Sailor Sun
Episode 6, Chapter 2
"Me or You!"

* * *

[In the negaverse, Sailor Sun and Artemis]

Artemis [crouched by the door]
Ok, I see.... 2 things....

Sailor Sun [head against the floor as well]
What? I don't see anything!

Artemis [turns and bangs her head into Sun's]
OW! Serena.... [mumbles]

Sailor Sun [pouts]
I can't help it! I want my Darien back!

Well you may want to get your own BODY BACK FIRST!

Sailor Sun [crosses her arms and pouts]
If you weren't my friend, I'd de-fur you.....

Artemis [glares]
Go ahead and try, Meatball Head...

Sailor Sun
Stop calling me that!

* * *
[Serena walking through the downtown area, looking at the stores]

Damn, no place to get a haircut! Well, I better.... [suddenly she feels her hair pulled back]

Hey Serena, where are you going?

Serena [turns around, angry]
What do you want?!

Calm down, Meatball Head. Amy wanted me to get you. She has a idea on what happened to Artemis.

Serena [smirks at Rei]
{"And a partridge in a pear tree....."} Ok, Mars, we'll go. {"Now, if I remembered this partridge's name...."}

Rei [glares]
You know better than to say that in public, Meatball Head!

Oh, sure... Ah...{"Crap, I forget her name!"}... Well, let's go.

Rei [turns and starts walking]
You sure you don't have spaghetti to match those meatballs?!

Serena [smacking Rei]
Stop commenting on this hairstyle! I think it's annoying! But I can't figure out how to undo it! [pouting, follows Rei]

Rei [glances back]
{"Yup, sunny side up, not just scrambled..."}

* * *
[At Cherry Hill Temple]

Come on Amy... Tell me!

I want to look at Serena first.

If I still had my claws I'd....

Amy [looks at Mina]
Stop that! [looks over] Lita? You see them?

Lita [arms crossed]
I don't care about her, I'm looking for Luna...

Mina [sighs and plops her head onto her arms on the table]

Artemis, what's wrong? You don't feel sick, do you?


Here comes Rei and Serena.

[The two girls walk in]

Here she is.

Serena [nervously]
What's this about?

Amy [walking up to Serena and looking carefully into her eyes]
Blue eyes. She's ok.

Serena [demanding]
What's going on?

Amy figured out how to tell what happened.

From what Luna told me, when the Thought Orb Sun had, broke. Whatever thoughts she was reading, should have swapped with head thoughts... That's why Artemis and Mina, when they were in front of both you and Sun, swapped minds.

So, It was becouse the Orb was broken?

I think so.

How do we... ah, they change back?

I don't know that yet.

So why check eyes?

Mina's and Artemis's eye color switched. Mina has blue eyes, while Artemis has red eyes. Now Artemis's eye color is in Mina's eyes.

So Serena's alright then?

Serena has blue eyes...

What does Sailor Sun have?


I thought it was a light blue.

No, they were green!

I have ah... Green eyes!

[Everyone pauses and looks at Serena]

YOU, have green eyes Serena?

I mean Sailor Sun has green eyes. [nervously] He, he...

[Amy's communicator beeped]

Amy [looking in it]

Is Serena with you guys?

Amy [glimpses at Serena]
She's right here.

What's up Luna?

[Everyone looks at Amy]

Hold her! I think she may be Sun!

Lita [turning around, but not seeing Serena]
Serena... Where'd she go?

Rei [remembers]
Hey! She said she couldn't figure out how to undo her hair...

Lita [angrily]
She was more annoying than usual...

Amy [closes her communicator]
She's getting away!

[They all take off]
* * *
Serena [running at 'light speed']
{"[sarcastically]That was probably the most brilliant move you've ever made, Bradley!"} Oh shut up! I hate my conscience!

[Looking back she saw the others starting to chase her from the temple]

Serena [looking around]
Serena's not in good shape. I've got to hide... [Serena ran by a corner and almost ran into a small group of people waiting for the bus] That's it! [She quickly ran back behind corner and behind a bush] I hope this works... [She pulls the Luna Pen from her pocket] Ah... Disguise power! Turn me into a successful businessman! [A second passes and Serena looked down at herself. She now wore a dark pinkish-red business suit, shoes with raised heels, and a breifcase.] I said businessMAN you.... [she walks out and merges herself into the group.]

Rei [running by]
Where'd she go?

