Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 14

The monster sat, waiting in the cave that it called home. It
waited for it's master to return. It waited for Makoto. It had
collected all the energy it could hold, and as it did every time, it
waited. This gave him time to reflect on his actions. Although it
was following the masters orders, it felt guilty. It didn't like
taking the energy or the lives of innocent people. It couldn't
wait till Makoto would come, so he could get rid of the energy he
stored, and go back to taking it from people, so that it wouldn't
have the time to think about it's actions.

* * * 

Meanwhile, in the palace, Makoto was more conserned with the
new guess that the kingdom had. A young boy, named Fei had come to
the palace. Fei, chased into the palace, after stealing some food
ended up becomeing a guess of the queen. Phobie wasn't too happy
with him either, since he continued to get into trouble. Phobie
ended up being more of the parent then anything else to Fei. And
Fei just liked getting into more and more trouble. 

Before Fei came to the palace, the kittens Aphrodite and Aries
grew a little and learned the basics of speech, and rigt and wrong. 
Aphrodite seemed to have a stronger grasp of right and wrong then
Aries did. Though Aries like Fei, was playful, and a bit inmature. 
Aries on the other hand was a young kitten. Fei was a young man,
but Minaca decided that both of them may beable to learn somthing
from eachother. Phobie just hoped that it wasn't new ways to get
into trouble.

Makoto, still playing the nice cat, watched Fei. She didn't
know how his presents would interfer with her plans. Makoto did
knotice a special quality to Fei, as did Neon. 

Fei soon became a student, or apprenace to Neon. Neon tried
to teach him to use his powers wisely. Ussually Phobie and Minaca
couldn't watch becouse Neon would hold time for himself and Fei. 
With time still, Neon could focus on Fei's training, and no one
could interfer. Makoto on the other had watched Fei's training,
and powers grow.

* * * 

Phobie one day sat alone in her room, thinking of the roomers
that she had heard. She heard that people would disappear, with
only large holds left ine the walls of houses. Of course these
were only roomers, and Phobie, being the queen's guarded could run
off on every romour she heard. But this one she heard often and she
couldn't help shaking the feeling that it was simaliar to her
parent's fait. Phobie ran back in her mind the firy house that she
use to call home that night, and just inside the blaze she though
she could see a large hole in the wall. Till now she had only
thougha section of the wall had fallen in the flames, but the more
she though about it, the more it seemed that the fire wasn't the
cause of the hole.

"Come back here you little fur ball!" Fei yelled from outside
Phobie's door. Phobie looked out the door, and Areis ran past, Fei
in close pursuit.

"Not again." Phobie quickly got up, and followed Fei. 

Aries ran into the gardern, and Fei, not caring that he or
Aries wasn't allowed in there ran after. Aries jumped a little
fence thaat surrounded a few flower bed. Fei tried to scall the
fence, but his wieght caused it to break, and colapse, Fei landing
on the floor.

"Ow!" Fei said as he looked evily at his kitten. Aries just
stood there, looking past Fei. He knew they were both in trouble.
"What?" Fei asked, looking at the kitten. 

Phobie on the other had was not impressed. She puniched Fei's
ear hard, and pulled him to his feet.

Fei, painfully didn't argue. He got up as quickly as he
could, hoping Phobie would let go of his ear. "Ow, Ow..PHOBIE! This

Phobie wasn't amused. "Fei! Look what you did to my garden!"
Fei looked at the broken section of fence, and a few flowers that
were crushed becouse of Fei's fall.

"I'll fix it Phobie, just let go!" Fei pleaded for the release
of his ear.

Phobie twisted Fei's ear slightly. "You will fix the fence. 
Then aplogize to Robyn and Minaca of doing it. It's their garden
too. Then..." Phobie stoped. She realised the answer to he
thoughts. She let go of Fei's ear, and without a word, backed away
from the broken fence.

Fei and Aries looked strangle at Phobie. This was the first
time they ever saw Phobie look scared. And that scared them.
"Phobie. You ok?" Fei asked.

Phobie just continued to back away, then she turned and left
the garden. Both Fei and Aries looked at eachother, shruging.

* * * 

Phobie continued to walk, not having any real destination, but
a purpose. She realised, that the hole in the house wasn't the
proof she needed. The broken fence infront of her parents house. 
Like something smashed though it. She had to find Neon. She had to
ask him for his help.

* * * 

Months pasted, and neither Phobie or Neon knew what was going
on. Phobie was eventually able to confirm the rummours that she
hear, and even Neon, couldn't find out what, or who was causing the
people of the moon kingdom dissappear.

