Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 15

Phobie locked herself in her room. She refused to face the
world. She was afraid the tears in her eyes still couldn't believe
what she had done. She killed her loved one. What could she not
do? Could Robyn or Minaca be next? 

Makoto, once again a cat. Stood out side of Phobie's door,
smiling. Her revenge had started, and Phobie's life was falling
appart. She had not expected Phobie to kill Neon herself, but it
was even more sweet when she did. She had ordered her monster to
continue it's attacks. She needed energy for the next part of her
revenge and she was relishing every moment of it.

Robyn and Minaca had no idea what was going on. Phobie
refused to talk to them. Minaca was forced to sleep in Robyn's
room, since Minaca would not let her in there room. Aprodite had
completely forgotten Minaca was her real mother, and Aprodite
looked meanly at Minaca while in Robyn's room. Like Aphrodite was
afraid that Minaca was taking over.

The Queen couldn't even coach Phobie out. She asked, ordered,
and pleaded. But Phobie stayed were she was. Everyone started to
worry. Everyone but Makoto, but she didn't act any differently. 
She needed to keep up the pretens that she was there to help.

* * * 

"Minaca, you sure you don't know what's wrong with Phobie?",
Robyn asked as she worked on the garden.

"I told you Robyn, I don't know." Minaca replied, getting a
little bit short tempered.

Aphrodite looked meanly at Minaca, "Maybe you got her sick!
And now your trying to get Robyn sick."

Robyn looked strangly at Aphrodite, "Aphrodite!" She looked at
Minaca and then back at Aphrodite, "Minaca's my friend."

"It's ok Robyn." She looked at Aprodite, "Aphrodite, why don't
you like me?"

Aphrodite looked at Minaca sqinting her eyes, "I don't! Your
trying to take over My and My mother's jobs!"

Minaca felt heart crushed as Aphrodite said every word. She
hated what she had did, but she hated what could happen to them if
who ever was doing all the things that happened to Phobie, If there
was any one person up to it all.

Makoto walked in, hearing only the last part of the
conversation, she reluctanly took Minaca's side. "Aphrodite,
Minaca is a good person. It's not her fault she couldn't be as good
of a person as your mother."

Minaca looked dissapointed as she turned away, "Thanks alot
Makoto." Minaca walked out with her head down.

Robyn watched her, "Makoto, that was really nice, but I don't
think it cheered Minaca up."

Makoto knoded, confused, "Yea, I know." Then Makoto realised,
that Minaca may know what she's planning.

* * * 

After a few weeks of sucking energy, the monster walked around
the cave. It was worried, as ussual she was worried that something
happened to Makoto. 

Makoto walked into the cave after a while. She was starting
to enjoy the perks she was missing by living at the palace, like
fresh baths, food, and respect. But her revenge was much to
important to her. She had to complete her revenge on Phobie and

"Give me your energy!" Makoto commanded as she looked up at
the monster.

The monster hesitated. "But it causes you pain, master."

Makoto started to get angry at the monster's disopeadence.
"Only when I turn back. And the next time, I don't expect to ever
go back to being this measly cat." Makoto watched as the monster
though, "Now gve me the energy!" She yelled.

After a second of though, the monster released it's collected
energy, as it absorbed itself into Makoto. Makoto quickly went to
her spell book, reading the True form spell. Within seconds,
Makoto grew from her cat form into a women. 

Makoto streached. She loved having her human body and enjoyed
every second of it. Makoto stood up, and picked a rock up, moving
it to the side, revealing a hole in the stone wall. Inside the
hole was a small leather bag. She picked it up, and examined it's
contents. "These are the key to my final revenge. All of Phobie's
past is going to be gone."

* * * 

Minaca sat infront of Phobie's door, "Phobie! Why are you in
there? It's been almost a week now!"

"Go away Minaca!" Phobie yelled.

Minaca shook her head. This wasn't going to help her more
then ussual. She looked back and the door and paused, thinkning
what she could say to coach Phobie out of her room.

"Any luck yet Minaca?" A voice from behind asked her.

Minaca looked back, seeing the queen standing behind her. "Not
yet your highness."

The queen kneeled down beside Minaca, petting her on the head. 
Minaca purred as the queen did it. Minaca didn't know why, but she
always felt better after being petted. 

