Sailor Sun
Episode 6, Chapter 3
"I'm Bay!"

[The four are again passed out, the rest of the Scouts realize Malachite is there and stand in front of the four, preventing him from doing anything as he gets up...]

Darien [growls]
You won't win, Scouts! Give up!

Sailor Jupiter [angry]
Back off, Creepo!

Sailor Mars [readies herself to attack again]
Stay away from us, Malachite!

Malachite [goes towards them]
You... will... LOSE!

Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter Thunder-

Sailor Mars
Mars Fire-

Both [together]

[a fiery thunderbolt flies at Malachite and Darien, they teleport away, and we hear them cursing the Scouts]

Malachite [faded]
You may have won this time, Sailors, but in the end... we WILL triumph!

Sailor Sun [starting to wake up]
What happened?

Sailor Moon [sits up, and looks around. She spies Sun]
I'm back! I'm ME! [happily gets up] I'm ME! [giggling]

Artemis [looks around, spies Venus]
We're back! I'm a cat again!

Sailor Venus [opens her eyes and sees blond hair over her face]
Am I back? [she sits up and sees she's human again] I'm ME!

Sailor Sun [the only one NOT rejoicing...]
I guess you guys can go now... I'll just find a way to stay out of this place... And I'll try not to bother you... [she gets up and Sailor Mercury grabs her arm. She turns her head] What?

Sailor Mercury [seriously]
We have to find a way out, Sun... Do you know how to get out?

Sailor Sun [seriously]
The only way I've ever gotten out was those vortex thingies... Last time I tried to create one, I fell on my butt on that roof... [thinks] But I said I'd help you out of this place... [she looks around and sees there's no one around] I'll try, though, Mercury... [she concentrates on that vortex, as before, but this time, it's harder to concentrate...] I can't concentrate... [she looks a little pale]

Sailor Mercury [appreciative]
Try to get one started, Sun... I'll see if I can get it to stay the same way we got in here... [she smiles, hoping to encourage her...]

Sailor Sun [sighs]
Alright, I'll try... This used to be a whole lot easier... [she closes her eyes and thinks about getting out, concentrating on the vortex opening nearby, and one soon starts to open. Mercury quickly starts tapping and hopes Sun can keep it going for a minute longer...]

Sailor Moon [hops, happily]
Keep it up! It's almost there!

Sailor Mercury [stops tapping and taps Sailor Sun]
I've got it, Sun...

Sailor Sun [falls onto her butt]
Ooowww! [she grabs her head] This isn't supposed to happen... I usually get my headache AFTER I leave...

Sailor Jupiter [confused]
What headache?

Sailor Mercury [seriously]
Let's discuss this at home... I can't keep this open much longer!

Sailor Sun [stands up, holding her head and follows Moon, Mars and Venus through]
Oooowwwwww..... [as she appears in the regular world, her head suddenly starts pounding like a bass drum...] YEOW! [she sits, holding her head, rocking on the grass]

Sailor Mercury [the last one through, sees Sun]
What's the matter, Sun?

Sailor Sun [keeps rocking]
Every time I leave the Negaverse, my head starts pounding... but it's never been this bad!

Sailor Mercury [taps on her computer and nods]
I'm reading Nega-Energy in you, Sun... that could be the reason you have a headache...

Sailor Moon [confused]
So... how can she get rid of it?

Artemis [pouting]
She can't! She's a bad guy, end of story!

Sailor Sun [trying to ignore the pain, yells at Artemis]
I just got you guys out of there, didn't I?! Why am I still the bad guy?! I just wanted to stop the Scouts from hurting Lita, Mina and Serena... But when I found out that there was a possibility the Negaverse lied to me, I wanted to know the truth! Then, I found out that You three WERE Scouts, but I didn't know how to get out of the Negaverse for good! I'm still with them because as long as I'm on their side, and in the Negaverse, I'm in no pain... I just want this thing OVER with! [she starts to cry, mostly from the extreme pain after yelling... but a little because she didn't know what the others would do to her now...]

Sailor Jupiter [looked over at Moon]
Maybe your healing power can help her.

Sailor Moon [unsure]

Sailor Sun

Sailor Mercury
Sailor Moon might be able to cure you.

Sailor Sun
Cure me? {"If she cures me, I'll turn back into a guy. And they'll all know."} [quickly standing up] NO, you can't! [She runs away]

Sailor Jupiter [surprised]
Uuuhhh... That... didn't go all that well... did it...?

Sailor Moon [really confused]
Does this mean she want's to KEEP that Nega-Energy Mercury saw in her?!

Artemis [growling]
Of course! She just wanted to make you BELIEVE she was good... she doesn't want to be turned!

Sailor Mercury
Maybe she's afraid she won't be a Sailor Scout anymore.

Artemis [angrily]
Why wouldn't she be?! She was when she betrayed the Moon Kingdom!

Sailor Moon [pouts]
Artemis! I'm sure she wouldnt have done that... A Sailor Scout can't do that...

You don't remember her. She was missing just before the Moon Kingdom attacked by the Negaverse. She was supposed to protect it.

Sailor Jupiter [sighs]
But we were old enough to-

Artemis [interrupts her]
That's not the point! She was the PROTECTOR! You were PRINCESSES... She left the Kingdom open for attack... it had already been hit once while she was gone... When... [she stops] Nevermind... she's gone now...

Sailor Moon [curious]
When what? Who?!

Artemis [glares at Moon]
NEVERMIND! [he runs off in the same direction as Sun... leaving everyone curious...]

Sailor Moon
What should we do?

