Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 10

10 years later

Over ten years, Robyn and Phobie and Minaca all became good friends. Whenever Phobie and Minaca were called out to perform her duties as Sailor Sun, Robyn would be the one left looking after the garden. She usually spent more time in the garden then Phobie did. Phobie didn't mind at all. People would sometimes come and view the large garden. And Phobie and Robyn were usually quite proud to show it off. Every so often, Queen Serennity would being Princess Serena in and veiw the garden. Serena was now a young woman, much as Robyn now was. They smiled at each other and Serena never showed any hatred for anyone as Serenity was training her to be fair and just, like Queen Serenity herself. However, Serena and Robyn still didn't get along quite as well as Robyn and Phobie would have liked.

Princess Serena was a fine young lady, she acted properly for a Princess of her stature, but, she still looked down on Robyn, as one of the simple folks. A peasant that was lucky to live in the palace forgetting that she had asked so long ago that this little girl, now a young woman as well, stay in the Palace. Serena lived in a different social group then Robyn, and Robyn, although saying differently and denying the fact, Phobie and Minaca could tell that she too wanted to fit in with teenagers her own age.

Phobie, on the other hand was quite happy with her position. At times it was hard work, and tiresome, but overall, she enjoyed the attention and the perks. Once a month she would try to go to Earth and see her parents. Her father and mother were both elderly and, although they insited on remaining on the farm that she grew up on, others would come and help with the daily chores. Phobie's mother would always make a big meal on the first of each month, when Phobie went down. Even if Phobie couldn't make it, which her parents understood, she would still make a large dinner. Just in case.

Phobie would still go off and meet Neon. Although he still insisted on remaining as much out of sight as he could, he and Phobie would spend time together. Years ago, Neon had stopped bringing flowers and started bring seeds instead. He told Phobie long ago, that a rose would only last a little while, but these flowers will always be around. Phobie would take the seed home and plant it in a special flowerbed. Robyn and Minaca knew not to touch this bed of flowers, unless Phobie was away and unable to care for them.

Makoto usually showed up every so often. No one knew where she kept going, and each time she came back she was just as crabby as she ever was. She would usually insult Minaca and leave just a few hours after appearing. Where she would go was just another one of the great mysteries of the Moon Kingdom. A few times, Phobie or Minaca tried to follow, but Makoto would usually lose them first. Minaca on the other hand seemed to be taking up Phobie's and Makoto's habits. Every so often, late at night, she too would sneak off. She rarely did it, and Phobie thought that she had the right too, even though Minaca didn't know that Phobie knew.

* * *

"Happy Birthday too you, and may your wishes come true!" Phobie and Minaca both sang as they sat in the garden. Robyn was another year older and every year, those three would have a mini-party in the garden. Last year, Queen Serenity and Robyn's mother, Sachiko, were able to join in, but this year, both of them were busy. Phobie couldn't even stay long, she was expected to be by the Queen's side. But the Queen knew how important this was to Phobie, and she made an exception of a short time.

Robyn sat on the edge of one of the flowerbeds, in front of the cake with a huge smile. She would visit her mother's grave later, this was a party with her only friends.

"How's it feel to be sixteen, Robyn?" Minaca asked cheerfuly.

"The same, I guess." Replied the happy Birthday Girl.

Phobie stood in front of her, wearing her Sailor Sun outfit.

She smiled and handed Robyn a small object, wrapped up in a purple cloth. The cloth was a little dirty, but it didn't matter to Robyn any bit. "I'm sorry, I've got to run, Robyn. Neon gave me this to give to you." Robyn took the cloth out of Phobie's hands and she unwrapped the present. Robyn half expected to see flower seeds like she ussually did, but this time whatever was in the cloth felt a little harder and bigger then seeds.

With in a few second, Robyn had unwrapped the gift. A cloudy little purple pendant. Robyn looked at the pendant and then
at Phobie and then again at the pendant.

"Neon gave me this?" Robyn said, surprised. She would have thought that Neon would give such a beautiful gift to Phobie. She rearly ever saw Neon. Usually the only time was when he made his way to the garden to see Phobie.