[The others followed with Mina running a little behind]

Guys, slow down! I only learned to walk a little while ago!

A Man [from the group]
Strange children...

[The bus approaches and the group begins to get on...]

[Serena walked on and stoped in front of the driver]

Lady, you have to pay.

Serena [checking her skirt for pockets]
Oh, no...I don't have any change....{"or pockets"}

Driver [quietly]
I don't need this. [to Serena] Just get on!

Oh, ok. [She walked and sat on a empty seat, by the window. She saw her reflection in the window.] {"No weird hair."} [she looks closer at her face] {"What's this stuff on my face?"} [She touched her lips and looked at her finger] {"Ack! Make up, I'm wearing make-up!"}

A young Guy [moves over and sits next to Bay, who's trying to find a tissue or something in the briefcase]
Ah...,Hi... ah... sweetie... Can I help you find what you're looking for?

Serena [half paying attention]
I'm looking for something to get this make-up off with...[ digs, but still doesn't find anything] {"What is this thing?! A black hole!?"}

Guy [puts his hand on Serena's leg]
I'll help ya, Baby...

Serena [looks down on her leg, with the guy's hand on it]
{"What the...?! Oh, my god, this jerk's hitting on me! Think... come on Brad, you were a guy....Guy!"} [stops, smirks, looks up, and closes the briefcase] Alright... but before you go on, there's one little confession I have to make... [grinning]

Guy [smirks]
What's that?

Serena [whispers]
I'm really a guy...

Guy [removes his hand, quickly and turns red]
I'm sorry to have bothered you Miss. I hope you find your lost ring... Sorry I couldn't help. Bye. [he quickly gets up and walks to the far back of the bus]

Serena [smirking]

[Serena suddenly starts to make out someone crying at the back of the bus. A lady with an old man, looked like the world was coming to an end]

My, my Brad's gone....

Serena [looking, quietly]

Old Man [comfortingly]
He'll turn up... the police are hopeful, Sweetheart... Our Brad'll show up again...

Serena [stares, sadly]
{"I'm here... I wish I could come back and hug you guys... God, do I wish this was a dream..."}

It's all my fault! I should have never let him go on this stupid exchage trip!

Old Man [seriously]
It is not your fault, Linda! He wanted to come... Besides, it was a good experience to learn in another country... remember?

Linda [sniffs]
No. I shouldn't have let him come! If he hadn't come, he'd still be with us! [she bawls into the Man's coat]

Serena [quietly]

* * *
Rei [stops]
I think we lost her! [pouts] Damn!

Amy [sighs]
Rei, come on.

Mina [finally catching up]
Where is she?

Lita [staring]
I think she found out how to use the Luna Pen, it's the only way to explain her sudden disappearance!

Luna [nods]
It explains what I told you. Why she was reading the diary...

Amy [nods]
But then, where would she go? The effects of the pen will wear off after a while...

Luna [nodding]
I know, but when did she use it?

I knew she couldn't be trusted!

Lita [turns]
Come on, Artemis...

I told you she wasn't any good.

Rei [grumbles]
I hate her.

Amy [glares at Rei]

Rei [looks at Amy]
I just do... And I always will!

* * *
[Serena gets off the bus with a few people]

Serena [seperates herself]
Ok, now, how am I supposed to reverse this predicament!?

Linda [getting off the bus, crying]
I want my Brad back....

{"Well, I guess it can't hurt to follow Mom. At least see where she's staying."}

[A little while later, Serena's outside a hotel, in the alley, crying]

{"I'm sorry, Momma! There's nothing I can do! I just want to go home!"}

* * *
Ok, we should split up and look for her.

Amy [nods]
Right, the Pen should stop soon, no matter when she used it. Look for Serena. Let's go!

[Everyone splits up]

Mina [walking with Lita]
Ah, what if she uses the pen again?

Let's hope she doesn't think of that.

* * *
Rei [with Amy]
Come on, if we find her, we knock her out!

Rei? I'm not sure about one thing.

What's that?

If this switch occured, because you broke the Orb. What was she relly trying to do?

Rei [shrugs]
I don't personally care. I don't like that girl...

* * *
Serena [as herself, in an alley]
Ok, how do I get my body back?

[Rei and Amy walk by]

Serena [gets an idea]
{"The others!"}

Maybe we better split up. Cover more ground.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

Well, we'll never find her like this.

Amy [sighs]
Alright... [she jogs off, yelling] Contact me if you find her!