Sailor Jupiter [starting to chase]
Go after them!

Sailor Mars [running up to them]
HEY! Sailor Moon? [glares] I know you're Sailor Sun! Where are Artemis and Sailor Moon?!

Sailor Moon [surprised]
Reeeeiiii... it's meeeeeee.... SERENA! You know... Meatball Head?!

Sailor Mars [unsure]
I know it's you, Sun...

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mars [looks at Mercury, confused]
Who else?!

Sailor Venus [looks at Mars]
It's me, Mina... Sun got us all out safely... and returned us to normal... Come on... we've got to go after Jupiter!

Sailor Mars[ watching everyone run off]
I miss something?

* * *
[Sailor Sun sitting against a wall in front of a door of a closed store, grabbing her head rocking back and forth]

Sailor Sun
I can't let them do it... if they find out it was me, they'll... My head hurts...

[Sun rocks more back and forth, mumbling to herself. Artemis quickly runs by, with Lita and the others close behind. Lita knotices Sailor Sun in the doorway and quickly stops, resulting in everyone else running into her]

Hey, why'd you stop?!

Amy [seeing Sun]
Sailor Sun?

Sailor Sun
Leave me alone...

[Everyone got back up and kneeled down beside Sun, surrounding her]

Serena [smiling]
Hey! Come on... Cheer up!

Sailor Sun [angrily, holding her head]
How can I cheer up when I feel like I've got someone beating inside my head like a bass drum?!

Amy [simply]
Try powering down... You look like you're in a lot of pain... maybe because of the Nega-Energy... I think it's connected to your Sailor Powers

Sailor Sun [glares, sarcastically]
Oh, gee... that solves my whole problem, thanks... [angrily] And just HOW do I get this ridiculous outfit off?!

You don't know?!

Sailor Sun
I've never been able to figure out how.

Oh... well you just ah.... well... AMY?

Sailor Sun
{"I can't power down with them around. What if I turn back into myself?"}

Amy [thinks]
Well, Let me think... I don't think she has a transformation pen like us... Maybe a brooch like you, Serena... or her locket?

Sailor Sun [surprised]
You know about my locket?!

Amy [blushes]
Yeah... well... [clears her throat] Just try it...

Sailor Sun [nervous, grabs her locket]
I... I.... can I get some privacy for this?

Serena [confused]
Why? You shouldn't be naked... Unless you were naked when you first transformed...?

Sailor Sun [her turn to blush... a little embarrased at the thought]
No.... {"But, I should be wearing what I was when I was kidnapped if I don't go back to BEING myself..."}

Amy [looking at Sailor Sun's concerned face]
Ok, well be just around the corner.

Sailor Sun
Ok. [Everyone leaves around the corner]

Rei [asking the group]
What if she runs away?

Sailor Sun [to herself]
If I change back, you bet I will.

Amy [smiles]
Oh give her some credit! [they turn the corner]

Sailor Sun [takes off her necklace and detransforms as Amy said she would. She started to get ready to run, and realized, to her disappointment, that she was still a girl.]
Great... I- [It hits her what she's wearing...] What the-? {"PINK PANTS?!"} [she screams]

[The others come running]

Serena [turns the corner first]
Sun?! What's wrong?! [sees the outfit] Cool!

Sailor Sun [sees the name on the shirt]
{"Bay.... Bowling?"} What?! PINK?! I HATE PINK!

Serena [Seeing the same marking on the shirt's pocket]
'Bay Bowling?' is that your name?

Bay Bowling???? No.... [sees everyone looking at her curiously] What kind of last name is 'bowling'? My name's [pauses for a second thinking] Bay Smith.

Serena [giggles]
Cool! Bet that's why you got the shirt!

Bay [nervously giggles]
Ah... yeah... [feels her headache is still there, just not as throbbing as it was... still painful, though...]

Amy [seeing Bay put her hand to her forhead]
Is your headache still bothing you?

Ah... yeah...

Serena [happily]
Well, I can still fix ya! [she stands up and gets ready to transform]

Amy [looks back]
Right. [she looks at Bay] Why won't you let Sailor Moon get rid of the Nega-Energy?

Bay [unsure]
Ah... {"Well, My name's not Bay, it's Brad, and I'm really a guy! Yeah... if it was only that easy."} I'm afraid it'll do something to me.


Ah, well.... {"THINK!"} ah.... {"Crap, can't think of anything!"} Ah.... I'm just not sure.

Serena [giggles]
Well... It shouldn't hurt... so... let's go! [she looks around, then throws her hand up] Moon Prism Power!

Bay [grumbles]
{"Aw cripes..."}

Sailor Moon

Bay [while Lita and Rei hold her down]

Sailor Moon
Alright... Moon Healing....

Bay [closing her eyes]
{"They're going to know. I want to be normal again, but not with them knowing."}

* * *
[Serena looked over Bay as she woke up]

Bay? Are you Ok?

Bay [quickly looking at herself]
[quietly] I'm a girl.

Well, you should still be able to turn into a Scout again...

Bay [looking at the others]
My headache's gone.... what happened?

You fainted...

I what?!

It's a side effect of being healed.

Bay [sits up]
It's over?


Bay [standing up]
Well... I guess you guys don't want me around. [Sadly turns away] I'll try not to get in your way...

Rei [smiling]

Lita [yelling back]
Bay.... Wait...

Artemis [growls]
Let her leave if she wants to!

Mina [picks up the cat, clamping her hand over his mouth]
Oh, hush!

[Serena and Lita both run up to Bay as she starts to walk off]

The End..... or is this the beginning???