Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 11

Minaca quickly reacted to Phobie's panic, trying to convince her it was only a bad dream. "Phobie, Robyn and I were just there."

Phobie, convinced something was wrong at her home, quickly got up. Knocking over a variety of objects to reach her Locket, she, without thinking for a second, yelled out her Transformation Phrase, turning the average everyday lady called Phobie into the first Champion of Justice, Sailor Sun. Phobie ran out the door. Minaca watched thinking only that without her powers, she was wearing almost nothing. If she had to power down for any reason, it better be in a private place.

Minaca jumped out of her spot, following Phobie. Phobie ran quickly, mentally preparing herself for any danger or situation. Her dream wasn't an ordinary nightmare, it was a prophecy, and Phobie, not even knowing or caring how she knew, had to go and help her folks. She swore she heard someone tell her her parents sent their love... and she remembers feeling her mother kiss her... {"But it was just a dream... right?"} She thought as she tore through the halls of the Palace.

Despite Minaca's objections, even after Minaca had caught up with the speed Phobie, Phobie insisted on going. She smashed the Teleport Room's doors open, not bothering to check if they were unlocked. Usually they would be, but with Minaca and Robyn's late trip to Earth they remained unlocked.

Minaca paused, looking at the damage Phobie had just caused. Phobie had been Sailor Sun for many years now. And Minaca has been Phobie's friend since they were too young to remember. Phobie had never caused this much damage, and she had never been so illrational. Minaca could only start to worry about Phobie.

Phobie on the other hand wasn't thinking. She was hoping the Transport House on Earth was still activated, and hadn't been shut down. Phobie pushed the controls, frantically waiting for something to happen. "Why won't this work!" Phobie screeched.

"Phobie! The Transport House is probably deact-... " Minaca started to say, but then the pad started to light up, beginning it's cycle. Minaca knew that if Phobie entered in an incorrect figure, that she could end up anywhere in the Moon Kingdom.

Phobie jumped onto the pad without a second thought. Minaca got ready to join her, but she was too late and the cycle started transporting. Minaca couldn't join her friend.

* * *
Moments later Sailor Sun appeared, alone on the pad, inside the Earth Transport House. The House was empty, and the pad was powering down. The House was creepy in the daytime, and twice as creepy at night. Phobie didn't care, she burst out of the door at full speed, heading in one direction... Her parent's home, HER home, her family.

* * *
In a distance, Phobie could see a bright light. Brighter then any light could make at that time of night. Phobie sped up. She ran faster than she ever remebered running in her entire life; faster than she had ever needed to. When Phobie reached sight of the house, she could see it, in flames. She ran to the front path, and without thinking, she started to run in. Praying her parents weren't in there. As she ran down the path to the burning home, Genha grabbed, her, stoping her from running into the building. He used all his strength, to keep her from passing him. Phobie yelled and screeched to be let go. She had to save her parents, she had to save her family. She kept trying to force her way past Genha. Finally, she fell limp and began bawling... He released his tight grip and she fell to her knees, still bawling. Knowing that her parents were in there and she was powerless to help them.

* * *
That morning, she sat in her old classroom, with Genha, and Minaca's mother. Phobie cried all that night... Crying herself to sleep. Genha, knowing that the Earth People would question a Woman such as Phobie, wearing a Sailor Scout uniform, and covered her up with a nearby blanket, and carried her to the school. Phobie looked around to see where she was. Still not quite believing what happened.

"Phobie... Are... Are you ok?" Genha asked her, concerned. Phobie curled up with the blanket and started to gently rock back and forth. She knew this blanket. It was one of the ones that were on her bed before she became a Scout. While she was a normal teenager, before she ran awaay from home.

"Phobie, your parents may have not been in there. They could still be alive?" Minaca's mother said, half smiling, trying to give her hope.

Phobie cringed and curled up tighter, sobbing. "No, they were there. I heard them!"