Makoto had once again dissappeared, and though Phobie hated
herself for thinking it, the only energy draining person she knew
was Neon. She knew that eventually she would have to ask, but she
dreaded it. For years, Neon was there, as a friend, couciler,
gaurdian angel, and her lover. Now she was afraid that she would
have to ask the person she truely loved, if he was the cause of the
missing people. That if, when Neon took Phobie's evil emotions,
that he needed and took more energy to control the emotions.

Ever since Phobie relised that there was a hole in her
parent's fence. She asked the queen's permission to let he patrol
the kingdom. The queen didn't refuse. She wanted to know what was
going on, as much as Phobie did. Phobie spent all her free time,
walking the streets of the moon Kingdom. The garden, though Robyn
still considered it Phobie's was now mostly Robyn's creation. Most
of the planets that Phobie planeted was dead from not being cared
for. Robyn tried, but she lacked the skill needed. The only
flowers that were left from Phobie's caring hands, where Neon's
bed. Robyn would let all the other plants die, before she let
anything happen to those flowers.

Meanwhile, Phobie partoled. She would walk though the
streets. Everyone knew she was there, and many waved, or said a
kind word to her, thanking her for all she was doing. Phobie
accepted, and smiled, knowing that she would have to eventually
face Neon.

During one of her partols, Phobie hear screams. She rushed in
the directions of the screams. Hoping to see the monster. The
monster that was draining people's energy, and paying that the
monster wasn't Neon.

Phobie rushed up to a burning house, much like her parents
was. Phobie looked at the fence. It was crushed as well. Inside
hte blaze there was no noise. Phobie turned to teh crowd that
formed behind her, "Did anyone see anything?" She asked.

The crowd whispered amount themselfs. Then a voice spoke up.
"I did." A women, in a cloak walked forward, and up to Phobie. "I
saw a man. A large one very handsom, but dark. With a golden and
a black moon on his forhead." Phobie stood shocked. "He did this." 
This confirmed her worst fear. That Neon was the cause, that for
the past few months, that Neon had lied to her. A few people in
the crowd yelled, "That's right!", and "Big guy." Confirming the
womens story.

Phobie ran off, she knew what she had to do now. She had to
stop Neon. Stop him if it cost her, her own life. 

The cloaked figure watched Phobie leave. She took off her
hood, showing long purple hair. Makoto watched as Phobie ran. She
knew that the energy she had would only keep her human for a few
hours. But seeing the look on Phobie's face, was enought to make
Makoto smile. Her plan was set, and in motion.

* * * 

Phobie ran though the streets, looking for Neon. Neon watched
from a roof top. He could tell that Phobie was upset, but now why. 
He jumped down from the roof. And ran up, behind Phobie.

"What is wrong my love?" Neon asked.

Phobie realised where Neon was and before he could stop, she
stoped herself, putting her arms out, cloth-lineing him. Neon fell
to the ground, not expecting to be hit. He looked up at Phobie.
"What's wrong?" he asked.

Phobie stood above him. She focused on her anger. The anger
she felt for his lies. The anger she felt for him. "You lied to
me!" Phobie said, crying.

Neon looked up at her. For the first time in his life, he had
no idea what was going on. Before he had always been able to
extrapulate what was going on, or figure out something. But this
time he didn't. He smiled, glad to know that only Phobie was able
to do this.

Phobie saw his smile. She looked at it. He was proud! He
was proud of what he did Phobie thought. Phobie yelled her attach,
"SUN FLARE STRIKE!". The attack hit Neon at point blank range, but
he accepted the pain, still smiling. Still amazed that Phobie was
surprising him. This was the first time he ever knew surprise and
even with the pain, he liked to be surprised.

Phobie stood over him. She was starting to get tired. She
knew she had to finish the job before she could think. Before she
could give him the benifit of the doubt. Before he could lie again.

Phobie backed away and yelled a call she barely ever used. 
Back long ago, when she first got her powers. She was told why. 
Why Sailor Sun was the most powerful of all the future sailor
scouts. A solar crystal, one which survived being baried deep in
the Sun. It contained a power, only equal to the silver crystal.
But the solar Crystal, properly focused would give a sailor scout
the greatest offensive and defensive powers. Ones that the silvar
cyrstal was not capable of. And that the solar crystal's final
attack could distory both the scout and her enemy. If need be, it
could distory in solar system itself.

