* * *
[In the Negaverse. Sailor Sun's eyes open... she looks around but her eyes are all fogged up]

Sailor Sun
Ah... what hit me... [Her eyes slowly clear and she instantly jumps back.] {"The Negaverse... what am I doing here?"}

Darien [in the dark shadows, nearby]
Good, you're awake...

Sailor Sun [turns, and snaps back]
Hey, Creep! {"Hey, my headache's not so bad anymore..."}

What happened to you?

Sailor Sun
I don't know I kind of... HEY! What the hell am I doing here?

Darien [steps forward]
Come now, Sun... Such language from a Scout...

Sailor Scout [growls at Darien]
Back off, Dork!

Darien [sneers]
Humph.... [he disappears]

Sailor Sun
Ok, now... [seriously] What DID happen.....?

* * *
[Serena chowing down on lunch, with Amy]

Amy... you look strange, what's wrong?

I'm thinking about what that girl said to me...

Lita [looks over, remembering the hallway incident...]
Did she say Aunt to you?

Amy [nods]
Yeah... Why do you ask, Lita?

Lita [poutily]
She called me Aunt too... but she never said my name... [blushes] Then again I turned around with the intention of hitting her...

Serena [talking with her mouth open]
I think your both nuts...

Lita [angrily]
What gives you the right to judge?!

Well, at least I'm not nuts after some Canadian....

Lita [standing up, obviously hurt by her words]
No... just Darien! [storms away]

Amy [sighs]
Well, there goes another lunch...

I guess I shouldn't have said that.

Amy [shakes her head]
It always happens, Serena... [leans on her arm] I'm just not in a discussion mood right now... [stats to think about that program that ran itself, the girl, that odd crystal... even for Amy, this was a lot to handle. She walks off, after collecting her things.]

Come back....No one wants to have lunch with me...

Melvin [poping out of a bush]
I will...

No thanks Melvin...

* * *
[Back in the Negaverse]

Sailor Sun [rocking in place]
Got to get out, got to go...

[She hears a noise, from one of the walls. She walks up to the wall and can hear Darien and Malachite arguing.]

Funny, Malachite, look we did it your way last time... and look what happened! This time we use an Orb!

Do you even know how to use those?

Darien [suddenly unsure]
Well, yes... I- I think so... {"I thought I did..."}

Sailor Sun [starting to go for the panic button in her brain]
{"An ORB?! One of those things I used? Why would THEY use one... and on WHO?!"}

You don't even know do you.

Look, Malachite. The Thought Orb should be able to get her back on our side. Beryl approved this... so deal with it!

Sailor Sun [trying to find a way out of the little room]
{"Someone's really the bad guy... Right now, it sounds like them... but yet... I saw the Scouts hurt my friends... I'm so confused..."} [grabs her head] I'm getting another headache thinking about this stuff....

I have to go prepare. Don't let anyone near these.

I'll do my job.. You do yours!

Sailor Sun
{"If I could get that Thought Orb, I can tell who's telling the truth."} [Sailor Sun waits till she hears no noise behind the wall then finds a rock... She slowly starts chipping at the wall] {"Hopefully it's not to thick"}

* * *
Serena [walking home with an out of it Amy and a ticked Lita]
Come on you guys! I feel like I'm being ignored! [pouts]

Oh, sorry Serena...

Well I'm not.

Serena [whinily]
Liiiitaaaa! I said soooorryyyyyy! [tears form in her eyes]

Would you forgive me if I made fun of Darien?

Serena [starts bawling]

Lita [covering her ears]
Cut it out....

Amy [covers her ears and glares at Lita]
Would you just forgive her so she'll shut up?! [turns her body and runs off]

Serena [seeing Amy run off, stops crying.]

Lita [watches Amy run off, dropping her Mercury Computer from her bookbag]
Amy! [runs up and picks up the computer] Amy....

Serena [sniffing and rubbing her eyes]
What, Lita...?

Luna [walking on a wall next to her]
Serena, you should learn to be nicer. The world doesn't revolve around you.

Yeah. I know.

Luna [surprised]
You... agree? [sees Serena nodding as she watches Lita follow Amy] You know you eat too much...?

Serena [sadly, still staring]
I know, Luna...

Luna [curious]
You think I should shave all my fur off?

Serena [grumps and starts walking forward]
I know, Luna! Geez! Leave me alone, will ya?!

Luna [sighs]
She didn't hear one word I said... [she follows Serena and decides on one more test] And your fat!

I know.... [looks crossly at Luna] HEY!