Genha, confused, asked, "Heard them?! I was there before you, and I didn't hear anything."

Phobie shook her head, "No! I heard them while I was on the Moon. They didn't die from the fire. They died before, and I couldn't save them!" Phobie started crying uncontrollably, "What good are my powers if I can't protect the ones I love?!"

Neither of them knew what to say. They all sat in silence, remembering what had happened and mulling over Phobie's words..

* * *
Minaca sat by the pad, waiting for something to happen. She couldn't program the pad to go Earth, so her only hope was to wait. It was past morning, and Phobie would soon be needed for her duties.

"Phobie... Where are you?" Minaca pouted... worridly.

Robyn walked by the door, she was getting ready to check the garden, when she saw the condition of the large doors that were up (and closed) the day before. She looked in seeing Minaca waiting by the pad. "Minaca?" She said. "What happened here?"

Minaca turned to see Robyn there. "Phobie... She did it, she... I don't know... She wasn't herself." Minaca answered, with a bit of fright in her voice.

"I sensed something odd last night... and felt something very sorrowful in my dreams last night... What's happened?" As soon as Robyn finished her words, the pad started to power up and Phobie soon appeared on the pad.

"Phobie?!" Both Robyn and Minaca said, concerned and relieved. Phobie said nothing as she walked by them, the blanket she had still around her on her back and clutching it with her gloved hands. She headed straight out of the room. Minaca followed, asking what happened, while Robyn stood there, unsure what to do.

* * *
The five princesses, Rei, Amy, Mina, Lita and Serena were prepared for their usual Scout training. They were in costume, and walked towards the gym doors, gabbing as any teenage girls would do. When they got to the door of the Gym, they found it locked.

"Do you suppose that training was canceled?" Mina asked.

"Phobie would have told us that." Lita responded.

"Should we wait for her then?" Amy posed the question.

Princess Serena shook her head, "I know how we can check if she's in there!" Serena ran playfully to the nearest staircase, the other four following. They ran up the stairs, up a few flights, when they got to a door. Serena opened the door, and they walked in to an upper balcony. The girls walked to the end of the balcony hearing noises. When they got there, they couldn't believe what they saw.

All the gym equipment, all the equitment that the princesses used for training was broken, bent, smashed, twisted, and generally demolished. In the center, Phobie sat crying. Minaca beside her. None of them could make out what was being said, but Phobie was definitely sad.

"So... I guess this means practice is canceled." Minaca stated.

"For a while.." Lita continued the statement.

Rei looked around at all the equipment. None of it was burnt or scorched. Meaning that Phobie didn't use her powers directly to damage the equipment. Then she noticed something else. Across from them, on the other side of the Gym, watching Phobie just as they were, was a long, red haired girl, about her age. She had her hair back in a long braid and was holding the end of it, fingering it nervously, looking at Phobie concernedly. She wore a neat, clean lilac dress that fell to mid-calf with an old, dirty apron over it, and she wore the shoes of a servant. The girl continued to watch until she saw the princesses, and then quickly left the balcony she was on.

"Who was that?" Rei asked.

"Who was who?" Serena asked back, not looking.

"The girl over..." Rei started, then saw she was gone, "...nevermind."

* * *
Robyn started walking down the hall, back to the garden. She didn't know if the princesses saw her and she hoped they hadn't. She was afraid of what they would say. Like "You're not worthy of being in the gym!" and "There's not place for a slave among princesses!" Robyn never even approached the princesses unless required, so she never really found out what they were like, but she imagined that every princess looked down on servants. Usually Serena would tell her something while she's passing Robyn in the hall. Things like "Don't forget the laundry." or "this needs cleaning." She gave up hopes of being friends with the princesses when she was young. She doubted that Princess Serena even knew her name. In any case, she was more concerned with Phobie. What had happened to make her act like she was? She continued to walk, until a hand pulled her back. She looked startled, but upon seeing Neon holding her shoulder, she relaxed slightly, relieved he wasn't a Palace Guard. "Oh, Neon..." She said. She looked down hoping he wouldn't see her upset. When she looked up, Neon was gone, no where to be seen.