"Solar Crystal Battle Mode!" Sun transformed a second time,
infront of Neon. Power and energy incircled Sailor Sun, as she
changed. Her unifrom was more revealing. Slits down the side of
her yellow skirt, her taria gone with a bandada around her forhead. 
And the most intimitating part, two samori swords sheth on her
back. Phobie's father taught her a little sword work, but nothing
to the skill she though she might need. After the transformation
was done, Phobie stood, ready for battle. Ready to fight.

Neon stood up, and looked at Phobie. This was another
surprise. "You have the solar Crystal?"

Phobie drew her swords, "You lied, you cheated. And you killed
the innocent! For these reasons, I must stop you!"

Neon looked strangle at Phobie, "Lied? cheated? killed?" He
said, "Phobie, my love..." He opened both arms, as to give Phobie
a hug. Phobie, took advanage of his opening and took a swing of
one of her swords. She cut Neon, arm, just underniethe the joint. 
Neon grabed the cut, trying to hold in the blood.

Phobie looked evily at him, "You will be punished." Phobie
charged at him. Neon quickly backed away, and created two energy
swords from his hands. He used the swords to block Phobie's

"Phobie, I don't know what has happened..." Phobie stuggled
for her swords to touch Neon. To draw more blood. Neon, quickly
used his energy swords, knocking Phobies out of her hands, and away
from her.

Phobie back up, and dove at one of her swords. Neon dove as
well, both meeting on the round just out of the swords reach. 
Phobie stuggled, to get free from Neon's hold. Neon held her the
best he could. To try to let her calm down.

Neon wasn't willing to let this go on any farther. Phobie on
the other hand didn't give up. She heated her hand to a extreme
temperture and then pushed it into Neon's face. Neon flinched for
a second, but he didn't let go. When Phobie took her hand off of
Neon's face. Her hand left a large section of Neon's face
charcoled, and pussing. With burns that would kill a normal man.
But Neon stayed firm. Not letting her loose. But Phobie didn't
need to be let loose. She just needed a few cenimetes closer to
the sword, and when Neon flinched she had it.

Phobie quickly kicked him, and she roled away from him. She
then quickly got up, and pointed the tip of the sword to Neon's
neck. "It ends here! You can't take anyone's elses energy. You
can't kill anyone anymore." Phobie said.

Neon looked up at Phobie. Then slowly he grabed the blade of
the sword and moved it from his neck to the center of his chest.
"If I must die for crimes, I did not commit, then strike! But
stike where I am in the most pain."

Both of them looked at eachother for a breif second. Phobie
knoticed that she began to faulter, then she punged the sword into
him. She then fell to her knees beside him. "I'm sorry. My love."
She said, paritally reliefed, and sadden.

Neon smiled, with is last ounce of striengh he muttered his
last words, "I love you Phobie..." Then his head fell to the
ground. The life left from his eyes, and he lied motionless.

Phobie started to cry, but she took confort in the fact that
he was at peace, and that the kingdom was safe.

Just then, a young girl ran up, yelling, "Stop! Stop!" Phobie
watched the girl as she ran up. As she got close enough, she
yelled. "It's a monster. Not a man!" This young girl was the same
one that excaped the monster. And she knew that what the cloaked
lady said was not the truth.

Phobie looked at Neon's body. There was no monster laying
there. Just the one that sat above the body. Phobie then
realised, that Neon couldn't have done it. Neon wasn't big enough
to need to tear down fences and walls. And he was a master at
hiding and sneaking. Then it hit Phobie, that there was no way
anyone would have been able to see him, if he had stoped time as he
always does. 

Phobie looked at Neon, at what she did. She layed down beside
him hugging his dead body, her hand on his cheek. And she cried. 
She cried harder and longer then she ever did before.

* * * 

In the palace, Robyn worked on the garden. Rei came in to
visit. See how she was, and to help. Robyn enjoyed Rei's visits. 
She was finally a friend to one of the princesses. Both Robyn and
Rei worked on the garden. 

Rei picked weeds. She didn't really like the work, but it was
good to know that she was helping. Rei came up to Neon's bed, and
then looked at Robyn. "Do you want me to get rid of all these dead

Robyn turned, and droped the tray of seeds she had. "The
flowers! There all dead!"

Rei sat down beside the bed, not sure of what was happening. 
"Robyn, this one's alive." She pointed to a single flower, small
and weak.

Robyn started crying, becuase she knew that something either
happened to Phobie or Neon. And she was sacred for her friends.