Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter 5

This was the moment that Phobie felt her lowest. She slowly walked out of the great building she entered earlier. Still wearing the uniform she was given. Since her cloths were no longer in the room for some reason, Thief most likely. She walked towards the teleport Pad on which she came. It was time to go home. She wallowed in self pity about the fact that she wasn't able to make it. That her father was right. That if she went he couldn't help her. Right now all she wanted to do was to go home and give her dad a hug. She was so sorry she left home and she wished that she could take the past day back, and start anew.

Phobie arrived at the Pad and sat a group disappear. She headed for the operator of the Pad who was just starting to close it down. "Was that the transport to Earth?" she asked.

"No...", the operator responded, "that was the transport to the Jupiter Alliance. The next transport of earth is tomorrow." He continued to shut down the equipment.

"Can you send me to Earth, now?" She pleaded.

"Sorry, I can't.", he responded, unemotionally.

"But wear will I go?"

"I wish I could help, but the transport house of earth will not be ready to receive anyone until tomorrow." He looked into Phobie's teary eyes. " I'm really sorry, I would invite you for the night, but my wife's already invited friends from the contest."

"Oh..." Phobie sadly replied. She walked away, into the main city, it was darks and she had no place to stay.

* * *

The castle buzzes with activity. Luna came out of the room she was in most of the night to see what all the commotion was about. A guard ran across the doors just as Luna came out. "What's going on?" Luna asked.

The guard stop on the stop, turned and saluted his superiors in a proper military fashion. Luna acknowledged his salute and repeated her question to the guard. The guard responded, "Princess Serena has been reported missing."

Luna started to go into panicked mode. Although she was one of the few people who weren't their or surpassed panicky mode already. " Where did she go? Who reported her missing? Did anyone check the garden, the court yard... Did anyone talk to Artemis?" The guard just stood their, unable to answer any of the questions she ask, He was never informed the answer to any of the questions she asked. He stood waiting to be dismissed, nervously knowing that mistake he made in front of Luna would be reported to his superior. "Why are you still here? Go look for her!" Luna commanded.

"Yes, Mam." The guard responded and turned off and continued his run.

Luna ran off, heading in any direction, trying to find the princess who though she swore to protect her, failed, and wallowed n self pity.

* * *

From the corner, the man who stood in the shadows watched everything. The guard ran past him, barley seeing him. His live was clouded in mystery, he wander the moon kingdom, and was only acknowledge as a janitor or handyman, my many of the subject. He really talked about anything expectably himself. But with the disappearance of the princess, his life may become all the more complicated.

* * *

It was late. Phobie continued to wonder the streets of the Moon kingdom. Walking around in her sailor costume wasn't helping her. Everyone she walked by either commented to their friends about her, stared and many of the guys whistled. They all knew of the contest and many failures that it would produce. Many people dislike the idea of hundreds of Teenage girls wondering the streets after failing, but other then Phobie, many weren't seen. Phobie though about going back to the contest and telling them the truth, that Minaca hit her, and Makoto was elbowing her due to the fact that she tried to pull the two apart, but what would happen to Minaca?

Phobie walked into a small empty build, that was apparently going to be torn down, It's windows were gone, the walls where water stained from the weather, and the doors were in terrible shape. She entered the structure, hoping to find a place to sleep off her worried till the next morning. The building's inside were just as depressing as it's out. The walls were a old dirt yellow, the lights were all out, like power has never been inside the rooms since the revolution of the Moon kingdom. This was defiantly a building that required to be brought down. But for tonight, this would be home.

Phobie found a small pile of old sheets and rags, it was dirty, and wrenched with stones of dirt and had a order of sapphire, but it was something better then the floor. She laid down, and tried her best to go to sleep.

Later that night, Phobie hear noises from another part of the building.