Rei [grumbles]
Yeah, right...

Serena [thinking]
How am I supposed to do this?

Rei [stands there]
Ok, now, if I was Sun, where would I run away to and hide....

Serena [holding the Luna Pen]
{"I've been asking myself that for a while..."} [looks at the Pen] {"That's it!"}

Rei [thinks]
Maybe she'd-

A Voice [from behind Rei]
Miss? May I speak with you in that boutique over there? I must talk in private.

Rei [thinking it was a gag]
Oh, guys, come- [turning, she sees a female officer standing there] on.... [looking at the police officer] Yes, officer.

Serena [(Who's the officer, folks!) leading Rei]
It's about your friend, Brad... We have some questions. [as they enter the shop, it seems empty] Just in case, let's step into one of thoses change rooms.

Rei [unsure, but not wanting to argue]
Al-alright, Officer...

(*Note- PLEASE no one E-Mail us asking what kind of boutique this is... OK?! Thanks!*)

Serena [grabs a pair of handcuffs from a rack as they enter the dressing room and puts them behind her back, so Rei can't see them.]
What did you think of Brad?

Rei [totally confused]
Um... well...

Serena [stuffing a piece of clothing in Rei's month.]
I really am sorry. [Serena quickly grabs Rei's communicator and walks out. She turns to a clerk] Someone is cuffed in that change room. Don't let anyone near it, until back up arives.

Clerk [nods]
Right, Officer!

Serena [outside, ducks into an alley]
Now, let's see if this works... How could I change into Sailor Mars...?

Serena [continued]
I guess I'm just going to have to use this pen again.....[She holds up the pen] Disguise Power! Turn me into Sailor Mars....

[Serena now stood, with black hair and a red sailor costume. Looking almost like Mars, with a few slight Serena features.]

Amy [hears the communicator beep]
Rei must have found her! [opens it and sees Mars] Rei?

Serena [on the communicator]
Ah....Amy, get the others and meet me at the park... [She shuts the communicator]

Amy [confused]

* * *
[In the park]

Serena [still Mars]
Now, what do I say? How can I get everyone to the Negaverse, so I can find a way to switch us back?!

Sailor Jupiter [running up to Serena.]
Mars, What's wrong. Why didn't you call me? Why are you just standing there?

Serena [surprised]
Jupiter! We- Ah, we need to get to the Negaverse. Ah, Sun got back there and we have to follow her! Anyone know how to get in? {"Please?!"}

Sailor Jupiter
I don't know... Maybe Mercury will-[she looks closely at Mars] Mars? You look a little different.

{"Oh, no!"} I forgot to shav.... ah, put on my skin cream this morning.

Sailor Jupiter [nods]
Yeah, maybe that's it... [smirks] {"You could probably use a paper bag and get the same effect..."} [she giggles at the thought]

Yeah... funny. {"What's she laughing at?"}

Sailor Mercury [running up]
What's wrong? Where's the fight?

Serena [remembers what she told Jupiter]
Sun got back to the Negaverse. We need a way in... Mercury?

Sailor Mercury [thinking]
Well, I think I may beable to use my computer to trace a vortex back to the source. Then open one for use.


Sailor Mercury
Where did she leave from?

Ah... well... I don't know. We should go back to the site where they took Serena and Mina.

Sailor Jupiter [confused]
You... don't know?

Sailor Mercury [shakes her head]
Forget it, we'll have better luck in a place that we're SURE of! [she runs off, heading towards the rooftop]

Sailor Jupiter
I'll call Venus and tell her.

Serena [watching Jupiter jump towards Mercury]
{"I can't jump that high."}

Sailor Jupiter [looks back]
Come on, Mars!

Serena [yelling back]
I'll be up in a minute.... [she runs to the fire escape]

* * *
Artemis [pouting]
If you hadn't sneezed, we'd have been fine!

Sailor Sun [rubbing her nose]
If you hadn't put your tail in my face, I wouldn't have sneezed!

Artemis [angrily]
If it wasn't for Sailor Sun, I wouldn't HAVE a TAIL!

Sailor Sun
Hey, don't blame me for that!

Darien [knocking on the door]
Sun, we need to talk...

Sailor Sun [looking at Artemis]
It's Darien...

Darien [seriously, closing the door behind him]
It's about your attempts to escape... You know they're futile... why do you bother?