* * *
A microsecond before Robyn looked up, Neon started to walk away. He hated doing what he had to do to keep from being seen. He looked back at a frozen Robyn. She was frozen in time like everything else around her. But Robyn looked more pale, and bonier then she did before. Neon had to use her energy. He needed it to stop time, so he could see Phobie. He had always sensed that Robyn was special... That she was meant for something other than being a Palace servant, but for now, her higher energy levels helped him to get to and away from Phobie without being caught by a Palace Guard.

Neon walked to the balcony where Robyn was only seconds earlier. Across the floor, on the other balcony, the 5 princesses stood, frozen like statues. And in the center of the gym, Phobie sat, frozen with Minaca. Neon, jumped off the balcony. With time frozen, it allowed him to drop softly, hitting the ground without injury. He walked over to Phobie, and looked at her wet eyes. He could see that she had been crying for a while, and that something horrible must have happened. He noted that the princesses' faces were normal, so whatever was wrong, affected only Phobie. Minaca seem to be trying to make Phobie feel better, judging by her expression, and position.

Neon put his hand underneath a single falling tear, that was suspended in mid air. The tear became unfrozen, and fell into Neon's hand. He looked at it, then at Phobie. He moved some of Phobie's hair, out from in front of her face, and looked into her eyes. "These eyes were never meant for such sadness." He muttered, and stood up. He wanted to hold her, he wanted to be with her, but even Robyn's higher energy level would not allow him to bring Phobie into this current moment in time with him and he could not allow himself to drain her energy which holding her frozen like this, would most likely do to her. He had to wait.

* * *
Weeks passed, and Phobie was no longer was the kind and gentle soul that she was before. Sailor Sun did her job of protecting the Queen with an iron fist, with no room for forgiveness. Neon didn't appear for a long while, and even Minaca started spending more time away from the palace. Robyn tried to do what she could to keep the garden looking as good as ever. Even she had to admit, she too left the Palace; sneaking away to escape Phobie's new Persona... No one liked it. Although Robyn didn't have Phobie's same skill and loving hand, she did a good job. Robyn's main concern was the bed of flowers that grew the seeds Neon once gave Phobie. She knew that when Phobie came back, those were the ones she would want to see the most. However, for now, Sailor Sun had no interest in the garden, training the princesses, or even Minaca and Robyn themselves.

Robyn watched Phobie's world tear itself apart. Sailor Sun was cruel, and mean. Very unlike Phobie and, at many times, Robyn couldn't believe that Sailor Sun was ever her caring, gentle friend Phobie.

One day, while Robyn was tending Neon's flowerbed, Princess Rei entered the garden. Rei never looked at the garden herself, and at the times she was at the palace (and not training) she and the other princesses would talk and gossip about different things.

"Excuse me...?" Rei said, when she found Robyn. Robyn was wearing the same outfit she had worn the day Rei had spotted her, only her hair was in a ponytail this time and her shoes were by the door, so as not to dirty the soles and scuff the floors in the Palace halls. Rei wore a lovely gown, as did the other princesses. Scout uniforms were not usually worn unless they were training, and since Phobie's change, there hasn't been any... "You're Robyn right?"

Robyn quickly turned, and seeing Rei, stood up and bowed. This was the first time that Rei or any of the other princesses spoke to her, and without hearing someone giving her orders, she was really thrown off guard. "Yes, Princess. This is actually Phobie's garden, but..."

Rei, put her fingers to her mouth, as a signal to Robyn to close hers. Robyn felt that she did something wrong, waiting for Rei to say something. Rei just stood there, as if absorbing the beauty of the flowers in the large garden.