* * *
[Sun's finally gotten a decent sized hole and the glove on that hand is a little ragged from hitting the stone wall so much...]

Sailor Sun [getting tired of chipping anyway]
{"Wonder if I can fit yet?"}

[Sun trys to sqeeze through the hole, but gets stuck by the waist....]

Sailor Sun
Stupid wide waist! I would never have this problem if I was still a guy! [Sailor Sun tried to push her way through... As she pushed on the sides of the wall, her hands started to heat up, along with the edge of the hole. Moments later, Sun pulled her way through. She looked back and noticed that the edge of the wall was dripping molten rock.] {"Dang... I did that?!"}

[A shadowy figure watches her escape]
She's proving her true loyalty... Interesting... A determined, strong soul... Yes...

Sailor Sun [looks around and tries to remember where she could possibly find Malachite and those Sailor Orbs...]
I will find out the truth... I have to know! [she runs out the door, and into an ajoining room, there sitting on a ledge, was the case that had the Sailor Orbs. Sailor Sun opened it and picked up one of the remaining 5 Orbs.] Which one is this?

* * *
Serena [still pouting, catches up to Lita and Amy, who are on a bench, near the park. Amy's crying, Lita's trying to calm her down]
Guys? Amy, what's wrong?

Why don't you go home, Serena!

Hey! I don't need you on me too!

Luna [sighs]
I was trying to see if you were listening to me, Serena!

Amy [sniffs and looks at Serena]
Just leave me alone, eveyone... I want to think... [she gets up and runs into the park, leaving her bookbag and computer with Lita]

[Serena and Lita both exchange looks]

* * *
[Back in the Negaverse, two monsters stand outside of a door, the Orbs and Sailor Sun inside the room]

1st Monster
{"I wish Sir Malachite would get someone to do this dumb Guard bit."}

2nd monster
{"I wonder what color the inside of those rocks are....?"}

* * *
[Inside the room]

Sailor Sun [quietly]
Rock color? These guys are nuts.... [looks around, with the Orb still in her hands] I gotta get out of here.

Malachite [heading back to check on the Orbs, about halfway down the hall]
{"I hate that stupid Darien... always showing me up in front of Queen Beryl! Well, if something were to happen to his PRECIOUS Sailor Sun, I could get HIM in trouble for once... Let's see... how to make this look like HIS fault..."}

Sailor Sun [hearing this, wuietly, but shocked]
WHAT?! I definitely HAVE to get while the gettin's good! But, where? [realizing] What if I can teleport, being outside of that cell.... [Sailor Sun concentrates, not having used the Negaverse's teleporting ability for a while. A moment later a vortex opens and Sailor Sun is sucked in.]

* * *
[On a rooftop, a vortex opens and Sailor Sun's thrown out. She lands on the ground]

Sailor Sun [looking back as the vortex closes]
Ouch... I'm not going to be doing that very often anymore. [Sun starts to stand up, but quickly falls back to the ground grabbing her head] Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My headache......

* * *
Amy [alone, curled up in the park]
{"Why would she call me Aunt Amy?"} [sniffs] {"What program was that and who was that Scout? That couldn't have been Sun... I saw her on that bench, unconscious... Honey.... She said Sun wasn't bad... Could the Negaverse have done to her whtever they did to Darien?"} [sniffs, wipes her face and looks around] Hey, no one followed me... I wonder if Lita and Serena are killing each other yet...? [she stands up]

[A short distance away, Amy sees a figure, limping on a rooftop]

Who is that?! [She squints her eyes, and quickly opens her communicator] Guys! Sailor Sun's here!

Mina (communicator)

Rei (communicator)
We're on our way! Where are you?!

Lita (communicator, Serena bawling in background)
Are you still in the park?

Please... hurry! [She closes her communicator]

* * *
[Sailor Sun, holding her head with one arm, and carrying the Orb with the other]

Sailor Sun
{"I need to find the Scouts.... I need to know who was telling the truth..."}

Sailor Mercury (Don't ask how she got up there so quick... no one's ever figured that out... YET!)
Stay right there Sailor Sun! As I've said before, you betray that uniform! I shall punish you on behalf of the planet Mercury!

Sailor Sun [a little annoyed]
Is there a reason you guys do these corny speeches? Just curious...

Sailor Jupiter [jumping behind her]
Why don't you keep your dumb comments to yourself?

Sailor Mars

Sailor Venus
Give up now!

Sailor Moon [jumping in front of the entire group]
Or you'll be Moondust!