Sailor Sun [lovingly looks at Darien]
I.... [She runs and hugs Darien, crying] Darien!

Artemis [under his breath]
Serena, you're an idiot.

Darien [surprised]
SUN! What are you doing? This won't help you!

Sailor Sun [begging]
Darien! It's ME! Serena! Please! Listen! [bawling] DARIEN!!!!!

Derien [pulling away]
Ah... I'll be back. [Darien rushes out the door, closing it] The Scouts must have scrambled her brains...

Sailor Sun [falls to her knees]
My Darien... Mina... My Darien doesn't believe me! [starts crying again]

What do you expect? You look like Sailor Sun. Who knows how they got along?!

Sailor Sun [pouting]
You're no help!

* * *
Serena [huffing and puffing, finally meets the others on the roof]

Sailor Jupiter [smirking]
It's about time... what took you so long, Rei?

Ah, I pulled something in my ankle earlier. I can't really jump very high.

Sailor Venus (*Don't ask how she got there... she just did!*)
Uh-hunh... Anyway, let's hurry up and get the rest of the Scouts home!

Serena [nods]
Right! {"Gee, they really care for each other, don't they? Maybe being on their side ISN'T a bad thing..."}

Sailor Jupiter
Venus, you ok?

Sailor Venus [smiling]
I gotten use to using two legs.

Serena [smiling]
Come on! Let's get everything back the way it was! {"What am I saying?!"}

Sailor Jupiter [giggling]
Yeah, I bet Mina's getting kind of peeved as a cat.

Sailor Venus [grumbles]
I'll bet Serena's not happy about being Sun!

Sailor Jupiter [nods]
Right! When I get my hands on that sorry excuse for a Sailor Scout, I'll-

Serena [not wanting to know a whole lot more about her possible future]
Could we go?! We should hurry...

Sailor Mercury
Almost got it... [A vortex starts to open up] There!

Sailor Jupiter
Lets go. [she jumps in, Venus follows, and then Serena and Mercury. The vortex starts to close]

Sailor Mars [jumping up to the roof]
Guys... she's Sun.... [she sees the vortex close] No, I missed them...

* * *
[In the Negaverse]

Sailor Mercury [looking around]
This is creepy... I hate this place...

Sailor Jupiter [smirking]
At least we're not carrying Serena around this time! [she turns and bumps Mars, knocking something away from her] Oh, Sorry, Rei, I- [sees what she knocked away] The Luna Pen?!

Serena [with the pen on the floor, she's Serena again...]
Oh, man... Guys, would you just listen to me?! PLEASE?! {"Please listen!"}

Sailor Venus[looking at Serena]
Sun had that!

Well... ah, I got it away from her.

Sailor Jupiter [looking into her eyes]
It's her! [She grabs Serena]


Sailor Jupiter
You have blue eyes, Rei has brown!

Serena [a little freaked]
Please! [she looks at each Scout as she says their name] Lita? Amy? Mina? I mean, Artemis? Please... Would you just hear me out for a minute?!

Sailor Jupiter
Why? More lies?

No... This was all a mistake. All I want is to get my body back, and leave the Negaverse.

Sailor Venus [seeing Serena's costume starting to fade]
She's turning back to Serena.

Sailor Jupiter [now hanging on to a blond ponytailed girl]
What did you do to Mars?

She safe. Safer then us. I left her in a store. I borrowed her communicator, because I need your help.

Sailor Jupiter [unsure]
No. I don't believe you!

Serena [starting to cry]
It's the truth! I was told you guys hurt Lita, Mina and Serena... I thought you were the bad guys! I just wanted to know the truth... I want to be on your side! Please! You've GOT to help me! I'll do anything to help get everything back the way it was! [cries into her hands]

Sailor Venus
She cries like Serena.

I don't... [sniff]... usually cry. I think it's something about being Serena.

Sailor Mercury
If were going to get out of here, we're going to need Sailor Moon.

Sailor Jupiter
What? Let her become Sailor Moon?

Serena [sniffs]
Shouldn't we get the real Serena and Mina? [wipes her face]

Sailor Venus
Do you know how to change us back?

Serena [looking up]
No... I...

Sailor Venus
Well, then why should we get the others?

Serena [stands up]
You don't care about what Buttheads Darien and Malachite do to them?! [gets a look like concern on her face]

Sailor Mercury [looking at jupiter]
Sailor Moon.

Sailro Venus [doing the same]
Sailor Moon.

