Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 8

Minaca sat still, on the dresser, less then two hours ago, was sitting in front of, checking her make up in it's large mirror. Now, she's a guardian, a protector, a cat, a four legged fur ball. She didn't blame her friend, after all, she did tell the queen she would do anything, and it could have been much worse.

Phobie was less then 5 feet away, sitting on a chair, thinking about what happened. She had no idea Minaca or Makoto would be turned into cats. And now, although Phobie's back was turned, Minaca could tell that that Phobie was feeling extreme guilt. Minaca couldn't let Sailor Sun, Phobie, her friend feel this way. Minaca jumped to the floor and walked in front of Phobie. She looked at Phobie, who was crying quietly, tears trailed down her face, and on her uniform. "Phobie..." Minaca started. Phobie opened her eyes and saw Minaca sitting on the ground looking up at her. Phobie quickly turned around and looked away. "Phobie, what's wrong?"

"Minaca, I'm so sorry..." Phobie replied, crying. Minaca jumped onto Phobie's lap, and mewd.

"Why are you sorry?"

"I did this to you." Phobie bawled, turned and hugged her friend.

"Ah... well, Phobie, thank you." Minaca told her.

"Thank me, why?" Phobie's tears started to stop and she looked at Minaca.

"Because, now, I can be part of both Sailor Sun, and your life. If either of us had won, then I assumed the other would go home." Minaca paused, "Now, I get to stay with my best friend, and still help Sailor Sun. I guess that was why I tried to distance our friendship. I though that after the contest, we may not be friends anymore. I'm sorry Sailor Sun"

Phobie wiping her eyes, "I don't think I'll ever get use to being called that."

"We'll get use to it together." Both nodded to each other, and sat quietly for a few moments. "Now, can you pet me some more, it feels good." Phobie smiled and started stroking the cat. She knew that it was very likely that Minaca was just saying what she said to make Phobie feel better, but the realization helped them both.

From the entrance of the room, a shadow watched, this one not being Neon, but the shadow of a small pure black cat. "Well, I'm glad that one has come to terms with the change. I wonder if Artemis ever found Makoto."

* * * 

At that moment, Artemis was starting to approached the new cat, while she jumped around in the gym.

"This isn't happening, I'm not a fuzz ball." She jumps again, tring to grab onto a bar, above of her.

"Makoto, are you ok?" Artemis asked.

"Who the hell do you think you are to ask me that?" She turned around to see that the person asking was a cat himself.

"Makoto, I know this isn't easy..."

"Get away from me!" She yelled back.

"Makoto, I want to be your friend and help you, this wasn't a punishment, it's a gift..."

"A gift? I'm a hair ball, I'm a freakish yellow and purple CAT! I don't want look like this, I want my own body back."

"You are in your body, it was just changed. Being a guardian isn't about being human, it's about..."

"Stuff it, I don't want any part of this! Now, go away, before I turn you into sushi!" Makoto shows her teeth and her claws and hairs stick out in a bully posture.

Artemis could see her intent but he has rarely pulled back from a challenge, "Makoto. I'll leave for now, but I suggest that you get your attitude straighten out. If the Queen sees it, being a cat will be the least of your worries.", Artemis walks away, anger, but wise no to tip his hand, or paw.

* * *
Later that night, Luna conferences with the queen, who although despite all her powers and servants, gets no greater joy then spending time with her daughter. Queen Serenity brushes her daughters bright yellow hair, while the princess brushes her Luna's hair. " Yes, Luna, but I don't believe that we can spare anytime to let Sailor Sun go."

Luna, intent on helping both Sailor Sun and Minaca has approached the queen with a request. " Yes, I am aware of the urgency for her to start her job as your royal protector, but given the weeks of testing and training, we put the three of them through, I think it would be wise to let Phobie, Minaca and Makoto go home for only a day. If not to only see their families."

Serenity looked at her daughter and onto her pretty yellow hair, as though it was a crystal ball, revealing the future. Serenity knew what the responsibilities of a parent, and that those responsibilities would eventually cause them to do drastic action for their children. "Very, well. They may go. Luna, you and Artemis will have to go with them to earth. They will have to be back on the moon after the next sun rise."

Luna got up form Serena's lap and started to go give them the good news, until the queen added one last thing. "Luna, wish them well for me."