[Luna and Artemis run up behind the girls]

Sailor Sun
Don't worry, I just want to find out what you guys did to Mina, Lita, and Serena! [She points the Orb at the group]

Sailor Jupiter
It's another one of those Orbs. {"What does this one do?"}

Sailor Venus [seeing the Orb pointed straight at Sailor Moon]
No! {"Got to protect Serena!"} [She throws herself between the Orb and Serena....]

Sailor Sun
{"Hunh?"} [The Orb slowly started to rise and float between Sailor Sun and the Scouts.... [A beam cut through the air from the Orb and hit both Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon, then, Sailor Sun.]

No! [He jumps onto Sailor Sun, starting to claw her, but stops when he too is trapped by the beam.]

Sailor Mars
What's happening?

Mars, distory that Orb!

Sailor Mars
Mars Fire Ignite... [The flames engulf the Orb, and Artemis and Sailor Sun where thrown in one direction, as Sailors Moon and Venus thrown into the others.]

Malachite [suddenly appearing behind an unconscious Sailor Sun and Artemis]
Great, just great. [He glares at the Scouts] I'll finish you later... [Both he, Sailor Sun, and Artemis disappear.]

Sailor Jupiter [holding a unconscious Sailor Moon]
What happened?

Sailor Mars
He took Artemis!

Sailor Jupiter [angrily]
We'll get him back, right now, let's get Serena and Mina out of here before Malachite returns!

Mercury, what happened to them?

Sailor Mercury [cautiously tapping on her computer]
Well, it looks as if it was just too much stress to handle... that's the only thing I can make out... they're just out of it. They'll come to soon... Let's take them home.

Sailor Moon [waking up]
Ah.... what happened? [she fully opens her eyes, and jumps away] What!? How... What are you... [she notices blond ponytails following her as she pulls back]

Sailor Jupiter
Serena, you ok?

Sailor Mars [smirking]
I think that fall scrambled her brains...

Sailor Moon.. How do you feel?

Sailor Moon [quickly looking herself over]
{"I'm Sailor Moon?! Oh, no...."} Ah... oh, ok, I guess... {"Crap, I even sound like her!"}

Sailor Jupiter [watching Venus start to stir]
Guys, Mina...

Sailor Moon
{"Serena, and Mina? If they're Sailor Scouts then.... the Negaverse was lying!"}

Sailor Venus [looks up at Jupiter]
Lita? What happened? [goes to roll over and sees blond hair fall onto her arms, she freaks] AAHH! I'm Mina!? I mean... I was... I-?

Luna [concerned]
What's the matter, Mina?

Sailor Venus [walking on all fours]
Luna, it's me! Artemis!


Sailor Moon
{"Crap! This can't be good!"}

Sailor Jupiter
Forget Moon, I think Venus's brain is scrambled!

Luna [thinks for a moment, then looks to Moon]
Serena, how do you feel?

Sailor Moon
{"Think quick!"} I have a slight headache... otherwise fine, Luna... {"That was her name, right?"}

Sailor Mercury
Venus was in front of Moon and Artemis was in front of Sailor Sun. They must have switched bodies....

Sailor Venus [looking up at Mercury]
You mean Mina's me?

Sailor Mercury [nods]
Apparently, since Serena doesn't feel like a cat...

Sailor Moon [smiles]
I'm hungry... [everyone looks at her] {"Well, I am...."} What?

Sailor Mars [sighs]
Well, Meatball Head's ok... [walks over to Moon] Though I'd think you'd have more on your mind than food all the time!

Sailor Moon
{"Well, what else would I do?"} Sorry.

Sailor Jupiter [helping Venus stand up]
Come on Artemis, get up...

Sailor Venus
I've never walked on two legs before, give me a break!

Sailor Jupiter [smirking]
Just don't break anything, Artemis... come on, I'm a little hungry myself... let's all get a little food and discuss this...

Sailor Mercury [nodding]
Right, Lita...

[All but Moon detransform... She's looking for a pen of her own, but sees nothing like it... the only thing different was her brooch...]

Sailor Moon [confused]
{"Hey! How do I power down?"}

What's wrong Meatball Head? Can't find your brooch?

Sailor Moon
Brooch? [She pulls it off and detransforms into Serena]

Lita [helping Mina walk right.]
Don't worry, I know you hate being a girl.

What? This is great! No dodging Animal Control, no tail to be walked on, no more shutting up when ever someone comes around, no more litter box!

Yeah, now you get to look forward to school, pms, cramps, migraines, fighting with us instead of hiding with Luna...