Sailro Jupiter [pouting]
Oh, alright...


Sailor Mercury
Put up your hand and say 'Moon Prism Power'

Ah... ok.. [put up her hand, unsure] Moon Prism Power!?

[Serena turns into Sailor Moon]

Sailor Moon [looking at herself]
{"Great, fruit-loop time again!"}

Sailor Jupiter [pouting]
Can we hurry up?

Sailor Mercury
Sun, you know this place best. Where to?

Sailor Moon [unsure]
Well, the only place I know of that they would put 'me' in is my cell.... [pouts] stupid Malachite probably sealed up the hole by now... [leads the group towards the hallway, checking for monsters and guards...]

Sailor Jupiter
You were a prisoner?

Sailor Moon
Let's just say I wasn't one of there favorite guests.

Sailor Mercury [curious]
And that didn't bother you? That didn't make you want to leave?

Sailor Moon
I did leave. Only you guys wanted to get back at me. The Negaverse wanted me back.... No one would leave me alone.

Sailor Mercury [kinda sorry she said anything]

Sailor Venus
Well, you attacked the Scouts! What could we do?!

Sailor Moon
Last time we met, you guys interupted me while I was talking to my buddy.

Sailor Jupiter [confused]
Your... buddy?

Sailor Moon
The little kid. We met everyday.

Sailor Venus [skeptical]
Yeah, right... How do we know you weren't trying anything? Like making HIM a bad guy? Or getting him to work for you?!

Sailor Mercury [turns]

Sailor Moon [looks ready to cry again]
Hey! I would never do anything to hurt Tenich! If you guys don't want me around, that's fine! But I said I'd help you get your friends. I'll help you, then, I'll leave!

Sailor Jupiter [stopping at a fork in the path]
Which way?

Sailor Moon
That way, I think.

Sailor Venus
You think?

Sailor Moon
Hey, I was INSIDE the prison, remember?!

Sailor Mercury [tapping]
Ok, I got a reading on some sort of power... [looks at Venus] In the direction Sun pointed...

Sailor Venus
Must be them.

Sailor Jupiter
Mercury, do you have anyway to get them back to normal, or is Mina going ot be a cat for the rest of her life?

Sailor Moon
Hey, what makes you think I want to be this blond bim-[Venus slaps Moon in the back of the head] Hey!

Sailor Venus [crosses her arms]
Then shut up!

Sailor Jupiter [seriously]
Can we just TRY to get along until this is all straightened out? {"Maybe we can find Brad!"}

Sailor Mercury [Coming up to a large door]

Sailor Moon
This is it!

Sailor Jupiter [looking in the eyehole]
There they are, Serena's crying as usual... [Speaking louder] Hey, Serena!

Artemis [looking up]

Sailor Jupiter
We're going to get you guys out.

Sailor Moon [clasps her hands]
{"I hope!"} Come on... There's keys somewhere...

Sailor Jupiter [looking ready to fight]
No time! Jupiter Thunder-

Sailor Moon [stops her]
No! Wait! We don't know if it'll work, Lita... This is the Negaverse... They could have-

So, you've found a way in... well, that's your mistake, Sailors! You'll never make it back out!

Sailor Moon [freezes at the voice and whispers]

Your going to be sorry you came here, Sailor Moon! You and your friends...

Sailor Moon [turns, very angry]
I'm sorry I ever met you! I'm sorry I ever believed you! I'm sorry ANY of this ever happened to me! [out of nowhere] Sun Flame Strike! [a tunnel of yellow flames shoots at Malachite, surprising him, and hitting him hard]

Sailor Mercury [staring, speechless]
Sun... You... stopped him....

Sailor Jupiter [pulling the door]
Nothing's budging!

[They see a bright light surround Moon, Venus, Sun and Artemis]

Sailor Mercury [looks at her computer and closes it]
This is weird... They're all reverting back...

Sailor Jupiter [looks where Malachite is getting up]
An Orb! He had it... It's in pieces now... [turns to Mercury] But... I thought Mars destroyed it?!

Sailor Mercury [confused]
Malachite came in not to long after... Maybe Mars only knocked it?

* * *
[Within a few seconds, all of the the Scouts were in the cell with Sailor Sun and Artemis]

Sailor Jupiter
Where are we?

Sailor Moon [sarcastic enthusiasm...]
Back again, back again, jiggity, jigg...

