The monster looked at her, not sure what just happened."Where's my master?" It asked, confused and scared.

     Makoto walked over, on two human legs, as she dreamed fordoing for years and punched the monster.  "I'm your master, youmoron!"

     The monster fell back in fear.  Makoto looked at her arms,loving every second of her women hood.  How she missed having ahuman body.  " For once you did something useful you rock head."

     Then Makoto started feeling drained, like she hadn't slept fordays.  A pain, came over her as she craved something, but not sureof what.  Makoto fell on her arms and legs, not sure what washappening.  Then she realised it.  She was turning back to her catself and the pain was horrible.  Her monster watched as Makotoscreamed for relief.  She finally stoped, just when hertransformation finished, and she returned to her cat form.  Makoto breather deeply, as though she was running for miles. 

     "Master! Are you ok?" The monster asked, as he stayed on thefloor of the cave.

     Makoto looked at him, then sputtered a single word, beforefalling into a deep sleep, "More..."

* * *

     The day turned into night, as Phobie fell asleep, her head ontop of Robyn.  Rei had left earlier.  She and her parents had toreturn to there own kingdom and Rei didn't not willingly leave.

     The room was completely empty other then Phobie and Robyn. Robyn had started looking at she did before she fell, but stilldidn't wake.  Phobie prayed for Robyn earlier.

     Robyn just started opening her eyes in the middle of thenight.  She looked around, and then she looked at Phobie.  Sherealised that the fact that Phobie was there, meant that Phobie wasmore or less her oldself and that Phobie cared.

     Robyn contunied to look around the room, hoping to see Rei,then realising that Rei wasn't there.  Robyn assumed that Rei leftafter she fell. "What would a princess do to help a servent likeme?" Robyn though.

     "How are you feeling Robyn?" a voice came out.

     Robyn looked into the shadows were the voice was. "Neon?  Thatyou?"

     "Yes...", The Shadow seemed to drop like he had let his guarddown, and someone hit him in the side. "Yes it is me, Robyn."

     Robyn started to shake Phobie, but she was still weak,"Phobie, Neon's here."

     "10 more minutes Minaca!" Phobie muttered.

     "Robyn, because of you, Phobie is here.  I am sorry." Neonsaid, mysteriously.

     Robyn shoke Phobie harder, but Neon dissappear.

     Phobie, opening her eyes, relised that Robyn was shaking her. Phobie didn't wait for a second, she just quickly hugged Robyn."Your Ok. Your Ok little one."

     Robyn started to push Phobie away, to tell her about Neon, butwhen she realised Neon was gone, Robyn hugged her back.

* * *

     The Early the next day, the queen was speaking to PrincessSerena about Sailor Sun's actions in the recent times.

     "Mother, she's been rude, and mean to the populus." Theprincess agruded.

     "I've knoticed a change of Phobie.  It is a shame what hashappened to her family, but her actions are... be on tallerance."

     "I agree." a voice came from the edge of the room.  BothSerena, and the Queen looked in the direction, seeing Phobie, incostume at the door, waiting for a responce.

     "What should we do then?" the Queen posed the question.

     Phobie looked around, considering the question. "I believethat...", Phobie paused, in though then contunied, "... that Ishould get over my parents death, and continue with my duties."

     Both of them were silent, not sure what to say. Then the queenspoke, " But will this solve our problem?  How will you act?  Inshort, will our Phobie return as Sailor Sun, or your hate return?"

     "I was hateful. ", Phobie started, "But now I have seen my wayand I am ready to resume my duties, in the fashion I have since yougave me the honor of being at your side my queen." Phobie got onher knee, bowing to the Queen.

     The princess looked at the two, then whispered to her monther," Mother, is she telling us the truth?  She could be lying."

     The queen looked at her daugther, "Only time will tell." Shelooked back up at Sailor Sun, "Are you ready to resume your dutiesPhobie?"

     Phobie looked up, "With your words, I would like to invite theprincesses back, for training.  There is much time lost."  Serenacringed.  She knew she was included in the training.  She didn'tlike it, but tollerated it, becouse it was expected of her.

     "The invitations will be given." The Queen replied.  Phobieknoded, turned sharply, and walked out the door.   The queen lookedto the princess.  "It looks like you have much work on your path."

     The Princess gulped, "Yes mother, it would seem I do."

* * *

     Over the next few days, Phobie spent all her time, trainingthe princesses to become Sailor Soilders.  The princessescomplained at times, and moped as they worked.  But when they putthere hearts into it, they were amazing.

     While the pincesses slept, Phobie worked in the garden, tryingto restore it's buiety.  All the flowers in the garden were weak,and on the verge of dying.  All but Neon's flower bed.   The gardenhad been that way ever since Robyn fell in her condition.  She wasstill in bed, although she kept insisting on goting to the gardenand helping Phobie.

     Phobie still though about her parents, and what happened tothem.  She also thought about how she acted after, almost not beingable to believe that, Sailor Sun, was her.  Minaca hadn't returned. She left Phobie shortly after Phobie's parent's died. Phobieworried about her friend.  She was lonly when she slept, with outMinaca's snoring.

     Phobie got up, middle of the night.  She had been getting lessand less sleep, since Minaca was missing.  The guards havn't seenher, and Neon hadn't been around for day, nor has he been at theremeeting place.  Phobie got up out of her bed, thinking of gettinga cup of warm milk, as her mother always did for her, when shecouldn't get to sleep when she was young.