Serena [looking really sad]
{"Oh, yeah, I'm feeling much better now... I'm beginning to hate the Negaverse a LOT more than I did a minute ago... One good thing... my headache's gone..."} [she follows the others]

Serena, are you sure your ok? Your starting to look a little green.

Yeah fine... [runs over to a dumpster nearby and throws up all over some cardboard on the ground. [A second later] {"Wait... this looks familiar... ah crap... this is were I stayed!"}

Luna [concerned]
Serena? I told you not to eat all of that ice cream at lunch today... But you never listen to me...

Serena [pouts at Luna]
Oh shut up... {"Ice cream? How much did this girl eat? Half a freezer?!"}

Lita [surprised]
Serena, what's with you... you've been acting like a jerk all day?

Serena [glares at Lita, then yells]
Oh, bug off, Lita! I'm sick of everyone coming down on me... Going after me... [looks ready to cry] I just want to be myself again! [she runs off]

Lita [really confused]
Herself?! Coming down? What is she talking about?! [looks to Luna]

Maybe we should give her some time to herself.

Rei [unsure]
I don't know... she's acting strange... even for Meatball Head...

* * *
[In the Negaverse, Sailor Sun, lays unconscious on the floor with Artemis close by]

Artemis [starting to wake]
Ow.... [looks about and doesn't see anyone he knows] What happened? [He looks behind him and sees Sailor Sun. He jumps to his hind legs, and falls instantly] Oww... [He looks around some more.] I feel a lot smaller.

* * *
[Serena cries on a bench in the park]

Serena [sniffs]
Why did I say that? Now they're gonna think Serena's nuts! I just wanted to find out who was lying to me... and I end up Serena! [bawls into her hands. Luna comes up beside her soon after... Not having heard what was said...]

Serena, come on... Lita didn't mean it.

Serena [sniff...]
{"Why am I crying?! I never cry..."} Aaahhhh.... Luna?

Luna [looks up]
Yes, Serena?

Serena [thinks for a moment]
I want to go home....

Yeah, you should go lay down.

Serena [sniffs]
{"Well, I don't know where Serena lives... how am I supposed to go lay down?!"}

Will you come with me?


Go on, I'll follow you home... {"Damn... That was stupid..."}

Luna [humoring Serena as best she can]

* * *
[Luna led Serena home, into her bedroom.]

Serena [looks around]
{"Ugh! Pink and bunnies... How old is this girl?!"}

* * *
[Sailor Sun was still out as Artemis looked carefully around the room]

Sailor Sun [sturring]
Ahh.... [opens her eyes] Where am I?

What happened to me?

Sailor Sun
Artemis, where are we?

I want answers Sailor Sun! What happened, where are we?!

Sailor Sun
Artemis?! How do you think I know.... [she sits up straight and knotices she's doesn't have her red boots on, but a pair of yellow shoes] What? [She looks at herself, and sees she's wearing a yellow skirt and pink bows.. She feels her hair and realizes there are no ponytails] My hair! [faints]

Artemis [scornful]
Great, she turns me into a cat, and she faints.. [looks away] Artemis better be behaving.

* * *
Serena [being alone in the room]
{"Hmm... I feel like being nosy... I gotta find out more than I know... Hmmm... girl, girl... DIARY! Look for a diary!"} [she shifts her bra as it's getting uncomfortable...] I hate this thing! How do girls wear these?!

Luna [walking into Serena's room]
Serena? What's wrong?

Oh...nothing..he he... {"I sound like a moron."}

Alright... I'm going over to Lita's. Artemis is acting weird. You get some rest.

Ok... bye... [She watched Luna leave]

Luna [shaking her head]
{"She's gotten more airheaded since that fight... I don't know..."}

Serena [after Luna closes the door with her paw]
{"GREAT. Now, if I were a girl, where would I put a diary..."} [stops] Wait, I am a girl... [grumps]

[After a few seconds the room is literally twice as messy as it was before]

Serena [picking up a book]
Here it is.. this should at least give me some clues on how Serena acts... [She opens the diary and starts reading it. it was full of crushes, information about her friends, and eventually she saw soemthing interesting] ... Dear Diary. A talking cat... yea, a TALKING cat told me I was Sailor Moon... funny huh? [Serena looked up] Don't tell me this bubble brain wrote about this stuff. [she flips a few pages] She did...

Serena's Mother [from the door]

Serena [looking at the angry woman]

Serena's Mother
You're going to clean this room young lady. BEFORE you go anywere!