Luna paused to reply, "I will, my queen." and Luna left the room.

Serena then had a question, "Mommy, when will Miss Sun play with us?"

"When she is ready, when she is ready, Serena, now... too bed."

* * *

Luna dashed quickly to Phobie's room, intent on telling her the good news. She could hardly wait to see the expression on Phobie's face when Luna told her she could finally go home. She can up to Phobie's door, and pushed herself into the room.

Their on the large bed, Phobie laid, the necklace the queen had given her on the night table and to Luna's surprise, Minaca laid, beside her, much like Luna laid beside Serena, when she went to sleep herself. Luna though of the irony, Minaca was given her own room, smaller, but a luxurious room. The same room, that Luna was originally going to have to herself, but Luna decided that she would rather sleep along side princess Serena, to watch over her, and protect her. Artemis was given the same room, but no one ever saw Artemis sleep, and to have his own room was pointless to him. Luna found that even though Minaca was human yesterday, now, she has already starting acting more like a guardian then she would ever know.

Luna walked up to the bed, unsure weather to wake the two sleeping heads, or to let them sleep and tell them in the morning. Luna tried to think what she would want, but the situation differed for her, since she barely ever knew her real mother or father. She spend a few seconds, contemplating waking the two, until Minaca decided for her. Minaca started to stir and slowly opened her eyes, She wiped her paw over her face and looked almost unsure of what she saw. "Miss Luna. What are you doing here?" Minaca said, quietly.

"Actually trying to decide if I should wake you too up. I have asked the queen, and she has permitted you two, and Makoto to all go home for a day." Luna answered, equally quiet.

"Oh, " Minaca said although still asleep, "I think Phobie would want to know." She got up as walked up to Phobie's sleeping face. "Phobie, Phobie..." She said, trying to wake both herself and Phobie up.

Phobie woke and as she usually did on sleepovers started talking to her friend before thinking, "Minaca, I had the strangest dream, I won the contest and you were turned... "Phobie opened her eyes and jumped back at the sight of the furry friend less the a inch from her face. "Owww.." She said, getting up off the ground on which she landed, "That hurt, don't do that!"

Both Minaca and Luna had smirks on their faces, almost laughing a Phobie.

"What are you two doing in here anyway?"

Luna answered the question, quickly, "I have gotten approval, for you to go back to Earth, to see your family." Phobie looked very happy at the news, then her happiness turned to sorrow.

Minaca noted the sudden change in expression. She knew her friend too well to know that something was up. "Phobie, aren't you happy, you'll see your Mom and Dad."

"Minaca, my dad... my dad never wanted me to come to the contest. I ran from home to come."

Luna was almost surprised to hear this, Sailor Sun, the one who has proven herself to be the rightful keeper of the power which queen Serenity has bestrode upon her, ran away from home. Minaca was in equal shock, that Phobie, the child who was beloved by both parents and had the perfect life, ran away from home because her parents didn't let her participate in the contest. Minaca was unsure which she found more surprising, that fact that Phobie ran away, or the fact that her father. A man that Minaca greatly respected, didn't let Phobie come.

Minaca spoke first, "Phobie, don't you think they would still be proud of you. Look at what you accomplished."

"That's right, you are Sailor Sun, protector of the Sun, the Moon kingdom, and the Silver Millennium." Luna added.

"But look what it did to you Minaca, what will Mom and Dad think, what will your parents think?"

Luna looked at both of them and added, "Well, the queen did say that both Artemis and myself had to escort you two. To make sure that nothing happened, and I'm sure we could explain everything that has and will happen." Luna paused, seeing Phobie's concern, "I don't know when you'll be able to go back."

"Miss Luna's right Phobs, any way, look at me. I bet I can really freak out rock head Matson." Both Minaca and Phobie giggled like two school girls, while Luna was unsure of the joke. But it made the two seem to feel better.

Luna broke the giggling, "Alright, I'll come and get you tomorrow morning."

* * *

That morning, Phobie, and Minaca were both sitting in Phobie's room, waiting for Luna to come and get them. They were both looking forward to going home, until Luna pushed her way through the room doors again.

Luna spoke, quickly and seriously. " Where's Makoto?"