"That's what he told me." Phobie replied.

"But... Wouldn't he have rather have given it to you?"

Minaca butted in, "Robyn, the best thing is to accept the gift and stop trying to figure out Neon." She paused for a second, "I see him more then you and I still can't figure him out."

Phobie giggled, "Stop that Minaca."

"Well, it's true." Minaca replied, looking back at Phobie.

"Well, thank him, please!" Robyn said to Phobie.

Phobie looked at Robyn as Robyn put the pendant around her neck. "Next time I see him."

"Shouldn't you be going?" Minaca looked at Phobie curiously.

Phobie returned Minaca's look, and replied smartly, "Picky, picky, picky." She looked back at Robyn, " Remember, I didn't get a chance to water the roses."

Robyn nodded, "I'll do it."

Phobie looked at both of them, " Ok, I'll see you two tomorrow." Phobie watch them both nod and she walked out of the garden.

"At her age, I still have to get her going!" Minaca commented.

"I'm glad you're staying this time Minaca..." Robyn looked at Minaca as she started to tend the garden.

"And miss your big day?" Minaca asked as though she had just been insulted.

Makoto walked in to the garden as though she were just there instead of being gone for days. "Hey, furrball. Where's Phobie?" She yelled at Minaca.

"She just left, Makoto." Robyn calmly responded.

"What do you want her for?" Minaca yelled back from atop a flowerbed.

Makoto cruelly glared at Minaca, and yelled back a response. "None of your business, Fruitball!" Makoto smirked, knowing that would get Minaca mad.

Robyn picked up Minaca and started petting her, hoping to calm her down and to stop her from doing anything rash.

"Makoto, why do you tease Minaca?" Robyn inquired.

Makoto looked cruelly at the two and spit out a response. "Because I can!" She then quickly turned around and ran out the front door.

Robyn and Minaca exchanged looks. Both confused as to the purple cat's urge to speak to Phobie. "What was that about?" Robyn asked.

"You got me." The orange cat responded.

Both started to go back to work on the garden. Minaca had the most trouble, as she usually did. With a cat's body, she wasn't able to do nearly as many things as she was as a teenage human. She was always too proud to admit it, and after the years, she almost forgot what it was like to be human. She never did tell Robyn, she was too embarassed. Athough what had happened to her was supposed to be an honor, she reluctantly ever told anyone. She didn't want to be singled out, or teased about being once human.

A few hours went by and Robyn was starting to finish what she was doing. She was almost ready to start her next garden task, until Minaca realized the time. She quickly ran over to Robyn yelling her name.

Robyn calmly turned around and looked back, wondering what the commotion suddenly was. "What is it, Minaca?"

"Robyn! Quickly follow me!" Minaca told her in a serious voice, then, she darted out the front door of the garden. Robyn confused, but trusting in her friend's judgement, quickly dropped what she was doing and followed Minaca as fast as her legs could carry her.

Minaca ran through the entire Palace until she came to the doors which she saw the first of every month, with Phobie. The doors were closed and Minaca was unable to open them, but she knew Robyn would soon catch up and could open the doors for her.

Robyn quickly caught up, and stood huffing and puffing infront of Minaca and the large door. Minaca just calmly sat down in front of the door. " Took you long enough." She told Robyn

Robyn glared at her, "Well, you had a head start!"

Minaca looked at the large set of doors, then at Robyn, "Well?"

Robyn huffing and puffing to catch her breath, " 'Well', what?!"

"You going to open the doors or not?" Minaca smugly asked.

Robyn stood up and looked at the large doors, she was never allowed in this room, and though she often saw Serenity and Princess Serena go into it, even Phobie and Minaca, no one would come out for hours, sometimes even days. Robyn could tell Minaca knew what she was doing, but Robyn didn't want to get into any trouble. The Palace had been her home, even after her mother passed on, and she didn't want to do anything that would cause her to get in trouble. "Shouldn't ... I mean..."

Minca started to get anticipated but still kept her cool, "Robyn, Open the door!"

