Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 16 - Final Chapter

Robyn, not far from the kitchen was making her way to
Phobie's room. Just then the monster jumps out from a nearby

Robyn froze in fear. Not sure what was going on. The Monster
quickly walked up to her. It stood before her, and looked down.
"Are you Robyn?" It asked.

Robyn nodded. The monster looked around, not wanting to do
what it was ordered to do. "I'm sorry. But I have to obay my

Robyn, starting to walk backwards, "Do what?" She said in

The monster grabed both Robyn's arms. Stopping her from going
anywhere. "I must take all your energy."

Robyn struggled, NOt knowing what to do. She wanted to yell
out, to Phobie or Minaca. But when she opened her mouth, nothing
came out. THen she knoticed that the monster was watching Robyn's
neck. Or more precisely Robyn's pendent. The one Neon gave her
for her birthday. The Pendent was glowing a dark purplish colour,
then it's energy burst out, knocking the monster away from Robyn. 

Robyn took the opertunity and ran as fast as she could away. 
She ran straight for the person she knew could help her. 

The monster quickly folowed. It knew that every second that
it was in the palace increased it's chances of meeting Sailor Sun. 
As it ran it watched Robyn turn a corner. The monster speed up to
catch up to Robyn, but as it turned the coner it stoped. There
standing infront of it was Sailor Sun. 

Phobie's eyes were ed from crying for a long time. And she
looked depribed of food or nurishment. But the expretion on her
face was enough to let the monster know her intentions.

Behind Phobie, Robyn stood with the queen. Robyn was being
held by the queen like she was Serena. It made Robyn feel safer.

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?" Phobie coldly

The monster took a few steps back. This was it's greatest
fears. Sailor Sun stood before it, propbably with the entent to
stop him.

It looked at Phobie and answered in fear, "I'm doing what my
master wanted."

"What's that?" The queen asked.

"To help get revenge on Sailor Sun."

Phobie didn't care what it said. She only wanted to know one
thing, "Are you the monster that was sucking the energy from

The monster reluctantly knoded it's head. "I'm sorry. I
didn't want to. I had no choice."

It moved away, but Phobie quickly struck it. The monster fell
off it's feet and onto the ground. It watched Phobie in fear. 
Much like the fear Robyn was in not long ago. 

Phobie prepared to struck it again. Robyn looked away, and at
the queen. She closed her eyes. As did the queen. The monster
pleaded to Phobie, then the pleads stoped. When Robyn and the
queen looked back, Phobie sat beside a large pile of dust and a
burnt mark on the ground that resembled the monster's shape. 

Phobie was silent as she cried. If they were tears of joy or
not neather Robyn, the Queen or Phobie knew. Minaca walked out not
knowing what happened. She instinctivly went to Phobie. Phobie 
picked her up. Then she got up. Knowing something was wrong with

* * * 

Phobie stood silent, watching to see what the doctor was going
to say. Minaca hadn't said a thing, and she didn't act like
herself. Robyn sat outside with Aphrodite. Aphrodite felt guilty
becouse the last thing she said to Minaca was basicly that she
didn't like her.

"Well," the doctor said while turning around, " She's in
perfect heath." Phobie's eye light up, like it was the best news
she heard in her life.

"Then why's she acting so strangly?" Phobie asked, while
picking up Minaca.

The doctor rexamied his chart, "She's perfectly healthy. 
But...", The doctor paused, " She's going to be a normal cat for
the rest of her life."

Minaca purred while she was in Phobie's arms. She felt safe
there. But Phobie just stood in shock. She could barely believe
what the doctor just told her.

* * * 

Outside the room, Robyn sat with Minaca. "Robyn, do you think
what happened to Minaca was becouse of what I said?"

Robyn patted Aphrodite, "No Aphrodite. I don't think so.
Minaca knew you didn't really mean it."

"I hope so."

As Aphrodite finished her sentance, Phobie walked out in a
shocked state, with Minaca in her arms.

"Phobie?" Robyn called but Phobie just kept walking away.

* * * 

Robyn walked into the garden shortly after leaving the
doctors. Aphrodite followed her. "Normal forever." Aphrodite
said, still not believing it.

"I know." Robyn said in simpathy.

"I hope that never happens to me." Aphrodite continued.

"It's horrible. Poor Minaca." then Robyn noticed Neon's
flower bed. The last flower alive in the bed was gone. It looked
like it was transplaneted. "Oh my... I have to tell Phobie." Robyn
said as she rushed out of the garden.

"About What?" Aphrodite said as Robyn left.

* * * 

Robyn rushed into Phobie's room. Planning to tell Phobie about
the stolen flower. But when she got there. Phobie wasn't around. 
Robyn started to turn around ot go find her, till she knoticed
Phobie's necklace. Robyn quickly picked it up, and headed no where
she was afraid to find Phobie.

