Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 9

Phobie spent the next few weeks, doing her new job. Guarding the Queen as she visited the different places in her Kingdom. Phobie also spent a lot of extra time training and perfecting her skills as a warrior, and as Sailor Sun.

The days turned into weeks, Luna and Artemis could tell that Phobie was getting more and more short tempered. Minaca as well developed a short fuse. Minaca had fallen into her role as a guardian nicely. Both Luna and the Queen agreed that something had to be done about their new attitudes. Luna had noticed that Phobie would often sneak off, and before she could follow to see where Phobie was going, Minaca would always meet Luna somewhere along the way, preventing Luna from following. Minaca knew where Phobie was going and, although not always agreeing with her, she helped her friend.

Phobie would run across the Kingdom and into the place where she first met Neon. The old warehouse that the two kidnappers had used. Many weeks ago, both of them agreed to meet when they could, here. Knowing, as did the kidnappers, that the Guards and the people of the Kingdom barely ever visited it. Minaca had a faint idea where the secret meeting place was, but she never did know for sure.

When Phobie returned, she often brought back a single flower that Neon would often give her, but even in a vase with water, it would die in the Moon's environment in less then a day. Phobie often watched them die, and Minaca felt that it wasn't helping.

"Please your Majesty." Luna pleaded with the Queen, in her private quarters.

"Luna, I don't want to be the bad guy, but Phobie doesn't have the time to go back to Earth." the Queen replied, sadly.

"I know that. But could her parents possibly come here?" She pleaded.

"You know Artemis would never allow that. And, unfortunatly, I agree with him. We can't invite just any Earther here. Even Phobie's parents."

"We must do something!"

The Queen's servant walked in, hearing only part of the conversation. The servent was an older women, with bright red hair that fell to the middle of her back, and bright emerald green eyes. "Pardon me, Your Majesty... I'm sorry to interrupt..." The servant begged forgiveness.

The Queen smiled and replied softly, "You're always welcome, Sachiko. Do you think me a harsh person?"

She quickly replied, trying not to offend the queen, "Oh, no my Queen." Sachiko looks up at the Queen, trying to read an expression other then kindness off her face, "You have been most kind to me and my daughter..."

"Then what is wrong?" Inquired the Queen.

She noticed that Luna was there as well and blushed. "I am sorry, I shouldn't have interrupted you..." Sachiko started to back out.

"Wait!" The Queen said, forcefully. Her voice then softened, "As my Royal Maid, I demand that you share your opinions
with us, whenever you choose is best."

"Oh... Well..." Sachiko hesitated, "I noticed that Sailor Sun likes flowers... and since she did live on a farm, I thought perhaps she might like to start a garden or something. Too fill her spare time."

"That's an excellent idea." the Queen replied.

Luna smiled. She had never considered that Phobie may have too much spare time, which, in retrospect, meant she had nothing to do. She was too old to enjoy the company of the princesses, and too young for the palace staff. It only made sense. "We could let her have use of the old ballroom in the palace. No one uses it, and I think it would make an ideal place for a garden!" Luna said, looking at the Queen.

"You're right, Luna! Inform Sailor Sun that we wish her to start a garden there. She can do as little or as much work as she wants." The Queen nodded to Luna.

Luna looked at the nervous handmaiden at the door. "Maybe your Maiden should tell her. After all, it was her idea."

Shocked, Sachiko quickly turned down the offer. She had no business with Sailor Sun, and did not want to do anything that would make her job more difficult.

"Alright," Luna responded. "I'll give her the news."

"Thank you, master Luna." Sachiko sighed, relieved and bowed to Luna and Queen Serenity. She then backed out of the Queen's quarters.

The Queen glanced at Luna. "Nervous, isn't she?"

Luna returned the glance, "Well, I would expect that after her last owners."

The Queen shook her head, "I only wish I could only help all the poor people mistreated like her and her daughter."

