Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 6

Hours pasted, Phobie's test were taking a long time, but the queen's doctor was very careful.

Luna entered the room once again, after leaving her their a few hours earlier. "I've spoken to the general, he also believes their was more to that fight then his staff saw. He was allowed you to continue in the contest."

"What about Minaca?", Phobie consernly asked.

"You friend is still in the contest, she is one of the few who have made it this far. Nothing will come of her, due to you."

Phobie took in a deep breath. She was happy to be allowed back into the contest, but she didn't like the idea of her friend being booted out because she returned.

"The doctor tells me, other then a few burses and a black eye, you managed to come out of that fight pretty well.

"Thank you. ", Phobie answered, "But someone else helped."

Luna was intrigued, "Who, we must give this person the credit they deserve."

"He said Neon when he left, I assume, that was his name." Phobie watch in puzzlement when Luna's face went from curious to shock. "What?"

"It couldn't have been Neon."

"Why, who's Neon?"

Luna sat and started to explain, "Neon, was a war lord from our current enemy the Negaverse. He came to the moon a long time ago, with the goal of capturing and enslaving the population. Luckily a young princess Serenity was able to stop, his plans, but not with out great injury to herself."

"Injury, you mean Queen Serenity?"

"Yes, He was treated as a guess of the kingdom's and the two were very close, until the knowledge of his past and his plans came out."

"What happened to him?"

Luna sighed, "He was destroyed."

"Oh." Phobie sounded, looking down.

Luna then noticed something, A scar, healing but almost looking somewhat fresh. "Phobie, were did you get this scar from?"

Phobie got up and looked into a nearby mirror. A scar from the corner of Phobie's left eye, all the way down to the center of her ear. She felt it and a flash of one of the men hitting her quickly went before her eyes. "I don't..." the flash happened again, this time much slower, Phobie could see the man's fist, coming down on her. She could see a wedding band on his hand, with a pointed decoration on it. She could feel the scar being made with the ring, as she relives him hitting her.

"Phobie, are you ok?", Luna asked in concern.

"The scar was made during the fight, with kidnappers."

"Oh", Luna looked down, "I'm sorry."

"Oh, don't worry, I bet in a week it'll be gone.", Phobie side, trying to cheer both of them up.

"Unfortunately, according to this report, that scar, is permanent." Luna said to Phobie.

"Permanent?", Phobie, said shocked.

"I didn't mention it, because, we though it was a older scar, it was amazingly clean but it's heal. The cut was so deep, it looks like it won't be healing any farther then that."

Phobie moved her hand along the scar. It wasn't very noticeable, a thin scar, almost like a fresh scratch, but it extended a good distance.

* * *

That night, Phobie walked back into her room, and when straight for her bed. At least Minoko wasn't around to bother her anymore. Then she heard a snoring noise. She looked over at Minoko's bed, and their she was, sleeping in it. Even though it was dark, her purple hair was a dead give away.

* * *

In the Morning Phobie, woke up, Minoko wasn't their. Phobie got up and walked out to breakfast. In the mess, she spotted Minaca. Phobie quickly got a meal and walked over to the table were Minaca was sitting with about 3 other girls. Phobie notice that the group was considerably smaller. Before Phobie, left, their were over a few hundred girls, now it looked like their were less then a hundred.

Phobie finally reached Minaca's table. She sat down, across from, Minaca. "Hi, Minaca." Phobie cheerfully said, happy to see her friend again.

"How could you?" Minaca said. Then she silently got up, leaving whatever was left over from her meal and walked away.

Phobie was shocked at the cold shoulder she got from her friend. "What?"

"Well, what did you expect?" One of the girls at the table answered.

"Will someone please tell me what's going on?", Phobie demanded.

"You told the guardian that you saw Neon.", another of the girls responded.

"Yea, I did. So?"

"No one on the Moon kingdom mentions Neon. Do you know what he did?" The same girl asked.

Phobie was genially confused. "He, tried to take over the moon?"

"He..." the lady got up, "I can't even say it." and walked away.

"What?" Phobie asked as the girl walked away.

"Neon was said to stolen...", the other girl paused, "... taken her...", again she paused, looking for the proper wording, "Serenity and Neon were very close...It's said that Neon took one of Serenity's eggs."

"Her Egg?" Phobie confirmed.

"Right from her... while she was with him." Phobie though for a while... egg, egg... She didn't quite understand, but the other girl continued, "He never was able to use it for anything, but it was never found. We all hoped that it was destroyed with Neon."

"You all hoped?"

"The stories are told in such a way that if anyone from the moon hear it, they feel as responsible as Serenity did to stop him."

"That must be a good story. Is that why Minaca's mad?"

"I would think so... Saying Neon's back, that won't help you make any friends here."

Makoto approached the group form behind, "Ah, don't worry about that. He's dead, and never going to come back."

Phobie looked at Makoto, and asked ,"Weren't you told to leave too?"

Makoto looked at her and replied, "Yep. But I came back and told them that you wouldn't let me down to eat."

Phobie angrily replied, "You WHAT?"

"Yep, I though, no reason, for both of us to go. And now, were both together again."

Phobie was really angry and quickly got up and walked in the same direction as Minaca, until she saw the figure again. He was on a balcony just on the wall of the mess. This time Phobie wasted no time, she quickly ran to the passageway to the baloney and ran up it. She eventually got to the balcony and looked around, No one their, not even anything to resemble the figure. Phobie turned around, ready to go back down stairs, then she heard someone whisper behind her.

"Why?", Phobie quickly turned around and saw the figure standing behind her, on the balcony she was just checking. "Why did you have to..."

"Neon?" Phobie questioned .

"Yes, I am, Neon." Phobie stepped up closer. He was the same man, the hero who saved her and Princess Serena. He had short black hair, and strong bearing Face and a lean figure. Most women would define him as the perfect man. A little too perfect, in Phobie's option.

"Are you the same Neon?" Phobie again questioned.

"No", he sat down on one of the chairs on the balcony, "No, I'm not the Neon that everyone on this rock, fears."

He looked over the edge of the balcony at the girls below. "I know what your thinking. Is this guy telling me the truth, or is he lying. And I'll tell you the same as I tell everyone else. If I was that Neon, I should be older, and dead."

"So who are you?" Phobie inquired, sitting next to him.

"I'm no one."

"Oh... why did you help me?"

He looked into her eyes and paused, considering her question. "To save the princess", he looked at the ceiling, "you know, you are the one."

"What does that mean?"

Neon looked back at Phobie. "These games, they're pointless, your the one who's rightfully going to get the powers."

"I'll like to think that I get them, fair and square."

"Oh, you do. They wouldn't hold these pointless tests, if they didn't think you'll pass them."

"So everyone knows?"

"No, only those how can see be on today."

"You mean into the future?", Phobie surprised.

Neon slightly laughed, "Yes, I guess that's one way to look at it. And to answer your next question, yes, I have been watching you. But my reasons are my own."

"How did you know I was going to ask that? Did you see it?"

"No, that's the kind of person you are Phobie."

Phobie looked down, nervous, she looked back up and Neon was gone.