Robyn ran as fast as she could to the palace transport pad. 
She ran into the room, and there in her reglar cloths, wiht Minaca
sitting atop the control council was Phobie. Beside Phobie was a
small bag, and Neon's flower, which was carfuly placed in a flower

"Phobie!" Robyn said, "Where are you going?"

Phobie turned to only see it was Robyn. Then she went back at
the controls. "I'm going home Robyn."

"Back to your home town?" Robyn confirmed.

Phobie shook her head, "No, I'm going to Earth, but not back
to my...", she looked at Minaca, "our home town. Some place new. 
To start off."

"When are you going to come back?"

Phobie turned around and looked at Robyn, "Robyn, we're not
coming back. I'm done being Sailor Sun."

Robyn shook her head, "You are Sailor Sun. No one can replace

Phobie watched the pad start to power up, "The princesses are
old enought to take my place. I'm too old for this. Expectually
with what recently went on."

"Phobie, you can't go.", Robyn paused, "Your almost like my
mother too me and my best friend." 

Phobie shook her head, "No Robyn. I'm not. Not anymore."
Phobie looked into Robyn's eyes, "You can't tell anyone where I am.
Never tell anyone. No matter what they tell you."

"But..." Robyn hisitated.

"Promise me." Phobie insisted.

Robyn reluctantly replied, "I promise."

Phobie hugged Robyn. And Robyn hugged back, making sure to
slip Phobie's locket into her pocket.

"You'll always be the real Sailor Sun, Phobie."

Phobie turned around, picking up her bag and Minaca. Minaca
was wearing her spicial colar. The one the princess made for her
years ago. As they got on to the pad, Minaca meowed to Robyn as if
to say good bye.

"Good bye, Robyn." Phobie said as the transport pad started
it's cycle. After the cycle was complete Robyn checked the
controls to see if she knew where Phobie went. But the controls
earsed all the records of the transport pad's cycle. There was no
records. No way for Robyn to ever find Phobie or Minaca again.

* * * 

After a few weeks of searches for Sailor Sun, she was
declaired missing. Even though she was asked numerious of times
where she though Phobie could be, Robyn always responded with a "I
don't know.", or "I wish I knew." Not once did she ever tell anyone
what she learnt the last time she saw Phobie. Not even Aphrodite

A month passed, the queen refused to leave the safty of the
palace without a protector for herself and the princess. Then one
day, Robyn was ordered to put on a specialy made gown and to wear
her favorite jewel. Robyn choose to wear her pendent. She was
escorded to the palace thrown room, and there was the princesses
all lined up 2 on one side 2 on the other and princess Serena
beside the queen. All of the princesses were in there scout

Robyn's first though was that they knew that she was lying
about Phobie. But then why did she have to wear a gown. Robyn
walked up to the queen, between the two lines of scouts. She could
see Rei smiling, more so then the other scouts. 

Robyn stood infront of the queen and bowed. The queen smiled,
and waited for Robyn to stand.

"Robyn, you were Phobie's closets friend. And since she is
missing, I've decided that you are the best choice to follow in her
foot steps." Robyn was confused, she couldn't be Sailor Sun. 
Sailor Sun's locket was with Phobie. But the queen continued, "You
have a very pretty locket." She held the locket in her hand, while
it was still around Robyn's neck. "It's a jewel that from evil
protect of evil. I remember having one like it. And now this
pendent will be the key." The queen took the silvar crystal and
held it over Robyn's pendent. 

The cyrstal glowd, and Robyn's predent soon did too. The
Robyn's gown changed into a Sailor uniform, first showing the
colors of sailor Moon's suit, then the same colours as each of the
other princesses. Then it finally stopped as a purple skirt and
lighter purple bow. A yin-yang symbol also appeared on Robyn's

The queen then announced, "May I present Sailor Shadow. The
Sailor scout of the dark"

Robyn looked around, til she realised that she was Sailor
Shadow. Everyone congradulated Robyn. And soon she started
training to use her powers.

* * * 

Time pasted, and shortly after, with out warning the
Negaverse, the moon kingdom's greatest enemy attacked the moon.
Sailor Shadow attemped to protect the kingdom first. Followed by
the princesses. But at the end the queen made the sacrafic by
sending all the people of the moon kingdom to earth to be re-born
in the future at the cost of her own life.

* * * 

At the same moment, Phobie sat on her rocking chair watching
the sky, the stars and the moon. Minaca crawled around in a
windowsill behind her, and Phobie was giving milk to her new born
baby. Her child and Neon's flower being the only symbol of her
true love, and her old life. The locket was placed away in a safe
spot, to be giving to her little girl, when she was old enough.

Phobie looked up to the bright moon, not knowing the
divisation taking place on it. It was no more part of her life. 
No more what she was and no more her future or responcibility.