Sailor Venus
Well this is just great! [puts her hands on her hips]

Hey, keep your hands ah... my hands off the body!

Sailor Venus [taking her hand off her hips]
Sorry Mina.

Sailor Sun [pouting]
I want my Darien! It's too crowded in here! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!

Sailor Moon [covers her ears]
Is she USUALLY at such a high decibel? [slowly gets louder] Or is this just because [yelling] we're all squished?!

Sailor Jupiter
How do we get them back to normal?

Wait, you can't?!

I don't wanna be Sailor Sun.... WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

Sailor Moon
Great move Jupiter.

Sailor Venus
could we use that piece of the Orb, Malachite had?

Sailor Moon [shrugs]
What good is a piece? I only ever knew how to use the Orbs themselves... and it was only by holding them... until I touched one, I didn't even know what they were...

Sailor Jupiter
Well, first things first, lets get out of here... [looks to Mercury] Mercury?

Sailro Mercury
Right. [She pulls out a key and starts to use it on the door]

Sailor Moon

Sailor Jupiter
Mercury grabbed it while you where doing your thing with Malachite.

Sailor Moon [confused]
My THING?! You call whacking Malachite because I'm mad at him a THING?!

Sailor Venus & Artemis
Let's not fight.

Sailor Sun [wipes her eyes]
I wanna go home!

Sailor Moon
What's wrong with you anyway?

Sailor Sun [sniffs]
You're mean! I just want my Darien back and everything the way it waaaaaaassss! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Sailor Mercury [finally opening the door]
Let's go.

Sailor Moon [seeing Sun staying on the bench]
Come on, Serena... You don't want to go now?

Sailor Sun [sniffs]
I want Darien!

Sailor Moon [shocked]
But he's a BAD GUY! Why do you want him?!

Sailor Venus
Guys, I'm all for talking out our differences, but shouldn't we get out of here?

Sailor Moon [nods]
If I have to carry you, I will, Serena... [seriously] You guys have to get home...

Sailor Jupiter [picking up Artemis]
Lets go!

Sailor Sun [following the group]
I want Darien back! We HAVE to rescue him! [she's starting to cry again]

Sailor Moon [smiling at Sun]
Come on... by the time we switch back, I'll be dehydrated if you keep this up, Serena...

Sailor Sun [wipes her face]
Yeah, I guess... Why are you being so nice?

Sailor Moon
Well, you guys are the good guys, right?

Sailor Sun [nods]
Yeah... So?

Sailor Moon [pulls Sun]
Well, then, you just asnwered the only question I needed an answer to! [she sees Amy pick up a large piece of the Orb from the floor] Mercury? What's up?

Sailor Mercury [seriously, still with the Orb]
Well, you did this, maybe you have to reverse it?

Sailor Moon [curious]
You really think so?

Sailor Mercury [taps on her Computer and nods]
Yes, if we can get this thing back together, we can reverse the effects, but, the one who initiated it HAS to reverse it...

Sailor Moon [sighs]
So... that means I have to do it...?

Sailor Venus [angrily]
You're gonna trust her with that thing again?

Sailor Mercury [seriously]
It's the only way, Artemis!

Sailor Venus [hearing a noise]
Well, we'd better hurry, I hear something...

[Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury pick up all the pieces they can, amazed that none were really very small...]

Sailor Sun [looks ahead]

Sailor Moon [turns her head, holding the last piece in her hand]
Aw, crap...

Darien [seriously]
So, you switched bodies... I think Queen Beryl will be pleased that you've gotten the Scouts to believe you, Sailor Sun...

Sailor Moon [realizing he must have heard them]
I did no such thing, Creep! [she looks at the Orb and it's piecing itself together... she realizes that both her and Mercury each have about half of the Orb] {"I've gotta reverse this and get these guys out of here... I have to show them I'm really on their side!"} [she stands up and grabs the other half from a confused Mercury] This had BETTER work! [as the two halves combine, she thinks about reversing everything, and wonders how to do it... Everyone somehow is in the same positions they were in when this happened the first time. A beam hits Sun and Venus dives in fron, Artemis goes for Moon] (Ok, so it's slightly reversed...)

Darien [not knowing what's happening]
What are you doing!?

Malachite [appearing by Darien]
NOOOOOO! [he goes for the Orb, but is thrown back by a blast of energy, as Mars repeats her action and hits the Orb, this time, everyone sees it shatter...]