Robyn, unsure, did as she was told and started to open the door, half expecting Phobie and everyone else who lived at the Palace behind it, waiting to say 'surprise' or perhaps a Guard to scold her... As the large door slowly opened, Minaca squeezed in and Robyn follow. Robyn looked around, and saw no one. All she noticed was a large platform. Robyn had never seen a transport platform, except the one large in the Moon Kingdom, but it wasn't as nice as this one.

Minaca once again told Robyn to follow her, as she walked onto the pad.

Robyn, reluctantly took a step, then stopped, "Minaca, I'm not allowed here. Can't we just go?"

"We are going to go!", Minaca replied.

Robyn stepped on to the Transport Pad, scared that if anyone saw here, they would surely tell the Queen or Phobie. It was natural to assume she would be easily seen. Minaca was less then a half a foot tall, and Robyn was much bigger. A few seconds after Robyn stepped on the pad, a buzzing was heard. Robyn instantly went into "Panic Mode". Thinking she had broken it, but soon the Transport Cycle started, and in seconds, Robyn and Minaca both stood in the Transport House on Earth.

"There. Was that so bad?", Minaca asked.

The last time she was on Earth, she was four years old, before the Palace Guards had come for her and the others, so Robyn was unsure of her location. "What if we're caught? Where are we?"

Minaca started walking out of the house, "Well, if you want to go back, you can. But I'm leaving."

Robyn started to panic, "How? How do I go back?"

"I'll be back in a few hours, if you'll wait here..." Minaca left the House.

Robyn not sure where she even was, didn't want to be left alone. "Wait for me!" She said as she ran after Minaca.

* * *

After a brief run, Robyn caught up with Minaca... again. She huffed and puffed, not realizing that they were almost where they were heading. Minaca pranced down the road, quite proud of herself for being able to keep Robyn off guard enough, but to keep her following. Minaca continued, on her way, not looking back, and listened to Robyn huffing and puffing behind her.

Minaca continued down the road, until she got to a walkway, and then she sharply turned, walking towards an old shack. Robyn, watching Minaca, followed slowly, wondering what she was doing.

When Minaca got to the door, she started scratching at it. Robyn rushed over to stop her and picked her up. "Minaca! Why are you doing that? Do you want the owners to get mad at you?"

Minaca whispered to Robyn. "Knock on the door!"

Minaca was being very quiet, and Robyn could barely understand her, "What?! Why!?" Minaca started to meow loudly. Robyn, unsure what to do, knocked on the door hoping Minaca would be quiet. "There. Can we go now? I don't want to get in trouble." Minaca stood quiet, not saying a word.

As Robyn was talking, the front door opened, with someone looking through between the door and the frame. Then the person quickly opened the door, smiling. She was a much older woman, with grey already in her hair.

"Minaca!" She yelled. Robyn almost fell back at the shock of hearing the woman yell so loud after being so quiet for so long.

Minaca responded, quietly, so as not to draw a lot of attention to herself. "Hi. Can we come in?"

The lady, happily responded, "Of course." She moved back, letting Robyn walk in. "Minaca, would you like some fresh eggs?"

Minaca made a gross cat face. {"Why would I want eggs this time of day?"} Minaca thought to herself. "Ah... No thanks."

The lady looked disappointed, but still happy to see her. Then she looked at Robyn, "So you must be Robyn?" Robyn, nodded, still unsure where she was. "Well, Happy Birthday. My husband's out, but he'll be back soon. Robyn nodded. "So, sit down... relax!" her mother told her.

Robyn sat down on the nearest chair, still holding Minaca. "Where are we, Minaca?" Robyn asked, as Minaca just sat there.

The lady popped her head out of the door she went in, "Minaca, are you going to see your parents?"

Minaca quickly reponded. "NO!"

Robyn questioningly asked, "Why not? I'm sure your parents would love to share some milk with you." Minaca meanly looked back at Robyn. "What?"

"I just don't!"

The lady walked out, carrying some snacks, "Minaca, you mother and father are always asking about you."

Robyn curiously posed the question, "How are Minaca's parents? If I may... who are their owners?"

