a black cat pounces onto Robyn from seemingly out of nowhere (to her)]

Robyn [on the ground looking up at]

Luna [out of breath and in a panicky voice]
Have either one of you seen Aphrodite?!

No, she's- [looking in the direction same direction as earlier]... wait... there she is... being chased by one... two... about five other cats!?

Robyn and Luna [both look]

Where'd she go so-

Why is she being chased?! [runs off after the large group of cats, and sees Aphrodite has something in her mouth...]

[Aphrodite jumps into Robyn's arms. Scared out of her wits... but turns very suddenly when:]

{"Makes perfect sense to me. Talking cat... Hot Dog stand... I knew she'd be here."} Hey, Aph, what's going on?

[without opening her mouth, she growls at Bay]

Chill! What's this? [Robyn lets one of her arms loose and reaches for the object in Aphrodite's mouth. Aphrodite struggles and scratches Robyn across the face] Ah! Ouch... [grabs the left side of her face, which is now bleeding...]

Whoa! Hold it! [Bay quickly takes off her jacket and bundles Aphrodite up in it. The small cat struggles to get loose] Ok, Aph, I won't let you go until you tell me what's going on.

What's gotten into you?

[Mrowling and hissing coming from the coat... then a low, female voice comes from inside... very much NOT Aphrodite's!]
Let me out of this thing! It won't stop me long! I'll be free before you know it! [evil laughter]

Stop you?!? Free?! What's going on here?

Robyn [removing her hand from her slash... has some blood on her hand]
Aphrodite? What's gotten into you? I mean it!

Yea, why were those alley cats after you, why did you cut up robyn, and most important....[everyone is held in supense] .. Do you want this last hot dog, I'm stuffed.

BAY! Enough with hot dogs! [grabs her head] I feel kinda sick...

Aphrodite [scratches through the bottom of the jacket and takes off, but drops the item she was carrying with a clink]
Later, losers! [laughs]

Luna [seeing Robyn's face]
We'd better take care of that cut... you look horrible... have you eaten?

Robyn [pulling herself together]
Of course I ate! Just not one of those HOT DOGS! [frowns]

Bay [Now seriously concerned]
Luna, we better get her to the hospital, make sure she hasn't contracted rabies or something from Aph.

Robyn [realizing what Bay said]
I'm not going to any hospital... Aphrodite doesn't have Rabies! [frowns and looks in the direction she ran]

Bay [getting very serious from her Hot dog urge]
Robyn, I'm not going to argue with you... You can either go with Luna to the Hospital, and get checked out... And I'll see if I can get Aph... [drifts off...]

Robyn [crossing her arms]

Or, I drag you to the Hospital, kicking and screaming, and no one goes after Aphrodite....

Robyn [frowns]
I'd rather walk... [turns and follows Luna, watching Bay walk away] {"I trust Aphrodite... I will not go to the hospital... besides, they'd just try to kill her..."} [when Bay's out of sight, she suddenly drops her communicator onto Luna and runs off]

Bay [Picks up the object Aphrodite had (with a black leather glove she had in her pockets) and starts to go after the cat]
This crystal must be a clue to why Aphrodite's acting strange. I better find her before the pound does!

[Bay continuing down a dark alley, notices a few of the Alley cats seem to act the same way as Aphrodite. hissing and growling at anyone or thing that moved... and they almost all had a scratch or bite mark somewhere visible...]

{"This is kinda creepy... Something is up!"}

* * *
[Meanwhile, Luna is carrying Robyn's communicator and running after her]

Luna [stops, huffing and puffing, she drops the communicator and yells]
Robyn! Stop!

Robyn [ignores Luna]
{"Why do I feel so dizzy?"} [she keeps going and turns into the park]

Artemis [sees Robyn running from Luna and he enters the chase]
Luna, what's going on?

Luna [stops and drops the communicator again. Still huffing and puffing, she explains]
Aphrodite's ... gone ... crazy! Scratched... Robyn...

Artemis [finding what Luna's yelling hard to believe]
Luna, I'll follow Robyn, you get the others.

Luna [panting, and smiling]
Thank you, Artemis! [opens Robyn's communicator] Attention! All Scouts! Come in! This is Luna!

* * *
Rei [With Lita At a Gym]
What's up Luna?

Lita [concerned]
You look rough, Luna...

* * *
Amy [putting down some books]
Amy here.

* * *
[Serena's sleeping on her bed, not hearing the call]

* * *
Mina [Stops something she was cooking... er, burning...]
Mina here... [coughs...]

* * *
Bay [surprised]
What's wrong?

* * *
Luna [explaining]
Robyn's run off... she has a scratch that she received from Aphrodite who is acting completely opposite from herself...

