Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter Three

    Phobie laid in her room. Sobbing on her pillow. "How can he be so cruel?" she thought to herself. Dispite the risks and the detecation of her father's objections, she was still determine to go. Phobie got up out of bed and moved it to block the door. She then went to the window of her room and crawled out. She was now out and all she focus on was running, running to the closest transport house (*The Transport house is a place people from the Moon Kingdom could go to be telliported) to the Moon Kingdom.

    Minaca was walking on the same road, heading towards the Transport House as well. "I wonder if Phobie's going to come." she thought to herself. During lunch she asked her parents if she could go and try out for the contest taking place in the Kingdom. Her parents saw her determination and agreed that she would be missing out, not only a key moment in her life, but a good experance and a excellent opertunity. Minaca was picturing what her life would be like when she would win. A chance to work protecting the royal families, being repected and a idol to many... She kept on day dreaming until, "WHAP!" Phobie not paying attention to where she was going, knocked Minaca, herself and spilt all of Minaca's belongings on the ground. "Who the he...", Minaca turned around to see Phobie on all four with her hair, whecked, covering her face. She was huffing and puffing trying to catch her breath after the hard run from her home.

    "Phobie? Are you OK?" Minaca asked.

    "I'll... I'll be... find."

    "Are you going to the Transport House too?"

    "Hum... Hum." Phobie answer agreeingly.

    Minaca looked around not seeing any stuff other then her own, which had scarted all over the area, becouse of the wind. "MY STUFF!" She yelled. She quickly got up and started to collect and put all of her belongings back into her bag. Phobie got up and started to help, after all she was the one who knocked over all on Minaca's stuff.

    "How did you convince your parents yo let you go?", Phobie inquired to Minaca. Maybe she could convince her parents after they find out what her friend's doing.

    "Are you kidding me? My parents were ready to twist my arm inorder to convince me to go."

    "Well, that piece of information wouldn't help any bit in the attempt to convince my parents", Phobie thought to herself as they started to continue together to the transport house. "They wanted you to go?"

    "Of course.", Minaca answered. "Did you have a problem getting permission?"

    Phobie was surprised to hear Minaca's question, she didn't know what to say. "No." It just came out. The first time she ever lied to her best friend. Minica suppected something was wrong but decided not to push it.

    They continued down the road in silence. Until they came up to the transport house. It was a old shack far     down field. It's brown coated walls and holy roof left most Earthers in discust. Many wanted to condem it, plus to the rumors that people enter and never return (which is more or less true).

    "Here we are.", Minica anounced, "Lets go in."

    "Race you." Phobie replied

    Both girls started another race up the walkway. It was a close race, neither wanted to lose causing them to not allow enought time to stop and crash though the door.

    Many of thier classmates and many other girls were their waiting to be telliported to the Moon. Both girls landed on the floor after crashing though the door. Everyone stared at them. Phobie didn't know what she was going to do, everyone knew she was their now... no hope of sneaking onto the Moon without her parents finding out. Althought they would have most likely have figured it out.

    "Oh, no!", she thought to herself.

    Just then the House Master, the person incharge of teliporting everyone to the moon annonced, "O.K, everyone ready to go..." She paused for a couple of seconds, waiting for a response, then continued, "OK, here we go." Colors flashed around the room, swearls of red, blue, green, orange, and yellow dasailed everyone as it ussualy did. Phobie herself has only gone to the moon once before and was austonished at the effect. Minica didn't pay much attention, she was more concerned with getting there then the trip. The colors suddenly stopped and everyone soon found themselfs no longer in the Transport House but on a plato. Looking at the dark sky with millions of stars and everyone knew where they where, The MOON.

    Many Mooners come out to meet family and friends who came to meet and greet them, the girls for the contest where the only ones left when a large man appoached them. "Constests...", he said in a dry gruesome voice, " Welcome to The Moon Kingdom... Follow Me to The Arena." He turned and started to walk away...

    "What do we do?" one of the girls behind them asked.

    "I don't know" another girl replied.

    "I guess we follow him like he says." Minaca suggested. Phobie knew her friend well and could tell that she didn't like having to be lead around. But she was keeping her feelings in, possible to help the others by deminstrating confidence.