* * *

Sailor Sun lay on her bed, looking at the ground in her usual depressed state. Minaca walked into the room, and saw Sun. Being a cat didn't mean that she didn't get bored, and it didn't mean she had to be bored alone! She walked up to the bed and jumped onto it. She then proceeded to the end of the bed, and flopped down on it. Now looking onto the floor, much like Phobie was doing.

"Bored?" Minaca stated.

"Yup." Phobie replied.

Minaca glanced over at Phobie and then looked back to the ground. "Why are you still in your uniform?"

Phobie sighed and shrugged her shoulders "What's the point? In half an hour, I'm going to get so bored, I'm just going to go back to the gym and do more drills."

"You meeting tonight?"

"Nope. He's not going to be there for the next couple of days."


"Why?" Phobie inquired.

"Something to do." Minaca answered. "I do have one question though."


Minaca took a deep breath and said "What are we looking at anyway?"

Phobie smiled, and looked at Minaca who was intensely staring at the floor. "You know, you got weirder as a cat."

"You know, you got weirder as a Scout." Minaca casually replied.

"Oh, yeah?!" Phobie said, smiling. A split second after that, Minaca was completely submerged under a pillow that Phobie hit her with.

"Hey! No fair, I can't use a pillow!" Minaca quickly yelled as Phobie lifted the pillow, getting ready for another hit.

"So?" Phobie said as the pollow came down and she giggled.

Minaca quickly jumped onto the falling pillow and then pounced on top on Phobie's head. "There! You hit me, you hit yourself!"

"Oh, yeah?" Phobie giggled again, and then swatted herself in the head with the pillow. Minaca, on the other hand, jumped from Phobie's head just in time to avoid being hit.

"Cat-like reflexes!" Minaca giggled herself.

"Why you sneaky little..." Phobie muttered.

Luna tapped on the door then realised that there was no way they could hear her. With all the noise they were making. Luna
looked in and annouced, "You girls having fun?"

Both of them stopped and looked at Luna who was just inside the door.

Phobie looked really nervous. {"Probably not the way a Sailor Scout should act..."}Sshe thought. "I'm sorry, Luna. I didn't mean to cause any trouble."

Luna quickly put Phobie's worries to rest, "NO! It's good to see you having fun. I have good news..."

"'re going to join in?" Minaca broke into Luna's sentence, jokingly.

Luna glared coldly at Minaca and continued her statement. "No! The Queen has decided to have a garden in the old ballroom. Since you had some spare time she wanted to know if you would like to take on the task?"

Phobie's eyes glimmered. She loved flowers and gardening. She had to if she could stand working with her father in the field on Earth, day after day. "I'd love to! Can I have roses? And Lilacs? And...."

"Anything you want, Phobie..." Luna answered before she could finish asking.

* * *

In another part of the palace, a small red-headed girl, about Princess Serena's age, sadly walked into a room. Inside the
room, her mother, the Queen's Royal Maid, folded laundry she had taken from the clothes line a little while ago.

"Mommy?" The little girl said as she stepped forward

Sachiko looked up and saw her little precious standing sadly by the door. The little girl wore old clothes, and a purple headband, holding down her long red hair from waving around her face.

"What is it, My Little Rose?" The servent asked her daughter.

The young girl slowly walked in and hugged her mother's leg as her mother continued to fold. "I don't like it here anymore. There's no one left to play with."

The mother stopped folding the laundry, and knelt down beside her daughter. "Robyn, I know it's hard. But believe me, it's much better here then back with the others."

"But my friends..." The child cried.

Sachiko could only take her child in her arms and hug her. Anything else wouldn't help a five year old understand. At their old home, they were slaves, and the Masters cruelly mistreated their slaves. The children were rarely shown how things really were until they became old enough to work. One of the lucky slaves sent out came back with many Palace Guards who took them from their Masters in the dawn light and forbade them to ever own another under penalty of death. Sachiko and Robyn were among the very few who were able to stay in the Palace. The other two families, however, had found caring Masters on the Moon and therefore left Robyn and Sachiko as the only family left. Robyn continued to cry into her mother's apron... Sachiko didn't know what to do or how to tell her daughter she was safe now... How could she explain that for years, she was beaten and hit for just looking the wrong way at her Masters? She was just grateful, that living in the kingdom, that little Robyn would never have to go through the same ordeal.