* * *

* * *
I'm tring to find her right now, but no luck.

* * *
Serena [waking up... realizing her communicator's going off...not her alarm clock]
"YAWN!" [opens communicator] What's wrong now, Luna?

* * *
Luna [yelling and waving her paw at Serena's question]
Serena! What are you doing sleeping at 4 in the afternoon!? [sighs] Nevermind... just get to either Bay's location, or the park! Artemis and I need help catching up with Robyn... Bay should have help with Aphrodite... if found!

* * *
Hunh? What's going on?

* * *
Serena... NOW!

* * *
Ok, Ok, I'm going. [turns off the communicator] Yeesh! Boy, she's grouchy...

* * *
Luna [closes the communicator after everyone goes off, and looks into the sky at the crescent moon, that's visible in the dusk sky]
Robyn, I hope you're still ok... You too, Aphrodite... [picks up communicator and runs off]

* * *
[Bay still running toward the best possible path that Aphrodite would have taken.]

{"She could be anywhere! If she turned into anywhere and hid, I would have passed her."} [just commenting out loud] Next Time, I drag her kicking and screaming... [frowns]

* * *
Robyn [stopping and falling to her knees by a tree]
I know I'm in shape! What's wrong with me?! [pants a little] Maybe if I catch my breath... [hears voices from where she ran from] Oh, man! [gets up and takes off again]

* * *
Rei and Lita [both walking in the alleyways]
Robyn? Aphrodite? Where are you?

Rei [to Lita]
This sucks! We could be in the sauna with those cute guys, back at the gym!

Lita [replying]
Ah, come on Rei, the Moon is out, the air- [takes in a deep breath, and then realizing how much it smells...] Your right, this sucks... C'mon...

* * *
Amy [seeing Bay]
Bay, over here!

Bay [rushing over to Amy]
Amy, am I glad to see you! Did you see Ahprodite?

Amy [shaking her head]


Amy [stating simply]
We could just use the trackers on the commincator to find them.

Bay [realizing she was right]
Amy, your a genius! [Bay, not thinking, kisses Amy on the cheek and opens up her communcator. Amy just stood there, kind of surprised]

* * *
Luna [hearing the communicator in her mouth beeping differently, opens it.]
What is it?

* * *
Bay [realizing...]
Damn! Robyn tossed hers...

Amy [looking at hers]
But Aphrodite is really booking! This way! [takes off]

Bay [looks at Amy and realizes what she did]
{"Damn! I shouldn't have kissed her... that was stupid, now she's going to think I'm strange or something"}

Amy [running and thinking about Bay's kiss]
{"That was strange... maybe it's a custom were she comes from."}

[Behind Robyn, Serena sees a figure moving away]

Serena [calling]
Robyn, that you? Robyn!

Robyn [still running from familiar voices]
{"Why do they want me? I know I said I'd rather walk... but this is stupid!"}

Serena [starts to join the chase and sees the others who already are!]
Hey guys! [points and asks] You all after Robyn?

All [they stay running]

Serena [huffing and puffing (Well, she ran from her house to the park... halfway through the park... now running again! You'd huff and puff too!)]
What's wrong with her anyway?

Rei [not looking back]
According to Luna, Aphrodite's acting weird, and scratched Robyn... then instead of going to the hospital like she said she would, she runs off...

Serena [surprised]
What? She doesn't usually act like that... Bay, yes, Robyn... well, she's usually so ... dependable!

Luna [who had given the communicator to Lita]
Yes, well... Aphrodite was acting VERY strangely... I think it may be why Robyn ran off too...

Do you know what's wrong with Aphrodite?

No, I talked to her when she had run away from Robyn's house... I caught her sneaking out of the window... I asked her what was wrong, she looked at me, and suddenly arched her back, hissed, and leapt over me... When she did, I noticed her pick something up from the ground behind me... I couldn't see what it was...

Where is the object now?

Luna [sadly]
No clue...

I hope Ami and Bay are having better luck then we are.

* * *
(Bay and Amy NOT having better luck... at least in their minds... are still following Aphrodite's trail which stops nearby them... suddenly)

Amy [surprised, she stops]
Bay! She stopped... near here.

Ok, any idea where.

No, [she breathes in and gets ready to yell] APH- [Bay puts her hand over her mouth] -rummmph!

Bay [seriously]
Trust me Amy, Aph. doesn't want be found.

Amy [surprised, removes Bay's hand]
What do you mean? Why? What's wrong with her?

Bay [thinking a moment]
I don't know for sure... but this may be a reason... [pulls out crystal after putting a glove on]

Amy [gasps]
Wow... What is that? [reaches for it]

Bay [pulling it back a little]
I wouldn't touch it without gloves... use your computer and analyze it...