          Phobie walked out of her room, then out of the coner ofher eye, saw a small cat run by the hallway.  Phobie first thoughof Minaca, but the cat was too small to be Minaca.  Phobie assumeda stray had gotting in the palace and she went down the hallwayfollowing it.  As she turned the conner of the hallway, the cat wasgone.  The hallway was too long for it to have gotten out of sightalready, and all the room doors were closed.  All the doors, but acloset door, half way down the hallway.  Phobie waled to he door,and quickly opened it, "Got you!" She said.

      A loud shis came from the floor of the closet, and Phobie,frighten of the sound, went back, falling on the floor.  A Orangecat with a yellowish strip on her stomic, and yellowish patches onher paws jumped out of the closet.  The hair on the cat's backstood on end, and she baered her teeth, claws out ready to attack.

     Phobie looked at the cat, barely believe who it was. "Minaca?" Phobie said, surprised.

     "Get a way from here, Sailor Sun!" Minaca said, as she gindedher teeth.

     Phobie looked at Minaca, "Minaca.. It's me, Phobie.  I'mbetter now."

     Minaca looked calmer for a second, and then looked twice asmean.  "Your lying.  Your trying to trick me!" Minaca yelled ather.

     Phobie was shocked to hear her friend say this.  "No, it'sme." Phobie put her hand out to Minaca, as thogh to start pattingher, but Minaca quikly clawed Phobie's arm.  Phobie took her handback, and held her arm, where Minaca clawed her.

     "Stay away!" Minaca yelled again. Not moving a inch.

     "Why?" Phobie said. "Is there something wrong?"

     "No!" Minaca repied, still angry.

     "Then what?"

     Both of them sat in silence just like a stand off.  Bothwatching eachother.  Phobie didn't know why Minaca was acting asstrange as she was.

     Then the small cat that Phobie saw ealier came out of thecloset.  In a weak, sacred voice it asked, "Mommy?"

     Minaca quickly turned around, and looked at the kitten.  Thekitten seeing Minaca looking so mean jumped back into the closet,scared.

     Phobie looked in amazement. She picked up Minaca while Minacawas looking at the closet door. Phobie started to pet Minaca.Minaca didn't know whether to attack, or let Phobie pet her.  Being pet was feeling better then fighting though.  Phobie lookedat Minaca and ask, "Is that what you were hiding?"

     Minaca looked up at Phobie, for a second, "You really are anice Phobie?" Minaca asked for a last check.  Phobie just noddedher head.

     Minaca jumped off Phobie's lap, and walked up to the door,opening it with her head.  Inside the closet, on a pile of clothsand rags, two little kittens sat. Both of them looked alike.  Bothorange, but one had yellow patches on it's paws.

     Phobie picked one up, and started petting it. "There yours?"Minaca just knodded.

     The pure Orange kitten, still on the floor, asked again, notsure of a answer. "Mommy?"

     Minaca looked at her, "It's ok. Phobie's a friend."

     The little kitten that Phobie had, looked at Minaca, then atPhobie.  It waited for a second, and in a little weak, boyish voiceit said, "Phobie?"

     Minaca smiled, as Phobie just patted him. "Quicky to learn,aren't they?" Phobie stated

     Minaca looked at Phobie, "Actually, that was his first word."

     "phobie. phobie. phobie. phobie. phobie... " the kitten sadproudly over and over again boucing his head every time he said it.

     The other kitten watched him, and then, strugling, said,"Phobie." too.  Minaca turned around, realising that she had justsaid her second word.

     Phobie smiled. "Minaca, lets give them a better home then acloset." Phobie scouped up the other kitten, and walked to herroom.  Minaca followed, watching everymove Phobie made.  Minaca wasmore conserd for her kittens, then her friend, and wouldn't letanything happen to them, even if Phobie was the one doing the'anything'.

* * *

     In the cave, the monster sat beside, Makoto.  He poked Makoto,trying to get her to wake up.  He would be lost without hiscreator, and he didn't want to be lost.  He kept poking her, saying"master?" over and over again.

     Makoto eventually started to wake.  She opened her eyes, andlooked trying to get her barings back.  Then without realising thatMakoto was waking, the monster poked her again, "Master?" he said.

     "OWCH!" Makoto yelled, agry, she jumped up, and clawed themonster. " How long have you been doing that!?"

     The monster shirvered in fear as it back to the wall, "fourdays, master. I though..."

     "FOUR DAYS!? You don't poke someone for FOUR days!"  The spotthe monster had been poking felt tender, and sore. Makoto startedlicking it, hoping to relieve some of the pain. "Didn't you thinkthat after being poked in the same spot for four days, IT WOULDHURT!" Makoto yelled again.

     The monster, scared replied, "You told me not to think."

     Makoto stood, stunded that the monster actually did what itwas told, to the letter. Makoto walked up to the monster, andlooked at him.  Then she said three words, "Your a idiot.

     The monster smiled, "Thank you master." the monster had alwaysbeen insalted by Makoto with numerious names.  This was the firsttime Makoto used one insalt.  The monster felt proud that it didsomething to warrant one insalt instead of many.

     Makoto was dumbfounded by the monster's answer, but not reallysurprised.  The monster was always a bit slow to begin with. Neverthe less, Makoto knew what she wanted. She looked to the monster,and told him, "You must get me more energy.  I want more. But don'tbe seen while getting it."

     The monster happy ran off, ready to start his new mission.  Tofetch energy for his master.  "And while your doing that, i'llreturn to the palace and keep then off guard." Makoto though to herself. She had a plan to get her revenge on Sailor Sun, and theMoon Kingdom. And all she had to do was keep then off guard.