Minaca and Phobie looked at each other, they both completely forgot about Makoto, and didn't have a clue were she could be. Luna easily saw the expression on their faces and knew what they were thinking, but she continued, "Did either of you talk to her yet."

"Sorry, Miss Luna, Phobie and I haven't left this room since last night."

"Are you sure you haven't seen her?" Luna re asked her question.

"Positive." Phobie answered, "Do you think something happened to her?"

Luna looked back at the doors, she knew Makoto had to be found, but she also knew how important it was for Phobie and Minaca to go home. Both were already starting to feel the effects of being out of contact with their home, and families, and although they wouldn't admit it, they needed to go. "She'll have to miss the trip then."

Phobie, concerned for Makoto, "Shouldn't we go look for her?"

Luna was proud of Phobie for even asking. By asking, Luna could tell that Phobie would put the needs of the greater good, above her own. This was surly a sign that she had done her job well, and Phobie was the right pick. "No, ", Luna replied, "the guards will find her, don't worry about her."

Minaca was twitching to get going. Even as a cat, she couldn't wait to see her parents. She had unlimited love, and she knew her parents would love her, no matter what she looked like. Phobie looked more scared then anything else. She had never lied to her father, never had a harsh word, and now after she had lied and had harsh words, she went back to them. She didn't know what to expect from them, and seeing her father might be more trouble for her, then good. But Phobie was gladly willing to face her fears, just to see him again, and to give Minaca the opportunity to see her parents again.

"Well, lets go, Artemis has told me that he will be at the palaces Transport Pad.

* * *

A little walk though the palace, and Minaca discovered a new resting spot, on Phobie's shoulders. Phobie didn't mind, after all, Minaca wasn't very heavy, and being new at being a cat, she didn't mind the claws that Minaca extended (without knowing it), to keep a hold on her. Phobie held her necklace, protecting it, guarding it. This was the first time she went anywhere as Phobie, and not as Sailor Sun, since she was given her powers. She didn't want to lose the locket because she was careless. They continued to walk until entering a small room. The room, had a small elevated pad on the ground, no bigger then her bed. And too her surprise, Queen Serenity, and princess Serena awaited there arrival. Artemis was standing to the side with a smile, because he knew why the queen and her daughter had come.

Phobie stood in front of the queen and bowed, as a proper lady would, almost causing Minaca to fall off of her shoulders.

"Phobie, I will not have you bowing to me. You are going to see your blood family today, but when you return, I hope you will consider us, your family as we do you." The queen spoke softly and with a smile.

"I do my Queen.", Phobie replied, "Thank you."

The queen spoke again, this time, she picked up a wooden box she had placed on the elevated pad. "This was to be yours during the presentation, but for reasons, I shalt explain, I give it to you now." Serenity handed the box to Phobie, and Phobie graciously accepted. She kneeled down and opened the box. Inside was a long yellow and gold whip. Phobie picked it up, and it almost magical shrunk to the length of a feather quilte. Phobie looked at it, examined it. "It is your scout weapon. I'm sure with practice, you will master it quickly." the queen added.

"May I know Mommy?" the princess asked.

"Yes you may." the queen replied.

The young princess took a few steps forward to Phobie. Phobie kneeled down again, to see the princess's face. The princess picked Minaca off of Phobie's shoulders and placed her on the ground. Both Phobie and Minaca were unsure what the little child had in mind. Princess Serena smiled and put her hand in a little purse she carried for the event. She pulled out a small yellow and black leather strap, with a small buckle on it. She kneeled to Minaca and put the color on her. "Minaca, guardian of Sailor Sun, I present you with a royal collar."

"Thank you, princess." Minaca replied. She tried to be happy, but she defiantly didn't like the idea of wearing a collar.

The queen smiled, "She stay up most of the morning making it for you."

Minaca choked up, the princess made something for me, she though. Originally she was thinking that it was some kind of thing that they gave all the guardians, but Luna nor Artemis wore one. Minaca felt honored to receive it.

"Where's Makoto? I made her one too." the princess asked.

Artemis spoke out, "Makoto is missing princess, but not to worry, she'll be found. The guards are looking for her as we speak."

