Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 7

    Many more hours were spent, testing, and preparing for the next tests. Each seemed to get more demanding and harder, but the contestants were still here, didn't give up. Earlier the tests would remove many different candidates, but now, only one or two would be removed from the group. Sometimes all of them passed and no one was removed.

    The tests ranged from mental strength, to combat abilities, to shear strength. Phobie wanted to keep her mind on the tests, but was more concerned with making up with her friend. Minaca and Phobie have been friends for the longest time, and she didn't want her friend ship to end, because of a silly story of events that happened before either of them were born.

    Only a few of the girls were still in the contest at the end of the day. Phobie, Minaca, and Makoto were all finalists, along with 5 other girls. None of the girls from Phobie's class were still there other then herself and Minaca of course. One of the girls was another member of the Jupiter alliance, two Mooners, one girl from Mercury, and the last was a member of the Saturn Wave. Each was very strong in the abilities, and each of them was sure they were going to win.

    Phobie approached Minaca once again. "Minaca, what did I do?"

    "You know what you did."

    "It can't be because of this Neon thing...."

    "That's exactly it. You don't start spreading rumors that he's still alive. Not on the Moon kingdom."

    "But I didn't even know about what happened..."

    "Doesn't matter."

    Phobie's eyes started to water, "Please, Minaca, I don't want to lose you as a friend..."

    Minaca look at Phobie, unsure what to say. This was her life long friend. She didn't want to let Phobie go as a friend, but she hated what she was saying. Makoto came up form behind Phobie and slapped her on the back.

    "Phobie, what are you doing over, here?" Makoto blurted.

    "I'm talking to my friend...", Phobie responded. She looked at Minaca with hopeful eyes. Tear trails hanging from each. "Right?"

    Minaca turned and walked away.

    "Well, now you can talk with me... buddy." Makoto said.

* * *

    Hours slowly went into day, days into months. The tests slowly turned from testing to training and Makoto definitely started to get upset by it. She constantly complained that she wasn't being tested and that she wanted to be done with it all, but she never quit. Minaca continued to ignore Phobie. Less so then before, she did every so often talk to her, but never like they use to. Phobie never felt more isolated from her friends, every night, she went back to the balcony to wait for Neon, hoping that he would come back. A few times he did come, and they talked, Phobie would tell him about the testing, and share her fears that Minaca wouldn't be her friend anymore. He usually just listened and tried to make her feel better. He would rarely say anything about himself. Phobie gathered that he was on the Moon for most of his life, but he had abilities that not Mooner she ever seen had. He also tried his best to stay hidden from everyone, scared about the Neon story, or if it was something else, Phobie couldn't tell.

    The general recently disappeared, no one knew why, and no real explanation was given. Every so often, Phobie sent letter to home; hoping for her parent's forgiveness, but nothing ever came back. Neon promised that he would try to take one of the letters and try to deliver it from outside the palace, but he never said if he was able or not.

    Phobie now lie on her 'bed', waiting to be called for the next, lecture. When Makoto stormed it. "I don't believe this, are they trying to bore use to death? I though this was to determine which one of use was good enough."

    "I guess we just have to be patient.", Phobie responded.

    "What? ", Makoto walks over to were Phobie was laying and stomped on the mat, "I though you wanted to go home, to your parents."

    "I do."

    "Then why don't you?" Makoto loudly demanded.

    "Because...", Phobie replied back to her.

    "Because you don't want to go home, giving up. But this is all pointless. I don't want to stand for it."

    The door to the room opened, and the Guide walked it. "YOU MAY LEAVE IF YOU WISH." He paused to watch Makoto's surprised reaction. "BOTH OF YOU MUST COME TO THE MAIN CHANBER."

* * *
    Moments later, the last eight girls of the hundreds that came earlier, gathered in the main chamber...The chamber was used instead of the Arena, the chamber, was smaller, and easier to hear the people who came to speak to them. Usually different people would come, and talk, teach them everything from combat to philosophy. Usually, there was already someone waiting in the room, but this time, only the eight girls were there.... A voice comes over a loud speaker. "Alright, you girls, prepare yourselves." 

    All the girls were genuinely confused as to what the voice meant, but seconds after, doors opened, and monsters walked in. Eight of them, all larger then Makoto herself... The first thing that the monsters did was attack, one for each girl. Makoto started fighting back, right away, Minaca followed and attacked, as well as the others, Phobie, backed away, confused as to what was going on, then the monster attacked her, and Phobie defended herself. 

    "This must be a test!" Makoto said, joyful that she finally got to prove herself. The monsters continued to attack. No matter how many times that they were hit or kicked, they kept coming.

    "How do we complete this one, they don't give up." one of the other girls said.

    Makoto was brought back to back to the girl, she could tell the monsters were not giving up, and the others were spirited enough to win. This is my chance to bring down the competition, Makoto thought. Makoto's back was up to the other girl's back, they both intended to use the other as a shield to their back, and both of them knew it. Teamwork was something that they all agreed on mid way, that they would help each other, Makoto on the other hand was getting impatient. "Cover my back, I'll cover yours."

    "Agreed" the girl replied back. Makoto's opponent was hitting harder. Makoto saw the monster preparing to make a swing at her, she ducked, and the monster hit the other girl in the back. The other monster saw the girl lurch forward, from the injury, and it took advantage. Seconds later the girl was on the ground. One of the other girls paused in shock, seeing her friend fall, and the monster attacking her knocked her down.