Ami [pulls out her Mercury computer]
Oh my! It's a Negaverse Crystal!

Bay [surprised]
Negaverse Crystal? I don't recall seeing any of these.

It must have been left over from Nephlite.

Nephlite...? You mean that dude that Serena wrote...[Remembering Serena's diary] I mean, told me about.

Amy [looking at her screen]
Yes, it could be... or it could be Zoisite's... Either way, we're in trouble if Aphrodite was affected... and Robyn may be in danger too... [closes her computer]

It figures, the 'DEAD' bad guys are still out to get us... [frowns]

Amy [lookes at Bay and walks down an alley]
{"I hope not..."} [whispers] C'mon... Aphrodite's this way...

OK... [And she follows Amy]

* * *
Robyn [diving behind a bush on the side of the path she was on]
{"This is definitely NUTS! What are they trying to prove?!"} [hears them all pass by and relaxes for the first time in about an hour] {"Wow... I really overdid it... I feel so tired."} [panting, she thinks out loud] What was wrong with Aphrodite?

* * *
Aphrodite [running, falling to the ground like Robyn did, panting and short of breath]
{"What happened?"} I don't feel good... [pants] What did I do? [looks at her paw and sees blood on it] Uh-oh... this can't be a good thing...

* * *
[Amy and Bay walk by the set of Boxes Ahprodite is in.]

She's close.

Aphrodite [jumps out in front of Amy and Bay, kinda weakly]
Guys... [Both Amy and Bay jump back...]... What... [before Aphrodite could continue, she was quickly wrapped up in Bay's jacket (again) This time Bay wrapped it up tight so Aphrodite couldn't move.]

Ok, Aph., this time, try not to ruin my jacket.

Aphrodite [a bit muffled]
I couldn't if I wanted to, Bay...[a weak sigh]

Remind me to show you the hole in it, later. First we got to get you to a Vet or something.

Amy [getting on her communicator]
Guys, we got Aphrodite.

Lita [on the other end...]
Great... now could you help us find Robyn?!

I really think we should get Aph to a doctor or something... or at least into a kitty-cage, until we know she's not going to go nuts on us again.

Bay, If you stick me in a cage.... I will go nuts!

Bay [smirking]
{"Like you were before?"} We've gotta do something with you, Aph.

Aphrodite [a little mad]
Well, you could quit calling me that! Or, you could put my leash on and I'll help you find Robyn... But... I'm really tired... [yawns]

Bay [thinking]
I'm not too sure, I mean, you could go bananas on us again.

Amy [commenting]
Then again, she could be your best chance to find Robyn....

Bay [thinks for a minute]
Yeah, I guess your right.

[In a few minutes, Aphrodite was happily walking in front of Bay, with a rope, that Bay had, tied to her collar. Bay had tied her jacket around her waist in case she has to get to it quickly...]

{"Boy, I feel like a Dweeb. Walking a little kitten. I hope none of my old friends see me..... Come to think of it, none of my old friends would know who I am..."}

Aphrodite [happy to be free of the coat... but still not feeling good...]
Where did she go to... [looks back] I mean when she took off?

The others said they saw her...


Rei [from in front of them... they were at the other end of the park!]
She was in front of us a moment ago! Whe could she have disappeared- [sees Bay, Amy and-] Aphrodite!?

Aphrodite [looking at Rei]
Why so surprised? What did I do?! {"I mean, I know there was blood on my claws... but..."}

Bay [confused]
You really don't know?

Aphrodite [lays down on the grass, and yawns]
No... All I know is... I have some blood on my claws... and I'm very sleepy... [she falls asleep where she laid]

Luna [walks over to her]
Aphrodite? [shakes her with her paw... nothing] Aphrodite!

Mina [checking Aphrodite's pulse]
She's still alive...

Bay [just thinking out loud]
Maybe I should have saved that Hot Dog, instead of chucking it.

What, Bay?

Oh, nothing. Why's she out?

Mina [picking up Aphrodite]
She's so cute when she's asleep... [smiles and realizes she's very limp] but I'll carry her... she's really out of it...

Rei [getting an idea, she snaps her fingers]
Hey! If the same thing happened to Robyn...

Bay [pulling the crystal out of her pocket]
You think this thing-?

Amy [seeing Bay's not wearing her glove]
Bay, your glove! [she hits Bay's hand causing the crystal to fall on to the grass.] I hope this doesn't start you going too... We REALLY don't need you to start again...

Bay [insulted]
What do you mean by that?!

Was that what Aprodite had?

Yes, Luna, I analyzed it and I think it's a Negaverse Crystal.