"Well, you four should get on with you trip." The queen moved out of the way moving her daughter at the same time. Phobie and the three cats stood on the pad, ready to disappear. A few moments passed, and Phobie found herself back in the transport house she entered a while ago to go to the Moon kingdom. The Transport Master was their, she gladly received them, and show then the way out.

Minaca was glad to see the outside, as well as Phobie. Earth may have had more people who didn't know about the Moon Kingdom, but it was the most beautiful of all the planets. The green fields and it's country road, flowers on the edge of the buildings and roads, made it look more like home.

Luna spoke "Well, were to now, It's your planet?"

Artemis, "Too green if you ask me."

Minaca stuck her tongue quickly at Artemis, just letting him see a gimps at it. Luna giggled herself, this was the times they both missed at the palace. Having fun was something they didn't get to do too often.

"Phobie, lets go to your place first." Minaca said. "It's best you see you father as quick as possible."

"Are you sure Minaca?" , Phobie asked back.

Luna answered "I agree, lets go to your place Phobie."

"Alright." Phobie answered

* * *

With in minutes, Phobie and the cats came into sight on her home. It looked almost, empty. At this time in the morning her mother was usually getting the laundry on the cloth line in front of the house, but she wasn't there. Nor did she see her father working in the back as he usually did. Phobie felt butterflies in her stomach. She was going back to her parents after running away and she was afraid that she wouldn't be accepted back in the house hold. Phobie knocked on the door. Minaca didn't quite understand why, after all it was her house, but Phobie, Luna and Artemis waited in front of the door with her, waiting for someone.

Steps were heard, slowly moving towards the door. The steps were light but slow, like whoever was walking inside the house was very slow. The foot steps finally approached the door, and the door opened. A eye saw briefly seen while the door was opened a crack, and then the door quickly opened as the eye's owner saw who was at the door. She didn't say anything but she hugged Phobie, almost making sure she was real.

"Phobie, Phobie, ", she cried, "where have you been?" Phobie's Mother pulled herself away, and looked at her daughter. "Never mind, your back, " She hugged Phobie teary eyed, again, "I missed you so."

Phobie hugged her mother back. The fear was past her, and she was overjoyed to be with her mother. The cat's watched as Phobie and her mother hugged, and hugged, and hugged some more. Luna almost started to get teary-eyed, seeing Phobie so happy, while Artemis was starting to gag on his own spit.

Phobie soon after broke herself away from her mother, and stood still. Something she never though of, how to explain the cats. Expect ally Minaca. Phobie took in a deep breath. "Mom, I won."

Phobie's mother looked at Phobie in confusion, that this would be more important then greeting her daughter. "You won?"

"Congratulations, your daughter has become Sailor Sun." Luna spoke, hoping to help quicken the explaining.

"The cat talked...", Phobie's mother didn't go to the Moon too often herself, and she never saw a guardian cat before. She had heard of them, but to see and hear one come to a surprise.

Phobie quickly jumped back in. " Mom, this is Luna, Artemis, and... well Minaca." Phobie said, pointing each out as she said their names.

"Minaca? " Phobie's mom responded in amazement. She looked at the orange and yellow cat, amazed that this could be the girl that she offered eggs to almost every day.

Minaca didn't know what to say. It's not everyday you tell people your a foot tall with four legs and a tail.

Luna, "If we could come in, I'm sure we can explain everything."

"Oh, of course, please."

* * *

In a little while, Luna explained everything to Phobie's mother, from the contest, to her rescuing Princess Serena (not telling anything about a Neon). Phobie's mother licked her finger, and tried to whip off Phobie's scare, like it was a piece of dirt.

Artemis got tired of the story mid way through and started wandering around the room, himself. Minaca sat on the table, after she was instructed to do so. Phobie's mother could barely take it all in, Contests, magic, princess... it was a lot to take in. But she accepted it. She asked a dozen questions, about her daughter's new role, and Luna answered as many as she could, but a few left un answered.

Phobie was happy being home. But she wanted, now that she was in. To see her father. He still hasn't come back, and Phobie was afraid she'll miss him. "Mom, When's Dad going to be here?" She asked.

Her mother looked out the window, trying to determine the time. "He should have been back by now."

Luna looked at both of them, "Phobie, maybe you and Minaca should go to Minaca's home. It's starting to get late, and we have to go back to the moon tomorrow."