"Your doing a good job Minaca." She told Minaca.

"I wish I could agree." Minaca replied pouting.

"Your still with her, helping her. And being a true friend."

Minaca looked up to the queen, "Thank you."

The queen stood up. "Minaca, eat somehing. You haven't been
eating much since Phobie hid herself in her room."

Minaca looked at the queen, "Yes Ma'am." Minaca looked at the
door, "Phobie do you want anything to eat? I'm going to the
kitchen!" Minaca yelled to the door, but silence answered.

The queen looked back at Minaca. "I'll stay with her Minaca."

"Ok." Minaca slowly walked off. She knew that Phobie hasn't
eaten for a while. There wasn't much food in the room before she
went in. But she was stubborn.

* * * 

Makoto walked into the palace's kitchen, her Monster following
behind her. Makoto has stolden a maid's unifrom. She had to pass
as a member of the staff inorder to get into the palace without
question. And a Makoto used a spell to make the monster only
vissable to her. 

The monster was nervous. It was scared of Sailor Sun stopping
it while it stold people's energy. Now it was walking in Sailor
Sun's home. What if Sun found it. What if Sun found out what it

Makoto quickly went to Minaca's food. Each cat, Minaca, Luna
and Artemis had there own food containers. Each with the perfered
food of the cat. Makoto opened Minaca's container as Minaca walked

"Oh, good. I was worried someone wasn't going to be here."
Minaca said.

Makoto frozed. She hoped Minaca wouldn't reconize her as a

"Do you mind making me a snack. And one for Phobie too." 

Makoto put Minaca's container down and bowd to the cat. "Yes

As Makoto answered, Minaca squinted her eye at the maid. "You
sound familair. But I don't reconize you." 

Makoto looked back at Minaca and quickly came up with a
answer, "Oh, I work on the far side of the palace."

"Oh", Minaca replied as she watch the maid make a snack.
makoto took some of the food out of Minaca's can. Then she took
out the package and took a single leaf from the bag. She started
to crunch it up and sprinkle it on the food.

"Oh maid, I don't like spices."

Makoto looked back at Minaca, "Oh it's a very special spice."

"Well none for me. Or Phobie. We want her to feel like
everything's normal."

Makoto pulled another leave out of bag, " Just try one."

Minaca shook her head, "No thanks. I have to get back to my
friend soon."

"I'm surprised she wants to be your friend after how you
treated her during the contest." Makoto said under her breath.

"How do you know... " then it hit Minaca, the maid being
unussally tall, and the purple hair, "YOUR MAKOTO!" Minaca started
to walk backwares, away from Makoto.

"Stop her!" Makoto yelled.

Minaca quickly turned around, but she shorely was lifted off
her feet by the monster. But Minaca didn't see anyone or thing.
"BLACK MAGIC!" She yelled out.

Makoto, grabbing Minaca by the neck. "Shut up!" She took a
leaf and shouved it into Minaca's thoat. Then droped Minaca.
"Enjoy your last few seconds of life as you know it."

Minaca looked up at Makoto. " What was that?"

"Qunain Leafs. I discovered that they turn cats like yourself
into normal flea bags."

"Makoto you rat! I'm Meow telling meow...Meow?" Minaca looked
at Makoto then sat down, starting to bath herself, as normal cats
would do.

The monster watched, afraid of the next step.

As Makoto put the small bag back into her costume, she started
to feel sick. She fell to her knees and moaned in pain. The
monster moved to help her, but it's invisiblity failed as Makoto
started changing back.

In a few seconds, Makoto slowly crawled out of the maid's
unifrom, once again a cat. Minaca looked curiously at Makoto, not
really sure what to make of her. Makoto walked up to Minaca and
looked her in the eyes, "you have the intelligents of a radish now,
don't you?" Minaca just looked back at Makoto, and licked her

Makoto quickly clawed at Minaca's face. And Minaca ran to a
far corner of the kitchen, afraid of Makoto. Makoto just turned to
back to the monster. "Now get that red haired girl. She's the last
friend Phobie has. It's only fitting that she die from what she
tried to stop Neon from doing!"

The monster bowed as it left to find Robyn.