    Soon, only Phobie, Minaca, and Makoto were left. Phobie was getting tired and exhausted, from fight for over an hour. Then from the corner of her eye, she saw, Minaca knocked trip, over what she couldn't tell, but Makoto didn't help. She was too busy with her monsters and had already seen the fall right beside her, doing nothing. Phobie felt anger come over her as she kicked the two monsters that were attacking her hard, harder then any of the others kick them, causing them to fall to the ground. Then Phobie, yell, "Tunnel flame, Strike!" A huge tunnel of fire shoot from Phobie's hands and hit the two monsters, standing over Minaca, knocking them both into the wall. All the monsters resigned and walked out, the way they came. A moment pasted, were Minaca and Makoto both just stared at Phobie, unbelieving what just happened. Phobie saw the stares, and felt she went too far, and did something she was not supposed to do. Not even questioning how she did it.

    Minaca stood up and walked over to her. "Phobie? You did that?"

    Phobie felt quilt wash over her, she didn't want Minaca to be mad at her about something else.

    A door slid open, and Luna, walked out, followed but whom even Phobie couldn't even believe, was the Queen herself.

    "Congratulations, we knew one of you would finally prove yourself." Luna said to Phobie.

    Phobie started to trail off, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean too... I just saw the monster hit Minaca, and I...."

    "None of use are upset with you Phobie.", the queen replied.

    Phobie was astonished that the Queen of the entire silver millenium knew the name of a little farmer's daughter. Even though she had saved Princess Serena, Phobie never expected....

    "Then why are you here?", Phobie questioned.

    "To declare the first protector of the Moon Kingdom, Sailor Sun.", Luna spoke proudly.

    Phobie glanced at Minaca, thinking that she would get the job. After all, Phobie seriously injured the two monsters that were only doing their jobs. And testing their combat ability.

    "Congratulations, Phobie.", the queen approached her. Phobie was in surprised. As was Makoto, and Minaca.

* * *
    The next day, Phobie was taken to the throne room, where all the heads, of the planets, and council members awaited. Each of the three girls, Phobie, Minaca, and Makoto, were dressed up in fancy dresses, jewels, and make-up. Prepared and treated as royal guests. The three entered the room, Phobie, leading, all unsure of that was to be expected. Minaca and Makoto were the most confuse out of the three. They lost, and yet they were being treated as though they were going to receive the honor. 

    The three approached the throne where Queen Serenity sat, Luna on one side of the chair, standing proud, and a white cat that Phobie never seen before, standing on the other side. Phobie reached the front of the chair and kneeled as she was instructed, earlier. Minaca and Makoto kneeled behind her. The three formed a arrow head pattern, as they all kneeled with their head bowed down.

    "My friends. The universe has become more dangerous, and for this, we must appoint a protector. One which has been able with stand up to the challenges that would face her. ", the queen paused and looked at Phobie, "Phobie, of Earth, you have been chosen for this task, do you accept?"

    Phobie looked up at the queen, and replied, quietly "Yes, I do."

    "Then," The queen stood up, picking a object from the table and walking over to Phobie. She unveiled a golden necklace, with a small locket attacked to it, and slide it over Phobie's head. "Then Phobie, of Earth, stand and receive your gift."

    Phobie stood up, and as she did, her dress almost seemed to melt away, and a sailor suit, fashioned like the one she wore during the contest, only this one had yellow, shoes and skirt, and pink bows, one on the front of her, then other in back.

    "Congratulations, Sailor Sun." The queens spoke, and the hole room started to clap, and cheer. Then the queen spoke again." That is not all." the queen spoke. Phobie move behind Luna as she was told to do earlier, and only Makoto and Minaca were left in front of the queen. "The scout of the Sun, cannot perform her duties alone, she will need guidance from her friends, Minaca, you have shown that you are wise, beyond your years, and wisdom is a precious gift. Makoto, you are strong in body and spirit, which is also a gift in itself. Do you two wish to help your friend, to stand by her, and guide her? This is not a easy task, that comes with sacrifice."

    Makoto was the first to reply, but she replied with a strange smirk. "Yes."

    Minaca looked at Phobie, and then replied. "I'll do anything for my friend."

    "Very well then.", the queen when back to the table and picked up a jewel. She held it in front of her and the jewel, like magic, broke in two, each shoot over to the two and engulfed them in a glow. The glow slowly dissipated, almost shrinking. And the two girls reappeared, as two guardians. Two small cats, one, black, with white patches on it's paws, a yellow strip going from it's chin, underneath it, and to the back of it's tail. The other one was a bright orange, with a similar yellow and white markings. Both of them had the half moon sign on their foreheads.

    "Minaca?" Phobie quietly said to herself, unsure what just happened.

    "It has been done." the queen spoke out loud, she then left the room, Phobie stood their, while everyone else left. She could tell that both of them were in shock, after they both looked at themselves and each other.

    Luna stayed behind and approached the two cats. "Congratulations." She said to the two. Minaca started to mouth something, but no sound came out. "oh, ah, you won't be able to speak for a few hours.

    Phobie went up to Minaca and Makoto. "Minaca, Makoto?" Minaca looked up at her and smiled. Phobie could tell that she was really disappointed.

    "I know it can be unsettling at first, but it's not that bad.", Luna said.

    "Will they be like this, forever?" Sailor Sun asked.

    "Phobie, it's a time honored tradition."

    "What, turning people into cats?"

    Luna stood beside herself. "No, all royal guardians, are cats. I myself will be Sailor Moon's guardian, when she becomes of age."

    "Sailor Moon!?"

    "Yes, it will all be explained to you later."

    "What will?" Phobie demanded.

    "Luna!" a voice called out.

    "I have to go." Luna ran out quickly.

    Phobie sat back. Minaca walked up to her, but not being able to say anything, didn't help her feel any better. Phobie not thinking started to pet the cat, then she quickly pulled her hand back. "Sorry, Minaca, I'm sorry, about ... " she stopped herself, and noticed that Minaca seemed to purr when she was being petted. Phobie started again. Makoto walked out, of the room, apparently not happy herself.