* * *

Phobie, in her own civilian work clothes, finally started making the holes for the seeds. Even Minaca helped, digging with her paws like she was a little puppy digging a hole for a bone.

For days, Phobie and Minaca have been spending their free time, making the beds for the flowers. The old ballroom was lovely, and, at first, she couldn't believe that the Queen wanted to have it torn up for a garden. However, once Phobie started, she could envision the garden. She spent hours moving and placing the rocks for the edges of the flower beds. She spent even more time, checking each seed, judging which were the best. This wasn't an ordinary garden, it was going to be Phobie and Minaca's place! A place where they could come and be surrounded by beauty. One thing that did bother Phobie was 'who would look after the garden'? She was concerned that while she was gone with the Queen, no one could care for it. Minaca couldn't, she was usually with Phobie; even if she was at the Palace, she had no hands to tend to the garden's needs. Makoto rarely showed up, and had no interest in the project anyway. The Royal Gardener was too busy making the outside garden look good... so... he was out...

Minaca and Phobie continued making small holes in the soil. Each a fifth of a foot deep. Phobie didn't dare plant the seeds until she was sure that the holes where in the layout she wanted. Neon quietly walked into the room, and watched his love work. He was glad to see her so happy. Although he couldn't tell her where he went, he was glad to see that she had something to do. Even if it did mean missing the last two meetings at the warehouse.

Neon cleared his throat, producing a noise he hoped would get Phobie's attention. Phobie looked over, wondering what the noise was. She saw Neon standing by the open door. Phobie quickly got up, happily ran over and hugged him, tightly, hoping never to let go. Neon returned the hug. Minaca knew what her role was... 'Lookout Cat'. After all, having a small body did have some advantages. Minaca stopped her digging, jumped down from the to-be-flowerbeds, and dragged her paws on the floor, trying to get the dirt off.

"I'll be on lookout." Minaca said, as she walked past the two and out the door.

Phobie nodded as Minaca left the room. Then, she released herself from Neon's hug and pulled him towards one of the flowerbeds. Neon followed, reluctantly. He didn't want to ruin any of Phobie's hard work, and, although she didn't know it, he feared his presence in the room may cause trouble.

Phobie didn't care. She pulled him towards where she was digging holes with Minaca. She hasn't seen him for almost a week, and completely lost track of time with her new project.

* * *

In the hallway, just outside, Minaca stood guard, keeping an eye out for Palace Guards, Luna or Artemis, or anyone else for that matter. She got down close to the ground, trying not to be noticable, until she heard something. Her first thought, was to go back into the garden, and tell Phobie and Neon. 'Trouble!' But she could distinctly make out a wimpering noise. Not like a hurt animal, more like slight crying. Minaca walked in the direction of the sound, trying not to stray too far from her post in front of the garden.

She looked past a corner and didn't see anyone or anything. She thought she was hearing things. The noise stopped as she came around the corner and nothing was left to guide Minaca to whatever was causing it. She turned back to go back to the door, but then, a sniff was caught by her left ear. As Minaca looked in the direction, she saw a little 5 year old girl with long, bright red hair, sitting, hiding behind a pillar. Her hair fell over her face and she was curled up against a wall.

Minaca went to the young one and sat alongside the pillar. She looked over and pushed her hair out of her face and wiped her eye. The two looked at each other, and the little girl started to open her mouth, but quickly shut it. Minaca thought that the poor girl could only be really scared to be hiding. It couldn't have been a game. She was far too sad to be playing.

"What's wrong?" Minaca casually asked the girl.