    "HEY, PIPSKEAKS!", A voice yelled out. "WHAT ARE YOU WHIMPS GOING TO DO... STAND THEIR ALL DAY?" Everyone looked around tring to find the voice's source, Phobie was the first to spot her. A girl, a rather tall girl, she could easily top six feet. She had purple hair that went down to the base of her back and a evil grin on her face. I hope she's not in the constest Phobie though to herself. "I SUGGEST YOU ALL GO BACK HOME...I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO HURT ALL OF YOU TOO BADLY."

    "We'll see about that..." Minaca shouted back defencivly. She looked at her friend who to her surprise was just standing their. "Phobie, back me up here." she whipered to her friend.

    Phobie was mesmorise by the shear size of the women... but snapped out when she heard Minaca. "ah, ah", Phobie was stumped on what to say, "YEA!"

    Minaca could only stand thier surprised. Phobie has taken on tougher oppointents before and never showed a bit of fear, but with this one... "Phobie, what's wrong? She's all talk..."

    Phobie could only whisper a reply that even Minaca couldn't hear. Then she started to quickly go and catch up with the escourt.

    "Phobie...", Minaca couldn't believe what just happen... the other girls followed Phobie's example and continued on thier way while the purple hair girl continued to yell at them, tring to discourage them.

    The girls were lead to a large building, bigger then most of them have ever seen on Earth. Phobie and many others continued to look in all the direction during the walk, and even after they entered the building the walls were amazingly clean with jewels inbeded in the corners and edges. Phobie was amazed at the structure, IT must be bigger then the empirer's castle she though to herself. All of the girls were lead into a huge area. Stands surrounded the area and a balcony was at it's head. The Earthers could see another larger group of girls at the other end of the room. The escort dissappeared into a door, leaving the group in the room. Just then another man appeared on the balcony, this one was accompanied by a cat. "Could this cat be one of the royal advisors", Phobie thought, "If so then he must be a royal."

    Just then that cat spoke. "Welcome, My name is Luna and I've been asked by the Queen to insure that your testing will be fair. You should all be proud of yourselfs for being brave enough to face others, from all over the different planets for the honour of becoming a Sailor Scout. Your testing will be challanging and you well be brought to your limits. I want to thank all of you, and I hope to see you succeed.", Luna pause, looking at the expressions of the girls, "This is commander Shenf. He will be responsable for your testing. I wish you all the bet of luck." With that the cat jumped back down behind the balcony's fencing and dispeared from sight.

    "Well, I look forward to seeing you all in action", Commander Shenf started, "If you all continue down the hallway on your left you will see the logging arrangments. Your name will be on a door along with your home planet. I expect to see you all back here in a hour, ready to begin."

    Many girls started right away to the hallway. Phobie wasn't looking to forward to meeting up with Minaca in their room, she didn't have any reason for her actions earily and wasn't looking forward to Minaca ragging her out. Phobie look on the doors as she continued down the hall, then she saw Minaca's name on the door, she started to head for it when she soon saw a name other then her own. Phobie couldn't believe it. She though that she would be paired up with Minaca, when they signed up at the Transpor house together, and they were even from the same planet. Phobie continued down the hallway, looking for her name. She saw it at the end of the hallway. Makroto was the name under hers. She walked into her room.

    Their was two mats on the floor, each along one side of the room, and a small closet, One of the closets were labeled with her name. "This must be mine." she assumed. She opened the door and saw a white sailor uniform hanging in it. the uniform was completely white, with bows on the back and front. "They can't expect me to wear this." she said to herself in shock. Just then the door opened and almost knocked her over in the small room. Another girl poped her head in.

    "Hi", she said, "you must be...", she checked the door for the name, "Makroto!"

    Phobie was surprised to hear her say that. "Ah, no, my name's Phobie."

    "What?" She checked the door again, "Opps, sorry, wrong planet." The stranger left and closed the door behind her. Phobie though she better double check the door. She went out side and confirmed, "Yep, Phobie, Planet Earth."

    "Hey, you... what are you doing by my door?" Phobie turned around to the familiar voice. Their was the purple haired girl, they saw earlier.

    "Oh, no!" Phobie though to herself...