Nedstat Counter Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom
Chapter Two

* This is the story of the first Sailor Sun and doesn't have a lot of bearing on the fan fic involving Bay (Brad)

** For reference to this Fan Fic the episode number is Zero (0).

    Phobie and Minaca finally arrived at Minaca's house...their school. Both girls rushed in and sat down at their usual spots. Phobie quickly looked around the room. Their were only a few girls other then themselves. All the boys were present. For the first time, their were more boys in the class then their were girls. This really made them feel out of place, what were they missing out on that all the others seemed to be gone for. Minaca's mother just then walked in (If they arrived after the teacher then they were officially late) Genha sat a couple of seats ahead of them. Phobie could tell he was doing his best not to look back at the two girls. He hoped they would forget what he said and not bother him. No such luck. Now that they saw the number of girls in the classroom, they had to know.

    "Phobie?!", the teacher said surprise to still see her in class, "I'm glad to see you value your education over this silly contest."

    "Contest????", the word rang in Phobie's mind, "What contest?"

    Minaca on the other hand couldn't wait. "Mom, what contest?", Minaca asked. She didn't really do a good job of keeping her home life and her school life apart. She asked the question as though her mother and her where talking in private.

    "The Sailor Scout Contest! Didn't you know?" She replied

    "No mamma, no one ever mentioned it to us." Phobie answered to let her know that she didn't have a clue what this was all about as well.

    "Oh, ", the teacher continued like no one else was in the room, "It's to determine who will be the first sailor scout. Queen Serenity has declared that a set of test will be completed to determine which young lady will be worthy to protect the Moon Kingdom. The first test begins tomorrow afternoon. Everyone who wishes to be evolved has to sign up today at the palace." Genha started to sink in his chair. He knew that the other girls didn't want Phobie or Minaca to try out. All the girls knew that those two could easily surpass them.

    Phobie quickly thought about this and then asked if she may go home to ask her parents about this. Minaca's mother excused her, this was something every girl wanted. To not only become a sailor scout but to be the first to defend the Moon Kingdom. The only other scout that was ever hear of was Sailor Pluto, who was to protect the doors of time, but no one has ever seen her and many people even doubt her existence. Everyone has hear of the Sailor Pens, who one day will be presented to each princesses in the Moon Kingdom. It was their birth right and few people ever though about challenging it. But to have a sailor pen of their own would be a dream come true for ever girl in the kingdom.

    Phobie rushed home as quick as she could. She didn't even stop to catch her breathe. She ran right though the door of her home and almost knock her dad over., who was carrying supplies to work on the roof.

    "Forgot something, Honey?" he said, not expecting a answer. A girl in that mush of a hurry wouldn't stop even it the queen came to see her.

    "Mom, Mom.. " Phobie ran into the kitchen to talk to her mother.

    "What is it dear?" She asked as she watched her daughter slam into the wall on the other side of the kitchen. "Why aren't you in school?"

    "The Sailor... ", Phobie couldn't catch her breath and talk at the same time, "The Sailor..." she continue to try.

    "Do you mean that Sailor Contest?", Phobie's mother assumed. The only thing that Phobie could do to respond was to knod, which she did franticly. "Mr. Kalosa, just told me about it. His daughter's waiting for the next teleport to the Moon.

    "I wa... I wa..."

    "You want to go?" Phobie knoded like a mad once again. "I think you better ask your father. If he agrees I don't have a problem with it." Phobie's mother knew that she was the last one to judge her daughters ability to defend herself, that was her father's department.

    "Than... Than... Than..."

    "Your welcome."

    Phobie walked out of the room and outside to talk to her father. At least by the time she got to him she had caught her breath enough to hold a conversation. "Dad,", she started out with.

    "What's going on Honey, lost a book?" Her dad assumed.

    "Dad, " she continued, " have you heard of the Sailor Scout Contest?" Her father suddenly stopped what he was doing and looked down at her. He sighed and then started down the ladder which he had placed on the side of the house. He then walked into the house with his head hung down. Phobie was stunned by the reaction he showed. Usually they could talk about anything, but this time he couldn't even look at her. "What could I have done to make him act like this?" Phobie though to herself. She considered not bringing it up a second time and going back to school, but this was so important to her that she willed herself back into the house and infront of her father. "Dad...", a long silence was installed into the conversation (or at least what Phobie hoped would soon be a conversation), "Dad, I want to try out."

    Her father suddenly turned pale and he slowly started to lift his head up to face the daughter which he truly loved with all his heart. "She wants this so badly... do I really have the right to say no to her? NO, she can't go. It's for her own good.", his thoughts kept running though with indecision. He had knew of this contest weeks ago, and feared that if she did go, that she would ever return. The competition would be rough and harsh and he doubted the training with he had given her.

    Phobie looked into his eyes hoping to see some glimmer that he would have forgiven her for what ever she thought, he though she did. "Dad?" she said just loudly enough and softly so her father could hear.

    His mouth then started to open and a a single word slowly and regretfully passed though his lips "No." He never seen her daughter's face change so quickly and from a sad and hopeful face to a even sadder one. His heart sank just as quickly as her hopes.

    "Why... Why can't I Dad?"

    "Princess, I can't let you go, their will be a lot Competition from all over the kingdom. I can't help you. And you could be seriously hurt." Her father lovingly answered. But sometime the loving truth can hurt more then a lie. Phobie's father watched as tears started to roll down his daughter's face. His inside felt like a thousand needles were emptying his soul, but he stood firm. Phobie cried and pleaded with her father, but all he could do was to stand there, silent, oblivious to the outside world, lost in his fears.

    Phobie ran quickly up to her room sobbing. Phobie's mother soon walked in to the living room. "How long have you known?" She asked her husband in a quietly low voice.

    "I've known since the message came to town.", he replied, "I just hope she'll forgive me."

    "I don't think she'll beable to stay mad forever. Give her time. Time heals all wounds." she answered. "Besides... I don't know how anyone could be mad at you forever."

    "I hope your right."