The lady looked strangely at Robyn and answered her question. "Robyn, Dear, Minaca's parents aren't cats. They're human." Minaca start to bury her head in between the cushions of the couch.

"But she's a cat?"

The lady looked at Minaca, "You never told her?"

"Told me what?" Robyn asked, wanting to know the secret.

"Minaca was human" She responded.


Robyn surprised and hurt, looked at Minaca. "Minaca, why didn't you ever tell me?"

"I don't like telling people."

Robyn started to feel guilty, sometimes, she regarded Minaca as just a cat, and not able to understand some of her problems while she was growing up. Including her mother's death.

Just then an older man, about the lady's age, walked in. "Are they here yet?" he asked.

The lady walked out to the door. "She's here."

"Are we ready?" He asked.

The lady nodded. The man walked into the room where Robyn and Minaca were. "Welcome, Robyn, we're glad to have you here." Robyn nodded, still not knowing who he or the woman was.

"Well! Come to the kitchen!" He instructed as he smiled.

Minaca jumped off the chair, and quickly walked to the kitchen, Robyn moped to the kitchen, thinking about what she just learned. As she walked into the kitchen, there was a table full of food, and a cake in the center. Everyone yelled "Happy birthday too you, and may your wishes come true..." Robyn stopped, smiled, and put her hands over her mouth. She felt ready to cry...She was happy that these strangers were wishing her a Happy Birthday, and that this year's birthday, wouldn't celebrated alone with only Phobie and Minaca... but she felt sad that Phobie and her own mother couldn't join her...

Before Robyn could thank them, the lady insisted that she sit down and eat. Robyn sat down, while Minaca stood on the table, eating off her plate, that was already preset. "Phobie asked us to make the dinner and cake for you, instead of her." The lady responded.

"She must really like you."

Robyn looked at the two, then at Minaca. "Your Phobie's parents?" she asked.

"Of course we are..." the lady looked sternly at Minaca, "...didn't you tell her?"

Minaca looked up, blushing and with food on her chin, "Sorry, I forgot!"

* * *

After a filling meal, and a gabbing session about both Robyn's life in the Palace and Phobie and Minaca's Pre-Scout experience, Minaca and Robyn prepared to leave and go back to the Palace. Everyone said good-bye to each other, Phobie's mother being sure to give Robyn package of homemade food for her daughter.

Robyn and Minaca departed the house and the two remained silent all the way to the Transport House, which was being especially manned at the request of Sailor Sun, to recieve two visitors and send the two back to the Moon Kingdom. This was Robyn's first visit to Earth... with her friends.

* * *
Back at Phobie's parents' home, Phobie's mother was putting dishes away, while her father relaxed.

"Robyn seems like a nice girl. I hope Phobie brings her more often." The lady said.

The man nodded in agreement. "You liked making the cake, didn't you?"

The woman nodded. "Yes, but Robyn and Minaca visiting was nice too. I hope Phobie visits soon. I would make an extra dinner this month."

"I think she would come if she could. But your dinners don't hurt." He smiled.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise outside, like something was crashing through the front fence. Phobie's father quickly stood up, preparing to face whatever was outside. As he walked to the door, it and a section of the wall crumbled, as a large figure was seen forcing it's way into the happy couple's home.

* * *
Back in the Moon Kingdom, Minaca was entering Phobie's room, with Robyn carrying the small package of treats, she left them on a nightstand, and looked at Phobie.

"Neon...I love you... Neon stay with me... Neon... I do..." Phobie said in her sleep.

"She even talks about him in her sleep." Robyn commented. She felt she had to and kissed Phobie on the cheek. "That's from your parents, Phobs... They miss you." She smiled and walked to the door.

Minaca jumping up to the bed, "She must have had a hard day... since she's sleeping."

"I'll go. Good Night, Minaca." Robyn said as she closed the door.

"Phobie, you missed a good day." Minaca prepared to go to sleep on Phobie's bed.

* * *
Shortly after Minaca fell asleep, Phobie rose in a panic, "MOM! DAD!" She started to cry.

"What's wrong?", Minaca asked, startled.

"There's something wrong at home." Phobie said sobbing.