Robyn watched as Rei closed her eyes. Then Robyn saw Neon walk up, quietly, behind her. Rei didn't know anyone other then Robyn (and herself) was in the garden. Neon tapped Rei's shoulder, and before Robyn's eyes Neon vanished. At the same time, Rei momentarily seemed blurry. Robyn was surprised, but before she could say a word, she fell down. Rei screamed, not believing that the young girl, that was less then a second ago the same age, looking as lovely as she did, now looked like a dying corpse. Robyn was pale, and her skin clammy. Her long red hair was now gray, and her face wrinkled like an old lady's. Robyn didn't feel any pain, and was mostly feeling scared and helpless at what just happened to her. The flowers around the two looked as they were almost dead. All but Neon's bed. Rei knelt down to Robyn's side, yelling for help.

* * *
Before Robyn's collapse, Neon touched Rei's shoulder and froze time. Rei looked in a similar condition as Robyn soon would. Old, wasting away, and frozen in time.

Neon stepped back, bowing to Rei, showing his respects. He then turned his attention to Robyn, touching her and bringing her to the same condition. He looked at the two, "I'm sorry, I do not hate either of you, but I need to borrow your energies... Both of your energies, to help my beloved." He paused for a moment, thinking of what may result from his actions. If he failed and their used energies were not returned, both Robyn and Rei could die.

Neon then quickly walked out to face his love and, quite possibly, his death.

* * *
In Phobie's room, Sailor Sun stood frozen like the rest of the Palace. Her hair a mess and nothing but a mean, unforgiving expression on her face.

Neon walked into the room, stopping to look at Sailor Sun. This was not the same person that Neon had fallen in love with. He knew that somewhere inside of this person that looked like her, Phobie really was there. Scared, and afraid of the world.

Neon walked around Sailor Sun, examining her as a player examines a trophy. He knew inside this shell, Neon hoped to bring out his trophy. Neon quickly thought of everything he could do, but this was the only way to bring back the woman he loved.

Neon faced Sun, looking into her eyes; then, pausing for only a second, he kissed her. Sailor Sun quickly punched him in the side, and did a spinning kick to his head, knocking him over onto the ground. "How dare you!" Sun screamed out. She stood over Neon, glaring at him.

Neon looked up at Sun. "Phobie, you have to overcome the hate and evil." He said to her, hoping to see Phobie where Sun stood. Sun looked around, noticing still drops of water, floating in mid air, and objects in her room, that regularly move, but were now still. Phobie screamed, "It's your fault!" She smashed her foot down, narrowly missing Neon as he moved.

He quickly got up, arms opened. "Phobie. I wish I could correct the faults. I wish I could reverse time..."

Sun, not wanting to hear excuses, yelled out her attack. Neon narrowly dodged the heat from the large flaming ball that Sun shot at him.

"Why are you full of all this hate?!" Neon questioned, concerned.

"It's your fault!" She yelled back, "You could have warned me. You could have told me what was going to happen to my parents!"

"I had no idea what happened. All I know is you! I love you, Phobie!" Neon said.

Sun turned her back, holding her bed post. Half of her wanting to return his feelings, the other half wanting to tear him apart.

Neon took the opportunity and grabbed her in a full bear hug, pinning her arms. Sun squirmed, as Neon just hugged tighter. "I've been controlling the hate and evil inside me, ever since I knew about you. Now let me control yours..." Neon stated. He hugged her tightly, as a glow over came both of them. On Neon's forehead, a golden crescent moon appeared, and seconds after a black upside down crescent moon appear on is head. Both moons connected at the points. Forming a gold and black circle on his forehead. Both Neon and Sun screamed as the negative emotions making Sailor Sun as evil was she was washed out of Phobie. Phobie fell to her knees, still scared... She no longer had the backwash of guilt and hate holding her down. Neon fell back, drained of energy, fighting to control his evil and negative impulses. Time slowly started to return to normal as both stayed still, catching their breath.

* * *
At that moment, just outside the garden doors, Rei's screams for help echoed in the nearby hallways. As Robyn layed near death inside the garden.