Phobie agreed, "And maybe I'll see Dad."

Phobie's mother questioned after listening to Luna. "Go back? Why can't she stay here?"

"Oh, well..." Luna started. Phobie picked up Minaca and headed out the door.

"We'll be back Mom." Phobie said as she left the house.

* * *

Phobie ran excitedly down the road, carrying Minaca. Minaca bounced around until she couldn't stand it any longer. "Phobie, " she said, "stop, please!" Phobie did so, and put down her friend. She had almost forgotten that she wasn't a ordinary cat, and couldn't treat her as such.

"Minaca, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... did it hurt?" Phobie caringly asked.

"Phobie.. I don't want to go home."

"Why not?"

"How am I suppose to explain this to my parents?"

Phobie looked puzzled, " I though you wanted to go home?"

"I did, until I realized what you my mother would say."  Minaca looked disappointed.  "You mother's happy.  Your Sailor Sun. I'm a fur ball.  What's my mom going to say?"

Phobie considering the though kneeled down and replied, "She'll say, 'Minaca, I missed you, and I'm proud of you for what you've done.'"

Minaca looked up at Phobie, who looked down on her, "You really think that?"

"It's what I think."

Minaca smiled and jumped back on Phobie's shoulder, "Ok, lets go."

Phobie stood back up and walked to Minaca's house.  There old school house.  The two looked at the scenery as Phobie walked the way. Remembering that this was there way to school, and that they may not take this way for a very long time.

Soon they came up to the old school room.  Phobie looked in, class was just finishing up, and most of the old class mates were still there.  "Should we go in?" Minaca asked.  Phobie shrugged, not knowing.

"Class Dismissed." Minaca's mother told the class.  Everyone got up and started to head out of the door.  Phobie stood just out of sight, she didn't want to be a spectacle, and she wanted to find her dad. Both Minaca and Phobie could hear the girls talking about the contest.  How unfair they though it was, and mean that they were eliminated so easily.

After the class left, Phobie went in the front doors, ready to talk to Minaca's mother and if need to explain what happened to Minaca. "Teacher?"  Phobie said.

Minaca's mother just looked at her papers and continued working, "Phobie, class is dismissed and..." she slowly stopped and looked up at Phobie.  "Phobie?  Your back?"  she said in shock, "I heard the contest was over, I though that you and Minaca would have come home sooner, but you didn't."  She quickly looked around. "Where is Minaca, is she here?" Phobie looked disappointed, she started to open her mouth when Minaca's mother started to cry. " Nothing happened to her?  She's alright, she is coming home, right? I wasn't sure if letting her go to the contest was the right thing to do but..."

Minaca got tired of listening to her mom talk as though she wasn't there. "Mom, I'm here."  

Minaca's mom looked around, looking for the source of her daughter's voice. "Minaca, I hear you. Where are you? " then it clicked, Minaca's mother looked at the orange cat on Phobie's shoulder. "Minaca? is that you?"

Minaca looked disappointed as she responded "Hi mom."

There was a long silence, both not knowing what to say next. Both almost exchanging thoughts on how to proceed.  At that moment, Phobie's father entered the room from the rear.

"I think I have you well fixed for you, but you really need to get a new bucket for... ", he  spotted Phobie.  "Phobie?"  Phobie in a silent surprise only nodded. Her father ran towards her, and picked her up, smiling the largest smile in the world.  That his daughter was safe and at home on Earth.

Minaca fell off Phobie's shoulder, and stood on the ground.  Still locked in eye contact with her mother.

* * *
For a while, Minaca and Phobie, explained what happened.  Minaca's mother went though several emotions, because of that happened to her daughter, but eventually happy to see her home, even for a little.  Unfortunately, Minaca's Father was off on a trip, and wouldn't be able to be back in time, but Minaca promised she'll write, or at least have Phobie write for her.  Later Phobie returned home with her father, and Minaca.  Minaca's mother also came, to see them off.

Luna agreed to allow letter to pass though the Moon Kingdom and the parents, providing the letters would never be allowed be on the eye's of the parents.  She feared that if anyone from earth was to truly learn about the Moon Kingdom.  Well, it would causes a problem on Earth.

Late that night, the parents saw off there children, and the cats, as they entered the Transport house, to be taken from there old home, back to there new home.