The girl, scared, replied. "No one wants to play..." The little one's tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"Won't Princess Serena or the others play?" Minaca curiously asked.

"They don't like me." The redhead replied, "I'm not a princess."

{"Oh."} Minaca thought. She had always had friends as a young girl, and even though she was now a cat, she couldn't picture what it would be like without someone to talk to or play with. "Well, if you want. I'll play with you?" Minaca told her, hoping to cheer her up.

"But you're a cat...?" the redhead replied.

{"And you're a person..."} Minaca thought to herself. "So? We can still be friends."

"Wouldn't you rather play with other cats?" The girl asked, still hesitant.

{"What other cats?"} Minaca continued to think. Then she smiled at the girl."I'd rather play with you."

"Goody!" The girl looked 100% happier as she started to get up.

"Give me a minute to let someone know. Ok?" Minaca cautioned the girl.

"Ok." She said with a smile.

Minaca walked back to the room and looked in. Phobie was back at her garden. Neon had left, and Phobie was happily planting, with a rose laying beside her.

The girl looked in herself, and upon seeing Phobie working the girl asked Minaca, "Is she a servant like my mom?"

"No... She's the Queen's Guard."

The girl shook her head, red hair hitting Minaca's face. "She's a girl! All the Guards are boys!"

Minaca walked in and the girl reluctantly followed. "Phobie?" Minaca started, "I'm going to be out with... Ah..." Minaca paused and looked at the girl blushing, "What's your name, agian?"

"Robyn!" the girl quietly said.

Phobie looked over and spoke up, "Minaca, who's your friend?"

"Phobs... Ah... Well, I just met her..."

Robyn stood with her hands behind her back, not wanting to touch anything. She didn't want to get in any kind of trouble. "Who is she?" Robyn whispered to Minaca.

Minaca looked back and told her with a smile, "Sailor Sun!"

Robyn looked at Phobie and said, loudly enough that Phobie could hear. "She's not Sailor Sun!"

Phobie heard the girl's remark, walked over, and asked, "Why not?"

Robyn's head went down, she thought for sure she was in trouble now. Her head was down, ready for almost anything, like it was when she was back as a slave. "Ah... Sailor Sun's pretty... and nice... and kind... a-and gentle...?"

Phobie looked at herself and then Minaca. "Well, I think I'm all those things, plus a little dirty..." She smiled.

Robyn looked up and continued, "But she doesn't dress like you do...?"

Phobie sat down on a nearby flowerbed, and looked into the little girl's eyes. She then reached for her locket and pulled it out to show little Robyn. "Well... Do you know what this is?" Phobie asked the girl. The girl stood blankly, shook her head slightly and continued to look at Phobie confused. Phobie continued, "This is my Sailor Sun Locket.", Phobie took off the locket, and put it over Robyn's head. "How about you hang on to it for me for a little while?" Phobie smiled as the girl looked at the golden locket. Minaca looked up, but could barely see it though Robyn's hands. "Be sure to watch it carefully. You can't lose it! Ok?"

The girl looked up, happily. " Ok! I won't! I promise!"

Phobie smiled. She was glad to see that Minaca's new little friend was happy. "Why don't you help us? I could always use an extra hand."

Robyn was extremely excited. She was happy that she finally had someone to be with... But now she was accepted as both Minaca and Phobie's friend! "Ok!" She said.

"Ok..." Phobie looked around. "Ah... how about you go over to that bag, and get a handful of seeds. We've got to sort through them." Robyn quickly ran over the the bag of seeds that Phobie pointed out.

Minaca looked at Phobie, confused. "You gave her your Locket?" She asked, in shock.

Phobie looked down on the cat, "No, I gave her my locket with my parents' pictures. She'll never know the difference and it makes her happy."

Minaca looked relieved then unsure again. "What if she loses that one?"

"Mom and Dad would be happy to know that they're still helping others, even if they're on Earth and not here."

Robyn ran back, both hands full of seeds and smiling. "I brought some seeds!"