Sure looks like one. [looks up] What do you mean, you "think" its' a Negaverse Crystal?

Amy [shrugs]
When I analyzed it, it's the closest I could recognize... but there were a few things different... however, it being old would account for most of it...

Artemis [addressing Bay]
Bay, I think you better go home... just for a little while, just to make sure, nothing's going to happen to you.

Serena [suddenly into the conversation]
Shouldn't we try to find Robyn again?!

Yes we should! [looking seriously at Bay] Bay, go home, well call you if we need you.

I'm feeling fine....

Bay, Artemis and Luna are right. Come on, I'll bring Aphrodite. The more time we argue about it, the less time we spend finding Robyn.

Bay [sighs]
I'm only coming because I want to help control that fuzzball if she goes nuts, when she comes to...

(Everyone goes their seperate ways... Bay, Mina and Aphrodite to Mina's place... Luna, Artemis, Serena, Lita and Rei all split up into the park... no one remembering the crystal Bay dropped...)

[Darien appears and picks up the dark crystal left behind... and teleports away with it...]

[Bay and Mina are walking, while Mina carries Aphrodite]

This bites. I make a small mistake and now, I'm booted to the sidelines...

Don't worry, if nothing happens, then we'll go back and join the others.

I'm sorry you got left behind too.

Oh, we weren't left behind... We're just... well, the back-up.

Bay [looks at Aphrodite]
Yeah... well...

* * *
Robyn [sitting against a tree with her head back against it, looking up]
Oh, man... My head is killing me... [hears rustling] {"Not again..."} [stands up - defensively] Who's there?!

[Serena comes out from behind a bush.]
Robyn, it's only me... [Robyn prepares to dart away again] Don't go... no one knows I found you. [Robyn reluctantly sits down]

I'm not going to any hospital, I have to find Aphrodite...

Serena [puts her hands up]
We already did... Mina and Bay took her to Mina's place. Maybe you should go too...?

Darien [jumps from a tree branch onto Robyn ... turn about's fair play, I guess...]
Gotcha... [smiles evilly]

Serena [caught totally off guard]


Darien [holding up the crystal]
Star crystal-!

Serena [pleadingly, she grabs Derien's arm]
Wait! Darien! What are you doing?!

Darien [pushing her to the ground]
Out of my way!

Sailor Mars [alone]
Why don't you come play with me? [Darien turns] I am Sailor Mars. I defend truth, justice, and freedom. On behalf of Mars, you will be defeated.

Sailor Mars!

I don't care who's here! Just get this guy away from me, will ya?!

Darien [turning back to Robyn]
Star Crystal! Transformation!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! [A black cloud forms around them both, Serena starts to cower and jumps behind Mars]

Sailor Mars [looking at Serena]
Transform, you doofus!

Serena [starting to cry]
But I don't wanna fight!

Sailor Mars [mockingly]
'But I don't wanna fight' ... Congratulations, you won the selfish prize! [smacks Serena] Would you come on?!

Serena [rubbing her head]
Ow! Oooooh... oookaaay... Moon Prism POWER! [she transforms and the two Sailor Scouts look to the cloud... which is dissipating]

Sailor Moon
How did you ever find me anyway.

Sailor Mars
Try answering your communicator more often. Next time I won't have to hunt for you.

Sailor Moon
Humph... [she bites her lower lip.]

[The cloud of smoke disappears and Robyn remains standing with a red tint in her eyes.]

Robyn [in an evil, echoish, female voice]

Sailor Mars
This can't be good... I think you better call the others... I'll try to keep her here...

Sailor Moon
I- don't- Waaaaaaaaaah!

Sailor Mars [sighs]
Nevermind... [pulls out communicator]

* * *
(A few minutes before the communicator would beep...)

Aphrodite [suddenly wakes up and jumps to the windowsill]
Sukia's free! Robyn!!!

Bay [totally lost on this...]

Aphrodite, you must have had a bad dream.

No, she's free! [she starts to run off at high speed when Bay jumps and grabs the rope that's tied to Aphrodite's collar.] Ackkk!

Bay [quickly taking her jacket off again (that jacket's going to be in shreds by the time this story's done.) and wrapping Aphrodite tightly in it]
Ok, Aphrodite, we tried it your way... It's the kitty-cage for you.

Aphrodite [finding the hole she'd made earlier]
Sorry Bay! [takes off too quickly to catch. Stopping only to take off her collar and then runn off towards the park like she has a homing beacon...]

Damn it! She did it again. Come on.

[Both Mina and Bay run after the high speed cat.]

* * *
Aphrodite [running like a bat outta... well... you know]
{"Must... get... to Robyn... before... she's... too far... gone!"} [Hearing the voices and commotion ahead, she continues running]