"I want to go.", "Where's my mommy?", They we the yells of a five year old child. Phobie slowly got up from her cramped sleeping arrangements, and slowly dragged herself to the edge of the floor. On the floor below her, which, Phobie could see well, was a 5 year old child, with blond hair and two balls of hair on each side of her head, Ponytails coming from each ball. She was accompanied by two larger men, each with a darkness to their faces, both unshaved for days, and both wearing dark dirt cloths.

"Don't worry, we'll take you back soon." One of the men said.

"I want to go Back, NOW!" the child stomped.

Phobie watched from the edge, she laid down and hid herself as best she could.

"Enough with the serried.", the other man said, "Listen, shut up, or you'll never see your mother again."

The girl stood, scared of what else the man might do. He was far bigger then her and bigger then Phobie, each of them were. Phobie continued to watch then until she saw a blur of a shadow move from the other side of the opening on the floor. Phobie carefully looked, but didn't see anything again, and so she went back to watching the young girl.

"...we don't have to be cruel." the man said to the other.

"Were, not shopping. We need the funds." he replied.

"Yea, but..."

"But nothing. You helped kidnapped her, your in this as deep as I am."

The young girl fearfully spoke. "Can I have something to drink?"

The angry man went up and slapped her cross the face. "Shut up."

The 5 year old started to cry, and Phobie started to stand up. She was not about to let this go on. Her father though her too well, to stand up for those who couldn't. She stood up at the edge of the opening in the floor, and yelled, "Stop! Keep your hands off of her. You're doing a grave wrong, and for that, I must stop you."

"Who are you?" one of the two asked.

"I'm Phobie, and I will not let this go on."

"What do we do?", one of the men asked the other.

"She knows who we are... Stop her." the other replied, hatefully.

Phobie knew she wasn't going to be able to get out of this without fighting. She came to the moon to try to do some good. Although this wasn't what she had in mind. At least she would be helping the girl. Phobie jumps through the opening in the floor and landed, right in front of the two large men.

One man through a punch, that Phobie easily avoided, while the man was trying to hit Phobie, she noticed the other one, the one who was trying to be nice to the girl, stand off on the side. He apparently didn't want to fight. He probably didn't want to kidnap this poor girl either. Yet, He had little choice.

"Give me a hand!" the man yelled to the one standing away. "If she gets away, she'll identify both of us. Phobie continue to dodge punches and kick, getting few in herself, but she was holding her own. She didn't expect the other man to do much, this one was her main concern, until, the other man, put his arms around her, holding her in place. The man who was punching hit Phobie, once in the jaw, and in the gut, and again in the jaw. Phobie, dropped to the ground, she never expected to be caught so easily.

Both men held her on the ground with a arm, and they hit her with the other. One was hitting harder then the other, but both were equally as painful. The punch interested with numerous areas of her body, the head, stomach, legs, chest. All they wanted to do was to put Phobie in her place, but they were killing her.

"Help" Phobie quietly spoke. The two men didn't pay any attention and continued their pirogue of punches. Phobie, closed her eyes, the pain was almost unbearable, she struggled at first, but now it only hurt more.

Phobie, suddenly felt that the punches stopped. She looked up. The same shadowy figure, she had seen in the arena, and all over the contest, was now less then 5 feet away, helping her, helping the young girl, who was at this point scared more then ever and hiding in a box. Phobie watched as the shadowy stranger fought the two men. Both equally scared and equally trying to defeat this crusader. The figure dodged and weaved the men's punishes, and he also hit them, drawing blood from both of them. Phobie felt her lip, blood, was also on her. She continued to watch her hero, she wanted to help but she couldn't move. Not from the beating she took, but from the shear pain and fear of being defeated again.

The two men were defiantly getting tired and were slowing down, then the hero did something that Phobie wouldn't have believed unless she didn't see it for herself. He placed his hand on one of the man's chest, and sucked what looked like energy from the man into the figure's hand and arm. The man resulted in falling to the ground. The other man quickly turned and ran away. Phobie signed, it was over, but the figure didn't. He jumped in front of the running man, and from Phobie's view point, he fell, mush like the other.