Serena [gulps, and wincing]
Yes, Mom.... {"Crap... Now I gotta clean this room..."}

Serena's Mother [crosses her arms and glares]
It'd better be neat! [she walks away]

Serena [grumbling]
I hardly cleaned my own room... now I gotta clean this Meatball Head- [stops, surprised] Did I just call Serena Meatball Head?!

* * *
[Sailor Sun starts to wake up again]

Sailor Sun [looking at Artemis]
Artemis! I had a strange dream...

Artemis [looking strangely at Sun]

Sailor Sun
What's wrong? I don't have something on my face do I? [she wipes her face]

Artemis [walks over]
No, it's me! Mina!

Sailor sun [in shock]
WHAT?! Artemis... you're nuts... [looks down and sees the yellow Sailor Suit and shoes] AAAHHHH!

Artemis [yells]

Sailor Sun
Why am I wearing this?

Serena! Calm down.

Sailor Sun
Yellow isn't my color!

Serena! you look like Sailor Sun!

Serena [starting to whine]
No I don't... this is a bad dream.... WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Artemis [thinking of only one thing to do]
SHUT UP, MEATBALL HEAD! [she swhispers when Sun stares at him] Darien's in the Negaverse, right?

Sailor Sun [wiping her face]

Artemis [seriously]
I heard Malachite's voice go by a few times... I think that's where we are...

Sailor Sun
So we can save Darien!

Artemis [nods]
Right, now SHUT UP!

Sailor Sun [pouts]

* * *
Serena [picking up the stuff that she'd thrown everywhere, grumbling]
This was stupid... instead of going through everything, and maybe shoving it around, I toss everything over my shoulder like a lunatic! [picks up some underwear and another bra] Oh, geez, I know I didn't toss these... Come on, Serena! Use the washbasket! [looks around] GET a washbasket! [moans and tosses the clothes into a pile, then plops on the bed, for a break] {"I wish I could find thayt transformation pen thingie"} [gets off the bed and picks up the diary again] Now, if I were Serena- [stops] I gotta stop that... {"Where would a girl put something like that?!"} It must be some where safe, something that important wouldn't be left on the ground or...[ knotices a blue pen with a metal sign on the top sticking out from under the bed] ...under the bed?! [She picks it up] Hmmm... Maybe she's not that smart after all.... [opens and reads the part where Luna told her how to use the Luna Pen] {"Ok... this girl is practically writing an instruction Manual for Sailor Moon... Wonder if she still needs this?"}

Luna [walks in]
Serena! How many times have I told you to stop writing about Sailor Business in that thing?!

Serena [drops the diary, leaving it open]
Hi.... Luna.... [nervously smiles]

Luna [looking into the book]
Serena, I'm ashamed. Sailor Business is not something to write about so anyone could fine it. What if Sammy read this?


Luna [looks up strangely, then angrily yells]
Your brother, you Meatball Head!

Oh, yea.... dumb me...

Serena, when will you learn to grow up?

Serena [pouts, angry]
{"Dang, what's the cat's name????!"} She- I mean, I AM grown up! [she takes the Luna Pen and storms out]

Luna [watches, then paws through, seeing that Serena only read, not wrote]
{"Maybe I interrupted her?"}

* * *
[Serena got as far as downstairs when Serena's mother bellowed]

Serena's Mother
Serena! Have you finished cleaning your room?

Serena [stops, glaring at her mother's back]
{"What am I a slave?!"} Yeah... [she runs out the front door, thinking of nothing but getting as far away from everything as possible... {"And where would that be?!"}

Lita [seeing Serena Storm by]
Hey, Serena!

Serena [stops, but stays staring ahead]
Yeah, Lita?

Lita [surprised that she was recieving the cold shoulder again]
I thought you were over our fight about Brad and Darien?

What... ah yea...

Lita [getting angry]
Look, I'm not obsessed with him, ok? Not half as bad as you are with Darien.... Besides, Brad's not working for the bad guys, Serena! [glaring at her, arms crossed]

Ah.... {"What in the world were they fighting about?"} Yes you are!

I don't believe how stubborn you can be, I came here to apologize, and you started it up agian.... geez [she turns and leaves]

Yea... whatever... [quietly] wait a sec, Brad?!... obsessed with him?! [Looks at Lita storming away] Nah... has to be something or someone else.

Lita [yells over her shoulder, obviously upset]
And he's not just 'SOME' Canadian, Serena! [she ran off, as if trying to hide tears]

Serena [stares at Lita... totally lost now...]

Serena [shaking her head]
{"Ok, focus, focus"} [Pushing her ponytails back behind her] How can I focus with these hair things getting in my way?!

* * *