The figure, walked over to Phobie. She wasn't sure if she was going to be the next victim of this fellow, or if her was coming over to help. The figure kneed down beside Phobie, and smiled. He placed his hand over Phobie's chest, much like the other men. Phobie closed her eyes, she waited for her energy to be sucked out of her like it was for the men. After a few seconds she opened her eyes. The fellow was over by the boxes, reaching in.... The girl. Phobie quickly rose for her feet and ran over to the boxes, ready to defend the girl, until she realized that most of her injury and pain were gone. She felt her lip again, no blood. She carefully but quickly looked herself over, she had burses, a black eye, but no major injuries.

She looked up to see the five year old girl, in the fellow's arms, waving around what looked to be a teddy bear.

"Nice man!" She said, smiling.

The man walked up to Phobie, and handed the girl to her. Phobie took the girl in her arm.

"Who are you?", Phobie asked.

"Neon.", he replied, "Take her home.", and he suddenly jumped from in front of Phobie, and onto the ledge she was earlier.

"Wait." Phobie yelled back, but he was gone.

The young girl continued to wave around her teddy. Phobie looked at her, she was smiling and happy, something that surprised Phobie considering what just took place. Phobie smiled back. "Where do you live, little one?"

"With my mommy." She replied back.

"Oh, but of course.", Phobie smiled at the girl, "Where does your Mommy live?"

"Mommy leaves in the palace." The girl happily replied.

Phobie assumed the girl was playing and she must have call her home a palace. "Ok, how about we walk around until we find your home."

"Ok." She child spited out.

* * *
Phobie carry the girl throughout the kingdom, the girl pointed out directions, but most lead no where special. Eventually they walked close to the palace. The girl seemed happier then ever to be near it, although Phobie didn't know why.

A guard quickly ran out from the gates and right to the two. "Princess Serena." The guard said as he stood in front of the two.

"Excuse me, I'm trying to find this girl's mother..." Phobie was interrupted, as a black cat also ran from the gate.

"Serena!" Luna yelled.

"Luna." the girl replied.

Phobie, a little confused looked at the cat, then the girl, and finally the guard. "Princess Serena?"

"Young lady, thank you for finding the princess." Luna started to say, "I'm sure that the queen would like to meet the person who brought back her child."

Everyone paused, waiting to hear Phobie speak, but she was for a lost of words.

Luna broke the silence, "Well, come with me, please."

Phobie, still carrying the princess, followed the cat, thought the most bountiful parts of the palace. And eventually to a large set of doors. "The queen has been worried sick about the princess, to be honest, I'm glad a contestant found her, it shows that we are doing the right thing in holding this contest."

"But I'm no longer a contestant." Phobie nervously unformatted the cat.

"Oh, why not? Did you fail a test?"

"No, I was caught in the middle of a fight between two...", Phobie hesitated, not sure if Makoto would fit into the category, "... between two friends."

"Were you fighting?" Luna asked.

"No, I wasn't, but I didn't tell anyone, I didn't want to get my best friend in trouble."

"Oh, well that's very admirable.

The doors opened and the queen started to walk out. "Mommy!" Serena shouted. Queen Serenity dropped her papers and quickly picked up the child from Phobie's arms and held her daughter in her own arms.

"Serena! What happened?" She asked.

Phobie, nervously responded to the question. "I... I found some men in a old building who had her, they were going to hold her, kidnap...."

"Thank you, Thank you for being her to me."

"Your welcome, your highness."

The queen looked at Phobie again, mentally remembering her face, and then noticing the black eye and bruises. "Is your injuries, due to you bringing back my baby?"

Phobie lowered her, head, picturing that with these few marks is nothing to what really happened. "Yes, ma am."

"Luna, take her to my private doctor, she can't continue the contest like that."

"At once you highness.", Luna responded.

"Oh, but I'm not in the con...", Phobie started to say, until Luna interrupted her again.

"I will also speak to the general, informing her, that she'll be late for the next test."

"Good." the queen responded. She turned and waked back into the room.

"Come with me.", Luna told Phobie.